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  • Title: Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome.. News.. Events.. Research.. Tools & Services.. Contact.. THE INTERNATIONAL INTERFAITH INVESTMENT GROUP.. The mission of 3iG is to contribute to a just and.. sustainable society through responsible investment in.. a spirit of genuine interfaith dialogue and co-operation.. ".. 3iG.. , the International, Interfaith, Investment Group, is a not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to contribute to a just and sustainable society, by promoting faith-consistent investments in  ...   2005 through the efforts of the Alliance for Religions and Conservation and is a foundation registered under Dutch law.. is designed to assist the Faiths in facilitating and advancing their engagement in the area of faith-consistent investing and to provide high-level research and information to enhance its development.. The great challenge is to integrate faith-based principles into the world of business, particularly via investing.. 2014 3iG.. Contact Me..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: http://www.. 3ignet.. org/documents/WebsiteJan2012JoBEpublication.. pdf.. 20 May 2014.. New practitioner report published.. 3iG, together with ESADE (Spain) and Audencia (France) have published a new practitioner report named `From Stewardship to Power.. Religious Institutions and their Investment Practices.. The press release is available in.. English.. ,.. Dutch.. and.. French.. To read the full report, click.. here.. 1 November 2013.. Your Faith Your Finance Website.. With church investments in the UK spotlight, a new website providing church groups and individual Christians with a host of new resources to make ethical and spiritual decisions about their use of money.. The 'your faith your finance' website contains facts, links and case-studies covering issues ranging from banking and shopping to biblical parables about money.. The new website explains a range of different views on the subjects in question and includes resources for personal reflection and group discussion.. 3iG supports this Quaker and ECCR initiative and suggests you to pay a visit.. Click.. 20 September 2013.. Guardian Sustainable Business, Finance Hub.. When will religious organisations reach their full potentials as investors? This was the title of the 3iG blog published on the Financial Hub of the Guardian Sustainable Business on 17 September 2013.. The article provides some characteristics of religious organisations that can be utilised for faith consistent investing.. Leave your comments on the site and share the article with others! Click.. to go to the article.. 22 November 2012..  ...   research in the area of Faith Consistent Investing.. The focus of the new research will be on Religious Investor Identity and will be done in cooperation with our research partners Vlerick (Belgium) and ESADE (Spain).. 30 May 2012.. Believers in the Boardroom.. The results of a second major research carried out by the International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG, along with ESADE Business School in Spain and Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management in Belgium, provides insight in how 3 different religious institutions owning shares of stock listed companies can influence company behaviour.. 23 May 2012.. Faith Consistent Investing on UBrain TV.. Internet-based TV station UBrain TV has been increasing its attention to how religious institutions can invest according to their beliefs.. View interviews with representatives of Goodbankers (Japan) and 3iG (Spain, the Netherlands) and lectures on Responsible Investment by using the following links.. My Dream (K.. van Cranenburgh, 3iG):.. ubraintv.. com/watch.. php?id=284.. Lecture FCI (K.. php?id=289.. Interview 3iG (K.. php?id=283.. SRI in Japan, Goodbankers (M.. Tsukushi):.. php?id=266.. Interview Goodbankers (M.. php?id=264.. UBrain TV provides many more interesting videos for 3iG members.. Have a look on their website:.. com.. 23 January 2012.. Journal of Business Ethics first academic journals to.. publish Faith Investing The Journal of Business Ethics, a reputable international scientific journal on humanities, social sciences and law, has published a paper named From Preaching to Investing: Attitudes of Religious Organisations Towards Responsible Investment..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: 26 November 2012:.. 3iG exposes KAICIID stakeholders to FCI at prestigious inauguration ceremony.. 3iG participated in the launch of The KAICIID Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue.. Top religious leaders gathered in Vienna to enable, empower and encourage dialogue among followers of different religions and cultures around the world.. 3iG thanks the organisation for supporting Faith Consistent Investing and the work of 3iG as it seems new to many of the KAICIID stakeholders.. Look.. for more info on KAICIID.. 22 February 2012, Paris, France.. Working Group on Governance and Engagement.. The Chaire Finance Durable et Investissement Responsable holds its 3rd meeting in Paris on governance and shareholder engagement.. 3iG s research partner Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is presenting preliminary findings of the study it did amongst 3iG members on religious shareholder engagement.. The study with the working title When CEOs and Priests meet: religious organisations and their shareholder investment practices.. , is expected to be presented in the form of a practicioners report in the spring of 2012.. 4 October 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. ESG Europe and Faith Investing.. 3iG will host a session and allow for research on Faith Investing at Responsible Investors ESG Europe 2011 conference.. During this conference, there will be several activities related to Faith Consistent Investing.. What is the current status of faith investing, how do faith institutions practice shareholder engagement, what motivators / barriers exist to invest according to  ...   still generating sound financial returns?.. 30 November 1 December 2010.. Impact Investing Forum.. 3iG will be presenting religious investors and impact investing at the international forum in London.. Impact Investing has the potential to become a powerful force when addressing global challenges.. Emerging as a hybrid of philanthropy and private equity, a growing group of investors around the world is seeking to make investments that will generate social and environmental value as well as a return on capital and sometimes a rather large return.. 1-3 December 2010.. Morals and Banking, Antwerp, Belgium.. This international conference explores the question how modern banking practices can be reconciled with moral values.. The conference programme will be clustered around three main themes: integrity and trust in the banking sector, socially responsible banking (SRI, religiously inspired banking, microfinances, and cooperative banking) and financial crises in the small and in the large.. 3iG will be presenting the results of its global Faith Consistent Investment research within the Religious responsible banking theme.. 7&8 December 2010.. SRI and Financial Reporting, Transparency.. 3iG will be presenting at this conference organized by Yale University, New Haven, USA, together with the Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based NGO.. The aim is to bring together experts in corporate social responsibility with the illicit financial flows community.. The purposes of this event is to exchange analyses, insights, and agendas toward achieving greater transparency and justice in the international financial system..

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  • Title: Research
    Descriptive info: Academic Papers.. Practitioners Reports.. 3iG cooperates with universities and business schools with the aim to develop and share knowledge around faith investing.. Research is of high scientific quality and the deliverables concern academic papers as well as practitioners reports.. The academic papers are published in double-blinded peer reviewed journals only.. The practitioner reports are available in hard-copy as well as online.. Please find all publications by making a choice from the options in the menu above..

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  • Title: Tools & Services
    Descriptive info: Awareness.. Guidelines.. Implementation.. 3iG develops practical tools and services for religious organisations that want to make a next step in faith-consistent investing.. The available tools can be related to creating awareness, guidelines and implementation see the options in the menu above.. For individual support and questions, please contact 3iG through.. katinka.. vancranenburgh@3ignet.. org.. or.. info@3ignet..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: If you have any questions about 3iG, socially responsible investment or 3iG membership, please feel free to contact us at the 3iG offices.. Katinka C.. van Cranenburgh.. Secretary General.. Rambla del Poblenou 26 2.. 2.. 08005 Barcelona.. Spain.. Cell phone: (+34) 655 131 325.. Skype: katinka.. van.. cranenburgh.. Email:..

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  • Title: Academic Papers
    Descriptive info: Religious Organisations as Investors: a Christian Perspective on Shareholder Engagement.. Van Cranenburgh, K.. C.. , D.. Arenas, J.. Goodman, C.. Louche, Society & Business Review, Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2014.. ABSTRACT: The purpose of this paper is to deepen the discussion about Religious Organisations (ROs) potential to practise their faith by means of their investments, rather than keeping both issues separate.. The authors adopted a qualitative exploratory approach using seven cases of social shareholder engagement (SSE) by ROs.. It focused on creating knowledge from best practices.. Within the three religious organisations studied, we identified three significant features that relate to their religious nature and affect their SSE: having a structured belief system, a grassroots network and a long-term perspective.. These features can be instrumental in impacting company behaviour and society at large.. This paper invites religious organisations to review their potential for actively owning their shares in order to be consistent with their faith and create change in business and society at large.. Besides, ROs, with their unwavering belief system, extensive grassroots networks and long-term approach, are a force in the shareholder engagement field to be reckoned with by business.. Social Shareholder Engagement: The Dynamics of Voice and Exit.. Goodman, J.. , C.. Louche, K.. van Cranenburgh, D.. Arenas (2013), Journal of Business Ethics, October 2013, Online First (DOI) 10.. 1007/s10551-013-1890-0.. ABSTRACT: Investors concerned about the social and environmental impact of the companies they invest in are increasingly choosing to use voice over exit as a strategy.. This article.. addresses the  ...   not always the consequence of unsatisfactory voice outcomes, and voice can continue after exit.. We discuss the implications of these dynamics and influences on decisions for further research in engagement.. From Preaching to Investing.. Attitudes of religious organisations towards responsible investment.. Louche, C.. Arenas, K.. van Cranenburgh (2012), Journal of Business Ethics, 2012, Volume 110, Issue 3, Page 301-320.. (DOI) 10.. 1007/s10551-011-1155-8.. ABSTRACT: Religious organisations are major investors with sometimes substantial investment volumes.. An important question for them is how to make investments in, and to earn returns from, companies and activities that are consistent with their religious beliefs or that even support these beliefs.. Religious organisations have pioneered responsible investment.. Yet little is known about.. their investment attitudes.. This article addresses this gap by studying faith consistent investing.. Based on a survey complemented by interviews, we investigate religious organisations attitudes towards responsible investment including opinions, practices and the impediments for implementing faith consistent investing.. Although our results cannot be generalised because of the non-random character of our sample, six main characteristics of faith consistent investing are drawn: investing is not perceived as being in contradiction with religious values, religious values are important drivers, there is a strong community around faith consistent investing, religious investors are pioneering impact investing, implementing faith consistent investing is not without difficulties, and practices vary across regions.. The survey also reveals that faith consistent investing has many commonalities with secular responsible investors.. Please visit the journal s website to download the papers or contact 3iG for access..

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  • Title: Practitioners Reports
    Descriptive info: From Stewardship to Power.. Religious Organisations and their Investment Potentials.. May 2014, Katinka C.. van Cranenburgh, Céline Louche, Daniel Arenas.. ABSTRACT: This report provides insight into the teachings of several faith traditions and how they are being interpreted in relation to faith-consistent investing.. The reader will also understand how religious organisations can be effective investors, not only monetarily but also religiously.. This report explores both the challenges as well as the opportunities of faiths exercising their responsibility and power as investors.. Religious organisations and their Shareholder Engagement Practices.. May 2012, Katinka C.. van Cranenburgh,  ...   shareholder engagement.. It provides insight in successful and unsuccessful engagement processes and demystify some of the well-known barriers to religious shareholder engagement.. From Faith to Faith Consistent Investing.. Religious Institutions and their investment practices.. August 2010, Katinka C.. van Cranenburgh, Daniel Arenas, Céline Louche, Jordi Vives.. ABSTRACT: Over 100 respondents from religious organisations have shared information on their investment opinions, practices and obstacles or incentives.. Conclusions are drawn with regards to the four major responsible investment pillars: negative screening, positive screening, impact investing and social shareholder engagement.. Also, religious networks and regional differences are shared..

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  • Title: Awareness
    Descriptive info: A planet all of us can share.. The story of the world's first global interfaith investment group, told by some of its founders (13:40).. Faith Consistent Investing.. This leaflet provides awareness on the why and the how of faith-consistent investing..

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  • Title: Guidelines
    Descriptive info: Under construction.. Jewish Ethical Investment Guidelines.. This publication has been published by the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem in cooperation with 3iG..

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  • Title: Implementation
    Descriptive info: 7 Steps to Faith Consistent Investing.. Implementation Guide for Faith Institutions.. This publication supports both beginners in the field of Faith Consistent Investing by helping them to embrace this exciting opportunity and encourage those already engaged in the field to deepen their efforts.. The 7 steps of implementation are supported by examples from the field.. A self-assessment tool is part of the document and serves as a base line assessment as well as can be used for monitoring progress.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. Faith Institutions and Impact Investing.. An Introduction.. Impact Investing refers to investments that explicitly aim to respond to social or environmental challenges or and to support local community development while generating.. financial returns.. This report introduces the topic of Faith Institutions and Impact Investing.. Impact investments are investments that explicitly aim to respond to social or environmental challenges, while generating financial returns.. Impact investing is not something new.. Religious institutions have been practicing impact investing for many years, more in the form however of community development than from the financial investment approach.. In this report, one will find information on the various sectors, types and vehicles of impact  ...   competition, particularly for funding of well performing microfinance institutions.. Commercial investors are driven by profitability, therefore tend to compete for the most lucrative investments first and then move down the value curve.. Non-commercial investors are driven by (sustainable) investment to alleviate poverty, opposed to purely profitability.. The entrance of commercial investors is forcing non-commercial investors to make choices to protect their investment portfolios and charter objectives by learning from, and competing with, commercial investors.. If no active management is undertaken, they risk having to scale down their investments, or even exit the microfinance market, which is contrary to their poverty alleviation objectives.. Whilst the report is primarily written for religious institutional investors, one should not underestimate the cascade effect that the initiatives of religious institutions have on their members and the civil society.. While faith institutions may struggle to invest part of their portfolio in microfinance, the exemplary role of a church, synagogue or temple might have a significant influence on its members.. Individual religious investors may often be less hesitant to change the mix of their portfolios and therefore microfinance can readily be considered as a potential alternative..

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