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    Descriptive info: .. Division Headquarters.. 25th Aviation Battalion.. Little Bears.. (Co.. A.. ).. Diamondhead.. B).. Motto.. We fly for the troops.. View My Guestbook.. Sign My Guestbook.. Registration Form.. |.. What's New.. Map Index.. Letters From You.. Vietnam War Statistics and Facts.. Contributors.. Mission Statement.. |.. About The Webmaster.. History.. Ft.. Rucker Museum.. After Action Reports.. 25th Operations.. The Army Reporter.. Stars And Stripes Index.. Tropic Lightning News Index.. War Stories Etc.. The Wall.. Misc.. Items, Etc.. Bob Hope Celebrities.. Related Links.. Contact Us.. Cu Chi Base Map.. The PX.. Medical Issues.. Little Bears.. Headquarters.. Awards.. Aviation Videos.. Free On-Line Books and Pubs.. News Letter Index.. 25th Scrap Book.. Operation Grunt Care Packages.. !.. 25thID KIA's.. Travel Guides.. Restoration of 722.. Where Are We.. 25thAviation Today.. powered by.. FreeFind.. -+*.. 2008 Reunion Info.. Rich Worthington.. 6 July 70.. Area Of Operations.. (Arty Maps Have Moved To Map Index To Form Complete III Corp Set).. Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your.. eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.. This page is in honor of the many sacrifices the men of the Diamondheads and Little Bears made.. Many made the ultimate sacrifice.. For those this page is my way of saying thank you, for a job well  ...   didn't return.. Today we are Engineers, Police Officers, Pilots, Writers, Government workers, Auto mechanics, and Entrepreneurs.. You see us everyday.. We are your sons, neighbors and the solitary man sitting alone on a park bench.. We are scattered throughout the United States.. Our stories are vastly different, yet the same.. We are Diamondheads, and we are Little Bears and will be to the end.. In closing I would like to quote a statement made by Major Michael Davis O'Donnell On 1Jan 1970 Dak To, Vietnam.. If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.. Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always.. Take what they have left and what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.. And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind.. Enjoy the site, and may the Jesus Nut stay tight.. Going Home Letter From The Army.. E-Mail.. Webmaster@25thaviation.. org.. Reunion 2006 Picture Album.. Reunion 2004 Picture Album.. Reunion 2002 Picture Album.. All content Is copyrighted, and can't be reproduced without permission of the Webmaster..

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    Descriptive info: Sign Guestbook.. View Guestbook..

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    Descriptive info: If You wish to donate to our on going efforts, click the card below or contact me for alternative method.. Web Page Accounting.. The Pot Is Gettting Very Very Low.. Aerial Video Tour of Cu Chi Base Camp 1969.. UH1H-650961 Video at Reno Air Races doing medivac duty 2011.. Video of restoration of Diamondhead UH1C 66-00683.. Video of UH-1H 66-00961 Restored Diamondhead AC..

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    Descriptive info: home.. News Article..

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    Descriptive info: What's New.. Contributors.. Vietnam Memorials and Museums.. After Action Reports.. The Army Reporter.. Stars And Stripes Index.. Bob Hope Celebrities.. Related Links.. Contact Us.. Cu Chi Base Map.. Medical Issues.. Diamondhead.. News Letter Index.. 25th ID KIA'S.. Where Are We.. ack To 25th Aviation.. Tropic Lightning Aviation Association.. Note: This Registration form Is for web page roster purposes only.. Please Fill it out  ...   Lightning Aviation Association.. It is an association for all members of 25th Aviation for all years.. Downloadable Registration Form.. For those of you that wish to join the Tropic Lightning Aviation Association,.. please use the downloadable form.. The membership fee is a once only fee of $25 and can be mailed to.. Andy Asberry.. 4513 FM 917 West,.. Godley, TX 76044.. 817/558-3932.. aasberry@aol.. com..

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    Descriptive info: Back To 25th Aviation Battalion.. If You wish to donate to our on going efforts, click the card above.. This page survives strictly on Donations, no Donations no exist.. Web Page Accounting as of NOW.. Note:.. Hi Guys:.. Chuck Moore and myself are thinking about putting together a reunion in Alaska next year if there is interest enough from the group.. Most likely late summer,.. If interested let me know.. the details will have to be worked out over the winter.. The fishing is excellent for Silver Salmon and halibut that time of year :).. People showing interest.. so far.. also I sent all of you an email about it and a bunch of dead emails if you've changed it in the last few years send me an update.. Ron.. Sept 12, 2014 Added war story,.. Little Bear Crash of May 20, 1966.. Sept 9 , 2014 Added Ray Huntington to reunion list.. Sept 7, 2014 We lost another one, Robert Hocking DH, died June 3rd 2011, cancer.. obituary.. , added link to.. 2015 reunion.. attendance so far, added Pic of LB crash of 65-09623 to LB AC Pics.. Sept 6, 2014 We lost another one.. Ed Davis DH, died in May 2014, R.. I.. P.. Sept 4, 2014 updated web page accounting.. June 6 updated webpage accounting, fixed broken links on diamondhead wall.. Mar 1 , 2014 updated webpage accounting.. Dec 18 updated.. web page accounting.. , updated DH Chuck Gant contact info.. Nov 22 Added Letter from You.. Nov 16 Added.. True Story July 19, 1966.. to War Stories etc.. , 25th Valerous unit Award etc.. Nov 11 Added Rigging Flame Bath pic to LB, Men At Work, Added Super Egg II pic to DH AC pics.. Nov 10 Updated.. , added LB George Foster to financial contributors, changed DH Ron Renfro e-mail, Added video.. Huey Helicopter.. in Vietnam 43 minutes , added Capt Tapp and TI to DH pilots.. 2 pics, Added Curtis Edwards to LB pilots pics.. Sept 18 Added DH Walt Brockman to financial contributors.. Sept 13 updated.. , added pics to DH company area, updated Ron Tompson phone (LB),.. July 3 Added DH Dave Henard to financial contibutors.. July 1 Changed DH Ed Schenk e-mail, updated DH Dave Henard info, Updated.. , Added pic of Cpt Tapp and TI Bette to DH pics Men at Work, Added LB Hueys 1966 to LB AC pic page, updated LB Baxter Tatum phone no.. ,Added Brad Dishno to DH Crewchief pics, Added pics to DH Men at Work, Aircraft, and Site Seeing.. May 15 We lost another one, LB Ercie Leach died May 1, To be buried at Arlington, date not set.. May2 Repaired donation link on main page, added Chuck Moore to financial contributors, updated webpage accounting.. April 18 Added new Guestbook, Last one croaked.. April 15, we lost 2 more, DH's Delbert Hern 2011, ?, George Wakefield Mar 22, 2013 Cancer Due to AO, Updated webpage accounting, changed LB Jim Weber e-mail.. Feb 19 Added Marlin Price to financial contributors.. Feb 13 Added link to obtain.. DD214 and Form 180 on-line.. , Added link to Otain PH for.. Brain Injuries and Concussions.. , Added Excerpts from Book.. Why Vietnam Matters.. which compares failures of Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan eerily the same mistakes.. Added Huey Story.. The Sound that Binds.. Added pics to LB pilots page.. Feb 12, 2013 Updated web page accounting,.. The Pot Is Gettting Very Very Low,.. Added Ron Roberts to HHC pics and Medals, updated LB Ed Beneda e-mail, updated LB Jim Dayton e-mail, Added link to all of our 25th ID records at Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech.. I donated copies of everything i had to Bud Harton at the VA and he has published them in a findable list along with all the other services.. The 25th ID stuff are all my donations, and other Daily Journals can be found under my name if you search under Ron Leonard.. the 1969 Journals are in this list.. Just click the proper service badge Army is CIB then scroll down by year and units.. http://www.. recordsofwar.. com/vietnam/.. Added links to Facts Page for.. Vietnam Web Sources.. The info on this page would take months to read.. Added Useful Links.. web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them.. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA.. Nov 22 Updated DH Bob Laney and John (Jack Smith) contact info.. Nov 18 Updated.. Web page Accounting.. , updated HHC George Gall email, Added Ron Roberts to HHC roster, Added Letter from You, updated LB Patrick Thomas contact info.. Sept 28 Added Letter From You, Added.. Sept 14 Updated DH Chris Kavanah e-mail.. Sept 13 Added William Baker to financial contributors, Added.. Agent Orange Spray Map.. and data to Map Index.. Sept 9 updated DH William Melvin e-mail, added DH Ron Skamanish to financial contributors, updated.. webpage accounting.. , Added.. More interesting Facts.. About Vietnam to Facts Page, Updated HHC Rick Pater e-mail, Added new video to aviation video page.. The Army Air Mobility Team.. (28 minutes).. Sept 7 Added new guestbook, HTML Gear quit serving them and deleted over 2500 entries without even warning me they were going out of business, so we start over.. July 9 Added DH Dan Driscoll to financial contributors along with Bob Carlson HQ, Rene Johnson (Donut Dolly), Ken Creiger LB, updated Ken Creiger contact info.. June 26 Changed LB Ben Clark contact info, updated.. April 18 Added.. My Nam.. by Robert Lafond to War Stories Etc, updated.. April 11 Added link to.. Mesothelioma Resource Center.. on Medical Issues Page.. Mar 24 Added.. Memorandum: Accelerated Mortality Rates of Vietnam Veterans.. To Medical Issues page, updated.. Webpage accounting.. Feb 25 Added video of.. UH1H 66-00961.. after Reno Air Races, Story to follow.. Feb 22 Updated.. Jan 22 Updated DHJoe Footer.. email.. Jan 20 added video of Diamondhead.. UH1-C 66-00683.. being restored in Topeka Kansas.. Jan 18 Added video.. 961 doing Medivac Duty.. at Reno air Races 2011 on front page.. Jan 17 Added.. Cu Chi Base Cam Video Tour 1969.. to front page.. Jan 12 Added Walt Brockmann to financial contributors, Updated web page accounting, updated DH Dsve Henard contact info.. Dec 21 Added LB don Hogan contact info, Added Don Hogan to financial contributors.. Dec 6 Changed DH Dave Henard contact info, Added book.. Victory Stolen.. by Dave Heard to PX, Updated.. ,.. Nov 21 Added Don Hogan to LB roster (ce 069 during 67-68).. Nov 20 Added Bill baker to DH roster and to Financial contributors.. Nov 8 We lost another, DH pilot Dennis Collett died Oct 31 whilke on vacation in Louisiana,.. Nov 7 Added operation Toan Thang II.. 4Oct -1 Dec 68.. to history AAR page.. Nov 6 Added.. Obituary.. for HHC pilot (Divarty) Skip Fisk, added link to.. Social Security disabily resource page.. on Medical Issues page,.. Nov 5 Added General Weyand update and.. , to LB roster, Added article to med Issues page Report:.. Helo Pilots Get Secret Care to Save Careers ,.. Added Bob Masterson Album to LB Crewchief photo page.. Nov 3 Added DH Paul Miani to financial contributors, Updated DH Jake Jacobs e-mail, LB Rick Muenz died May1 2011 (cancer),.. Nov 2 Updated web page accounting, changed DH Greg Bucy e-mail, Updated rosters LB Jim Watts died 10/30/2006, Gen Weiand died 02/10/2010, lb Ernie Decoito died 07/26/2011 (Diabetes), Updated DH Nolan Little contact info, Updated HHC Johnny Stevens contact info, Updated LB Curtis Edwards contact info,.. Sept 20 For those of you thast have asked why no updates recently.. I am in Aqlaska building a cabin, and the internet is so slow because all I can get is dial up it takes 12 minutes just to bring up Yahoo.. I sent the 961 Reno mail last night to you all and it took 4 hours.. When I can get to a place where I have faster service I have a huge update to do.. I will be down out of here the 24th of Oct, so it should happen right about then, so bear with me.. I have been at this now 10 years, so a little me time was needed:).. Feb 22 Updated LB Dean Carte e-mail, updated web page accounting, Updated HHC Skip Fisk Obituary info.. Feb 21 Updated DH Glen Rushing contact info.. (Died Feb 15 due to complications of Agent Orange, McComb Mississippi).. Feb 15 Updated LB Ron Holmes contact info (.. died Feb 7 due to complications of Agent Orange.. ).. Jan 11 Updated DH Jack Mosley Info.. (Died Jan 2 of COPD in Blanchard Ok).. Jan 10 2011 Updated.. , Poste4d Jack Mosley funeral Pics to my.. Face Book Page.. , Added Jim Phipps DH to Financial Contributors, Updated DH Don Winters e-mail, updated DH George Smith contact info, Added Letter From You.. Dec 28 Little Bear Reunion in Branson Missouri in April, contact Ben Brint for details, Updated LB Lon Zimmerman contact info.. Dec 8 Updated LB Ira Hartwell Grumpy Bear , Died Nov 30, in Marlow NH,.. , Updated Webpage Accounting.. Dec 1 Added Pat Elwell to HHC roster.. Nov 29 We lost another one, LB James A Kyner, respiratory failure.. Nov 21 updated DH Robert Brescia contact info.. Nov 7 Added George Gall to financial contributors, and changed his email addy.. Updated web page accounting, Added Story to War Stories Etc, A wolfhound Account of.. July 19, 1966.. , updated web page accounting.. Oct 30 Added Ray Murphy HHC to Financial contributors, added 2 Letters From You, Added Tom Shema pic to LB crewchiefs, Added Bob Giaconne to DH pilots 2,.. Oct 12 Changed HHC Dale Gruber email and phone number.. Oct 4 Updated web page accounting, added Paul Maini, and Walt Brockman to financial contributors and updated email, updated DH Joe Skelton e-mail, chnged DH Jim Horner contact info, Updated HHC Dan Lentz e-mail, Added Letter from you, Added Bobby G.. McCormick to LB roster,.. August 9 Added John Mistretta to Financial contributors, Updated LB Maurice Bailey info (died July 13-Leukemia), Added Letter from you.. Updated DH David Stock phone and email, Updated.. Webpage Accounting.. The cupboard is bare.. ,.. Added Maj Chareles Sandidge and SSG Sam Maddem to HHQ Medals and awards July 19 1966, Added.. Major Cletus Hardin ,WO3 Curtis Hayter,WO3 Roger R.. Elrod ,WO2 Gary H.. Wiklerson ,SP5 William M.. Johnson , SP5 Vernon H.. Woods, SP4 Patrick B.. Shea , SP4 John A Rhodes All for July 19, 1966.. Added Major Gary T.. Mzagher ,Major Danny L.. Romig ,Major Jesse M.. Burch 'Capt Howard D.. Deane, Capt Robert H.. Kelly ,1LT William M.. Chastain ,Cpt Ira Hartwell ,SP5 William A.. Easterling, PFC Tommy J Perkins ,SP4 John A.. Monette ,SP4 Arthure D.. Miller , Major Edmund B.. Bookman ,Majot Lewellyn A.. Brown ,Cpt Jackson K.. Schultz ,1LT Curtis L.. Landers , 1LT Jimmy D.. Lowry ,1LT Benjamin R.. Crabtree, 1LT Charles H.. Randall , WO Thomas C.. Hutchins ,SP5 Bryan Ford , CPL Ronald d.. Stegal , SP5 Thomas F.. Lancer, SP5 Robert C.. Smith, SP4 Johnny A.. Wilbur , SP4 Lawson Y.. Pilkinton , SP4 John T.. Stephens , SP4 Philip R.. Flores, SP4 Edward A.. O'Toole, SP4 Terry R.. Shell, SP4 Santitos Morales, PVT James B.. Harris All for July 19, 1966.. June 4 Changed LB Michelle Cromerford contact info, Updated DH Bill Carroll email, Added.. Poem.. by Robert Lafond, Added.. VA Disability Rating Schedule.. to Medical Issues, Added.. Important Links.. for veterans Information to Medical Issues 3, Added Letter From You.. June 3 Updated.. , Added DH John Riley, Jon (At Palace Simulations) a grunt, and DH Charlie Edwards to financial contributors, updated John Riley and DH George Smith contact Info.. Mar 23 Updated maps.. Index.. and Maps with FSB Locations.. Mar 12 Added Andy Carr to financial contributors, Added.. Veterans Resource Links.. to Related Links page.. Mar 9 Added Marlin Price to financial contributors.. Mar 8 Updated DH Jerry Brown contact info.. Mar 5 Added Chuck Gant to contributors, Added Gary Westmoreland to financial contributors, Added pics to DH Pilots-2, updated.. Added pics to DH Company area 1 and 2, Added pics to LB Aircraft, Added pics to DH Aircraft,Added pics to DH Site Seeing.. Feb 27 Added Randall Hackenberg to DH roster (Died April 1991) sons contact info is added also if you knew him.. Feb 26 Added Stanley Kampe to LB roster (died April 09).. Feb 25 Added Gary Westmoreland to LB roster.. Feb 21 Updated.. The cupboard is bare,.. updated LB Steve Quintana contact info, Updated.. LB Robert Hollister deat.. h, added link to LB roster, Added Mike Garrity pics to DH Crewchiefs, Added Fred Irtz Pathfinder Pic to HHC pic album.. Jan 18 changed DH Mike Linn e-mail.. Jan 14 changed LB Jim Minson e-mail.. Jan 12, Added article on.. LB Dennis Picketts death.. , added link to LB roster.. Jan 9 Added Curtis Edwards to LB pilot pics, Added pics to DH gunners.. Jan 8 Added Arnold Krause to Financial contributors, Updated John Stevens HHC contact info, Added Reuben Torres to HHC roster, Added Nick Pepe pic to LB crewchiefs, Updated LB Carl Schlapman contact info, Added Letter From You, Added LB Bob Hasse e-mil to LB roster, Added Names and Pics to LB's Men at Work 6 , need help with more of them, Added Pic to LZB pilots and gunners, Added new requests to Care Package Page, Added link for Mesotelioma info to Medical Issues page, Updated W.. eb Page Accounting.. Dec 18 Named a couple of guys LB pics on Dec 15, Added more pics to LB's at work, (need names), Added pic to LB Aircraft,Added Pic to LB Company Area.. Dec 15 Added Pics to LB Album Men at Work (need help naming them), repaired at 2004 reunion pics, the links are live still need redo the thumbnails,.. Dec 13 Added Pics to DH Site Seeing 1.. Dec 12 Added Mr Worthington to DH Pilots 2 pic album.. Dec 8 repaired thumbnails and links on.. 2006 Reunion page.. Dec 7  ...   finally!!.. Aug 22 Added Joe Shipes (DH Pilot 67-68) to DH roster, Added Class Action Lawsuit (July 23, 2007) against the VA to Medical Issues ,Added.. Best Practice Manual.. for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Compensation and Pension Examinations To Medical Issues.. Changed LB Larry Trowbridge e-mail, Changed HHD Jack Hanlon e-mail, Added LB Kurt Metz to roster, Added George Wakefield to DH roster,changed DH George Heneveld e-mail.. For Trip Journal toAlaska go to.. Travel Guide.. Page.. May 8 Repaired link in News Letter to.. Huey Video.. waaaaay to cool.. May 6 April.. News Letter.. May 3.. 68 Daily Journals.. are made available for a short time.. If you have stories or remember events on those days let me know.. If we don't write our history, no one else will do it.. May 1 Added Cpt Charles Springer KIA 11/12/67 to 25th ID KIA's.. April 30 Added pics to LB Aircraft and Crewchiefs.. April 28 Add Joe Reynolds AMw/V to LB Awards.. April 26 updated LB Gene Trask contact info.. April 25 updated LB Tom Shema contact info.. April 11 Hold the mail.. I am in Ct.. visiting daughter for the next week.. April 9 Updated Wayne Weeks contact info on LB roster.. April 7 Added Robert E.. Thomas to HHC roster 66-67 Re-Arm flight line,.. April 3 Added Clifford Mosier to LB roster (68-70 Pilot and IP).. March 28 Added.. Lessons Learned through 5-66.. March 21 Added Jess Forester to LB roster (pilot 67-68).. March 17 fixed Link to New Scrap Book Index.. March 14 Added Letter From You.. March 11 Changed HHD Johnny Sevens contact info.. March 9 Changed LB Thomas Smith e-mail.. March 8 changed LB George Foster email, added DH Bill Willard to Financial Contributors, restructured and added to.. Vietnam Facts.. page.. March 4 Added Clipper Control Pics to HHD picture Album, Added Letter from You.. March 2.. Feb.. News Letter.. March 1 Added Dan Lentz to HHD roster,, Added Scrap Book.. Section 19.. Feb 27 Added to Scrap Book.. Section 18.. Feb 26 Added to Scrap Book.. Section 17.. Feb 25 Added to Scrapbook.. Section 16.. Feb 24 Added Pics to LB Company Area and Gunners, Added Bob Bunton to Financial Contributors.. Feb 21 Added Larry Cogan to LB roster,.. Cold Blood.. LBJ's Conduct of Limited War In Vietnam to Vietnam Facts, Added Pics to LB company area.. Feb 18 Added pics to LB Misc occupations, added Spooky pics album behind Spooky pic on LB Homepage.. Feb 15 Added Vietnam Time Line to.. Feb 14 Changed DH Bill Willard and Ron Renfro contact info.. Added Maxwell Joy to LB roster.. Feb 12 Added troops to the Care Package List.. Feb 11 Added Jane Fonda Toilet Targets and Urinal stickers to PX Novelties.. Feb 8 Added.. Reagan Roundup.. to and joined forces with them to bolster our Care Package Program of enabelers.. Changed DH Jack Mosely e-mail.. Feb 4 Changed DH Ray Huntington e-mail,Added George Wakefield to DH roster, Added Mark Ayers to Financial Contributors,.. Feb 3 Changed LB Roberto Molinary, Alvin Meador e-mail, updated Jim Howd contact info.. Feb 2 Posted.. January News Letter.. Added Ray Knight, Russell Snearly, Dwight Byrd, and Donald Horvath to DH roster,.. Thomas Dickerson to HHD.. Jan 27 Made many roster updates throughout,Added more.. ice storm.. Pics.. Jan 24 Added Some.. Ice Storm Pics.. , more to follow.. Jan 21 Added.. Volume 13.. to Scrapbook Through 29 Dec 67,.. Jan 20 Updated LB Ron Renfro contact info, Added afew Pics of.. Truck House Confrontation.. Jan 19 changed LB Ron Thompson and Ron Renfro e-mail,Added LB Tim Horrell to financial contributors.. I will be posting pictures of the massive Ice Storm that hit my area this past week.. It has devasted the entire area, and kept me out of power and off line most of the time.. Round two of the storm is to hit on Saturday.. Jan 12 changed LB Ben Brint e-mail,.. Jan 10 Changed LB Don Townsend contact info, I have been inop for the past 10 days since a car crashed into my house and destroyed a bunch of equipment, and knocked house off foundation.. pics to follow.. Jan 1 2007 Updated HHC John Stevens contact info, updated web page accounting.. Dec 25 Added Dale Gueller to LB roster,.. Celina lost Championship 22-19 on a 30 + yd FG with 6 seconds left in the game.. rats!.. Dec 21 Added Deanna and George Pendleton to Financial Contributors, updated LB Duane Schrock (Died Dec 3),Updated LB Dean Carte contact info,.. Dec 19 Updated HHC Bob Carlson contact info, updated Rob Amiot e-mail, updated DH Andy Asberry phone,.. Celina won Semi 30-13 on to State Championship in Waco Texas Sat at 4PM against Liberty Hill Go Cats!! This would make state record 8 Championships, and 2 in a row.. Go Cats!.. Dec 12 Added Pics to LB Company Area,.. Dec 10 Changed DH Dan Driscoll contact info,.. Celina won 35-14, on to the Semi final to make it 30 in a row!.. Dec 7 fixed broken links, and changed DH John Kuczek address Celina 13-0 takes on Browsboro 10-3 At Texas Stadium in 4th round of HS football playoffs.. Go Cats!!.. Dec 1 Posted.. November News Letter.. Nov 27 Added Excellent article.. THE ETIOLOGY OF COMBAT-RELATED POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS-DISORDERS.. to Medical Issues.. Nov 22 Added letter from you.. Nov 16 Announcement----.. ANNUAL GET TOGETHER.. IN LEWISVILLE TEXAS FOR LUNCH, DEC 3.. Let me know if you can make it!.. Updated DH's ScottyFrain e-mail, Laura and Cathy Reynolds contact info.. Nov 14 Changed DH Jim Cardin phone number, Changed LB/DH Rob Amiot contact info,.. Nov 13 fixed links on News Letter Index Page, fixed links on 25th KIA page,.. Nov 12 Added Link to Map Index Page complete set of.. VN Maps.. , and SE Asia 1965-75.. Nov 10 Changed LB Donna Stahl, Joe Finch, Randy Juge, e-mail.. Nov 9 Split News Letter Index and Travel guides off from main page, go to.. Travel Guide Index.. for.. Alaska Trip Journal.. ,add Kuane Kockx to LB roster.. Nov 8 updated web page accounting, changed LB John Bettinger e-mail addy,.. Day 31 and 32.. to Trip Journal (the end), fixed Where We Are Map link and others, Added the.. finished project pics.. on the restoration of 722.. Nov 2 added.. Day 28-30.. to trip Journal.. Nov 1 Well, it has been a long summer, so back to work, Changed DH Gary Eddy email, Changed HHC Ed Davis email, Added to DH roster Terry Anderson Ops 68-69, Changed LB Tim Horrell contact info, Added Louis H.. Anderson to LB roster CE 68-69,Changed LB Don Townsend contact info, Added LB/DH Rob Amiot e-mail, Added Richard Hamady to LB roster (ce 67),Changed HHC John McKay email, Changed LB Joe Reynolds email,Changed HHC Johnny Stevens contact Info, Added Ronald Holmes to LB roster,Updated LB Jim Watts info, Added Duane Dutch Kockx to LB roster,,.. Oct 30 Changed HHC Ken McKay e-mail, Added Ray Murphy and Jim Phipps to financial contributors, Added extensive links page.. dealing with.. Veterans Issues and Affairs.. Oct 29 Added Days.. 25 and 26.. and 27.. to travel journal.. Oct 20 Added.. day 20-24.. (in progress).. Oct 18 Added day 19 to travel journal.. Oct 17 Added pics to day 13-18.. Oct 16 Added day.. 13-18.. Oct 11 Added.. Day 12.. to trip journal.. Oct 10 Added day.. 10 and 11.. to trip Journal.. Oct 9 Added.. Day 9.. Oct 7 Added.. Day 8.. To trip Journal.. Oct 5 Added.. Day 7.. t.. o trip Journal.. Oct 4 Putting up.. Day 5 and 6.. , in progress (completed).. Oct 2 Added Day.. 3,4.. to Trip Journal.. Oct 1 Added Day.. 1 and 2 of Trip Journal.. alaska/Oklahoma.. Sept 24.. August News Letter.. i.. s posted, and once again pass the link on to your lists as my address book stilldoesn't have everyone in it.. Sept 23 Added to DH roster Sp/5 Ernesto Lujan Las Vegas NM Sp/5 Ray Knight Redfield Ar Sp/4 Russell Snearly Rodgers Ar ,Sp/4 Donald Horvath Jonesville Mi ,Sp/5 Jack Lorenson Newport News Va.. all from class of 1966,.. Sept 16 Added 2/27th Journal 12 Aug 69 LB Dustoff down Col Wounded (History Page small AAR's area).. Sept 14 Added Sal Cannazzaro to LB awards, added pics to LB gunners, pilots, Vietnamese help (all from summer 68).. Updated Web page accounting, added Jim Bullard (modern 25th avn) and Maj Rich Bentley (12th Evac) to financial contributors.. Sept 13 updated Dates of death for LB's Carlos Pizza and Ed Behne,.. last day of offshore fishing this year click to enlarge.. Sept 4 DH Fishing trip in progress, news letter will be late.. Aug 30 Added Jim Bullard to financial contributors.. Aug 26 Added Letter From You.. Aug 25 Added Jim Collins to LB Awards and Decorations.. August 15 changed LB Joe Reynolds email.. August 13 Added Letter From You.. August 12 Updated HC Johnny Stevens email, Added Dwight Byrd 65-66 to DH roster.. August 9 Updated LB Tim Horrel address, changed LB Jim Collins email,added new war story.. When You Can't Kill 'Em,.. August 8 LB Found added Louis H Anderson to LB roster Crewchief 68-69.. August 7 added Sal Cannizaro to LB gunners pics,.. August 6.. Little Bears found.. Ronald Holmes Crewchief 66, Sal Cannizaro gunner 68, Oscar M Garza, Medic 67-68 and William H.. Price, For HHC Ronald Haight Divarty pilot,For Diamondhead Terry Anderson Tech supply/CQ 68-69, Fixed HHC links, upated care package page, fixed HHC/LB Ed Davis email,fixed LB Jake Lye e-mail, fixed LB Joe Finch email.. August 3.. July News Letter.. is posted, pleases get the URL and send it to our members, I can't mass e-mail from here.. pweese??.. Aug 2 Fishing was great , waiting on the other guys pics for story, but here is a preview.. July 28-30 Gone Fishing.. story to follow with pics.. July 26 Fixed Links on main page to Travel Guides, 25th ID KIA's, Where Are We, Restoration of 722, and 25th Aviation Today.. July 25 Changed Association Treasurer contact info, updated web page accounting, Added tofinancial contributors Harold Dye ,Jan Moore ,Charles Rogers ,.. Larry Kerr, Bert Rice , Anonymous (several), Andy Carr , Added.. (Is Part of News Letter) to Travel Guides.. July 24, Trip journal complete, more adventures of the summer to be added later, so now back to business as usual and catch up.. July 23 added Pics.. through day 21.. July 21 Added Pics.. through day 18.. July 20 added pics.. through day 15.. July 19.. added pictures up and into day 12.. July 18 added.. day 26.. and a note to all about Sept fishing trip.. July 15 added.. day 25.. July 14 added.. day 24.. and afew pics from the banks of the Kenai River fishing is slow, so have a little time to get caught up now.. I have finally went through and named all th epics I am going to use so theywill start showing up real soon.. Enjoy.. July 13 added.. day 23.. ncluding a few pictures.. July 11 Added.. day 22.. July 9 Added.. day 20.. day 21.. Sorry about the delay, I was in the bush on the Denali Highway 135 miles of dirt road and no Internet or phone, but that is a story for another day, 5 lb Grayling, 9 lb rainbows.. , two blown tires.. wow what a week.. G.. July 1 continued and rewrote.. Day 17.. added day.. 18 through 19.. June 29 Added.. Rons Reunion Pics.. (Partial).. June 28 Added.. June 27 Added.. Day 16.. the fising is good, sockeye limit raised to 4 a day at the Russian River/Kenai confluence.. My cell phone 907-354-7062 while in Alaska.. June 25 Added.. Day 15.. June 23 Added day.. 12-14.. sorry for delay had some computer connect issues.. Posted.. Reunion Pictures brought to you from the banks of the beautiful fish infested Kenai River via borrowed sattelite uplink, enjoy.. June 14 Added.. Day 11.. June 9 addded.. day nine.. to Travel Journal, added some reunion attendee names that is in progress until I get them all posted.. June 8 Added reunion Coin scans to Reunion AAR from Mc Bride BC Frankies cafe parking lot.. June 6 Added.. day 5-7.. o Reunion AAR.. June 4 Renion.. AAR underway,.. willbe posted in instasllments as I am on th eroad back to Alaska, combo Reunion AAR and/travel Guide.. May 27 REunion well under way, as of Friday night 60are here but where are the officers? Officer count DH Dave Hennard and Bert Rice.. LB Harold Dye??.. what a shocker, more tomorrow with pictures.. May 26 The /reunion is on, and the early arrivals are hard at play.. wish you were here G Fixed the links to scrapbook below.. May 22 Added to scrapbook Vol 17 Page 1 Feb 69, Vol 18.. Page 3 Oct 69, Vol B, Page 2 and 3 Jan-Feb-Mar-May 1970, includes pay scales.. May 21 updated DH Gary Tomkins and Added Candyce Thomas(Wife of DH Roy Thomas) contact info, Added to Scrap Book Page 11 Vol 5.. 4/66, Vol 12.. Page 7 4/67, Volume 14, Page 8, 22 Jan/68, Vol 15 page 7 and 8 , Jan- Feb 68, Added AAR.. Cambodian Incursion.. 4 part Series 29 April -June 30 1970,.. An Analysis of Noise Induced Hearing Loss In Army Helicopter Pilots.. Extent of Hearing Loss of Army Aviators at Ft.. Rucker Alabama.. May 20 Still re-constructing web page crash, add update to DH Bill Melvin e-mail, most stuff is replaced of importance lost in crash.. May 19 Web Page crashed, having to reconstruct through backups.. May 18 Added Letter From You.. May 17 Added update on.. Smith vs Nicholson.. Bi-Lateral Tinnitus Issue to Medical Page,.. HISTORY OF THE BULWARK B2.. THEATRE:NVA Col Tran Van Tra (336 Pages) Defined the NVA operations and reasoning from TET to 1975 Excellent Read.. May 16 2006 Changed DH Robert LafondPhone No, Added.. War Songs.. to Links Page, Added Articles to Stars and Stripes.. Aug 66.. Added Pictures to LB gunners Pic Album,Added Pics to TF Diamondhead Memorial page and To Unit Awards, see TFDiamondhead.. Whats New.. page for links.. To vote for this site click the image above..

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    Descriptive info: Search this site.. Our AO.. 1966 Operation.. Kahuku.. Kahala.. Battle of Sui Tre.. (FSB Gold).. North and South HoBo Woods.. Northern Filhol and.. Southern HoBo.. Trang Bang.. North to Soui Cao.. Trang Bang.. and.. Go Dau Ha.. Bao Trai.. Dong Hoa.. Tan Phu Trung.. Katum.. Nui Ba Den.. French Fort.. Duc Hoa.. Dau Tieng.. Michelin Rubber.. Plantation.. Tay Ninh.. Tan Son Nhut.. Hoc Mon.. Vinh Loc.. Ben Cui.. Rubber  ...   Phase Two.. June 19.. Phase One.. June 5,6,7.. Operation Barking Sands.. Bien Hoa Arty.. Cu Chi Arty.. Lai Khe Arty.. Nui Dat Arty.. Saigon Arty.. Song Be Arty.. Tay Ninh Arty.. Xuan Loc Arty.. FSB Beauregard.. (Bo Tuc).. FSB Burt.. FSB Location Key.. Fish Hook.. Toan Thang 43.. Cu Chi to Saigon south to Tan An.. Full size Map.. Tay Ninh-Dau Tieg-Godau Hau Full Size Map.. Contains Spray Data..

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    Descriptive info: Back to 25th Aviation Home.. These are some of the letters that are very special to me, from you.. They are what keep me going.. November 22, 2013.. Subject: KENNETH R LEACH.. FIRST OFF I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT SENATOR JOHN McCain HAD KENNETHS RECORDS CHANGED TO KENNETH.. DIED IN SERVICE AS A RESULT OF COMBAT ACTION.. MR.. HORRELL YOU SAID YOU COULDN'T FIND THE NAMES OF THE OTHERS.. THEY WERE: AC O2 BP VARGAS (HE WAS THE ONE FLYING AT THE TIME).. AND HE SURVIVED, G E4 ED HANSEN (HE SURVIVED), AND CE SSG WILLIAMS GAYLE EDWARD KIA )HE RECEIVED A MEDDLE AND PROMOTION AFTERWARDS WHERE MY KENNETH RECEIVED NOTHING.. I REMEMBER YOU MR.. PLUIMER SAYING IN YOUR EYES HE WAS A HERO AND WHAT HE DID AND MR.. LEONARD YOU SAID THERE WAS A BIG DEAL AFTERWARDS ABOUT THE CRASH.. WELL I ORDERED A COPY OF FULL REPORT AND FINALLY GOT MY COURAGE UP TO READ IT.. THEY TALK ABOUT KENNETH LIKE HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING.. THAT HE WASN'T BURNED AT ALL AND HIS BODY WAS FOUND AWAY FROM THE CRASH.. THE DEATH CERTIFICATE I GOT SAID HE DIED FROM A MISSILE WOUND TO THE HEAD AND THEN WENT DOWN CRASHED AND BURNED.. THERE IS A NEW DEATH CERTIFICATE THAT STATES NON HOSTILE HE HAD NO WOUNDS TO THE HEAD ETC.. SOMETHING ABOUT PAY CERTIFICATE NONE.. WHAT EVER THAT MEANS.. I WANT TO THANK YOU 3 FOR WRITING TO ME AND SHARING WITH ME I NEVER DOUBTED OR STOPPED BELIEVING IN HIM EVEN NOW BUT YOUR WORDS HELPED A LOT.. THANK YOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND HIS 3 DAUGHTERS LAURIE ANN, TAMI JO AND MARY KAY SEND THEIR PRAYERS AND THANK YOU TOO.. MUCH LOVE.. PAMELA K LEACH.. November 18, 2012.. Ron Leonard,.. I was enjoying your web site on Veterans Day looking back on my past and history of the 25th Aviation battalion.. I was a member of Headquarters Company from 1970 to 1971.. My name is Ron Roberts.. During that time I worked in the communication group for Headquarters Company.. I helped maintain the radio and land line communications for the battalion.. During that period I was the one that kept Clipper Control and the Pathfinder Tower on the air and also helped maintained the field phone system.. I noticed in that you were collecting letters of commendation to post on the web site.. Attached is a copy of my letter of commendation.. I also have three Bronze Stars but none with a v.. As for my history - Before I was drafted in Aug.. 1969, I was working at a company called Mason Electric and was going to college to obtain my degree in Electronic Engineering.. At Mason worked in the engineering test lab.. At that time one of the programs I was working on was performing environmental testing on control grips for Bell Helicopter.. I wasn't truly aware of their function until came to Vietnam.. It was one of the versions of the Bell 205 series cyclic controls (Bell UH-1).. Upon my return from Vietnam I went back to work for Mason and back to college.. I obtained my BSEE form Cal Poly, Pomona in 1975.. After 45 years I am still at Mason Electric, now Esterline Mason.. The majority of our products are aircraft cockpit controls, both commercial and military.. Mason does have a web site if you are interested.. I do have a box of photographs, orders and other documents that I have saved that cover the time I was in the 25th Aviation Battalion (1970 1971).. I will share them with you when I locate the box.. My tour of duty I Vietnam wasn t over when the 25th Aviation returned to Hawaii.. I completed my tour of duty with the D Trp.. Air Cav.. at Lai Kae as an avionics repairman, lucky to survive that tour.. Attached is the only photo of me I could quickly find of me during my tour.. I am standing next to one of D Trp.. Cobra Gunships on the Flight line at Long Binh.. Again thank you for maintaining the web site.. I enjoyed the journey back in time.. Best Regards,.. Ron Roberts.. Sept 28, 2012.. To the Little Bears etc.. My name is Robert Park and I was with A Co, 2/27 Wolfhounds in 1966.. I joined the unit in December, 1965 and was shipped to Vietnam in January, 1966.. I was sent back to the Real World right after Thanksgiving, 1966.. While in Vietnam I always tried to say things like, Thanks for the ride or Nice seeing you guys again as kind of a flip response when we got off.. Of course sometimes in a hot LZ there wasnt time to say anything.. I remember when the Dustoff brought me back during Attleboro, I commented on the smooth ride, but the Stewardess needed a shave, of course I was already doped up for pain so I might have that a little wrong.. I guess what I would really like to say to you personally is Thank You! Thank you for covering our asses when we were going in, and thank you for covering our asses when we were coming out.. Thank you for keeping us supplied when we were in short supply, and MAYBE a thank you for the C rations.. I have no doubt in my mind that there would be more names on The Wall if you had not been there.. Sincerely,.. Bob Park.. Jan 10, 2011.. Good Morning Ron!.. Hope this finds you well.. Things in the south are sort of rainy and cool.. My wife thinks we should move farther south.. Was thinking of you and everyone lately.. My second tour in Viet Nam, I procured a DoD Escape and Evasion map.. Don't know how much good it would have been, it's scale was 1 over the World.. Went from China to south of Viet Nam on one side.. For whatever reason, I held on to it.. Recently in connection with some work I have been working with the Library of Congress on possible research projects, I was talking to the Director of the Geography and Map Division when I mentioned my map.. Turns out it is rather unique, it is printed on latex and they do not have a latex map.. I am going up to DC with my wife and donating the map to them.. We plan to visit the Wall and then to Arlington with a good friend whose husband is buried there.. Should be an interesting and emotional Veteran's Day weekend.. So, thinking about maps and such got me wandering back in time.. I went to Google Earth and discovered that the old AO does not look anything like it did over 40 years ago.. I had to go to the maps that you have posted on the web site in order to get oriented.. (Many, many thanks for your work by the way.. ) The Tay Ninh and Dau Tieng runways are still discernable.. If I didn't know where Cu Chi was, I would never have found it.. Appears to be a modern industrial complex.. I have an idea where the runway was, looks like a road now.. There is a huge resevoir north of Dau Tieng.. Would never have figured that.. Numerous new canals that have changed the landscape.. North of Nui Ba Dien looks like urban sprawl, Viet Nam version.. It use to be a free fire area except for the French Fort (couldn't locate it with any certainty) and Katum-think I found the arifield.. Got to remembering things like names we gave places.. Like Dodge City.. Seems there was always a gunfight there at high noon.. Oh well, enough rambling.. Thanks again for your hard work.. I know it has helped me and so many others.. Fred Panhorst.. Oct 30 2010.. My name is Chad Hackenberg.. My father was Randall Hackenberg he served in the 25th B.. Co.. 67 to 68.. He was a door gunner.. Spec 4.. He passed away in 1991 and I was too young to really know what went on there.. He did not talk about it much probably because I was too young and he didnt really like to talk about it.. When my grandmother recently passed I found close to 1 hundred letters he sent to her.. He didnt talk much about what was going on there in the letters but I learned a lot about what kind of a young man he was and it interested me greatly.. I know he recieved the air medal, the army commendation medal and the DFC.. It makes me think somebody would have remembered him.. I would like to speak to anyone that knew him.. He was a loud personality and a loyal friend.. He would have been well liked.. I am also looking for a picture of Gen.. Westmorland pinning the DFC on him in the field.. I have tried the archives but it is very confusing.. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.. He was not one to flash his medals and talk about what he did over there.. He was proud of it at the time but once he left he was pretty bitter.. I think what he didnt realize before his death was how important his story and legacy is to his family.. Our family has a rich military tradition and I would like to put him in his rightful place in that tradition.. Thank you.. Chad.. totalproductdevelopment@yahoo.. Dear Ron,.. Thank you for posting this email.. It never occurred to me that the ground pounders thought of Hueys like that.. Always being on the other end of Huey coming in I used to thank God that I wasn t knee deep in a rice paddy or shoving rounds into a 105 at Soui Da or beyond.. My little world with the transmission behind me, my chicken board under my seat and my M60 in front of me was the safest place in Viet Nam in my mind.. and that says a lot about the confidence I had as an 18 year old PFC in the older guys flying the thing.. Those older guys were often 22 year old wobbly one s right out of Ft.. Rucker.. I m attaching a photo of me taken early in 1967 at Cu Chi.. I was a brand-new PFC and still had my basic training fatigue uniforms and had just achieved my heart s desire to be be a crew chief and fly.. Thanks again.. Tom Shema.. Crew chief of Little Bear 629 from Jan 1967 to December 1967.. Oct 4 2010.. Mr.. Leonard;.. My name is Robert McCormick and I am the son of Bobby G.. McCormick, who was a Little Bear of Company A in the 25th Aviation Battalion.. Let me first thank you for your hard work on the informative website.. The information I have found there has been informative and helpful.. My dad came home from Vietnam with intestinal cancer.. He died a young man, only 37 years old, in 1975.. He wouldn't tell us much but was adamant that his illness was caused by his repeated exposure to Agent Orange.. Predictably, the VA disagreed and our family has been involved in one appeal after another for these many years to no resolve.. My father was embittered toward the VA before his death and that is one reason why I am writing you today.. Dad is listed as being awarded the Air Medal with V device on your website.. My mother also has a small newspaper clipping that says the same thing.. Dad had become so angry toward the Army and the VA that he never put in for the medal, as my mother says.. I have made a shadow box that contains his burial flag and all his other medals and would like to add this one to his shrine.. How would I go about finding the letter of commendation for this decoration? Any information you can provide would be helpful.. We are also unaware of the circumstances surrounding the award.. Dad only told me once about riding on the outside of a helicopter to make room for injured soldiers while under fire.. I was only around 8 years old at the time so I don't remember much of it.. Thank you again for providing such a great and informative website, and thank you in advance for any information you can provide, and for your service to America.. Rob McCormick.. 213 Buxton.. Forsyth, MO 65653.. August 9/2010.. My name is Leah Heskett (formerly Leah Nadeau).. Back in 2004 I was a part of the A Piece of My Heart CAPA production, and i played Martha O'Neil.. I was cleaning out some space and going through old files, and found an old e-mail that you had sent me.. Its been (obviously) quite some time since we last spoke, and at the risk of you not remembering me at all, I was just hoping to touch base with you and see how you have been, as you made such an impact on my life.. I hope that this finds you in good health and spirits.. I also hope to hear from you soon, and catch up on time passed.. Leah (Nadeau) Heskett.. 6/4/2010.. Hey Ron!.. First and foremost, from my wife and I, our best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.. The same to all of my fellow Diamondheads, Little Bears and Lobos.. Two things:.. This past week I had to go to Fort Eustis for a court-martial.. Having been called by the defense, the first day left me with quit a bit of free time.. I wandered over to the Transportation Corps Museum (if you are in the Norfolk, VA area, a worthwhile stop).. In walking through the aviation exhibit it dawned on me.. I was qualified in or had flown half of the aircraft on display.. Are we that old?.. Earlier this summer I was working at the Georgia Aquarium (I volunteer there, that's what old people do) as a greeter (I am normally in the Water Quality Lab).. We try to keep down the number of maps we give out to one per group-a goal.. I can normally size people up fairly quickly and have a line I use.. A couple, my age came in.. I handed the map to the lady and said I am sorry, we only give maps to women, since men don't need them.. The gentleman looked at me and said Helicopter pilots don't need maps.. I stuck out my hand and said Diamondhead 21.. He stuck out his and replied with his call sign.. (I regret I don't remember it.. ) We quickly recounted tours, flight school, etc.. He had also flown guns and we had a good, albeit, short conversation.. A while later he came up and asked if he could go out and come back in.. I explained the procedure and he said thanks.. Shortly he came back in.. He extended his hand and said this is for you.. I reached out and he dropped two objects in my hand.. I exclaimed Nails! (My co-worker felt that I was completely nuts at this time.. ) He had handed me two flechettes.. I had not seen any since 68-69.. He said he had obtained some and only shared them with people who knew and appreciated what they were and meant-a lot of saved lives.. I thanked him and he went on his way.. A really neat and unique experience with a place of honor on my shelf of memories.. Oh well, enough contemplations on the past.. Shoulder surgery next week and the grandchildren for Christmas.. I will really feel my age.. Warm regards,.. 1/8/2010.. Mr Leonard.. I just want to say thank you for the website and the especially the pictures.. I visit the site quite often to spend a few minutes with my stepdad(Frank Bashor).. He passed while I was in Iraq.. Anyway, Thank you!.. Jon Dunbarr.. Ron,.. This site is indeed a monument to your phenomenal dedication.. I am a recent reader, past member of the 25th Avn Bn (Little Bears,.. 67-68) and one who is in awe at what you have accomplished for and with our brothers and sisters.. You have been at it a long time.. please let me know if you still accept material and donations.. With sincere gratitude,.. Bob Hase.. 12/7/2009.. Hey Ron.. There's not much I can say about who was with us then.. My injury erased some of my memory from those days.. I can't remember names or places.. Few pieces.. come back now and again, but it's all misplaced.. It's to have you there to help me out.. Thanks!.. Bob Lafond.. Ron:.. As I was crusin thru your wonderful web site (remind me to send money if the VA ever pays) I noticed the info you had on Beck (I always called him Morris- he always called me boss) from the time he got his AC orders until I was busted by Heneveld for flying in formation, he was my wingman.. He transferred in from the 9th division -an experienced Cobra pilot and he made AC in about a week.. The guy was crazy but he was probably the best wingman I ever had, although Dave Watson was really good too.. SOB nearly shot me down a couple of times, providing covering fire as i overflew the target (not supposed to do that, but what the hell).. Oh, by the way he was on my wing in formation, when I was busted by Heneveld.. I was the fire team leader, so it was my fuckup - and it was a fuckup.. But Morris was an unusally good pilot, he only watched me and if I'd have into the ground so would he.. That was my last flight in a Cobra, you know I really loved that aircraft it was a part of me, except for one ride as a pilot - with Morris (AC and FTL) and he scared the shit outa me.. So I moved on - the battalion commander made Heveveld give me back my AC orders, but no Cobras.. He made me fly Charley's - which might have been a promotion, instead of a demotion, at any rate I'm pretty sure that cost me a Bronze Star (what the hell).. Anyway Beck and I stayed fast friends (brothers) until he got the hots for that Donut Dolly and he spent ALL of his time with her ( later I came to understand why, she was a terrific person and seemed to understand how crazy we all were.. For a while there I thought maybe Beck was gonna marry her.. But he left nam without her or me and I never got to see him again except in flashbacks.. After I'd been home about a year I wrote Morris a letter, suggesting we get back together.. About two weeks later a got a letter from his dad (excuse me I'm crying) Morris was flying back to New York from Mexico one night in bad weather and he flew into a mountain in Tennesse.. He sent me an article out of a local paper that detailed Morris's death.. I was having my own problems by then but it felt like some one just ripped out a part of my soul.. I loved Morris Beck and i still do.. Greg Bucy.. 12/4/09.. I am a recent reader, past member of the 25th Avn Bn (Little Bears, 67-68) and one who is in awe at what you have accomplished for and with our brothers and sisters.. 11/23/09.. Ron, the talk we gave to the War History study class went great.. Thought we'd have trouble getting through an hour, but ran out of time.. The teacher allowed ( informed us) to tell the students like it was both from our point and how the media and etc told about the war.. Much of the information we.. shared with then came from your site.. There were several things that I had not know as well as the teacher.. Over all, a good start.. We have been invited back for her next Tri-mister class coming up in a few weeks.. We left her with tears in her eyes and a warm handshake from all the students.. Denny.. My name is Hugh Crumpton, I was a little bear crewchief in 69 70.. I really enjoy the site and all the memories that come with seeing it.. After I came home I did my best to forget everything that we went through and to rejoin society, and as you know it was a rough road.. In the past few years I have been trying to collect my thoughts and memories, however, the ravages of age have dimmed the memory cells in my brain.. Your web site helps to make things more clear in my mind as I remember my youth as a wild and crazy guy riding around in a Huey 50' off the ground.. Thanks for you website and keep up the good work.. I made a donation today by way of Pay Pal , not much but I 'm sure every little bit helps.. I am putting together a scrapbook with a few odd photos and mementos , and am in need of a Little Bear pocket patch or any other mementos that are available to complete my collection.. Is there one available through the PX, if so I would like to make a purchase.. Please advise,.. Thanks.. Hugh Crumpton.. 614 W.. Azeele St.. , Suite B.. Tampa, FL 33606.. 01/11/2008.. My name is Denis McDonough.. I served with the 1/5 Mech in Cu Chi.. On 4/26/67 while on foot in the Boi Loi woods, myself and two other Bobcats were wounded by a Chinese claymore.. We were dusted off and brought to the 12th Evac.. I would like to thank all the pilots and crews of the choppers.. I always wondered if I could find crew who came and got us that day.. IM enclosing the account for 4/26/67 from our website,which I will also enclose.. Our first KIA was Jerry Osborne who was a shot gunner and was KIA on 4/1/65.. Denis McDonough.. Co.. B 67 Secretary And Membership chairman.. 5th Inf Chapter.. PS: Thank You !.. 11/22/07.. Sir,.. I just wanted to write and say thanks for your site.. I served as an OH-58D Crew Chief with A Co.. 1-25 AVN in Hawaii, deploying to Thailand for Cobra Gold in 2003 and in Iraq with A Co.. and C Co.. and it is real nice to see your site and be able to connect a little bit with the history of the BN.. I consider the 25th to be the highlight of my.. Army career so far.. In case you are interested in the recent history, the unit received the Meritorious Unit Citation for its actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, breaking 25,000 combat flight hours in country during our year.. If you are curious to know more about what is happening today let me know, I would be glad to share.. Anyhow, thanks again for giving this generation of Soldier some history on this great unit!.. SGT Neil Anderson, USA.. Fort Huachuca, AZ.. 2highspeed@gmail.. 11/19/07.. Hi Ron,.. I read with interest the item about the restoration of the Cobra gunship in Tampa.. The article brought a tear to my eye and a big smile to my face.. As a former combat infantryman with the 25TH Infantry Division ( III Corps ) in Vietnam and Cambodia 1969 and 1970 I can attest to the beautiful sight the Cobra always imparts to this former grunt's heart and his fellow 11 Bravos.. The other day my good friend and Vietnam brother grunt ( He was with the 1ST Air Cav 1969-1970 Vietnam-Cambodia III Corps) were just talking about our remembrance of the Cobra gunships in Vietnam.. They were our big protectors from the air that looked over us and took care of us guys on the ground in many many tough combat situations.. I have a picture of my self standing next to a Cobra gunship at Tay Nihn Base camp in 1969 or 1970 needless to say I am all smiles.. I also have a picture of a Cobra gunship firing closely around our postion when our infantry company was in a battle on Black Virgin Mountain ( Nui Ba Den ) in Tay Nihn Province, Vietnam in March of 1970.. An NVA gunner made the stupid decision to fire an RPG rocket at the Cobra.. I vividly remember the Cobra's response to that action by the enemy soldier.. A free ride to the promised land for the NVA and his buddies.. Ron, keep up the good work as webmaster for your efforts are greatly appreciated by many Vietnam Veterans whom your might never know or realize you brought a smile to their faces.. Thanks Once Again,.. Richard B.. Loy 11 Bravo Vietnam-Cambodia 25th Infantry Division 1969-1970.. 11/09/07.. Where the heck are you or can you keep track?.. Remember some time back when we talking about my hearing issue and the 15.. plus year battle I've had with the VA? You wrote a letter about our jobs,hearing protection and other members hearing problems.. Well, I had one last shot, a hearing with the VA appeals board.. I could either go to D.. C.. or to Cleveland and do a video hearing with D.. In May, I went to Cleveland and with my AMVETS advisor, we had a video conference with Washington.. But guess what, it wasn't the VA on the other end but a Federal Appears Judge.. The Honorable P.. M.. Dilorenzo, Veterans Law Judge, Board of Veterans' Appeals.. The judge was female.. This week I received a decision in the mail.. I WON!!!!! She reviewed the years worth of data and reopened my case and granted it.. I will find out shortly what I will get but my goal from the start was to get them to pay for my hearing aids.. I will let you know what I find out.. I wanted to write you about this because it has to have some landmark status for others who have had the same battle with hearing.. Apparently the Judge.. feels different about cause than all of those Regional Office VA folks.. I.. Hope this may help others.. Be good little buddy and stay on your mount, not under it.. Bill Willard.. 11/1/07.. 2/14/66 was a bad day for the 25th ID.. Along with the 1/5 Mech.. the Wolfhounds also took a beating.. The 25th ID lost 17 men that day.. I read your bio.. to this day.. I can not give enough thanks to the medics, and the choppers that came in to get us.. God know's how many names are not on the wall because of you guys.. I can still remember the day I was Medivaced out of the Boi Loi woods.. It was 4/26/67.. Next reunion in Orlando, I will get to meet John Lenick.. It will be 41 years, that we were wounded together.. Thank you for your service and a great job on running your web site.. Denis McDonough Co.. B 1/5 mech 67.. 8/7/2007.. Dear Mr.. Leonard,.. My name is Traci Massey.. My dad, David M.. Sellman is a Vietnam Vet.. On Memorial Day my dad came to my house, we got on the internet and started looking around for anything we could find on his battalion while he was in Vietnam.. Imagine our surprise after googling his name we came upon your article, The Ambush at Ap Nhi In your story my dad is mentioned along with William Seay's.. The tears we cried that day as my dad realized that someone had remembered his actions that day.. The tears i cried as I realized just what my dad had gone through while he was there.. My dad has never been one to talk much about the time he spent in Vietnam.. We were wondering where you got the information from for your story, as we have continued to look for more.. My dad was with the 62nd transportation battalion.. I believe he was stationed in Long Binh(sp?) I was hoping you could point us in the right direction as to where all we could look to find more info.. Thank you for your time.. Traci(Sellman)Massey.. traci21691@yahoo.. 3/16/2007.. Hi Ron.. Thank you so much for your site.. It put tears in my eyes to think there is someone like you out there that does so much to help.. I jest got a call from Marc Chamberlain 'D.. A.. V.. rep.. and he advised that he has never seen so much information come in on a first time claim.. I was not home, he was on the answer machine, but he sounded quit surprised.. I want you to know I will be making a donation to your site as soon as I get organized here.. I jest found out I need a knee operation and will be out of work for 8 to 10 weeks, will miss Williamsburg, sad.. But jest as soon as possible I will make that.. Thank you Brother.. Maxwell Joy.. 3/4/2007.. Hi Ron:.. Yes I did.. Thank you very much for your assistance in this search.. My dad has been making great progress since this whole claim idea was brough to light.. At first he was against it.. he just did his job and came home.. But he has been thinking a great deal about lots of different things in his life, and he has come to realize that when he came home from Vietnam, he was a changed person.. No matter how much he wanted to ignore that fact.. he has finally realized it.. He has even begun to share some of his realiztions with relatives he has never opened up to before.. Just last weekend he gave a copy of a very personal letter describing how he feels Vietnam has impacted him and those around him to a couple of his in-laws.. He said that he just wanted people to know why he always avoids the gatherings and hopefully they'll understand that he's not going outside all the time because he does not enjoy their company.. he goes outside because when the noise gets too loud he begins to revert back to the jungle and becomes very jittery and uncomfortable.. Seeing him come out of his little shell a bit has been great! I'm sure you understand all too well.. Thanks again for you assistance and I look forward to additions to this site in the future.. Keep in touch,.. Juli.. 8/26/2006.. Ron -.. let me tell you where we are at.. we won.. the last stress letter I sent in on 31 January put it over the top.. The VA approved the case without going to the appeal.. They granted 50% and that, coupled with my 40%, came to 70%.. If you can stand some more info let me fill you in on the rest of the story.. It took 27 months for the VA to approve my claim.. I asked them when I would get the back pay differance between the 40% and 70%.. They told me that I wasn't authorized any backpay, because I was a.. military retiree.. needless to say that did not sit well.. All my challenges fell on deaf ears, then on 14 July it was ruled (because someone else had the same problem) that ALL military retired veterans drawing disibility over 50% had been cheated and the VA and the DFAS (retired pay) will have to compute the back pay for us.. Now for some more good news.. Because the PTSD (50%) is combat related, and my hearing (20%) has been confirmed as combat related, they combine for a 60% special military retirement program.. It is a complicated process, but essentially only mitary retirees who have a disibility over 40% can draw both there militiary retired pay and VA disilbity and then they can not get all their disibility unitl 2013.. Those below 50% simply get a tax exemption in their retired pay.. However, congress approved a plan by which those have direct combat disibility can draw an additional check from their retired service (my case Air Force) as long as the total between the VA and special pay does not exceed the VA total (told you it was complicated).. Bottom line, I will be getting my entire military retired check and my 70% VA check.. I want to thank you and Bud for everything.. I am going to send a letter to the VA on Bud's help and want to make a contribution to your Web site.. just send me instructions.. I also would like to send a small personnal thank you to both of you.. Addresses please.. Major Richard Bentley.. USAF Retired.. majrichbentley@hotmail.. 8/13/2006.. Dear Ron,.. Thank you for responding to my e-mail.. George had one full brother, Richard Grinnell who lives in Weimar, CA.. He and George were very close (aka) Dick is 5 years older than George.. Dick also was a pilot and has seen your web site.. I am the next born, two years older than George.. Two more sisters follow, Hilda Mary and Evelyn, two and four years younger that George, followed by the half-brother and half-sister whom you have heard from.. George also had 5 step-sisters.. He was loved and admired by all his large and extended family.. I have read my younger half-sister's letter on your site.. People all express their loss in different ways and her perceptions of the rest of George's family indicate to me she lacks that understanding.. Both of our parents, as well as our entire family, were devastated by the loss of George.. I am pleased to hear of your planned Alaska Trip.. George loved Alaska and especially fishing for grayling.. He would be thrilled that you are going and would want you to catch some fish for him.. George, Dick and I fished in the Chena River and its tributaries in Fairbanks, Alaska for grayling which is similar to trout.. George was born in Ft.. Yukon, but I wouldn't recommend going there now.. It's a very small village on the Yukon River with large drug and alcohol problems.. George left that village at about 5 yrs old and came to Berkeley, CA.. Two years later we all moved back to Alaska but lived in Fairbanks for the next three years.. If you are interested in George's early life, There is a book easily found in Alaska or on Amazon.. com written by our Mother, Evelyn B.. Shore called.. Born on Snowshoes.. It was originally published in 1956, but recently re published.. I do hope you have a wonderful trip to Alaska.. Much of George's personality and character were a result of his love of the outdoors and understanding of nature.. Living in the wilderness in his early life made him confident resourceful and capable.. Sincerely, June Grinnell.. Hi Ron,.. This is my regular email address.. The 10th anniversary of my dad's passing is approaching and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.. I have always wanted to connect with some of his friends from Vietnam.. I hope that you can connect me with some of his friends so that I can know more about him than I was able to find out, being that I was so young when he passed.. Thanks Ron for all that you have done for me and the other vets and their children.. Angela Dimaggio (DH Joe Dimaggios daughter).. ahdimaggio at yahoo.. 5/18/2006.. Thank you for making this website available to me.. I have looked at just about every part of it and recognize so many of the names.. Conger I believe was a pretty good friend of Roy's also if I am not mistaken.. I had no idea you were from Montana also.. The world is so small when you really think about it.. Our son Troy Shawn Thomas is a Lt Col in the Air Force and is now stationed in Washington, DC with the Joint Staff.. He and his wife Paula just had their first child March 21 - a beautiful little girl.. Did you meet Troy in Denver when there was a pilots reunion I believe? He sure felt honored to be at that gathering and talk with so many people that knew his dad.. I see there is a mention of Worthington on one of the web pages.. He had a terrible time with Roy's death and would write that he had to stay there until he died because it was his fault Roy was flying and that my husband and my son's dad were never going to come home.. I felt so sorry for him and his mother would write to me and tell me how he was tormented over the incident and was going to keep volunteering until he died.. She sent me a letter when he was killed and said he was finally at peace.. There was a company bell that he was trying to get to me but I never did get it.. This CONFLICT, which our government has labeled it, affected millions of people and I am not sure we will ever understand everything that happened.. I was stunned at the things that Roy told me in Hawaii and how he begged me to never let our son cry because he had heard so many children cry as they lay next to their dead parents or were injured themselves.. There is a cross that all people affected by the loss of a loved one or watching the residual torment of a loved one when they returned home will have to bare through our lives and we can only hope to become better people for what we have been given to cope with.. Sometimes, even after 37 years seems unbearable to deal with.. It was 37 years ago this month, 10 May 1969 that Roy was killed and that anniversary never goes buy without a twinge of pain and the feel of that great loss.. There is a really strong unity among the people that were in Vietnam.. There is a guy that works in my building at the Air Force Academy and is he ever an advocate of POW-MIA, anything, any club, any group, that he can be involved in that has to do with Vietnam.. Sometimes he just comes into my office and talks -- rambles really -- about a far away day and thought -- and then he moves on.. Speaking of rambling -- that is what I have done way too much of so I am going to sign off!!!.. Have a great rest of your week.. Candyce Thomas.. (Roy Thomas Wife).. 5/8/2006.. Thank you so much for the pictures.. You are a wonderful and interesting man.. God has blessed so many by keeping you on this earth.. You have helped me understand my fathers PTSD far more than a therapist nor a graduate class.. Again Thank You for your wonderful and caring insight! I hope to talk with you sometime soon in the future.. Sincerely ,.. Aliesha Bene'.. 5/4/2006.. Ron, thanks for running the pics of the NCO and Soldier of the year ceremony on the page.. You continue to do all of Diamond Head a great service.. We have commissioned a new print commenorating the accomplishments of Diamond Head past and present.. I think you will like it.. I plan on sending one to you when they come in as a token of appreciation for all you do.. This is an extremely limited edition print and there will be no rerun.. I hope you like it.. Col Frank Tate ,Commanding.. 2/25th Aviation Regiment.. 3/18/2006.. March 5 2006.. Hello Ron:.. I've got to thank you for all your work that you have put into the 25th web site.. I think it's quite amazing.. When we talked on the telephone I felt like my Jesus Nut got loose.. I was fascinated how fast things can happen and I appreciate your help and compassion.. The next evening Driscoll called and we had a great talk.. The next Tuesday Chris Kavanaugh called and we had a great time on the telephone.. I think I will go visit Driscoll.. I find this all very emotional but I'll be O.. K.. when I tighten my Jesus Nut properly.. Thank you again and I'll be in touch.. Sincerely.. Vini Block Connor.. P.. S.. Thank you big time for the Disc.. 3/8/06.. Hello Sirs:.. My name is Christopher A.. Hoffert, Sgt, A Co 2-25 Avn, 25th Infantry Division.. I recently stumbled onto your webpage in search of the history of my company and I must say that the information provided was quite detailed and informative.. I am a soldier and aviator first and a filmmaker second and currently I am constructing a DVD of our company from training that was accomplished on the Big Island of Hawaii.. Part of that DVD will have a unit history montage of gathered information pertaining solely to that of the history of A Co 2-25 Blackjacks formerly Little Bears and I would like permission to use a lot of the information provided on your website for the contents of that montage.. Information  ...   to the background.. paul wenske.. kansas city star.. 816.. 234.. 4454.. (We were the gunship support for the1/5th the day Chris Smith was killed 8 Feb 69 in the Ho Bo woods).. Thanks for the photo of my father and for helping me in this endeavor!! You have succeeded where I and others have failed for years.. If you can.. Please continue to check your contacts for any further information.. As always, thank you for taking the time to help me.. Ralph Ferrell.. CWO 160th Avaiation-Kandahar Afghanistan.. (Capt Ferrell, his father was killed in Vietnam when Ralph was a tiny baby).. Hello Mr.. My name is Peter Aoun; I am a Junior in High School in the International Baccalaureate program.. I am writing, among other things, to thank you for all the effort you have put into this site; it is absolutely great! I have learned so much from it, and I can't tell you how much it has meant to me.. I will be an Eagle Boy Scout within the next few months, and am committed to God and Country as you and your fellow veterans are.. I think this is part of the reason I have been so affected by what your website contains.. Two years ago, I had an amazing experience when I was able to meet members of the Strategic Air Command who did reconnaissance work over the Soviet Union during the Cold War; I and my partners did a documentary that made it to the finals of California State History Day.. The thing that influenced me more than anything about this unbelievable experience is that those men weren't much older than I am when they served our country.. I know that is the case for Vietnam veterans also, and I am so so sorry that they were so dismissed when they returned home.. Our government should be ashamed.. Again, thank you for everything you have done.. Please keep updating your great website.. Peter Aoun.. Dear Ron:.. I can't say Thank You enough for all you've done for me my family.. I've received so many wonderful emails about my brother, Dean.. Ron, God has placed you in a wonderful position to help others and I'm so appreciative.. We never understand why but we know it's what we are to do, keep up all the good work and support.. You are a true Angel placed on this rough world to help people like me.. I haven't cried this much in years, but they are happy tears.. I've always known that my brother was special and had a heart of gold, and it's been reconfirmed over over.. I'm looking forward to sharing everything with my mom, three older brothers, my niece (Dean's daughter).. Thanks again for your dedication and very hard work.. God Bless You.. Loree Harig.. Dear Ron:.. God does work in mysterious ways, which we can't understand and shouldn't question, although i do many times.. I did get the info from my brother Larry, and yes please give my email address to anyone who knew my brother and would want to share there time thoughts with me.. I've wanted to contact people for years about my brother, Dean, but never knew where to start.. I am very thankful God has brought you into the lives of the Harig family.. I know what you do must be very stressful painful at times but I for one will keep you in my prayers, because I know there are others out there that need your help too.. As I've said before thank you for all your help and please share my email address.. Dean meant the world to me, and although he's in a better place with our dad, I still miss him.. My prayers to you:.. ljharig51@hotmail.. (.. retyped from handwritten letter.. After so many years of e-mail, I never thought I would have to revert to the snail mail variety, even handwritten! Hower my cousins PC is UTS, so here goes with the clay tablet scribe method.. Kathy and I are visiting my mom and other family in West Palm Beach and I thought the CD Red Gum might have a better chance of reaching you if I sent it from here.. Red Gum, like us , is becoming a 'dinosauer' and this is the only CD still in production Caught In The Act.. Some of the songs reflect Australian politics in the 1970's and a few of the colloquialisms might escape you (after 30 years in OZ, I can just about speak the lingo).. If you want a translation I'll be glad to do so at the next reunion over a couple of beers.. Ron, the more I tap into the website and read your e-mails, the more I am amazed at the time and energy you are expending on behalf of all of us, as well as 'Nam Vets everywhere.. You appear to be the focal point for all of the things the rest of us want or need to do but can't, because life seems to get in the way of living.. Without a doubt, you are at least 20% over max gross, and traveling in excess of VNE Don't ever burn out-We all need you! (by the way, I'm not-to use an Aussie expression- Pissing in your Pocket ) I'm really grateful you found me, and we had the opportunity to attend the reunion last April.. Kathe and I are looking forward to the next one.. It's still hard to believe that an only child who is pushing 60 can have so many brothers, many of whom I had never met until this year.. I'm not sure how much I can help from Sydney, but I want to be part of the drive to get more of us to the next reunion.. Take care,stay safe, and think of me still flying my ass off on bush fires in Australia this (southern)summer.. Your Brother.. George Foster.. Please forgive the delay in writing, you've been on my mental to do list.. Stan received his copy of the 25th's Flashes a couple of weeks ago was VERY PLEASED Proud! I've made some copies of the article so our daughter's could each have a copy and a few extra for other relatives.. He even took it to work to let a couple of his co-workers read, which he doesn't do often.. How was the reunion? Did you get additional information you didn't have for your book? I sure wished we could have been there for many reasons, meeting you being 1 of them! John Senka I e-mail he mentioned recently that he sent Mole City Survivor T-shirts to 4 of the helicopter guys who helped them that night in Dec.. He said he got their names from you, I wanted to know who there were too so John sent me a copy of your e-mail to him listing the guys.. Thanks again Ron, for caring enough and taking the time energy to track everyone down write a story that will preserve the history of the Mole City Battle on Dec.. 22, 1968 forever, not only for the guys in your helicopter unit, but the guys on the ground that your air support made the difference between living and dieing for an entire unit and their families.. You're a real jewell-a diamond!.. Keep in Touch!.. Your Friend,.. Rita Adams.. I just got back on line after problems with storm damage to my system.. My son finally came home from college to get me up and running again.. I did not make the reunion.. Yes, I was at Mole City.. I was a medic with C.. company.. If you've read John Senka's account of the battle, I was the young medic he spoke of in his article.. I've written to John about that night and although we shared a lot, we also saw the night differently.. I was one of the new replacements to the Manchu's after the November losses.. I agree that it was a long night.. I never thought about other elements that were engaged until I read on the Net, the account of the helicopter pilots.. It brought back a flood of emotions for me, realizing that we had so many other people giving their all so we could make it.. I was aware of the flare ships and the jets because of the light and noise.. I was intent on treating the wounded men under my care, that a lot of the night is a blur.. I think that's the case because I was focused on the wounded.. After the grenade attack on the bunker I was in, I was wounded, I tried to get back into the bunker from the trench.. The entrance was blocked, I yelled Manchu several times without getting an answer.. I made my way back to the Commo bunker for our company.. The radio operator and the Platoon Sgt.. were there, both wounded slightly.. I treated them and stayed there firing across the compound at green tracers.. At one point I heard a sound that I had never heard before, and was told that it was our gunships firing rockets on the wire, trying to slow the enemy advance.. I stayed there until daylight.. Then I was evacuated to an aid station, then to Saigon where I was operated on.. Then to Japan (X-mas day '68).. I spent 6 weeks there rehabilitating then was sent back to Viet Nam to complete my tour.. Mole City has remained vivid in my memory all of these years.. I am proud that we held the position and inflicted considerable damage on the enemy.. I'm sorry for the 23 men who got killed there.. I firmly believe that the only reason we held the position is because we had air cover all night.. Against the odds we faced, even though we fought with uncommon valor, I don't think that would have been enough.. If you haven't been thanked for your efforts that night, let me say it.. thank you.. Like I said I really didn't think of the support we had until I read the article on the Web.. Now I'll never be able to forget it.. I'm trying to keep this e-mail short.. If you want to contact me for any further info, my phone number.. is: 717-361-0964.. My address is: 459 N.. Mt.. Joy St.. Elizabethtown, PA 17022.. I'll help in any way I can.. Mole Manchu,.. Bob Ardner.. You found information on my sweetheart! My dear 440 that brought me back alive, time after time.. Some of those incident reports are very familiar and actually appear on the film I sent you.. I believe the second.. incident report (with 2 WIA) was when Captain Reynolds and his co-pilot both got splattered by shrapnel from a bullet that came through the instrument panel and went through the rear firewall, 10 to the right of my head.. The report with the damage to the landing gear is also on the film.. I actually saw the bullet (as it had slowed down, having gone through the landing gear) whiz past my nose.. You are amazing Ron.. For me, this is major closure.. I was really attached to that ship.. Those that haven't flown will not understand.. I did find more footage to go along with the first film.. Lots more faces and company area shots.. I do need to edit it and get it on VHS, but your energy is contagious, so I'll get on it, and have it out to you soon.. Bless you Ron,.. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put in to this site.. I spoke with you today and was ,so happy to know that, someone is doing so much, so that we wont be forgotten.. I was looking at little bear crewchiefs of 67, low and behold the picture of the guy refueling that huey is none other than me '' the unknown crewchief 67'' now that was a shocker.. Well I am no longer unknown.. Tthat picture is a picture taken sometimes in 1967 during my tour, and a very proud member of little bears,for my little tropical vacation.. I dont know who took that picture, but I want to thank him for doing so and thank you for posting it.. This whole thing makes me feel good ,and proud thanks again,.. Sincerely.. Maurice Bailey.. I find it hard to believe that someone out of history would remember me and try to find me after all these years.. I've heard it done about buddies from the Big War(WWII) but not out of Nam.. I more than forgot everything that ever happened about anyone except the life I lived personally.. You know it was said that if you made a friend in Nam you were sure to loose him so don't make any.. And I never thought I had.. This is getting so bizarre.. It's obvious you like to play on the computer.. You answered your e-mail right away.. I too spend more time than I should(according to my wife) but it's the only thing I really do for myself.. Forgive me for not being too explicit about things right now.. I' am a little busy with things around my barbershop show.. Tomorrow night is going to be very much alive and I will be there enjoying myself and singing up a storm, so I will get back to you on Sunday.. Have a little patience.. I mean after thirty years!.. This is going to be interesting.. Later, I promise, Bob.. Hi, Ron.. Many thanks for your obvious hard work in keeping up with thangs including the after action report of the latest reunion.. I never dreamed that Jim Kelly's and my actions one day in a hay field in Daleville Al.. would become such a rewarding THANG!!!!! As you may or may not know, one day exactly seven years ago this coming Friday, Jim Kelly and I met per chance at a Army Aviation Credit Union sale in Daleville.. We agreed at that time to attempt a reunion of Little Bears and set a goal to have it within a year.. Paul Smith, Jack Schultz and Jim Dayton were recruited to assist as they were a few of the only locals known to either of us.. Needless to say, hundreds of hours were spent on the phone,on the computer, etc, establishing contact with Bears.. The rest is history--Jim Kelly was defacto president for the first reunion in Pensacola, and I was elected to be the president for the second reunion at Ft.. Each successive reunion has grown about 50% over the last one.. Let's all endeavor to succeed in doing this until all our troops are accounted for! Gen.. Weyand was invited to the first two reunions--each time he responded with an encouraging letter, but declined attendance because his wife has alzhiners disease and he elected to remain in Hawaii with her.. Keep up the good work.. I have a Bear story if you'd like to hear it.. Best Regards, Jim Watts.. I finally had a chance this morning to do some e-mail.. Reading the reunion newsletter reminded me again that I am blessed to be a member of a group of real men who are patriots and heroes.. Ernie gave me the bug to fly again after letting me fly his plane on the way out and back from the Reunion.. So, in addition to the normal catch-up items, I've been getting some instruction for my private fixed wing rating.. I enjoyed the reunion very much and was touched in all of the ways that have been mentioned by the others.. I really appreciate all that you did for the reunion, for the web site, and for the work in finding so many.. Diamondhead's.. There is no way to thank you enough for everything.. We will try at the next reunion.. Now that I have started attending, it will be hard to get rid of me.. You have helped me look forward to this new phase of my life in a way that I haven't so far.. It is almost as good as being young again, but I notice that I am still slow -- in more ways than one.. Thanks again,.. Dave Hennard.. Hey Ron!.. It's me, Kevin Matheson, the crew chief! I just read the letter you wrote about The Last Ride.. Steve forwarded it to me as he has all your letters since our trip.. I can honestly say, you broke a grown man into tears with that one.. You and the Diamondhead's have no idea how honored I was to be a part of a reunion where there were so many heroes, interested in a bird in which I have fallen in love with.. I want to personally thank you and all of the Diamondhead's for your service in Vietnam.. I try to make it a point of shaking hands and voicing my gratitude every time I meet a veteran.. Your service wasn't appreciated upon your return to our country like it should have been and I can't imagine anything that could take that pain away.. but I want you to know that there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about the sacrifices that were made in Vietnam.. I, along with my crew, are very thankful that we could assist in a small part to help bring some closure to you and your brothers.. Steve and I have already started our discussion on which flight suit should get the patch.. We have decided to place Poncho's hat in the Huey so that we can take the Diamondheads with us on any mission that 961 flies.. If there's anything in the world I can help you or any of the Diamondheads with, don't hesitate to call.. I am currently a Detective with our agency, but I'm hanging in there to be with 961 on a full time basis, until then, I'll continue to fly on my on time every chance I get.. Kevin Matheson.. T.. F.. O.. Office 864-222-6652.. Home 864-647-0169.. e-mail.. kevin207@bellsouth.. Ron:.. Many thanks for being the catalyst in getting myself and so many others to the reunion in Charleston.. Without your persistence in tracking us all down, we would still be out of touch with many old friends and.. comrades.. For me it was especially nice to bring my son to see in the flesh some of the folks he had only heard about over the years.. He can relate especially well to the group being an Army Aviator in his own right.. and a veteran of Desert Storm; Macedonia and Honduras tours.. I have several picture of 961 that I would be pleased to send along to the present operators of that old hunk of iron if you could give me an address.. Proud to see she is still serving with pride!!.. All the best;.. Stu Gerald DH 03 '66-'67.. Just wanted to let you know that I ment up with Andy Carr and his wife in Pennsylvania on Monday April 15th.. We got a lot of our questions answered, which made up very happy.. I want to thank you again for your web site.. If it wouldn't have been for the message board on the wall site, Andy would have never found me.. I hope some day to meet you and too thank you in person for all the hard work you do.. ,.. Donna (Stahl) Conner.. It's Rita Adams writing, Stan's wife.. First of all and I know Stan meant to also include in his e-mail to you, Thank You and the men you served with for supplying the support you did to these guys on the ground.. Without that additional support, God only knows if there would be any of them for you to talk to.. Stan I have both taken a look at your website it is very good.. I thank God for guys like you Willy who have undertaken such a huge task.. I know while theraputic for you, you are also doing so much good for not only the guys who returned, but honoring those who did not.. Having sites such as yours helps heal the pain for the family members left behind.. Thank you also for undertaking the story of Mole City, including your story and those behind the scenes, but expanding it to include the Manchu Men.. Stan I have been married almost 28 yrs.. this is the first time he's ever written anything down about that night.. Ironically, recently a niece of another one of his friends who was killed in Nam (6/19/69), posted a Looking For message on the 25th's website, a Manchu read it, posted it on Willy's site I saw it.. (Stan doesn't check the sites, I have this interest), but I share with him anything I think he might be interested in.. We both wrote Briana Bargmann (Gilbert Bargmann) back so are corresponding we made copies of some things Stan had, including a picture from The Wall listing her Uncle Gilbert.. His family is from North Dakota I don't believe have visited DC.. Gilbert's parents are getting quite elderly so hope it is comforting for them vs.. upsetting.. When I read your story, I can tell you are a very talented writer.. Your descriptions using human terms for unhuman events is trully a talent.. Stan does get the Vietnam Magazine so we will look with anticipation for the article.. Do you know when it will be published? Will the men who've shared their experiences with you be able to proofread the entire article before submittion? I mention this because a yr.. or so ago in Vet.. Mag, there was an article about a helicopter pilot that amazingly we know! While we knew he was a Vet.. , lost a leg, he moved to the Fulton community several yrs.. ago is the administrator of our hospital (small world).. The article had a picture of him so we knew it was the same Gerald Torba, so we called him told him about the article.. He was pretty blown away because no one had tried to contact him evidently some of the info.. was not correct.. In Stan's e-mail to you he mentions, Jose' Ruiz Platoon Sgt.. Leonard Simpson.. He has not seen or heard from them since returning.. However the other 2 guys, John Roche Henry Hoffer we have.. About 15 yrs.. ago we reconnected with them, meeting in DC since that time, send cards have visited each other in our homes.. We've got a great picture of the 3 of them in Nam a similar picture of the 3 of them in DC, just FYI (don't know if you'll be doing any pictures).. Plus we have another smaller one that I guess Stan must have taken because he's not in it, but Roche, Hoffer, Simpson I believe Ruiz are (Company B) guys.. Your horse business sounds very interesting, my boss (female) use to teach riding @ a college, still has horses, rides in shows sometimes, etc.. so I've learned some about them all they require.. I'll let you go, look forward to hearing back from you thanks again for doing the story.. PS Did you have a connection to make the story begin or did you just contact the Mag? I believe I'd read where they ask for stories for publication.. God Bless,.. Rita and Stan Adams.. Dear Sir;.. I just read your entry and to me it`s like I was standing at the wall hearing your thoughts.. I went to the wall about 7years ago and it is something I never got over and don`t think I ever will.. All the names,names of men who were husbands, fathers brothers names of men who would never be fathers.. That WALL just pulls at your heart till you think you can`t stand it anymore.. It made me sick the way you MEN were treated during and after the war.. I have always wanted to tell all you men THANK YOU.. It is because of men like you that we all have the right to do and say what we want.. This country could never pay you back for what you did.. You are all just so special.. Again forgive me for sending that mail, this webtv is all new to me and I hit the wrong button.. I live in Fl.. but I am no nut just a grateful American.. Thank you so very much.. Misty.. Just a note to thank you for the invite to the first ever reunion.. I would like to talk more about this and was very surprised when I received the mail from you about it.. I went to your web site and started to get flash backs,the main one was when I read the news paper clipping about the 25th and how many hours we flew.. What hit home was when I read that The Battalion Sergeant Major William H Bennett was the man that accepted the award,tears came too my eyes cause this man was my Uncle.. Yes we were stationed at Cu Chi together from 70 to 71 he was my rock.. I have so many questions and people I want to check on maybe I'll be able to get some answers through your web site.. From my Heart.. thanks.. Then and now Sgt.. L.. B.. Roscoe Jr.. I just read your piece on the Vietnam War.. Well done.. After verifying a few of the facts presented, primarily to ease my academic mind, I would like to use this piece in my history classes.. Oh, by the way,.. I teach both high school and college history classes.. May I use your article?.. Dan Decker.. TSgt, USAF Retired.. Ron, you truly are the Man Everyone I talk to or e-mail all have the same thing to say about your efforts, I don't know what we would do without you.. By the way the recent TV movie, Band of Brothers, stirred some.. memories of my own in Vietnam with my own band of brothers.. People who have never been there don't know what the term really means.. Bob Laney.. Mike Sloniker wrote:.. Leonard's contribution is a major part of the 2001 CD ROM.. I have compiled his data, added pictures, and am using him as an example of how one individual can find his units data by visiting the National Archives in Silver Springs Maryland.. His basic history of the 25th Inf Div, which is the start point is 23 pages long.. I have added other pieces he has found into the data.. The manner in which he has found the data allows me to quickly go to these websites 116th, 187th 242d D/3-4 Cav, and his unit, the 25th Avn Bn, to match data with Gary's information on the VHPA homepage.. This is an extensive piece.. The comment about sending data to the VHPA must mean what he has sent to Gary and I.. Additionally, he has traveled to DC to assist the local chapter with tours of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.. This guy is above the best.. Mike Sloniker.. Mike Law wrote:.. Linda, sometimes I add a P record for someone I need to keep track of.. Please add a new P record for Ron Leonard, 109 South Forrest Street, Apt 109, Ranson, WV 25438, 304-728-7012.. In the combat unit area, put Was a Crew Chief Webmaster 25th AVN BN Recently I exchanged emails with him about some history details.. HE HAS BEEN SENDING VERY, VERY IMPORTANT MATERIAL TO THE VHPA for a long time.. He and I just chatted on the phone.. He is an important friend to have and to keep for the VHPA.. Cheers,.. I just wanted to let you know how much help you have been to me.. I have thought about the family of George Stahl since his death in a helicopter crash at the end of the Cu Chi runway May 20 1966.. I have been actively trying to find his family and his grave site since the first Little Bear reunion almost five years ago.. I have had no luck at all until yesterday.. I come to the 25th Avn.. Bn.. web site almost ever day.. Yesterday I went back to the Little Bear Wall page and clicked on George's name.. There was a memorial message listed there I had not seen before.. It was from his sister Donna.. I sent her an email last night telling her who I was and how much her brother ment to me.. This morning she called me.. It was great.. We spent a tearful twenty minutes on the telephone talking about George and starting to make plans to get together around the time of the next Little Bear reunion in April.. Ron, you don't know how much this means to me.. Just know that all your efforts are greatly appreciated.. Andy Carr.. Man, did you do a great job! Congratulations - it is the first time that I was able to convey what we used to do to my wife and children.. keep up the good work.. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you.. Rob Amiot.. Sorry about that.. Good for Dorothy.. I took her out for dinner while I was in San Diego last week.. What a really nice lady and a fun date too.. Her house is very nice and her new gateway computer is top of the line.. I think she is enjoying the project as my mother is.. They are both very sharp and mentally active senior citizens.. They need constructive work to do in order to keep active alive and remain mentally competent.. Both of them sense this project will keep them well for a while longer.. In a very real sense you are an enormous blessing to two little old ladies who.. really appreciate being able to help and make a meaningful contribution.. Just one more thing to be happy about.. Thanks Ron, for all you are doing for all of us.. Joe =;).. I must say, it was certainly a pleasure meeting you Memorial Day morning at the Wall.. It means so much to.. me to meet veterans like yourself, who are inspired to turn the War into something positive.. I spent some time looking through the web site you have put together.. It is quite impressive.. I plan to.. develop the pictures I took of Grundman's name soon, along with others I took that weekend, and will try to.. find a way to send them to you by email.. Just to be sure, I'd like to return to the Wall sometime this week to make a better shot of the name,.. since it may have been too dark Monday.. Although it will not officially be Memorial Day, I want to make.. sure it's done right.. Thank you for choosing me to help you with your noble project, and thank you, Ron, for your heroism.. Respectully,.. Todd Lawrence.. Ron (the BEST FRIEND a Bear or Diamond Head could Have).. My SSN is xxx-xx-xxx.. Hope this helps identify me and thanks for fixing my name Don't feel bad about the memory, I got the same thing sometimes.. I'll work on the pixs this weekend you will be surprized how the company areas changed.. Best of Luck.. Rick Muenz.. To all Diamondhead Lil'Bear crews.. My name is Brent Witherspoon, a 2 tour medic with the 159th Med.. Detachement (HA) Jan 69 to Jan 70 Nov 70 to Nov 71.. On behalf of the pilots and crews of the 159th and all of their patients We would like to Thank all of you for a job well done and a special thanks for making it possible for us to evacuate thousands of patients from the Battlefield to the nearest hospital.. Without your support this task would have been virtually impossible and played a decisive role in reducing the names on that Wall ! We will always be in your debt!.. Forever Grateful.. Spoon.. medic 159th Med det (HA).. dspoon@ldd.. Greetings,.. I don't know who you are but I must admit, I am fascinated by the time, expertise and caring that your web page exhibits.. My name is John J.. Mistretta and I was Little Bear 15 from 4mar69 to 4mar70.. You have my.. name and address listed on the roster.. Feel free to add my email if feasible.. When I first saw how in depth the web site was I must admit that I wondered who would care.. Not in a derogatory manner, but more along the lines of who besides us? But then it hit me that even if it's just us.. that's more than enough.. Then I saw the virtual wall and that alone is reason enough.. Thank you very much for your efforts.. You are doing a great job!!!! Of course my wife is not so happy about it, but.. Speaking of which your wife's name must be Patience.. Diamondheads, Little Bears, character after character, ever thought of calling the site The Zoo? That's kinda' what it was.. Anyone told you the story about the gunfight in the company area--between two officers? Or, the fire fight (literally fire--lighter fluid in glasses 'til we ran out then boots, empty fire extinguishers, and whatever else could be thrown) that battle raged until I was wounded by a boot to the eye which required stitches, at which time a truce was declared and we all marched (staggered) over to the hospital in our skivvies, where my eye brow was sewn up, despite repeated shouts for award of the Purple Heart none was forthcoming.. Unbelievable but true.. Christmas Day, 1969 --.. It was just another day in Cu Chi Base Camp.. Moral was low and the ol' Christmas spirit was not to be seen or heard from.. Roy Thomas and I had but 4 days left in country as we sat atop bunker #36, contemplating our situation.. Then, sometime after dark, on Christmas night, a voice came from the sky, Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Then we heard the song, Jingle Bells shooting down from a loudspeaker.. What the heck is that? Roy asked as he gazed up over the bunker line in disbelief.. It was a helicopter.. Some crazy fools from the 25th Aviation, no doubt.. Finally! Some Christmas spirit!.. I would like to send out a thanks to whomever pulled off that stunt.. You made my Christmas!.. (I was stationed with the 725th Maint.. Batt.. at the end of the airstrip.. Jim Pluimer.. My heart ached when I read this and would really like to help.. Did you write this or do you know who wrote this? Since I'm the child of someone who was killed in Vietnam, I would give anything to have my dad back and I'm sure this man's family would feel the same if he had not come home.. It's certain that my life would be different if my dad was still here, but there's no way to know how it would be different.. Thanks to you and the work you do for the Website and your friends, I'm finding some peace at last.. I've been carrying some guilt feelings since my dad died because while he was in Viet Nam, I could never bring myself to write to him.. In a tape recording he sent, he asked me why don't I write and to this day, it's still painful.. You see - I knew he wasn't coming home.. I knew when he got his orders, he wouldn't be coming home.. Before he was shipped out and was home for a week, I knew that would be the last time I would see my dad.. Getting in touch.. with men like you and Joe and all the others who have responded about my dad, has made such a difference for me.. What you have done for me is difficult to describe, but I don't feel so far away from him anymore, and through you're work on the website, I can go and see him anytime I want!.. I can't thank you enough for your efforts, Ron.. You are truly a gift to us all and I'm so happy I'm on of your recipients.. Please don't ever forget how much you mean to so many folks.. Keep up the great work!.. Fondly,.. Michelle Grundman Comerford.. I'm happy to help especially since he just posted my dad's (Spook Grundman)picture on the virtual wall.. I appreciate all the incredible work that has been done on the website - it's obviously a labor of love and respect.. The few visits I made to the site were incredible for me especially the pictures of the bear Spooky and the Holiday Inn sign.. Thank you all for what you are doing and I hope to meet you at the reunion.. Best regards,.. Michelle (Grundman) Comerford ;~).. Dear Sirs:.. My sister forwarded me your web regarding the 25th.. I really appreciate all the information as I was only 9 when my father went to Nam and have never really understood everything that happened.. The information about Vietnam in general, the area and the objectives have been helpful in setting to rest some questions that were so vague in my mind that I was unsure of what the questions were myself.. One of the letters forwarded to me was a memory one of my dad's buddies.. had of him.. He was in a village sitting at a fountain surrounded with Vietnamese children and he was smiling.. I was entranced by the memory as the only picture I have he sent to me was of him and many children sitting in the helicopter Ol' Patch.. The boys were playing with the gear and my dad was smiling.. Again, my thanks for your web and all the kind words about my dad.. C.. Starrli.. My husband received your postcard this weekend.. Thank you for sending it.. Charles was in Vietnam from October of 1965 to April 30, 1968.. He was at Cu Chi when Major Houser was killed.. The time and effort that you have accomplished from this website is amazing.. It brought back many memories for Charles and we both took sometime to reflect where he had been many many years ago.. Because of the healing that we both had to do when he got home I became a Veterans Benefits Counselor and I have dedicated my career in trying to be the best advocate possible for the veterans.. The job is very demanding and at times very stressful but it is very fulfilling.. Welcome home Ron and again thank you for your time and effort in trying to locate those who served with the 25th at Cu Chi.. Barbara Wiggs.. I was checking your 25th aviation battalion site.. Was wondering if you might remember in 1966 a group of choppers left Cu Chi and seven were shot down I was on the second one.. We were trying to pick up the first chopper crew but the chopper I was on was shot down.. Do you remember any or anything about the operation.. They supported a company 4/23rd infantry mechanized at CuCHi.. I'm trying to find some of the crews.. of 7 choppers that were shut down that day.. I need to thank them for getting us down after we were all hit we were under heavy fire but they did their job and put us on solid ground I know one of the pilots had received wounds but he put the chopper on the ground.. I hope that you can help me out.. we had to stay out all night because they could not come in and get us out.. But they did bring a puff the Magic Dragon to help us out.. We were low on ammunition so it was the best thing to help us through the night.. It.. was quite a site but a little scary when are Dragon had to leave we knew that all hell would break loose while they were grown.. And did.. I want to thank you for putting your Web site.. I wish there were more out there.. I have tried to put Vietnam in the past but for some reason it keeps popping up there are some thank yous I need to do first.. well they don't want this to go alone I want to thank you for what you did for the ground troops over their.. thank you thank you.. Gary.. thank you for the link to Dan Nate and others.. Foot, I've been awake for most of the last two nights thinking about missions, people and units from the Vietnam era.. You are really an asset to the men who served in that timeframe.. I need to get to work as I haven't paid my way here at work since your e-mail.. Thank you, for what you are doing.. John Thomas.. Yes there is a God and He is clever enough to use normal, flawed people like you and me to be his agents of good on Earth.. Perhaps you are getting a taste of what it is like to be an angel my friend.. !?.. Michelle Grundman Comeford knows you as the angel who let her know for certain.. that her Dad's life had meaning.. I am tickled pink to see you being blessed for your good works.. Keep smiling!.. Joe =:)..

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    Descriptive info: **Anyone I Have Missed Please Let Me Know I Want You On Here**.. Financial Contributors To Computer Upgrade/Archives Research Project.. Without the support of the group, their unending dedication and generosity of both time and money the information contained on these pages would not be possible.. For myself, and everyone connected with 25th Aviation Battalion thank you for your on going support and generosity.. If you wish to donate to the cause and help with further development of this site, and for additional research materials at the National Archives in College Park Maryland either contact me directly, or feel free to use Pay Pal provided here.. Sincerely-Ron Leonard.. Since 2000.. Since 2002 Reunion.. Since 2004 Reunion.. Since 2006 Reunion.. Garry Paris.. Jim Minson.. Charlie Kendall.. Ernie Elliott.. Hubert Bell.. Jim Dayton.. Joe Finch.. Don Townsend.. Terry Mix.. Michelle Comerford Grundman.. Tony Rentz.. Jim Kelly.. George Smith Sr.. Stephen Anderson.. Ira Hartwell.. Fred Mentzer.. Paul Smith.. John White.. Ron Skamanish.. Robert Forsythe.. Charles Burnett.. Larry Crash Carter.. Robin Lauer.. Jim Cannon.. Charles Wiggs.. Leslie Hines.. (Americal Division Assoc Historian).. Nathan Palani.. Daniel Peach.. Randy Juge.. Robert Zirbel.. Dave Henard.. Don Fredrick.. (1st Cav Webmaster/Historian).. Ben Brint.. George Conger.. Reab Berry.. Stu Gerald.. Jim Watts.. Jack Mosely.. Poncho Salazar.. Barry Comerford.. Fred Panhorst.. Ozzie Osthagan.. FrankReilly.. (116th).. Gary Roush.. (Muleskinners, VHPA).. Mike Law (VHPA).. Jan Pogany.. (159th Pilots Fiance).. Jerry Ewen (VHPA).. Tim Horrell LB.. *.. Marlin Price LB.. Ed Beneda LB.. Tom Phillips HHC.. Charlie Edwards DH.. Andy Asberry DH.. Sam Shute DH.. Ed Mitchell DH.. Jim Smith DH.. Art Grosh.. (173rd).. Jim Watts* LB.. George Smith DH.. Ron Krahl DH.. Charlie Wiggs DH.. Chuck Moore DH..  ...   LB.. Jan Moore LB.. Charles Rogers HHC.. Larry Kerr LB.. Bert Rice DH.. Anonymous (several).. Andy Carr LB.. Jim Bullard Modern 25thAvn.. Major Rich Bentley 12th Evac.. Ray Murphy HHC.. George and Deanna Pendleton.. Mark Ayers LB.. Bob Bunton LB.. Bill Willard DH.. Michelle Comerford Grundman.. Jim Smith DH.. Chuck Gant DH.. Ben Brint LB.. Randy Forester LB.. Dale Gueller LB.. Mike Garrity DH.. Ed Davis HHC.. Mark Ayers DH.. Bill Carroll DH.. Since 2008 Reunion.. John Webb LB (Australia).. Sam Haille LB.. Jon Mitchell DH*.. Walt Brockman DH**.. Dave Henard DH*.. Hugh Crumpton LB.. Bill Blackmon Air Force.. Sal Cannizzaro LB.. Phil Jennings Air Force.. Arnold Krause 2/12th.. Gary Westmoreland LB.. Marlin Price LB*.. Charlie Edwards DH.. John Riley DH.. John Mistretta LB.. Paul Maini DH*.. George Gall HHC.. Bill Baker DH*.. Don Hogan LB.. Dan Driscoll DH.. Bob Carlson HHC.. Ken Creiger LB*.. Rene Johnson Donut Dolly.. Ron Skamanish DH.. Chuck Moore DH.. Walt Brockman DH.. George.. Foster LB.. * Denotes more than once during that period.. Contributors of Information.. Diamondhead Little Bears Headquarters.. Charles Edwards.. Dan Driscoll.. Ed Lyons.. George Smith.. Bob Seger.. Jim Koebnick.. Andy Asberry.. Gonzolo Sal Salazar.. Jim Montana.. James Cannon.. Greg Bucy.. Charlie/Barbara Wiggs.. Bert Rice.. Bob Laney.. David Henard.. Charley Burnett.. Ron Krahl.. George Heneveld.. John LaCuran.. Robert Connell.. Lloyd Hicks.. Charles Kesterson.. Robert Brescia.. Dorothy Cook.. Chris Kavanaugh.. Francis Paradise.. Jim Smith.. Mark Kimm.. Gary Paris.. Orlando Davisson.. Marlin Price.. Lawrence Carter.. Chris Jensen.. Dennis Pickett.. Gene Nix.. Tony Lazzarini.. Ken Sloan.. Jay Marion.. George Foster.. Mitchell Wilhelm.. DonRodgers.. Julia Finch.. Ken Mulholland.. Clyde Schiller.. Bob Bunton.. Mazwell Joy.. Chuck Gant.. George Gall.. Tom Phillips.. Paul Spychalski..

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    Descriptive info: Nui Bah Den.. The Gunts Eye View.. It was a politcal war, with no clear cut mission, poor guidance, and a lot of mass confusion about what to do.. Had we been able to take the war to the enemy, no matter where they were, many of us wouldn't have died.. We would have won in short order.. We weren't allowed to do that.. For that reason it has caused great bitterness and resentment of our Government for their actions, or non-actions.. I personally can't disagree with that.. It is the mission of this site to be able to link together the brave men who served together in Vietnam.. To give them a place to rekindle old friendships, to give  ...   of futility.. WE were American soldiers, proud, doing the honorable thing for our country.. We didn't fight this war for our country, we weren't allowed to.. We fought it for ourselves, we fought it for our friends, we fought it so we might survive.. None of us wanted to be a hero, but many were.. All we wanted to do was get the hell out of there.. 365 and a wake up was.. that is what we fought for.. Some of us still are.. Most of all I want to welcome each and every one of you home, something our own government failed to do, something most of the population of this country failed to do.. So WELCOME HOME Brothers..

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    Descriptive info: Ron Leonard.. I was born in Berkeley California on May 23,1946 and was raised in the bay area until 6th grade when my family moved to Tigard Oregon.. I attended David Douglas High School, Eastern Oklahoma State University, and Portland State University, where I was an engineering major.. I was always the littlest guy in school, so I had to get tough or die.. My physical stature was perfect to be a jockey, and my love of horses made it the logical thing to do.. I could be an engineer anytime.. I spent many years riding in Oregon, Washington, Canada, and Montana, where I had good success and won lots of races but very few of the high profile ones.. I was drafted into the Army in August of 1967, attending basic training at Ft Polk Louisiana, then going on to Ft.. Rucker for AIT.. I was sent to Vietnam Mar 7, 1968, where I spent 13 months and derosed on April 8 1969.. I called it  ...   there I did my part.. I logged over 1000 combat hours in gunships, was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, an Air Medal with 30 clusters or so, an Arcom, a Purple Heart, and nightmares.. I was shot down twice, and had a midair collision with a Cobra and walked away.. To this day, I don't understand why anyone involved in that incident is alive.. I wouldn't do it again for a million dollars, but then I wouldn't take a million dollars for what I learned about myself, and mankind as a whole.. I have been a computer nut for the last 20 years, working in the Petro Chemical Industry and Defense industires as a Structural Designer using all kinds of medium from a pencil to Autocad, Visual Basic, and Catia.. Since 2000 I have been the webmaster for 25th Aviation.. org , and for the past three years, Alaska Airplane Maintenance, Veterans Aviation Outreach, WL Howard.. com, and TF Diamondhead for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq..

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