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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Poem.. Song.. Previous Home.. Articles.. Handwritten Letter.. Events.. News.. Jane's Blog.. Contact Us.. Awards.. Search.. U.. S.. Gifts Pledges.. 8-26 and 8-27 2014.. Women's Equality Day and then my birthday.. $ 4,317,684.. and counting!!!.. Donate.. Be one of 34 million Americans to contribute at least $1 to our grassroots movement for the women of the world.. Invite others to join you.. By Credit Card, click on DONATE above or BY MAIL: Cash or Checks.. Please make out checks to UNA Pasadena with 34 Million Friends in the FOR line but this is not necessary.. Any check sent to this address is for 34 Million Friends.. PO Box 93606.. Pasadena, CA 91109.. This P.. O.. Box is exclusively.. for 34 Million Friends.. All contributions are tax deductible.. Message From Jane.. Please Read Nicholas Kristof's and Sheryl Wudunn's crucially important book HALF THE SKY: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.. Jane Roberts and Her 34 Million Friends is a big part of Chapter 8.. A Kristof quote about Jane: I tend to think that the great injustices of the kind we write about in `Half the Sky' will involve not only leadership from the White House and the UN but also from citizens like Jane Roberts in places like Redlands.. How very nice!!!.. My (Jane's) Fantasy Talk to a big banquet in the presence of U.. N.. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UNFPA's Dr.. Babatunde Osotimehin.. http://worldpulse.. com/node/.. 74437.. I would love you to read this.. People tell me it is really good.. Here it is.. The work of the United Nations Population Fund is THE most important on earth.. Listen to the words of Ban Ki-Moon (seated right there) In women, the world has the most significant but untapped potential for development and peace.. If that is true, and it is, then that is our task, to unleash the power of women for development (which means cutting poverty and all of the scourges which poverty entails) and for peace, which means doing what is necessary for women to be equal in all realms of civil society and particularly in the political process of making wise decisions for minimizing conflict and enhancing human potential for the long term.. Listen to the words of Dr.. Babatunde Osotimehin , executive director of our beloved UNFPA (seated right there) in a letter to the New York Times.. The time has long passed when anyone can or should be allowed to dictate or restrict women s rights.. No young girl should be forced into marriage.. Each woman should have the means to exercise her human right to choose when and how often to have children.. Finally, the world should affirm, once and for all, that no argument can ever justify violence against any woman on any grounds whatsoever.. Amen to that!.. The most recent State of World Population Report put out by UNFPA is entitled By Choice Not By Chance (show on screen): Family Planning, Human Rights and Development.. In it things are said which are a little more daring than in previous years.. For example: Relative to previous generations greater numbers of young people and adults of reproductive age are having sex outside of marriage with no immediate desire to have children.. Ensuring their access to family planning regardless of their marital status requires an acknowledgement of sexual activity for pleasure and intimacy BEFORE and AFTER marriage as well as within it.. And also Though religious practices and social norms suggest that marriage is a pre-requisite for sexual activity, the State has an obligation to ensure access to family planning to all people irrespective of their religious beliefs and sexual practices without discrimination.. In this instance UNFPA is dealing with the REAL WORLD, not an idealized world.. Good for them.. Did you know that the median age on the planet is just over 25? Believe me there are hundreds of millions of young people whose sexual urges are pretty darn strong.. Planned children prosper.. I want you to watch this vimeo put out by Population Action International on the devastating effects of a lack of access to family planning on individual women.. It s about two minutes long.. http://www.. populationaction.. org/empty-handed/.. (Show vimeo) People, all of you, nearly all of you, in this room have used family planning at some time in your lives.. Family planning is a great gift of the 20th and 21st centuries.. It gives you choices for your individual lives.. Here in the U.. we take it for granted.. At the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt in 1994 the whole world adopted this language: Couples and individuals have the basic right to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing, and timing of their children and to have the information and the means to do so, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health.. Wow, there it is in black and white.. Yet this promise of  ...   approximately 2.. 8 billion people on the planet.. There are now well over 7 billion and according to very recently revised figures by the U.. Population Division, the world population in 2050 will be nearly 9.. 6 billion, 3 hundred million over previous estimates.. This growth will come in the poorest countries with the least resources for the infrastructure necessary for schools, transportation, sanitation etc.. These countries with high population growth rates also have high rates of maternal mortality, high infant and child mortality and guess what, women have low status.. And then there is climate change.. With droughts and floods and extreme weather events, will the U.. s World Food Program be able to keep up? I don t think so.. Look at the Sahel right now.. Will the U.. Children s Fund be able to stem the tide of malnutrition and stunted growth (both body and brains) for the millions of children who essentially die aborning or before the age of 5 because their mothers never should have gotten pregnant in the first place? Will there be enough fresh water for 9 billion thirsty people and for other living things on the planet? NO! Let s get real.. And energy, won t 9 billion people want a job that uses the planet s resources and energy for a life style which we here would find acceptable? The planet can not do it.. No it can t.. And there will be conflicts over these resources of food, water, energy (often couched in religious terms) and the U.. will become nothing but a crisis response crisis management organization asking for billions of supplementary funds for this and that humanitarian and environmental crisis.. I think the Secretary General and Dr.. Osotimehin know this in their heart of hearts.. It is difficult though to be brutally honest.. People want to hear optimistic forecasts which show possible usually technological solutions.. Balderdash!.. Gender inequality is the moral scourge and the moral challenge of the age.. At her hearings to become Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: Of particular concern to me is the plight of women and girls who comprise the majority of the world s unhealthy, unschooled, unfed, and unpaid.. That is an enormous statement, just enormous.. Unhealthy illiterate and poverty stricken girls and women have no real choices for their lives.. They are disempowered in the extreme.. UNFPA strives to give them the choices that we all are able to make.. Just imagine your lives if you couldn t read! I have to show you this little booklet from a UNFPA (put picture on screen) sponsored school in Senegal.. On the front in French, for all kids and their parents to see: Little girls have as much right to food, education, and health care as little boys.. We live in a world where you have to SAY THAT? Good grief! But UNFPA is there saying just that!.. I have a vision.. My vision is this and I say it in my book We have to imagine a world where all people, men and women in equal partnership with no artificial legal, cultural, religious or economic barriers work together for the greater good.. We must imagine a world where all people regardless of their GENDER are judged, as Dr.. Martin Luther King might have said, only by the content of their character.. There is such a long long way to go.. But yet, only then, only if this vision which is shared by millions of people worldwide and of course by our two highly honored guests, becomes reality, can we as a people and as inhabitants of this planet realize an acceptable future.. UNFPA is at the forefront of this struggle.. And it is the most crucial struggle on earth.. I ll close with a quote by the former Ambassador to Africa for HIV/Aids, the Canadian lion Stephen Lewis: I challenge you to enter the fray against gender inequality.. There is no more honorable or productive calling.. There is nothing of greater import in this world.. All roads lead from women to social change.. Be generous with your money and your time.. Educate people, particularly young people, educate politicians.. Educate the world.. As I said at the beginning: THE WORK OF THE UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUND IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ON EARTH!.. Statement by Jane: Gender inequality is the moral scourge and the moral.. challenge of the age.. The United Nations Population Fund is at the core.. of the fight for women s health, education, human rights and equality.. It is the most noble of all causes and most important going forward for.. people, the planet and peace.. PDF of my book 34 Million Friends of the Women of the World.. You.. may download it or contact me and I would love to send you a copy.. 34 Million Friends of the Women of the World.. by Jane Roberts.. julianrob@aol.. com.. Design by:.. styleshout.. | Built by:.. Braineo Websolutions..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Poem
    Descriptive info: We are 34 Million Friends.. by Jane Roberts.. WE are 34 million friends.. We ARE 34 million friends.. We are 34 MILLION friends.. Of the women of the world.. We are reaching out to the world.. We are going to have our say.. Through the UNFPA.. Every baby welcome now.. Loved and fed and vaccinated.. Mothers children learning now.. Reading writing educated.. Every child a heartfelt joy.. Every child a book and toy.. Every child with wings unfurled.. Whether it be boy or GIRL.. No more death while giving birth..  ...   and violence we say NO.. To family planning we say YES.. Human rights are the way to go.. Surely we can do no less.. Woman lying on a donkey cart.. Dirt road heat wave and in labor.. Doctor put her in his truck.. Luck that day was in her favor.. And all of us who have so much.. One dollar we can share.. To show the women of the world.. That we the people care.. We are 34 Million Friends.. And we are going to have our say.. Through the UNFPA..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Song
    Descriptive info: Odetta, who sang our 34 Million Friends song, died today, December 2, 2008.. Thank you Odetta..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Previous Home
    Descriptive info: Jane on Oklahoma Worldviews NPR affiliate,.. May 21, 2012.. Scroll Down To LISTEN.. Move cursor almost halfway.. kgou.. org/index.. php?.. news-management action=view_.. news news_id=3935.. 34 MILLION FRIENDS WORLDWIDE: A SONG!.. Song in French for 34 Million Friends and UNFPA.. Click here: 34 Million Friends - YouTube.. A wonderful song in French for 34 Million Friends and UNFPA by my Senegalese friend Alassane Sy whom I met at a conference on early forced marriage at USC in October, 2011.. I've always wanted 34 Million Friends to go worldwide.. He recorded this in Senegal.. It is beautiful.. It also contains very strong images.. The French with the English translation is on the.. Jane's Blog page.. Click here: YouTube - 34 Million Friends.. WATCH THIS TERRIFIC NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO.. Jane's poem.. and.. Odetta's song.. Click here: What? You've Run Out of the Pill? No IUDs either? | RHRealityCheck.. by Jane Roberts calling for a Family Planning Speak-Out.. Making access to family planning more than a human right,.. but a human reality.. Conference in London in July.. Click here: Dr.. Babatunde Osotimehin: Family Planning:.. Making the Fundamental Human Right a Reality.. The Tragedy of Child Brides,.. National Geographic, June, 2011.. Click here: Child Brides - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine.. Rising Temperatures Melting Away Food Security from Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute.. Click here: Book Bytes - 104: Rising Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security | EPI.. Population Action International's wonderful 13 minute video on the effect of climate change on the world's women.. Please watch.. weatheringchange.. Science Magazine July 29, 2011.. Important video on World Population.. http://video.. sciencemag.. org/.. Featured/1084573072001/1.. NIcholas Kristof of the NY Times tells the truth about family planning.. (Nov.. 2, 2011).. Click here: The Birth Control Solution - NYTimes.. com.. Jane.. Roberts and Her 34 Million Friends is the second part of Chapter 8 in.. Kristof's and Wudunn's international bestselling book Half the Sky.. In October 2011, Jane gave 16 talks to university students, to civic groups, and to United Nations Association chapters in Massachusetts and Connecticut.. Here is a link to her seminar at the Harvard School of Public Health where she was invited by Dr.. Ana Langer, former President of the wonderful ENGENDERHEALTH and now head of the Women and Health Initiative at Harvard.. Click here: Event Summary - Jane Roberts Seminar - Events - Women and Health Initiative - Harvard School of Public Health.. When the world takes care of women, women take care of the world.. The United Nations Population Fund Takes Care of the World's Women.. Please become one of 34 Million Friends of the women of the world through the United Nations Population Fund.. Click here: Women's Health Equals Global Health: A Radical Proposal | RHRealityCheck.. A Project of the United Nations Association of Pasadena.. UNA Pasadena is a tax deductible 501c3 organization which then regrants the funds to UNFPA to the full extent of the law.. The United Nations Association of the United States of America,.. unausa.. , enthusiastically supports UNA Pasadena's collaboration with 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population  ...   the plight of women and girls who comprise the majority of the world's unhealthy, unschooled, unfed, and unpaid.. What an indictment! And she went on to say: The United States must remain an unambiguous and unequivocal voice in support of women's rights in every country, every region, every continent.. We must all (Americans as well as others) become unambiguous and unequivocal voices.. That is what 34 Million Friends calls upon us to do.. My vision for 34 Million Friends has always been that it should become a worldwide grassroots movement for the women and girls of the world.. We must enter the fray against gender inequality.. My friend, Stephanie Ortoleva, an international human rights lawyer who happens to be blind has a wonderful web site:.. womenenabled.. Follow Jane Roberts on Twitter and Become Her Friend on Facebook.. Click here: Jane Roberts (34Million) on Twitter.. UNFPA works in over 150 countries at their invitation to help women survive childbirth and to help families practice family planning.. It educates the world's adolescents about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.. It stresses girls' education and discourages harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation and child marriage which often lead to long term harm.. And UNFPA is at the very heart of the fight to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.. I urge you with all my heart to become aware.. un.. org/millenniumgoals.. Look particularly at MDG 5.. GOAL 5:.. IMPROVE MATERNAL HEALTH.. Target 1:.. Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio.. The high risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth continues unabated in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia (Worldwide over 500,000 women die giving birth every year, one a minute.. ).. Little progress has been made in saving mothers lives.. Skilled health workers at delivery are key to improving outcomes.. Target 2:.. Achieve universal access to reproductive health.. Antenatal care is on the rise everywhere.. Adolescent fertility is declining slowly.. An unmet need for family planning undermines achievement of several other goals.. And all of us who are reading this have no doubt practiced some type of family planning.. Family planning is such a gift.. If truth be told, the ability to control one s fertility is at the very core of women s ability to become educated and to make choices.. For me, access to reproductive health including family planning is at the very core of the world s ability to reduce poverty and misery.. Voluntary family planning saves women s and children s lives, reduces population pressures, gives the planet a chance to sustain us, and contributes mightily to peace and stability.. One can not emphasize enough its importance not only for all the reasons above but also because it helps to prevent many of the 20 million illegal and unsafe abortions which take place every year and which take a terrible toll on women and their families.. UNFPA is the largest supplier of family planning counselors, reproductive healthcare physicians and workers, and of family planning commodities in the world.. Please visit its web site.. You can learn much valuable information at.. unfpa.. Warm Cheers,.. Roberts..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Articles
    Descriptive info: The complicated landscape of women's access to equality by Barbara Crossette,.. a top journalist and friend of 34 Million Friends.. Click here: At the UN, Twenty Years of Backlash to 'Women's Rights Are Human Rights' | The Nation##.. Men Step Up for Family Planning.. Dr.. Osotimehin on CNN.. Click here: Opinion: Men, step up on family planning - CNN.. Malcolm Potts puts Mali and the Sahel in perspective.. GREAT ARTICLE.. latimes.. com/news/.. opinion/commentary/la-oe-.. potts-mali-population-.. 20130125,0,3994306.. story.. UNFPA to increase its allocation to family planning from $25% to 40%.. Click here: Family planning summit could mark turning point for maternal health | Babatunde Osotimehin | Global development |.. Click here: Rio20 | World Pulse.. Jane writes for Rio+20 for World Pulse.. Click here: MYREPUBLICA.. com - News in Nepal: Fast, Full Factual.. Rio Summit: The world in figures.. Agence France Presse.. Click here: What Sex Means for World Peace - By Valerie M.. Hudson | Foreign Policy.. 34 Million Friends on blogs in Africa, May 2012.. Click here: Afrique Actu RSS.. Barbara Crossette writes about 34 Million Friends and Friends of UNFPA.. Click here: Americans for UNFPA Gets a New Name | passblue.. Click here: The Trojan Paradox - By Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy.. FINALLY the world is getting serious about family planning.. Dateline, Dakar, Senegal, Dec.. 2, 2011.. Click here: Taming the wild west of family planning | World news | The Guardian.. Click here: Population growth taxing planet s resources - The Washington Post.. Good Stuff from UNFPA Director Babtunde Osotimehin in FORBES.. Click here: UN Population Fund Executive Director on HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health, and Leadership - Forbes.. Jane's article: Dr.. Babatunde Osotimehin of UNFPA writes about Population in Science Magazine.. Babatunde Osotimehin of UNFPA writes about Population in Science Magazine | RH Reality Check.. July 4, 2011 Dr.. Babtunde Osotimehin, head of UNFPA says communication with men about reproductive and sexual health is crucial.. I think having a man as head of UNFPA will make this easier.. worldandmedia.. com/health/analysis-including-men-in-sexual-health-programmes-0407.. html.. Seven Billion Reasons to Invest in Family Planning by my friends Martha Campbell and Malcolm Potts.. populationmedia.. org/pmc-blog.. Different Aspects of Poverty from Jane Roberts.. Click here: http://www.. ladybugflights.. com/.. pdf/featured.. pdf.. Letter by Duff Gillespie (a friend, a member of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) in the Lancet Medical Journal about the omission of naming contraceptives on the priority medicines list for life saving interventions.. thelancet.. com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(11)61017-9/fulltext.. Feb 23, 2011 My strongly worded admonition to the House of Representatives about UNFPA funding.. rhrealitycheck.. org/reader-diaries/2011/02/23/fantasy-testimony-republican-house-representatives-about-unfpa-funding.. Jane Roberts (for 34 Million Friends) calls in to NPR's Talk of the Nation discussion with Nicholas Kristof and Mary Robinson on empowering women.. Sept.. 23, 2010.. Click here: Equality Still Elusive For World's Women : NPR.. THE EARTH IS FULL.. PLEASE read this.. nytimes.. com/2011/06/08/opinion/08friedman.. html?hp.. Benjamin Tutu (audio from the BBC) on child marriage.. 4 minutes, great!!.. http://news.. bbc.. co.. uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9506000/9506366.. stm.. From the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition.. Because of rising population among women of childbearing age, the need for increased budgets for family planning commodities is clear.. ipsnews.. net/news.. asp?idnews=56134.. The heads of Engenderhealth and the Global Health Council write in the Huffington Post for FAMILY PLANNING!.. huffingtonpost.. com/jeffrey-l-sturchio/the-best-investment-in-gl_b_831575.. The U.. Population Fund reminds us that access to contraception is a human right!.. org/public/home/news/pid/7427.. The WORLD SUPPORTS UNFPA!.. turkishweekly.. net/print.. asp?type=1 id=115960.. Contributions up!!! June 10, 2011.. Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell (my friends) write in Foreign Policy Magazine.. foreignpolicy.. com/articles/2011/05/09/the_myth_of_9_billion.. Child Marriage in Azerbaijan.. The dangers for girls.. rferl.. org/articleprintview/24209453.. Lies, lies and more lies about UNFPA.. This is all out war against the UN organization which does more for women's health and well-being than any other.. lifenews.. com/2011/05/26/house-republicans-file-bill-to-cut-pro-abortion-unfpa-funding/.. My BLOG POST at Gender in Evaluation.. 4-29-11.. http://genderinevaluation.. ning.. com/profiles/blogs/gender-equality-and-34-million.. Women shortchanged in investment dollars to mitigate effects of climate change.. http://ipsnews.. asp?idnews=56239.. The Center for Global Development recommends that UNFPA focus almostexclusively on sexual and reproductive health and less on tangential areas such as women's empowerment.. This is well worth reading.. I think Babtunde is heading in this direction.. April 11, 2011.. http://click.. email.. cgdev.. org/?qs=992d50215cba966146e1884314cd13c5a56cf689b2412a65d1ea980223b069c8.. Stephanie Ortoleva is an international human rights lawyer who happens to be blind.. She's also a friend.. Her web site:.. My friends Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell write in Foreign Policy Magazine.. They know what they are talking about.. npr.. org/2011/05/11/136201025/foreign-policy-without-birth-control-planet-doomed.. National Geographic.. (Fascinating!) The Coming Storm.. Population and Climate Change in Bangladesh.. April,2011.. http://ngm.. nationalgeographic.. com/print/2011/05/bangladesh/belt-text.. NY Times, May 2011, U.. Predicts over 10 billion people by the end of the 21st century.. This is NOT good.. com/2011/05/04/world/04population.. html?_r=1 emc=eta1.. Poor Jane's Almanac by Jill Lepore of Harvard.. The story  ...   the Los Angeles Times.. Saving EARTH.. com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-morrison-ehrlich-021211,0,413002.. column.. HERE WE GO AGAIN by Jane Roberts on the subject of reproductive health and the 2010 election.. org/reader-diaries/2010/11/11/here-again.. The world's GLOBAL STRATEGY for women's and children's health.. Please read this very important document.. Posted on Sept.. 6, 2010.. who.. int/pmnch/activities/jointactionplan/20100831_globalstrategyforwch.. My Voice of People on the MDGs.. 9-18-10.. sbsun.. com/ci_16105897?IADID=Search-www.. com-www.. Envision Gender Equality: Nothing Else is Working,Jane Roberts, The Solutions Journal.. thesolutionsjournal.. com/node/621.. International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) interesting research on men's reactions to gender equality issues.. icrw.. org/media/news/men-and-gender-equality-evolving-union?ms=1-12-11-eblast utm_content=julianrob%40aol.. com utm_source=VerticalResponse utm_medium=Email utm_term=More%20%26raquo%3B utm_campaign=New%20at%20ICRW.. Babatunde Osotimehin, the new Executive Director of UNFPA Jan.. 1, 2011.. http://unfpa.. org/public/home/news/pid/6942?utm_source=MHTF+Subscribers utm_campaign=5abe8ba105-MH_BUZZ10_12_2010 utm_medium=email.. Peter Hotez M.. on neglected tropical diseases which affect women's reproductive health especially in Africa.. OP-ED LA Times Dec.. 12, 2010.. PLEASE read.. 2010.. com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-hotez-tropical-diseases-20101212,0,289672,print.. upack.. com/press/population-growth/.. VERY INFORMATIVE, an incredible graph.. My Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting video, made at Women Deliver 2010.. http://pulitzergateway.. org/dying-for-life-your-stories.. / Click on my picture.. Click here: Gender Based Violence: An Expanded Definition and a Pessimistic Assessment |.. Wonderful article on contraception here and abroad by Amy Tsui of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.. She is director of the Gates Foundation Institute of Population and Reproductive Health at Johns Hopkins.. baltimoresun.. com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-contraception-20100926,0,4094520,print.. Amy Ernst, a young American, visits Congo and talks about contraception and the Catholic Church.. http://kristof.. blogs.. com/2010/09/29/notes-from-a-young-american-in-congo-contraception/?hp.. For Afghan Wives, A Desperate Fiery Way Out.. NY Times Nov.. 8, 2010.. com/2010/11/08/world/asia/08burn.. html?pagewanted=2 _r=1 hp.. Ambassador to the United Nations on U.. support for the United Nations Population Fund and congratulatory remarks about Executive Director Thoraya Obaid.. com/pages/31_August_2010_12.. Excellent article in Scientific American (Oct.. 2010) on Maternal Health.. My comment is no.. 3.. scientificamerican.. com/article.. cfm?id=maternal-health.. The World's Women 2010, Trends and Statistics, from the United Nations.. http://unstats.. org/unsd/demographic/products/Worldswomen/WW2010pub.. htm.. GATES Foundation on Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health.. gatesfoundation.. org/press-releases/Pages/better-post-natal-care-by-2015-100922.. aspx?utm_source=MHTF+Subscribers utm_campaign=89db5a14bc-MH_BUZZ9_15_2010 utm_medium=email.. My friend Marcy Bloom's article on the Forsaken Women of the Philippines.. org/print/13996.. Defusing India's Time Bomb.. Very interesting article, NY Times, Sat.. Aug.. 21, 2010.. A strategy that is non-coersive and seems to work.. com/2010/08/22/world/asia/22india.. html?pagewanted=2 hp.. World Health Organization and UNFPA and UNICEF on health interventions for family planning, safe abortion, maternal and newborn care.. 16, 2010.. int/making_pregnancy_safer/documents/fch_10_06/en/index.. html?utm_source=MHTF+Subscribers utm_campaign=8c92d14d7f-MH_BUZZ7_20_2010 utm_medium=email.. Reproductive Health and Climate.. This article says it all in the Global Health Magazine by Kate Mogelgaard of Population Action International.. globalhealthmagazine.. com/summary/rh_and_climate_change.. Sobering Population Statistics.. com/2010/07/30/world/30population.. html?_r=1 ref=world.. Hillary Clinton on the Obama Administration's Global Health Initiative Aug.. state.. gov/secretary/rm/2010/08/146002.. RH Reality Check.. org/blog/2010/07/01/pedophilia-disguised-marriage-religion-case-nigeria.. Is pedophilia too strong a term for this case? I don't think so.. Out of the Darkness of Centuries Book review by Jane.. Using media to influence reproductive health behavior.. org/reader-diaries/2010/07/21/darkness-centuries-book-review.. From WOMEN DELIVER CONFERENCE (JUNE 2010) ADVANTAGES OF FAMILY PLANNING!!!.. womendeliver.. org/about/the-issue/the-cost/.. My blog for the Global Health Council Conference, June 2010.. com/conference_blog/a_radical_proposal_fighting_for_women_and_girls/.. The Millennium Development Guys by Jodi Jacobson.. WELL WORTH READING!.. org/blog/2010/07/07/millennium-developmentguys.. June 30, 2010 US Ambassador at Large for Women's Global Issues, Melanne Verveer, Statement.. http://usun.. gov/briefing/statements/2010/143895.. From the U.. K.. Great article:.. dfid.. gov.. uk/Media-Room/Speeches-and-articles/2010/Placing-women-at-the-heart-of-development/?utm_source=MHTF+Subscribers utm_campaign=ee80151fc8-MH_BUZZ7_6_2010 utm_medium=email.. Click here: Microloans Are Not Enough to Lift Women Out of Poverty.. Click here: Roberts talks about women's issues - Redlands Daily Facts.. Click here: Wanted: Real Money for the Poor-World s Women.. Click here: Worldview - U.. Initiative Aims to Improve Maternal Health.. com/news/nation-and-world/la-fg-climate-conflict27-2009nov27,0,303698.. This article includes an iconic picture of women vs.. climate change.. Please see!.. Click here: Women's eNews - Two Moved Mountains of Money for Global Health.. Jane's review of Half the Sky for the Global Health Council.. 34 MILLION FRIENDS IN THE NY TIMES - Andrew Revkin Dot Earth.. !!!.. Click here: World Population Day: The Centrality of Family Planning | RHRealityCheck.. Click here: News Broadcast - Family Planning and Reproductive Health Have Fallen off Global Development Radar ? World Bank,.. Click Here: When the World Takes Care of Women, Women Take Care of te World.. Click here: A Discouraging Reality Check | RHRealityCheck.. Click here: Roberts speaks about gender inequality - Redlands Daily Facts.. Click here: The Girl Effect - Home.. Ban Ki-Moon Calls for Protection of Young Against Recession and Thoraya Obaid talks about the implication of 1.. 5 billion people on the planet being between 10 and 25 years old.. Posted Aug.. asp?NewsID=31743 Cr=youth Cr1=econom.. Participation of Men in Family Planning Decisions.. Family Planning in Kenya: Not for Women Only.. org/public/op/edit/News/pid/3015.. The War for Afghanistan's Women by Malcolm Potts in the Los Angeles Times.. 23, 2009 I know him.. Wonderful article!.. com/news/opinion/la-oe-potts23-2009aug23,0,3722899.. Click here: Letters: On gendercide, natural gas, IEDs, Jerusalem, Argentina, fixing things, banks | The Economist.. My letter included..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Handwritten Letter
    Descriptive info: A touching hand-written letter to Jane.. Feb 28, 2010.. Dear Jane,.. For Christmas this past year, my mother (Francine Javarauckas) gave me the a book Half the Sky.. It was also at that time that we learned that there were no more treatment options for her colon cancer.. Knowing she had only a couple of months to live, she and I started making preparations.. In one of our conversations, she asked where donations (memorial) should go.. and that is when I told here about the DOT ORGS listed in Half the Sky.. She was very impressed by 34 Million Friends.. Together, in her bed, she and I used her laptop to go to the site, and we watched your video.. When done--she said That's the  ...   very well be one of those women that find the cure for cancer, work toward world peace, etc.. Included is $110 in memorial donations from several people that attended her service earlier this month.. Before my mom passed on February 16, she and I agreed that in addition to collecting for 34 Million Friends, it is important to get the word out and make as many people aware as we can.. We included it in the paper announcement and I will continue to spread the word.. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help the cause.. I travel all over the globe and I have an idea of what it is like in many of the developing countries.. Kind Regards, Trish Torizzo..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Events
    Descriptive info: November 18 UNFPA will launch its 2009 State of World Population Report.. This year the theme is Gender, Population, and Climate Change.. December 4, 2009 at the National Press Club.. The Population Institute will give out its media awards.. Dec.. 8 Jane Roberts and Nuriye Ortayli from UNFPA will speak at the Turkish Center in the same building as the Turkish Consulate at 821 United Nations Plaza at 7:00 p.. m.. about women's status, reproductive health, population and development issues in western Asia to alumni of Istanbul University and to the Turkish New York City community.. Please also see.. turknorthamerica.. iumezusa.. 10, Jane will be in Washington DC when the United Nations Association of the National Capital Area awards its Louis B.. Sohn Human Rights Award to Thoraya Obaid, Executive  ...   Jane will meet with Human Trafficking Awareness, with chpaters of ZONTA and with United Nations Association chapters in Florida.. February 10, Jane Will address the Women's Club of Raleigh, NC.. March 3, Jane will address the San Fernando Valley chapter of the UN Association at Cal State Northridge at 7 pm.. April 14, Jane will speak to the AAUW chapter of Riverside, CA.. April 15, Jane will speak to the Breakfast Club in Redlands, CA.. June 7-9, Jane will be at the second WOMEN DELIVER conference in Washington D.. C.. , a worldwide conference on safe motherhood.. She attended the first such conference in London, in 2007.. June 14-18, Jane will attend the annual conference of the Global Health Council whose theme in 2010 is the Health Millennium Development Goals.. globalhealth..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - News
    Descriptive info: Family planning can reduce maternal deaths by 70%.. New Vision.. A report, recently released by the Guttmacher Institute and the United Nations Population Fund (.. UNFPA.. ), provides some answers.. It documents the enormous.. See all stories on this topic.. Joel Lamstein, (JSI) on Clinton's recommitment of US to Reproductive Health.. com/joel-lamstein/re-discovering-us-leaders_b_416102.. Population, Climate Change, Least Developed Countries, Paper by World Health Organization.. int/bulletin/volumes/87/11/08-062562.. Climate Change, Drought, Women in Kenya, conflicts.. UN Day Essay from Southern Oregon Chapter of UNA.. Please read.. dailytidings.. com/apps/pbcs.. dll/article?AID=/20091021/OPINION03/910210321 emailAFriend=1.. Water Scarcity Looms.. From the WorldWatch Institute.. worldwatch.. org/node/6213?emc=el m=279787 l=4 v=a8085f1b07.. Wives can be denied food if they don't submit to husand's sexual demands.. Horrific denial of women's humanity in Afghanistan.. Read More.. Statement at the Policy Roundtable with Faith-Based Organizations.. Jimmy Carter "Losing My Religion for Equality".. Jane Roberts and Lois Abraham established 34  ...   BLN NEEDED FOR POPULATION PROGRAMMES TO CURB POVERTY.. UNITED NATIONS, New York, 6 April 2009.. - Investments of $64.. 7 billion are needed in 2010 for population programmes that are essential to reduce poverty, promote development and curtail maternal death, according to a revision approved by United Nations Members at the closing session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) late on Friday.. One third of this sum, about $21.. 6 billion, is expected as international assistance, while the remaining two thirds would be domestic investments by developing nations.. Population and Development (CPD) adopts Resolution.. The 42nd session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) concluded last week with the adoption of a resolution on The contribution of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development to the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Jane's Blog
    Descriptive info: Please please please read this whole series in the L.. A.. Times by my friend Ken Weiss.. com/populationrising.. It says everything.. (July 2012).. Also I'll be on WORLDVIEW with Jerome McDonnell on Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) on Aug 2, Thurs.. at either 12:25 or 12:40 pm Central Time (two hours earlier on west coast, one hour later on east coast) t.. La Chanson 34 Million Friends by Alassane Sy.. Nous sommes 34 million d amis, de femmes et de jeunes filles du monde.. Rejoignez-nous afin de donner la voix aux femmes,.. De chanter la source de vie.. Au sein d un movement mondial.. 34 Million Friends.. Music has the force to change the world.. We are 34 million friends.. Bis.. Bis.. Nous nous prononçons.. Plus de marriage forcé.. Plus de marriage précoce.. Plus d excision.. Plus de viol.. Plus de violence.. Sans.. être.. excisée.. J ai le droit de rester à l école.. Préparer mon avenir.. choisir mon mari par amour.. Et d espacer mes grossesses.. Bienvenu à tout enfant.. Tes parents t aimeront.. Mère et enfant, unis pour toujours.. J ai le droit d être vaccinée,.. Apprendre à lire et à écrire.. La musique a le pouvoir de changer le monde.. Je ne veux plus de charrette pour m amener a la maternité.. A toutes celles qui dans l histoire ont été battues, bafouées, mises à part.. Nous vous demandons pardon.. Débarrassons le monde de ce fléau.. Que serait le monde sans vous.. femmes.. We are 34 million Friends.. Vos genoux ont supporté toutes les souffrances de la vie.. Vous avez guidé nos pas.. Femmes du monde qui donnent la vie.. A l unisson nous chanterons votre.. hymne.. Plus jamais de femmes qui meurent en donnant la vie.. Plus de femmes qui mourront donnant la vie.. Après 9 mois de souffrances,.. Il est juste que vous voyiez le sourire de vos enfants.. of the women of the world.. Se.. contentant de savourer le bonheur.. d avoir.. un bébé sur la poitrine.. Vous avez le meme sang dans les veines.. Tambours er koras offrez un.. rythme à.. toutes les femmes du monde.. Toutes les femmes du monde..  ...   of a girl) Without being cut (suffering genital cutting).. I have the right to stay in school.. To prepare my future.. To choose my husband out of love.. To space my pregnancies.. Chorus.. Welcome to every child.. Your parents will love you.. Mother and child, united forever.. (Voice of child) I have the right to be vaccinated.. To learn to read and write.. Music has the power to change the world.. I don t want a donkey cart to take me to the maternity ward.. To all those throughout history who have been beaten, scorned, put off to the side.. We ask your pardon.. Let s rid the world of this scourge.. What would the world be without you, WOMEN.. Your knees have suffered all the miseries of life.. Vous have guided our footsteps.. Women of the world who give life.. In unison we sing your hymn.. No more women who die giving birth (giving life).. No longer will women die giving birth.. After 9 months of suffering.. It is right that you should see the smiles of your children.. That you should savor the happiness of nursing your baby.. You have the same blood in your veins.. Drums and cymbals(?) Offer a rhythm to the all the women of the world.. O Women, red and black, white and yellow.. Source of life breath of life.. In the courtyards of men.. You have your rightful place.. To these girl children, forced to marry , blindly guided.. Stolen from all dreams of love.. To these girl children victims of men and of their domination.. To all those who suffer in shadow or in sun.. To all those who never complain about misery.. You are the school we go by (You are the greatest school on earth).. Since the human race began.. It is time now.. For the world.. To deliver.. For women.. (Look up.. ) These words at the end were taken from the November 2007 front cover of The Lancet, the British medical journal in honor of the Women Deliver world conference in London meant to highlight and bring the world s attention to maternal mortality.. )..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: For questions, information on my book (If you want one just ask and I'll send you one) or invitations to speak.. My Resume:.. RESUME.. for Jane Roberts.. 700 Cajon St.. Redlands.. CA.. 92373.. 34millionfriends.. and or.. org/support/friends/34million.. home phone 909-793-4578.. julianrob(at)aol(dot)com.. ,.. cell when traveling 909-936-3434.. Born.. 27, 1941.. in.. San Diego.. ,.. 1963 M.. in French at.. Middlebury.. College.. Graduate.. School.. of French in.. France.. 1964-1970 member of French Department of the.. University.. of.. , rank of instructor.. 1970-73.. taught part time at the.. including the first women s studies class, coached the women s tennis team.. 1974 to 1990 taught part time French and tennis at a community college and also gave private tennis lessons.. With my husband raised two kids.. 1991-1999.. taught French and coached the boys and girls tennis teams at.. Eisenhower.. High School.. Rialto.. 1999-2001.. tutored reading several hours a week at.. Kingbury.. Elementary School.. next door to my house in.. 2001.. joined the PLANET campaign sponsored by the Hewlett and Packard Foundations to try to urge Americans to support international family planning.. 2002.. cofounded 34 Million Friends of the United Nations Population Fund.. 2003.. Traveled to.. Mali.. Senegal.. as a guest of UNFPA to see their work on site.. 2003.. one of the Women of the Year for MS Magazine and received a Special Recognition Award from the Population, Reproductive Health, and Family Planning branch of the American Public Health Association.. 2004.. one of the 21 Leaders of the 21.. st.. Century for Women s eNews.. 2005.. With Lois Abraham, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the 1000 Peace Women Project under the  ...   I attended the international conference on maternal health in.. London.. to commemorate the 20.. anniversary of the Safe Motherhood Initiative (www.. org ) and the second Women Deliver conference in Washington D.. June 7-9, 2010.. See.. 2007-2010 Involved in discussions about a major motion picture documentary about gender inequality worldwide with particular emphasis on women s and girls access to education and health as it relates to the.. Cairo.. Consensus and the Millennium Development Goals.. This had the strong backing of (now deceased) Allan Rosenfield, Dean of the.. Mailman.. of Public Health at.. Columbia.. , and has the backing of Nafis Sadik, former Executive Director of UNFPA.. The planning proposal has been funded by the Packard Foundation and the final proposal is now being sent out to several foundations and private funders.. I coordinate my activities with the United Nations Association,.. Pasadena.. chapter.. 2008.. named Purpose Prize Fellow through Civic Ventures which encourages older Americans to have socially useful encore careers.. encore.. 2009.. Global Citizenship Award from the United Nations Association,.. Southern California.. Division.. September 8, 2009.. Jane Roberts and Her 34 Million Friends was the second half of Chapter 8 in Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn.. On.. March 8, 2010.. , International Women s Day, Jane Roberts was on.. Chicago.. Public Radio s Worldview program with Jerome McDonnell.. talking about UNFPA, gender inequality and.. Millennium Development Goal number 5: Improve Maternal Health.. Jane has written several published articles available at www.. org with a click on ARTICLES.. Jane Roberts,cofounder 34 Million Friends.. julianrob.. @aol..

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  • Title: 34 Million Friends - Awards
    Descriptive info: Jane Roberts and Lois Abraham were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 project under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO.. Please see.. Jane Roberts is a 2008 Purpose Prize Fellow (.. ).. In 2003 Jane  ...   year for MS Magazine.. In 2003 Jane Roberts and Lois Abraham received a Special Recognition Award from the Population, Reproductive Health and Family Planning branch of the American Public Health Association.. In 2004 Jane Roberts and Lois Abraham were among the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century for Women's eNews..

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