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  • Title: Google grants, Google grants application :: Google grants help - 2080nonprofits.org
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Non-Profit Services.. Nonprofit Marketing Ideas.. Google Grants Services.. Optimize a grant.. Get a Google Grant.. Google Grants Library.. Google Grants Help Blog.. Search Segmentation.. Library/Downloads.. Nonprofit Library.. About us.. Contact.. Marketing Ideas Magic for Non Profits.. 20/80 Non Profits is the full service marketing arm of 20/80 Ideas serving non profits at reduced rates.. Our most important service is great marketing ideas.. Ideas that differentiate and deliver immediate value and results.. Ideas that work online, offline, or both to further your cause, generate web traffic, increase donations, create new revenue, get grants and more.. All the things real marketing (not just “direct mail”) can do if it is interesting, compelling, different, and remarkable.. If it is magic.. What’s 20/80?.. We’re glad you asked, because it makes a key point.. 20% of marketing programs deliver 80% of your results.. This is the classic 80/20 principle and is true for almost everything.. We reverse the 80/20 principle and help non-profits focus on the right 20%.. The  ...   seen.. It is so good, and so important, we have created an entire website and team dedicated to Google Adwords Grants.. Run, don’t walk there right now!.. Get An Overview of the Google Adwords Grants program.. Learn How to Get a Google Adwords Grant.. Learn How to Optimize a Google Adwords Grant.. Learn About our Google Adwords Grants Services.. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Google Adwords Grants.. Read our Google Adwords Grants Help Blog.. 0.. 00 / 5.. 5.. 1 / 5.. 2 / 5.. 3 / 5.. 4 / 5.. 5 / 5.. votes,.. 00.. avg.. rating (.. % score).. Quick Links.. How to apply for a Google Grant?.. What are Grant requirements?.. What is a Google Grant?.. What can you do with a Google Grant?.. Sign up for FREE webinar.. about Google Grants.. Name:.. Email:.. We respect your email privacy.. Powered by.. AWeber.. Email Marketing Software.. Copyright 2011.. 2080nonprofits.. org is not affilliated with Google in any way.. | site by.. TheDesignPress.. com..

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  • Title: Idea-Based Non Profit Marketing Services
    Descriptive info: Idea-Based Non Profit Marketing Services.. The #1 request we hear from non profits today is for new marketing ideas in everything from fund-raising to promotions.. Ideas are everything to us, and great, fresh new ideas are at the heart of all of the services we offer.. For most of our clients we do many or all of the following in an integrated fashion, often acting as their marketing VP and outsourced, highly efficient marketing staff:.. Google Adwords Grants Everything from securing the first $10K/month  ...   Globally.. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Pay-per click and other online advertising and marketing programs related to search.. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy and tactics to improve organic (free) search rankings getting on the first page of Google, for example, in order to increase website traffic and results.. SMM (Social Media Marketing) Ideas, optimization, and programs to improve results from Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google +, YouTube, etc.. 20/80 Search Segmentation Our proprietary Keyword and Trend Research that drives everything from search marketing to content creation..

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  • Title: Our Google Grant Services
    Descriptive info: Our Google Grant Services.. For over five years we have helped Google Adwords Grant recipients maximize their Google Grant and optimize it to take it to the next level, generating increased traffic, leads, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and more.. We have helped non profits get their first $10K/month Google Adwords Grant, grow that Grant to $40K/month and beyond, and helped existing Google Grantees get additional Grants both domestically and internationally.. Google is very generous with Grant money once you get started and prove that you can spend their money wisely.. The sky is the limit with both their domestic and international Grants once you have a successful history.. For example, we have non-profit clients that get over 250,000 clicks/visits to their website per month with their $40K/month Google Adwords Grant.. Just to put this in perspective, that is a quarter of a million actual web visitors per month that are exposed to your cause, your brand, your message, and your help request.. All free, thanks to Google.. The results have been dramatic: Clients have received new grants and sponsorships from organizations such as WallMart, Allstate, Intel, Cisco, the US government and others based on this extended reach, education, and website visitors.. Not to mention the massive numbers of web visitors that have been served for a variety of causes by these Google Grants.. Our Google Grant Services offer the following Free and Paid Help:.. Free Google Grants Help:.. 1.. Free Mini-Courses.. : Step-By-Step how-to courses by email that demonstrate exactly what to do, in a series of 20 minute sessions.. These are not academic courses, they are practical, hands-on, illustrated tutorials that will enable even novice non-profit users to achieve a tangible outcome by the end of the mini-course.. We currently offer two free mini-courses, and more are in the works.. A:.. Get A Google Adwords Grant.. : A step-by-step tutorial via five, 20 minute lessons delivered by email.. After taking this mini-course you will have applied for at $10,000 per month Google Adwords Grant with a very high probability of being approved, based on our experience.. We have a 100% success rate to date for those that meet Google’s qualifications and apply.. Click to start your free initial Google Grants mini-course.. B.. Optimize A  ...   Help:.. Guaranteed.. Google Adwords Grant Writing.. : Rather than do it yourself, we will write, submit, and manage the initial Google Grants process for you.. Our success rate is 100% for this process for qualified non-profits.. If your non-profit meets Google’s qualification requirements (which we’ll help you determine, free) you pay us a small fee only if your $10,000/month Google Adwords Grant is approved.. Click to start your Guaranteed Google Grant application process.. One-Time.. Google Adwords Grant Improvement:.. If you already have secured a Google Adwords Grant, and are not spending all of your Grant money, we will work with you to change/optimize your account such that you spend all of your grant money as quickly as possible, and move to the $40/month Grants Pro level if you are not already there.. There is a small fee for this depending on the size of your Grant and the current state of your account.. Click to arrange a free optimization consultation.. Daily.. On-Going.. Google Adwords Grant Management:.. For most of our clients we actively manage and optimize their Google Grant on a daily basis, working as a turnkey resource for a small monthly fee.. In the process we also provide ongoing marketing and SEO help as well, working as a partner to achieve their goals.. We even provide training and editorial/content direction to help keep the organization moving forward and become self-sufficient.. We act as a full-service marketing, advertising, search marketing, SEO and Social marketing agency for our largest accounts.. Click to arrange a free needs assesment consultation.. Advanced Google Grants Mini-Courses and Seminars:.. We are developing a series of low-cost Mini-Courses and Seminars that are different than others you might run across.. Our difference will be active instruction- Tutorials you can use with your Google Grants account to actually make improvements live, and see the results of that improvement the next day.. There are lots of broad theoretical courses and seminars out there, but they are expensive and frankly are not helpful to most people.. These will be quite different, and make a difference to your organization immediately.. Check back with us for availability.. Or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.. We expect to have these mini-courses by the end of the year..

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  • Title: Optimize a Grant
    Descriptive info: Optimize a Grant.. Optimize a Google Adwords Grant: Grow it from $10k/month to $40k/month!.. Optimizing an Adwords Grant means making changes to your Adwords account that result in getting more and better clicks to your website for less money.. Sounds simple, right? Well some of it is, some of it isn’t, and there are some simple tactics we’ve learned over the years that can make dramatic differences right away.. In any case, Google Grant Adwords optimization is an ongoing process that is part science, part art, and part just plain luck.. While many of the basic Grant optimization techniques are similar to ones used in commercial Adwords accounts, many are exactly the opposite and would never be used by commercial pay per click experts.. This is why it is important to work with someone who has non-profit Adwords Grant experience if you are going to use outside help.. And frankly, to use this site that is specific to Google Grants Help.. Why Adwords Optimization is Critical.. According to Google, the average use of a $10,000 per month Grant is only $300 per month.. So most Grant holders have $9700 per month that they are leaving on the table.. And this happens every month.. To put it another way, most Grant holders are getting 300 visitors to their website when they could be getting 10,000 or more.. This is an incredible missed opportunity that can be fixed with optimization.. Take heart.. If you fall into the $300 per month utilization category, you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place for help.. Following are the most critical building-blocks of optimization, in order of importance, plus resources and links that add more detail.. You can learn to do this over time, but 20/80nonprofits can do this for you as part of our reasonable Google Grants Management fee.. We’ve done this so many times that for most clients we can optimize their Adwords Grant so it is using all of the $10,000 available within one month.. And, to put in a bit of a commercial plug, we often get over 50,000 web visitors per month for $10,000 Grant accounts we manage.. The 20/80.. Top Five Google Grant Adwords Optimization List.. This top 5 list is designed to help your non-profit increase its utilization of your Google Grant immediately.. It assumes you already have a Grant up and running, and, you are not spending all of your Grant money.. Follow this list in order and you will achieve immediate improvement.. Focus Adgroups around single multi-word keyword phrases.. The more focused, the better.. Even to the point of splitting out singular vs plural forms of words into different Adgroups.. For example a campaign named Diabetes Help might contain separate Adgroups like:.. A.. Diabetes Help.. Diabetes Support.. C.. Diabetes Questions (Phrases: Diabeties What, How, Why etc.. ).. D.. Diabetic Help.. E.. Diabetics Help.. F.. Diabetic Support.. G.. Diabetics Support.. H.. Diabetic Questions (Phrases: Diabetic What, How, Why etc.. I.. Diabetics Questions (Phrases: Diabetics What, How, Why etc.. This is what all the general advice from Google and others means about being specific.. We try to help with examples you can understand and use.. Why do this? Increased click-through rate and Google Quality Score which leads to lower a cost-per-click that enables you to compete with commercial companies that can spend more than your limited $1/click.. Write simple Ads using your keyword phrase via keyword substitution and in the display URL plus action words like Free.. There are four concepts here: simple Ads, keyword substitution, display URL, Free.. Simple, descriptive Ads: Write ads differently than commercial other folks by using language without hype, and writing ad text in all lower case rather than initial caps.. Simply state your case, it will stand out over the  ...   point Adwords to your homepage unless your homepage includes the above rules.. Generate 100+ Targeted Keywords.. Start with a large number of targeted keyword phrases within your narrowed Adgroup.. At least 100, and up to 500 or more.. Create your Adgroup with the core multi-word keyword phrase in both broad-match and exact-match form.. For example: broad match- diabetes diet, and exact-match- [diabetes diet].. Save these first two keywords and continue to start your Adgroup.. Immediately go back to that Adgroup and click on the “Add Keywords” button in the middle left of your screen.. When you do you will be presented with a list on the right of potential keywords to add that Google thinks is relevant.. Click on this list and add all that contain your exact multi-word keyword.. Don’t add anything that does not include your exact keyword.. Save and add this list to your keywords.. Do B above again.. You will be presented with a new expanded list from Google that wasn’t on the list before.. This is a Google secret to only show you a few keywords at a time which is a good strategy for commercial accounts to maximize Google’s income, but a bad strategy for Adwords Grant accounts who want to advertise as deep and as cheap as possible.. Do the above one or more times.. And add relevant keywords that contain your targeted phrase.. Yes, do this three times or more.. This is how you build a big list of targeted keywords with low competition that you can compete with at less than $1 per click.. Next, click one more time on the “Add Keywords” button as in B above.. But this time, click on the Keyword Tool button on the right.. This will take you to the input screen for Google’s Keyword Tool.. Type in your primary multi-word keyword phrase and check the box below the input form that says “Only show ideas related to my search terms”.. This will bring up any keywords you may have missed that contain your search phrase.. Add these to your Adgroup.. Again, be specific, add only those that contain your mult-word keyword phrase.. If you follow the above progression you will get 500+ long-tail keywords for even the most obscure and specific search phrases.. If you get 1000, this is good.. The more the better initially.. This will enable you to compete with commercial accounts, and be successful, as the more specific you are, the better you will do and the lower your costs will be.. Revise: Give it a Week: As you make changes, give each a week to see what happens.. Some changes will show up quicker than a week, but some will not.. Be patient.. Learn from your experience.. In general terms, cut any keywords that deliver less than 1% click-through.. In fact, add these as negative keywords.. Expand successful keyword phrases into their own Adgroups and maximize your spend.. If you do so you should have a click-through rate of beyond 1.. 5% overall, with star ideas getting 6% or more.. The above are our top 5 general suggestions to maximize and optimize your existing Google Adwords Grant Account.. We are confident that if you follow the above you will increase your utilization of your Google Grant Adwords account and further your cause in a big way.. There are many more advanced tactics we provide to our clients and get paid to do so at low non-profit rates.. If you need help with your non-profit Adwords strategy, give us a click or call for a free consultation.. Following are a few of the very best resources we’ve found that will help you with your Google Grants Optimization:.. The Google Grants Help Blog: Our blog, most excellent if we do say so ourself..

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  • Title: Get a Google Grant
    Descriptive info: $10,000 Of Google Advertising Per Month, Free!.. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) and is not faith- or government-based, Google will almost automatically give you $10K/month in advertising money to increase name and cause awareness, build traffic and conversions on your website, increase donations, expand programs, recruit volunteers, and generally promote your non-profit organization.. To simplify and put in tangible terms, Google will give you advertising money that will generate anywhere from 10,000 to over 40,000 new visitors to your website every month, free.. We have a non-profit client that gets over 60,000 web visits a month per $10K of their Google Grant.. This is big.. Think about it.. For most non-profits a Google Adwords Grant can more than double your awareness, visitors, and potential donors/volunteers virtually overnight.. And that resulting new traffic and exposure is proven to generate bottom line results across the board.. All paid for by Google.. You get a Google Grant.. You place some ads.. People click on these ads and go to your website, learn about your cause, start a conversation, and eventually donate or benefit in one way or another from your website and programs.. And you can track everything that is going on through Google’s free Grant Tools.. This is a stunning opportunity that few non-profits  ...   on our help links to the left.. The application process in not too difficult, but it does take time, generally 6 months for the approval from Google once you submit the two necessary applications.. As our name states, we are here to help.. The links on this site give you the best, most concise help available to get a Google Adwords Grant.. We even have a free mini-course by email that will walk you through the application process in 5 easy 20 minute per day lessons.. Sign up now and get started!.. Or contact us and.. we will write the Grant applications for you.. We have done many of these, and have never been turned down.. Direct Google Adwords Grant Links.. For your convenience, here are the direct links you will need to get a Google Adwords Grant:.. Google Grants Program Overview.. (also see video below for a quick introduction).. http://www.. google.. com/grants/details.. html#apply.. Eligiblity Requirements.. html#eligibility.. Google Account Setup.. https://www.. com/accounts/.. Google Grants Online Application Form.. https://google-for-nonprofits.. appspot.. com/application.. Google Non Profits Channel on YouTube http://www.. youtube.. com/user/googlefornonprofits?.. (note, you must set up a specific Google Account first, before you can fill out an application, this account should be something like.. GoogleGrants@yourdomain.. org.. click on the account setup link above to do this)..

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  • Title: Google Grants Library
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  • Title: Blog
    Descriptive info: Blog.. Yet another blog post.. by.. admin.. on.. December 8, 2011.. Nullam at massa orci.. Nulla suscipit adipiscing tincidunt.. Donec purus arcu, posuere et pellentesque vitae, mattis in dui.. Ut quis mi in erat blandit porta a sed risus.. Maecenas nibh nisl, blandit in vestibulum non, pharetra id erat.. Aenean vulputate elementum velit.. Sed sed leo.. Another blog post.. Hello world!.. June 3, 2011..

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  • Title: 20/80 Search Segmentation
    Descriptive info: 20/80 Search Segmentation.. If you ever took a marketing class in college, you’ve heard about market segmentation.. Peter Drucker’s breakthrough way to classify people by demographic characteristics that has shaped marketing for the past 30 years.. While this concept is still valid in general, enter the Internet, and more specifically, Internet Search.. This creates a totally new way to segment potential customers and gain real-world insight into consumer behavior by what they actually do, rather than what research says they “might” do.. Non-Profit Search Segmentation: Market Segmentation 2.. 0.. Here is the breakthrough point for non-profits: If you had access to what people are searching for using Google and other search engines, and knew exactly the language they were using, you would have real-world-up-to-the-minute marketing and business guidance that you could never get in any expensive research study or focus group.. You would have hard data on the actual words and phrases people use to find what they really want.. not what they say they are going to do or what they say they want in response to a questionnaire.. All this without spending a lot of money on traditional quantitative or focus-group research.. This is a breakthrough.. A revolution.. A potential end to expensive traditional market research.. If you know what people actually search  ...   actions.. It is our “secret sauce”.. And it should be your “secret sauce” as well.. Combined Search Language Databases: Our Secret Sauce for Non-Profits.. If you’re still with us and reading this far, you are now probably asking yourself, “how do they do it”.. Great question.. Here’s the short answer.. We subscribed to all of the expensive search-language databases that are available, like Word Tracker, Wordstream, and others plus free resources like the Google Keyword Tool.. We then hired a programmer to connect all of these together such that we have the largest, most comprehensive, most up-to-date database of verbatim internet search queries on the planet.. Over 800 million records, just in a prior 3 month period.. More over a longer term.. This is the database we will use to help your organization.. Pretty much everything we do, all of our recommendations are based on this proprietary database.. No one else has it.. It is our secret sauce and can be yours as well.. 20/80 Search Segmentation can be your competitive advantage.. And, given the competition for non-profit funding today, you need all of the competitive advantage you can get.. Combined with our marketing expertise in Google Grants and general marketing help, Search Segmentation is a powerful and proven platform to help your non-profit organization succeed..

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  • Title: Library/Downloads
    Descriptive info: Welcome to our Non-Profit Library!.. In this library we keep an updated list of articles, videos, tools etc.. that have been helpful to us, and to our clients.. The most important, and current information is found in our curated blogs.. We have three of them.. Click on the links below to get  ...   Help-.. Tips and Advice about Google NonProfit Grants.. scoop.. it/t/google-nonprofit-grants-help/.. Great Ideas for NonProfits-.. The Best Ideas for NonProfits from Around the Web.. it/t/great-ideas-for-non-profits/.. Content Curation for NonProfits-.. Don t just create, Curate! Your Non-Profit Should be the Expert on Your Cause.. it/t/content-curation-for-nonprofits/.. CrowdFunding for NonProfits- CrowdFunding Through the NonProfit Lense.. it/t/crowdfunding-for-nonprofits/..

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  • Title: Non Profit Library
    Descriptive info: Non Profit Library..

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  • Title: What is a Google Grant?
    Descriptive info: Google Grants is an in-kind donation program administered by Google for Nonprofits.. The in-kind donation starts at $328/day of free budget to spend on Adwords for advertising on Google.. That’s a total advertising budget of $10,000/month or $120,000 a year!.. Nonprofits use this to increase name and cause awareness, build traffic for products and services conversions to the web site, increase donations and volunteerism, expand programs, and specifically promote the organization.. Google Adwords ads appear when someone uses Google to search for a topic relevant to the advertisement.. When the searcher clicks on the ad, Google sends them to the organizations web site.. Effectively used, a $10,000 a month budget can generate from  ...   GrantsPro status.. This increases the Adwords monthly budget to $1,312/day, equaling $40,000/month, or a yearly advertising budget of $480,000.. Have a specific question?.. Use the Quick Contact tab on the left to submit your question to our experts and we’ll get back to you with answers quickly.. We’re here to help!.. Need More Help?.. Here are the best articles, videos, tips and tools for Non-Profits to get more information and insight.. Article:.. Overview of Google Adwords Grants with links and videos.. General guidelines and information about the Google Adwords Grant program.. Video: Introductory video from a Google Grantee.. Video: Introductory video from Google.. Video: More detailed videos from Google on their Grants program..

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