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  • Title: 2600 News | 2600
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. The Hacker Quarterly.. NOW ON STANDS!.. Current issue:.. WINTER 2013-2014.. Digital Editions.. Magazine.. Cover Gallery.. Submissions.. Code.. Radio.. Off The Hook.. Off The Wall.. Brain Damage.. Shadow Over Li.. Ministry of Truth.. VOLI.. Chatterbox.. Features.. Payphone Image Gallery.. Channel 2600.. The Hacker Calendar.. Special Features.. Freedom Downtime.. RNC 2004.. Around the World.. Cuba.. Events.. 2600 Meetings.. HOPE 94.. Beyond HOPE.. H2K.. H2K2.. The Fifth HOPE.. HOPE Number 6.. The Last HOPE.. The Next HOPE.. HOPE Number 9.. HOPE Videos.. 2600 Store.. Visit The Store.. Subscriptions.. Back Issues.. Clothing.. Club-Mate.. Search.. Enter your keywords.. View the results at Google.. , or enable JavaScript to view them here.. 2600 News.. MM.. DD.. YY.. UTC.. DISPATCH.. 02.. 06.. 14.. 0345.. NEW Off The Hook ONLINE.. 05.. 0223.. NEW Off The Wall ONLINE.. 01.. 21.. 1158.. CALL FOR SPEAKERS, WORKSHOPS, ART AT HOPE X.. 16.. 2038.. HOPE X SPECIAL HOTEL RATES ANNOUNCED.. 13.. 1000.. HOPE X NOW ACCEPTING BITCOINS.. 09.. 1929.. WINTER ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED.. 0028.. HOPE X TICKETS GO ON SALE MONDAY.. 02.. 0852.. VOLUME THREE OF THE HACKER DIGEST IS OUT.. 01.. 0221.. THE NEXT HOPE VIDEO ARCHIVE IS NOW  ...   1646.. TESLA BILLS ARE BACK!.. 04.. 0725.. SPRING ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED.. 04.. 0803.. VOLUME 25 OF 2600 NOW ONLINE - DRM FREE - IN KINDLE, NOOK, AND PDF FORMATS.. 2110.. 0807.. VOLUME TWO OF 2600 NOW ONLINE - DRM FREE - IN KINDLE, NOOK, AND PDF FORMATS.. 11.. 12.. 1007.. AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR LISTENERS FROM THE STAFF OF OFF THE HOOK.. 1006.. THE FIFTH HOPE VIDEO ARCHIVE NOW ONLINE.. 0925.. 25.. 1832.. HELP US ELIMINATE ON-AIR FUNDRAISING IN OCTOBER.. 0824.. H2K2 VIDEO ARCHIVE NOW ONLINE.. 08.. 27.. 0722.. 2013 HACKER CALENDARS ARE OUT.. 0917.. NEW PHONE PHREAK SWEATSHIRTS RELEASED TO THE WORLD.. 07.. 0941.. HOPE NUMBER NINE CLEARANCE.. 0841.. VOLUME 28 OF 2600 NOW ONLINE - DRM FREE - IN KINDLE, NOOK, AND PDF FORMATS.. 1017.. HOPE NUMBER NINE AUDIO NOW ONLINE.. 19.. 1746.. HOPE NUMBER NINE DVDS AVAILABLE.. 1830.. [.. News Archive.. ].. (.. What's this?.. ).. TUESDAY:.. WEDNESDAY:.. Listen live to WBAI.. Now Available:.. Dear Hacker.. The Best of 2600.. 2600 Archive.. Comments:.. webmaster@2600.. com.. For subscription and merchandise info check.. this page.. first.. Copyright © 1995-2013 2600 Enterprises, Inc.. All rights reserved.. 2600 Magazine.. P.. O.. Box 752.. Middle Island, NY 11953 USA.. Telephone/Fax: +1 631 751 2600..

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  • Title: Radio | 2600
    Descriptive info: Printer-friendly version..

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  • Title: 2600 Magazine: Digital Editions | 2600
    Descriptive info: 2600 Magazine: Digital Editions.. Jump to:.. Digital Subscription.. |.. Current Issue.. Annual Digests.. Kindle United States.. Kindle United Kingdom.. Google Play (U.. S.. , Canada, U.. K.. , Australia).. Zinio (worldwide).. Current Issue (Winter 2013-2014).. Kindle France.. Kindle Germany.. Kindle Spain.. Kindle Italy.. Kindle Brazil.. Kindle Canada.. Kindle Japan.. Kindle Mexico.. Kindle India.. Nook Version.. Volume 29.. Autumn 2013.. Click here for a full listing of digital back issues..

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  • Title: NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE | 2600
    Descriptive info: NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE.. Posted 06 Feb, 2014 3:45:05 UTC.. The new edition of Off The Hook from 05/02/2014 has been archived and is now available online.. "Off The Hook" - 05/02/2014.. Download the torrent here!!!!..

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  • Title: NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE | 2600
    Descriptive info: NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE.. Posted 05 Feb, 2014 2:23:57 UTC.. The new edition of Off The Wall from 04/02/2014 has been archived and is now available online.. "Off The Wall" - 04/02/2014..

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    Descriptive info: The official HOPE X.. Call for Participation.. has been released.. We invite all interested parties to submit their ideas for talks, workshops, artwork, and the like by visiting x.. hope.. net and clicking the "Call for Participants" button.. In addition, we've included a bunch of helpful tips for those thinking of submitting talk and workshop ideas.. HOPE X is taking place July 18-20, 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.. We expect to have at least 100 talks and panels throughout the weekend, focusing on everything from basic hacking to lockpicking, social issues, whistleblowing, programming, and everything and anything of  ...   the complex which will allow people to interact, build, question, and teach on an equally diverse range of topics.. And as hackers are no strangers to the world of art, we're soliciting ideas for artwork relating to privacy, digital rights, dissent, and all things hacker-related.. All of the pertinent email addresses are included in the ".. Call for Participants.. " section.. We hope to hear all kinds of cool ideas and proposals from a whole lot of you.. To register for the conference, click.. here.. To register with bitcoins, click.. To take advantage of the super discounted hotel rooms during the conference, click..

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    Descriptive info: We've finalized the special rates for HOPE X attendees at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.. And we're happy to say they're actually lower than last time.. A single room (a king or double bed) is $129 a night, a double (two twin beds) $139, and a quad (two double beds) $169.. Even though this is one of  ...   To take advantage of these special rates, either call (212) 736-5000 (PEnnsylvania 6 5000) and ask for the "HOPE X" rate or visit.. this link.. which will automatically give you the HOPE X rate.. Visit the HOPE X website.. Pre-register for HOPE X with your credit card or PayPal at the discounted rate.. Pay for HOPE X with Bitcoins!..

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    Descriptive info: At the request of a bunch of people around the world and because we love to experiment with new things, we're happy to announce that our upcoming hacker conference will be accepting bitcoins for preregistration.. As far as we know, we're the first ever conference in North America to do this (other than a couple of Bitcoin conferences), so we're eagerly anticipating the results of this experiment.. Here's how it works.. Simply go to our checkout page at.. https://bitpay.. com/cart/add?itemId=QdiFDAxgndV7ijZyVCBUEM.. , enter an email address you want your electronic tickets to be sent to, a name of your choosing, and any additional comments you might have.. That's it.. No need for addresses, phone numbers, or credit cards.. Just tie into your Bitcoin account and buy however many tickets you need.. If you think this is an incredibly cool idea, but you're not sure you're going to make it to HOPE  ...   you can also buy a ticket to transfer to someone else.. You can either instruct us to give the ticket away or sell/give it to someone else yourself.. This is all very new and different for most of the world, and we wouldn't be much of a hacker conference if we didn't experiment with new and different things.. What we know for sure is that this is a secure method of buying tickets, as long as you enter an email address where you can receive the tickets we email you in the weeks ahead.. (You will also receive a receipt shortly after your purchase.. ).. To get your HOPE X tickets via Bitcoin, click.. For the more traditional method of getting HOPE X tickets, click.. To learn more about Bitcoin, click.. To follow the latest on HOPE X, follow.. @hopex.. on Twitter and visit.. xxx.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. xxx.. or.. x.. net..

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  • Title: WINTER ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED | 2600
    Descriptive info: As promised, the.. Winter issue.. has hit the stands right when things are at their coldest and bleakest in North America.. We believe this issue will bring cheer and enlightenment to all, with a whole bunch of articles on privacy, encryption, surveillance, and ingenuity.. Most subscribers should have received their issues by now - if you haven't, you will very soon.. To become a subscriber and receive issues on a regular basis, simply click.. If you prefer one of our digital options, click.. to explore those.. Subscribe!.. Get the current issue!!.. Explore the DIGITAL editions!!!..

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    Descriptive info: Our early ticket sales were depleted in record time - just over one minute for the most recent one in December.. Congrats to those of you who were able to type extremely fast and purchased tickets based solely on the knowledge of how awesome the HOPE X conference will be.. If you weren't one of the lucky ones, don't panic! The traditional preregistration will open on Monday, January 6th at 2:00 pm  ...   buy tickets online.. HOPE X will be taking place on July 18, 19, and 20, 2014 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.. Our website has two addresses: the super-cool HOPE X address located at.. and for those who find that difficult to remember or for whom the.. xxx domain is blocked,.. We look forward to seeing you at HOPE X - our tenth conference, HOPE's twentieth anniversary, and 2600's thirtieth anniversary!..

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    Descriptive info: The third and final volume of our monthly newsletter days is now available for the digital device of your choice.. We think you'll find this look back at 1986 through hacker eyes quite enlightening.. Interestingly, surveillance and the NSA were hot topics in our pages way back then, with concern being expressed as to what the secretive agency might actually be up to.. The abuse of "metadata" by the authorities in the form of warrantless pen-register info was another hot topic.. We noted with interest and suspicion the NSA's attempts to get rid of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm and replace it with something of their own.. We saw the first use of electronic fingerprints and how they could be used to hunt people down nationwide, something that had previously been inconceivable.. The atmosphere seemed innocent by today's standard.. "The largest pirate BBS in the country" operated on a total of 44 megabytes of disk space, while cellular phone service had just improved from a maximum of 12 connections per city and could now handle hundreds of calls, which seemed next to unlimited.. Cellular modems were starting to be used at a  ...   started getting more and more pages in our magazine.. The media, as always, got the story wrong, and we called them out at every opportunity.. Meanwhile, Hollywood people wound up using many of the ideas and theories printed in our pages for plot points in their latest productions.. And, of course, we were almost wiped out by a lightning bolt that fried all of our equipment at the worst possible time.. Finally, 1986 was the year that we first tried to have 2600 meetings.. We received such a poor response that we gave up, at least until 1987.. For this collection, we've carefully gone through and looked over every word and image to make sure it's accurately represented in each format.. If there are typos, we're careful NOT to correct them.. It's quite time consuming and much more accurate than any purely OCR attempts we've seen.. Please support our efforts and grab a copy for your selected device.. To get the PDF of "The Hacker Digest - Volume 3," click.. To get the Kindle version of this volume, click here:.. United States.. United Kingdom.. Germany.. France.. Spain.. Italy.. Brazil.. Canada.. Japan.. Mexico.. India..

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