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  • Title: 2-FUN - News
    Descriptive info: .. 2-FUN.. 2-FUN (Full-chain and UNcertainty Approaches for Assessing Health Risks in Future ENvironmental Scenarios) is an Integrated Project funded at the level of 1.. 6 Million € by the European Union 6th Framework Programme (thematic priority 6.. 3 "Global Change and Ecosystems", contract n° FP6-2005-GLOBAL-4-036976).. Duration: Feb 2007 - Jan 2011.. Read Project Summary.. News.. 14 March 2011..  ...   22 December 2009.. 6.. 3 August 2009.. 5.. 30 January 2008.. 4.. September 2008.. 3.. June 2008.. added section.. Publications.. February 2008.. 2.. September 2007.. 1 (the introductory leaflets with the basic information about 2-FUN project's objectives).. ,.. Home.. Events.. Project.. Summary.. Work packages.. Project management.. Partners.. Related projects.. Results.. Deliverables.. Tools.. Internal.. webmaster.. Last Update: March, 14, 2011..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Project Summary
    Descriptive info: Project Summary.. 2-FUN aims to provide decision-makers with state of the art tools to analyse the current and future trends in environmental conditions and pressures that may lead to health problems.. It will support the evaluation and ranking of management options through a range of functionalities able to generate outputs of high concern for health risk assessment: building of long-term environmental and socio-economic scenarios, exposure and effects assessment, provision of uncertainty margins, and identification of sensitive pathways and risks.. Specific scientific actions are taking place to develop methodologies, databases, models, and software on the following topics:.. Building future realistic socio-economic, environmental and health scenarios;.. Integration of children’s  ...   2-FUN in conjunction with HEIMTSA engages in a structured dialogue with all interested parties (stakeholders, policy-makers and researchers) to monitor large environment- and health-focused scientific initiatives and to incorporate stakeholders’ vision and needs regarding the development of tools for health risk assessment.. The tools developed will be tested on three contrasted case studies covering a range of temporal, spatial, sectorial, environmental, and societal contexts requiring comprehensive health risk assessments:.. Air pollution and climate change in Portugal;.. Choices of industrial technologies to minimise the impact on a river watershed in France;.. Health risk assessment for children living in Upper Silesia.. They will provide policy-makers with relevant and easy-to-use information..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Publications
    Descriptive info: Final brochure.. 2-FUN Newsletters.. Read also.. HEIMTSA Leaflet and Newsletters.. 2011.. Using and disseminating the knowledge in 2011.. The following communications were made on the project and its results (papers in preparation or submitted are NOT included):.. February 2011.. Individual book chapter.. Trapp, S.. and Legind, C.. N.. (DTU).. Uptake of Organic Contaminants from Soil into Vegetables and Fruits.. In: Frank Swartjes, ed.. Dealing with contaminated sites.. Springer: 2011.. p.. 369-408.. Journal article.. Fragoulis, G.. , Merli, A.. , Reeves, G.. , Meregalli, G.. , Stenberg, K.. , Tanaka, T.. , Capri, E.. (UCSC, FACILIA).. A Bayesian approach to assessing the uncertainty in estimating bioconcentration factors in earthworms – the example of quinoxyfen.. Pest Manag Sci.. 2011, 67: 0, doi 10.. 1002/ps.. 210.. 5.. IF: 2,19 (2009).. 20-21 January 2011.. Poster.. Dimosthenis Sarigiannis, Alberto Gotti, Pedro Serpa, Elsa Casimiro, Erik Johansson.. Environmental Health Risk Assessment of Ambient BTEX Levels in Lisbon, Portugal: A PBPK Study Approach.. (INERIS, UCSC, FACILA, EDF).. In: INTARESE, HEIMTSA, 2-FUN Final Annual Meeting “Concepts and Tools for Integrated Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (IEHIA), Brussels.. Brochot, C.. , Johansson, E.. , Beaudouin, R.. , Zeman, F.. , Bois, F.. Y.. , Ciffroy, P.. Integrating multimedia environmental models and effect models on a common platform for risk assessment.. Elisa Giubilato, Alex Zabeo, Silvio Giove, Andrea Critto, Antonio Marcomini.. (UNIVE).. A Risk-based Tool for the Regional Ranking of Environmental Chemical Stressors.. Johan Bierkens, Christa Cornelis, Mirja Van Holderbeke, Rudi Torfs.. (VITO).. Age Specific Estimates of Hourly Dust and Soil Ingestion Rates in a Residential Area.. Age-specific Exposure Assessment for Children.. Sylvaine Maurau, Philippe Ciffroy, Johan Bierkens.. (EDF, VITO).. Relevant children exposure routes exposure factors : example of diet intake rate.. Jadwiga Gzyl, Anicenta Bubak, Marek Korcz, Renata Gladka.. (IETU).. Spatial analysis of environmental and biomonitoring data as a measure of children exposure to lead and cadmium from soil contamination in Silesian Voivodeship (Poland).. Kovanic, P.. , Ocelka, T.. , and Pavliska, L.. (IPH).. Gnostic methods - Outperforming the robust statistics.. Pedro Serpa, Elsa Casimiro, Pedro Garrett Lopes, Filipe Duarte Santos.. (FFCUL).. Health effects of particulate matter in Lisbon, Portugal.. Sofia Almeida, Elsa Casimiro, Pedro Garrett Lopes.. Impact of climate change on heat stress related mortality in Lisbon, Portugal : a 2-FUN case study.. Elsa Casimiro, Philippe Ciffroy, Pedro Serpa, Erik Johansson, Charlotte Legind, Céline Brochot.. (FFCUL, EDF, FACILIA, DTU, INERIS).. Health risk assessment of ambient lead levels in Lisbon, Portugal: a full chain study approach.. Pedro Garrett Lopes, Ricardo Aguiar, Elsa Casimiro.. Validation and comparison of climate change scenario statistical downscaling methods.. Pedro Garrett Lopes, Mário Pulquério, Elsa Casimiro.. Impact of climate change on ozone related mortality in Lisbon, Portugal : a 2-FUN case study.. Pedro Garrett Lopes, Elsa Casimiro.. Short-term effects of fine particulate matter (PM2,5) and ozone on mortality in Lisbon, Portugal.. January 2011.. Ciffroy, P.. , Brochot, C.. (EDF, UCSC, INERIS, FACILIA).. Linking fate model in freshwater and PBPK model to assess human internal dosimetry of B(a)P associated to drinking water.. Environmental Geochemistry and Health.. (DOI: 10.. 1007/s10653-011-9382-6 Online First).. IF: 1,622 (2009).. 2010.. Using and disseminating the knowledge in 2010.. December 2010.. PhD thesis.. Ulaszewska, M.. (UCSC).. The interpretation of a breast milk monitoring of dioxin-like and non-dioxin like pollutants in Italy by a PBPK model integrating a novel approach to describe pre- and postnatal mother/child transfer.. Tanaka, T.. Probabilistic and full-chain risk assessment of the chemical accumulation on human body using an integrated modelling tool.. 26-27 October 2010.. INERIS, UCSC, EDF).. Bayesian analysis of a PBPK model to reconstruct the exposure of Italian women to PCB-153 via breast milk concentrations”.. In conference “From human biomonitoring to policy: a sustainable ‘marriage’ between health and environment”, Brussels, Belgium.. 25 October 2010.. Oral communication.. M.. Ulaszewska, C.. Brochot.. (UCSC, INERIS).. Application of physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modelling (PBPK) to human biomonitoring studies: chronic background exposure to PCBs in Italy and presence in human milk.. In workshop “Endocrine Disruption and Environmental Health”, Campus di Fisciano, Salerno, Italy.. 20-21 September 2010.. (UCSC, EDF).. A statistical method to estimate the probabilistic uncertainty of the settling velocity of particles - a Bayesian method.. XXVIII Convegno Nazionale della Societa Italiana di Chimica Agraria.. Zuccato, E, Capri, E.. , Colombo, A.. , Grassi P.. , Generoso, C.. , Gregori, G.. , Bardelli, P.. , Iovine,R.. , Fanelli, R.. The effect of waste combustion on the occurrence of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in breast milk in Italy.. 19-24 September 2010.. Stöckl, S, Kühne, R, Ebert, R-U, Schüürmann, G.. (UFZ).. Atom-centered fragments in QSAR models.. Discovery Informatics and Drug Design - 18th Euro QSAR symposium.. Rhodes, Greece.. Prediction of the partition coefficient between air and body compartments from the chemical struc ture.. September 2010.. Kühne, R, Ebert, R-U, Schüürmann, G.. Atomzentrierte Fragmente zur Charakterisierung der chemischen Domäne von QSAR-Modellen.. SETAC-GLB Annual Meeting, Dessau, Germany.. July 2010.. (UCSC, EDF, FACILIA).. Regression approaches to derive generic and fish group-specific probability density functions of bioconcentration factors for heavy metals.. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.. 2010, vol.. 29, no.. 11, p.. 2411-2425.. IF: 2,656 (2009).. Legind, C.. N, Trapp S.. Comparison of prediction methods for the uptake of As, Cd and Pb in carrot and lettuce.. SAR/QSAR Env.. Res.. 21, no.. 5-6, p.. 513-525 (DOI: 10.. 1080/ 1062936X.. 2010.. 502296).. IF: 1,682 (2009).. Garrett-Lopes P, Pulquério, M, Casimiro, E.. Impact of Climate Change on Ozone Related Mortality.. Global Conference on Global Warming-2011 Lisbon, Portugal.. , Bois, FY.. (INERIS, UCSC, FACILIA).. IUTOX 2010 (XII Int.. Congress of Toxicology), Barcelona, Spain.. Thalheim, T.. , Vollmer, A.. , Ebert, , Kühne, R.. , Schüürmann, G.. (UFZ).. Tautomer identification and tautomer structure generation based on the InChI code.. J.. Chem.. Inf.. Model.. 2010,vol.. 50, no.. 7, p.. 1223–1232.. IF 3,882(2009).. (EDF, UCSC, INERIS) Linking multimedia environmental and PBPK models to assess health risks of B(a)P associated to drinking water – A case study.. Conference.. SEGH 2010 - Environmental Quality and Human Health.. , Galway, Ireland.. June 2010.. Beaudouin, R.. , Micallef, S.. (INERIS).. A stochastic whole-body physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to assess the impact of inter-individual variability on tissue dosimetry over the human lifespan.. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.. 57.. no.. 1, p.. 103-116.. IF 1, 798 (2009).. 22-25 June 2010.. Lectures.. Kovanic, P, M.. , Pavliska, L.. (IPH) 2-FUN Summer school on Gnostic and robust approach in treatment of  ...   Science and Management.. ”- Ravenstein, Netherlands.. 20 March 2009.. GNU MCSim: Bayesian statistical inference for SBML-coded systems.. biology models.. Bioinformatics.. 2009, Mar 20.. [Epub ahead of print] IF: 5.. 039 (2008).. 10-12 March 2009.. et al.. Assessment of statistical downscaling methods – application and comparison of two statistical methods to a single site in Lisbon.. The International Scientific Conference.. Copenhagen 2009 – Climate Change Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions.. Copenhagen, Denmark.. 19-20 Jan 2009.. Integration of climate change scenarios in air pollution models.. CONCAWE Workshop on Environment Health: Evaluating European Air Quality Research Translating Priorities into Programmes.. , Brussels, Belgium.. 19-20 Jan 2009.. Intergrating climate change Scenarios into local air quality health risk assessment: a 2-FUN case study.. 2008.. Using and disseminating the knowledge in 2008.. 24 December 2008.. N.. , Trapp, S.. Modeling the exposure of children and adults via diet to chemicals in the environment with crop-specific models.. Environ Pollut.. 2008 Dec 24.. [Epub ahead of print] IF: 3,135 (2007).. 20 November 2008.. Oral presentation.. , Kulka, E.. Full-change and uncertainty approaches for assesssing health risks in future environmental scenarios – the status of work in the project.. IETU’s seminar.. Leaflets.. 13-14 November 2008.. First International Conference on Risk Assessment –.. Global Risk Assessment Dialogue.. Bois, F.. 9-11 November 2008.. , Thalheim, T.. U.. Chemical complexity mapping in QSAR models.. 4.. German Conference on Chemoinformatics, 22.. CIC-Workshop, 9-11 November 2008.. 4-5 November 2008.. Using Biomonitoring Data to Improve Advanced Risk Assessment.. European Conference on Human Biomonitoring.. 21 October 2008.. Queguiner, S.. (EDF), Musson-Genon L.. Multimedia modelling of the exposure to cadmium and lead released inthe atmosphere – Application to industrial releases in Mediterranean region and uncertainty/sensitivity analysis.. Water, Air and Soil Pollution.. 2008, DOI 10.. 1007/s11270-008-9839-0.. IF: 1, 224 (2007).. 12 September.. Bubak, A.. Preliminary analysis of children's environmental exposure to lead, cadmium and PAHs in the Upper Silesia region in 2008 (2-FUN project).. IX Conference of Polish Society of Toxicology.. September.. Sarigiannis, D.. A.. , Gotti, A.. (JRC).. Biology-based models for health risk assessment of chemical mixtures,.. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin.. 2008, vol.. 17, no.. 9b.. (peer-reviewed).. Oral communication and leaflets.. Presentation of the 2-FUN project to the Seine river management agency.. 8-12 June 2008.. Poster workshop presentation.. 13th International Workshop on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSARs) in the Environmental Sciences.. , Syracuse, USA.. 25-29 May 2008.. Giubilato, E.. , Critto, A.. , Micheletti, C.. , Marcomini, A.. (UNIVE), Bois, F.. Environmental Contamination and Human Health in Multi-causal Scenarios: the 2-FUN project.. SETAC Europe 18th Annual Meeting.. Poster:Kühne, R.. Mikes, O.. , Cupr, P.. (DTU), J Klanova, J.. Distribution and bioconcentration of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCBs) in the soil/plant/air system using radishes (Raphanus sativus).. Franco, A.. , Fu, W.. Adapting environmental fate models to ionizable compounds.. April 2008.. Estimation of the soil-water partition coefficient normalized to organic carbon for ionizable organic chemicals.. 27, no.. 10, p.. 1995-2005.. IF: 2, 309 (2007).. 16-20 March 2008.. Invited plenary lecture.. Society of Toxicology Annual Conference.. 12 February.. Conference presentation.. Full-change and uncertainty approaches for assesssing health risks in future environmental scenarios – the status of work in the project 2-FUN.. Meeting of Silesian Branch of Polish Society of Environmental Medicine.. February.. Master thesis.. Fu, Huijin (DTU).. Modeling theuptake of organic chemicals by adults and children.. Invited lecture.. ANTIOPE seminar in Paris, France.. Trapp S.. , Ma L.. , Legind C.. Coupled mother-child model for the bioaccumulation of POPs in nursing infants.. Environmental Pollution.. 156, no.. 90-98.. IF: 3,135 (2007).. 2007.. Using and disseminating the knowledge in 2007.. 20 November 2007.. INTARESE Project Annual Conference.. Poster: E.. Giubilato, Critto A.. , Micheletti C.. , Marcomini A.. , Bois F.. Full-chain and UNcertainty Approaches for Assessing Health Risks in FUture Environmental Scenarios: the 2-FUN project.. Leaflets (UNIVE, INERIS).. 5 - 6 November 2007.. Consultation on the European Commission's Green Paper COM(2007)354 on Adapting to Climate Change in Europe - Options for EU Action.. , , Lisbon.. Leaflets (FFCUL).. 19-21 October 2007.. National Conference of Polish Environmental Medicine Society.. Poster, leaflets (IETU).. Improvement of environmental health risk assessment procedures (2-FUN project).. 10-14 October 2007.. 14th International Symposium on Environmental Pollution and its impact on Quality of Life in the Mediterranean.. Oral communications: 3 presentations, including one on the project in general, and another 2 on use of PBPK modelling for health risk assessment to individual environmental chemicals or to chemical mixtures (JRC).. 20 September 2007.. Presentation of the 2-FUN project to thePIREN-Seine and Seine-aval networks.. Oral communication and leaflets (EDF).. 14-19 September 2007.. International Summer School: Pesticides-Environment, Magna Grecia Villane, Metaponto.. (Italy).. Education - PhD schools.. 12-13 September 2007.. International Conference “Climate Changes Spatial Planning”,.. The Hague.. 7-8 September 2007.. International Conference on Climate Change Impacts on Tourism.. , Lisbon, Portugal.. Poster, leaflets (FFCUL).. Annual meeting of the GdCh Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Fachgruppe Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie.. Oral presentation „Bioakkumulation polarer Stoffe in pflanzlichen Nahrungsmitteln“.. 15-19 July 2007.. 11th International Congress of Toxicology 2007 - Toxicology: Discovery Serving Society, Montreal, Canada.. Poster: (DTU) Assessment of the Environmental Health Risks of Industrial Chemicals : EDF’s Experience.. 5 July 2007.. 2nd INTARESE Project Workshop Possible approaches to Integrated Risk Assessment , Bruxelles.. Leaflets (UNIVE, INERIS).. 24-27 June 2007.. Summer school (Bio)moni toring and (Bio)remediation of Contaminated Soils , Lodi, Technological Park.. Oral communications (UCSC, EDF, INERIS).. Presentation of 2-FUN.. How to deal with the risk assess ment?.. Detailed presentation of methods of WP2 and WP3.. 14 June 2007.. Presentation of the 2-FUN project to the Seine river management agency, France.. 6-7 June 2007.. Workshop “Multiple Links Towards Integrating Teams for Understanding of Disease and Environment”, Liverpool (UK).. Poster (UNIVE, INERIS).. 4-5 June 2007.. 25th European Conference of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) “Understanding envi ron mental contributions to the burden of disease”.. , Liverpool (UK).. Poster: (UNIVE, INERIS), “Assessment of Environmental Health Risk in Multi-causal Systems: the 2-fun Project”.. June 2007.. Press announcements.. 2-FUN leaflets, general and specialised press - France, Italy (INERIS, UCSC).. May 2007.. Journal article.. , Cammarano, A, Capri, E.. , Reichenberg, F.. , Mayer, P.. Diffusion of PAH in Potato and Carrot Slices and Application for a Potato Model.. Environ.. Sci.. Technol.. 2007, vol.. 41, no.. 9, p.. 3103-3108.. IF: 4,04.. April 2007.. Workshop on physiology-based toxicokinetic modeling in chemical risk assessment Chania, Crete.. Oral communications (JRC, INERIS)..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Events
    Descriptive info: 21 - 25 March 2011.. Course in Statistics for toxicologists with focus on dose response modelling.. Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden (.. application form.. ).. 6 - 9 February 2011.. Environmental Health 2011 – Resetting Our Priorities, International Conference, Salvador, Brazil.. 26 - 28 January 2011.. 2nd International Conference on Risk Assessment.. 27 - 28 January 2011.. 6th Annual International Conference on Predictive Human Toxicity and ADME/Tox Studies, Brussels, Belgium.. 25 January 2011.. Introductory Workshop on Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment (IEHIA).. INTARESE / HEIMSTA / 2-FUN Final Annual Meeting and Conference.. 8 - 11 December 2010.. EMEC11 - 11th European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry, Portoroz, Slovenia.. 8 - 10 November 2010.. 2d European Environment & Health Conference on Research and Prevention, hosted by the European Union in Brussels (Jacques Delors building).. 18 - 19 October 2010.. 2010 In Vitro Alternatives Forum , Old Town Alexandria VA, USA.. 2010 3rd International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science (ICECS 2010), Kunming, China.. 6 - 8 October 2010.. 24th International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection, Cologne/Bonn, Germany.. 30 September 2010.. Public Health: Promoting Health and the Challenges Ahead, The Barbican, London, UK.. 10-13 November 2010.. 3rd Joint European Public Health Conference.. , Amsterdam.. 8-10 November 2010.. Second European Conference on Environment &  ...   (IMHE-2009) Rome.. 12 to 16 October.. Course in Philosophy of Risk in Health Risk Assessment.. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.. 30 September.. Deadline: TRISK - European Toxicology Risk Assessment Training Programme 2010-2011.. See.. announcement brochure.. announcement poster.. and.. 28 to 30 September 2009.. Conference “Multiple Stressors – Novel Methods for Integrated Risk Assessment”, Aarhus, Denmark.. 30 August to 3 September.. World Congress on Alternatives and Animals use in Life Sciences, Rome, Italy.. 6 to 9 July 2009.. Governing Uncertainty: the Contribution of Social Sciences to the Governance of Risks in Environmental Health, Paris.. 10 to 12 June 2009.. Summer school Stuttgart (methodology of integrated environmental health impact assessment, case studies of the three projects, toolbox).. 26 to 27 May 2009.. Conference Physiologically Based Pharmaco-toxicokinetics and Dynamics.. 26 to 27 March 2009.. Cumulative Risk Assessment: a Challenge for Science and Management - the NoMiracle 5th public workshop, Ravenstein (Netherlands).. 2 to 4 February 2009.. 2-FUN 2.. annual meeting: Prague.. 7 to 9 October 2008.. EuroBiO 2008 Conference - The Life Science Event of the European Union Presidency, Paris.. 20 to 22 October 2008.. International Public Health Symposium on environment and health research Madrid, Spain.. 4 to 5 February 2008.. 2-FUN annual meeting: Lisbon.. 22 to 23 March 2007.. Kick-off meeting: Paris..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Work Packages in 2-FUN project
    Descriptive info: Work Packages in 2-FUN project.. 2-FUN Work packages (WPs).. WP6.. WP1.. Construction of realistic scenarios, accounting for future environmental and societal changes.. WP2.. Realistic and homogeneous multi-media exposure models covering the European diversity and uncertainty analysis.. WP3.. Physiological models for internal exposure and effects assessment of mixtures of stressors.. WP4.. Construction / assessment of realistic scenarios using the 2-FUN approach.. WP5.. Promoting methodologies on risk assessment by training and dissemination.. Project scheme.. Inputs, outputs and interactions  ...   Acute effects of heat stress, O3, and PM10;.. Chronic effects of benzene, metals and PM10, focusing on cancer.. Case Study 2 -.. Seine River.. watershed, France.. Lead, Cadmium;.. Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP);.. Benzo(a)antracene (BaA) and/or Dibenzo(a,h)antracene(DahA);.. Arsenic.. Case Study 3 – Upper Silesia Region, Poland.. Anaemia due to lead exposure;.. Diseases of urinary system due to cadmium exposure;.. Hypertension due to combined exposure to lead and cadmium;.. Cancer due to PAHs exposure.. See also the.. leaflet – Newsletter 1..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Project management
    Descriptive info: Project Coordination.. European Commission scientific officer:.. Dr.. Karjalainen.. Tuomo.. KARJALAINEN@ec.. europa.. eu.. Project coordinator:.. Prof.. Frederic Y.. Bois.. Frederic.. BOIS@ineris.. fr.. Work Packages Leaders.. WP1 - Methodologies for realistic scenarios.. Leader: UNIVE - Universita Ca Foscari Venezia (IT).. Antonio Marcomini.. marcom@unive.. it.. WP2 - Multi-media indirect exposure models.. Leader: EDF - Electricité de France (FR).. Philippe Ciffroy.. philippe..  ...   Industriel et des Risques (FR).. Celine Brochot.. celine.. brochot@ineris.. WP4 – Integrated assessment of scenarios.. Leader: IETU - Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (PL).. Jadwiga Gzyl.. gzyl@ietu.. katowice.. pl.. WP5 - Dissemination and training.. Leader: IPH - Institute of Public Health Ostrava (CZ).. Dipl.. -Ing.. Tomas Ocelka.. tomas.. ocelka@zuova.. cz.. WP6 - Management.. Bois – project coordinator..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Partners
    Descriptive info: List of 2-FUN participants.. No.. Participant.. Acronym.. 1.. Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques.. INERIS.. project coordinator.. Frederic Bois.. 2.. Technical University of Denmark.. DTU.. Stephan Trapp.. 3.. Electricité de France.. EDF.. Philippe Ciffroy.. 4.. Facilia AB.. FACILIA.. Erik Johansson.. 5.. Fundaçao da Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa.. FFCUL.. Elsa  ...   Gzyl.. 7.. Institute of Public Health Ostrava.. IPH.. Tomáš Ocelka.. 8.. Joint Research Centre – European Commission.. JRC.. Dimosthenis Sarigiannis.. 9.. Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.. UCSC.. Ettore Capri.. 10.. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research.. UFZ.. Gerrit Schüürmann.. 11.. Universita Ca Foscari Venezia.. UNIVE.. Antonio Marcomini.. Flemish Institute for Technological Research.. VITO.. Christa Cornelis..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Related projects
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  • Title: 2-FUN - Deliverables
    Descriptive info: Quick navigation.. Uncertainty and data treatment.. Multi-criteria methodology for ranking of environmental risk factors.. Downscaling methods for local climate and socio-economic scenarios.. Multimedia modelling.. PBPK.. QSAR – prediction of toxicokinetic properties of chemicals.. Dose-response assessment.. Children exposure.. Case studies.. Top.. Uncertainty.. D1.. 9.. Extended report on review and tests of methods for filling data gaps.. D5.. 15.. Program for a Training school on uncertainty.. 16.. Special training_session at the Joint INTARESE – HEIMTSA - 2-FUN Conference.. Conference presentations.. Philipp Ciffroy.. Uncertainty in human health risk assessment : The experience of the 2-FUN project.. INTARESE, HEIMTSA, 2-FUN Final Annual Meeting “Concepts and Tools for Integrated Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (IEHIA), Brussels.. HEIMTSA – INTARESE – 2-FUN winter school.. 2010, Firbush, UK.. Philippe Ciffroy, Elsa Casimiro.. Presentation.. Giubilato E.. , Critto A.. (Poster, leaflets).. Prague Czech Republic.. , Merl,i A.. , Tanaka T.. 5.. IF: 2,19 (2009.. Gnostics.. Review and tests of methods for robust data treatment.. Definition of case studies for demonstrating the relevance of innovative methods for data treatment.. 8.. Definition and transfer selected methods for data treatment wia web platform, based on Open - Source platform (R-language).. 11.. A set of scripts for learning the gnostic 1-dimensional and multidimensional advanced analysis.. 12 Set of scripts for learning multidimensional gnostics.. 12 GSCHOOL1.. 12 GSCHOOL2.. 12 GSCHOOL3.. 12 GSCHOOL4.. 12 GSCHOOL5.. 13 Comparison of uncerainty methods.. 13 Summer school on Gnostic Approach.. (Poster presented on the INTARESE, HEIMTSA, 2-FUN Final Annual Meeting “Concepts and Tools for Integrated Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (IEHIA), Brussels).. IPSIC (International Passive Sampling Intercalibration).. Prague, Czech Republic.. Elisa Giubilato, Antonio Marcomini, Elsa Casimiro, Pavel Kovanic.. A taste of results from Work Package 1.. Task1.. 3 (Institute of Public Health, Ostrava).. 2010, p.. 2-3.. Tomáš Ocelka, Pavel Kovanic, Olga Tomoszková.. 2-FUN Summer school on Gnostic Approach to Small Sample Data Analysis.. 3-5.. Pavel Kovanic.. Puzzles of quantitative uncertainty.. 6-7.. Mathematical Gnostics.. 2009, P.. 1-6.. Antonio Marcomini, Elisa Giubilato, Andrea Critto, Elsa Casimiro, Pavel Kovanic, Tomas Ocelka.. 2-FUN: methodologies for the construction and selection ofrealistic scenarios.. Task 1.. 3.. 2008, p.. p.. Mathgnostics.. Probablistic methods.. 6.. Review of probabilistic methods and approaches to estimate integrated risk indices.. 1.. Critical review and selection of causality analysis approaches and tools.. 10.. Application and testing of methodology for ranking environmental stressors (Part 1 – Methodological Development).. 14.. Application and testing of a methodology for ranking environmental stressors (Part II Testing application to a case study.. Estimation of Risk Indices for the Analysis of Uncertainty related to Scenario Characterization Uncertainty/Sensitivity Analysis for a MCDA Methodology for the Ranking of Environmental Chemical Stressors.. 1 (University of Venice).. 1-2.. 2-FUN: methodologies for the construction and selection of realistic scenarios.. Task 1.. 3-4.. Risk-based Tool for the Regional Ranking of Environmental Chemical Stressors.. 2-I Methodologies for downscaling socio-economic, technological and emission scenarios, as well as meteorological scenario data, to country level and smaller regions.. PART I: SOCIETY AND TECHNOLOGY.. 2-II Methodologies for downscaling socio-economic, technological and emission scenarios, as well as meteorological scenario data, to country level and smaller regions.. PART II: CLIMATE.. Preliminary database with future climate, emissions, and socio-economic data for case studies.. 7.. Final database for case study - R.. Aguiar.. ImpactE : International Conference on Past, Present and Future Health Impacts of Extreme Events.. Seminar @ SIM.. Uni.. 2 (Fundaçao da Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa).. 2-FUN : methodologies  ...   coupling of PBPK and pathology models.. PBPK/PD model for atrazine and arsenic.. A database for PK parameters with information on the inter-individual variability.. Coupling the metabolic reaction network with a PBPK model application to the BTEX mixture.. 18.. Training session on Physiologically based pharmacokinetic models.. Systems Biology PBPK Modelling of Metabolit Interactions.. (Poster).. Paris, France.. A stochastic whole-body physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to assess the impact of inter-individual variability on tissue dosimetry over the human lifespan.. Bois.. SBML assisted physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of metabolic interactions.. 2009, p.. 7-11.. , Ma, L.. , Legind,C.. PBPK modelling tools.. Detailed description of methods, models, and model selection procedures, for QSAR predictions for toxicokinetic properties of chemicals.. Prototype of the property estimation and database software.. New QSAR model to estimate the blood/air partition coefficient.. New QSAR model to estimate the fat/air partition coefficient.. Pathology models for chemicals and mixtures.. German Conference on Chemoinformatics.. 22.. CIC-Workshop.. 9-11 November 2008.. (Poster).. Syracuse, USA.. IF: 3,882(2009).. Ralph Kühne, Ralf-Uwe Ebert, Gerrit Schüürmann.. Chemical Domain of QSAR Models from Atom-Centred Fragments.. 4-5.. , Kühne, R, Schüürmann, G.. 1223-1232.. IF 3.. 882(2009).. Detailed description of the general PBPK model, describing metabolic interactions.. Systems Biology PBPK Modelling of Metabolic Interactions.. 106, no.. 3, March 2010, p.. 154-161.. IF 2,073 (2009).. 8, no.. 5, p.. 413-424.. vol.. 25, no.. 1453-1454.. IF: 5.. Review of relevant exposure pathways for children and parameterisation for their introduction in multi-media models.. Parameterisation of relevant exposure pathways for children.. Relevant children exposure routes & exposure factors : example of diet intake rate.. Johan Bierkens, Christa Cor nelis, Mirja van Holderbeke and Rudi Torfs Chil dren’s characteristics influenc ing exposure.. Karlstad, Sweden.. Johan Bierkens.. Parameterisation of children exposure to environmental pollutants.. 1-5.. Charlotte N.. Legind and Stefan Trapp.. Exposure to BaP via diet for children and adults.. 5-6.. D4.. Specifications for the development of methodologies / databases/software relevant for the respective case studies.. Critical analysis of previous studies related to the case studiesand internal collection of datasets for further use in the case studies.. Case study 1.. Time-series models on acute health impacts of air pollution and heatstress in Lisbon.. Health effects from ambient BTEX exposure Case study 1 : intermediate report.. Health effects from exposures to ambient pollution and thermal stress in Lisbon : Case study 1 Final report.. (FFCUL).. Effects of Apparent Temperature on Daily Mortality in Lisbon and Oporto.. Elsa Casimiro.. Case study 1: Evolution of air pollutants and thermal stress in Portugal and implications for future health risk.. Case study 2.. Intermediate case study using the exposure freshwater model.. Case study 2 Seine river watershed France : Final report.. Linking multimedia environmental and PBPK models to assess health risks of B(a)P associated to drinking water – a case study.. Galway, Ireland, June 27 - July 2, 2010.. Case study 2: Choices of industrial technologies to minimise the impact of the industrial and agricultural activities on population health at the level of a river watershed in France.. Case study 3.. Relationships between environmental exposure and health outcomes based on CS3 case study.. Draft of final case study (CS3) results using the exposure model related to children.. Katowice, Poland.. Anicenta Bubak.. Health outcomes concerning children's environmental exposure to soil contaminants lead, cadmium and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.. 6-8.. Case Study 3: Health risk assessment for children living in the industrial area of Upper Silesia in Poland..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - Tools
    Descriptive info: QSAR models - The 2-FUN version of.. ChemProp.. , developed by UFZ, is available upon request from.. Pr.. Gerrit Schuurmann.. or.. Ralph Kühne..

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  • Title: 2-FUN - WP6
    Descriptive info: The related strategic management activities aim at defining, applying and monitoring the management of excellence: How the mission and vision of the integrated project will be defined, developed and facilitated by the leaders via the government structures (governing board, executive committee, and Coordinator).. The appropriate actions and behaviour necessary to their implementation and the personal involvement of the leaders will be defined.. Strategic management actions include producing the Project Management Manual.. Actions  ...   at different IP processes (costs, resources, communication, content & delay, risks, purchase, legal aspects, degree of excellence).. This will include establishing the Project Management Plan, managing the interfaces and interactions between processes and finally managing possible modifications.. The management of Work Packages based upon the principles of the ISO 10006 European project management standard will be the basis and the tool for the successful management and integration of the different Work Packages..

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