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    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Facebook.. Twitter.. RSS.. Home.. WHAT IS 23 FEET?.. Buy The DVD.. SAY HELLO.. Presented By:.. Supported By.. Happenings.. Please wait while my tweets load from Twitter.. If you can't wait or nothing appears, check me out on.. DVDs are Available!.. By.. Allie Bombach.. on.. October 22, 2011.. The DVDs are hot off the press After four amazing months on the road with the 23 feet outdoor theater tour, things came to a close in August.. We had over 30 outdoor screening, brought the Airstream to nine different states, and reached thousands.. [+].. 0.. 22.. Oct.. Coming Home.. Sarah Menzies.. September 2, 2011.. The 23 Feet tour has come to a close After four months on the road, we wrapped things up in Portland last week.. Closing off a downtown block outside of the Lizard Lounge, the Airstream was surrounded by cobblestone streets and tall buildings.. But the.. 02.. Sep.. On the Road - The Home Stretch.. Santa Fe was spicy.. The flavors, the colors, the temperatures everything was hot! After a few days of taking in the city, we got back to the tour.. Outside Magazine hosted us at their headquarters in Santa Fe.. The people there are amazing, and it was.. The Outdoor Film Tour.. August 14, 2011.. It was the end of April and pouring  ...   and Oregon where the film was created, to celebrate living simply and to share the story of 23 Feet.. 1.. 07.. Apr.. 23 Feet First Official Trailer!.. February 1, 2011.. Check out the trailer on Red Reel Video Meida s Vimeo site!.. 01.. Feb.. Greer Glasser on passion, adventure,.. September 8, 2010.. Beneath my practical, “Do what your dad says, get a job and work hard to get ahead” exterior, I’ve always felt the urge to take risks, act on impulse and live freely.. You could say there is a sort of discrepancy going on, a battle.. 08.. Real Life on Road-Time.. August 24, 2010.. Life moves quickly when you’re on the road.. Once you get the hang of it, it’s as if a great pair of invisible wings has spread behind your back, lifting the heart, easing your stumbles.. It’s exciting.. You begin to live on “road-time” Read more.. 24.. Sea Legs.. August 5, 2010.. I’ve always fancied myself a landlocked sailor of sorts.. I spent my inland childhood pining for the waves of Cape Cod I discovered there on family vacations, delighting in the memories of swimming under waves, the smells of the beach, and the grit of sand.. 05.. Older posts.. © 2010 23feet.. All Rights Reserved.. Powered by.. WordPress.. Theme designed by.. Chris Mahon.. Design by.. hue62..

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  • Title: WHAT IS 23 FEET?
    Descriptive info: What is 23 Feet?.. 23 Feet Trailer.. 23 Feet is film about a community of people who make the conscious choice to live simply to do what they love in the great outdoors.. Three women set out across the west in their 23 foot, 1970 Airstream to search for the stories of people who have  ...   school buses, vans, and other small spaces.. From an inspiring campfire chat with legendary Yosemite climber Ron Kauk, to hearing the powerful story of a woman who changed her whole life for surfing, 23 Feet gives an intimate look at the ups and downs of dedicating your life to your outdoor passion.. Recent Posts.. Less.. More..

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  • Title: Buy The DVD
    Descriptive info: Head over to the.. RED REEL website.. to purchase the 23 Feet DVD or a 23 Feet Teeshirt!.. PURCHASE THE DVD..

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  • Title: SAY HELLO
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Fill out the form below to send us a message.. Name.. Email.. Comments.. Send your message.. Send a copy of this to yourself..

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  • Title: DVDs are Available!
    Descriptive info: T.. he DVDs are hot off the press.. After four amazing months on the road with the 23 feet.. outdoor theater tour.. , things came to a close in August.. We had over 30 outdoor screening, brought the Airstream to nine different states, and reached thousands of people from the outdoor community and beyond.. Our grassroots outreach would gather anywhere from 30 people in a campground in Yosemite to 300 people in the middle of a city street.. Between local newspapers, blogs such as.. Elephant Journal.. and.. Matador Network.. , a story on the.. Dirtbag Diaries.. , and a feature in.. Women s Adventure Magazine.. , we got a lot of press along the way.. 23 feet recently had its European Premiere at the Norwegian Mountain Film Festival, and is on its way to.. Banff Mountain Film Festival.. and the Boulder.. Adventure Film Festival.. November 5 and 6th! The film is on tour with.. Telluride MountainFilm.. as well as  ...   the tour this summer, so you ll get to see exclusive videos that continue to tell the story of simple living to pursue outdoor passions.. Here s a sneak peak at one of those videos.. 23 feet Synopsis:.. 23 feet.. is film about a community of people who have made the conscious choice to live simply in order to do what they love in the great outdoors.. Three women set out across the west in their 23-foot-long, 1970 Airstream to search for the stories of people who have turned their backs on the creature comforts of society to live in school buses, vans, and other small spaces.. From an inspiring campfire chat with legendary Yosemite climber Ron Kauk, to hearing the powerful story of a woman who changed her whole life for surfing,.. gives an intimate look at the ups and downs of dedicating your life to your outdoor passion.. Posted by.. Categorised under.. Uncategorized.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. Other Posts..

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  • Title: | Allie Bombach
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  • Title: Coming Home
    Descriptive info: he 23 Feet tour has come to a close.. After four months on the road, we wrapped things up in Portland last week.. Closing off a downtown block outside of the.. Lizard Lounge.. , the Airstream was surrounded by cobblestone streets and tall buildings.. But the urban setting wasn’t the only thing making this show unique from the others we did this summer.. We were home!.. Peter Murray of.. John Heart Jackie.. started things off by playing an acoustic set as people settled in.. Pizza was being sold from a food cart and we had a few Widmer kegs for folks to enjoy.. After Peter’s set, we played.. The Love Letter.. by Fitz and Becca Cahal.. Followed by that was 23 Feet.. We were finally screening it on our home turf.. Home has become a much talked about topic for Allie and me.. We’ve come up with all kinds of answers to the question.. Where are you two from?.. Pointing to the Airstream we’ll say excitedly,.. Right here!.. Or looking at each other, we’ll simply shrug our shoulders and say,.. Well, we’ve got a PO box in Portland?.. That one tends to sound more like a question as if we’re asking if it’s an acceptable answer.. Where is “home” when you live your life on the road?.. Well, I believe it is the people that enter our lives, and the community we create along the way that define the word “home” for us.. Allie was interviewed on the.. earlier this summer, and her words echo in my head everyday “A life of travel isn’t about being alone, and a life of community isn’t about staying in the same place forever.. If you really believe in travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t have community.. ”.. Before this summer spent in the Airstream, I thought that it would be impossible to balance the two most important things in my life travel and home.. It seemed like an oxymoron to blend the two as one.. But I was wrong.. Incredibly wrong.. So  ...   screening in Portland did indeed feel like a homecoming.. We started our journey there, and we made it back.. Looking out in the crowd was that blend of home and travel that I never thought was possible.. I saw some of my closest friends looking up at me, proud of what we had accomplished.. But there were also new faces excited for Allie and me, each with their own unique story.. They had come out to see the film, be it their interest in the Airstream theater or that they were living similar lives as those in the film.. Whatever their reason for being there, it was a reminder to us that there is a big, huge world out there to see and experience with many friendships and communities to be made along the way.. Between our families and oldest friends that remind us of where we come from, and the new friends and communities we make along the way, home can be found wherever you are.. Thank you so much to each and every person who made this tour possible! We had incredible sponsors who believed in Allie’s dream of showing the film off the side of the Airstream.. Osprey Packs.. ,.. Horny Toad.. Alite Designs.. Sterling Rope.. , and.. Nemo Equipment.. Our.. Kickstarter backers.. Allie and I will never fully understand the success of that.. So many people who we still have yet to meet supported the tour by backing us online, and for that we are truly grateful! To our friends and family, you know you rock! Our new friends that we met this summer thank you for inspiring us with amazing conversations and stories.. Thank you all of you who opened up you homes, parking strips, and bathrooms to a couple of gals on the road! And thank you to all of you who came up and talked to us after the film! We heard a lot of incredible stories along the way that the film only touches on.. You inspire us! Keep on keepin on!..

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  • Title: | Sarah Menzies
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  • Title: On the Road – The Home Stretch
    Descriptive info: On the Road The Home Stretch.. S.. anta Fe was spicy.. The flavors, the colors, the temperatures everything was hot!.. After a few days of taking in the city, we got back to the tour.. Outside Magazine.. hosted us at their headquarters in Santa Fe.. The people there are amazing, and it was the perfect way to get reignited for the second half of the tour.. We were sad to leave Santa Fe, but excited to get back on the road.. We headed toward Flagstaff for a screening at the local climbing gym.. Then on to the Grand Canyon where we showed at the.. Recreation Center.. Our amazing hosts took us around to show us the area, and we even squeezed in a climb.. The brakes on the truck needed some attention, so we had them fixed in Las Vegas, then left in the wee hours of the early morning to beat the heat, heading for Idyllwild, CA.. This show was very special to us because it was organized entirely by someone we had never met before, but who had backed us on Kickstarter.. When Allie put the question out there of, “Where should we bring the film?” it was Idyllwild that we landed on.. All we knew about the town was that it was near Joshua Tree and between Vegas and LA.. We set things up on a public plot of land surrounded by towering pine and fir trees.. The view above was made up of the tree canopy and the dark sky filled with thousands of twinkling stars.. We left Idyllwild in the evening and caught the sunset on our way down the sinuous mountain road.. The contrast of the dry golden grass against the lush green hills and blue sky was breathtaking.. Just as breathtaking of a contrast was leaving the quiet mountains and landing in Los Angeles.. Coming from Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and Idyllwild, LA felt like a completely unknown land.. We had forgotten what city life felt like.. We stayed with family of mine there, which offered the perfect refuge to the buzzing city around us.. We spent the Fourth of July on Catalina Island.. Renting a kayak, we paddled out and did some free diving before watching the firework show.. Allie and I share a strong love for fireworks, so this was the perfect ending to an already perfect day.. We had a small screening in Bolsa Chica, our first show on the beach nonetheless! We got friends and family out to watch the film.. It was there that we realized Roma was missing something a window! Somewhere along I-5, the pane fell out.. Sadly, it was the only window that we hadn t been worried about it didn t leak, it had all of its screws but the towel that has now replaced the plexi-glass is doing a fine job.. We woke up to the sound of the waves the next morning and headed north.. Driving through LA with a 23-foot soft aluminum trailer in tow was hectic to say the least.. We reached Santa Barbara by the early afternoon and said hello to the folks at.. , one of our amazing sponsors.. They hosted the screening the following night.. Roma looked so good under the palm trees!.. Saying goodbye to our friends in Santa Barbara, we continued north and sought refuge in Big Sur.. Here we caught up on many things editing, writing, rest.. Winding along Highway 1 was an unforgettable drive.. The hillsides were covered in a soft blanket of wild flowers..  ...   people from the film were there Katie Lambert and Ron Kauk.. Seeing them watch the film in the exact place where we interviewed them last summer was unforgettable.. Our friend.. John Swift.. came out, which added to the already immaculate ambiance.. His music is so beautiful and inspiring, and hearing him play outside under the stars made the night that much more special.. We stayed in Tuolumne for the next few days, giving ourselves some time off we climbed, we slacklined, we read, we swam, we were lizards on rocks.. I don’t know if it was the trees, the river, or the amazing conversations that we had by the campfire, but Yosemite was powerful.. Allie and I left Tuolumne feeling refreshed and re-energized.. From Yosemite, we headed toward Salt Lake, but not without stopping at the Salt Flats first.. I have never experienced anything like that before! The top layer was gritty, but once our feet broke through the salt, our toes wiggled in thick, moist clay.. It felt so good on our feet! We both stood there digging our feet in as deep as we could, staring at each other with big grins on our faces.. A ceramists dream, Allie was in heaven! We slept on the side of the road and woke up to the salty white vastness, and drove out the next morning.. Next up, Salt Lake City for the.. Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow.. We had two screenings there.. The first was put on by.. This was an exciting night for us 23 Feet will be part of the Telluride MountainFilm tour! The second screening was hosted by an amazing sponsor of our’s,.. ! All of our sponsors contributed to the giveaway, so lucky audience members left the show with some big winnings!.. The tradeshow was an absolute whirlwind that seemed to flash by in 5 seconds! It was my first OR, and I’ve got to say, I loved it! I loved the hugeness of it.. I loved the people and the intensity of walking the halls.. I loved seeing all the new products.. I loved dancing at the All Star Industry Jam! But above all else, I loved our Red Reel stamp that we had made for the event.. With a transient business that moves from city to city, it only made sense to make business cards out of shipping labels.. By Sunday, the stamp made for a fun way to make new friends (and check in on old ones, like Gareth Martins of Osprey!).. Following the tradeshow, we had a screening at the local climbing gym,.. The Front.. It was hosted by.. SheJumps.. , an organization striving to increase female participation in outdoor activities.. We were really excited to work with them in bringing 23 Feet to the Salt Lake community! We had a great turnout with more amazing giveaways!.. We’re now back up in the northwest with the.. last shows of the tour.. happening within this next week.. It’s a crazy feeling to be wrapping it up.. It seems like we only just started, but in the same turn,.. April feels like a lifetime ago.. We’ve met so many incredible people and stopped in such amazing places! Thank you to each and every person who has supported us along the way! From our stellar sponsors (Osprey Packs, Alite Designs, Horny Toad, Nemo Equipment, and Sterling Rope) to the backers on Kickstarter, and anyone who fed us or let us sleep on their couch along the way, this tour would not have been possible without you.. Thank you!..

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  • Title: The Outdoor Film Tour
    Descriptive info: I.. t was the end of April and pouring rain in Portland, Oregon when five women packed into the Airstream and hit the open road for a jam packed summer!.. Making our way south, our 23-foot space became home to Allie and me, Anna and Emily of.. Under Solen Media.. , and Jenny of.. iLCP.. With Allie at the helm, and me as the co-pilot, I can recall a moment where I looked out the rear window as the edges of the glass filled with the snow, as did the truck bed.. I could barely make out the three girls bouncing along in the Airstream in tow, but I could see that they had switched to down jackets and sleeping bags to stay warm back there.. We d been planning for months, and this was what our first day looked like.. Rain and snow.. That s when Allie had the most ingenious idea.. She simply stated, We need to wake up in the desert.. We were quite the sight to see as we rolled over mountain ranges and across deserts, bundling up in the snow one day, and letting the sun kiss our cheeks the next… doing handstands and cartwheels at every stop!.. So what had this silly cast of characters gotten themselves into? An outdoor theater tour, of course!.. 23 Feet.. is a film about a community of people who are living simply to do what they love in the outdoors, so it didn t feel right to show the film inside.. Allie and I spent the spring planning our route, and designing the theater set up for the Airstream, and we had convinced our dear friends to do the first leg with us.. Before we knew it we were in Colorado, the place that inspired the film!.. We pulled into Carbondale, CO for the.. 5 Point Film Festival.. to support fellow filmmakers and friends, as well as stock up on inspiration and creative juices.. It was an incredible weekend, but still the tour was on the brain, and we were both psyched to kick it off in Boulder.. Jenny left us after the festival, but we hit the road with an Airstream record high: 7 people! Red Reel, Under Solen Media, and now the.. Baffin Babes.. , a group of Scandinavian women adventurers who we became friends with in Carbondale.. As we packed up Roma (the Airstream), we realized pretty quickly that the Babes would fit in just fine with our silly, jumping, hodgepodge group of road travelers.. It was starting to feel like your typical road trip… good chats, loud tunes, snacks… but coming into Boulder, Allie and I quickly snapped out of the vacation mentality we were slipping into.. It was go time! We had three shows lined up in our first week, which meant we needed to tie up lose ends, and we needed to do so fast! All the questions of What if and Maybe we should try this vanished as it was time to go with what we had.. Our first showing was a private party that an editor for.. had thrown for us in celebration of an upcoming article about the film.. As we rigged up the screen to the awning and set up the projector, the only words echoing in my mind were, Fake it til you make it, Menzies! Everything went great! We had done it! This idea that Allie dreamt up months prior of projecting 23 Feet against Roma had come true.. And not only that, it  ...   to 6 inches of snow.. That put the brakes on our outdoor show in Fort Collins.. We hunkered down for a few days in a friend’s cabin, letting the weather pass.. Once reaching Fort Collins, we got all geared up for a show at.. New Belgium Brewing.. This was a really exciting show! Great turnout, wonderful hosts, not to mention Roma had a friend in Abbey, the brewery’s resident Airstream.. We headed south from there, going through Colorado Springs with a screening hosted by.. Upadowna.. Then to the Arkansas Valley.. Snow welcomed us to Buena Vista, difficult weather to have an outdoor show in.. But we took to warmth and coverage of the community center, and filled the room with raft guides and locals a like.. The clouds moved on as we went south to the nearby Salida, CO.. Nothing but sunshine and blue skies at the.. Salida Cafe.. where we did a show with the river only a few yards away.. We had found our rhythm at this point.. Our set up for the showings were quicker and more precise, and life on the road had become normal.. We pulled into Durango and a whole new side of Allie came out.. These were her old stomping grounds, the town of her college years.. With the river pumping and friends nearby, I could tell she was in her element.. Our show in Durango was especially unique.. We met at a park downtown and did a critical mass bike ride to.. Ska Brewery.. where the show would be.. There were 20 or 30 of us biking through town.. It was incredible! We got to the brewery, and Allie and I quickly started setting up.. Waiting on Trial.. , who is in the soundtrack of 23 Feet, was there playing music before the film started.. The crowd was filled with both familiar and new faces, making for a pretty magical night.. Heading out a day or two later, we went through Delores.. hosted our show there, which was held at the community center.. The sounds of the river were the perfect background for the film.. We were then bound for Telluride.. It was the weekend of the.. MountainFilm Festival.. , and we were excited to get up there and see our friends.. We parked Roma at a beautiful farmhouse just outside of town, and held a private screening for sponsors and friends that would not be able to see the film on tour.. With the mountains silhouetted behind Roma, and a bonfire behind the crowd, we settled in for an intimate screening with close friends surrounding us.. The film festival was a wonderful energy boost where we both were inspired by the amazing films we saw.. Once it came to an end, and friends filtered out of town, we stayed for an extra few days calling the farmhouse home.. But we picked up a straggler.. We convinced Anna of Under Solen to come back in the Airstream for another week before heading home for Portland.. We winded down the mountain passes, stopping at any chance we could for a romp in the flowers.. We found our way back to Durango where we finally got on the river for record high flow.. Next up was Santa Fe where we would pick up the second half of the tour.. It wasn’t until I saw the “Welcome to New Mexico” sign that it hit me two months on the road at this point and.. we’ve only just begun!.. adventure.. dirtbags.. Outdoor Film Tour..

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  • Title: Desert Calm
    Descriptive info: Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit.. With the words of Edward Abbey marinating in my thoughts, we woke up in the desert.. We pulled out of Portland, OR last Monday, and if we didn’t know the date, we would have guessed that it was the dead of winter.. The windshield wipers were pumping about as hard as our heart beats.. There has been so much anticipation, so much preparation and planning for the tour, and this moment in the freeway downpour marks the beginning of all that’s to come.. Every mile post and exit that passed by the window reminded us that Colorado was getting closer and closer.. My head was filled with every kind of thought.. Is anyone going to come to the film? Are we going to get the logistics figured out in time for the premiere? It’s almost May, is that really snow on the side of the road.. The biggest thought that consumed my mind was support.. There are so many people out there who have backed the project, who have sent us messages and emails of encouragement, and who have been kind enough to tell their friends about us.. When I think about this, my eyes well up with tears and any notion of insecurity or fear for the  ...   amount of sleep I’ve been getting these days, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Allie and I would be the only two people in the audience.. We pulled off the side of the road just outside of Green River, UT, and that’s when everything changed.. We woke up in the desert.. Sunshine filled the Airstream, the sand was warming up between our toes, surrounding rock faces were a brilliant shade of red, cactus never looked so good! We quickly became kindergartners on a playground climbing trees, attempting handstands, laughing A calm had fallen over us.. The energy of the great outdoors is a powerful thing.. It can transform you.. It transforms me.. Ever since that morning in the desert, my mind has been at peace, and my restlessness has turned into readiness.. Ready for the tour, ready to share the film, ready to put ourselves out there to friends and strangers alike.. That’s the power of the outdoors.. We made this film because we love being outside, and we wanted to share it in a unique way that gets people outside.. It’s no longer about Allie or me.. It’s about you, and it’s about anyone else who has ever felt the power of nature.. or leave a.. trackback.. Post a Comment.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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