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  • Title: 2020VISION Blog | Communicating the link between the restoration of the UK's natural systems and our own well-being.
    Descriptive info: .. Communicating the link between the restoration of the UK s natural systems and our own well-being.. Skip to content.. 2020v Main Site.. Blog Home.. About.. Recent Posts.. Older posts.. Welcome!.. Posted on.. November 10, 2010.. by.. Mark Hamblin.. Whilst I m sure that many of you are already following the progress of 2020VISION on Facebook and through our News page, may I now welcome you to Photographers Diaries , a grand name for a blog! This is where our Pro Team of photographers and videographers as well as the 2020VISION Young Champions will be revealing their tales from the field, funny anecdotes, and stories behind the 20 iWitness Assignments that we ll be covering over the next 20 months.. We ll be bringing you their latest stories, images and video clips as they come in, keeping you right up to date with what s happening.. Enjoy and please get involved with your comments and feedback.. Did you like this? Share it:.. Tweet.. Posted in.. General.. |.. Tags.. welcome.. 2 Comments.. Using photography to engage and inspire young people in Solihull.. August 16, 2012.. Simon Phelps.. Ever since I discovered ecology and conservation at University I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career.. I was therefore delighted to get a job with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust as a youth engagement officer.. This feeling of delight was tinged with a slight sadness that I would be leaving the Great Fen, where I had spent so many magical hours as a Young Champion photographing the wildlife there.. I did not want my connection with 2020VISION to end and even though I didn’t know how.. Little did I know that my new job would offer me the perfect opportunity to do just this and spread 2020VISION’s message to the wider world!.. Continue reading.. Young Champions.. living roots.. ,.. open spaces.. warwickshire wildlife trust.. youth.. 3 Comments.. High-rise hunters.. July 3, 2012.. Bertie Gregory.. In my last blog about the urban peregrine falcons that inhabit the towers of the Houses Of Parliament, I mentioned I had the opportunity to go up the Victoria Tower (the tallest tower at the opposite of parliament to Big Ben).. During my first trip up this tower, I didn’t have much luck.. For the two hours we were up there, it rained for a lot of the time and peregrines don’t like rain so their activity was minimal.. However, the second time I went up, back in September, I had a lot more luck and got some of the shots I was after.. Going up the tower has two advantages, firstly, it gets you much closer but most importantly, you’re at eye level or looking down on the birds so it’s possible to fill the background with buildings as opposed to just the sky.. For me, it was essential that I set them in their urban environment.. More than just urban green space.. city.. london.. peregrine.. urban.. An alternative view of pondlife.. June 11, 2012.. Linda Pitkin.. I spent all of last spring (so it seemed) in or around ponds, trying unsuccessfully to photograph frogs and toads underwater for 2020VISION.. If I got in (only possible with large ponds), I stirred up clouds of fine mud, but if I lay at the edge and lowered my large underwater camera housing in, the weight of it led me to a slow but inevitable slide headfirst towards the water, only ended when my husband Brian responded to my plaintive cries and dragged me back.. iWitness.. amphibian.. frog.. pond.. toad.. underwater.. 6 Comments.. Brownsea Island s avocets.. May 30, 2012.. Last winter, I set myself the task of shooting avocets for 2020VISION.. They’re brilliant little birds; stunning black and white plumage and a long thin bill that subtlety turns up at the end which they sway side to side in shallow waters to find invertebrate crunchies.. Images of avocets aren’t exactly rare so I tried to be different by putting an urban spin on them.. That doesn’t mean to say I tried to photograph them in central London,  ...   ago to the day I pressed the shutter with my camera pointing at a pure white ptarmigan high in the Cairngorms and in doing so bagged my first shot for the 2020VISION project.. Recently, I undertook my final assignment and what a difference in habitats.. The Cairngorm Mountains are high, rugged and remote.. Morecambe Bay is low, flat and surrounded by industry.. As such, it’s not the easiest place to work.. The forecast was mixed and with a short window of opportunity, I have to say I felt a wee bit pressured.. The likes of Chris Gomersall, David Tipling, Danny Green and Mark Hamblin had already fed fantastic images into the story I was following – that of the UK’s estuaries and saltmarshes being ‘More than just mud’.. So my task was simple: evocative scenics in dramatic light.. Sounds straightforward on paper – trouble is I don’t know the area very well so I had to hit the ground running.. More than just a salt marsh.. Morecambe Bay.. estuary.. Headlands to Headspace.. morecambe bay.. 1 Comment.. Family fun in the Fens.. April 19, 2012.. David Tipling.. Last month I had a wry smile to myself as it was 20 years ago that I jacked in my day job and became a professional wildlife photographer.. There have been many highs and lows along the way but I’ve survived.. Not necessarily by good judgement either.. It was a recent trip deep into the Fens on a mission for 2020VISION that got me thinking about one particularly ill conceived purchase I made 20 years ago.. Leaving my job with a fat redundancy cheque, I had always dreamed of an MG Midget.. Having had to give back my company car I needed wheels, so a Midget seemed the answer.. If there is a more impractical car for a wildlife photographer it has to be an MG.. Not great along farm tracks or pulling up on to verges, no security a 3 year old could open the boot and high maintenance.. I could go on, but it was the maintenance to get the thing through the MOT that was the killer.. On the plus side, girls seemed to take to riding in it with the hood down, except those that had been to the hairdressers that day.. Cambridgeshire and East Anglian Fens.. More than just a wetland.. bittern.. fens.. reedbed.. Crane Chorus Lines and the Next Generation.. April 11, 2012.. NickUpton.. Rambling through Somerset’s Levels and Moors was once a tranquil experience, accompanied by a gentle rural soundtrack of churring grasshoppers, lowing cattle and singing skylarks.. Today, the raucous chorusing of excitable Cranes adds a noisier note.. These huge birds are back, on the increase and they’re making a right song and dance about it.. Their primeval calls send tingles down my spine and fuel an obsessive urge to document the historic return of the Crane to one of its ancient haunts.. Somerset Levels.. crane.. great crane project.. reintroduction.. somerset.. Search for:.. Categories.. Bass Rock.. Birmingham Black Country Living Landscape.. Caledonian pinewoods.. Coigach and Assynt.. Denmark Farm.. Ennerdale.. Greater Thames Futurscapes.. Hampshire Heaths.. Hope Farm.. Marine ecotourism.. More than just a farm.. More than just a forest.. More than just a heath.. More than just a river.. More than just the sea.. Mull.. Peak District Peatland Restoration.. River Tweed.. Shetland sustainable fishing.. Solway Firth.. Suffolk Sandlings Heaths.. The Flow Country.. The National Forest.. Uplands.. Photographers.. Alex Mustard.. Andy Parkinson.. Andy Rouse.. Ben Hall.. Bill Ryley.. Chris Gomersall.. Damian Waters.. Danny Green.. Fergus Gill.. Finlay Strivens.. Guy Edwardes.. Jocelyn Williams.. Joe Cornish.. John Beatty.. John MacPherson.. Kristian Parton.. Lorne Gill.. Luke Massey.. Nick Upton.. Paul Floyd.. Paul Harris.. Rob Jordan.. Rosie Watson.. Ross Hoddinott.. Shabana Shaffick-Richardson.. Shaun Robertson.. Terry Whittaker.. Tom Hughes.. Archives.. August 2014.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. Aug.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. 2020VISION Blog.. Copyright.. Wild Media Foundation.. 2010.. All rights reserved.. Designed by.. DancingDog..

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  • Title: About | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: About 2020VISION.. In a nutshell, 2020VISION is a nature photography project that aims to communicate the link between habitat restoration and our own well being.. For the first time, 20 of the UK’s top nature and wildlife photographers, along with filmmakers and sound recordists, have come together to tell an inspirational story about some of the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide to us all, such as clean water, fresh air and productive soils.. 2020VISION has identified a number of flagship projects up and down the country, that are currently restoring, reconnecting, or at the very least protecting, damaged habitats or species.. Over a 20-month period, the.. 2020VISION team.. will carry out 20.. iWitness assignments.. at these locations, producing a set of stunning pictures, along with supporting video footage and sound.. The thousands of images and hours of film generated from these assignments will then be woven into compelling narratives and presented in innovative ways, such as the stunning 2020VISION Roadshow, a multi-city event that will reach far  ...   that recognizes that people’s relationship with nature is not scientific but emotional; one that motivates a wide audience by connecting with their value systems.. By bringing nature photographers and film makers together with the scientific and conservation community, we can create an unprecedented set of communication resources that would simply not be possible in isolation.. Using the power of visual imagery unique in its ability to communicate on an emotional level 2020VISION will inspire and inform a massive audience.. Who’s behind 2020VISION?.. In the longer term the vision is one for society as a whole, but for now, 2020VISION is spearheaded by the.. , a social enterprise company working to bring nature s stories to life.. Meet the 2020VISION management team.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: 2020VISION Blog | Communicating the link between the restoration of the UK's natural systems and our own well-being. | Page 2
    Descriptive info: Newer posts.. Eagerly waiting.. April 2, 2012.. Raptors don t come any more impressive than the white-tailed eagle and so when I was presented with a unique opportunity to photograph the UK s largest bird of prey at it s nest in Wester Ross I didn t need much persuading.. These days nest photography is out of vogue and some may argue unnecessary given the fact that there are alternatives ways to photograph most species relatively easily.. But there are occasions when images of vulnerable species taken at the nest site can help promote the need for their ongoing conservation as well as raise awareness about their success as a breeding species.. White-tailed eagles, for a long time extinct in the UK are slowly making a comeback thanks to a concerted re-introduction programme that stretches back to the mid-70 s.. There have been plenty of low moments along the way, both for the eagles and those at the forefront of their re-introduction but finally after more than 35 years their future is looking more secure.. nest photography.. raptor.. scotland.. sea eagle.. white-tailed eagle.. A late Christmas present.. March 27, 2012.. A biting gale, pea sized hail pinging off my face and fingers so cold that I could barely press the shutter button.. Not what I had in mind when Mark Hamblin got in touch and asked if I fancied photographing some Christmas trees.. As it turned out, though, these were almost perfect conditions to view a unique Christmas tree recycling project at the National Trust’s Formby Point on Merseyside.. The trees, many of which have stood sentinel in the corner of family living rooms over the holiday period, are being used in a project to try and protect the extensive sand dunes.. christmas tree.. dune.. formby.. national trust.. sand.. Unsung heroes of the creepy crawlie kind.. March 19, 2012.. If you ever need a wildlife fix, you really don’t have to go far, at least not between April and October when hordes of creeping, slithering and fluttering creatures are out and about in your garden, your neighbourhood and your local cities.. OK, so not everyone loves “bugs” and some over-zealous gardeners might consider a few as pests but maybe we should cut them some slack?.. It may be hard to make a totally convincing case for slugs (though their sex lives are really “out there”….. ), vine weevils (but they do have nice faces.. ) or Lily beetles (very colourful….. ) but when 2020VISION gave in to my pestering and said they’d check out my macro shots I knew I had a chance to fly the flag for the most overlooked, but actually most useful creatures around us.. Well bees and wasps at least are useful (yes wasps and hornets too are good guys, they hunt “pests” for most of the summer!) whilst badgers and hedgehogs love nothing better than munching on Maybugs, slugs and snails.. bug.. insect.. invertebrate.. Dormouse dedication.. March 13, 2012.. I depend on the kindness of strangers.. * When starting a new photography project the first step is always to research it as thoroughly as possible and this invariably involves finding biologists, field workers and habitat managers who are experts on the subject.. I’m always a little surprised at how generous with their time and knowledge these, often very busy, people are once I explain what I want to do and why.. Earlier  ...   produce the goods at one of them.. In October I started at Bristol University so the practicalities of getting to London mean visits have been few and far between.. However, Bristol is known for being one of the best places in the world to find urban foxes so I’ve been constantly on the lookout for good locations.. Last week, I found one.. I say ‘I’ found one but it was actually all down to a fellow course mate who sent me a very panicky text saying, ‘Bertie! I’ve found you a fox, AHHHH!’.. fox.. remote.. 11 Comments.. Field Work.. February 20, 2012.. LukeMassey.. Recently I’ve been splitting my time between sitting in a tent weeing into a bottle, playing Scrabble on my iPhone while trying to photograph buzzards on a deer carcass and sitting in a field whilst being attacked by the local dog population.. Neither are the most glamorous of situations, however one has proved to be very successful.. This has not been the sitting in the tent option sadly, however sitting in a field has been a dream despite the out of control hounds.. Set-aside has to be one of the best local habitats in Hertfordshire.. A farmland bird’s heaven, they can spend their days hanging off teasels prying out tiny little seeds or just bouncing about the ground pecking up every morsel of grain.. agriculture.. bird.. farmland.. hertfordshire.. set-aside.. short-eared owl.. Getting fresh with mussels.. February 13, 2012.. Gail Butterill of the Environment Agency dipped her glass-bottomed bucket in the water and pointed out a cluster of Freshwater Pearl Mussels partly buried amongst the stones of the river bed.. “This is one of the largest populations left in Europe” she told me enthusiastically.. We were in the Ennerdale valley, a quiet spot on the western side of the Lake District, and Gail had led me to a secret site for this rare and protected species, where I could photograph the mussels for 2020VISION under her watchful eye.. ennerdale; wild ennerdale; fresh water peral mussel; underwater.. Marsh harriers.. February 6, 2012.. There are a too many reasons to list why I love being a professional wildlife photographer but surely one of the greatest pleasures is to occasionally enjoy privileged access to places where very few people are normally allowed to go.. One such example of this occurred in the summer of 2010 when I was working on a 2020VISION personal commission on marsh harriers and I was able to accompany licensed bird ringer Phil Littler into a harrier nest.. marsh harrier.. nest.. photography.. wetland.. wildlife.. Crane encounters on the Somerset Levels.. January 30, 2012.. A flock of twenty birds around five feet tall really should be easy to spot, but we were failing miserably.. The radiotracker bleeped insistently and told us they were dead ahead, but where? Scanning the marshy pastureland, we saw only cows, Lapwings and some solitary Herons.. Then suddenly, from behind a clump of sedge half a mile away, all 20 young Cranes rose up and flew in a languid arc above some grazing cattle, then towards us before settling in a meadow a few hundred metres away.. Despite trembling hands, I fired off a volley of shots, capturing a scene I’d pictured for years since I first heard of The Great Crane Project’s reintroduction plans: Cranes flying free over a landscape where these spectacular birds last lived some 400 years ago.. slimbridge..

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  • Title: Mark Hamblin | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. About Mark Hamblin.. Mark has 15 years experience as a freelance nature and landscape photographer.. "I especially enjoy working on longer term projects close to home, where I feel more in tune with the seasonal rhythms of the natural world.. ".. These.. Tagged.. Red-throated divers.. December 12, 2011.. There is something very primeval about the haunting calls of red-throated divers as they renew their marriage vows during the breeding season.. Each spring the peaty lochans that punctuate the vast bogs of Sutherland and Caithness are brought to life.. flow country.. peatland.. red-throated diver.. shetland.. wildlife photography.. 17 Comments.. Smokin guns!.. May 22, 2011.. Black grouse (blackcock) is a species with which I have a love-hate relationship.. For the most part I love them.. The hate bit comes in  ...   preparation but my first proper assignment for 2020VISION got underway a couple of weeks ago.. As my esteemed colleagues Pete Cairns and Niall Benvie have so.. assynt.. ben more coigach.. coigach.. landscape.. mountain.. winter.. 5 Comments.. White on white.. January 3, 2011.. This time last year I was making my way back from a month in New Zealand whilst the Scottish Highlands was enduring one of the harshest winters for 30 years.. Whilst on the one hand it was nice to get.. mountain hare.. scottish uplands.. 12 Comments.. Whilst I m sure that many of you are already following the progress of 2020VISION on Facebook and through our News page, may I now welcome you to Photographers Diaries , a grand name for a blog! This is where our Pro..

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  • Title: Welcome! | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: Previous.. Next.. This entry was posted in.. and tagged.. Bookmark the.. permalink.. 2 Responses to.. Hilary.. says:.. December 9, 2010 at 11:46 am.. Out here on the Wild Coast of Wallasea Island we re very excited to be involved with 2020 Vision.. Looking forward to meeting Terry in the new year and seeing  ...   28, 2014 at 1:08 pm.. I do trust all of the ideas you ve presented in your post.. They re very convincing and can certainly work.. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for beginners.. May just you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.. dcbeakgfbeed.. November 2010.. Dec..

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  • Title: General | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: Category Archives:.. Not what I had in mind when Mark Hamblin got in touch and asked if I fancied photographing.. Roe deer stalking.. August 2, 2011.. There’s nothing quite like it, that cool stillness in the quiet before dawn.. The songs of blackbirds and thrushes that first to pierce the silence.. On more than one morning I’ve woken to see a shroud of mist covering the.. deer.. fieldcraft.. nature.. roe deer.. stalking.. Hebridean magic!.. June 24, 2011.. There s lots of bad news being peddled we cant get away from that and 2020VISION didn t set out to ignore this.. But do you know what? Up and down the country there are huge efforts being made to rebuild.. hebrides.. machair.. uist.. What a wildlife photographer does inside a hide!.. June 10, 2011.. Did you like this? Share it:Tweet.. video.. Great crested grebes.. May 19, 2011.. When I was told that I had great crested grebes on my 2020V assignment list I had mixed feelings.. A big part of me, obviously, was delighted because here you have one of Britain’s most beautiful birds, a bird that.. andy  ...   March 24, 2011.. Now that the otter project is underway I have turned my attention to wild boar.. They are notoriously difficult to photograph in the wild, especially since I need to show them in an ecosystem context for the project.. After a.. andy rouse.. remore camera.. wild boar.. Hide and seek!.. Here s a short time lapse of me setting up a hide on a black grouse lek, complete with Benny Hill music! Did you like this? Share it:Tweet.. hide.. Dipping a toe in the water.. March 18, 2011.. I’m used to scuba diving in the sea for my photography, and over many years I have become practised at approaching and interacting with fish and other marine animals.. But the freshwater ones will be rather different, and I’ll be.. linda pitkin.. Plenty to grouse about.. March 15, 2011.. Red grouse is a species that I never tire of photographing.. The Peak District has a very healthy population of these charismatic birds and since I am working on the Peatland Restoration Assignment for 2020VISION I thought it would be.. ben hall.. peak district.. peat.. red grouse.. restoration..

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  • Title: welcome | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives:..

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  • Title: Simon Phelps | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: About Simon Phelps.. "I have always had a great passion for photography and now that I have been selected to be a part of the 2020VISION project I am hoping that I can turn my dream of becoming a wildlife photographer into a reality.. This feeling of..  ...   is home to a wide range of incredible wildlife, from the beautiful Barn Owl to the delicate Fen Violet, however perhaps the most amazing of all is the Marsh Harrier.. This bird of prey was virtually extinct.. chris gomersall.. fen.. great fen.. long eared owl.. marsh.. young champion..

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  • Title: Using photography to engage and inspire young people in Solihull | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: The project that I have been working on, titled Living Roots: Open Spaces, is a one year project funded by the North Solihull Regeneration Partnership.. It aims to engage young people from the North Solihull area by introducing them to a wide range of skills relating to conservation, art and media production.. They will use these skills to help improve some of their local parks for the wildlife and community that use them.. There is a rising awareness that many young people in the UK are suffering from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’, which is perfectly summarised in the National Trust’s report ‘Natural Childhood’ by Richard Louv who says: “For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality.. Increasingly, nature is something to watch, to consume, to wear – to ignore.. ” It is this disconnection between young people and the natural world that the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, through projects like mine, aims to repair.. Upon starting this new project I was acutely aware that the aims of my project were ones also shared by 2020VISION, which also aims to address ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ by communicating the link between habitat restoration and our own wellbeing through film and photography.. Combine this with my passion for wildlife and the equipment that the Trust already had, it made perfect sense to start working with groups of young people on film and photography projects and so I got in touch with local schools and youth centres to arrange for groups of young people to come out to their local parks with me to take photographs  ...   wildlife; which they all did brilliantly! The photos and film that the groups obtained surpassed my expectations and from the smiles on the faces of the young people involved you could tell the project was a success.. The next stage of the project is to put on a photo exhibition in the local community using the young people’s photos to showcase their brilliant work and to encourage more people from the community to visit their local green spaces and think about what the natural world means to them.. I ve learnt that photography is a great way of achieving this is as when you put a camera in a person’s hands they immediately view the world around them differently.. Instead of seeing a field of grass they see a field filled with wonderful wildlife in a range of shapes, colours and textures all waiting to be captured and shown to other people.. The Living Roots: Open Spaces project is taking place right now and you can read more about how it is getting young people outdoors on the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s youth engagement blog: http://livingrootswwt.. wordpress.. com/.. 3 Responses to.. Pingback:.. Inspiring young people together: Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and 2020VISION | Living Roots.. August 30, 2012 at 9:26 am.. Simon.. Excellent! Pleased to see that you ve been able to put your experience with us to good use.. August 31, 2012 at 4:46 pm.. Thanks Chris, glad you like it.. I am pleased to have been able to use 2020VISION in my work to hopefully inspire young people!.. August 2012.. Jul..

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  • Title: DSC_7755 | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: DSC_7755.. By.. MarkAdmin.. Published.. Full size is.. 700 465.. pixels.. DSC_8384..

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  • Title: Young Champions | 2020VISION Blog
    Descriptive info: In my last blog about the urban peregrine falcons that inhabit the towers of the Houses Of Parliament, I mentioned I had the opportunity to go up the Victoria Tower (the tallest tower at the opposite of parliament to Big.. They’re brilliant little birds; stunning black and white plumage and a long thin bill that subtlety turns up at the end which they sway side to side in.. Being fortunate to grow up out in a remote countryside village,.. Due to various bouts of bad luck twelve months went by and.. Recently I’ve been splitting my time between sitting in a tent weeing into a bottle, playing Scrabble on my iPhone while trying to photograph buzzards on a deer carcass and sitting in a field whilst being attacked by the local.. Testing the waters.. January 17, 2012.. Four days of a constant (seriously, I mean constant)  ...   This summer I spent a period of time in the Scottish Borders region.. My main aim was to visit Bass Rock, this is an island situated off the coast near North Berwick and is home to a Northern Gannet colony.. bass rock.. gannet.. Bradgate Park s Red Deer Rut.. November 21, 2011.. Last month, I set out to Leicester to spend the night at my Uncles before a very early rise the following morning, to meet professional wildlife photographer and my mentor Danny Green.. Arriving at the Bradgate car park before sunrise,.. bradgate park.. danny green.. Dyfi Osprey Project.. November 7, 2011.. Ospreys have been spotted in the Dyfi area on the West coast of Wales for a few years but they were mostly just visiting males from Scotland.. So this site has been under particular interest for the past 5 years.. conservation.. dyfi.. osprey.. wales..

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