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    Archived pages: 137 . Archive date: 2014-06.

  • Title: Homepage of Marek "PAVUK" Antoži
    Descriptive info: .. This is almost all me.. My Google+ Profile.. My Linkedin profile.. My ex notebook.. (.. Toshiba Tecra M3.. +.. Gentoo Linux.. ).. Slovenský kalendár na rok 2014 v Libre (Open) Office formáte.. Napr.. takto.. moze vyzerat kalendar ak si donho pridate fotky.. How to create your own Happy Hacking Keyboard alike from Sun Type 6 USB.. How to fix some errors when trying to boot Ubuntu from USB stick.. How to fix VirtualBoxed Windows 7 after reboot blackscreen.. Clanok pisany povodne pre Prielom #22.. Emco kase - light kasa vs.. natural, nieco tu nesedi.. Slajdy k mojej prezentacii o Google Street View.. How to upgrade from Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) to 16 (Petra).. Google ads.. photos.. (latest additions first).. Lany Castle - April 2014.. Trip to Great Britain - May 2014.. Mouflons in Prague hospital - April 2014.. Cupcakes by My Wife - November 2013.. Globe Pin City Bamboo Cruiser - product photo - March 2014.. Cat Prdka - December 2013.. Veltrusy Castle - October 2013.. Designblok exhibition - October 2013.. Lanzarote honeymoon - September 2013.. Soos nature preserve - September 2011.. Castle Dobris - August 2013.. Trip to Lipno - June 2013.. Birthday flowers - July 2013.. Prague floods - June 2013.. Castle Cesky Sternberk - August 2011.. Dandelion - May 2013.. Moon Eclipse - April 2013.. Roztoky u Prahy - March 2010.. Nelahozeves Castle - June 2012.. Detenice - July 2012.. National Technical Library - March 2011.. Wedding Expo - February 2013.. Bee macro photography - November 2012.. USA Vacation - September/October 2012.. Prague, Karlov - May 2012.. Castle Kost - May 2012.. Switzerland - 2012.. Autumn blooming, water drops photography - November 2011.. Designblok exhibition - October 2011.. Castle Krivoklat trip - April 2011.. Vacation in Egypt - September 2011.. GoodData Off-site Meeting in OSTRAVA!!! - September 2011.. Cat Prdka - June 2010.. Technical Museum in Prague - February 2011.. Trip to Kokorin - May 2011.. Luminarium - July 2011.. DIY Kindle Cover - June 2011.. Bees - May 2011.. Botanical gardens, butterflies exhibition - April 2011.. Water house in Prague, Podoli - March 2011.. Coffee Cigarettes - February 2011.. Tomcat Cestmir - April 2010.. Trip to Germany - July 2010.. Product photo - Whisky Bottle - February 2011.. Beauty Dish Portrait - February 2011.. PLAY Exhibition - January 2011.. Portrait - Ivka - January 2011.. Product photo - Seagate disk - January 2011.. Hlavolam - Januar 2011.. Designblok exhibition - October 2010.. Tunnel Blanka in Prague - September 2010.. Prague Castle Gardens - September 2010.. Kokoro Power by Chase - August 2010.. Hamburg, Miniature Wunderland - April 2010.. For Bikes - March 2010.. Water Drops Speed Photography - March 2010.. Czech Grand Design 2009 - March 2010.. ruzin.. sk cottage- January 2010.. New Year's fireworks in Prague - January 2010.. Macro photo - Third attempt - November 2009.. Macro photo - November 2009.. Horovice trip - October 2009.. Horovice trip - October 2009 - Saskia's photos.. Hungary/Lillafured trip - May 2009.. Designblok exhibition - October 2009.. Netherlands Trip - July 2009.. Vitkov Trip - May 2009.. Le Massacre de Baraccuda - July 2009.. Storm over Prague - June 2009.. Sayza's birthday celebration - February  ...   2007 - Snowman's photos.. Trip: military museum in Praha-Kbely - October 2007.. Trip: military museum in Lesany - September 2007.. Ba & Ke in Prague - August 2007 - Snowman's photos, Aragorn's copy.. Pohoda festival - July 2007 - Snowman's photos, Aragorn's copy.. Pohoda festival - July 2007 - Snowman's photos.. Raffo, Skipi Snowman in Prague - July 2007 - Snowman's photos.. Birthdays celebration in Prosacov - July 2007 - Snowman's photos.. Tajvan festival - July 2007 - Snowman's photos.. Simonka trip - July 2007 - Nevedko's photos.. Simonka trip - July 2007 - Snowman's photos.. My birthday celebration in Madrid - June 2007 - Snowman's photos, local copy.. Snowman Zlata in Prague - June 2007 - Snowman's photos.. local copy.. Aragorn's birthday party - May 2007 - Aragorn's photos.. Aragorn's birthday party - May 2007 - Snowman's photos.. ).. Botanical gardens, butterflies exhibition - May 2007.. Botanical gardens, butterflies exhibition - May 2007 - Saskia's pictures.. Hysteria session - April 2007.. Easter holiday - April 2007.. Easter holiday - April 2007 - Snowman's photos.. Stephan - December 2006.. Christmas - December 2006.. Trip to Lipno (and back home) - May 2006.. Francesca 2 - April 2006.. Francesca 1 - August 2005.. photos from "senatorky" - June 2005.. gattini I like - April 2005.. me, frido and glock 19 9x19 - June 2004.. Snowman's IRC photos collection.. Daniello's IRC photos collection.. Daniello's IRC photos collection - part 2.. Aragorn's IRC photos collection.. links.. Prestige Phenomenon.. Funkin' space aliens.. 7 Gods linux page.. other.. my PGP public key.. Comics strips created by salo, remixed by dulus.. Actors: bob-san,.. me.. Related to:.. Massefect.. ,.. Burnout.. Original Mass Efect strip by salo.. First remix by dulus.. Second remix by dulus.. Original Burnout strip by salo.. |/!+?!).. +.. @.. ?+]/.. |?!!%?%.. If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a.. shopkeeper.. I'm exceptionally polite and helpful, but get angry when people try to take advantage of my trusting nature.. Which NetHack Monster Are You?.. I am.. a Space-invader.. I will happily recruit the help of friends to aid me in getting what I want.. I have no tolerance for people getting in my way, and I am completely relentless until any threats or opposition are removed.. I try to be down-to-earth, but something always seems to get in the way.. What Video Game Character Are You?.. Spider-Man.. 75%.. The Flash.. 65%.. Green Lantern.. 55%.. Iron Man.. Catwoman.. 50%.. Hulk.. Batman.. 45%.. Wonder Woman.. 40%.. Robin.. 35%.. Supergirl.. Superman.. 25%.. You are intelligent, witty,.. a bit geeky and have great.. power and responsibility.. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz.. The Iron never lies to you.. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you're a god or a total bastard.. The Iron will always kick you the real deal.. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver.. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black.. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend.. It never freaks out on me, never runs.. Friends may come and go.. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.. -.. Henry Rollins.. Last modified:..

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  • Title: PAVUK's notebook page
    Descriptive info: I am the lucky owner of the.. notebook.. I have choose to run triple boot there with.. Windows XP.. and.. Solaris.. (I still did not decided which version).. I had a plan to run triple boot on my notebook.. But because of ENOFREETIME and situation around Solaris, I am running only dual boot there.. Mainly I am using.. , sometimes I boot to.. Usualy to play.. one.. of my favourite games and to update the system/antivirus/firewall.. Below you can find information regarding installation and tuning od OS mentioned above.. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me at my.. e-mail address.. Content:.. linux.. network card.. sound card.. graphics card and X server.. graphics card and framebuffer ("text" console).. bluetooth (and Nokia 6230).. DVD+RW/CD-RW drive.. Function keys.. FluxBox window manager.. Wi-Fi.. VPN.. CDMA modem (USB).. Sony DSC-S85 camera (USB).. windows.. solaris.. I have decided to use.. I was a.. Red Hat Linux.. user for years and this looks to me like a good option to switch to.. I am running.. kernel 2.. 6.. there.. This is not the default kernel from Gentoo, I have set up a lot option myself, see details below.. Take a look at.. config.. file if you are interested.. Information how to get some devices running follows.. I have updated this page because of newer kernel and drivers version.. Previous versions are written in small font on the red background, newest ones are on the green background.. Current "stable" kernel available in gentoo is.. 2.. 15-gentoo-r1.. When you compile new kernel, copy old.. file into new kernel directory and run command.. make oldconfig.. in that directory.. You will probably need to answer few questions regarding new features added to kernel.. Notebook has.. Marvell Technology Group Ltd.. 88E8053 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.. There are two drivers in kernel 2.. 6 for this card, but no one of them works.. You have to download the driver directly form.. Marvell.. Link to Marvell driver search page.. Direct link to linux driver v8.. 23 for kernel 2.. After downloading the driver, unpack it and run the installator:.. tar xvjf install-8_23.. tar.. bz2.. cd DriverInstall.. /install.. sh.. Choose.. to generate the patch.. Confirm (enter) kernel sources location.. Copy paste commands to apply the patch:.. cd /usr/src/linux.. patch -p1 /root/sk98lin/sk98lin_v8.. 23.. 1.. 3_2.. 12_patch.. Following settings need to be set correctly in.. file:.. 30 for kernel 2.. tar xvjf install-8_30.. 30.. 2.. 15_patch.. Be sure that.. /usr/src/linux.. points to kernel you want to build (in case it is link), or contains that kernel (in case it is directory).. CONFIG_NET=y.. CONFIG_SK98LIN=m.. Recompile and install the the kernel/modules (replace.. %VERSION%.. with your kernel version):.. make clean make make modules make modules_install.. cp.. config /boot/config-.. cp System.. map /boot/System.. map-.. cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/kernel-.. Be sure to edit.. /boot/grub/grub.. conf.. (or.. /etc/lilo.. if you are using.. LILO.. ) appropriately.. Reboot the computer.. I am using this ethernet device as primary device for accessing the network, so I have added line:.. alias eth0 sk98lin.. to the file.. /etc/modules.. d/aliases.. Run command.. modprobe sk98lin.. to insert module into kernel and command.. ip link show.. to list the devices.. Command.. ip.. is in the package.. iproute2.. You need to have.. ALSA.. drivers compiled in the kernel.. It is good to have.. OSS.. emulation turned on.. CONFIG_SND=m.. CONFIG_SND_TIMER=m.. CONFIG_SND_PCM=m.. CONFIG_SND_RAWMIDI=m.. CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER=m.. CONFIG_SND_OSSEMUL=y.. CONFIG_SND_MIXER_OSS=m.. CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS=m.. CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER_OSS=y.. CONFIG_SND_RTCTIMER=m.. CONFIG_SND_MPU401_UART=m.. CONFIG_SND_DUMMY=m.. CONFIG_SND_VIRMIDI=m.. CONFIG_SND_MPU401=m.. CONFIG_SND_AC97_CODEC=m.. CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0=m.. To work with sound(card) is good to have installed following packages:.. alsa-lib.. alsa-tools.. alsa-utils.. alsa-headers.. Install them with command:.. emerge -v.. It is good to add init script.. /etc/init.. d/alsasound.. to default runelevel by command:.. rc-update add alsasound default.. This will load.. modules during the boot proccess and set up proper volume levels to sounds items.. You can control them later by command.. alsamixer.. If you have no X server installed, you must install.. Xorg.. X server (with some tuning parameters) by command:.. USE="dmx mmx sdk sse" emerge -v.. xorg-x11.. To utilize all features of.. nVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 card.. you need to install.. drivers from manufacturer.. Preffered way is install.. nVIDIA.. drivers.. libraries.. supplied by.. Gentoo.. To get latest.. stable.. driver, run command:.. nvidia-glx.. nvidia-kernel.. To get latest driver which can be still in.. tests.. , run command:.. ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -v.. In case you want to install drivers downloaded from.. nVIDIA page.. , use instructions below.. Get the latest driver for platform.. Linux.. IA32.. (in this txt it is 1.. 0-7676).. Run it with command:.. sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.. 0-7676-pkg1.. run.. When you have driver and libraries installed, you need to edit your.. xorg.. file (in case you are using.. X server, of course).. Important sections are:.. Section "Module".. Section "Monitor".. Section "Device".. Section "Screen".. this file.. for whole (simple) configuration.. To start X server use command:.. d/xdm start.. To allow X server run after boot, add it to the default runlevel:.. rc-update add xdm default.. You could be interested in.. X11 Settings Utility.. Install the.. package.. with command:.. nvidia-settings.. Run application with command.. To get.. VESA.. framebuffer.. , VGA display,.. penguin boot logo.. and "text" console splash screens (picture backgrounds in "text" consoles) working you need to install.. splash-themes-gentoo.. splashutils.. packages first.. Then put following options (ramdisk, framebuffer, logo, splash device) into.. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=y.. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT=16.. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE=4096.. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD=y.. CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="".. CONFIG_FB=y.. CONFIG_FB_CFB_FILLRECT=y.. CONFIG_FB_CFB_COPYAREA=y.. CONFIG_FB_CFB_IMAGEBLIT=y.. CONFIG_FB_SOFT_CURSOR=y.. CONFIG_FB_MODE_HELPERS=y.. CONFIG_FB_VESA=y.. CONFIG_FB_VESA_TNG=y.. CONFIG_FB_VESA_DEFAULT_MODE="1400x1050@60".. CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT=y.. CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA_I2C=y.. CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE=y.. CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE=y.. CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y.. CONFIG_FONT_8x8=y.. CONFIG_FONT_8x16=y.. CONFIG_LOGO=y.. CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_MONO=y.. CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_VGA16=y.. CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224=y.. CONFIG_FB_SPLASH=y.. To get splash screen during boot proccess and after, you need to generate the ram disk fs, edit.. grub.. file (in case you are using grub, of course), and put.. splash.. service to the default run level.. In the example below are shown commands for setting up the default theme in verbose mode.. splash_geninitramfs -g /boot/splash/initrd-spl-default-all -v default.. rc-update add splash default.. To boot with splash screen edit your.. (located  ...   has to be compiled as shown.. above.. Try running.. konqueror sdp://[.. to access the mobile phone, or.. konqueror bluetooth:/.. to show bluetooth devices.. To connect to.. Internet.. using.. GPRS.. you need to have.. PPP compiled.. in the.. Be sure that device.. /dev/rfcomm0.. exists.. If not, create it with command.. mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0.. Create file.. /etc/ppp/peers/gprs.. with following content:.. noauth.. connect "/usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chatscripts/gprs".. debug.. 57600.. defaultroute.. lock.. noipdefault.. Also create file.. /etc/ppp/chatscripts/gprs.. TIMEOUT 5.. ECHO ON.. ABORT '\nBUSY\r'.. ABORT '\nERROR\r'.. ABORT '\nNO ANSWER\r'.. ABORT '\nNO CARRIER\r'.. ABORT '\nNO DIALTONE\r'.. ABORT '\nRINGING\r\n\r\nRINGING\r'.. '' \rAT.. TIMEOUT 12.. OK ATE1.. OK 'AT+cgdcont=1,"IP",".. STRING.. "'.. OK ATD*99***1#.. CONNECT.. Be aware that.. varies across mobile operators (see examples below):.. Operato.. r.. Orange UK.. orangeinternet.. Eurotel CZ.. internet.. T-Mobile CZ.. t-mobile.. cz.. T-Mobile DE.. t-d1.. de.. If card will refuse to connect to the network, be sure you have.. activated.. If your card requires PIN, add following line to the.. chat script.. AT+cpin=".. 1234.. ".. is your PIN.. Finally, run commands.. mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0.. pppd call gprs.. to connect to the.. To turn off the bluetooth device run following commands:.. d/bluetooth stop.. echo "power:0" /proc/acpi/toshiba/bluetooth.. echo "attach:0" /proc/acpi/toshiba/bluetooth.. rmmod hci_usb rfcomm l2cap bluetooth.. It is good idea to add echo, sleep and rmmod commands to the bluetooth rc script.. Do not forget to turn off switch for wirless devices.. To get this working I have used following resources (.. thank you.. people!):.. frasunek.. com/HOWTO-Nokia7650-Bluetooth.. txt.. holtmann.. org/linux/bluetooth/toshiba.. net/toshiba/.. http://georgi.. unixsol.. org/linux_bluetooth_nokia/.. teaparty.. net/technotes/blue-gprs.. root.. cz/clanky/gprs-pcmcia-karty-pod-linuxem/.. Working, data will be added soon.. I had a problem with Wi-Fi network card after upgrading the kernel.. It was solved by adding following options into.. CONFIG_IEEE80211=m.. CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_WEP=m.. CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_CCMP=m.. CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_TKIP=m.. You need to recompile the kernel/modules.. To get Wi-Fi network card working you have to install following packages:.. ipw2200.. ipw2200-firmware.. Read the output of the emerge command.. If the installation will fail, because of incompatible version of the ieee80211 subsystem, you will need to run following command:.. /bin/sh /usr/portage/net-wireless/ieee80211/files/remove-old /usr/src/linux.. Re-run the emerge command for.. installation.. Be sure to install.. wireless-tools.. package by command:.. emerge -v wireless-tools.. Turn on the wireless devices by switch on the front of the notebook.. Load the kernel module ipw2200 to get card working:.. modprobe ipw2200.. Output in the.. /var/log/messages.. should be similar to the one below:.. Feb 17 12:29:42 notebook [ 2486.. 710752] ieee80211_crypt: registered algorithm 'NULL'.. 711436] ieee80211: 802.. 11 data/management/control stack, git-1.. 7.. 711438] ieee80211: Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Intel Corporation jketreno@linux.. intel.. com.. 713309] ipw2200: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network Driver, 1.. 0.. 8.. 713313] ipw2200: Copyright(c) 2003-2005 Intel Corporation.. 713502] ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:05:05.. 0[A] - GSI 22 (level, low) - IRQ 66.. 713531] ipw2200: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection.. Check the presence of the card by running following command:.. iwconfig.. Output should look similar:.. lo no wireless extensions.. eth0 no wireless extensions.. eth1 unassociated ESSID:off/any.. Mode:Managed Channel=0 Access Point: 00:00:00:00:00:00.. Bit Rate=0 kb/s Tx-Power=20 dBm.. Retry limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off.. Encryption key:off.. Power Management:off.. Link Quality:0 Signal level:0 Noise level:0.. Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0.. Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:0 Missed beacon:0.. Take a look into.. Wireless HOWTO.. doc file for further information regarding Wi-Fi on Linux.. I am using.. to connect to my.. employer's.. internal network.. Because I need to connect to Cisco VPN.. routers.. , I have choose to use.. vpnc.. software.. It is stable and very easy to configure.. To get it working, you need to have Universal TUN/TAP device driver support compiled in the kernel.. Be sure to have to have following options compiled in the.. CONFIG_NETDEVICES=y.. CONFIG_TUN=m.. Of course, you need to have access to network (e.. g trough wi-fi,.. PPP.. , ethernet, etc.. ).. Be aware that from.. some version.. of.. baselayout.. package you need to have also.. openvpn.. package installed to get tun module working.. Install the packages with commands:.. Edit configuration file.. /etc/vpnc.. IPSec gateway X.. X.. IPSec ID YYY.. IPSec secret ZZZ.. Xauth username WWW.. Be sure to change X.. X for IP address of your.. router.. , YYY for.. login, ZZZ for.. password, WWW for your login name.. I use following commands:.. modprobe tun.. vpnc.. To disconnect use following commands:.. vpnc-disconnect.. rmmod tun.. CDMA.. modem.. First, I want to thank to the people which investigated the CMDA modems problems and wrote.. HOWTO.. /.. patches.. USB CDMA modem.. from.. Eurotel.. My.. installation with.. uses hotplug (option.. CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y.. file) and.. udev.. (package.. working be sure to have following options compiled in the.. CONFIG_USB_ACM=m.. CONFIG_PPP=m.. CONFIG_PPP_MULTILINK=y.. CONFIG_PPP_FILTER=y.. CONFIG_PPP_ASYNC=m.. CONFIG_PPP_SYNC_TTY=m.. CONFIG_PPP_DEFLATE=m.. CONFIG_PPP_BSDCOMP=m.. Because of bad implementation of CDC-ACM in the kernel, be sure to apply the.. available at.. awk.. cz/cdc-acm_release/.. patch -p1 /root/.. linux-2.. 12-rc5_stable-cdc-acm.. patch.. I have downloaded from.. (server is not working in the time I am writting this update):.. 13.. 2_stable-cdc-acm.. first turn on the.. and connect it to the.. port.. Log entry in.. will be similar to the one below:.. Aug 21 20:55:09 notebook [ 93.. 586492] cdc_acm 2-2:1.. 0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device.. 598111] usbcore: registered new driver cdc_acm.. 598726] drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.. c: v0.. 25:USB Abstract Control Model driver for USB modems and ISDN adapters.. After connecting the.. use command pppd from.. pppd call.. script.. To find out what to write into.. and what else needs to be done take a look at.. cz/clanky/eurotel-data-express-mini-howto/.. (in Czech language).. It is good to have firewall configured when accessing the internet.. iptables.. ) to block unwanted request from the Internet.. Here.. you can see my.. d/iptables.. script which is run every time my.. is set up.. Scripts detects if there is eth0 or ppp0 interface up and configures the iptables rules accordingly.. Be sure to shut down the eth0 interface before seting up the rules for.. connection by command.. /sbin/ip link set eth0 down.. Back to homepage..

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  • Title: DIY Happy Hacking Keyboard alike
    Descriptive info: DIY Happy Hacking Keyboard alike.. (from Sun Type 6 USB keyboard).. Once upon the time my laptop's keyboard broke.. I needed to work with the.. computer, so I have decide to use external keyboard.. I do like keyboards from.. Sun (except for Type 7 ones, and for those with swapped Ctrl and Caps).. It.. happened that I had one spare at home, but alas, it was quite big for my small.. home workplace.. I got inspired by.. Happy Hacking Keyboard.. and decided.. to create something similar.. I choose to have version with cursor keys, even if hjkl.. should be enough for working with THE editor.. You can create your own HHK too,.. see process below.. You need working Sun Type 6 USB keyboard.. Top view.. Fresh new Sun Type 6 USB keyboard.. Bottom view.. Notice 2 grey latches up and 3 down.. You need to pry them to be able to take.. keyboard appart (see next picture).. Upper deck taken away.. Unscrew three screws with Phillips screwdriver.. Pick up keyboard, take membrane with electronics.. and rubber keys out.. Put keyboard together, leave membrane with.. electronics, screws and rubber keys out.. Now take saw and cut left side off.. Be carefull,.. do not break saw blade (as I did) there is sheet.. metal in the keyboard.. Cut the keyboard as close.. to Help key as possible.. Cut right side off.. I broke 4 saw blades doing this.. :-(.. Few weeks after this I bought.. Dremel rotary tool.. Cut as close to  ...   be connected.. After this, I have decided to drill holes through the keyboard.. and put screws with nuts there to hold keyboard firm together.. When doing this.. you need to carefully choose where to drill, to be sure not to drill through.. membrane in wrong place.. This is me, frustrated, that my DIY HHK is.. not done yet.. I neded to remove keys to be able to access.. 6 screws.. I used screws with low flat head,.. to be able to use washers and still allow.. keys to be pressed.. Screws detail.. Bottom of the keyboard.. Washers and low nuts.. are used.. After tightening the screws, I have.. cut off overhang parts.. Be sure to notice.. (unfocused) black piece of rubber which I took.. from part of the keyboard I cut off and.. stick it to new keyboard.. Bottom detail.. I need to cut from from the.. plastic bottom part to be able to tighten the nut.. Also check left side for another piece of black.. rubber.. Me cutting off overhang screws parts.. Check right side of the keyboard, work is.. done there already.. Because together with unneeded parts of the.. keyboard I cut off legs and I like my keyboard.. height adjustable, I used screws to attach.. them to new keyboard.. Bottom of the keyboard with legs attached.. Last cosmetic details.. I need to come with.. something to blind sides of the keyboard but.. to keep keyboard dismountable.. Feel free to contact me at my.. e-mail.. Copyright 2010.. PAVUK..

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  • Title: What to do if your Ubuntu USB stick instalation is not working
    Descriptive info: It has happened that I wanted to have Ubuntu OS installed on my Lenovo U165.. I have used USB stick to boot from.. To create bootable USB stick with Ubuntu I was following instructions from.. Ubuntu Homepage.. I have used USB Creator on old Ubuntu OS installation.. Below you can find problems I have stumbled on and how to resolve them.. If you are trying to boot Ubuntu using USB stick and you got following error:.. Boot error.. Try to check if you have used 64 bit.. iso image to create bootbalee USB stick.. If yes, download.. i386 one and use that to create bootbale USB stick.. Unknown keyword in configuration file.. This is caused by incompatible syslinux installed on computer used for  ...   To fix this, you need to mount USB stick read-write and copy file syslinux/txt.. cfg to root directory of USB stick as syslinux.. cfg.. Example how it could like:.. mount -o rw,remount /media/disk.. cp -f /media/disk/syslinux/txt.. cfg /media/disk/syslinux.. umount /media/disk.. If you experience failures during installation regarding SQUASHFS errors in /var/log/syslog do as I did to solve this.. I have installed unetbootin from.. http://unetbootin.. sourceforge.. net/.. and then on clean USB stick installed Ubuntu 10.. 10 netinstall image.. After successful boot installation over network started and I am happy camper right now.. Last but no least, be sure that your USB key is OK.. HW problems could cause SQUASHFS errors too.. If you have questions/comments, feel free to conact me at my.. Copyright 2011..

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  • Title: What to do if you get Windows 7 blackscreen after Guest Addition update
    Descriptive info: In case you have installed new.. Guest Additions.. into your.. VirtualBoxed.. Windows 7.. and all you got was black screen after reboot, here is the solution! Boot into.. safe mode (reset virtual machine and you will get safe mode offered at boot).. and uninstall.. Power off the VM.. Check.. Enable PAE/NX.. checkbox.. System - Processor.. VM Settings, start.. Windows.. , install.. and.. voila! System is back again.. Be sure to curse a lot during every step.. Copyright 2012..

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  • Title: prielom 22
    Descriptive info: ::::::::::.. :::::::.. :::.. ,:::::: :::.. : `;;;```.. ;;;;;;;``;;;; ;;;;;;;'''' ;;;.. ;;;;;;;.. ;;,.. ;;; `]]nnn]]' [[[,/[[[' [[[ [[cccc [[[ ,[[ \[[,[[[[, ,[[[[, $$$"" $$$$$$c $$$ $$"""" $$' $$$, $$$$$$$$$$$"$$$ 888o 888b "88bo,888 888oo,__ o88oo,.. __"888,_ _,88P888 Y88" 888o YMMMb MMMM "W" MMM """"YUMMM""""YUMMM "YMMMMMP" MMM M' "MMM.. Tento clanok bol pisany za ucelom uverejnenia v Prielome #22, zial nedostal sa tam.. Tak ho uverejnujem aspon tu.. Správa z tlače: "Bratislava 4.. februára (TASR) - Polícii sa dnes v bratislavskej Petržalke podaril úspešný záťah voči nelegálnym užívateľom internetu.. Počas akcie v istej internetovej kaviarni a počítačovej herni zistili, že na jeden oficiálny internetový vstup bolo nelegálne pripojených až 29 počítačov.. Ako pre TASR konštatoval vedúci skráteného vyšetrovania Okresného riaditeľstva PZ Bratislava 5 Gabriel Deák, polícia v tejto súvislosti už začala trestné stíhanie vo veci neoprávneného obohacovania.. K obvineniu konkrétnych osôb zatiaľ nedošlo.. V prípade, že sa podarí páchateľa odhaliť, súd ho môže potrestať zákazom činnosti, peňažným trestom, prípadne dvojročným väzením.. Nelegálne pripájanie na internet, keď sa na jeden oficiálny vstup pripojí viacero užívateľov je novým fenoménom kriminality.. Generálny riaditeľ spoločnosti UPC Slovensko Martin Maťašeje konštatoval, že nelegálne pripojenie spomaľuje a znehodnocuje rozvoj internetu na Slovensku.. Spoločnosti prevádzkujúce internetové siete prichádzajú podľa neho len v Bratislave mesačne rádovo o niekoľko stotisíc korún.. Maťašeje ocenil doterajšiu spoluprácu s políciou v boji proti nelegálnym užívateľom internetu.. Copyright TASR 2004" Elektronické aj papierové média nás deň čo deň zásobujú podobnými správami.. Zvyknem ich len povrchne prejsť pohľadom.. Nasleduje hlasitá nadávka na adresu autora, na osoby vystupujúce v príbehu, prípadne len tak, všeobecne.. A správa upadne do zabudnutia.. Ale tentoraz sa stalo niečo nezvyklé.. Krátky článok sme dopodrobna rozobrali s priateľmi.. V príjemnej družnej debate sme strávili viac ako hodinu.. O závery vyplývajúce z našej diskusie som sa rozhodol podeliť s vami v tomto príspevku.. TASR opäť potvrdila, že do oblasti informačných technológií nevidí.. Uverí každej blbosti, čo jej kto narozpráva.. Prípadne ide na ruku rôznym záujmovým skupinám, či už je to polícia SR, alebo súkromná spoločnosť UPC.. Chápal by som, ak by polícia zasiahla proti porušovateľom zmluvy s firmou UPC.. Ale záťah proti "nelegálnym užívateľom internetu"? To mi pripadá, ako keby samotnej polícii nebolo jasné proti komu vlastne zasahovala (našepkal im túto formuláciu sám generálny riaditeľ UPC Maťašeje?).. Možno to policajtom bolo až príliš jasné a potrebovali ukázať pouličnej zmesi, že oni tie počítače a internety ovládajú.. Rozumiete tomu, že si prevádzkovateľ internetovej kaviarne a počítačovej herne zakúpi pripojenie k internetu od firmy UPC, a vedome poruší zmluvu? Namiesto jedného povoleného počítača ich tam pripojí 29 a nechá sa odhaliť? Je za tým vyjadrenie odporu voči nerozumnej politike firmy UPC? Chamtivosť? Alebo je to čisto len neuveriteľná ľudská hlúposť? Nepracuje náhodou majiteľ kaviarne pre IT oddelenie TASR? Korunu tomu všetkému nasadil pán generálny riaditeľ, vraj "nelegálne pripojenie spomaľuje a znehodnocuje rozvoj internetu na Slovensku".. Možno je s majiteľom kaviarne v príbuzenskom vzťahu.. Neverím, že takýto exoti  ...   jedno oficiálne pripojenie s verejnou IP adresou 123.. 123.. 123 k sieti 123.. Druhá sieťová karta nech má adresu 192.. 1, počítače v lokálnej sieti majú IP adresy v rozsahu 192.. 1 až 192.. 254.. Ak z počítača fyzicky pripojeného k verejnej sieti vyšleme ARP request s otázkou: "Kto má IP adresu z lokálnej siete za Linuxovým routrom?", zle nakonfigurovaný router nám na karte pripojenej k verejnej sieti odpovie: "Lokálna IP adresa sa schováva za mojou verejnou ethernetovou adresou" Pre generovanie ARP requestov bol použitý ping.. Výstup z tcpdumpu vyzerá nasledovne: 14:43:18.. 100312 arp who-has 123.. 123 tell 123.. 124 14:43:18.. 100460 arp reply 123.. 123 is-at 0:4:76:8e:cf:8a Linuxový router odpovedal nášmu počítaču (IP adresa 123.. 124), že IP adresa 123.. 123 sa nachádza na jeho karte s ethernetovou adresou 0:4:76:8e:cf:8a, čo je v poriadku.. Po zmene IP adresy našeho počítača na lokálnu (IP adresa 192.. 123) a vyslaní ARP requestu s otázkou: "Kto má IP adresu 192.. 1 (lokálna sieťová karta na Linuxovom routri)?", sme dostali nasledovnú odpoveď: 14:52:31.. 447725 arp who-has 192.. 1 tell 192.. 123 14:52:31.. 447876 arp reply 192.. 1 is-at 0:4:76:8e:cf:8a A to už nie je dobré ani náhodou.. Z tohto totiž vieme, že počítač pripojený k oficiálnemu vstupu má minimálne dve IP adresy.. To môže znamenať, že sme narazili na nelegálnych užívateľov Internetu.. Stačili by k záťahu takéto nepriame dôkazy? Ja bežne používam viac druhov prehliadačov v rovnaký čas, alebo mám na počítači viac IP adries pre testovacie účely.. Porozumeli by slovenskí policajti nepriamym dôkazom, ktoré sú založené na zatiaľ nie v reálnej praxi overenej štatistickej metóde, alebo pokusom s príkazom ping? Asi nie.. Je dosť pravdepodobné, že v tomto prípade dostala spoločnosť UPC od niekoho teplý bonz a po fyzickej kontrole kaviarne a zistení potrebných detailov kontaktovali políciu.. Ako sa vyhnúť zásahu? Neporušujte zmluvu! Nech je obchodná politika UPC akokoľvek debilná, podpisom zmluvy súhlasíte s podmienkami v nej uvedenými.. Stále máte možnosť zmluvu nepodpisovať, prípadne zrušiť a ísť k inému poskytovateľovi.. Ak sa aj napriek tomu rozhodnete riskovať, na záver je tu pre vás pár dobrých rád: - dobre si nakonfigurujte router (firewall, NAT), aby nedochádzalo k presakovaniu nežiadúcich informácií z lokálnej siete.. Aby ste zabránili prípadu uvedenému vyššie, zapnite si na sieťových interfejsoch RP (reverse path) filter, - zabráňte tomu, aby poskytovateľ pripojenia mohol skúmať dáta prúdiace od vás a k vám.. Stačí, ak vytvoríte enkryptovaný tunel medzi Linuxovým routrom a ďalším počítačom v internete mimo siete poskytovateľa a všetky pakety budete routovať cez vytvorený tunel.. Ak by poskytovateľ chcel preskúmať obsah paketov, musel by spolupracovať s majiteľom počítača na druhom konci tunelu, prípadne s poskytovateľom pripojenia pre tento počítač, - nešírte, aký ste vymakaný a ako ste vydrbali s poskytovateľom.. Skôr či neskôr vás niekto nabonzuje.. Poďakovanie: F.. za testy, B.. za korektúry, Pajkus za linku na fnat.. pdf Autor: Mikuláš Papuča Zdroje: http://sme.. sk/clanok-1254914.. html http://wep.. pdf http://howtos.. linux.. com/howtos/Adv-Routing-HOWTO/index.. shtml..

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  • Title: Emco light
    Descriptive info: Zda sa, ze nerozumiem tomu co znamena o 30 % menej..

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  • Title: How to upgrade Linux Mint
    Descriptive info: It is possible to upgrade your Linux Mint to new release without.. reinstallation.. Be sure to read.. How to upgrade to a newer release.. tutorial.. explaining why to upgrade and what are posibilities.. If you decide to upgrade.. your Linux Mint to newer release without complete reinstallation, you need to.. read how to.. Upgrade linux mint in-place using apt.. I recommend to download all packages first using command.. apt-get -d dist-upgrade.. I have upgraded my.. Linux Mint.. 15 (Olivia) to 16 (Petra)  ...   boot.. To fix that I booted from USB stick, mounted partitions.. from the hard drive, mounted proc, dev and sys, chroot to mounted partition and.. continued with upgrade.. dpkg.. command was necessary to be able to continue with.. apt-get.. Commands example:.. # mkdir /mnt/root # fsck /dev/sda1 # mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/root # mount -t proc proc /mnt/root/proc # mount --rbind /dev /mnt/root/dev # mount --rbind /sys /mnt/root/sys # chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash # source /etc/profile # dpkg --configure -a # apt-get dist-upgrade.. Copyright 2014..

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  • Title: Zámok Lány
    Descriptive info: Zámok Lány.. Apríl 2014.. Copyright (c) 2014..

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  • Title: Výlet do Anglicka
    Descriptive info: Výlet do Anglicka.. Máj 2014.. Stromy v.. Hyde Parku.. Obraz stromu, ktorý stál neďaleko a zhorel počas.. reformátorských protestov vroku 1866.. Boxeri v altánku.. Fontána so sochou bohyne Diany.. Ivka fotí miestnu veveričku.. Wellingtonov oblúk.. Kanadská brána do záhrad kráľovny Viktórie.. Stráž.. vedľa jedného z vchodov do.. Buckingamského paláca.. Buckingamský palác.. Pamätník kráľovny Viktórie.. Vlajka nad Buckingamským palácom.. Pamätník stojí pred palácom.. Predstaviteľ miestnej fauny na strome.. Pohľad na palác cez jazero svätého Jakuba.. Ivka fotí hus.. Pohľad cez jazero opačným smerom.. Godzilla pred vchodom doulice Derby Gate.. Klasická červená telefónna búdka na Parlamentnej ulici.. Východ z metra na Westminsterskej stanici, v pozadí.. Big Ben.. Keď jedna kamera nestačí.. Londýnske oko.. z Westminsterského mosta.. Westminsterský palác.. , sídlo parlamentu Spojeného.. kráľovstva Veľkej Británie a Severného Írska.. Umenie pred nemocnicou svätého Tomáša.. Ivka a busta.. Florence Nightingalovej.. Ja vo fajčiarksej búdke pri múzeu.. Odlesk oka v okne.. Vchod do múzea.. Tu  ...   námornícke múzeum.. Galvano magnetické hodiny na plote observatória.. Nultý poludník na dvore observatória.. Loď co fľaši pred múzeom.. Mrakodrapy na Canary Wharf.. Let the music transport you.. Mind the gap.. TARDIS.. Z vonku vyzerá dosť malá.. Vchod do.. Prírodopisného múzea.. Múzejná architektúra.. Dinosaurus hned pri vchode.. Mušle.. 4 hlavy.. Vypchaté slony.. Parohy.. To pruhované v strede má dobrý výraz.. Veľryba.. Šabľozubý tiger.. Šupinaté cicavce.. Moderna architektúra v areáli múzea.. V múzeu majú laboratoória.. Výzdoba stropu v múzejnej reštaurácii.. Výstava dinosaurov.. Hlava tyranosaura s manželkou pre porovnanie.. Piccadilly Circus.. Hliníkový Eros na vrchole fontány.. Anglikánsky evangelický kostol Všetkých duší.. Za ním londýnske sídlo BBC.. Pamätník Veľkého londýnskeho požiaru.. Pohľad na.. Tower Bridge.. z.. Londýnskeho mostu.. Zmrzlinu predávali z auta priamo na moste.. Mrakodrap Črep.. , druhá najvysššia budova v Európe.. Funkčná.. Bombe.. v.. Bletchley Parku.. Otvorená Bombe.. V Bletchley Parku.. Vlaková stanica v Bletchley.. Takto "načas" jazdia vlaky vo Veľkej Británii..

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  • Title: Mouflons in Prague hospital
    Descriptive info: Mouflons in Prague hospital.. April 2014..

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