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  • Title: 2Bparks - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to Navigation.. |.. Skip to Content.. Home.. Project info.. Partners.. Protected areas.. Downloads.. News.. Sourcebook.. E-Calendar.. Edu-Platform.. Photo gallery.. Links.. Contact.. Private area.. Creative sustainable management, territorial compatible marketing and environmental education To Be Parks.. Skip intro.. Last News.. Final Conference 2bparks - agenda.. 6 jun 2013.. The detailed agenda of the final conference on 14th June 2013: "2BParks.. Landscape and protected areas: management, marketing and environmental education..  ...   ambientale.. Esperienze in area MED".. Go to the news.. Final Conference 2bparks.. 28 may 2013.. The final conference of the project will take place on 14th june 2013 at "Museo della Bonifica di Ca’ Vendramin" in the Park of the Po Delta at 10.. 00.. All the partners will present the main results of the projcet.. The detailed program coming soon!.. Copyright © 2014 - Tutti i diritti riservati |.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Project info
    Descriptive info: summary.. objectives.. workplan.. results.. Creative sustainable management, territorial compatible marketing and.. environmental education To Be Parks.. Project summary.. Protected Areas (PA) play an important role for sustainable territorial policies.. Often perceived as a limit to economical growth, Protected areas've to face up anthropic pressures reconciling economic interests with ecological requirements.. New integrated plans based on a transnational framework will be fostered to improve Protected areas.. A sustainable growth.. Increasing awareness and diminishing economical and social impacts are instances considered by the project to avoid the loss of MED ecological balance.. Protected Areas represent added value for Mediterranean attractiveness, not only as recreational areas but also as a factor of sustainable development.. There is a strong connection between the protection of fragile areas, the enhancement of natural resources and the sustainabledevelopment.. 2Bparks aims to increase the effectiveness of the protected areas in preserving biodiversity and providing solutions for the long-term ecological, social and financial sustainability.. More.. Objectives.. TO INTEGRATE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES INTO CORE INSTITUTIONAL THINKING AND INTO PRIVATE INVESTMENTS' CHOICES BY DEVELOPING INNOVATIVE GOVERNANCE PATTERNS FOR PROTECTED AREAS ENHANCEMENT.. Specific Objectives are.. helping protected areas managers to bring rationality to decision, when economic requirements and social instances have to be reconciled with protected areas environmental issues of protected areas policies/plans.. involving economic and civil society as effective actors of protected areas enhancement.. building biodiversity business.. improving skills and capacities.. increasing collective awareness of protected areas values and opportunities while disseminating the culture of sustainable development.. straightening sustainable tourism in protected areas.. … TO PRESERVE PROTECTED AREAS FOR FUTURE GENERATION.. The balance between improvement of lifestyles and well-being on one side and preserving natural resources and ecosystems on the other promotes sustainable development supported by the following key aspects:.. environmental protection, economic development, social development and cultural diveristy.. By integrating environmental concerns into decision-making processes, developing sustainable tourism and awareness 2Bparks contributes to sustainable utilization of natural resources and to strengthens connections between Mediterranean societies, economies and protected areas.. 2Bparks network will become a functional tool  ...   to political level and Users(C2/5) and disseminated to increase collective consciousness and project sustainability.. Activities have been assigned to pps on the basis of related capacities and resource availability.. The budget, complying with Med threshold, is parted among partners on the basis of their contribution and ensuring the necessary operativeness.. Cost of each Components derives from number of PPs involved and tasks' economic entity.. Component 1: COMMUNICATION.. C1 is planned to ensure a sound dissemination of project results, to provide tools for an effective internal communication, to define a project capitalization strategy.. Component 2: MANAGEMENT.. Component 3 : SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT 2BPARKS (PLANNING).. C3 is planned to boost compatible development of Protected areas, improving management and spatial plans, contributing to the 2Bparks Mainstream and providing transnational benefit.. Component 4: SUSTAINABLE TOURISM AND MARKETING JOINT STRATEGY 2BPARKS.. C4 is planned to foster sustainable tourism in Protected area capitalizing past projects and to define innovative marketing tools providing transnational benefit.. Component 5 EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH INTEGRATED NETWORKS TO AWAKE AND 2BPARKS.. C5 is planned to boost skills and capacity and to increase collective awareness, contributing to the 2Bparks Mainstream and to project capitalization.. Expected Result.. Planning and management 4protection.. where the.. Roadmap.. will be provided - a user friendly tool, designed to support protected areas managers in orienting themselves among the existing guidelines and selecting the most suitable ones.. Sustainable tourism and marketing 4compatible growth.. which will result in the.. Notebook.. , a practical tool for public and private operators, who agree in developing the sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean protected areas and in entering the Eurocharter network.. Education and research 4skills and awareness.. with the Sourcebook and the linked Education platform which will ensure a continuous knowledge system updating and will increase the employment potentiality of all people interesting in protected area.. Rising awarness on the value of protected areas among local people is important since the future of protected areas largely depends on the common people that dwell in and use it in everyday life..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Partners
    Descriptive info: Geographic coverange.. Project.. The project presents a wide geographic coverage: 11 partners, 7 Countries (IT,GR,ES,PT,SLO,F,CY), 11 Regions (Veneto, Calabria,Piemonte, Balears Island,Andalusia/Jaén,Languedoc-Roussilon, Thessalia,Attiki, Alentejo, Slovenia,Kibris) and includes PAs characterized by an high biological diversity and a complex of terrestrial and marine habitats of excellent representativity of Med environment: river basin: SILE; wetlands: Lagoons of Santo André and Sancha; flat areas/wetland: Vercelli, Narbonesa and Ljubljana Marshes; hills: Euganei; mountain/med maquis: Serre, Sierra, Mount Pelion, Haut-Languedoc and Troodos; island: Son Real Park, Sporades and Evia; Lake: Karla; coastal zone; Archeological sites: Son Real and Piperi.. Project partners  ...   Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Islands Government /Foundation for the Sustainable Development of the Balearic Islands (Spain).. PP3: General Council of Hérault (France).. PP4: Province of Vercelli (Italy).. PP5: Regional Authority of Thessaly (Greece).. PP6: AEAL – Entrepreneurs Association of Coastal Alentejo (Portugal) – non active partner.. PP7: Ayuntamiento de Andújar (Municipality of Andújar) (Spain).. PP8: Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Anton Melik Geographical Institute (Slovenia).. PP9: University of Athens (Greece).. PP10: The Troodos Regional Tourism Board (Cyprus).. PP11: RCDI - Development and Innovation Network (Portugal).. Consortium..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Protected areas
    Descriptive info: veneto region.. illes balears.. park of serre.. herault.. provincia di vercelli.. thessaly region.. rcdi.. andujar.. slovenia.. athens university.. troodos regional.. VENETO REGION.. ILLES BALEARS.. NATURAL REGIONAL PARK of SERRE.. HÉRAULT.. PROVINCE of VERCELLI.. LAKE KARLA OF THESSALY REGION.. RCDI - DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION NETWORK.. AYUNTAMIENTO de ANDÙJAR.. SLOVENIA.. ATTICA REGION OR NATIONAL PARK OF SCHINIAS.. TROODOS REGIONAL TOURISM BOARD.. Project home..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Downloads
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  • Title: 2Bparks - News
    Descriptive info: The detailed agenda of the final conference on 14th June 2013:.. "2BParks.. Experiences in the MED area".. Paesaggio e aree protette:.. pianificazione, marketing ed educazione ambientale.. The final conference of the project will take place on 14th june 2013 at "Museo della Bonifica di Ca’ Vendramin".. in the Park of the Po Delta at 10.. Show attachment.. "Landscape and Places of Sense in the Po Delta".. 4 apr 2013.. 18th march 2013: the 2BParks Local Development Pilot Plan about the "Places of Sense" - which is under elaboration in the area of the Po Delta river (Veneto Region)- has been the topic og the public conference that took place in the Visitor Center of the Park.. The event was included in the "Week of the Environment" of Veneto Region.. Partners’ Meeting and Steering Committee in Cyprus.. The next Partner's Meeting and Steering Committee is scheduled for next 11th-12th April 2013 in Platres (Cyprus).. It is going to be a very important event for the finalization of the project.. Partners are preparing e-book to disseminate main project outptus and results.. A representative of the JTS will also participate.. Symposium on Sustainable Tourism.. 10 oct 2012.. The Symposium on Sustainable Tourism will take place at the University of Athens - Faculty of Geology and Environment, 22th October 2012.. You are all invited to attend the Symposium, which aims at sharing best practices and innovative proposals for the sustainable development of the MED protected areas.. In attachment the agenda.. 2Bparks Transnational Camp.. 5 oct 2012.. The 2Bparks Transnational Camp will take place 23rd - 24th October 2012.. The Camp targets are young researchers and experts coming from all project partners Institution.. The camp aims at the interregional and cross-border exchange of views and experiences, but also at developing a capacity building process to improve skills and competences.. Project Steering Committee.. 4 oct 2012.. The project Steering Committee will meet in Athens next 21st October 2012, to share the status of the art and to define next steps.. E papers concerning relevant partners’ output will be delivered and published ASAP on the project web.. Remember to visit the download area.. Workshop on site @ Dalta Po.. 4 jul 2012.. A second workshop on site has been organized by the Veneto Region and the Regional Park of the Delta Po (27th June 2012).. 2bParks project contributes to the participation process for the integrated planning of the Delta Po territory.. The landscape committee made of regional and ministerial staff and experts took part at the open workshop.. The President and the Director of the Regional Park attended the meeting together with the mayors of the local municipalities.. A representative of the MaB UNESCO programme has been invited.. Planners and some of the economic operators have been involved to contribute to the planning process.. ROADSHOW LAKE KARLA 2BPARKS 2012! A Success Story!.. 22 may 2012.. A "flood" of citizens and young children of Thessaly attended on 20th May 2012, Sunday, the first roadshow of the 2BPARKS project, entitled “ROADSHOW LAKE KARLA 2BPARKS 2012”, a multi-thematic venue near the water of Lake Karla, near the lake’s nature, fauna and flora, organized by the Region of Thessaly!.. Contests and demonstrations of equestrian and archery, venues for children and interactive games (puppet show, treasure search), painting contest, a fair with local traditional products, telescopes for citizens to look at the area's fauna and flora with the help of experts, info-structures with local NGOs and Environmental Education Centers informing citizens on the lake's issues and a lot of music!.. The first three winners of each of 4 contests that took place (painting, equestrian for experienced, archery, equestrian for starters) were awarded with the 2BPARKS prize (see photo).. The awardings for the contests were done by Mrs.. Eleni Laitsou - Mayor of Rigas-Fereos, Mr.. George Kaltsogiannis - Regional Councilor of Thessaly, Mrs.. Ifigenia Kagkalou - President of the Management Body of Lake Karla and Mr.. Paolo Conte, Italian national coordinator of equestrian actions and President of the Italian organization "Bioacademy" (Mr.. Conte was invited to the venue by the "Equestrian and Environmental Organization of Milies", central supporter of the venue, in the framework of the long-lasting cooperation between their organizations in cross-border activities).. The venue, organized in the framework of the 2BPARKS project, was also supported by the Municipality of Rigas Fereos and the Management Body of the Eco-Development Area of Karla – Mavrovouni – Kefalovryso – Velestino.. Considering the great success, the institutionalization of the venue is under discussions, with the next to take  ...   and one game with students drawing promotional.. approaches that can be used as tools to attract tourists to the Lake Karla.. area), out of which results came out for the finalization of the Local.. Development Pilot Plan and the Local Tourism Strategic Plan that are being.. conducted.. The drawings that the students made will constitute a "mobile.. exhibition" that will be set in all future 2BPARKS venues of the Region of.. Thessaly or venues of other project partners.. Operative meeting - webconference.. 12 jan 2012.. The Lead Partner -Veneto Region- and project partners - "Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Anton Melik Geographical Institute" and the "National and Kapodistrian University of Athens", will meet in Venice on 20th January 2012.. The aim is both to wellcome the new Greek partner (the University of Athens which replaced the Municipality of Marathona) and to define the operative plan of the phases coordinated by them.. The agenda foresees the discussion on the Sourcebook and the Eduplatform, as well as the Common Calendar Of Events, which are all key project outputs.. The meeting is very important for the project development.. Decisions will be shared with other partners via web-conference at the beginning of February.. The next general transnational meeting and the Steering Committee are scheduled in April.. Geo-Oikos 2011 - Pilot project Presentation, Veneto Region.. 5 dec 2011.. The Pilot Project concerning the Regional Park of Delta Po has been presented during the event “Geo-Oikos 2011 – Luoghi, Persone e prospettive (places, people and perspective), Verona – 17th e 18th November 2011”.. Two seminars took place:.. - Delta del Po: I luoghi di senso (The Po Delta: place of sense; a notebook for the Regional Landscape Plan);.. - Delta Po: i paesaggi dell'anima, un progetto per conoscere e valorizzare (The Po Delta: landscapes of soul, a project to know and to enhance);.. Find and download the presentations in the Target Area – Veneto Region web page within this website.. For more information: http://www.. geo-oikos.. it/home.. asp.. GEO-OIKOS.. 9 nov 2011.. 2Bparks project and the Regional Park of Delta PO invite you at GEO-OIKOS; a territorial event, where new initiatives and best projects will be presented by Veneto Region (Verona fiere November 17th and 18th 2011).. See.. www.. it.. Geo-oikos: Places, people and perspectives.. Slovenian Academy.. 26 oct 2011.. Geografski inštitut Antona Melika, Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti.. Anton Melik Geographical Institute, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.. Gosposka ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.. tel.. : + 386 1 200 27 27.. fax.. : + 386 1 200 27 34.. spletna stran / web page: http://giam.. zrc-sazu.. si/smrekar.. PARK OF SERRE: 5TH MEETING – 3RD STEERING COMMITTEE.. 17 oct 2011.. The Serre regional park, partner of the 2Bparks med project, organizes the fifth meeting and the third steering committee of the project.. The event will take place in the "regional park of Serre building", located in Serra San Bruno (italy), the 3rd of november.. during the meeting they will be organized several work sessions about the presentation of results and products, obtained in the phases 3.. 2 and 4.. 2, the e-book of the project, procedures of phase 3.. 3, self assessment for the phase 3.. 1, communication plan and phase 5.. 3.. The lead partner will present the state of art and next activities to be focused by each partner.. During the steering committee it will be approved the new entry of two greek partners.. The 4th of november the partners will visit the Serre regional park.. OPEN WORKSHOP - VENETO REGION DELTA PO 19th July 2011.. 21 jul 2011.. An open workshop and a site visit took place in the VENETO REGIONAL PARK of DELTA PO 19th July 2011.. Decision makers, planners and local stakeholders met to share the scope of the Local Development pilot project foreseen in the phase 3.. 2 of the 2bparks project.. The landscape plan of the ambit “Coastal Adriatic Arch” includes the Delta Po area and is underway.. The 2Bparks project will contribute to the elaboration of the plan by arranging a Design Notebook concerning the social value of landscape with the following provisional title: “the social value of the landscape.. Places of sense.. Water, stones and fog: atmospheres for a landscape design”.. The notebook will be elaborated taking into account the participatory results and will include both methodological issues and applied procedures.. Design, planning and marketing tools will be analyzed and provided under the framework of the 2BParks Mainstream..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Photo gallery
    Descriptive info: No photo found.. PARK of SERRE.. HERAULT.. THESSALY REGION.. COASTAL ALENTEJO.. ATHENS UNIVERSITY.. Category..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Links
    Descriptive info: Lead Partner.. - Spatial Planning and Parks Department, Veneto Region.. PP1.. - Natural Regional Park of Serre.. PP2.. - Regional Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Islands Government/Foundation for the Sustainable Development of the Balearic Islands.. PP3.. - General Council of Herault.. PP4.. - Province of Vercelli.. PP5.. - Region of Thessaly.. PP6.. - AEAL – Entrepreneurs Association of Coastal Alentejo.. PP7.. - Municipality of Andujar.. PP8.. - Scientific Research  ...   - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment.. PP10.. - The Troodos Regional Tourism Board.. PP11.. - RCDI - Development and Innovation Network (Portugal).. programmemed.. eu.. iucn.. org.. parks.. Other projects.. paysmed.. net.. natreg.. eu.. transeconet.. Protected areas networks.. parchiveneto.. it.. veneto.. to.. parcodeltapo.. lessiniapark.. parcosile.. parcocollieuganei.. com.. dolomitiparco.. dolomitipark.. polesinefilmcommission.. DELTA PO regional park sourcebook.. Protected Area of Karla - Mavrovounio - Kefalovryso - Velstino..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Contact
    Descriptive info: Romeo Toffano.. Send an Email.. Head of department - Project leader.. Francesca Franzin.. Administrative and financial office.. Raffaella Lioce.. General project manager -.. LP Techincal Group Responsible.. No contact found.. Pedro Gallardo Núñez.. Commissario Straordinario.. Perrine PARIS-SIDIBE.. C1 : Communication and dissemination.. C3 : Sustainable management.. Aline BAUDOUIN.. C4 : Sustainable tourism an marketing of parks.. Natacha NION..  ...   Financial Project Manager + C2 Management.. Alexandra Mendonça.. Project Coordinator.. Ana Catitia.. Technical Officer.. STEERING COMMITTEE.. Antonio Jesús Rodríguez Martínez.. TECHNICAL COMMITTEE.. Petra Rus.. C1.. Ales Smrekar.. C2 and C4.. Bojan Erhartic.. C3.. Mateja Smid Hribar.. C5.. NATIONAL & KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS.. Prof.. Niki Evelpidou.. SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR.. MSc Konstantia Chartidou.. RESEARCHER.. Patners List.. RCDI.. UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS..

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  • Title: 2Bparks - Private area
    Descriptive info: Sign in to your account!.. User:.. Password:..

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  • Title: 2Bparks
    Descriptive info: General Homepages.. E-calendar..

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