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  • Title: Argos - Worldwide tracking and environmental monitoring by satellite
    Descriptive info: .. 60 Ground stations.. 21.. 000.. platforms.. Publications.. Argos Forum #77.. Birds and ARGOS, a worldwide journey.. Argos Flash #25.. ArgosFlash #25.. Understand and preserve the Harpy Eagle in the Brazilian Amazon with Argos.. The harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja) population has declined considerably.. The Argos tracking helps to better understand their behavior to preserve the species.. [Learn more].. Conferences & Exhibitions.. CLS will be attending the.. 94th Annual American Meteorological Society Meeting.. on February 2-6, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.. Français.. |.. Contacts.. Credits..

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  • Title: Forum - Argos
    Descriptive info: Home.. Forum.. Forum.. Argos forum #77.. - Birds and ARGOS, a worldwide journey.. - Understanding movements of avian scavengers on both sides of the Equator.. - Tracking carnaby’s cockatoos in Western Australia.. - Natal dispersal of eagle owls: a European scale project.. - Studying marabou storks around the lake Victoria basin.. - Spatio-temporal tracking of common wood pigeons in Europe.. - Cross or go around the sea? The effect of weather conditions on the migratory strategy of oriental.. honey buzzards.. - NorthStar Grant Program: presentation of the winning projects.. - Zoom on: tracking Egyptian vultures in the Middle East.. - News: ARGOS-3 HD:jpeg images trasmission in addition to meteorological data.. GONIOMETER RXG-134: to help you find your platform equipped with an ARGOS transmitter.. Argos forum #76.. - South America.. USER PROGRAMS.. - Mapping the home range of Harpy Eagles in the Brazilian Amazon basin.. - Spatial ecology: tracking vicuñas in the Chilean Altiplano.. - Tracking sea turtles in Brazil.. - Deepen hydrology knowledge in French Guyana.. - Unveiling the mysteries of humpback whale movements and migration in the western south Atlantic Ocean.. - New conservation tools for sharks in Patagonia.. Argos forum #75.. - Indian Ocean.. - Solving the mystery of sea turtle migration in the western Indian Ocean.. - New insight into arabian sea OMZ using -Argo-oxygen data.. - Studying whale sharks in the western Indian Ocean.. - Sustainable management of tuna in north Indian Ocean.. - The Argo program in the Indian Ocean.. Argos forum #74.. - Establishing, managing and evaluating marine protected areas with Argos.. Identifying important bird areas (IBAS) with Argos.. How seabird foraging grounds indicate priority areas for MPAS.. Feathers and Argos transmitters.. Migratory movements of sharks in the Galapagos marine reserve.. Tracking loggerhead turtles.. Argos forum #73.. - Tracking pollution with Argos.. In the aftermath of the Great Tsunami: Tracking the chaotic movement of marine debris.. Oil and sea birds don’t mix: New technique for tracking Western Grebes.. Argos data play a role in understanding the Great Garbage Patch.. Argos tracks green tide off the Chinese coast.. Benefits of Argos-3 for the data buoy community.. Argos forum #72.. - Measuring Extreme Environments.. Sea of Okhotsk beluga whales: Seasonal movements and habitat use.. Southern Ocean Argo: The final frontier.. ROSAME network observations in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.. Argos-3 in the North Pole.. More positions and better accuracy for Argo.. Argos forum #71.. - Where Wildlife and Humans Intersect.. Understanding the potential dispersal of HPAI H5N1 virus by migratory wildfowl.. Reducing risk of osprey collisions with aircraft.. How female Lesser scaup are affected by pollution in the Great Lakes.. Argos-3 in the Canary Islands.. Ultra-robust Argos collars in Russia.. Argos forum #70.. - Argos Guinness Book.. Max, the bird tracked for the longest period.. The elephant, the largest land animal ever tracked by satellite.. The most unlikely creature tracked by Argos: a giant jellyfish.. Antarctic Mission - record for the lowest temperature.. Absolute record for drifting buoy lifetime.. Distance record for boundary layer pressurized balloons.. A new generation of ARVOR floats with ARGOS-3 capability.. New ARGOS location algorithm: better accuracy.. Argos forum #69.. - 30 years of oceanography with Argos.. JCOMMOPS and Argos: 30 years of close cooperation (p 4).. Satellite-derived motion analysis using Argos ice buoys (p 6).. A short history of the surface velocity program drifter (SVP) (p 8).. JAMSTEC s m-TRITON: high-speed data transmission (p 10).. News: Exciting results for the ARGOS-3 DBCP pilot project (p 11).. Argos forum #68.. - 30 years of wildlife tracking with Argos.. Satellite tracking and avian conservation in Asia (p 4).. Tracking marine mammals over the seas and under the waves (p 6).. Tracking Canada s caribou with Argos (p 8).. Happy thirtieth birthday Argos! (p 10).. News: Enhancing underwater geolocation with Track Loc: a service dedicated to archival tag data processing (p 11).. Poster (p 1, p 2).. Argos forum #67.. - New tools for operational oceanography.. Moored Buoy networks: the key to understanding the tropical oceans (p 4).. ARGO: a global ocean observing  ...   resources and experiments towards efficient water level monitoring (p 8).. Water resources and humanitarian applications (p 14).. Projects: VR3-Argos Pelagic monitoring (p 18).. Projects: Receiver Deployed in FADIO Project (p 18).. News: ArgoNautica: Argos and Education (p 19).. News: Argos Web (p 19).. Argos forum #61.. - News from the deep.. The Argo Project: 21st century in situ Ocean Observing System (p 4).. Predator and Oceanographer , Elephant Seals.. in the Southern Ocean (p 8).. Signals of Spring Brings ARGOS Data to Kids (p 14).. Projects: New Sirtrack KiwiSat 202 PTT (p 18).. Projects: Argonautica: educative project (p 18).. News: Argos Data on-line, Data access via the web (p 19).. News: CLS announces the opening of a new office in Indonesia (p 19).. Argos forum #60.. - New persprectives.. Argos School Feeding monitoring System (p 4).. Minimizing Highway Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions (p.. 8).. Animals as oceanographic samplers (p.. 13).. Project: OPSCOM participate in a stork fitting(p 18).. News: The New Argos Two-Way Platform (p.. 19).. Argos forum #59.. - Oceans observations.. Studying the global ocean circulation with profiling floats (p 5).. MINOS an automatic ministation for voluntary ships (p 9).. Black Sea Drifting Buoy : results ans perspective (p 12).. Project : Smart Buoy projet (p 18).. News : Development of a GPS-Argos PTT for marine animal tracking (p 19).. Argos forum #58.. - special wildlife programs.. Argos User Interface (p 3).. Satellite tracking of Green Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico (p 5).. Satellite tracking of the Steller s Sea Eagle in Russian Far East (p 9).. The Mongolian Saker Falcon: migratory, nomadic or sedentary? (p 11).. North Star Science and Technology, LLC OffersSmall, Aerodynamic PTTs for Birds and New Collar Designs (p 13).. Microwave Telemetry s PTTs in Europe: Argos 2 and SiVTM.. 8 gram Solar Powered PTT-100.. New Version of the Archival Pop-Up Tag for Fis (p 15).. Argos forum #57.. - Argos buoys atop the frozen ocean.. Argos Buoys atop the Frozen Ocean (p 3).. International Arctic Buoy Programme (p 5).. The International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (p 9).. ICEXAIR - The Workhorse of Arctic Climate Monitoring (p 13).. Argos forum #56.. - Innovations in Wildlife tracking.. Frequency Spreading Enables More Data Transmissions (p 3).. Examining the Migrations of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna with Pop-up Satellite Archival Tag Technology (p 5).. South Georgia Albatross Studies (p 9).. Tracking Green Turtles in the Indian Ocean (p 11).. North Star Science and Technology, LLC Enters Wildlife Tracking Market (p 13).. Innovations from Microwave Telemetry, Inc (p 15).. KiwiSat 101 PTT from Sirtrack (p 15).. Argos forum #55.. - Smart Data Transminissiion.. VSI monitors Indonesia s volcanoes (p 5).. TRITON buoy real time data transmission via Argos (p 9).. Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoy (p 13).. Efficient Use of the Argos Message in Ocean Surface Drifters (p 13).. Argos forum #54.. - Argos, the mission continues.. Surface buoys and the Argos system (p 5).. Argos: an ideal tool for tomorrow s important scientific challenges (p 9).. Argos and GPS (p 11).. How Argos contributes to studying El Niño (p 13).. Argos 2001 project: a new user interface and more processing capacity (p 15).. Argos two-way: Frequently Asked Questions (p 17).. More messages from low-power transmitters (p 21).. New Archival PopUp PTT Version of the Microwave Telemetry PTT100 for Tracking Fish (p 23).. Smart Position-Only Transmitting (SPOT) Tag (p 23).. Newsletter #53.. Editorial.. The Global Drifter Center at NOAA/AOML.. WOCE Works the Web.. The Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) Array World Wide Web Site.. Polar Science Center International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP).. The Migration Route Satellite-tracked by ArgoSat NTT.. Satellite Tracking of Threatened Species.. Data Buoy Cooperation Panel.. The.. Centre de Météorologie Marine.. Web site.. Argos on the World Wide Web.. Seimac.. Newsletter #52.. Tracking elephant seals.. The effect of Argos system enhancements on wildlife tracking.. Bird tracking.. Newsletter #51.. Spectacled eider.. Manatee.. Male Japanese monkeys.. Green sea turtle.. Great White Pelican.. Black storks.. Barnacle goose.. Amazon River Dolphin.. Newsletter #48.. Steller's Sea Eagle.. Peregrine falcon.. Emperor penguin.. Cranes and swans.. Black bears..

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  • Title: Flash - Argos
    Descriptive info: Flash.. Flash.. #25 - ArgosFlash #25.. -Fast and easy access to one year of archived Argos data via ArgosWeb.. -Find your platforms in the field with our new goniometer.. -Export tracking data from ArgosWeb to GoogleEarth.. -Continuing to improve Argos real time coverage.. -FAQ: How can I download trajectory information with ArgosWeb?.. -A fully upgraded recieving station in Tahiti.. #24 - May 2013.. - Two new satellite Launches: METOP-B and SARAL.. - New Goniometer.. - CLS adopts a new infrastructure.. - FAQs.. - Advantages to download your data through the ARGOS WebService.. #23 - June 2012.. - Filter out platform positions based on their accuracy.. - Optimized trajectories on Argos Web thanks to the filter function.. - Argos: an efficient distribution service.. - In brief: consult and pay you Argos bills on-line.. #22 - December 2011.. -Be informed about the activities or status of your Argos platforms!.. -ArgosWeb: Export error ellipses on Google Earth.. -Improving Data Distribution Timeliness.. -FAQ: How can I use the information provided by the error ellipse?.. -In brief: More Argos-3 Satellites in 2012.. #21 - July 2011.. - Webservices are here! Argos data is now available in XML format.. - Nearly 70% of Argos PTTS now benefit from Kalman filtering location processing.. - Don t forget: 6 digit ID numbers and turn in old IDs.. - FAQ: How accurate are one-message Class B locations when processed with Kalman filtering?.. - Focus: Second METOP global antenna now operational in Antarctica!.. #20 - February 2011.. - Argos location algorithm : It’s your choice !.. - Kalman filtering vs.. least squares analysis at a glance.. - Reprocessing your locations with the Kalman filter algorithm.. - FAQ: How do I switch to the Kalman filtering algorithm for an existing program ?.. - Focus: Welcome to four new receiving stations !.. #19 - September 2010.. - Special Edition: Argos location at its best!.. - Oceanographers or biologists, satellite tracking just got better!.. - More positions, more accuracy….. - FAQ: How will the new processing change my data?.. - Focus: How it works: A positioning algorithm based on Kalman filters.. #18 - May 2010.. - The Argos-3 system: Still functioning 100%.. - A new way of distributing Argos data.. - Your SUA and ID number request forms online.. - FAQ: Choosing an optimal transmission period.. - In brief:.. - New location algorithms based on Doppler Effect.. #17 - February 2010.. - Switch to 6 digits: start testing your compatibility now.. - Sea turtle research.. - The latest news on Argos-3.. - FAQ: Can I share my data in ArgosWeb?.. - What s new on ArgosWeb?.. #16 - September 2009.. - Exciting results for the Argos-3 pilot projects!.. - New MBM-GPS service: a new service for monitoring your platforms.. - FAQ: Is my Argos data processing software compatible with 6-digit ID numbers?.. - Argos celebrates its 30th birthday.. - New web service for Argos.. #15 - June 2009.. - Second Argos-3 system now flying on NOAA-19.. - Win an Argos transmitter one year of service.. - Notice: Argos ID numbers wil switch from 5 to 6 digits in 2010.. - FAQ: How to access Argos location error estimation data?.. - The Argos-3 integration advances.. - Argosweb improvements.. #14 - October 2008.. - Better estimates of Argos location accuracy.. - Enhancing global data.. delivery times.. -  ...   Argos Client Satisfaction Survey.. #9 - October 2006.. - ArgosWeb: Access your data via a secure website.. - First PMTs ready for Argos-3 - CLS turns 20, happy birthday CLS!.. - FAQ: Is ArgosWeb compatible with PC, Mac and Linux? How can I obtain a user name and password for the new website? I have a lot of Argos programs and lots of data.. Will I be able to use ArgosWeb?.. - In brief: Argos antennas upgraded to receive MetOp - Network of orbitography platforms is being upgraded to calculate the Argos orbit - Operational qualifications for Argos-3 data processing.. #8 - March 2006.. - ArgosShare: Automatically share your data with colleagues by program, platform, time interval or geographic areas.. - Argos-3 on MetOp.. Join our test program! - CLS AMERICA: Brand New.. with 20 Years of heritage.. - FAQ: What s the impact of the maximum speed of my platform, which value should I give?.. - In brief: How can I turn in any unusued ID numbers to avoid fees? - How can I add new ID numbers to an existing program?.. - Monthly Data Bank.. #7 - October 2005.. - An easier data access and management.. - ArgosDirect: your data directly at your desk.. - NOAA-N (NOAA-18) the constellation grows.. - FAQ: Does accuracy increase with the number of received messages?.. - In brief: 2 new antennas - International Argos User Conference.. #6 - June 2004.. - Spreading Argos Frequency.. - Increase Argos Location Accuracy with better altitude estimation.. - Argos System Use Agreement (SUA) Renewals.. - FAQ: What s the meaning of location classes?.. - In brief: Ending an Argos Program - Unused ID Numbers, User Contact Information, Satellite NOAA-11 (H) Deactivated, New Subsidiary in Jakarta.. #5 - December 2003.. - Updates.. - The Argos future, capabilities and constellation.. - Receive Encoded Data.. FAQ: What should I do if my platform transmits only 2 or 3 messages per satellite pass?.. Do I need the location service plus (ALP) service?.. In brief: New antennas, Michel Cazenave President of CLS retires, Information.. #4 - July 2003.. - Argos Data on-line web access now open.. - Go Ahead for ADEOS II.. - FAQ: Why should I go for GPS?.. - In brief: New Antenna, Animal tracking Symposium a Success!!.. #3 - January 2003.. - ADEOS II successfully launched.. - New system capabilities with Argos two-way.. - FAQ: How can I use a GPS receiver with Argos?.. - In brief: Animal Tracjing Symposium, Migration without frontiers.. #2 - September 2002.. - NOAA-M launch.. - Animal Tracking Symposium.. - NOAA, ADEOS II, satellite orbits.. - The Argos downlink and the platform messaging transceiver (PMT).. - FAQ: How does Argos Doppler-derived location work?.. - In brief: Japanese Rocket Successfully launched, Solitaire du Figaro August 4-29.. #1 - May 2002.. - New issue, New look.. - Argos 2 System: Avantages.. - Sensor data processing:.. Priority to User Office (BUT) declarations.. - FAQ: How can I locate my platform.. - In brief: Mission banquise, Sailboat Racing, Oceanology International.. February 2001.. - NOAA-L operational.. - New customer service Departement at CLS.. - In brief: Argos user s manual on cd-rom, International users conference hosted by Service Argos Inc.. August 2001.. - Argos downlink is rapidly approching.. - In brief:Argos Brochure, NASDA successfully launched H-IIA, Upcoming shows and conferences..

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  • Title: News - Argos
    Descriptive info: Information.. News.. News.. Did you know?.. The Harpy Eagle nests at the very top of trees and hunts within the canopy layer of the forest, its prey being mostly tree-living mammals, including several species of sloth (Bradypus spp.. and Choloepus spp.. ), monkeys (e.. g.. Cebus spp.. and Alouatta spp.. ) and also porcupines (Coendou spp.. ).. It also consumes birds and reptiles, but to a lesser extent.. The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja), commonly known as the “gavião-real” in the Brazilian Amazon, is the most powerful bird of prey from Americas.. Initially, we could see the Harpy Eagle in Mexico, Central America and South America.. The population of the species that is sparsely distributed and generally rare throughout its extensive range has now fallen to just a very few couples in several of these regions and is assumed to be extinct in others.. Overall, the Harpy Eagle is considered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as a “near threatened” species because of the population decline owing to hunting and habitat loss.. Currently its only refuge is in South America, and especially in the Amazon rain forest, the largest refuge for the maintenance of their populations.. Understanding the  ...   during this period.. The Harpy Eagles are captured in the forest in their nests and fitted with satellite transmitters coupled with altitude and velocity sensors, attached to them as a sort of back-pack.. The results obtained with Argos tracking.. According to the initial analyses, this individual, not yet an adult and not part of a pair, moves through the forest in its search for prey; it covers 6.. 7 km/month, uses an area of 111 km²/year and returns to certain areas in different months but without establishing a definite territory (Fig.. 1).. The mapping also shows that this individual stays close to the edge of the forest, which suggests that this corresponds to its hunting territory; as the sloth, its principal prey, lives in the canopy at the edge of the forest.. In 2013 and 2014, other specimens of the same species will be fitted with ARGOS transmitters; wild breeding individuals and injured individuals which, once restored to health and rehabilitated, will be potential subjects for reintroduction into the wild.. Back to news list.. Contacts:.. Tânia M.. Sanaiotti, INPA.. E-mail:.. tania.. sanaiotti@gmail.. com.. Francisca Helena Aguiar-Silva, INPA.. aguiarsilva.. fh@gmail.. For more information:.. Gaviaoreal.. inpa.. gov.. br.. /.. ProgramaDeConservacaoDoGaviaoReal.. www.. ibama.. br/publicadas/harpia-harpyja-ave-rarissima-e-resgatada-e-entregue-ao-cetas/go..

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  • Title: Argos - Système mondial de suivi et d'étude par satellite dédié à l'environnement
    Descriptive info: 60 Antennes.. plates-formes.. Pulblications.. Les oiseaux et ARGOS, un voyage autour du monde.. Mieux comprendre et préserver les harpies féroces en Amazonie.. La harpie féroce a vu sa population décroître considérablement.. Le suivi Argos permet de mieux comprendre les comportements pour mieux préserver l'espèce.. [Lire la suite].. Conférences et Salons.. CLS participe au.. du 2 au 6 février 2014 à Atlanta aux Etats-Unis.. English..

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  • Title: Contacts - Argos
    Descriptive info: Contacts.. (Addresses: click on city name or see below).. CLS:.. Frédérique Poivert-Becq.. CLS.. 8-10, rue Hermès.. Parc Technologique du Canal.. 31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne.. France.. Tel: +33 (0)5 61 39 47 00.. Fax: +33 (0)5 61 39 47 97.. info-argos@cls.. fr.. Subsidiaries:.. United States:.. Bill Woodward.. CLS America Inc.. 4300 Forbes Blvd.. , Suite 110.. Lanham, MD 20706.. Tel: +1 301 925 4411.. Fax: +1 301 925 8995.. userservices@clsamerica.. Australia:.. Guan Oon.. Satellite IT Pty Ltd.. T/A CLS AUST-NZ South Pacific.. Suite 207,.. 122 Toorak Road, South Yarra.. PO BOX 42.. Victoria 3141.. Tel: +61 418 368 917.. guan@clsargos.. au.. Peru:.. Gérard Sirech.. CLS-Perú.. Jr Trinidad Moran 639.. Lima 14.. Tel: +51 1 440 2717.. Fax: +51 1 421 2433.. gsirech@clsperu.. pe.. Indonesia:.. Philippe Courrouyan.. PT CLS Argos Indonesia.. Adhi Graha, lt 17,suite 1701.. Jl Jend Gatot Subroto, Kav 56.. Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi.. Jakarta Selatan, 12950.. Tel: +62 21 526 42 66.. Fax: +62 21 526 42 65.. sales@clsargos.. co.. id.. Offices:.. Chile:.. Christian Bull.. Cunlogan S.. A.. Almirante Señoret 70 of.. 74.. Valparaíso.. Tel: +56 32 2252843.. Fax: +56 32 2257294.. bull@cunlogan.. cl.. Japan:.. Takashi Shibata.. Cubic-I Ltd.. Bluebell bldg.. 7F.. 2-15-9 Nishi-Gotanda.. Shinagawa-ku - Tokyo 141-0031.. Tel: +81 3 3779 5506.. Fax: +81 3 3779 5783.. argos@cubic-i.. jp.. Korea:.. Sang Chul Kim.. KL Trading.. Room n°328, Obelisk Bldg.. 492-4.. Dapshimni-5  ...   3900 Nuuk.. Tel: +299 323536.. Fax: +299 322779.. os-electronic@greennet.. ge.. Ali Nathan.. T.. Dharma Dwittunggal Utama.. Prisma Kedoya Plaza, Blok A/17.. Barat 11530.. Jakarta.. Tel: +62 21 531 0007.. Fax: +62 21 531 0002.. dharmadu@rad.. Malaysia:.. Ramlan Hamzah.. Nautical Networks (M) Sdn.. Bhd.. N° 2985A, 1st Floor.. Persiaran Raja Muda Musa.. 41100 Klang, Selangor D.. E.. (Kuala Lumpur).. Tel: +60 19 329 0170.. Fax: +60 19 329 5353.. aqsb@tm.. my.. Norway:.. Inge Sletten.. Salgssjef.. Kjøpmannsgt.. 37.. Postboks 328.. 6001 Ålesund.. Tel: +47 70 10 13 91.. Fax: +47 70 10 13 99.. post@sletten-electronics.. no.. Oman:.. Xavier D'Souza.. Science Technology Equipment.. PO Box 1598.. Jibroo (Mascate).. Postal code 114.. Tel: +968 590483.. Fax: +968 590486.. scitec@omantel.. home.. Senegal:.. Moustapha Diop.. Satcom Services.. Liberté 6 Villa 6081.. BP 2276.. Dakar.. Tel: +221 33 867 55 71.. Fax: +221 33 867 55 71.. tafa.. diop@orange.. sn.. Taiwan:.. Samson Chou.. SAMSAN Enterprise Co.. No.. 27, Fu Yo Road.. Chien Chen District.. Kaohsiung.. Tel: +886 7 8220 123.. Fax: +886 2 8224 273.. samsan@ms8.. hinet.. Dragon Hsi.. Dragon Elephant Enterprise Co.. 12F-4, No.. 251,.. Min Chuan 1st Road.. Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC.. Tel: +886 7 227 2887.. Fax: +886 7 227 2910.. dragon43@ms8.. Tunisia/Libya:.. STS.. 1, rue Ahmed Amine.. Cité La Promenade.. Ariana 2080, Tunis.. Tel: +216 70 7304 90.. Fax: +216 71 7126 47.. sts@gnet.. tn..

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  • Title: Credits - Argos
    Descriptive info: Credits.. Design conception:.. Ogham, Couleur Citron.. Maintained by:.. CLS.. Hosted by:..

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  • Title: Services - Argos
    Descriptive info: Services.. Tracking and Monitoring.. Archival tag data processing.. Services.. Argos provides worldwide.. tracking.. and.. monitoring.. from any mobile or fixed station fitted with an Argos transmitter.. Information is relayed via the Argos satellite system and is used for numerous applications ranging from ocean observations, wildlife protection to fisheries management.. Look under.. system.. to learn more about the Argos mission and how it works..

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  • Title: Applications - Argos
    Descriptive info: Applications.. Understanding climate change.. Ocean and weather.. Protecting biodiversity.. Protecting public health and well-being.. Monitoring water resources.. Managing and protecting marine resources.. Tracking adventurers and yacht races.. Improving maritime security.. Applications..

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  • Title: System - Argos
    Descriptive info: System.. Mission.. History.. How it works.. Location algorithm.. Argos-3 system.. How to access data.. FAQ.. Kalman FAQ.. International links.. System..

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  • Title: Publications - Argos
    Descriptive info: Publications.. Brochures.. Argos User's Manual.. Published several times a year, this publication provides all Argos users with System and Product information.. Updates on satellite launches, satellite configuration, new antennas and regional centers, events.. Our annual publication for the public (schools, Argos users, government, and international organizations) is  ...   encourage contributions from current or recent Argos programs which increase and share knowledge around the world.. Lists by application for all brochures (transmitters, software.. The Argos User's Manual includes details of the Argos system regarding data formats, satellite orbits, configurations, glossary, how to manage your program and more..

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