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  • Title: 2wice
    Descriptive info: .. The 2wice Arts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the visual and performing arts.. The Foundation, which began in 1989, has its headquarters in the legendary New York City Center.. The work of the Foundation is to publish digital and print projects that focus on the intersection of photography, dance, design, performance, fashion, art and architecture.. 2011 2wice |.. info@2wice.. org.. Find us on Facebook..

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  • Title: Dot Dot Dot: iPad App — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Home.. Description.. Amount.. Total.. Checkout.. Empty Cart.. Dot Dot Dot.. Dot Dot Dot was designed, choreographed, and scored for the digital tablet.. The app combines dance, music, and interaction to arrive at a new.. way of representing dance on screen.. Dot Dot Dot can be viewed in different registers, accessed by swiping vertically  ...   trigger actions when they are touched.. Seen from the side, the dots are.. rendered as columns that define the dancer’s movements.. Another vertical swipe accesses.. another choreographic sequence, seen from the corner of the stage.. Concept and Design.. Abbott Miller.. Video Director.. Ben Louis Nicholas.. Choreography and Performance.. Tom Gold.. Music.. Charles Yang..

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  • Title: Fifth Wall: iPad App — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Fifth Wall.. Fifth Wall is an app designed for the iPad that considers the digital tablet as a new performance space.. It explores the unique spatial, visual, and temporal conditions of the tablet, and its possibilities for choreography.. The performance was created to embrace the multi-directional orientation and gravitational pull of the iPad.. Viewers can focus on a single dance, or move, sort, and re-frame the performance.. Jonah Bokaer.. So Percussion..

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  • Title: Mah Jongg — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Mah Jongg.. Add to cart:.. $40 (US).. |.. $50 (Intl).. View Cart (.. ).. Mah Jongg a game more widely known than played or understood is a true cultural hybrid.. With roots in Ancient China, it made a surprisingly lasting impression on American audiences in the 1920s and 30s and has endured as a cultural touchstone ever since.. This publication looks at this fascinating history, and celebrates the visual universe of Mah Jongg.. Contributors.. Melissa Martens.. Jennifer 8.. Lee.. Paul Shaw.. Isaac Mizrahi.. Maira Kalman.. Christoph Niemann.. Bruce McCall..

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  • Title: Merce Cunningham: iPad App — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Merce Cunningham.. "Merce Cunningham Event," our first app for the iPad, is a tribute to the legendary choreographer (1919-2009) that combines live-action video, interviews and historic dance photography originally developed in collaboration with Cunningham.. The app is available for free downloads through iTunes, building upon Cunningham’s lifelong interest in using technology to present dance in new ways.. Nancy Dalva.. Loren Kiyoshi Dempster.. Performers.. Merce Cunningham Dance Company.. Holley Farmer.. Photographers.. Joachim Ladefoged.. Christian Ryder Witkin.. Katherine Wolkoff..

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  • Title: False Start — 2wice
    Descriptive info: False Start.. $30 (US).. $40 (Intl).. False Start is a collaboration between the dancer/choreographer Jonah Bokaer, the photographer Joachim Ladefoged and Miller, who designed False Start as a 97-page flipbook which allows readers to reanimate Bokaer’s dance of the same name.. Performer.. Photography..

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  • Title: Everybody Dance Now: AIGA New York, 2009— 2wice
    Descriptive info: Everybody Dance Now.. AIGA New York, 2009.. AIGA celebrated the opening on April 2, 2009 of the exhibition Everybody Dance Now: 20 Years of Dancing in Print at the AIGA National Design Center in New York.. The survey looks back at the magazines Dance Ink and 2wice and the longstanding collaboration between their publisher Patsy Tarr and art director and designer Abbott Miller..

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  • Title: Everybody Dance Now — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Add to cart:.. Everybody Dance Now features the work of British photographer Martin Parr in a photographic essay of social dancing around the world.. The photographs span the world with the earliest taken in 1972, continuing into the recent present of 2008.. The accompanying texts are by Andy Grundberg and Martin Parr.. Photographer.. Martin Parr.. Writer.. Andy Grundberg..

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  • Title: Green World — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Green World.. Sold Out.. While visiting Miami in February of 2007, The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, spent a day with photographer Katherine Wolkoff exploring the lush gardens of Vizcaya, the historic Gilded Age mansion.. From dawn to sunset, the group spontaneously danced among the Venetian inspired grottos, cascading fountains and radiating walks.. This issue captures the magic of the day and Cunningham's choreography.. Writers..

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  • Title: Geoffrey Beene — 2wice
    Descriptive info: Geoffrey Beene.. $55 (US).. $65 (Intl).. Geoffrey Beene was one of America's most original designers, revered for his distinctive vision and commitment to his craft.. This unique publication consists of three photographic portfolios featuring clothes and accessories designed by Beene from the mid-1980s to the last year of his career.. Geoffrey Beene: A Design Tribute was created as a testament to his vision of clothing as a form of communication that is inspired by art and dance.. Jay Zuckerkorn.. Shoji Van Kuzum.. Christian Witkin.. Patsy Tarr..

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  • Title: How to Pass, Kick, Fall and Run — 2wice
    Descriptive info: How to Pass, Kick, Fall and Run.. Our "How to" issue surveys the do-it-yourself ethic through essays on paint-by-number kits, books by avant-garde artists, step-by-step choreographic sequences, and ready-made architecture.. The title is taken from a Merce Cunningham dance that served as point of reference for the issue.. Mark Morris Dance Company.. Featured Artists.. Josef Astor.. Nina Katchadourian.. Jens Umbach.. Ian Berry.. Irene Gammel.. Sarah Goldstein.. Robert Kronenburg.. Micki McGee.. David Platzker.. William Smith..

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