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  • Title: Six Seconds - The Emotional Intelligence Network
    Descriptive info: .. Learn.. Get Started w EQ.. The Case for EQ.. Articles.. Upcoming Events.. The EQ Store.. Assessment Tools.. EQ Certification.. About Six Seconds.. Lead.. EQ for Business.. Business Case Studies.. Models Methods.. About the Center for Innovative Management.. Teach.. EQ for Education.. SEL Implementation.. Research Articles.. About the Center for SEL.. Connect.. Contact Six Seconds.. Preferred Partner Network.. Certified Network.. - main menu -.. Create.. positive change.. by.. increasing.. emotional intelligence.. Click for Video Intro!.. How can we help you today?.. Learn about EQ.. Check out the.. article library.. -- or our special page on.. getting started with EQ.. Visit.. Six Seconds' Center for Innovative Management.. for groundbreaking insights on people-performance.. What if every child was fluent in the language of emotions, able to make careful choices, and committed to making a better world? How? Six Seconds'.. Center for Social Emotional Learning.. Powerful Tools.. We publish exceptional.. emotional intelligence tests.. and a series of.. Vital Signs Assessments.. for organizational performance.. Go shopping.. Check out.. with an amazing catalog of books, games, curriculum, training modules, and more -- for business, education, and everyone.. Take Action.. Are you ready for an emotionally intelligent world?.. Here's the vision.. Calling all change makers!.. Join Us!.. Search for:.. Join the EQ Movement.. Six Seconds is a nonprofit network of change makers committed to support 1 billion people to practice emotional intelligence.. Subscribe.. Fabulous Newsletters Engaged Social Networks.. Membership.. Join for Support Resources.. Partners.. Become Certified; apply as a Preferred Partner.. What s New?.. Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First Leadership at FedEx Express.. By:.. Joshua Freedman.. on January 14, 2014 | 13 comments.. Integrating emotional  ...   were young, only 3 and 6 and when I first told my husband he.. What About New Year s Resolutions?.. on December 30, 2013 | 15 comments.. Are you resolved? Some reflection on reflection, and two gifts to fuel your New Year's Resolutions I'm not a fan of traditional "New Year's Resolutions" because they lead to unrealistic expectations and then giving up.. Instead, I.. Three Tips for Holiday Peace.. on December 20, 2013 | 20 comments.. ‘tis the season to be joyful? Sad but true, while there’s much to love about holidays, many people find this an intensely difficult time.. While it’s unlikely that we can change the in-laws’ behavior, or instantly restore a damaged relationship,.. Powerful new research on SEL described in AERA SEL SIG publication.. Dr.. Susan Stillman.. on December 11, 2013 | 2 comments.. Important data on SEL outcomes in education, at all levels, were revealed today in the Fall newsletter of the American Educational Research Association's Social Emotional Learning Special Interest Group (SEL SIG).. AERA-SELSIG-FAll2013_Newsletter.. pdf Several Six Seconds certified associates from Switzerland, England,.. more articles.. Stay in the Loop.. Get our fabulous EQ News.. Great articles and updates, no spam.. We will not share your info with anyone, and you can leave anytime with one click.. Six Seconds.. Six Seconds is a global network supporting people to create positive change - everywhere, all the time.. We teach the skills of emotional intelligence to fill the "missing link" needed for people to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful so individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools and communities flourish.. Important Links.. Certification Training.. Shopping Cart.. Contact.. Copyright.. 2013..

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  • Title: Learn Emotional Intelligence - Start HereSix Seconds
    Descriptive info: This section of our website is for people who want to learn about emotional intelligence personally and professionally.. Pick a category:.. For Myself.. For My Organization.. For My Clients.. For My School.. 6seconds.. org has a ton(!) of articles and resources, we hope you ll explore.. To start.. Read the.. Get Started with EQ.. page.. Browse the.. articles blogs.. Join a free webinar.. Take the.. Brain Brief Profile.. for insight in your brain and the way you re currently processing emotional rational data (and it s under $10!).. To dive into emotional intelligence, we encourage you to attend an.. event or course.. Six Seconds.. Center for Innovative Management.. is your source for why how to bring EQ into business.. Here are a few links:.. Case studies.. of EQ in organizational performance.. methodology for business.. If you d like to learn more about your own EQ as a leader,.. take the SEI-LR.. and get a 1-1 debrief.. We off a range of certifications so you ll be equipped with Six Seconds tools methods to deliver internally:.. Organizational team climate + leadership assessment:.. Vital Signs.. Individual EQ assessment suite:.. SEI.. Six Seconds Methodology:.. The EQ Certification.. If you are looking for expert support, please.. contact us.. , and we ll recommend a world-class consultant, facilitator or coach.. Six Seconds offers a complete range of certification training to support independent and internal consultants, trainers, coaches, and L D/OD professionals become more effective as change leaders.. Six Seconds blends rigorous science with practical application providing you with a truly robust toolset.. Read more about.. WHY Six Seconds certifications.. are different.. Please feel free to.. for help choosing a starting point.. Here are some options:..  ...   the upcoming event calendar.. - this program runs several times a year, all over the world.. Here is a more detailed chart.. of the various certification programs we offer.. Please visit Six Seconds.. for why and how to integrate EQ into education.. Here are some resources:.. The site has an extensive collection of.. articles on EQ in Education.. - to start.. : For an overview, here s an.. interview.. with two of our experts on EQ in education.. : A speech given by our founder,.. Emotional Intelligence The Cornerstone of Positive Change.. : On a lighter note, to share with elementary students, check out this delightful series of articles by our CEO:.. Smarter About Feelings.. Self-Science is the approach to SEL that started Six Seconds, one of the two methods Daniel Goleman recommended as models in his 1995 book,.. Emotional Intelligence.. Self-Science Getting Started with SEL.. kit is available from the EQ Store.. To get trained in Six Seconds methods, you can either:.. Join one of the certifications we have a special EQ Tools for Educators course or many educators join the EQ Certification for an immersion into EQ.. See this chart of certification options.. Contact us.. and we ll recommend a consultant.. Did you find what you were looking for? If not, please.. !.. Share this:.. Facebook.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. Pinterest.. Google.. More.. Email.. Print.. Tumblr.. StumbleUpon.. Reddit.. Digg.. In this section.. LEARN.. Articles & Blogs.. Tools & Tests.. Certification.. :: Course Registration.. :: Free Webinars.. Search.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Cancel.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email..

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  • Title: Get Started with Emotional Intelligence -Six Seconds
    Descriptive info: Get Started with Emotional Intelligence.. Want to learn more about emotions and emotional intelligence?.. At Six Seconds, we believe emotions are valuable signals that help us survive and thrive.. When we learn how to use them, emotions help us make more effective decisions, connect with others, find and follow purpose and lead a more whole-hearted life.. In simple terms, emotional intelligence just means being smarter with feelings.. It s about putting together the rational and emotional so you can move forward effectively.. Emotions are part of human biology, they are chemicals that help regulate our minds and bodies, assisting us to cope with complexities of making decisions, interacting with people, and finding our way through life.. We feel emotions to help us pay attention, and to focus our attention.. While sometimes they re confusing, emotions are part of us, so we might as well learn to use them well.. (For more detailed definitions, see links below).. You ve Got Emotional Intelligence Use It!.. Everyone has some emotional intelligence here s how to use yours.. Start with these three steps:.. 1.. Tune in.. Notice your feelings and reactions.. Get off autopilot.. We call this step.. Know Yourself.. 2.. Respond.. Instead of reacting, give yourself a moment to de-escalate and evaluate options.. This is called.. Choose Yourself.. 3.. Remember what s truly important to you, consider others, and then move forward with those in mind.. This is.. Give Yourself.. At first glance, it s really simple, right? Practice by taking a few seconds, a few times a day, to go through those steps.. You can use these three questions:.. What am I feeling?.. What options do I have?.. What do I really want?.. Tips for Emotional Intelligence.. Doing it consistently it a challenge and raises the question:.. What skills can I practice so  ...   Take a big breathe.. Get some water.. Say, Let me think about this for a moment.. There are very few situations that actually require an instant reaction.. Remember you have many options.. Sometimes it s hard to see those.. You can change your thoughts, engage new feelings, experiment with new actions.. You might not have the perfect solution, but you do have possibilities!.. For more ideas about Choose Yourself, read these.. tips and activities for self-management.. Give Yourself:.. There s always more to the story.. When people do or say something annoying, get curious: What s really going on here?.. Your choices matter.. The way you respond effects others, and effects you so you effect the future.. What s the effect you want to have?.. For more on this, here are.. articles on Empathy.. and on.. Purpose.. Next steps:.. introduction to the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.. It will explain the 3 steps in more detail, and then introduce the eight competencies.. Here is an overview of the history,.. Daniel Goleman on the Origins of Emotional Intelligence.. and a more in-depth article on the origins of EQ.. Emotional WHAT? Definitions History of EQ.. Subscribe to the Newsletter.. We ll provide great content and very little advertising! Weekly updates with articles, resources, activities, and upcoming events.. Leave anytime with 1 click, 0 spam.. Email Address.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Join us Online.. The Six Seconds community has very active social networks:.. LinkedIN Group.. for biz-oriented discussion around 50,000 members create rich discussions with people from around the globe.. Facebook Group.. for discussion highly engaged group, lots of sharing.. EQ Educators Group.. Facebook discussion focused on school.. Facebook Page.. for what s new our official page please Like us!.. Our CEO s Twitter.. new data, fascinating facts, Six Seconds in action..

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  • Title: The Case for Emotional Intelligence -Six Seconds
    Descriptive info: The Case for Emotional Intelligence.. Emotional intelligence improves effectiveness, relationships, health, influence, decision making, and quality of life.. Young people.. with high EQ earn higher grades, stay in school, and make healthier choices (see more about.. EQ for education.. ).. Adults.. with high EQ have better career advancement, are more effective leaders and salespeople, and have better personal professional relationships (see more about.. EQ for business.. In other words, the learnable skills of emotional intelligence are central to personal and professional success.. Everywhere that people connect with others, everywhere that people need to juggle complex decisions, everywhere that people need to lead themselves and others there are compelling reasons to develop and apply the science of  ...   review of current research showing how EQ improves academic achievement, school retention, and positive behavior.. Study:.. Emotional Intelligence and Success.. EQ predicts over 54% of the variation in success (relationships, effectiveness, health, quality of life).. Emotional Intelligence, Stress, and Performance in Healthcare.. (PDF) EQ reduces stress and predicts 66-79% of the variation in performance.. Research Summary.. (PDF): For youth, EQ predicts over 50% of a combination of health, relationiships, satisfaction, achievement, and self-efficacy.. (.. More research studies.. If you would like training, consulting, and development tools to get these benefits in your business, organization, or school, please.. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.. Talent and Emotional Intelligence.. Emotional Intelligence and Career Success.. Business Case eBook.. School Case eBook..

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  • Title: Six Seconds - The Emotional Intelligence Network
    Descriptive info: January 14, 2014 @ 10:17 pm.. /.. In category:.. EQ Business.. Tagged as:.. case study.. ,.. engagement.. influence.. leadership.. research.. Comments:.. 13.. What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.. Read more.. January 2, 2014 @ 4:42 pm.. climate.. motivation.. Low employee engagement costs $350 billion/yr in the US alone but despite a decade of efforts, engagement levels remain about the same.. Why? Most engagement strategies are emotionally un-intelligent and so they actually undermine motivation.. January 2, 2014 @ 3:41 pm.. EQ Life.. change.. growth.. trust.. One step at a time 26 miles later, some important lessons on self-trust.. What does it take to commit to running the race (be it a marathon or any other resolution)?.. December 30, 2013 @ 2:34 pm.. learning.. 15.. Traditional New Year s Resolutions create unrealistic expectations and then giving up.. Here s a different approach, plus two fab free tools to make it work.. December 20, 2013 @ 11:43 am.. EQ Family.. family.. peace.. relationships.. stress.. 20.. How can we use emotional intelligence to reconnect with the joy and peace of the holidays? Here are three practical, powerful steps to move from reacting to responding.. December 11, 2013 @ 9:53 pm.. education.. school.. social emotional learning.. Important data on SEL outcomes in education, at all levels, were revealed today in the Fall newsletter of the American Educational Research Association s Social Emotional Learning Special Interest Group (SEL SIG).. pdf Several Six Seconds certified associates from Switzerland, England, Canada, Spain, and the US, along with other SEL scholar/practitioners from around the world presented [ ].. White Paper: Increasing Employee Engagement at Komatsu.. December 11, 2013 @ 5:43 pm.. innovation.. teamwork.. 4.. Can we increase Employee Engagement in an economic challenge? What s the benefit? Case study at Komatsu plant using Vital Signs and Emotional Intelligence : engagement increased from 33 to 70%.. At  ...   facilitator of learning and development is a key figure in the professional life of people.. To get on that cutting edge of competence.. To outrace, out beat [ ].. Older Entries.. Tags.. Select a Topic.. leadership (115).. emotions (103).. emotional intelligence (94).. change (85).. relationships (75).. learning (51).. personal growth (46).. school (44).. business (43).. research (41).. world (40).. happiness (36).. education (30).. empathy (29).. family (29).. society (28).. optimism (26).. parenting (26).. purpose (26).. neuroscience (24).. trust (22).. top (21).. talent management (21).. media (19).. social emotional learning (19).. work (19).. case study (18).. wisdom (17).. children (15).. communication (15).. emotional literacy (15).. Six Seconds (15).. wellbeing (15).. compassion (14).. decisions (14).. life (14).. motivation (14).. apac (14).. innovation (13).. peace (13).. technology (13).. MEA (13).. pursue noble goals (13).. anger (12).. conflict (12).. Navigate Emotions (12).. Vital Signs (12).. health wellness (11).. stress (10).. eu (10).. hope (9).. Apply Consequential Thinking (9).. climate (9).. updated (9).. healthcare (8).. performance (8).. success (8).. Recognize Patterns (8).. customer service (7).. fear (7).. gratitude (7).. time (7).. video (7).. teamwork (7).. anabel jensen (7).. creativity (6).. middle east (6).. organizational climate (6).. power (6).. Inside Change (6).. adversity (6).. mindfulness (6).. generation gap (5).. management (5).. books (5).. Recent Posts.. What happens when new managers receive emotional intelligence training? The six-month program is delivering significant improvements in EQ skills -- tied to dramatic increases in influence, quality of life, and decision making.. Low employee engagement costs $350 billion/yr in the US alone -- but despite a decade of efforts, engagement levels remain about the same.. Why? Most engagement strategies are "emotionally un-intelligent" and so they actually undermine motivation.. One step at a time.. 26 miles later, some important lessons on self-trust.. What does it take to commit to "running the race" (be it a marathon or any other resolution)?.. Traditional "New Year's Resolutions" create unrealistic expectations and then giving up.. Here's a different approach, plus two fab free tools to make it work..

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  • Title: Upcoming Events -Six Seconds
    Descriptive info: ::.. Back to main list of events.. ::.. Dates.. -.. Category.. All Categories.. Americas.. Asia.. Europe.. MEA.. Virtual.. Country.. All Countries.. Australia.. Belgium.. Canada.. Egypt.. India.. Indonesia.. Ireland.. Japan.. Lebanon.. Malaysia.. Pakistan.. Portugal.. Singapore.. South Africa.. Thailand.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. Region.. All Regions.. State/County.. All States.. AZ.. CA.. California.. CO.. Colorado.. MA.. MN.. NM.. NY.. Texas.. TN.. Hide Advanced Search.. Show Advanced Search.. Date / City.. Event.. 27 Jan 2014 - 28 Jan.. (Dubai ).. Vital Signs Consultant Certification.. Vital Signs are statistically validated measures that capture key information about the people side of performance.. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science, the tools connect people’s perceptions and attitudes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.. 24 Feb 2014 - 28 Feb.. (Cape Town ).. EQ Certification - Building capacity for transformation with Emotional Intelligence.. Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase your own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ using Six Seconds powerful methodology and model.. Learn from the leaders in the field how to raise emotional intelligence in yourself and others.. Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive change at work, at home, and at school starting with yourself.. 27 Feb 2014 - 1 Mar.. (Scottsdale AZ).. EQ Tools for Education.. Where other tests provide “diagnosis,” these tools offer insight, plus a powerful framework for putting emotional intelligence into action.. While there are many tools to measure academic growth, there are few that focus meaningfully on the emotional side.. To lead positive change in schools, and to create an evidence-based approach to SEL, metrics are key: metrics about student, teacher, and parent emotional intelligence – and assessment of the school climate as a  ...   demonstrated the impact that social emotional learning programs can have on student behavior, engagement, and academic achievement.. The question is now: how can you put this into practice in your classroom?.. 30 Mar 2014 - 2 Apr.. Coaching EQ Certification: Supercharge Coaching with Emotional Intelligence.. Ideally coaching supports clients to create positive change but change doesn’t happen just from “knowing.. ” Emotions are a key driver for professional and personal transformation.. The CEQ equips professionals with a powerful emotional intelligence assessment (the SEI) and the Six Seconds Change MAP as a roadmap for structuring a transformational coaching process fueled by EQ.. The course has been approved for 32.. 75 ICF Coach Continuing Education units.. 2 Apr 2014 - 3 Apr.. (Houston Texas).. EQ Educator Certification.. Classroom teachers, counselors, and volunteers learn to facilitate social-emotional learning lessons.. Participants walk away with a clear process for SEL instruction, an understanding of Six Seconds model and approach, plus resources curriculum for 4-8 months of teaching.. While most educators see the value in social-emotional learning, most schools do not have a systematic, comprehensive, developmental approach to these essential skills.. 6 Apr 2014 - 10 Apr.. Advanced EQ Trainer Certification.. In addition to powerful EQ tools, Six Seconds’ programs work because we teach the way the brain learns.. This brain-based, humanistic, emotionally rich pedagogy creates transformational learning experiences by engaging head, heart, and hands.. Join this course to learn how.. 22 Apr 2014 - 26 Apr.. 24 May 2014 - 28 May.. (Singapore ).. Dubai: 27 Jan 2014 - 28 Jan.. Cape Town: 24 Feb 2014 - 28 Feb.. Scottsdale: 27 Feb 2014 - 1 Mar.. Cape Town: 1 Mar 2014 - 5 Mar.. Dubai: 16 Mar 2014 - 20 Mar.. Lisbon: 17 Mar 2014 - 21 Mar.. see more events.. Events by Region.. Asia Pacific.. Middle East Africa..

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  • Title: Store -Six Seconds
    Descriptive info: Store.. Welcome to the online EQStore!.. Your solution for proven emotional intelligence resources online since 1997.. Choose a category:.. Books Programs.. Business.. Hands On.. Education.. Personal Family.. Assessments.. Cert Only.. DHP.. High School.. Middle School.. Elementary School.. Curriculum.. EQ for Families.. Registration.. Donate.. What s Hot:.. Think, Feel, Act Cards.. Think, Feel, Act Cards One of the most power+simple tools we've created, the set includes 66 cards plus instruction booklet in a display box.. This hands-on tool increases awareness about choices, and is ideal for coaching, small group instruction, or personal development.. The cards help people understand the differences between thoughts, feelings, and action by.. More Info.. Price:.. 28.. 95.. 18.. Quantity:.. Developing Human Performance Volumes 1, 2 3.. Developing Human Performance Volumes 1, 2 3 Developing Human Performance provides complete modules every development professional can use.. From orienting new managers to building skills for diversity, collaboration, change, or customer care, these 2-hour workshops blend engaging learning and powerful content with the perspective of emotional intelligence experts.. Each module includes a facilitator guide,.. 1,785.. 00.. 1,295.. EQ for Families: Emotional Literacy Workshop.. Workshop One: Emotional Literacy -- “The Power of Feelings.. ” Help parents and caregivers increase emotional literacy -- the foundation to emotional intelligence.. This program, "The Power of Feelings: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence," will help them communicate with their children, recognize and manage emotions, and  ...   for professional and personal transformation.. Includes 32 page instruction booklet and 64 cards structured around the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.. 34.. At the Heart of Leadership.. New 3rd Edition - Revised and Updated At the Heart of Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence by Joshua Freedman, Forword by Peter Salovey.. Where other books tell you about emotional intelligence, this book provides the roadmap to put it in action.. Includes case for EQ, background, and detailed explanation of the Six.. 19.. 17.. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) + Debrief.. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI) + Debrief The only assessment based on Six Seconds' model, the SEI is focused on developing key capacities for living and leading with emotional intelligence.. Easily completed online, this statistically valid self-assessment comes with over 20 pages of interpretation and development suggestions.. The Six Seconds model is easy to.. 175.. 150.. Business Case for EQ Presentation Kit.. "The evidence is increasingly compelling.. The measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance.. EQ may be essential to differentiating world-class organizations in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.. ” This kit includes everything you need for a powerful 90- minute workshop on the value of emotional intelligence: Compelling slide presentation.. 100.. Or, browse by category:.. Categories.. There are no items in your cart.. Browse Products..

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  • Title: Tools & Tests for Emotional Intelligence and Business PerformanceSix Seconds
    Descriptive info: Tools.. Innovative Tools for Change.. Six Seconds publishes robust, effective assessments to measure what matters plus.. curriculum and learning tools.. We ve created two lines of assessments that make the invisible, visible:.. The SEI Line.. : Competencies for People Performance.. Download.. PDF for Professionals.. || Download.. PDF for Leaders.. The SEI tools measure key emotional intelligence competencies that drive influence, decision making, effectiveness, relationships, health, and quality of life.. Based on the powerful Six Seconds Model, these tools offer tremendous insight but even better, they provide a roadmap for increasing performance.. : Self-Assess the 8 EQ competencies that drive people-performance.. What is your level of emotional intelligence? Where are your strengths and how do you apply them? What weaknesses are blocking your people-performance and how do you develop?.. SEI Brain Brief Profile.. : An insightful snapshot into Brain Style (your preferred way of using emotions cognition together), distilled from the full power of the robust SEI assessment.. SEI360.. : Get accurate feedback about the way you re using your EQ competencies.. How are your EQ skills coming across to key stakeholders? Are your supervisors, colleagues, direct reports, and other business partners seeing your strengths and if not, where are the gaps?.. SEI-YV and pYV.. : Create a snapshot of a child  ...   provide baseline data and measure ROI while they save time and money by focusing implementation efforts.. The Vital Signs tools all use a practical operational effectiveness model including Motivation, Teamwork, Change, Execution, and Trust.. LVS Leadership Vital Signs.. : Which aspects of leadership performance are in play? Are you strong in all four quadrants of operational excellence (Strategy, People, Organization, Operation)? How are you creating and leveraging trust?.. TVS Team Vital Signs.. : To what extent is the team more than a collection of individuals? Where is the team aligned and misaligned, and what are the key drivers for building team performance?.. OVS Organization Vital Signs.. : What is the organizational climate? To what degree are various organizational units aligned? What s the real story on how employees are connecting with the company, leaders, strategy and vision?.. EVS Education Vital Signs.. : Are you creating an optimal context for learning? Are students, teachers, administrators, parents on the same page ? How are the relationships affecting the school s results?.. Vital Signs Model.. Team Vital Signs.. Leadership Vital Signs.. Organizational Vital Signs.. Education Vital Signs.. Vital Signs Certification.. SEI EQ Assessment.. SEI Youth Version.. SEI Certification.. Research.. Resources.. Intend The Change Reminder App.. The EQ Coach App: Insight in Your Pocket.. Grants..

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  • Title: The Emotional Intelligence Certification Training: EQ CertificationSix Seconds
    Descriptive info: Ready to go deeper?.. Six Seconds offers a range of.. emotional intelligence certification programs.. ideal for change makers, trainers, coaches, L D professionals and educators.. We ll support you from your first EQ tools through to world-class expertise and you will be part of the preeminent organization for bringing EQ into practice.. Two popular courses:.. Our core program in-depth, engaging, transformational.. This course is ideal for people who want to develop their own EQ in order to help others develop.. See some slides from.. Brisbane.. Tokyo.. ….. Jordan.. Mumbai.. The SEI 1-1.. The most flexible, practical way to begin.. A blended program with coaching, elearning, and project work, this course prepares professionals to  ...   Master Class.. For more, read about.. Which Certification?.. And, please see the.. schedule of upcoming certification training.. Why choose Six Seconds?.. Six Seconds is the only global organization fully dedicated to emotional intelligence development.. Our programs and tools are grounded in current science, made practical.. We don t just talk about emotional intelligence, we use a robust methodology to make it transformational.. Read more about what makes Six Seconds a world leader in EQ.. International Coach Federation.. University of San Diego.. American Institute of Business Psychology.. California Board of Behavioral Sciences.. Six Seconds programs are accredited from both academic and practitioner organizations.. read more about accreditation.. Why Six Seconds Certification?.. Guarantee.. Accreditation.. Scholarships..

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  • Title: About -Six Seconds
    Descriptive info: About.. What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence?.. We would connect with ourselves and each other.. We would have the skills to make more careful choices by learning to respond, instead of react.. We would thrive.. Would you like to be part of making that world?.. Through 15 years of global experience and extensive research, we ve found that the scientifically-based skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential for change.. These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, influence, decision making, health, relationships, and quality of life (.. data.. Therefore, our vision is that by 2039:.. one billion people will be practicing the skills of emotional intelligence.. In our mission.. Everywhere.. means all parts of societies work, school, home, community, etc.. All the time.. means integrated into daily life.. To support positive change, we ve developed transformational, globally relevant, and scientific tools  ...   other publications in 10 languages.. Six Seconds is the first and largest organization 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence, a powerful toolset to support people to create positive change everywhere, all the time.. The network includes over 50,000 members, and we have offices and representatives in over 25 countries.. From our start in 1997 through 2012, our network has supported over half a million people to practice EQ and made many more aware of EQ.. Success! And:.. To reach one billion, we need to go further.. Would you be part of it?.. Join us!.. PS.. Wondering why are we called Six Seconds?.. Here s the story of our unusual name.. Here s how people in the network.. describe Six Seconds.. and a picture:.. Team.. Global Office Team.. Regional Network Directors.. Testimonials.. Clients.. Advisory Board.. Policies.. Site Map.. Terms of Use.. Press Room..

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  • Title: Center for Innovative Management: Talent, Emotions, and PerformanceSix Seconds
    Descriptive info: Why does emotional intelligence matter in business today?.. Increasing complexity demands increased capability.. If we want leaders who can navigate through today s challenges, foster innovation, and build organizations where people thrive we need to equip them with the skills of emotional intelligence.. shows these learnable, measurable skills improve leadership effectiveness, retention, organizational climate, and the bottom line.. Six Seconds Center for Innovative Management blends cutting-edge science with solid business logic to create positive change in organizations.. Read more:.. Business Blogs Articles.. Ready for training consulting using EQ to improve  ...   Performance.. Leadership.. Teams.. Emotions in Business.. Consulting.. Recent Business Posts.. Can we increase Employee Engagement in an economic challenge? What's the benefit? Case study at Komatsu plant using "Vital Signs" and "Emotional Intelligence": engagement increased from 33 to 70%.. Do you trust yourself? Are.. The Bread Butter of Leadership.. When we talk of trust, we make the choice of being vulnerable based on our positive expectations.. This positive has a similar “feel” to respect: Respect is a deep admiration.. Here are six tips to building these invaluable ingredients to leadership..

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