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  • Title: 3 Day Weekends Online
    Descriptive info: .. 3 Day Weekends Online.. This web site is dedicated to the many 3-day weekends occurring around the world.. Latest News.. 04 August 2012.. I have added a new feature to to the vigil.. When a person signs up for a timeslot during a vigil, a new "sign-up" button will apper on the vigil.. Old News.. 25 March 2004.. I have added additional walk information to the Prayer & Palanca/Agape list.. You will now see a list of any other weekends that the community is holding.. This way, you can send out multiple letters  ...   field to the Prayer Vigil.. It lists the number of available prayer vigil slots.. If you see a large number for a weekend that is about to start, consider signing up for a slot or two.. 6 August 2003.. I have updated the Cursillo History map and the new version has been posted.. It takes more of a timeline view of the spread of the Cursillo movement across the world.. Download a copy today!.. Latest News Archive.. This page was last updated on 03/25/04.. Page Counter (Since I started counting):.. Hosted By.. Hosting Service..

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  • Title: 3 Day Weekends On-line - Palanca Listings
    Descriptive info: Select.. the weekends you wish to view.. The latest six weeks of the lists are automatically sent to subscribers of the.. 4thdays, cursillo_list and palanca Yahoogroups.. What has been added to the list lately.. Add or update your community Palanca request.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. January 1-26.. January 27-February 24.. February 25-March 30.. March 31-April 27.. April 28-May 25.. May 26-June 29.. June 30-July 27.. July 28-August 31.. September 1-28.. September 29-October 26.. October 27-November 30.. December 1-31.. Return to the Main Page..

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  • Title: 3 Day Weekends On-line - Palanca Request
    Descriptive info: This information will be e-mailed to the Prayer and Palanca listing webservant.. The list is posted to the.. Emmaus.. and.. Cursillo Listserver.. lists and is posted at the site.. http://www.. 3dayol.. org.. All 3-day renewal movements are welcome to post their request for prayers and palanca/agape for their weekends.. Please provide both e-mail and postal mail addresses because different communities use different methods to send out their letters.. Note: I will reply to requests when I create them for two reasons:.. 1] I get confused and sometimes forget to update the web site.. (It's a double check for you).. 2] I use the message to confirm that your e-mail address is correct and working.. If you do not hear from me for a couple of days, I might have forgotten or I am out of town (or head).. Please let me know if you get worried.. Form Entry Instructions.. If you hit a [RETURN], the form will submit rather than going to the next field.. It is best to use a [TAB] to navigate from field to field.. This form will allow you to enter up to 4 weekends at a time.. All information about the e-mail, postal mail and comments will be duplicated  ...   Other (Use Comments Below).. Community Home Page:.. Weekend Information.. Please enter your weekend information:.. Weekend Dates.. Weekend Title.. Weekend Type.. Men's.. Women's.. Coed.. Youth.. Young Adult.. Young Men's.. Young Women's.. Boy's.. Girl's.. Other (Comments Below).. Palanca E-Mail Information.. Please enter your E-Mail information.. This is the Person and E-Mail address where the electronic palanca/agape should be sent:.. Graphics:.. [.. Yes.. ] [.. No:.. Unsure:.. ].. Yes:.. You would like to receive color letters.. These are generally sent as Microsoft Word or the Graphical JPEG format.. You need to have access to a color printer to make full use of these letters.. No:.. You cannot or would not like to receive color letters.. Generally, you should receive the Black and White letters, many times they are character based and contain character art.. They can be printed on laser printers.. Unsure:.. I would like more information on what this is.. Postal Mail Information.. Please enter your community Postal Mail information.. This is a Person and Address where any paper letters can be sent (if there is time before the weekend occurs).. Postal Mail Address:.. Comments.. Please enter any comments or instructions you with included with the web entry.. Please enter any comments you have for the webmaster..

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  • Title: 3 Day Movements
    Descriptive info: 3 Day Movements.. Cursillos.. The.. Cursillo.. Movement is focused to help each of us fulfill our baptismal responsibility: to go forth, as apostles, and proclaim the Gospel.. We can no longer afford to sit passively by and hope that the world comes to know Christ.. We must make a conscientious effort to tell the world about Christ.. Movement provides us with the necessary tools for fulfilling our baptismal responsibility along with the training for using those tools.. Cursillo - Canada.. Episcopal Cursillo (National).. Non-Denominational Weekends.. Cum Christo.. , Latin for with Christ is an e-movement, an ecumenical movement, based on the worldwide Cursillo de Christiandad.. Starting in Columbus Ohio in 1964, in order to do the work of Cursillo (i.. e.. , Christianize environments) the Bishop and Secretariat saw that -- give the low percentage of Catholics in our region -- an outreach to the mainstream Protestant denominations was necessary; an adaptation that the founders of Cursillo allowed by giving the local bishop authority over the Cursillo.. movement is thriving with four weekends a year, over 100 candidates, and an ancient old school building (1800's vintage) as a central facility for holding.. weekends, Ultreyas, Fourth Day activities, and rented out to other movements for their use.. Diaspora.. is an ecumenical weekend experience led by lay people.. The weekend begins on Thursday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.. Diaspora takes place on two weekends, the first for the men and the second for the women.. At.. you will spend three busy but very enjoyable days living and studying together through discussion, prayer, worship, and singing.. Discussion centers around thirteen talks given by laity and clergy.. These talks present the theme of God's grace, and how that grace comes alive in the Christian community and expresses itself in the world.. You'll also discover how grace is real in your life, and how you can live a life in grace, bringing grace to others.. You will have opportunities to participate in the celebration of Holy Communion, and to begin to understand more fully the presence of Christ in his body of believers.. You will experience God's grace personally through the prayers and acts of service of a living support community.. is an orderly, structured weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christians.. Through a combined effort of laity and clergy, the.. focuses on the renewal of the church.. The image of the.. comes from Luke 14:15-24.. Jesus tells of a master who prepared a great banquet and invited many guests, saying Come, for everything is now ready.. Many had excuses and did not attend.. Finally, many were brought who were poor, crippled, blind and lame.. The result of the master's invitation was to feast and fellowship at a banquet given by God.. Journey to Damascus.. is an ecumenical movement under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi whose aim is to promote a renewal or rekindling of life's core religious values.. This is accomplished by conducting weekend retreats in Corpus Christi which will lead to an individual's becoming more involved in their Church Community including joining groups of Christians who gather regularly to talk about their faith.. is an ecumenical Christian renewal movement.. It encourages people to be in small groups to support each other in their lives as Christians.. is similar to the Cursillo movements.. There are more than 45 Tres Dias communities around the world.. Unidos en Cristo.. is a Christian Community whose purpose is to help persons develop a living faith in  ...   the staff.. Kairos Prison Ministry - UK.. web site serving the United Kingdom.. is a non-profit ministry designed to support the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, etc of men and women who are incarcerated.. This is done by providing a safe environment for a short time with Christian people, and the opportunity to interact with women in similar situations.. After the weekend, the women are encouraged to meet regularly in prayer and share groups, and to attend quarterly or semi-annual reunions.. We believe that women are doing time right along with their loved ones, and we want to let them know that there is a Christian community who cares about them and their needs.. Youth Weekends.. is the youth version of the Great Banquet, designed for older youth who are seeking an awareness of each one's need to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and then begin to make Him Lord in all areas of life.. comes from I Samuel 3:1-10.. One night as Samuel was lying down in the temple, the Lord calls, Samuel! Samuel! Samuel did not yet know the Lord so he did not recognize who was calling him.. After the Lord calls Samuel three times, Samuel is instructed by Eli to respond with, Speak, Lord, for thy servant hears.. Chrysalis®.. is the name chosen for the Youth Walk to Emmaus® because it symbolizes faith growth in the lives of high school and college aged young adults - the spiritual growth that is necessary between adolescence and adulthood.. It is a crucial time of maturing faith for discipleship.. Happening-A Christian Experience.. is a program designed for high school youth.. It is one of the instruments to renew the church in the power of the Holy Spirit, that the church my respond more readily to its call to spread the Kingdom of God through out the world.. During a two day gathering, participants experience the love of our Lord Jesus Christ as shown through the sacraments and the ministry of fellow students, clergy, and lay adults.. Teens are encouraged to take a renewed faith back into their worlds to make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ.. is an ecumenical, evangelical Christian retreat weekend and movement.. It encourages teenagers to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to live as Christians.. is an instrument of renewal in the Church for young adults aged 19 - 30.. Its aim is to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.. Our faith is seriously examined in a relaxed, fun and informal, loving atmosphere.. is an experience that gives those who attend the desire to understand and serve the Church.. What's more, it provides a means to continue the Christian formation which is just begun in the three-day program.. Youth Prison Weekends.. Epiphany Ministry.. has at present 10 states affiliated in a ministry for incarcerated juveniles.. It is an ecumenical Christian ministry for young men and women who are in the custody of either the Department of Youth Services or Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.. The weekend models on which it is based are Kairos Prison Ministry, Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Happening and Cross.. is to manifest God's love to the incarcerated youths known as Stars through a three-day short course in Christianity and an ongoing follow-up program.. Each.. weekend involves a team of adults and youth from the Christian community who work together to show the love of God to the 25 Stars attending.. Return to the Main Menu..

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  • Title: Communities Locator
    Descriptive info: Communities Locator.. This Section is Always Under Construction.. I am working on adding in web page and e-mail links to different 4th day communities around the world.. I would like to add likes for all types of communities to assist people in locating communities in other areas.. If you have any additions or changes to this list, at this time, please e-mail me at.. bwong2k@3dayol.. with the changes.. International Communities.. Please select a state to display known communities..

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  • Title: Tutorials
    Descriptive info: Tutorials.. This pages is going to serve as the jumping off point for a couple of tutorials that will assist you in figuring out how to use the different lists on this site.. I hope that they provide you some useful information.. How to submit a Request to the list..

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  • Title: E-Mail Discussion Lists
    Descriptive info: E-Mail Discussion Lists.. Keep in touch with others that have experienced 3 Day Weekends.. 4thDays.. This email discussion support group is made up of Christians who have been on a Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, Cursillo, Tres Dias or any other 3 day renewal type weekend.. The list is for your personal prayer requests, your favorite touching stories, Agape/Palanca requests and general discussions about your church, your 4th day community and your 4th days.. Click to subscribe to 4thdays.. Cursillo_List.. Discussion of Cursillo, Emmaus, and other 3-day spiritual  ...   and Palanca.. Prayers and Palanca e-mail list.. The six-week and emergency updates will be sent to this list.. If you already subscribe to the 4thDays or Cursillo_List egroups, then you already get these lists on a regular basis.. You might wish to join anyway and set your subscription to Don't send e-mail; will read messages on the web site so that you will not recieve the mailings, but can always access the lists through the web page.. Sort of like an archive.. :.. Click to subscribe to palanca..

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  • Title: Cursillo History
    Descriptive info: History of the Cursillo.. The current version of this chart is version 2.. 0 dated 22 April 2003.. This is a chart containing the pedigree of the Cursillo Movement as best as I can piece together from different web sites.. I have tried to add as many of the three day weekend movements that I could find and the dates when they originated.. I have changed the format of this version to be more of a timeline.. If you have any corrections, additions or comments, please let me know.. Please  ...   with PDF as it creates a smaller and more precise file than other binary formats.. You will have to print the file out (should fit on 4 portrait pages) and tape them together.. There should be enough overlap on the pages to be able to create the full chart without any loss of information.. If you are lucky enought to have access to a large format printer, you should be able to print it out on one sheet.. Click on the chart to download a full size copy.. (30K).. References..

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  • Title: 4th Day Historian
    Descriptive info: Here are some screen shots from my 4th Day Historian program.. I am working on some dependencies on the reports, otherwise, I expect to try to release the program by the end of the year.. Main menu screen.. Registration Screen - People that are scheduled to attend the weekend..  ...   information such and team service records and talks delivered.. Some of the reports that can be generated.. The following screens show some of the configuration that can be done.. This was done as an afterthought to the original program, so that is what I am finishing up at this time..

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  • Title: Buttons
    Descriptive info: I have two sets of buttons that I can make.. Cook Buttons.. - These are meant to be provided to the cooks as a knick-knack to attach to their baloney or apron.. Apron Buttons.. - These are meant to be attached to the cook aprons.. We have common aprons that are all the same.. This is used to identify each of the teams.. The teams can be identified by either name or by color.. Any of the buttons can have any color background.. If you are interested in buttons for your weekends, please let me know.. Bradley Wong..

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  • Title: Prayer Vigil Request
    Descriptive info: Prayer Vigil Requests.. Got that urge to pray for the team and attendees for another communities weekend? Sign up here to do so!.. Check out a list of Prayer Vigils.. Request a new Prayer Vigil be added to the list..

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