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  • Title: 50+20 Home : 50+20
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT.. What is 50+20?.. Who is 50+20?.. Our journey: Collaboration in action.. 50+20 RESOURCES.. The 50+20 Agenda.. Book: Management Education for the World.. Collaboratory Facilitation.. The 50+20 Short Film.. RIO+20 Documentary.. RIO+20 Photo Gallery.. EMERGING BENCHMARKS.. Educating and developing globally responsible leaders.. Enabling business organizations to serve the Common Good.. Engaging in the transformation of business society.. Collaboratory.. PROJECTS.. Innovation Cohort.. BLOG.. A global peer-based laboratory of management educators, leadership developers and organizational leaders innovating and transforming their organizations and offerings around the key roles articulated in the 50+20 vision: educating globally responsible leaders; enabling business to become the best for the world; engaging with societal and economic transformation.. This action-oriented learning and innovation opportunity is designed [ ].. Continue reading.. Now Available: Order your copy now at Edward Elgar Publishing or by the eBook online at eBooks.. com Management Education for the World speaks to everybody concerned or passionate about the future of management education: consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations of any kind, as well as  ...   over the course of 18 months and through a series of consultative workshops, retreats and meetings across 5 continents with contributions from more than 100 thought leaders and academics, with many more participating in online stakeholder surveys.. From 14 to 19 June 2012 during the RIO+20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the 50+20 film team documented some of the experiences and unique encounters and meetings that 50+20 contributors took part in.. The documentary segments and interviews are now available for viewing on the 50+20 site or as a playlist on YouTube.. Connect with 50+20.. Press enquiries.. Please make use of the.. contact.. page for any press enquiries.. 50+20 News+Updates.. Sign up for our newsletter and alerts.. Recent articles.. Interview with Katrin Muff at 2013 PRME Summit.. Collaborative MOOC on Responsibility, Sustainability and Ethics for Business and Leadership?.. The Workplace of Tomorrow if people and planet really matter.. Launching a global CSR literacy test.. 50+20 TEDxTalk by Katrin Muff, Dean: Business School Lausanne.. Current Projects.. Contact.. Login.. 2014 50+20 All rights reserved..

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  • Title: 50+20 About : 50+20
    Descriptive info: 50+20.. +.. About.. 50+20 is a collaborative initiative that seeks to learn of new ways and opportunities for management education to transform and reinvent itself.. We are asking critical questions about the state of the world, the emerging societal issues, the dominant economic.. Continue reading ».. The project emerged from parallel projects that originated in different parts of the world.. The World Business School Council of Sustainable Business (WBSCSB) initiated 50+20 as part of an initiative that was born at the Academy of Management in Montreal in August 2010.. The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) launched.. Collaboration in action.. The 50+20 vision itself was written in an evolving, collaborative process where contributions informed each other, creating a process of continuous integration and information updates.. Rather than embarking in competitive projects, we  ...   Concordia University.. Education.. EFMD.. Enterprise Development Centre.. ESADE.. faculty.. France.. Germany.. India.. Indian Institute of Management - Shillong.. John Molson School of Business.. leadership.. Learning.. learning environment.. McGill University.. MIT.. Nairobi.. Pan-African University.. perspective.. photos.. responsible leadership.. RIO+20 Benches.. Spain.. students.. Switzerland.. The Banff Centre.. UK.. University of Exeter.. University of Kingston.. University of St.. Gallen.. USA.. video.. Worcester Polytechnic Institute.. Zermatt Summit Foundation.. Sponsoring Co-authors.. CENTRUM Católica.. Copenhagen Business School.. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.. ESADE Law Business School.. ESSEC Business School.. ICN Business School Nancy-Metz.. John Molson School of Business, Concordia University.. Leuphana Universität Lüneburg.. Queensland University of Technology.. Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management.. Swinburne University of Technology.. University of Pretoria: Albert Luthuli Center for Responsible Leadership.. University of St Gallen.. Vienna University of Economics and Business.. Zermatt Summit..

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  • Title: 50+20 What is 50+20? : 50+20
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. We are asking critical questions about the state of the world, the emerging societal issues, the dominant economic logic, the purpose of business, the crucial role of leadership, and the challenges facing management education.. Background.. To this day business and management education efforts at large function in line with an agenda that was set during the 1950s when the world was a very different place from the one we know today.. It has therefore been.. 50+.. years since the agenda for management education has been reset.. The upcoming RIO.. +20.. United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (June 2012) will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Rio Earth summit.. It has therefore been 20 years since Governments have been collectively urged to rethink economic development and find ways to halt the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources.. It is at this juncture in history where.. takes action to reset the management education agenda.. 50+20’s point of departure is our belief that the time is ripe for critical reflection on the role business and management education plays in society, today and specifically tomorrow.. The way our initiative was born and developed is a perfect reflection of how we believe global  ...   world provides education and research that is relevant applied, holistic integrative, responsible sustainable, inter-disciplinary multi-level, and, of course, learning-oriented.. The 50+20 project seeks to achieve this through:.. The 50+20 report that takes the form of 2 publications:.. An agenda in executive summary style that highlights the vision, the challenges and the emerging solutions.. This will be presented at the RIO+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012.. A comprehensive book for the inspired managers, business students and general public outlining the future management education provider in pragmatic and captivating language (published after June 2012).. Emerging projects at participating business schools around the globe, showcasing emerging practices and pioneering solutions of a responsible relevant management education.. Creation of five new business school initiatives in different geographic areas (Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, North America) as leading pioneers to showcase enlightened new models of b-schools.. Presenting our vision at the U.. N.. Earth Summit RIO+20 in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012 represents a first small step of the management education community to participate in and contribute to the public dialogue on the challenges the world (the earth, society, citizens and business) faces in the coming decades.. Also see:..

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  • Title: 50+20 Who is 50+20? : 50+20
    Descriptive info: Founding Partners.. The project emerged from parallel projects that originated in different parts of the world:.. The.. World Business School Council of Sustainable Business (WBSCSB.. ).. initiated 50+20 as part of an initiative that was born in a supplementary event at the Academy of Management in Montreal in August 2010, when 35 leading sustainability scholars and a few business school deans from around the globe met to talk about “breaking the silos in business and management education”.. Some of these deans gathered in a corner and decided it was about time that business schools engaged in the public debate on sustainable development and reflect on what contribution management education could make to create a better world.. Meanwhile the.. Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI).. ,.. a global partnership of leaders from companies and business schools had launched project SB21, working on a blueprint for the business school of the twenty-first century.. The initial meetings of WBSCSB and GRLI sparked a great amount of passion, drive and enthusiasm – chemistry and synchronicity at its  ...   SB21 and 50+20 were merged into one with the team members, complimenting another in terms of know-how, skills, global make-up and competences.. Official Sponsoring Partners and Co-authors.. The following institutions generously provided financial assistance and will also be recognised as official co-authors of the 50+20 agenda:.. University of Pretoria:.. Albert Luthuli Center for Responsible Leadership.. Gordon Institute of Business Science.. Participants, reviewers, writing contributors.. A large international group of stakeholders, societal roleplayers and thought leaders.. attended our retreats.. , offered reviews and submitted writing contributions.. These will be acknowledged in the final product.. Steering Committee.. Grandvaux, 2011 - Photo by Michelle Cooper.. From left to right:.. Thomas Dyllick, Delegate for Responsibility Sustainability, University of St Gallen, Co-founder WBSCSB.. Paul Shrivastava, Director, D.. O’Brien Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Co-founder WBSCSB.. Katrin Muff, Dean Business School Lausanne, Co-founder WBSCSB.. Mark Drewell, Chief Executive, GRLI.. John North, Albert Luthuli Center for Responsible Leadership at University of Pretoria.. Jonas Haertle, Head, Principles for Responsible Management Education secretariat @ UN Global Compact Office (shown to the right)..

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  • Title: 50+20 Our journey: Collaboration in action : 50+20
    Descriptive info: A collaboratory prototype.. The way we worked was the way we envision the functioning of a collaboratory.. The retreats, surveys and meetings.. A very international group of stakeholders of management education met in a number of retreats working on progressively evolving elements of the vision.. Every time, at least 50% of the participants were first-timers, ensuring an inclusive and open approach.. We used professional facilitation processes that served the different purposes of the retreats:.. the.. New York retreat.. was about visioning what needs to happen in management education to ensure that we contribute to a world worth living in.. (26 participants, incl.. business school deans, directors and professors, artists, consultants, innovation and educational experts and thought leaders).. a.. global stakeholder survey.. clarified expectations and inspired the vision.. (140 participants from 36 countries, incl.. management scholars, students, business professionals, NGO’s and not-for-profit employees, educational experts and coaches, artists,  ...   thought leaders in responsible leadership from business and academia world-wide).. global Challenge:Future student competition.. demonstrated how concerned and engaged young adults saw the future of management education and helped sharpen our vision.. (309 students from 76 countries working in small teams of 2-3 people for 3-4 months).. the.. Munich.. WBCSD-conference was about testing the preliminary vision and getting feedback from the business community on the vision.. (15 participants, incl.. corporate sustainability directors from around the globe).. Lausanne retreat.. was a steering committee and editor session assessing the results of an intense collaborative vision writing exercise involving 22 writers and opinion leaders over a period of two months.. It was the first time the vision took on a clearly recognizable shape.. (7 participants from 3 continents).. Brussels retreat.. helped getting alignment behind the vision and actions to engage different stakeholders.. (25 participants from New York, St Gallen and Stuttgart)..

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  • Title: Array : 50+20
    Descriptive info: THE 50+20 VISION.. The 50+20 vision invites and challenges management education institutions to make a paradigm shift: seeking to be best FOR the world instead of best IN the world.. It was launched in June 2012 during Rio+20 at the 3rd PRME Global Forum as a short film and the 50+20 Agenda.. 50+20 Agenda: Management Education for the World.. has invoked positive responses from across the management education field worldwide and a demand for practical support in moving forward in its implementation.. For more information about the Agenda including its bibliography.. please continue to this page.. Download the.. 50+20 AGENDA  ...   Please contact us.. The 50+20.. Short Film There s no planet B.. contains the voices and faces from around the world that have collaborated to develop and communicate the vision.. The film was directed and produced by Ilka Franzmann and Claudius Bensch.. To view the film and credits.. During RIO+20 Ilka also directed the filming of a.. web documentary and interviews.. which can be.. viewed here.. The 50+20 book -.. Management Education for the world: A Vision for Business Schools serving People and Planet.. ,.. can now be ordered online.. Read more on the book.. and place your order today..

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  • Title: 50+20 50+20 Agenda : 50+20
    Descriptive info: It also showcases a number of “Emerging Benchmarks”; these are examples of institutions setting new and relevant standards indicative of a collaborative rather than competitive approach.. Endorsements for 50+20.. 50+20 not only raises the sights for those charged with the evelopment of our future leaders, but also provides a clear roadmap for delivering on that ambition.. As such, it is.. an important contribution to a journey of transformation that affects not only the future of business, but the very planet itself.. Paul Polman CEO, Unilever.. The 50+20 initiative is an ambitious effort that highlights the urgent need for radical change in what we teach and how management education is delivered today.. In a world that faces so many different and fast-evolving challenges, the initiative is indeed timely and needed.. Peter Bakker President, WBCSD.. The future of humanity depends on the quality of its political and business leaders.. The 50+20 vision gives us hope in a despairing world, direction for a lost journey, energy to an apathetic.. generation, and inspiration for a new model of management education and research aimed to develop transformational and responsible leadership for a better world, a better future.. Anne S.. Tsui Motorola Professor of International Management, Arizona State University.. We now finally have a blueprint that can be used as a foundation for a new contract between business schools and society.. Changing the way we educate our business leaders for tomorrow.. will change the world for the better.. Rakesh Khurana Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership  ...   soon).. Agenda 50+20 La educación en administración de empresas para el mundo.. - Spanish (PDF).. 50+20 Agenda German (coming soon).. Ideas for stakeholders.. Whilst a process of engagement is paramount in importance for implementing the vision, other stakeholders may also wish to contribute to bringing about the necessary changes.. Some (or all) of our ideas may prove to be obsolete or otherwise deemed unsuitable well before any attempts at implementation are attempted.. Our hope is that these preliminary ideas will spark a wider debate amongst the players in management education and the wider community.. Buyers and clients of management education.. include decision-makers, leaders and managers in organizations and companies of various sizes, and individual prospective students and their immediate influencers.. Influencers of management education.. include a broad range of players, including international and national accreditation bodies, the media, rating and ranking agencies, and civil society organizations (including social media).. Funders of management education.. include those who directly or indirectly control funding towards management education, such as policy makers, alumni, donor agencies, foundations or wealthy individuals.. Here we also consider governments in their specific capacity as issuers of licenses to operate.. Providers of management education.. include existing business schools and institutions, universities, leadership and executive development centers, corporate universities, professional training institutes, research institutes, think tanks and academic and professional journals.. References.. A full and updated bibliography will be included in the comprehensive book, due to be published after June 2012.. The provisional bibliography.. can be downloaded from this page..

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  • Title: 50+20 Book: Management Education for the World : 50+20
    Descriptive info: Now Available:.. Order your copy now.. at Edward Elgar Publishing or.. by the eBook online at.. eBooks.. com.. Management Education for the World.. speaks to everybody concerned or passionate about the future of management education: consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations of any kind, as well as policymakers and others with an interest in new and transformative thinking in the field.. In particular, teachers, researchers, students and administrators will find it an invaluable resource on their journey.. For many years commentators have described what is wrong with business schools – characterizing them as the breeding grounds of a culture of greed and self enrichment in global business at the expense of the rest of society and of nature.. Management Education for the World is a response to this critique and a handbook for those seeking to create knowledge for and educate a new breed of  ...   , the.. World Business School Council for Sustainable Business.. and the.. U.. -backed Principles of Responsible Management Education.. and draws on the expertise of sustainability scholars, business and business school leaders and thought leaders from many other walks of life.. This book explores the 21st Century agenda of management education identifying three fundamental goals: educating and developing globally responsible leaders, enabling business organizations to serve the common good, and engaging in the transformation of business and the economy.. It is a clarion call of service to society for a sector lost between the interests of faculty, business and the schools themselves at the expense of people and planet.. It sees business education stepping up to the plate with the ability of holding and creating a space to provide responsible leadership for a sustainable world embodied in the central and unifying element of the 50+20 vision, the..

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  • Title: 50+20 Collaboratory Facilitation : 50+20
    Descriptive info: 50+20 Collaboratory at RIO+20 UNGC Corporate Sustainability Forum - timelapse.. from.. on.. Vimeo.. On June 16th at the UNGC Corporate Sustainability Forum at RIO+20 50+20 hosted a collaboratory session that drew a large number of participants into three simultaneous sessions in a conference room at the Windsor Barra Hotel, addressing corruption, poverty and gender.. The facilitation  ...   continuous process of refinement.. Downloads.. If you are interested in hosting a collaboratory session or series the following may be of use:.. 50+20 Collaboratory Approach.. Le 50 +20 Collaboratory – Méthodologie.. May we ask you to share in exchange your experiences with it and your suggestions for improvement, so that together, we can build on this..

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  • Title: 50+20 50+20 Film : 50+20
    Descriptive info: 50+20 Film.. The 50+20 Agenda and Film was launched at the 3rd Global Forum for Responsible Management Education on 15 June 2012.. Our thanks go out to Ilka Franzmann (i-franzmann@t-online.. de) and Claudius Bensch (claudiusbensch@gmx.. de) for their tireless work in directing and producing the film.. Ilka and Claudius also extend their special thanks to Jochen and friends from.. Concept AV.. for their production support as well as the local coffee shop where much of the filming was conducted.. Most importantly, thank you to the many volunteers and participating organizations from across the globe who took the time to submit footage for the film.. We are delighted with the overwhelming support and genuine heartfelt enthusiasm we encountered on this project.. Participating individuals and institutions are listed below.. Apologies in advance for any omissions.. Name.. Institution / Company.. City, Country.. Aida Rodriguez.. The New School.. New York, USA.. Akari Luig.. Albert Müller.. Alejandro de Vries.. Lausanne, Switzerland.. Alexander Kafetzakis.. BAR Italia.. Berlin, Germany.. Alexander Zielke.. Alexandra Sasha Reinhold.. Alexis Wales.. University of Cape Town: Graduate School of Business.. Cape Town, South Africa.. Alix Francois Meyer.. Amin Amrollahi.. University of Exeter Business School.. Exeter, United Kingdom.. Andrea Franco.. Andrea Kelsey.. Andreas Gerlach.. Andrew Williams.. Anelya Batalova.. Angela Corredor-Oviedo.. Angela Hlalele.. Johannesburg, South Africa.. Angilé Fabio.. OSTERIA.. Anja Karrasch.. Anjali Helferty.. Annika Werner.. Arnold Smit.. USB-ED Centre for Business in Society.. Bellville, South Africa.. Avni Butala.. Avril Harvey.. Ayelleth Helmstetter.. AzatYermegiyayev.. Bea Escriña.. ESADE Business and Law School.. Barcelona, Spain.. Beksultan Mussin.. Bettina Lammerding.. Brigitta Annegarn.. Chanisara Pana-Ampon.. Charles Justin Beard..  ...   Friedrich Kretschmann.. John Cimino.. John North.. ALCRL.. George, South Africa.. Jonas Wahlbom.. Jonathan Bucka.. Josep Lozano.. Juan Rigol.. Jude Anthonisz.. Julia Dolgodvorova.. Juliana Cukier.. Julie Randall.. Jun Jue Huber.. June Emmanuella.. Kareen Holt.. Katarina Peters.. Katrin Gaedt.. Katrin Muff.. Kira Wentsch.. Kristian Endresen.. Kristine Klose.. Kohei Sato.. Laura Veronese.. Lee Jungtae.. Leonardo Fiorini.. Lewis Oroo.. Linda Mohapel.. Ling-Shiang Huang.. Luisa Greenfield.. Luisa Polaina.. Lutz Haß.. Malek Al Anis.. Manuel Wilhelm.. Margot van Schalkwyk.. Marilia Mendez.. Mark Drewell.. Mark Hansen.. Mark Kritzinger.. Martin Bach.. Martin Heibrock.. Mary Watson.. Mathias Oloew.. Matthias Fliegel.. Max Green.. Melanie Dyllick-Brenzinger.. Mengchi Chen.. Michael Keinz.. Michaela Holmes.. MikailGasanov.. Mike Gürgen.. Mireille Malunga.. Misha Kashtelyan.. Mohannad Basodan.. Moritz Denis.. Musarrat Bajwa.. Nancy Huber.. Nayam Aige.. Nic Grobler.. Nicola Devico Mamone.. Nicole Zielke.. Nikolai Räber.. Ola Kayal.. Oriol Llop.. Patricia Bernetti.. Paul Lammerding.. Frankfurt, Germany.. Paul Shirivastava.. Peter Machat.. Philip Kiessling.. Pierre Tapie.. Paris, France.. Pla Kronkaew Hovilailux.. Pranav Tandon.. Priscilla Bergey.. Rabea Al-Radhi.. Ragnar Behrend.. Richard Chivaka.. Richard Kapff.. Richard Slatter.. Roberto Guerra.. Roland Brückner.. Ronny Tadesse.. Sara Ahmed.. Satadru Roy.. Shadrick Mazaza.. Shannon Chung.. Shannon Springer.. Shraddha Teli.. Silvester Luis.. Sofia Nakhmanovich.. Stani Milkowski.. Stefan Engelkamp.. Stefan Sing.. Stephan Stadtfeld.. Stephane Mot.. Susanne Borck-Lüder.. Susanne Schwarz.. CONCEPT AV.. Sven Piesker.. Sybil Gomez-Angulo.. Syd Atlas.. Sylvain Beaudron.. Tareq Binbrek.. Thibaut Mathieu.. Thomas Dyllick.. Till Rautert.. Tobias Friedrich.. Tolga Göktas.. Véro Machat.. Vero Zadworna.. Véronique Cabois.. Veronique Sikora.. Wu Taotao.. Yosime Flood.. Yuichuro Kamikawa.. Zaheera Soomar.. Zoe Kornmann.. Thank you again to all.. It has already been a great journey and we re just getting started..

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  • Title: 50+20 RIO+20 Documentary : 50+20
    Descriptive info: All the documentary segments and interviews may be viewed.. directly on YouTube.. or below.. You may also view and download individual documentary segments and interviews from YouTube:.. A Call to Action: Launching the 50+20 Vision.. : During the 3rd Global Forum on Responsible Management Education the 50+20 vision is launched with the unveiling of the 50+20 Agenda and short film.. (Duration 16:26 and includes 50+20 short film).. Business Schools without Borders.. : 50+20 visits the People s Summit in Flamengo Park during the RIO+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro to host a collaboratory.. (Duration 3:29).. Collaboratory with Greenpeace.. : A discussion with Amazon Campaigner, Tatiana de  ...   50+20 meets leaders of the Ashaninka tribe who receive Social Entrepreneurship awards during RIO+20.. (Duration 3:37).. Reflections on Management Education short interviews with:.. Paul Shrivastava.. on sustainability and being human.. Derick de Jongh.. on making a difference while you can.. Enase Okonedo.. on business in society.. on the challenges facing management educators.. on a transdisciplinary approach.. on creativity.. The on location team was directed by Ilka Franzmann with Chris Rowe and Nic Grobler doing the camerawork and Claudius Bensch responsible for sound.. The film team was assisted by Marillia Ferreira and John North.. Editing of the documentary (with exception of the Launch film) was done by Kat Millar and Rich Gregory..

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