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  • Title: How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy
    Descriptive info: .. How to Get Pregnant.. Trying To Get Pregnant with 2GetPregnant.. Org.. Home.. How To Get Pregnant?.. Ovulation Calculator.. Preparing To Get Pregnant.. Remedies To Get Pregnant.. Ways To Get Pregnant.. All About Pregnancy.. In 1994, the live birth rate in the United States was 3,952,767, or 15.. 2/1,000 women.. The unintended pregnancy rate during the same year was 48 percent of all pregnancies.. Of the unintended pregnancies, 47 percent resulted in abortion, 40 percent in live births and 13 percent in miscarriages.. The impaired ability to.. get pregnant.. was 10.. 2 percent in 1994, as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics.. Understanding Your Body:.. The Female Reproductive System.. The female reproductive system consists of those organs that allow for procreation.. These include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina.. They create an environment suitable for the delivery of sperm to a mature egg, they allow fertilization to occur, and they provide nutrition for the growing fetus.. Read the rest of this entry.. Planning for a Women s Most Fertile Time.. The reproductive system is like a symphony.. It has different sections the strings, percussion and horns.. Each section must begin to play right on cue for a contada to result.. Every part of the reproductive system must be ready for fertility/conception to occur.. As with a symphony, in the reproductive system, timing is everything.. If ovulation and the physiological processes that influence conception are functioning properly, the information and tools offered in this section will help you in your journey to pregnancy.. The Critical Time for Implantation.. Getting pregnant is one thing, but another important thing that you should set in your mind is carrying the pregnancy to term, without losing it.. Women are not aware that the time of implantation into the lining of the uterine plays a significant role in pregnancy loss.. Generally, implantation occurs on the 7th day after the.. ovulation period.. But, new studies revealed that this was a rare case.. A very sensitive pregnancy test was performed to accurately determine the day of implantation, thus comparing the HCG measurement to ovulation.. Secondary Infertility and Your Emotions.. Many couples who have successfully become parents find themselves unable to have another baby.. The experience of secondary infertility is described by many of those that are going through it as feeling like they don t fit in either the fertile or the infertile world.. It may become difficult to believe that anyone understands what you re going through or that you even have a right to feel the way you do.. For those who have been fortunate to have two, three, four children without difficulty, it will be hard at times for them to understand why if you could conceive once you couldn t just do it again.. And the couples that can t even have one child of their own may leave you feeling like you should just be thankful that you have a child.. In the meantime, while the world continues to go on around you, your heart is breaking and you re just not sure whom to turn to.. Natural Gender Selection.. So you have two boys and are looking for a girl to cuddle.. Maybe you have three girls and are looking for a bit of testosterone in the house to even things out.. Perhaps the idea of the balanced family appeals to you: one girl, one boy.. Whatever the reason, the idea of choosing the gender of your next child can be appealing.. Some couples choose the scientific route: gender selection done in a lab by separating the male and female sperm, sorting them by the weight of the DNA.. This new technique offers an 85 percent chance of conceiving a girl and a 65 percent chance of conceiving a boy.. Ethical and cost considerations generally lead couples who want to have some influence over the gender of their future child to more natural, less high-tech solutions.. Body Signs.. You may  ...   their capability for development, ovulation, and fertility.. This test is called the clomiphene citrate challenge.. Fertility rates for women who fail this test are very poor.. One fertility measure is to treat with Clomid (clomiphene citrate).. The Clomid subdues the level of estrogen prompting the hypothalamus to produce more gonadotropin towards the pituitary gland to compel it to produce more FSH.. If such a measure will not induce ovulation, FSH can be introduced invasively.. Donor eggs for the ovaries are also used to promote fertility.. In the end lifestyle changes and medication can be used to treat ovulation irregularities and enhance fertility.. Monitoring Basal Body Temperature (BBT).. For women who are unsure of when they ovulate, keeping a basal temperature chart for several cycles may help predict the expected time of ovulation based upon the chart s historical perspective.. Basal temperature charts can help determine the expected mid cycle point, or time of anticipated LH surge, in order to determine when to start testing with an.. ovulation prediction.. kit.. The basal body temperature is one s temperature upon waking up.. The woman takes her basal temperature first thing in the morning before getting up and doing any other activity.. The reading on the basal thermometer is recorded on a chart.. By recording daily basal temperature readings on a chart for two or more months, a couple can gain historical perspective of the female s time of ovulation within each cycle.. How Often Should You Have Sex.. Part 2.. Planning Pregnancy According to Time and Days.. Getting pregnant is tied to the state of ovulation in the femme womb.. To.. preparing to get pregnant.. and to inviting a higher success rate, there are logical steps that can be followed in sex.. Pregnancy can be planned according to the next steps.. A woman would be keeping track of her regular menstrual cycle.. Taking such as a reference point, the period when ovulation is happening can be predicted.. Talk to your betrothed and confide in him or her about the game plan on.. how to get pregnant.. The rule of thumb using this plan is to use two weeks as a measure.. Two weeks or 14 days before the onset of the menstrual cycle is the richest season to plant the seed of pregnancy with the spouse who is trying to conceive.. Part 1.. Timing Intercourse and Ovulation for Conception!.. Knowing the right timing or schedule would indicate your chances of hitting the matured egg.. All women differ from one another and have different menstrual cycles.. One may find it easy to conceive and the other may find it difficult.. Remember, you have to have a chart to monitor this and your fertility signs can be tremendously useful in the analysis and resolution of fertility issues, like problems with ovulation, which is the number 1 fertility issue in women.. Usually, a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days but still normal at 31 days.. Ovulation takes place on the 11th to 12th day after menstruation.. This is the peak where the couple should have an intercourse.. Mother s Age.. In your 20s, you are probably at your most fertile.. Your chances of becoming pregnant each month are roughly 20 percent, and the miscarriage rate is its lowest — 9.. 5 percent.. Despite the fact that you may be physically ready for a child, you may be less stable in your career or relationship in your 20s, and having a baby may add significant stress to your life.. In your 30s, your fertility begins to decline a bit, and the miscarriage rate increases slightly, as do your chances of having a child with Down syndrome or another chromosomal abnormality.. At the same time, if you are married or have a partner, your relationship may be more stable, and your career and financial situation more secure.. Older Entries.. Recent Posts.. Categories.. Getting Pregnant.. Healthy Pregnancy.. Infertility.. Ovulation Prediction.. Copyright © 2010 How to Get Pregnant.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: How To Get Pregnant ~ Getting Pregnant Fast ~ Try To Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: Here are the basic things to do to further enhance your chances of having a baby:.. If you are on birth control pills and other forms of contraception, stop it immediately.. Getting pregnant.. after being on the pill shouldn’t be a problem, as women generally recover their fertility within a month of stopping usage.. Take folic acid, milk specially formulated for women want to be pregnant and other natural fertility boosters to improve chances of getting pregnant.. Taking folic acid is very vital if you are planning to get pregnant.. Regular folic acid intake reduces the risk of nervous system diseases like spina bifida.. There are now folic acid supplements that are available in the market that you can take in addition to eating foods that are rich in folic acid like leafy vegetables and bread.. Women can chart fertility to learn on which days she has the best chance of conception.. You may ask your health care provider to advise on how you can ably monitor this.. Exercise regularly.. This gives women extra energy and a healthy body.. An aerobic exercise program is one thing that you should get yourself before you get pregnant.. Other great-low impact programs that work well for pregnancy are biking, swimming and walking.. They are simple and ideal to maintain even if you’re pregnant already because they are safe not only for the baby but also to you and for your joints.. While you are pregnant, it is important not to do exercises that would raise your heart rate above 140 beats per minute.. This can be strenuous for you and your baby..  ...   if you are already conceiving, it puts your baby into many risks.. Smoking is extremely dangerous for the baby inside your womb.. One best way to quit is to seriously say “NO” to puffing a cigar, sadly because even patches and nicotine gums have hazardous effects for the unborn infant.. Change to live a healthy lifestyle and in a stress free environment.. Focusing your goal to have a baby will keep you from staying late at night or going to a tiring party.. You can start saving your energy and time by focusing on each other and simply.. Drink plenty of body fluids and water.. Keeping yourself hydrated health-wise is a preparation that will be a good habit for a pregnant-to-be woman.. You may also load yourself with lots of vitamins, minerals and other health supplements to boost your immune system in preparation for developing life inside your womb.. For men, it is highly recommended to have a sperm count and other sperm analysis.. This will give you idea on how to improve your sperm strength and identify possible causes hindering you to have a baby.. An over-all and executive check up for both partners wanting to be blessed with a child is a good practice to observe.. Also it gives you time to deal with any health problem you may not know you have.. There are some health related problems or medications that can affect the process of fertilization and hinder the bringing of pregnancy to a reality.. You need also to discuss and check with your health care provider other factors that prevent and delay your conception..

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  • Title: Ovulation Calculator > Ovulation Predictor < Ovulation Calendar
    Descriptive info: Typically, a woman has a menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days.. Many women have longer or shorter cycles, or even cycles of inconsistent lengths of time.. This is quite common, however it may pose difficulty when trying to predict the best time to.. A rule of thumb to remember is that a woman is most fertile approximately 13 to 15 days prior to the first day of her next menstrual cycle.. This fertile period occurs around the time of ovulation when the woman s body releases a new egg.. A woman s egg is only fertile and in the ovulation phase for approximately 24 hours.. However, a man s sperm can live within a woman s reproductive tract for approximately 3-5 days.. Therefore, intercourse can occur 3-5 days prior to ovulation and may achieve a successful conception.. To help you better gauge your  ...   you may choose to bookmark this page and recalculate your cycle with our ovulation predictor on a monthly basis.. Ovulation Calculator + Ovulation Predictor + Due Date Calculator + Conception Calendar.. Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. /.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. 2020.. 2021.. 2022.. 2023.. 2024.. 2025.. 2026.. 2027.. 2028.. 2029.. 2030.. 2031.. 2032.. 2033.. 2034.. 2035.. 2036.. 2037.. 2038.. 2039.. 2040.. 2041.. 2042.. 2043.. 2044.. 2045.. 2046.. 2047.. 2048.. 2049.. 2050.. Usual number of days in your cycle:.. 32.. 33.. 34.. 35.. 36.. 37.. 38.. 39.. 40.. 41.. 42.. 43.. 44.. 45..

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  • Title: Preparing To Get Pregnant & Ready To Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: What you need to do before you start trying to get pregnant.. Do you want a big family? If you answered yes, think again.. is not that easy as you thought it would be.. There are some things that you need to do before you start trying to get pregnant.. The very first thing that a woman who is planning to get pregnant must do is to see her doctor.. The doctor could be a gynecologist.. Or maybe a general Practitioner is enough to do the job.. This is to determine if all her systems are Okay.. The doctor can run a series of tests including blood sampling and ultrasounds.. The general health condition is the focus of the check up.. This is to determine if all the requirements for a healthy pregnancy are present.. To boost the immune system and to build  ...   of the adverse effects of drugs and other beverages should be included.. Taking painkillers and sleeping pills for example may be bad for the future fetus in the womb.. Drinking beer and other forms of liquor could also make the fetus unhealthy.. Then, make an overall assessment of yourself and of your spouse.. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Do you have some vices? If one of you does, are you willing to give it up?.. Remember that conception occurs about 2 weeks before your period is due.. Meaning that you can only confirm that you are pregnant not earlier than when you are more than 3 weeks pregnant.. You can consider this stage as the most crucial phase of pregnancy.. This is the time when your baby is starting to form – its facial features and organs, such as the heart and kidneys..

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  • Title: Home Remedies to Get Pregnant % Natural Remedies To Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: While it s true that remedies to get pregnant have led many couples to and through a successful pregnancy, the medications will not work unless they are taken exactly as prescribed.. It can be difficult and frustrating for many couples to adhere to the prescribed guidelines with oral and injectable medications, but with the help of your nurses, doctor and pharmacist, you can begin a schedule of compliance that ensures you are gaining full benefit from your medication regimen.. In order to maximize the chance for conception, many different remedies to get pregnant and even over-the-counter medications may be prescribed.. It is helpful to learn about your medications and understand the role they play in helping you find easy.. ways to get pregnant.. Each medication must be carefully administered at specific times during the cycle, and on a regular schedule each day.. Don t be afraid to ask your doctor or pharmacist about your therapy.. Also, don t be afraid to ask about potential side effects and what to do if they occur.. Read the drug information sheets your pharmacy provides.. Being informed in advance of possible side effects can alleviate fear and anxiety that develop later if side effects occur.. If you experience side effects, don t take  ...   Follow these simple tips, to help you get the most out of your remedies to get pregnant:.. Take remedies to get pregnant around the same time daily.. This enables the body to have appropriate levels of hormones during an entire 24-hour period.. And helps you fall into a routine that will minimize your chances of forgetting.. Keep all appointments with your fertility practice.. Your fertility specialists can screen for many potential drug-related problems before they occur and make appropriate changes to your medications as needed.. If your medications are difficult for you to take, you may be more prone to develope adherence probles.. Talk to your doctor of pharmacist.. Always inform your fertility doctor, nurse or pharmacist when you have a question.. On-going dialogue with your team will enable an evaluation of your medications and your administration technique in order to help you get the most from your drug therapy.. Communication with the members of your fertility team and friends or support group members that have undergone fertility therapy is one of the most important tools you can have.. When you are experiencing a problem or have a concern, remember: You are not alone.. It is perfectly appropriate to call upon your fertility team whenver you have a question..

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  • Title: Ways To Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: Forget the myths that you’ve heard about how you can get pregnant.. Throw them away and listen to the facts that would really help you.. Statistics show that this is the growing concern for couples nowadays.. So, here are pointers in having a baby that are never discussed with the doctors.. Before seeking medical help, remember some of the things you can do to enhance your own fertility potential.. Body weight, diet and exercise.. Proper diet and exercise are important for optimal reproductive function and women who are significantly overweight or underweight can have difficulty.. getting pregnant.. Although most of a woman s estrogen is manufactured in her ovaries, 30% is produced in fat cells.. Because a normal hormonal balance is essential for the process of conception, it is not surprising that extreme weight levels, either high or low, can contribute to infertility.. Body fat levels that are 10% to 15% above normal can contribute to infertility, with an overload of estrogen throwing off the reproductive cycle.. Body fat levels 10% to 15% below normal can completely shut down the reproductive process, so that women with eating  ...   men.. Women who smoke also take longer to conceive.. Stop drinking alcohol.. Alcohol (beer and wine as well as hard liquor) intake in men has been associated with low sperm counts.. Review your medications.. A number of medications, including some of those used to treat ulcer problems and high blood pressure, can influence a man s sperm count.. If you are taking any medications, talk with your doctor about whether or not it can affect your fertility.. Many medications taken during early pregnancy can affect the fetus.. It is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist that you are attempting to become pregnant before taking prescription medications or over the counter medications, such as aspirin, antihistamines, or diet pills.. Stop abusing drugs.. Drugs such as marijuana and anabolic steroids decrease sperm counts.. If you have used drugs, discuss this with your doctor.. This is confidential information.. Both partners should stop using any illicit drugs if they want a healthy baby.. Limit your caffeine (tea, soft drinks and coffee) intake.. Start vitamin supplements.. Taking folic acid regularly helps to reduce the risk of the baby having a birth defect..

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  • Title: Getting Pregnant ~ How to Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: During their reproductive years (the time in a woman s life lasting from puberty to menopause when she can have a baby), healthy women have monthly rhythmic changes, called the menstrual cycle, which are influenced by female hormones estrogen and progesterone.. The menstrual cycle is about 28 days, although it can be several days longer or shorter, even in normal situations.. The menstrual cycle can be divided into two halves.. During the first half (first 14 days) of the cycle, called the follicular phase (proliferative phase), the ova or eggs develop inside the ovary in small fluid-filled spaces called follicles.. Usually just one of the follicles matures and grows in size to be between one-half inch and one inch.. Also, during the later half of this phase, the lining of the uterus, or endometrium, builds up in preparation for reception of a fertilized egg.. Around the 14th day of a 28-day menstrual cycle, the mature follicle ruptures and  ...   opening of the uterus into the vagina).. Sperm then ascend in the uterus to enter the fallopian tubes where a single sperm may fertilize the egg.. It then takes about five days for the fertilized egg to implant within the lining of the uterus, or endometrium.. The second half of the menstrual cycle (the last 14 days), the luteal phase (also known as the secretory phase) is characterized by the development of a corpus luteum (the empty follicle following ovulation and the cells surrounding it).. The corpus luteum secretes large quantities of progesterone and estrogen which continue the maturation process and maintenance of the uterine wall.. The uterus will be the home to the developing baby throughout the pregnancy.. If the ovum is not fertilized by sperm, then the hormones estrogen and progesterone rapidly diminish, and menstruation (bleeding from the uterus through the vagina) begins.. A new menstrual cycle then begins and the process described above is repeated..

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  • Title: Planning for a Women’s Most Fertile Time ~ How to Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: During ovulation, when an egg is available for fertilization, is when conception becomes possible.. However, it is not necessary for intercourse to occur precisely at the moment of ovulation.. Fortunately, there is actually about a 4 day window in which intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy.. Your most fertile time is about 12 to 15 days before the beginning of the next menstrual period.. In our example of a typical 28 day menstrual cycle (Female Body: Typical Menstrual Cycle), Cycle Days 12-15 would be the most likely days for intercourse to result in pregnancy.. At this time, the woman s pituitary gland dramatically increases production of the hormone LH.. This increase is commonly known as the LH surge.. Within one and a half days after the LH surge, a follicle in the ovary ruptures and releases a mature egg.. This process is called ovulation.. The time around ovulation is the most optimal time to have intercourse in order to enhance the chance for pregnancy.. As soon as the LH surge is detected, intercourse should begin.. Even though  ...   several months to conceive.. In fact a couple without fertility problems has only a 25% chance of making a baby each month.. Therefore, timing intercourse may be very helpful to enhance the chance for pregnancy.. It is important to remember however, that many other factors must be present for fertilization to take place.. The male must produce a sufficient number of normal, actively moving sperm in order to achieve conception.. The female s reproductive tract must be able to receive sperm and allow them to migrate from the vagina, through the cervix, and into the fallopian tubes.. She must produce fertile cervical mucus to help the sperm travel through the cervix.. Her fallopian tubes must be healthy enough to perform their function of helping the sperm get to the egg, and then to protect and nourish the fertilized egg, and deliver it into the womb.. Inside the womb, the endometrial lining must be able to allow implantation and nourishment to the embryo as it develops into a fetus.. All of these factors must be present for a successful pregnancy..

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  • Title: The Critical Time for Implantation ~ How to Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: The study revealed that the HCH hormone was starting to produce at the moment that the fertilized ovum implants into the uterine lining.. Various results of tests among normal women who were trying to conceive showed that the initial appearance of HCG or commonly known as implantation, occurred within 6-12 days after ovulation.. About 84% of the pregnancies evaluated have been implanted 8-10 days after ovulation.. The study showed that later implantation could result to early pregnancy loss as shown below:.. - 13% of pregnancy loss implanted on day 9.. - 26% of pregnancy loss implanted  ...   12 or more.. Overall, 25% was the average of pregnancy loss from zero up to 6 weeks of conceiving.. The record seems to be very high to most people but such incidences of pregnancy loss commonly occur when the women involved were not aware that they were pregnant.. It is very important that you should start your prenatal care before.. If you suspect that you are pregnant, see you healthcare provider at once.. It is always advised to take good care of yourself when you are pregnant so that you can take care of your baby..

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  • Title: Secondary Infertility and Your Emotions ~ How to Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: You are not alone and you are not selfish in wanting to have another child.. The sense of isolation you may be feeling is not uncommon.. The fact is secondary infertility is more common than primary infertility.. Secondary infertility also brings along with it some emotional baggage that distinguishes it from primary infertility.. Couples that are going through secondary infertility often experience more marital problems than their counterparts.. Women and men can differ in how they perceive family and parenting.. Men tend to have their parental needs fulfilled with the birth of a child.. Women often want to have more children.. They have dreams of large families (especially if they come from one) and end up feeling incomplete if they can t have another child.. As a result of these differences between men and women, men tend to be less supportive of their partners needs than they were with the birth of their first child.. Support you got from family, friends and doctors may also be less than it was when you were trying to.. the first time.. It becomes more difficult for others to understand that you have a fertility problem when proof of your fertility is running around under foot.. Urges to just relax echo through your head and can lead to more frustration, doubt, and anger.. The list of emotions can go on  ...   also have lots of advice and opinions to offer.. For many of us, there are times when we need no help from others as we struggle with our own self-doubt, criticism and lack of understanding.. But at NO time are we not entitled to the feelings, thoughts and desires that are going on inside.. Wanting a child (whether it be your first, second or third) is as natural and important to you as it is for many women and men.. You are entitled to have as many children as you want.. To believe otherwise will only hinder your path to getting there.. Take heart in knowing that there is technology out there today to help foster your pregnancy and other options for becoming a parent if the technology doesn t help (adoption).. There are many reasons why you may be having difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term so it is very important you seek out ob-gyns that are sensitive and knowledgeable about your situation.. But, most importantly, remember you are not alone.. There are support groups available for women and couples who are experiencing secondary infertility.. Hopefully you will also be able to identify others in your lives that are sensitive, understanding and supportive of your journey.. Reach out to them and allow them to give you the support and help you may need..

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  • Title: Natural Gender Selection ~ How to Get Pregnant
    Descriptive info: Natural gender selection requires an understanding of a woman s fertility cycles.. Unlike a man, who is fertile every day of his life once he reaches puberty, a woman is fertile for only a few days of her cycle, or roughly 20 percent of the time.. Because a woman can only.. when she is fertile, it takes a bit of knowledge about the woman s cycle to help choose the gender of the child.. To determine when she ovulates, a woman can chart her basal body temperature, chart her cervical fluid, use.. ovulation predictor.. kits, or any combination of the three.. Statistically, most women ovulate mid-cycle, about 12 to 16 days before menstruating.. The trick to gender selection is learning about sperm.. Male sperm (or Y chromosome-carrying sperm cells) are generally faster, but the downside is that they tend  ...   soon as a woman s body signals that she is fertile.. Have intercourse every night until two days prior to ovulation.. This gives time for the male sperm to die off, but still leaves plenty of the female sperm behind when the egg arrives.. To try for a boy, have intercourse the day before and the day that you ovulate.. This ensures that the faster male sperm are still around in greater quantities when the egg is released, giving them better odds of reaching the egg first.. Of course, no method is foolproof (even in the lab, they miss by 15 to 35 percent), so try to go into your experiment with the idea that no matter what your child s gender, you ll love it.. When all is said and done, all that matters is a healthy baby..

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