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  • Title: festival
    Descriptive info: .. EVENT.. ~.. LOCATION.. PROGRAM.. TICKETS.. AWARDS.. ENTER.. LINKS.. FOUNDATION.. CONTACT.. Winners: January 2011.. Join us online.. To check out last year's event click.. HERE..

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  • Title: event
    Descriptive info: HOME.. The '.. 2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival.. ' is hosted by the non-profit organization.. Animaticus Foundation.. Now entering its fifth year this remarkable event is going from strength to strength.. Last year's festival was universally deemed the finest ever and there is every reason to believe that this year's event will top that! Further details of timetable and events will be added here soon.. Tell all your friends that if you want to see great animation and meet amazing animators in the.. Pacific Northwest.. then this is the place to be!..

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  • Title: location
    Descriptive info: The.. is to be held at the.. Eames IMAX Theater.. ,.. Pacific Science Center.. Seattle.. WA 98109.. Click.. to learn more about the Pacific Science Center/IMAX theatres.. for travel directions to the Pacific Science Center.. for parking and transportation information at the Pacific Science Center.. to learn more about Seattle and places to visit for out of town visitors..

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  • Title: program
    Descriptive info: The 2011 Program.. The 2011 '.. Golden Pencil Awards.. ' attracted a record number of entries.. Consequently the standards were very high and it was therefore very difficult for the judges to select the final festival screeners, let alone the award winners.. However we are delighted to offer festival visitors the following excellent films, representing a wide-ranging selection of both original and high quality animated endeavors.. Significant this year was the fact that traditionally animated, 2D films were in the ascendancy and therefore they have a stronger presence in our screenings than normal.. In addition to some of the quite exceptional films being screened this year we have two keynote presentations by top industry professionals.. Max Howard.. is a respected Hollywood producer who has been involved in many significant films - from ".. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. " for Disney at the beginning of his producing career, through to ".. Igor.. " his last independently produced 3D movie.. Max will present a cross-section of his work and experiences at the heart of the big-screen production industry.. Paul Fierlinger.. is an exceptional illustrator and artist who turned his hand to animation in the form of a number of short films.. Working together with his wife.. Sandra.. , his latest triumph is his independently produced full-length movie ".. My Dog Tulip.. ".. Together, Paul and Sandra will introduce ".. ", after which the film will be shown in its entirety.. Central to the ".. " activities is the announcement of the 2011.. , which traditionally kicks-off the evening session.. This year Awards will be announced in most categories  ...   2008.. Sebastian's Voodoo.. Apple/Bird the Bee "Again Again".. Mr.. Lux.. 2009.. The Mouse That Soared.. Higher Education.. Light Headed.. Yellow Sticky Notes.. 2.. Break.. 20 pm:.. Award Contenders 01.. The first of two programs that features the films that are finalists in the Golden Pencil Awards competition.. Philadelphia Chickens.. If a Tree Falls in the Forest.. Bridge.. The Tannery.. How the Coyote got his Cunning.. Kings.. Paper Indians.. Love in the Mountains.. How to Make a Baby.. The Renter.. Kidnap.. Lizard.. Myo-A.. Death Buy Lemonade.. Irasshai.. 3.. 30 pm:.. CELEBRATING 2D FEATURE ANIMATION.. Max discusses some of the more than a dozen feature films he has been a part of while working at The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros.. and DreamWorks.. From Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron, via The Iron Giant.. 4.. 45 pm:.. 55 pm:.. Award Contenders 02.. The second of two programs that features the films that are finalists in the Golden Pencil Awards competition.. Intergalactic Who's Who - Pork Being.. Ode To Post-it Note.. Don't Text Drive.. Intergalactic Who's Who - Praapredatorpree.. Lunch.. The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy.. Heart.. Intergalactic Who's Who - EMZee.. Prayers for Peace.. Alex et les fantomes.. Intergalactic Who's Who - Vegetation of Zig 5.. Man and Cat.. Mondo Claymo.. Intergalactic Who's Who - Zig.. Barko.. Sorry Film Not Ready.. Thought of You.. 6.. 00 pm:.. Dinner Break.. 7.. Awards Program:.. The Golden Pencil Award winners and screened films.. 8.. Paul Sandra Fierlinger.. ~ ".. Introducing one of the most unique and remarkable animated movies of the past year.. 10.. 15 pm:.. Festival Close.. (approximately)..

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  • Title: tickets
    Descriptive info: Tickets for this month's festival event can now be bought at the.. Pacific Science Center boxoffice.. or by clicking.. for all online ticket sales.. Tickets purchased can be for the.. whole day.. event.. or for the.. evening session only.. (The evening session includes the '.. Golden Pencil.. '.. award presentaiton.. - plus a special screening of ".. " animated movie, present by its directors,.. ).. Discount.. ticket prices are available for.. Seniors.. Students.. Military.. personnel.. and.. fulltime members.. of the..

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  • Title: awards
    Descriptive info: The annual ".. " offers the following.. '.. prize categories.. 2D ANIMATION.. Defined as an animated film that has been created 'traditionally'.. i.. e.. the animation is initially drawn using pencil and paper or digital tablet and then finally completed in either a cel or digital environment.. ALL-STYLE ANIMATION.. Defined as a film that has been created using any frame-by-frame animation technique.. 2D, 3D, Claymation, Cut-out, Puppet, etc.. STUDENT ANIMATION.. Defined as any animated project created by a full-time student, or team of full-time students, at the time of production.. TV SHOW ADVERTISING ANIMATION.. Defined as any animated production that is used to either entertain or promote a project or organization on television.. FEATURE FILM ANIMATION.. Defined as any full-length theatrical or direct-to-DVD entertainment production that  ...   GAME 'CINEMATIC' ANIMATION.. Defined as any animation specifically created as a cinematic or short film sequence that is integrated within a published game.. ROY E.. DISNEY AWARD.. (Not in competition.. This special award recognizes a significant contribution that has been made to the advancement of animation around the world.. The recipient can either be an individual or an organization.. The allocation of this award will not be announced until the presentation ceremony.. DIGIPEN STUDENT AWARDS.. A special 'Golden Pencil' award will be given to the best junior and senior animation projects created at DigiPen Insitute of Technology over the previous year.. MERIT CERTIFICATES.. Merit certificates will be awarded to any entries entered for any of the above categories that the judges feel are worthy of recognition..

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  • Title: enter
    Descriptive info: All festival entries are facilitated by.. Withoutabox.. Please click the logo below to enter.. ' prefers online entries submitted via.. com.. , which provides cost-saving, paperless submission to film festivals around the world.. Withoutabox's internet-only submission platform features online applications via one master entry form, online fee payments, press kits, and the option to use Secure Online Screeners, an economical,  ...   master entry form and take advantage of quick entry, extended deadlines, and powerful submission management tools.. There's no extra cost to you, and by submitting, you'll join Withoutabox's global filmmaker community and stay in the loop about international exhibition opportunities.. Click the panel above to submit your film today! To add this festial to your watchlist for future events, please click..

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  • Title: links
    Descriptive info: THANK YOU.. ' TO OUR SPONSORS!.. The hosts of the.. , wish to thank all those who have made this festival possible.. Particular thanks must go out to the.. PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER.. for providing the EAMES IMAX THEATER and its facilities and especially to.. DIGIPEN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.. for sponsoring this year's event in its entirety.. Additional thanks go out to.. PLEXIPIXEL.. for hosting our previous festival blogsites.. /..

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  • Title: foundation
    Descriptive info: is a non-profit organization, founded in 2006 by award-winning animator, educator and author.. Tony White.. The Foundation is dedicated to.. preserving.. teaching.. evolving.. the artform of traditional, hand-drawn animation in this digital age - while still fully supporting all other forms of animation wherever it can.. believes it can best do that by encouraging young animation talent in the  ...   work of animators (of every kind) around the world through the annual.. (Note: The word.. 'Animaticus'.. comes from the central character in Tony White's short film homage to the life and times of traditional animation '.. ENDANGERED SPECIES.. where the 'Animaticus Drawersaurus' (traditional 2D animator) is the 'endangered species' in question!).. ANIMATICUS FOUNDATION.. Keeping the Magic Alive!.. www.. animaticus..

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  • Title: contact
    Descriptive info: Festival-related correspondence should be addressed to,,,.. Saille Schumacher.. c/o 2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival, PO Box 1182, Carnation, WA 98014.. email:.. ellirhyn@yahoo..

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