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    Archived pages: 12 . Archive date: 2014-02.

  • Title: 7-Zip
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. 7z Format.. LZMA SDK.. Download.. FAQ.. Support.. Links.. English.. Afrikaans.. Bulgarian.. Chinese Simpl.. Chinese Trad.. Esperanto.. French.. German.. Hungarian.. Japanese.. Persian.. Polish.. Portuguese Brazil.. Russian.. Spanish.. Ukrainian.. 7-Zip.. is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.. Download 7-Zip 9.. 20 (2010-11-18) for Windows.. :.. Link.. Type.. Windows.. Size.. exe.. 32-bit x86.. 1 MB.. msi.. 64-bit x64.. The download links above redirect you to download pages on SourceForge.. net.. License.. is.. open source.. software.. Most of the source code is under the.. GNU LGPL.. license.. The unRAR code is under a mixed license: GNU LGPL + unRAR restrictions.. Check license information here:.. 7-Zip license.. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization.. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip.. The main features of 7-Zip.. High compression ratio in.. 7z format.. with.. LZMA.. and.. LZMA2.. compression.. Supported formats:.. Packing / unpacking: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM.. Unpacking only: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z.. For ZIP and GZIP  ...   / ME / 98.. There is a port of the command line version to Linux/Unix.. On.. 7-Zip's Source Forge Page.. you can find a forum, bug reports, and feature request systems.. Compression ratio.. We compared.. with some of the leading archivers.. FILE SETS:.. Mozilla Firefox.. 1.. 0.. 7 for Windows and.. Google Earth.. 3.. 0616 for Windows after full installation.. Archiver.. 161 files.. 15,684,168 bytes.. 115 files.. 23,530,652 bytes.. Compressed size.. Ratio.. 7-Zip 4.. 23 (7z format).. 4621135.. 100%.. 6109183.. WinRAR 3.. 50.. 5021556.. 109%.. 6824892.. 112%.. CABARC 5.. 1.. 5131393.. 111%.. 7434325.. 122%.. WinZip 10.. 0 beta (maximum-PPMd).. 5277118.. 114%.. 8200708.. 134%.. 23 (zip format).. 6222627.. 135%.. 8909446.. 146%.. 0 beta (maximum-portable).. 6448666.. 140%.. 9153898.. 150%.. Compression ratio results are very dependent upon the data used for the tests.. Usually,.. compresses to 7z format 30-70% better than to zip format.. And.. compresses to zip format 2-10% better than most of other zip compatible programs.. 7-Zip 9.. 32 alpha.. 2013-12-01.. 30 alpha.. 2012-10-26.. 25 alpha.. 2011-09-16.. Forum: 7-Zip 9.. Download 7-Zip 32-bit.. Download 7-Zip x64.. 22 beta.. 2011-04-18.. 20.. 2010-11-18.. History of 7-zip changes.. Copyright (C) 2013 Igor Pavlov..

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  • Title: 7z Format
    Descriptive info: 7z.. is the new archive format, providing high compression ratio.. The main features of.. format:.. Open architecture.. High compression ratio.. Strong AES-256 encryption.. Ability of using any compression, conversion or encryption method.. Supporting files with sizes up to 16000000000 GB.. Unicode file names.. Solid compressing.. Archive headers compressing.. has open architecture, so it can support any new compression methods.. Now the following methods are integrated to.. Method.. Description.. Improved and optimized version of LZ77 algorithm.. Improved version of LZMA.. PPMD.. Dmitry Shkarin's PPMdH with small changes.. BCJ.. Converter for 32-bit x86 executables.. BCJ2.. BZip2.. Standard BWT algorithm.. Deflate.. Standard LZ77-based algorithm.. is default and general compression method of.. format.. method:.. Variable dictionary size (up to 4 GB).. Compressing speed: about 1 MB/s on 2 GHz CPU.. Decompressing speed: about 10-20 MB/s on 2 GHz CPU.. Small  ...   can not use the GNU LGPL in their code.. If you want to use.. code, you can ask consultations, custom code programming and required developer licenses from page for support:.. Send message to LZMA developer.. Check also information about.. 7-Zip also supports encryption with AES-256 algorithm.. This algorithm uses cipher key with length of 256 bits.. To create that key 7-Zip uses derivation function based on SHA-256 hash algorithm.. A key derivation function produces a derived key from text password defined by user.. For increasing the cost of exhaustive search for passwords 7-Zip uses big number of iterations to produce cipher key from text password.. is a part of.. program distributed under the GNU LGPL.. You can download.. sources and binaries from.. Download Page.. Applications that support.. archives: WinRAR, PowerArchiver, TUGZip, IZArc.. Links:.. 7z at Wikipedia..

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  • Title: LZMA SDK (Software Development Kit)
    Descriptive info: LZMA SDK (Software Development Kit).. The.. provides the documentation, samples, header files, libraries, and tools you need to develop applications that use.. Date.. Version.. 500 KB.. 9.. LZMA SDK (C, C++, C#, Java).. 2011-04-19.. 22 Beta.. 18 KB.. 2013-07-28.. LZMA Specification (Draft).. What's new:.. 20:.. New small SFX module for installers.. 11:.. PPMd support.. 04:.. LZMA2 and XZ support.. 4.. 62:.. Some fixes.. LZMA SDK is placed in the public domain.. 58:.. Speed optimizations.. New ANSI-C code for LZMA compression.. 57:.. 49:.. 7z ANSI-C decoder was improved.. C++ code for.. 7z archive handling was included.. is the default and general compression method of.. in the.. program.. provides a high compression ratio and very fast decompression, so it is very suitable for embedded applications.. For example, it can be used for ROM (firmware) compressing.. includes:.. C++.. source code of.. Encoder and  ...   code in LZMA SDK is subset of source code of 7-Zip.. features:.. Compression speed: 2 MB/s on 2 GHz dual-core CPU.. Decompression speed:.. 20-30 MB/s on 2 GHz Intel Core2 or AMD Athlon 64.. 1-2 MB/s on 200 MHz ARM, MIPS, PowerPC or other simple RISC CPU.. Small memory requirements for decompression: 8-32 KB + DictionarySize.. Small code size for decompression: 2-8 KB (depending on speed optimizations).. decoder uses only CPU integer instructions and can be implemented for any modern 32-bit CPU (or, on a 16-bit CPU with some conditions).. is placed in the.. public domain.. LZMA Links.. LZMA at Wikipedia.. Port of LZMA SDK for JAVA from independent developer.. Port of LZMA SDK to Pascal (Delphi, Kylix and Freepascal).. PyLZMA: Python bindings for LZMA.. XZ Utils / LZMA utils.. LZMA Streams in Java.. LZMA Benchmark results for different CPUs..

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  • Title: Download
    Descriptive info: Download 7-Zip for Windows.. 7-Zip for 32-bit Windows.. 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64 (Intel 64 or AMD64).. IA-64.. 7-Zip for IA-64 Itanium CPU.. ARM.. 7-Zip for Windows Mobile / Windows CE (ARM).. zip.. 32-bit.. 7-Zip Command Line Version.. tar.. bz2.. Any.. 7-Zip Source code.. 7z Library, SFXs for installers, Plugin for FAR Manager.. Download links redirect to a download page on SourceForge.. You can download any versions of 7-Zip (including latest beta versions) from SourceForge:.. 7-Zip files at Source Forge.. 7-Zip at Source Forge..  ...   command line version of 7-Zip for Unix/Linux, made by an independent developer.. Some unofficial p7zip packages for Linux and other systems:.. p7zip for Debian (and Ubuntu).. p7zip for Fedora Core.. p7zip for Gentoo.. p7zip for AltLinux.. org.. p7zip for FreeBSD.. EZ 7z for Mac OS X.. 7zX for Mac OS X.. keka - the free Mac OS X file archiver.. p7zip for BeOS.. p7zip for DOS / DJGPP.. p7zip for Amiga.. p7zip for Solaris.. p7zip for AIX.. 7-Zip for other systems:.. 7-Zip Extracter for WinCE..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).. User FAQ.. Developer FAQ.. Can I use 7-Zip in a commercial organization?.. Yes, 7-Zip is free software.. You can use it on any computer.. How can I set file associations to 7-Zip in Windows 7 and Windows Vista?.. You must run 7-Zip File Manager in administrator mode.. Right-click the icon of 7-Zip File Manager, and then click.. Run as administrator.. Then you can change file associations and some other options.. What version of 7-Zip is more stable?.. Now there one main version of 7-Zip:.. 20 - it's revision 20 of 7-Zip 9 (started in 2009).. Latest beta versions can fix some bugs of previous versions.. So they can be more stable in some cases.. In general it's safe to use latest beta version.. Why do the add, delete and update operations not work for some existing archives?.. These operations didn't work only in old versions of 7-Zip.. Latest 7-Zip supports any operations with "solid" archives.. Why can't 7-Zip open some ZIP archives?.. In 99% of these cases it means that the archive contains incorrect headers.. Other ZIP programs can open some archives with incorrect headers, since these programs just ignore errors.. If you have such archive, please don't call the 7-Zip developers about it.. Instead try to find the program that was used to create the archive and inform the developers of that program that their software is not ZIP-compatible.. There are also some ZIP archives that were encoded with methods unsupported by 7-Zip, for example, WAVPack (WinZip).. Why does drag-and-drop archive extraction from 7-Zip to Explorer use temp files?.. 7-Zip doesn't know folder path of drop target.. Only Windows Explorer knows exact drop target.. And Windows Explorer needs files (drag source) as decompressed files on disk.. So 7-Zip extracts files from archive to temp folder and then 7-Zip notifies Windows Explorer about paths of these temp files.. Then Windows Explorer copies these files to drop target folder.. To avoid temp file usage, you can use Extract command of 7-Zip or drag-and-drop from 7-Zip to 7-Zip.. Why doesn't the command line version add files without extensions to an archive?.. You're probably using a *.. * wildcard.. 7-Zip doesn't use the operating system's wildcard mask parser, and consequently treats *.. * as any file that has an extension.. To process all files you must use the * wildcard instead or omit the wildcard altogether.. Why doesn't -r switch work as expected?.. In most cases you don't need -r switch.. 7-Zip can compress subfolders even without -r switch.. Example 1:.. exe a c:\a..  ...   "/D=dir" parameter to specify the "output directory".. These options are case-sensitive.. 7-Zip uses the NSIS installer by Nullsoft.. For msi installer: Use the /q INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\7-Zip" parameters.. Why are there linking errors when I compile 7-Zip or LZMA SDK with Visual C++ 6.. 0?.. To compile sources you will need Visual C++ 6.. 0 or a later version.. Some files also require a new Platform SDK from microsoft.. com:.. http://www.. microsoft.. com/msdownload/platformsdk/sdkupdate/psdk-full.. htm.. or.. com/msdownload/platformsdk/sdkupdate/.. If you are using MSVC, specify the SDK directories at the top of the "Include files" and "Library files" directory lists.. These can be found under "Tools / Options / Directories".. The latest Platform SDK is not compatible with MSVC6.. So you must use Windows Server 2003 PSDK (February 2003) with MSVC6.. Can I use the EXE or DLL files from 7-Zip in a Commercial Application?.. Yes, but you are required to specify in your documentation (1) that you used parts of the 7-Zip program, (2) that 7-Zip is licensed under the GNU LGPL license and (3) you must give a link to www.. 7-zip.. org, where the source code can be found.. How can I add support for 7z archives to my application?.. One way is to use the 7z.. dll or 7za.. dll (available from sf.. net for download).. The 7za.. dll works via COM interfaces.. It, however, doesn't use standard COM interfaces for creating objects.. You can find a small example in "CPP\7zip\UI\Client7z" folder in the source code.. A full example is 7-Zip itself, since 7-Zip works via this dll also.. There are other applications that use 7za.. dll such as WinRAR, PowerArchiver and others.. The other way is to call the command line version: 7za.. Can I use the source code of 7-Zip in a commercial application?.. Since 7-Zip is licensed under the GNU LGPL you must follow the rules of that license.. In brief, it means that any LGPL'ed code must remain licensed under the LGPL.. For instance, you can change the code from 7-Zip or write a wrapper for some code from 7-Zip and compile it into a DLL; but, the source code of that DLL (including your modifications / additions / wrapper) must be licensed under the LGPL or GPL.. Any other code in your application can be licensed as you wish.. This scheme allows users and developers to change LGPL'ed code and recompile that DLL.. That is the idea of free software.. Read more here:.. gnu.. org/.. You can also read about the.. , which is available under a more liberal license..

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  • Title: Technical Support for 7-Zip
    Descriptive info: Technical Support for 7-Zip.. Before requesting customer support for 7-Zip, please.. Check that you use latest version of 7-Zip.. If you want to report about some problem, check also latest alpha version of 7-Zip.. Maybe your problem is already fixed in alpha version.. If you have 64-bit Windows x64, check that you use 7-Zip x64.. Check out the 7-Zip help system also.. Read..  ...   you can get answers on the forum from 7-Zip developers and from other 7-Zip users.. Please write only in English.. 7-Zip's Forum at Source Forge.. If you post a message to forum about some problem with 7-Zip, please provide the following information about your system:.. 7-Zip version and type (32-bit / 64-bit).. Windows version and type (32-bit / 64-bit).. CPU type.. RAM size..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info:   .. Logos.. 7-Zip Forum.. p7zip is a quick port of 7-Zip (command line version only) for Linux and Unix, made by an independent developer.. You can run the command line version of 7-Zip in DOS, using.. HX DOS Extender.. 7-Zip Logos and Buttons.. If you have your own web site and want to support the 7-Zip project, you can display the 7-Zip link button on your web pages.. Use this HTML code:.. a href="http://www.. org/" img src="http://www.. org/logos/7zlogo01.. png" width="88" height="31" border="0" alt="7-Zip" / /a.. Some 7-Zip related links:.. 7-Zip at Wikipedia.. LZMA SDK for JAVA.. LZMA utils.. XZ utils.. 7-Zip (LZMA) Task for ANT.. TSevenZipVCL - Delphi VCL for 7zip format.. Delphi API for 7-Zip plugins (7z, ZIP, RAR.. ).. 7-Zip Portable.. Port of 7zip archive reader to C#.. J7Zip: Java decoder for 7z archives.. LZMA In-Memory Compression with C#.. 7-Zip SFX with enhanced features.. 7-ZIP SFX Maker (*.. exe from *.. 7z).. C# (.. net) interface for 7-Zip archive  ...   BackupAssist Backup Software.. Advanced Installer.. Cromfs: compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.. SquashFS: a native compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.. AFFLIB : AFF is the Advanced Forensic Format.. UPX : the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables.. InstallAware Installer.. Paquet Builder.. Applications that work with.. 7z archives:.. WinRAR.. FreeArc.. PowerArchiver.. Total Commander.. 7Zip Plugin from Adam Strzelecki.. MutiArc Plugin with 7z supporting.. 7z Plugin from Alexander Cherenkov.. FAR Manager.. 7-Zip Plugin for FAR Manager.. IZArc.. Altap Salamander.. TUGZip.. QuickZip.. ZipGenius.. SpeedCommander.. Frigate.. EF Commander.. WinMerge.. File Roller.. is an archive manager for the GNOME environment.. PeaZip.. jZip - 7-Zip based compressor.. Nomad.. NET.. The Unarchiver for MAC OS X.. Bitser.. BadaArchiver for Samsung Bada.. B1 Free Archiver.. Articles and tutorials about 7-Zip:.. Best Archive Tool at DonationCoder.. com.. 7z versus rar: strong general-purpose compression in Windows at kikizas.. 7-ZIP - Quality Opensource Compression at WorthInstalling.. Video Tutorial for 7-Zip at ShowMeDo.. Video Tutorial for 7-Zip at Top-Windows-Tutorials.. Video Tutorial for 7-Zip from Gurdal Ertek..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: 7-Zip ~~~~~ License for use and distribution ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7-Zip Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Igor Pavlov.. Licenses for files are: 1) 7z.. dll: GNU LGPL + unRAR restriction 2) All other files: GNU LGPL The GNU LGPL + unRAR restriction means that you must follow both GNU LGPL rules and unRAR restriction rules.. Note: You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization.. GNU LGPL information -------------------- This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.. 1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.. This  ...   You can receive a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License from http://www.. org/ unRAR restriction ----------------- The decompression engine for RAR archives was developed using source code of unRAR program.. All copyrights to original unRAR code are owned by Alexander Roshal.. The license for original unRAR code has the following restriction: The unRAR sources cannot be used to re-create the RAR compression algorithm, which is proprietary.. Distribution of modified unRAR sources in separate form or as a part of other software is permitted, provided that it is clearly stated in the documentation and source comments that the code may not be used to develop a RAR (WinRAR) compatible archiver.. -- Igor Pavlov..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: HISTORY of the 7-Zip -------------------- 9.. 30 alpha 2012-10-26 ------------------------- - The BUG in 7-Zip 9.. 26 alpha - 9.. 29 alpha versions was fixed.. These alpha versions could not open non-solid 7z archive, if some files were skipped during creation of that archive.. That problem is also related to 7z archives created in solid mode, if each solid block contains no more than one file.. Note: 7-Zip skips files that were open for writing by another application and shows warning in that case.. 29 alpha 2012-09-07 ------------------------- - LZMA2 now is default compression method for.. 7z format.. - 7-Zip now can update WIM archives.. - 7-Zip File Manager now can move files to archives.. - The default encoding for TAR format now is UTF-8.. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM encoding.. - Command line version: - new "rn" command to rename files in archive.. - new -sdel switch to delete files after including to archive.. - new -sns switch to store NTFS alternate streams (for WIM format only).. - new -sni switch to store NT security information for files (for WIM format only).. - new -stl switch to set archive timestamp from the most recently modified file.. - Speed optimizations for opening big archives and big disk folders.. - DMG support was improved - Some bugs were fixed.. - New localization: Aragonese.. 25 alpha 2011-09-16 ------------------------- - LZMA decompression speed was improved.. - "compress and send to email" code was improved to support more email clients.. - New command "h" to calculate hash values CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-256 or SHA-1 for files on disk.. - New -spf switch to store full file paths including drive letter to archive.. If you use that switch with extract command, please check that file names in archive are correct.. - Some bugs were fixed.. 23 alpha 2011-06-07 ------------------------- - The format of language files was changed.. - New localization: Karakalpak.. 22 beta 2011-04-18 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now uses progress indicator displayed on a taskbar button under Windows 7.. - The BUG in 7-Zip 9.. 21 beta was fixed: 7-Zip could ignore some options when you created ZIP archives.. For example, it could use ZipCrypto cipher instead of AES-256.. 21 beta 2011-04-11 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack UEFI BIOS files.. - 64-bit version of 7-Zip now includes additional 32-bit shell extension DLL.. So other 32-bit programs can call 64-bit 7-Zip via context menu.. - Now it's possible to associate 7-Zip with file types without Administrator rights.. - New -mf=FilterID switch to specify compression filter.. Examples: 7z a -mf=bcj2 a.. 7z a.. tar 7z a -mf=delta:4 a.. wav 7z a -mf=bcj a.. xz a.. tar - 32-bit 7-Zip running under 64-bit Windows now can use up to 4 GB of RAM.. - New localizations: Corsican, Kyrgyz, Ligurian.. 20 2010-11-18 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 19 beta 2010-11-11 ------------------------- - The console version now doesn't show entered password.. 18 beta 2010-11-02 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack SquashFS and CramFS filesystem images.. - 7-Zip now can unpack some TAR and ISO archives with incorrect headers.. - New small SFX module for installers (in Extra package).. 17 beta 2010-10-04 ------------------------- - Disk fragmentation problem for ZIP archives created by 7-Zip was fixed.. 16 beta 2010-09-08 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now supports files that are larger than 8 GB in TAR archives.. - NSIS support was improved.. - New localizations: Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit.. 15 beta 2010-06-20 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. - New localization: Tatar.. 14 beta 2010-06-04 ------------------------- - WIM support was improved.. 13 beta 2010-04-15 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now stores NTFS file timestamps to ZIP archives.. - New additional "Open archive >" item in context menu allows to select archive type for some files.. - New localization: Uyghur.. 12 beta 2010-03-24 ------------------------- - ZIP / PPMd compression ratio was improved in Maximum and Ultra modes.. * beta was fixed: LZMA2 codec didn't work, if more than 10 threads were used (or more than 20 threads in some modes).. 11 beta 2010-03-15 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now supports PPMd compression in ZIP archives.. - Speed optimizations in PPMd codec.. - The support for archives in installers was improved.. - New localization: Kazakh.. 10 beta 2009-12-22 ------------------------- - The BUG in 7-Zip 9.. 09 beta was fixed: 7-Zip created incorrect ZIP archives, if ZipCrypto encryption was used.. 09 beta 2009-12-12 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack Apple Partition Map (APM) disk images.. - Speed optimizations in AES code for Intel's 32nm CPUs.. - Speed optimizations in CRC calculation code for Intel's Atom CPUs.. 07 beta 2009-08-27 ------------------------- - It's possible to specify Diff program in options (7-Zip File Manager).. 06 beta 2009-08-17 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack MSLZ archives.. - Partial parsing for EXE resources, SWF and FLV.. 04 beta 2009-05-30 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can update solid.. 7z archives.. - 7-Zip now supports LZMA2 compression method.. - 7-Zip now supports XZ archives.. - 7-Zip now can unpack NTFS, FAT, VHD and MBR archives.. - 7-Zip now can unpack GZip, BZip2, LZMA, XZ and TAR archives from stdin.. - 7-Zip now can open/copy/compress disk images (like \\.. \c:) from \\.. \ folder.. - 7-Zip File Manager now doesn't use temp files to open nested archives stored without compression.. - New -scrc switch to calculate total CRC-32 during extracting / testing.. - New -scc{WIN|DOS|UTF-8} switch to specify charset for console input/output (default = DOS).. 65 2009-02-03 ------------------------- - 7-Zip File Manager now can calculate SHA-256 checksum.. 64 2009-01-03 ------------------------- - The bug in 7-Zip 4.. 63 was fixed: 7-Zip could not decrypt.. ZIP archives encrypted with WinZip-AES method.. 63 2008-12-31 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack ZIP archives encrypted with PKWARE-AES.. 62 2008-12-02 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 61 beta 2008-11-23 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now supports LZMA compression for.. ZIP archives.. - New localization: Sinhala.. 60 beta 2008-08-19 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 59 beta 2008-08-13 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack UDF, XAR and DMG/HFS archives.. - 7-Zip File Manager now keeps encryption when you edit encrypted file inside archive.. - 7-Zip File Manager now allows to change current folder from the address bar drop-down list.. - It's allowed to use -t switch for "list" and "extract" commands.. - New localizations: Icelandic, Kurdish Sorani.. 58 beta 2008-05-05 ------------------------- - Some speed optimizations.. - 7-Zip now can unpack.. lzma archives.. - Unicode (UTF-8) support for filenames in.. Now there are 3 modes: 1) Default mode: 7-Zip uses UTF-8, if the local code page doesn't contain required symbols.. 2) -mcu switch: 7-Zip uses UTF-8, if there are non-ASCII symbols.. 3) -mcl switch: 7-Zip uses local code page.. - Now it's possible to store file creation time in 7z and ZIP archives (-mtc switch).. - 7-Zip now can unpack multivolume RAR archives created with "old style volume names" scheme and names *.. 001, *.. 002,.. - Now it's possible to use -mSW- and -mSW+ switches instead of -mSW=off and -mSW=on - Some bugs were fixed.. - New localizations: Punjabi (Indian), Pashto.. 57 2007-12-06 ------------------------- - The BUG in command line version was fixed: -up3 switch could work incorrectly.. 56 beta 2007-10-24 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 55 beta 2007-09-05 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 54 beta 2007-09-04 ------------------------- - Decompression speed was increased.. 53 beta 2007-08-27 ------------------------- - "Test" and "Info" buttons now work for open archives.. - The bug in 7-Zip 4.. 48 - 4.. 52 beta was fixed: 7-Zip could create.. ZIP archives with broken files.. 52 beta 2007-08-03 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack Compound files (msi, doc,.. 51 beta 2007-07-25 ------------------------- - Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.. 50 beta could not open some.. 50 beta 2007-07-24 ------------------------- - New switch for command line version: -ssc[-] enables/disables case-sensitive mode for file names.. - Speed optimizations for AES encryption.. 49 beta 2007-07-11 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can unpack WIM archives.. - 7-Zip now replaces incorrect characters in filenames during extracting.. 48 beta 2007-06-26 ------------------------- - Encryption strength for.. 7z format was increased.. Now it uses random initialization vectors.. 47 beta 2007-05-27 ------------------------- - Bugs of 7-Zip 4.. 46 beta were fixed: BZip2 could work incorrectly.. 46 beta 2007-05-25 ------------------------- - New fast compression mode for Deflate method in Zip and GZip.. - New "Compress shared files" option in GUI and -ssw switch.. - New localization: Norwegian Nynorsk.. 45 beta 2007-04-17 ------------------------- - Now it's possible to specify the size of solid block and the number of CPU threads in "Add to archive" dialog box.. - Default dictionary size was increased: Normal: 16 MB, Max: 32 MB.. - Speed optimizations.. - Benchmark was improved (new "b" command in command line version).. - The number of DLL files was reduced.. - Now it's possible to associate 7-zip with combined types like.. tbz2 - switch -mhcf=off is not supported now.. - If -t{Type} switch is not specified, 7-Zip now uses extension of archive to detect the type of archive.. - New localization: Welsh.. 44 beta 2007-01-20 ------------------------- - Speed optimizations for LZMA, Deflate, BZip2 and unRAR.. - 7-Zip now supports file pathnames longer than 260 characters.. - New localizations: Bangla, Bashkir, Nepali.. 43 beta 2006-09-15 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now can use multi-threading mode for compressing to.. - ZIP format supporting was improved.. - 7-Zip now supports WinZip-compatible AES-256 encryption for.. - New context menu items for.. ZIP archives creating.. - 7-Zip now uses order list (list of extensions) for files sorting for compressing to.. It can slightly increase compression ratio in some cases.. - 7-Zip now restores modification time of folders during.. 7z archives extracting.. - New localizations: Armenian, Marathi.. 42 2006-05-14 ------------------------- - Compressing speed and Memory requirements were increased.. Default dictionary size was increased: Fastest: 64 KB, Fast: 1 MB, Normal: 4 MB, Max: 16 MB, Ultra: 64 MB.. - BZip2 compressing / decompressing now can work in multi-threading mode - Multi-threading mode now is default for multi-processor systems - 64-bit version now supports 1 GB dictionary - 7z/LZMA now can use only these match finders: HC4, BT2, BT3, BT4 - Compression ratio in Zip/GZip/Deflate in Ultra mode was increased - 7-Zip now can unpack ISO archives and some installers created by NSIS - Optional "Flat View" mode in 7-Zip File Manager - 7-Zip File Manager now can  ...   files during extraction in command line version (-aot switch).. - Some bugs were fixed 3.. 09.. 02 2003-09-20 ------------------------- - Optional limitation for solid block size for increasing the speed of random file decompressing (-ms switch) 3.. 01 beta 2003-09-06 ------------------------- - Automatic compression filter for executable files: dll, exe, ocx, sfx, sys, (-mf switch) - Compression levels in 7z now are: - Fast: 32 KB dictionary, BCJ filter - Normal: 2 MB dictionary, BCJ filter - Maximum: 8 MB dictionary, BCJ filter, max settings - Ultra: 32 MB dictionary, BCJ2 filter, max settings - Updating solid 7z archives now is supported, if it doesn't require repacking solid blocks - -mhcf switch for 7z format now is default - Some bugs were fixed 3.. 08.. 04 beta 2003-08-24 ------------------------- - Favorites menu in 7-Zip File Manager - Some bugs were fixed 3.. 03 beta 2003-08-21 ------------------------- - Automatic adding of extension to archive name in Compress Dialog - Some bugs in previous 3.. * versions were fixed: - Storing columns width inside archives in File Manager - Opening archive inside archive - Quotes in list files in console version 3.. 02 beta 2003-08-20 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed 3.. 08 beta 2003-08-19 ------------------------- - Compress dialog: - Supporting fast compressing mode (-mx=1 switch) - Multi-threading option for Multi-Processor systems or Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading - Encrypt file names option - New context menu items: - Extract here - Extract to.. - Compress and email - Internal reconstruction, registry using was reduced - New localization: Esperanto 2.. 30 Beta 32 2003-05-15 ------------------------- - New features in compressing / decompressing window.. - "Show password" option.. - Some other small changes.. - New localization: Valencian.. 2.. 30 Beta 31 2003-04-29 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed.. 30 Beta 30 2003-04-19 ------------------------- - 7-Zip File Manager: - Showing.. item.. - 1/2 Panels mode switching (F9).. - Supporting Bzip2 compression in ZIP archives.. - Some optimization recompiling for reducing code size.. 30 Beta 29 2003-04-07 ------------------------- - 7-Zip File Manager: - "7-Zip" and "System" submenus in "Files" menu.. - Path history and "Browse" button in "Copy" dialog.. - RAR supporting was improved.. - Small changes in LZMA code.. - New localizations: Hebrew, Vietnamese.. 30 Beta 28 2003-02-16 ------------------------- - Some bugs were fixed: - Updating 7z archives that are larger than 4 GB.. - Using anti-items in 7z format.. - Compressing empty files with password to zip format.. - In max mode 7z now uses 8 MB dictionary instead of 4 MB.. - 7-Zip File Manager: - Supporting file comments: Ctrl-Z.. - New key alias for folder bookmarks: [Shift]+Alt+Number.. 30 Beta 27 2003-01-24 ------------------------- - Two BUGs in two previous beta versions (Beta 25 and Beta 26) were fixed: 1.. Incorrect compressing to non-solid 7z archive when files have some very big sizes: 4 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB,.. Incorrect percent showing in 7z compressing when files are bigger than 4 GB.. - Supporting multivolume RAR and SPLIT archives.. - Supporting DEB archives.. - Supporting old version of CPIO format.. - New localizations: Korean, Swedish.. 30 Beta 26 2003-01-12 ------------------------- - Supporting Deflate64 method in Zip archives.. - Supporting Rar 1.. 50 archives.. 30 Beta 25 2003-01-02 ------------------------- - Encryption feature for 7z format (AES-256).. - New optional archive header compressing mode (-mhcf).. - Archive headers now always are compressed with LZMA method.. - Updating non-solid 7z archives without -ms=off now is allowed.. - Folder creating and item renaming inside archive now is supported.. - Supporting encrypted Rar3 archives.. - Supporting Unicode names in Rar3 archives.. - New localizations: Lithuanian, Voro.. 30 Beta 24 2002-11-01 ------------------------- - Some internal reconstructions.. - -m switch syntax was slightly changed.. - New localizations: Catalan, Norwegian, Romanian.. 30 Beta 23 2002-09-07 ------------------------- - Encryption feature for zip format.. - Percent indicating for some operations.. 30 Beta 22 2002-08-31 ------------------------- - New program: 7-Zip File Manager.. - Command line version now doesn't allow absolute paths for compressing files.. - New localizations: Belarusian, Greek.. - Bug in FAR plugin was fixed: Incorrect updating when archive has no explicit directory items for file items.. 30 Beta 21 2002-07-08 ------------------------- - RAM requirements for LZMA (7z) compression were reduced.. - Small bug in FAR plugin was fixed.. 30 Beta 20 2002-07-01 ------------------------- - RAM requirements for LZMA (7z) decompression were reduced.. - New localization: Turkish.. 30 Beta 19 2002-04-11 ------------------------- - Supporting RAR 3.. 0 archives.. - New localizations: Danish, Ukrainian.. 30 Beta 18 2002-03-25 ------------------------- - Compressing speed in 7z format was slightly increased.. - New localizations: Estonian, Finnish.. 30 Beta 17 2002-03-03 ------------------------- - Supporting ARJ archives.. - New localization: Chinese Simplified.. 30 Beta 16 2002-02-24 ------------------------- - Supporting RPM and CPIO archives.. - New fast compression mode for LZMA: -m0a=0.. - New match finders for LZMA: bt4b, hc3, hc4.. 30 Beta 15 2002-02-17 ------------------------- - Compression ratio in 7z was slightly improved.. - New localization: Dutch.. 30 Beta 14 2002-02-10 ------------------------- - Speed optimization for multiprocessor computers (-mmt switch).. - New localizations: Czech, Japanese, Polish.. 30 Beta 13 2002-01-31 ------------------------- - New SFX module for installers.. - New match finder for LZMA: bt3.. - New localizations: Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Serbo-Croatian.. 30 Beta 12 2002-01-16 ------------------------- - Bug was fixed: memory leak in Beta 11.. - New localization: Hungarian.. 30 Beta 11 2002-01-15 ------------------------- - Archive testing feature for GUI version.. - Now 7-Zip can use more than 256 MB of RAM in all Windows versions.. - New localizations: Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Latvian, Slovak.. 30 Beta 10 2002-01-11 ------------------------- - Bugs were fixed: - Updating 7z archives in Beta 8 and 9 didn't work.. - Unicode version in Beta 9 didn't work in Windows NT4.. - Some other bugs were fixed.. - New localizations: Arabic, French, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish.. 30 Beta 9 2002-01-08 ------------------------- - Program localization: English, German, Russian.. - Additional optimized versions of programs for Windows NT4/2000/XP.. - Two new match finders for LZMA: pat3h and pat4h.. 30 Beta 8 2001-12-21 ------------------------- - 7-Zip now supports some zip archives that were not supported by previous versions.. - 7-Zip now supports new state (-uw switch) for cases when 7-Zip can not detect whether file is newer or the same.. - Supporting anti-items in 7z format for incremental update (-u with action #3).. 30 Beta 7 2001-11-04 ------------------------- - BCJ2: new converter for x86 code.. - Supporting tar archives with very long file names (GNU extension to 'tar' format).. - Supporting multistream coders in 7z (-mb switch).. - More compressing parameters for zip and gzip in console version (-m switch).. - Solid compressing option in Windows version.. - Compressing parameters option in Windows version.. - Auto renaming existing files feature for extracting files.. - Overwrite mode switch for extracting (-ao).. 30 Beta 6 2001-10-13 ------------------------- - Supporting 7z format in MultiArc plugin for FAR Manager.. 30 Beta 5 2001-10-02 ------------------------- - Creating SFX archives from explorer.. - 7zWin.. sfx: Windows version of SFX module.. - Auto adding.. exe extension to SFX archive name.. - 7za.. exe now supports 7z, bzip2, gzip, tar, zip.. 30 Beta 4 2001-09-15 ------------------------- - Self extract capability for 7z format.. - 7z archive format is default for 7z.. exe and 7za.. - 7z in default mode now uses bt234 match finder and solid compression.. - 7z in maximum mode (-mx) now uses 4MB dictionary.. 30 Beta 3 2001-09-10 ------------------------- - Bug was fixed: decompressing.. 7z solid archives containing empty files.. - new 7za.. exe: standalone command line version (only for 7z format).. - Speed of compressing to Deflate format (zip, gzip) was slightly increased.. 30 Beta 2 2001-08-30 ------------------------- - Supporting the new 7z format with high compression ratio.. - -bd (Disable percentage indicator) switch in console version.. - Bug in console version was fixed: previous versions incorrectly execute compression commands with non-recursive wildcards in combination with subfolders.. 30 Beta 1 2001-05-07 ------------------------- - Speed of reading of archive contents was increased.. - Bug was fixed: incorrect showing file names with national charsets in some zip archives.. - Now it is possible to compress files larger than 4GB to GZip archives.. 24 2001-03-21 ------------------------- - Bugs in GZip and Cab decoders were fixed.. 23 2001-03-04 ------------------------- - Opening archive items in Explorer.. - Context menu for archive items in Explorer.. - Automatic adding extension to archive name in console version.. 22 2001-01-21 ------------------------- - Supporting Zip archives containing more than 65535 files.. - Speed of Plugin for Explorer was increased.. - Searching start position of archive now is limited by first 1MB part of file.. - Packet now doesn't contain 7zip.. exe, far7zip.. reg and far7zip2.. reg files.. There is new far7z.. reg file.. 21 2000-12-21 ------------------------- - FAR Plugin was improved: - Showing process box during opening archives.. - Viewing properties of file by Ctrl-A.. - Alt-F6 in archive now immediately extracts selected files to current directory.. - Some bugs were fixed: - Entering to archive's subfolders in Explorer by clicking items in main window didn't work under Windows ME/2000.. - Decompressing solid Rar archives sometimes gave error.. - Console version 7z.. exe during list operation incorrectly showed file names with national (non-english) charsets.. - FAR Plugin didn't execute some operations.. - Showing percents during extracting ZIP archives sometimes was incorrect.. 20 2000-11-20 ------------------------- - Supporting BZip2 and Cab.. - New program architecture with external compression and cryptographic modules.. - Decryption support (Rar and Zip).. - New console client.. 11 2000-06-15 ------------------------- - Bugs were fixed: - FAR Plugin incorrectly processed names of subdirectories that use national (non-english) charsets.. - gzip plugin could not compress empty files.. 10 2000-05-16 ------------------------- - First level 7-Zip Plugin for FAR Manager.. - GUI version with integration to Windows Shell.. - Compression and decompressing GZip and TAR formats.. - Decompression RAR.. - Install & Uninstall support.. 01 1999-09-19 ------------------------- - Small bug was fixed.. - Compression ratio was improved for some files.. 00 1999-07-18 ------------------------- - Release.. - Big bug was fixed: previous versions incorrectly worked during compressing with files that were referred by direct(without wildcards) paths, containing subdirs parts.. - Compression and decompression speed were improved.. - -mx switch (maXimize compression) was added.. - Small bugs were fixed.. 00 Beta 1 1999-01-02 ------------------------- - Original beta version.. End of document..

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    Descriptive info: 7-Zip Logos.. This page contains some 7-Zip logos created by our users.. Robert Martinez.. Alexey Maximov.. Adam Iredale.. David Wilcox.. Profman.. Jan T.. Sott.. Alejandro Ruiz Romero.. M@DM@X..   .. Bram Veenboer.. A.. SIMEK(COOLDOG).. Jurgen Haug.. F.. Javier Mendez.. Rubin Zwagerman.. Jason Sawtelle.. ScuTT.. f1ghter84.. DEVEDJIAN Denis.. Mourad Mokrane.. (Lumen Design Studio).. Lyrion.. Rob Wadley.. Slayer.. www.. bnsdesign.. spb.. ru.. Thomas Horton.. Sparanoid.. Pierre-Luc Auclair.. heliosmulti.. com/plaplo/.. CreativeCommons.. Attribution-NonCommercial-.. NoDerivs License.. bleddyn daives.. Stefan Graubner.. David Aztlan Navarro Prado.. Bill Marriott.. Gabriel Resende.. Siquel.. Petri Lagren.. Vectorland..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: 7z¼¯' ÀÔ & # e M" 6 ºë h ® 3}ÈrTÓß·Ì I+GaÏÅïøߪÐ-Ú ãê°B¦ äfV ;ïû xCC>kØ Ì%sþÊF| Ôz Ó :' Lì¹ÐÀ· i>¡+ z;0éÄ6G¾§p9}þ ! J©É^ JîÓZ+ôùc ò&¹ËB¯ ^¿, ¬ö>²èÍ.. ; f¡ÂUJý¾ ӷħ ·,C1¦ë8AþyÞë©o\)EÎ$I÷Y·¤÷'Í ¶È½ÇV % ¯ \ âõRY øZ~ê± h^Dmþ ¢ÆG ÂÒèGB½ ÿ² Z ^ ©ÙE¸ nvïfkã }ù ïzÞ jð Ä:ËÿUMì;ÁKq!^ºêY To ʲ¸J± ô î :1¨ :#x « år 7eæd´C.. «/Î ¡% ê lQ a¾ ÆôbÞ[$¦c;cJÉõÚUg,®ê þLæZ̹ |ü w ¡ P PUÜ» hç Ú ¼ Ûã½Ç c%ÛÁ ¡ b 0Uùp$ f7P"ÈÍ6ããîX T à®Lu û mí¤ :º>| %`¡r [-j FEµ×³!!õ Ø Z ~[/I àv z~ â Õ V" í :ûÝaÉ_ôÁÀð ¿Jô¢Ë Fqó ? l÷ ³N*Jø\VÇE.. Ó? ¿»È.. 6Ï 2.. ì 3 y æùÜà ãûÙY¬ ö÷ÿÉ °)Õe [ûÊ Æçæ «¥×0çadRÂäLóW±¶> èT³ß6# rÅ sî ¸ ØcÎ"©ÛßnéQÈ×û g#äiQ 6ø /¹¥¬cZþM ¨ Èa°6oÝ H.. R¢ ù DT ÂÏ®]µ ÏAýNá ¼Gwq þ¹'ðZ½ LÓ w \ Mi ëÏÄ Vð© ÿ ø çï ÂË0L¤«à Â@ 4tD ùG þ¯>.. ¥ Y¤ë É* S ½ßTôiì¿Ð BÚÏK ÍP lT&rRùe eñ² ñ^ 0(MÁË ÉÆa̾±× x ´T O $d) Ñ Æôp úÆ8 3+ 0',øåiÌ ¶ µ33= B°R ò ªÏõyô© ´dRi]Dä ÕFë Ó yrã~ Ç ´t-5ô9Æ! ?0Át 0°(Ùvv{7^§Wc: ¦Ûðå³ÛA Ü µy Ðï©eR }|Ý·{²°425 6;ñ M8ë3a{ UÈIT ø Ó* Q ä³!®ÑÚXäÌìæ?\ ñ-ùî]³º® ÷ j]ùé¸*XcZ}hbæZ¹üh4 x ö.. tál ïÀ÷NFß ûµû }zRe4¼ ÙÌLé °èô°IÂÿk¢ä ç õ Ý ë øS= ê &£@¬Y/ úÇ~ âð Ç ° V? ;÷zo³W9N [{¡ U`W Rº© ¬§Geö 0®´ Ý{ h°¦÷Ä£ )z / -B Æ Ü#µ ^ó m ÌâsC¨ÕHî¾üë~ 6 òÉ; Ä0]ÞM\uÓ Ã¶KÝ "i ßÕ vÐ´È ¶C¾«æ z) ?õv IáËòa G¬ ¹ãa[ WÎ T F Ëþ « GǼ2z ]óI~xµÝÙC3ÞäðÜ F} Jó| ¦åX Ê¬Ó ÏÈÙ¡Û'¾jêÐæ Ä ßmh©/ C7 ¾ôæ 衪Rñ"Í4à C}£ Q È*VÜæä AÓ s ÞZ» t=Ò g_Ïxf;/¤ |ô ;SRè ºÄ ~ *Gó ¤(Ñ ñ4 RÞäç½¥[)!u Ñ¡bÇùb Õ -(£®{ ÏÒ/Ìé,ÆXO+ ¯*èÿax;*XÝY¶ÇWMÄ ð? B ß: ¿v£ Dðÿ»k\Í ÜÅÄUQ)bâÉ~E 1DûJoA/~ a {~= b$* !.. G· ´÷h ÕJ[hVdµÞö ª!5; ä"ï) hÚ¸BGÔ7_Á¸.. ÇôLðC' Ç xë¿ [ý gÇU> #r@n¸=e¤#Þ¦&a Æ - `¹J}'%Ð æ|dÉ¼È á:áÜ 5~(qD¿mn4eNxJ ¼ [;LËCm ¿ÿÌè {/)ó3£i C! )à ÞÜ ¬ ý ÙÏñvx Öø Í@ 0Ò Ãèüè± &²Û LMnó TùÇìu)Ð`Þ úY¶´ðÐ )¨ÿ þ s ÿÔ Î1 Ùõ@!(¬Ô NPíl èD z ª9 ã ³|Pc© ¼o ¢:Ú1¡½S.. 2%fP9 ´r à Ë ×6 ⦵@ñ^ Øiy o¦ óÉyy D cw C® fqlRØÁ & e" U ³ YdÍ`§ z¤} ~ ÚQ?{§aÅ=ï× Â ±øNÓ çC ôä õn ôß3 qQ.. þɼ %æë] N¼\'g þ 5 O* ïù:;þ»! ¾Þq Mº?I éGf +0:Á ÷ËX)n á µ&5 ÷Q Û¤ ùºð ûsA Ì ¨ ùÜÙ 8Hèе Ñs =ÕúÒ b±B7Y Ô× N \ eWj&.. âõ ¡5Ýü ò¹[¼´ý©( I[;ôí©ó m ÝÍÖÆL Àb·ã® jNR ~¾ 4L®² Xeæo¯I³¯ ,^ /3ær ¦¿£=i M ȧý8 Í ¦¬îéÛ r.. W fR\ o Õ xE#ðY מּ W è "ªý+Ã>Û.. Á¦q Ø.. gÀa F\ÿÙ X.. øLÛøQ¤( òT ¶«Jg ÓÅ ff×mdi HÈ §ÕH¯ÀªcàÿÛ¨²Ê díã¾;:Å(=4O8 ÍaªM x ¡m.. ³ ¯g x,Cù  ...   Þ ®=·_$÷À58kÉ ös -- %.. gL t ÍôÁË #Y ©¸qê g n I=Í HÑ¿ Íî®ì ƶ×]ÅÕ¡«Ï× ÑË62dÀ ´$Äý̧ÄƾÌ& °÷6SÀ¹+Í G¬â þA [¦4ùë÷ åg(ª.. ±0,r × Ýº !¹9¿ÿ Ïb.. í.. v~Y¨ÈcîJ L }EÅ ¾B.. ~tÞ x ñ ÊÅOf[îE¢ªÓ.. ÐaÇ#0±§!ØlSR.. ûLÙå3 Ì × Ô- ÝÙÿ ÁR i! ' µC:¶UP Rz ³îÊù¯P O~ 1&à ? F±Sðd; } ñ`2ô 0Ö¬÷Y ¹ R»?À6Þ zïµdø hZ\ Aþ= ZÇfuù/³ñLUÖ T¨jT«O~ÌÅP° ¯Qì ï̳B67m*ç¿l ± 4)ãá0 »+㯠h®Ý¤oí pwN Ò¸8Ü'÷ !bé}OôKØ 8 ÙÓG\º f × ÞS ¶ësÛï Ux~ h påOPA øª;® 9¸Ýmã!)§ RE£ |ýn0cÎ^/" |d ¢yÇ^ eÞóÚ ÿ¿ ¥ ßüå êÉ=g ¯C { "(| | ±ÕÔ¬ !a@¥~·Ú.. X#rL »ÑH ª yâ 6þÃÛ¼b¤ÞXüF"ÝO£WÎ ½Oäã, P_ñ ©g DôQéÿÃÛm' Ú¢Õ°> y±êË( «ÈÞû ª Rÿ?tö ² 1 u|¨¨ë õl7Äü ÷=i Q K æ¥ ]ok íáàI´/»Çˬg Ç9 >rRTæ@§W¬w 5¹À QLÍPÔ0 j l t ¸¥Ó EyÀ ±§gÒ[ ¸`ý °.. ]ç=Ú CZ½qÍ' oé b Ôí.. ¦ ¦s ë ªïÅ È ´ ?Èé %2^[ø.. J£ Æ5 ÑÍó Ðã Y$ § Øt¤>´û² ¤1~³ jnúÚx Ý|1.. êB ÙM@ÀÁn=¶Ó )wl&«ÈÅÓÌÚo \ ` ê F sd¹ ¿1 Fya â4 yÈÚ$ È U ¤@ Æ|w^Ì ¬ ~¦ F@Vû qs 36 Ò~ìzxIKÅEËì fû×× ÖÍ G Ê © í±T~O ÆR1ë 9(ýBn°Ân õ ]À,fómñÍ·/6^uK _8¾ DPé£ñ/¿Q ¢ Ø+gú # zbåa Ö äÝ7u m # òaqÀ´ T ù#p¨:½k3Ì ¡;ë ãÍ6Ì 0® ÕS¥·öLðû\+ß²Ì B ,DSÝα |g ÀÆ pÝ óÉ0ºÁ½J Nº8ô2aµ5% : é S·7¢|Û íi ; ÿÚ Y²æ> 0 çÚ ú¶ òØ '~Ô ~`¦Áà?¸ à (Ñ#@üV ¬ j" #_Ò5|êìÕ Rê U !rûIæ ßìÕÀ Iù d»Õ: =Á@°/é° × DÙcÝ tz\.. n Û¹ ìü±¬Y3 ß°õ}fx?µÒ 6ùYq MRØ óH c 6¬ÿåî k Oçe ¿NF Ye:ê¨]Ê>I.. üi r'vûÒ~ï&¡³ç º9ÉnÚ¡3 þE»Ò¸ z þ¯ ÑÂeWÌ o_ DÿâèÖ?= ÓF& n5x{ ü ¨÷ ó s¥É wö + Õ©P M# Ï ÿ¶ $t %è þ^Üƽ7\ ~W£ éÉíª ùÆ ¤© l-×ã ô_X Ï Åì Á¾äØm Ètã7u ÿf%~ ±K> 7°Îàä_Âÿ Y6 " þ y|8 ÉK uV¼ªhÎK×P çZ.. ô ´ Úú!ñqÝ»q¼u_ Âê Ý 'xnòà eéc«v.. áÓ@ÆÄy £¯ ¼O ÙBë ` í ¯oÈ.. ¾äIú > tt 4Õ vQb ¿¬»Á¥ £å e ÂV ÎÚ¹| WWs+ î ¡vÏ=Bø²Ç ; m¹½ÍÚ¡ [ÉÄÈ ? ØÈ Óý`¿Ü µ( ã;/Ë r¿@ë¤#×Ë Kê @ oùf" êO6 )R}Û£Ùµ ÷FÂÕÙ¸ v\åaÆ+J° ( êðïs ÎÒ® ÊÑ ;v ?{"@£Ð^cúzè Äôâþ 5m C \^ Bd¾[N ¢ô PLhS Ñ}) uÅÁw% S&Â= jý / R¦DîÌÖÏ=78 `õì a!h5ZL´ Xô `ð t Tõ > ÀÆHO$ mÈoà¥¨È ¯£_ ì V¹ k¬ $±Æ %#}µ ë ó ï×B×Ï ·p9ÕÝ&fÜ{G¯]# ²É£y B%Jyü ,AVO½®ñ{ò¯ ô §MÌLx ÜD-J ×TFé M Y`¨.. Ý »XøBÒ ¨ ZL[wI ä^Ë K ¹F? )(« x× H O u Ïêl.. ¦F|ñ,Y¨´u =¥ü TÊSáO ½ µpzßÄ©[ ù JZìÿÜ.. :Êùìݧ¿ [GÙÿºÓ- ì[e éì ú¤H? ²_ÕÂ å ± ù.. òß} e §¡Üì; Á | ÿ ^#à jø>3oÇ° ®ö9Y gp¾°Î ñ¤_× xÕÌ* } q´ Å#¸¥Òcê ÷ Ïc:òÞ öàu wí® ° ä» ýæù¦¥[v ÏÙ þæ Ѫ # ƬZ5ë ¥µ ç # ] ß É õâ..

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