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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Noise & Vibration Committee
    Descriptive info: .. About.. |.. Calendar.. Contact.. Pictorials.. Member Product Locator.. Login.. Membership.. Join AEM.. Membership Information.. Request Membership Information.. Member Services/Benefits.. Member Directory.. Maximize Your Membership Value.. AEM Logos for Member Usage.. Online AEM Membership Renewals for Associate and Mid-Level Members.. AEM Groups.. Complete Group List.. Boards and Board-Level Committees.. Product-Specific Groups.. Statistics Groups.. Technical Groups.. Job-Specific Groups.. By Industry Sector.. Agriculture Groups.. Construction Groups.. Forestry Groups.. Mining Groups.. Utility Groups.. News.. Newsroom.. News Releases.. AEM Fact Sheet.. AEM Hall of Fame.. Industry News.. All Industry News Articles.. Manufacturing.. U.. S.. Economy / Markets.. International Economy / Markets.. Public Policy / Government Relations.. Construction / Infrastructure.. International Construction / Infrastructure.. Advisor Newsletters.. AEM Advisor.. Advisor D.. C.. Advisor China.. Advisor Latin America.. Ag Executive Advisor.. Global Business.. Development.. International Market Information.. Global Markets International Trade Reports.. Global Monitor.. Import Statistics Reports.. Latin America Infrastructure News.. International Business Services.. China.. Latin America.. Other Regions.. International Export Links.. Request International Information.. Advocacy.. Legislation.. Advocacy Legislation.. I Make America.. Public Policy Issues.. Get Involved.. Advocacy Newsroom.. AEM Political Action Committee (AEMPAC).. Government Public Affairs Committee.. Safety, Regulatory.. Technical.. Safety.. Safety Store.. Pictorial Database.. Standards for Safety Signs and Symbols.. AEM Alliances.. Product Safety Compliance Seminar.. Product Liability Seminar.. Regulatory.. Tier 4.. Small Spark Ignition Engines.. Cal ARB In-Use Off Road.. REACH.. OECD U.. Coordinating Committee.. AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation).. Acronym Database.. Best Practice Guidance Bulletins.. Education.. Conferences.. Annual Conference.. Ag Executive Forum.. Customer Support Council Seminar.. Marketing Council Seminar.. E-Learning.. Webinars.. Webcasts.. AEM Store Education Webinar Products.. Potential Presenter.. Store.. Product Categories.. Manuals.. Videos.. Safety Training.. Market Intelligence.. Market Statistics.. Other Technical Materials.. Non-English Safety Materials.. AEM Members Only.. Free Downloads.. Featured Products.. AEM s First Safety Manual E-Book Learn More!.. Agricultural Sprayer Safety  ...   in the fields of noise and vibration which could potentially impact AEM member companies, their products and their markets.. To develop and communicate, as appropriate and in a timely manner, the consensus AEM position on noise and vibration issues.. To lead the development and support of industry-wide action on noise and vibration issues, including research, analysis and education of AEM members, outside entities and end-users.. An AEM member company may appoint one voting representative and one or more alternates to the Noise and Vibration Committee.. The chairman of the Committee shall be selected by and from its membership, subject to ratification by the Chairman of the Technical and Safety Council.. Operation.. The Noise and Vibration Committee shall meet periodically, at the call of the Committee Chairman or as directed by the Technical and Safety Council.. The Committee will address various noise and vibration matters, including impact of current or pending regulations and local, regional and international standards.. The Committee will approach noise and vibration issues on a membership-wide basis and will maintain communication with other AEM technical and product groups to share information and work towards industry consensus positions.. Group Resources.. Minutes.. Agendas.. Other Files.. Group Leadership.. Chairman.. Dan Roley.. Caterpillar.. Subcommittee Chairman - Noise.. Loren DeVries.. Deere & Company.. Subcommittee Chairman - Vibration.. Steve Howard.. Wirtgen America.. AEM Staff Contact.. Mark Benishek.. Technical Director | 414-298-4118.. Home.. Noise & Vibration Committee.. Share.. Print.. Email Alerts.. Follow @aemadvisor.. 2013 AEM.. Advertise.. Privacy.. Staff Directory.. Industry Sectors.. Agriculture.. Construction.. Forestry.. Mining.. Utility.. Site Links.. Global Business Development.. Safety, Regulatory Technical.. Market Information.. Locations.. Headquarters.. FAX /strong 202.. 898.. 9068">AEM D.. AEM Canada.. AEM China.. 6737 West Washington Street.. Suite 2400.. Milwaukee, WI 53214-5647.. TEL.. 414.. 272.. 0943.. FAX.. 1170.. EMAIL.. aem@aem.. org..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Nominating Committee
    Descriptive info: AEM Groups Boards and Board-Level Committees.. Nominating Committee.. Objective.. To recommend candidates to serve in volunteer leadership positions in the Association and to assist them in preparing for their service as leaders.. Leadership.. Chair The immediate past AEM Chair is appointed to a one-year term each November by the AEM Chair.. Composition.. 8-12 members appointed to one-year terms each November by the AEM Chair.. Past Chairs of AEM and its predecessor organizations  ...   Current AEM Chair and Vice Chair.. There are no term limits.. 2013 Committee Objectives.. Identify and nominate candidates for 2014 volunteer leadership positions.. Nominate candidates to fill open leadership positions left vacant by resignations.. Oversee the orientation and mentor programs for new Directors.. Oversee the transition to the new governance structure approved by the Board in 2011 and completed in 2012.. Chair.. Russell A.. Fowler.. Krone NA Inc.. Dennis Slater.. President | 414-298-4140..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - OECD U.S. Coordinating Committee
    Descriptive info: Coordinating Committee (OECD).. The OECD Tractor Test Codes are uniform, worldwide test procedures for agricultural tractors regarding the measurement of performance, operator protection (ROPS) and noise levels.. Tests are conducted at the request of tractor manufacturers by officially recognized third party test stations in many countries, including the U.. The resulting reports provide consumer comparison information and serve to meet regulatory requirements in various countries as well as in the state  ...   Tractor Test Board members and a U.. Department of Commerce representative, serves as the coordinating and oversight body for OECD tractor testing in the U.. AEM is the U.. voting member for the worldwide OECD Tractor Test Codes organization, and the University of Nebraska Tractor Testing Laboratory is the official U.. tractor testing station.. Chairman:.. Dave Murray.. AGCO.. Vice Chairman:.. Doug Durant.. Mike Pankonin.. Senior Director, Technical & Safety Services | 414-298-4128..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Pneumatic Tool Statistics Committee
    Descriptive info: AEM Groups Statistics Groups.. Pneumatic Tool Statistics Committee (PTSC).. The Pneumatic Tool Statistical Committee (PTSC) provides direction for AEM's Market Statistic data collection and reporting programs.. For more information on the Pneumatic Tool Manufacturers Bureau for Technical and Safety inssues click here:.. http://www.. aem.. org/Groups/Groups/Group.. asp?G=61.. Group Roster.. Product Definitions.. Debbie Carson.. Statistics Manager | 414-298-4146.. Pneumatic Tool Statistics Committee..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Portable Air Compressor Bureau
    Descriptive info: AEM Groups Product-Specific Groups.. Portable Air Compressor Bureau (PACB).. The mission of AEM's Portable Air Compressor Bureau (PACB) is to further the interests of the manufacturers of portable air compressor units.. Product Focus.. The Bureau provides services focused specifically on the needs of manufacturers of portable air compressor equipment.. Bureau Activities.. A PACB decal exchange allows manufacturers to stay up-to-date on safety decals produced by other  ...   Europe could effect air compressor manufacturers; plus, researching brake requirements in each state.. The bureau created and maintains an operator 'best practices' safety manual and video.. A market statistics program provides monthly reports for members of total volume in five size classes for the U.. , Canada and export markets.. Vacant.. Vice Chairman.. Nathan Burton.. Technical & Safety Services Manager | 414-298-4126.. Portable Air Compressor Bureau..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Portable Mixer Bureau
    Descriptive info: Portable Mixer Bureau (PMB).. Small, portable cement, mortar and refractory mixers with a capacity of 20 cubic feet or less.. Mission Statement.. To promote the safe and efficient operation of small portable mixers with a capacity of 20 ft.. 3.. or less in a workplace where operators of all skill levels are using and maintaining equipment.. To focus on safety issues, standards and regulations and to develop consistent markings, decals, placards and publications that address the needs of this industry while consistently conveying the appropriate safety messages.. To provide a forum where industry issues can be openly and freely discussed.. To provide a vehicle to communicate regulations or standards as they are developed.. To promote the interests of the member mixer manufacturers and to represent the industry in the spirit of cooperation with a common voice in:.. Safety Issues.. Standards..  ...   attend meetings and participate in activities of the Portable Mixer Bureau.. Leadership of the Bureau is provided by a Chairman and a Vice Chairman elected from the ranks of the Bureau s membership.. The Chairman is elected for a two year renewable term with the Vice Chairman being the natural successor.. A nominating committee is appointed to identify possible officer candidates along with AEM staff assistance.. Role of the Portable Mixer Bureau.. To identify and develop industry positions and recommendations on standards, regulatory or market related issues.. To serve as the voice of the industry when a common voice is appropriate.. To develop industry positions regarding regulatory and legislative matters.. To identify and recommend additional services or service improvements.. To provide a defined communication path between members and AEM staff.. History.. Formally organized as a bureau in 2007.. Portable Mixer Bureau..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Power Crane & Shovel Association
    Descriptive info: Power Crane & Shovel Association (PCSA).. The Power Crane Shovel Association (PCSA) provides services tailored to meet the needs of the lattice boom and truck crane industry.. Association member companies are considered the global leaders in the promotion of worldwide harmonization of crane standards.. The Power Crane Shovel Association explores business issues, technological questions and legislative and regulatory concerns (domestic and worldwide) that effect manufacturers of cranes.. It also promotes the standardization and simplification of terminology and classification of cranes for worldwide harmonization.. Association Activities.. The PCSA Crane Technical Committee (CTC) responds to technical and safety issues and is also technical liaison with the Specialized Carriers Rigging Association  ...   a statistical reporting program, which includes:.. Monthly retail sales reports (number of units only) for five product lines by state and province.. Monthly shipment reports for five product lines by state, province and countries of the world.. This report includes units, dollar sales volume, orders, cancellations, stock and attachments (lattice boom cranes only).. A monthly exchange of shipments data through the Intercontinental Statistical Committee for lattice crawler cranes and a quarterly shipment exchange for mobile cranes.. PCSA serves as the secretariat for the Intercontinental Statistical Committee (ISC) Crane Committee.. Ronald Dogotch.. Tadano America Corp.. William Bernhard.. Technical & Safety Services Manager | 414-298-4106.. Power Crane & Shovel Association..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Product Safety & Compliance Seminar Planning Committee
    Descriptive info: AEM Groups Job-Specific Groups.. Product Safety & Compliance Seminar Planning Committee (PS&CSPC).. The mission of the committee, comprised of members of the Association, is to produce product safety and product compliance seminars.. These seminars are designed to be educational and spread the message that product safety adds value.. The committee's annual seminar program concentrates on product safety and product compliance issues and processes for manufacturers..  ...   members of AEM or appropriate outside sources.. These topics are intended to attract and educate members of the industry.. Agendas and Minutes.. For committee agendas or minutes, please contact Mike Weber.. Thomas Lane.. Caterpillar Inc.. Vice Chair.. James Heckman.. GM Nameplate.. Mike Weber.. Technical & Safety Services Manager | 414-298-4149.. Helen Horner.. Meetings & Education Programs Manager | 414-298-4179.. Product Safety & Compliance Seminar Planning Committee..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Publications in Construction & Agriculture
    Descriptive info: Publications in Construction & Agriculture (PICA).. News media serving the off-road equipment industry.. Publications in Construction and Agriculture (PICA) is a forum organized by senior publishing and editorial representatives from equipment-related media worldwide.. PICA aims to establish and maintain consistent and uniformly high standards of interaction and communications between trade media, companies and other organizations affecting the off-road equipment industry.. PICA is led by an Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, First and Second Vice Chairmen, two members-at-large and the Immediate Past Chairman.. In 1997 PICA approved its bylaws as the Publications in Construction Association and agreed to operate as a product-specific subgroup under the auspices of AEM.. In 2004 the PICA changed its name to Publications in Construction and Agriculture to reflect its broader scope.. Meetings.. Currently Inactive PICA holds meetings as needed to  ...   and services.. They also provide a major voice in promoting issues that have a direct impact on the interests and well being of the entire off-road equipment industry, such as infrastructure renewal.. Through PICA, industry publications can work together to become a better proactive force.. PICA programs provide a variety of resources:.. Publicity and editorial guidelines.. to assist manufacturers (such as media releases, news conferences/events, submission of photographic materials, etc.. ).. Voluntary guidelines for editors and publishers.. to help ensure that the difference between advertising and editorial content is obvious to readers and that there is no advertiser influence or pressure on editorial independence.. Building awareness among manufacturers.. on effective use of advertising and other publication services, market trends and benchmarking surveys.. Pat Monroe.. Public Relations Manager | 414-298-4123.. Publications in Construction & Agriculture..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Purchasing/Supply Chain Council
    Descriptive info: Purchasing/Supply Chain Council.. The Purchasing/Supply Chain Council provides a forum to address industry-specific issues related to purchasing, procurement, managing supplier relationships and supply chain management, as well as a place where members can share ideas, strategies and best practices.. Council Activities.. The AEM Purchasing/Supply Chain Council is geared toward purchasing directors, procurement managers and buyers on both the manufacturer and supply side of the purchasing equation.. Purchasing/supply chain issues of interest include outsourcing, commodities  ...   plans and directs the Purchasing/Supply Chain Management Seminar.. This seminar -- uniquely designed for purchasing, procurement and supply chain executives from manufacturers of agricultural, construction, forestry, materials handling and utility equipment -- focuses on critical industry issues and assisting members to broaden their scope of knowledge and skills in these segments of their businesses.. Scott King.. Gorman-Rupp.. Tyler Vassar.. Sauer Danfoss.. Al Cervero.. Vice President, Marketing & Global Business Development; Construction Sector Leader | 414-298-4125..

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  • Title: AEM | AEM Groups - Road Machinery Statistical Committee
    Descriptive info: Road Machinery Statistical Committee (RMSC).. As of September 2004, the BAEB Compaction, Asphalt Paver, Cold Planer and Soil Stabilizer Statistical Committees passed a motion to merge into the BAEB Road Machinery Statistical Committee (BAEBRM).. The statistical programs will remain independent of each other, maintain seperate rules and parameters.. The Road Machinery Statistical Committee provides detailed statistical reporting programs for member companies in the North American market.. Products/Programs.. Asphalt Pavers:.. Monthly retail sales in nine size classifications by county for  ...   Monthly retail sales and shipments in five size classifications by U.. state and Canadian province.. Soil Stabilizers:.. Monthly retail sales and shipments in three size classifications by U.. Compaction Equipment:.. Monthly retail sales for nine product lines in various sizes by county for U.. and Canada, monthly shipments for 17 product lines in various sizes by state and province; plus, monthly shipments through AEM's Intercontinental Statistical Exchange service.. Product Specialist.. Denise Welch.. Karen Iversen.. JCB.. Road Machinery Statistical Committee..

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