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  • Title: AFSCME | AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’ Resignation
    Descriptive info: News / Publications.. Print.. Font Size:.. 2013 Press Releases.. AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’ Resignation.. For Immediate Release.. Thursday, January 10, 2013.. Contact:.. Chris Fleming, 202-429-1053.. AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’ Resignation.. Washington, DC.. Lee Saunders issued the following statement in regards to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis:.. We are grateful for Secretary Solis extraordinary commitment to working men and women.. At a time when powerful, moneyed forces have come together to pursue a virulent, anti-union agenda, she focused the Department of Labor s attention on putting Americans back to work, making the workplace safer and healthier, and protecting and preserving the rights of union members and working families.. Secretary Solis is an ally, a friend  ...   all working families.. ###.. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO.. 1625 L Street, N.. W.. Washington, D.. C.. 20036-5687.. Telephone: (202) 429-1145.. Fax: (202) 429-1120.. Recent Press Releases.. Jan 08.. Jan 07.. Lee Saunders on the Extension of Emergency Unemployment Insurance.. Dec 05.. Statement of AFSCME Pres.. Lee Saunders on the Death of Nelson Mandela — a Champion of Democracy, Justice and Freedom.. Dec 04.. AFSCME's Saunders: “Ruling Paves The Way For The Decimation Of Detroit’s Working Class.. Nov 21.. Lee Saunders: This is a major step toward resolving Senate obstructionism.. News /.. Press Room.. Publications.. FEATURED.. AFSCME WORKS, Fall 2013.. Main Street’s New Moment: What Election 2012 Means for America’s Working Families.. “Main Street Moment” by Gerald W.. McEntee and Lee Saunders.. Categories..

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  • Title: AFSCME | AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Budget Agreement
    Descriptive info: AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Budget Agreement.. Wednesday, January 02, 2013.. AFSCME President Lee Saunders on Budget Agreement.. Lee Saunders issued the following statement after a budget agreement was reached last night:.. The bipartisan agreement passed by the Senate and House brings much-needed revenue by requiring the wealthiest to pay more in taxes, offers an economic lifeline to millions of long-term unemployed Americans and their families, and extends significant tax credits for working Americans.. These are important, equitable steps to move our country forward, and now we can turn the page on  ...   leaders have vowed to continue their demands for deep, drastic cuts to vital programs that protect our communities from air traffic control to public schools to veterans benefits, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and are relied upon by millions of Americans in order to keep their heads above water during these tough times.. Their proposals to slash services and earned benefits will inflict more suffering and undercut our economic recovery.. We urge Congress and President Obama to work together and focus on job creation, which is the best way to stimulate the economy..

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  • Title: AFSCME | 2012 Press Releases
    Descriptive info: 2012 Press Releases.. Dec 19.. AFSCME’s Saunders: “Boehner Showed Us Today Just Which Side He Really Stands On”.. Lee Saunders on House Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B”.. AFSCME, NEA, SEIU Launch Third Round of TV Ads Calling on Congress to Protect Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Education.. In “Boehnerville,” with cuts to vital services, it’s a not so wonderful life.. Dec 07.. AFSCME, SEIU and NEA Continue Major Campaign to Protect Medicare, Medicaid and Education.. Second Round of TV Ads to Launch Leading Up To National Day of Action December 10th with Nationwide Events Planned.. AFSCME’s Saunders: “Congress Should Follow the Will of the Voters”.. “AFSCME Members Will Stand with Walmart’s Workers”.. Lee Saunders on Walmart and Black Friday.. Nov 20.. AFSCME, SEIU and NEA Launch Ad Campaign to Protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Education.. New poll shows major opposition to cuts to vital services.. Nov 14.. Shareholders Ask Citigroup Board to Explore Structural Changes.. Nov 09.. Lee Saunders on President Obama’s Remarks.. Oct 30.. Lee Saunders on Hurricane Sandy.. Nov 07.. Lee Saunders on the 2012 Election.. Oct 23.. Romnesia Can’t Change the Fact that President Obama Saved the Auto Industry.. Oct 17.. AFSCME’s Reyes: “Cook Your Own Dinner, Governor Romney”.. Statement of AFSCME Sec.. Laura Reyes on the Presidential debate.. Oct 01.. Meet Richard Hayes.. He Picks Up Mitt Romney’s Trash.. AFSCME launches campaign featuring public workers who service Mitt Romney’s La Jolla, Calif.. , neighborhood.. Sep 14.. “Governor Scott Walker Rejected Again”.. Statement of AFSCME Wisconsin in response to the ruling by the Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas.. Sep 12.. AFSCME’s Saunders on Chicago Teachers’ Strike.. Statement of AFSCME President Lee Saunders on the strike by the Chicago Teachers’ Union.. Aug 30.. AFSCME–CAP Report on LGBT Discrimination in the Public Sector.. Massachusetts Workers Blast Mitt Romney: “Romney and His Corporate-Backed Allies in Washington Would Only Make Matters Worse”.. Aug 29.. Wisconsin Retirees: Paul Ryan Would “Tear Seniors’ Safety Net to Shreds”.. Aug 28.. New Jersey Workers: Christie Pick Shows Romney, Ryan Will “Bully Working Americans”.. Wisconsin and Ohio Workers Blast Kasich and Walker RNC Speeches.. Wisconsin Workers: Walker Appearance Suggests Romney, Ryan Will “Continue Class War on Working People”.. Ohio Retirees: Kasich Endorsement Shows Romney, Ryan “Not on the Side of Working Ohioans”.. Aug 15.. AFSCME’s Saunders on Pennsylvania Voter ID Law: “An Attempt to Suppress the Votes of Minorities, the Elderly, Students and the Poor”.. Lee Saunders following a Pennsylvania judge’s decision to reject a challenge to the state’s voter identification law.. Aug 11.. AFSCME’s Saunders: Choice Between Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan “Couldn’t Be Any Clearer”.. Lee Saunders following Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate.. Jul  ...   Struggle Is Far From Over”.. McEntee on the recall election in Wisconsin.. AFSCME Wisconsin: Fight for Worker Rights Goes On.. May 11.. AFSCME Plan’s McEntee to JP Morgan Chase: “Don’t Hedge on Independent Board Chair; the Stakes Are Too High to Leave Jamie Dimon Unsupervised”.. Statement of AFSCME Plan Trustee Gerald W.. McEntee on JP Morgan Chase’s $2 billion loss.. May 09.. AFSCME Statement on President Obama’s Remarks on Marriage.. Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee and Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saunders regarding President Obama’s remarks today on marriage.. May 01.. AFSCME Urges Shareholders to Remedy Excess Pay at Dean Foods.. Recommends Vote Against Executive Compensation.. Apr 27.. AFSCME’s McEntee: Legislation Pits Women & Children’s Health Against Student Loans.. McEntee in response to the passage of H.. R.. 4628, a bill capping student loan rates by siphoning funds from health prevention.. Apr 10.. AFSCME Remembers Mark Ayers, President of the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO.. Mar 30.. “Governor Scott Walker Has Egg On His Face”.. Statement of AFSCME Wisconsin in response to the ruling by the Federal Court in Wisconsin on Act 10.. Mar 28.. “A Step in the Right Direction to Make Sure Wall St.. CEOs Are Held Accountable”.. McEntee following an agreement reached with Goldman Sachs to adopt a lead director.. Mar 27.. AFSCME Urges Shareholders to Remedy Excess Pay at Johnson & Johnson.. Recommends Vote against Executive Compensation.. Mar 20.. “House Republican Leaders Have Broken Promises to America Yet Again”.. McEntee on Rep.. Paul Ryan’s Republican budget proposal.. Mar 07.. AFSCME Statement on the Passing of Congressman Donald Payne.. “We have lost a champion, but we continue to fight.. Feb 13.. AFSCME’s McEntee: Obama Budget Puts Middle Class First, Right-Wing Temper Tantrum Ensues.. McEntee on President Obama’s 2013 Budget.. Feb 10.. AFSCME Applauds President Obama’s Contraception Policy.. McEntee regarding President Obama’s contraception policy.. Jan 24.. AFSCME Calls for Congress to “Stop Their Games and Get to Work”.. McEntee after Pres.. Obama’s State of the Union address.. Jan 19.. Investors Announce New Shareholder Initiative Seeking Disclosure of Company Lobbying Activities.. Jan 17.. Imperial CEOs Targeted as AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Announces 2012 Shareholder Proposals.. AFSCME Plan to JP Morgan: End Dimon Double Duty.. Jan 10.. AFSCME’s McEntee on New Hampshire Primary Results.. McEntee on the New Hampshire GOP primary results.. Jan 04.. AFSCME’s McEntee on Recess Appointments.. McEntee after President Obama made recess appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board.. Jan 03.. Iowa Caucus Results Show GOP is the Fraternity of the 1 Percent.. McEntee on the Iowa GOP caucus.. Previous Years.. 2010 Press Releases.. 2009 Press Releases.. 2008 Press Releases.. 2007 Press Releases.. 2006 Press Releases..

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  • Title: AFSCME | 2011 Press Releases
    Descriptive info: 2011 Press Releases.. Dec 15.. AFSCME’s McEntee to Congress: Stop Playing Political Games and Help the Middle Class.. McEntee in response to the continued debate on unemployment and payroll tax extension.. AFSCME’s McEntee: Overtime Pay Long Overdue for Nation’s 2.. 5 Million Home Care Workers.. Dec 06.. AFSCME Endorses President Obama for Reelection.. McEntee: “Obama is the only choice for the 99%”.. Dec 02.. All the 99% Wants for Christmas Are Jobs.. McEntee in response to employment numbers released by the U.. Department of Labor.. Congress Must Now Refocus Their Energy on the Jobs Crisis.. McEntee after the Congressional Super Committee failed to reach an agreement.. Nov 18.. McEntee: Congressional Republicans Are Partying with the Tea Crowd while Working People Get Stuck with the Hangover.. McEntee after the House of Representatives vote on a proposed Balanced Budget Amendment.. Nov 08.. Ohio Voters Repudiate Anti-Collective Bargaining Law.. AFSCME’s McEntee: “The 99% Are Pulling Together in a Main Street Movement”.. Nov 04.. McEntee: It’s Time for Republicans in Congress to “Occupy Reality”.. Oct 28.. Celebrating 75 Years of Solidarity with America’s Working Families.. Oct 13.. Wisconsin Public Workers Deliver for Occupy Wall Street: Send Pizza in Solidarity.. AFSCME Launches New Ad Supporting American Jobs Act.. “Podium” to Ask Viewers to Call Congress and Tell Them to Pass American Jobs Act Now.. Oct 07.. AFSCME's McEntee: “Politicians Who Block Jobs Will be Out of Work Come November 2012”.. Oct 04.. McEntee: Cantor “Just Doesn’t Get It” on Jobs.. Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.. ) comment that the American Jobs Act is dead on arrival.. Main Street Movement Goes from Madison to Manhattan.. AFSCME’s McEntee and Saunders: “From Wisconsin to New York, Working Families Say Rebuilding Main Street Should be Priority # 1”.. Sep 30.. Labor Activists Defend Workers’ Rights for Milwaukee City Employees.. Sep 21.. AFSCME Ad Greets Jobs Debate.. “More Jobs Equal Less Debt” to Air in Orlando, Nationally.. Sep 19.. AFSCME’s McEntee: Millionaires’ Tax “Welcome News,” But Congress Must Pass Jobs Bill Now.. McEntee in regards to President Obama’s Plan for Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction.. Sep 15.. AFSCME’s McEntee to Congressional Republicans: Get Out of Jail Free Card Doesn’t Create Jobs.. AFSCME Plan to Goldman Sachs: Adopt Independent Board Chair.. Proposal seeks removal of CEO Lloyd Blankfein as Chairman of Board.. Sep 13.. McEntee: Study Confirms “Privatization Is a Recipe for Disaster”.. Romney Needs to “Take the Silver Spoon Out of His Mouth” Before Talking About the Working Middle Class.. McEntee in response to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s attack on labor and the working middle class.. Sep 08.. President Obama Is Right: We Need Jobs Right Now.. McEntee in response to the American Jobs Act outlined by President Obama.. AFSCME Reflects on 9/11.. New video features public service workers who answered the call.. Sep 02.. Zero Gained, 15,000 Lost.. McEntee on employment numbers issued by the U.. Aug 04.. McEntee on the Congressional Deal Reached to Fund the FAA.. Aug 01.. Debt Ceiling Deal Is “Economic Malpractice”.. McEntee on the debt ceiling compromise.. AFSCME Members, Family Members Awarded Union Plus Scholarships.. Union Plus provides $150,000 to help students from union families achieve their dreams.. Jul 29.. Republican Leaders “Willfully Bring Us to Brink of Economic Turmoil”.. McEntee in response to the U.. House of Representatives vote on debt ceiling legislation.. TV Ads Launched in 8 States: “If the Social Security Checks, Veterans’ Benefits, Military Pay Americans Are Counting On Don’t Arrive After August 2, Thank Republicans in Congress”.. Sen.. Dean Heller, 7 GOP U.. Reps.. Implored: Stop Threatening Default and Holding the Interests of Ordinary Americans Hostage to Protect Tax Breaks for Millionaires, Oil Companies and Corporate Jet  ...   A new report exposes how the private prison industry thrives in a pay-to-play culture; making our communities less safe and more prone to violent crime.. May 03.. RI Council 94, AFSCME Mourns the Loss of Joseph R.. Peckham.. May 02.. McEntee on the Death of Osama Bin Laden.. “We Are Proud of the Work that Our Corrections Employees Do”.. McEntee on National Correctional Employees Week.. Apr 28.. Workers Memorial Day.. McEntee on Workers Memorial Day.. Memphis Sanitation Strike Workers to Be Inducted into Labor Hall of Fame.. Secretary of Labor to host ceremony on Friday, April 29, to begin induction of 1968 Memphis, Tenn.. , sanitation strike workers into Labor Hall of Fame.. AFSCME Urges Shareholders to Vote Against CEO Pay at Alcoa (AA) on May 6 and ConocoPhillips (COP) on May 11.. Apr 26.. “Ancient History and of Limited Use”.. McEntee on the Pew Report on Pensions.. Apr 13.. “Surefire Way to Balance the Budget is to Create Jobs”.. McEntee in response to President Obama’s speech on fiscal responsibility.. Apr 11.. AFSCME Urges Shareholders to Vote against Executive Compensation at Pfizer (PFE) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).. Apr 05.. “Priorities That Are Out of Touch with Basic American Values”.. McEntee on the Ryan budget plan.. Apr 04.. From Memphis to Madison, the Struggle Continues for Workers’ Rights.. “Work That Serves Humanity… It Has Dignity and It Has Worth.. Apr 01.. Acclaimed Documentary “At the River I Stand” Available for We Are One Events Free of Charge.. Award-winning film chronicles Dr.. Martin Luther King Jr.. ’s Final Journey and the 1968 AFSCME Sanitation Workers Strike.. Mar 31.. Balanced Budget Amendment "A Recipe for Economic Disaster".. McEntee on the Senate introduction of a balanced budget constitutional amendment.. Ohio Bill “A Reprehensible Attack on the Middle Class”.. McEntee regarding Ohio SB 5, legislation to silence the voice of public service workers and limit their right to collective bargaining.. Mar 23.. Governor Walker is “Tearing Wisconsin Apart”.. McEntee in response to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union rights bill that was rammed through the state senate.. Mar 09.. Wisconsin Public Employees: Ramming Through Anti-Freedom Bill “An Affront to Democracy”.. On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Republican state senators rammed through an anti-freedom bill that stripped nurses, teachers and EMTs of their rights to collectively bargain – the rights enjoyed by just about every other Wisconsinite.. Mar 02.. AFSCME Calls on Speaker Boehner to Stop Using Violent Metaphors and Demonizing Public Employees.. Feb 25.. Poland’s Solidarność Union Tells Wisconsin Workers: “Your Victory is Our Victory as Well”.. Feb 11.. “Pillars of a Civil Society”.. National Civil Rights, Labor Leaders Speak Out on Behalf of Public Service Workers.. Feb 02.. GOP Senators Side with Insurance Industry, Not Working Americans.. McEntee on the Senate’s vote on Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.. Jan 31.. Judge Vinson’s Ruling Takes Benefits From Working Families.. McEntee on Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.. Investors Issue Call for Annual Vote on Executive Pay.. Today 39 institutional investors, issued a public call for companies to support an annual advisory vote on executive compensation in their spring proxy statements and for investors to vote for annual “Say on Pay” votes.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Announces 27 Shareholder Proposals.. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO (AFSCME) Employees Pension Plan, today announced its 27 proposals for greater transparency concerning risk, director accountability and independent board leadership.. Jan 14.. Martin Luther King and Public Employees.. McEntee to commemorate the Martin Luther King Jr.. holiday.. AFSCME Decries Anti-government Attacks.. McEntee regarding the shootings on Saturday in Tucson, Ariz.. 2005 Press Releases..

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  • Title: AFSCME | 2010 Press Releases
    Descriptive info: Dec 22.. AFSCME Salutes Senate Passage of 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.. McEntee on passage of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.. Dec 20.. AFSCME Response to One-Sided 60 Minutes Report on State and Local Budgets.. Dec 10.. Glenn Beck Needs to Stop the Lies About AFSCME.. Reckless GOP Obstructionism Means No Easy Choices.. McEntee on the tax compromise.. Dec 03.. The Debt Commission Attack on Middle Class and Retirees Fails to Get the Necessary Votes.. McEntee on today’s final vote by the President’s Deficit Commission.. Dec 01.. AFSCME Fights Back with “Stop the Lies” Campaign.. Nov 23.. AFSCME Calls on GOP Members of Congress to Reject Their Taxpayer Funded Health Care Plan.. Call Comes on Heels of New Polling Showing Voters Agree.. Nov 10.. AFSCME Calls Proposed Changes to Medicare and Social Security Unnecessary and Dangerous.. McEntee on the recommendations released today by the chairmen of the Deficit Commission.. Nancy Pelosi: “The Most Effective Speaker of the House in History”.. McEntee on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.. Nov 03.. “Voters Want a Recovery That Works for Everyone”.. McEntee on the 2010 mid-term elections.. Oct 08.. Jobs Numbers Would Have Been Worse If Republicans Had Prevailed.. McEntee on September jobs numbers.. AFSCME Members Join One Nation Working Together March at the Lincoln Memorial.. Thousands participate in the October 2nd effort to reclaim the American Dream.. Sep 29.. AFSCME Salutes House Passage of 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.. McEntee on passage of H.. 847, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.. Sep 23.. “A Giant Step Forward”.. McEntee on implementation of key measures of the Affordable Care Act.. AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Lee A.. Saunders to Serve as Treasurer of Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.. Sep 03.. New AFSCME TV, Radio and Web Ads Highlight November Choice.. “Either we open the door to a better future, or we slam the door in its face”.. Coming Soon to a Downtown Near You: AFSCME Premieres “The Choice” in 10 Cities Across the Country.. Main Street Film Festival lays out what’s at stake this November.. New AFSCME Ads Applaud Passage of Vital Jobs Bill.. Radio Spots Launch $2.. 5 Million Advertising and Mobilization Campaign.. Aug 10.. McEntee on House Passage of the Jobs Bill.. Aug 06.. McEntee on the Jobless Rate.. Aug 05.. AFSCME Praises Reid and Pelosi for Action on Jobs Bill.. McEntee on the U.. Senate’s final passage of the Jobs Bill.. Tax Coalition: Senators, Let Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy Expire on Schedule.. Campaign Supports an End to Irresponsible Tax Breaks for the Wealthy, Help for Working Families.. AFSCME Calls Senate Vote “A Bold Step Forward”.. Senate’s 61 to 38 vote this morning to end the filibuster on the Jobs Bill.. Aug 03.. AFL-CIO, AFSCME Urge Dell Inc.. Shareholders to Withhold Their Vote From Chairman Michael Dell, Cite SEC Allegations and Excessive Pay As Concerns.. Aug 02.. “It’s Time to Protect American Jobs”.. McEntee on the Senate’s consideration of H.. 1586.. Coalition of 60 Groups Representing Over 30 Million Americans Launch Campaign to Fight Social Security Cuts by Fiscal Commission.. Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO), Gerald McEntee (AFSCME), Justin Ruben (MoveOn.. org), Dennis Van Roekel (NEA), Eliseo Medina (SEIU), Terry O'Neill (NOW), Donna Meltzer (Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities), Hilary Shelton (NAACP), Ed Coyle (Alliance for Ret.. McEntee at Campaign to Strengthen Social Security News Conference.. Jul 22.. McEntee Urges President Obama, Congress to “Heed Lessons” in New Quinnipiac Poll.. Poll finds Americans support jobs over reducing the deficit by a 2-1 margin.. McEntee on the Senate Passage of Aid for the Unemployed.. Barclays, Northern, State Street and Vanguard Top List of Mutual Funds Enabling Excessive CEO Pay.. Jul 09.. New AFSCME Ads Tell Republicans – It’s Time to Stop the Obstruction.. It’s Time to Pass the Jobs Bill!.. $175,000 Effort from AFSCME Urges Senators to Protect American Jobs, Vital Public Services..  ...   Representatives Puts Public Services and Jobs at Risk.. Failure to Include Funds for Jobless Health Benefits and Medicaid Will Cause Mass Job Loss.. Pennsylvania Gov.. Edward G.. Rendell and AFSCME President McEntee Call on Congress to Extend State Aid in Advance of Critical Vote.. As Congress Nears Vote on Jobs Bill, State Budget Shortfalls Put Nearly One Million Jobs at Risk.. May 25.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Urges Support for Independent Chairman Proposals and ‘Vote No’ Campaigns at Nabors and Abercrombie Fitch.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan To Vote Against Compensation at Morgan Stanley.. Use of “Say on Pay” Vote to Voice Dissatisfaction Gains Momentum.. May 05.. 12,000 Missouri Attendants Unite in Missouri Home Care Union.. Victory boosts quality home care for people with disabilities, elderly.. Apr 30.. AFSCME Supports Kendrick Meek.. A Strong Voice for Florida’s Working Families.. Apr 22.. AFSCME on the Front Lines on Earth Day.. Union Renews Commitment to Protecting the Environment.. Apr 19.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Opposes Excessive Executive Compensation at American Express and Wells Fargo.. Apr 12.. Focus on Priorities: Libraries and Library Workers Are Vital to Our Communities.. Mar 26.. “Health Care Reform is a Remarkable Achievement”.. McEntee on final passage of the health care reconciliation bill.. As President Prepares To Sign Health Care Bill, HCAN and AFSCME Start Airing Ads to Thank Members for Being on Our Side.. Mar 21.. A Monumentally Important Victory for Our Country.. McEntee on tonight's vote in the U.. House of Representatives.. Mar 18.. AFSCME Provides First Aid Kit to Protect Public Against Deadly Opposition to Health Care Reform.. Cures Any Doubts About Republican Alliance With Insurance CEOs Over the Needs of the American People.. Mar 16.. As Congress Faces Historic Vote on Health Insurance Reform This Week, New TV Ad Hammers the Insurance Industry and Their Premiums Run Amok.. Joint Effort from AFSCME and Americans United for Change Part of Major $11 Million Final Push from Pro-Reform Coalition, Sending Message to Congress: “Stand With Your Constituents, Not Big Insurance – and We’ll Have Your Back”.. Health Care for America Now and Partners Launch New Ad Campaign As Congress Nears Final Votes for Reform.. Mar 10.. “Senate vote provides $26 billion to save jobs”.. Mar 05.. Educators Public Service Advocates Launch 48-Day March for California’s Future.. L.. A.. Rally Will Kick off Bakersfield to Sacramento March Highlighting Centrality of Public Education Public Services to the California Dream.. Mar 03.. “The time has come for an up-or-down majority vote on health care reform”.. McEntee on Pres.. Obama's health care reform plan.. More Than 50 Companies Voluntarily Adopt “Say on Pay” as Institutional Investors Continue to Press for an Advisory Vote.. Shareholder resolutions filed with over 70 companies by large coalition of investors for 2010.. Feb 22.. President Obama’s Plan is Real Health Care Reform.. Feb 12.. AFSCME Releases “Digging Out” Video.. “Public Employees Are Clearing the Way” Through Snow Storms and Economic Storms.. Feb 05.. “Cause for Cautious Optimism”.. Statement by AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee on the January Jobs Report.. AFSCME President McEntee to Supporters of Privatizing Social Security: “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are”.. GOP Rep.. Ryan Revives Bush’s Failed Social Security Privatization Scheme.. “It is time to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’”.. Feb 01.. “A Lifeline for State and Local Governments”.. Jan 28.. “The President will fight for American jobs”.. Jan 27.. “Save and create American jobs through robust investments in public services”.. Jan 22.. “We’re proud that public sector workers are organizing”.. McEntee on the increase in public sector unionization reported in the Annual Bureau of Labor Statistics Union Membership Report.. Jan 21.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Announces 33 Shareholder Proposals.. Plan Focuses on Executive Pay, Board Reform and Corporate Accountability.. Jan 20.. “Coakley’s defeat was a reminder that Americans are still struggling”.. AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee on Massachusetts Election Results.. 2004 Press Releases..

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  • Title: AFSCME | 2009 Press Releases
    Descriptive info: Dec 16.. AFSCME Commends Rep.. Tonko for Nutrition Bill.. Legislation to Reduce Child Obesity, Improve Health, and Enhance Development.. Puerto Rico’s Labor Leaders Stage Sit-in at the Islands’ Office of Management and Budget.. AFSCME Releases Best Practices Guide for Pension Systems.. Report Serves as a Road Map to Protect Retirement Security.. An Important Step for Seniors and Individuals With Disabilities.. AFSCME Declares Support for Community First Choice Option in Health Reform.. Dec 08.. 'A Bold Initiative to Put Americans Back to Work'.. McEntee Regarding President Obama’s Plan to Protect and Create Jobs.. Nov 19.. McEntee Regarding the Release of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.. New TV Ads Defend Members of Congress Under Fire From the Special Interests for Putting Their Constituents’ Interests First and Supporting the Affordable Health Care for America Act.. Ads from Americans United for Change/AFSCME the First Wave in a $1.. 7 Million Dollar Counteroffensive Backing Up 13 Members of Congress on the Receiving End of Dishonest Attack Ads from the Forces of Status Quo including the U.. Chamber.. Nov 13.. AFSCME Retirees Stand Up for Health Care Reform at White House.. First Lady Highlights Difficulties Faced By Older Women, Need for Reform.. New TV Ads Launched Thanking 11 Members for Standing Up to the Big Health Insurance Companies.. Ads from Americans United for Change, AFSCME Part of Major $1 Million Coalitional Effort Backing Up Representatives That Faced Down Big Insurance and Helped Pass the Affordable Health Care for America Act.. Health Care for America Now and AFSCME Say Thanks for Historic House Vote.. New TV Ads and Grassroots Events.. AFSCME President McEntee: “This Is Real Progress… The Senate Must Act Swiftly”.. McEntee regarding the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act.. Nov 06.. AFSCME Commends Sen.. Gillibrand for Nutrition Bill.. Nov 05.. McEntee Urges Rep.. Kosmas to Vote for Health Care Reform.. Releases Study Showing Benefits to Area from Bill.. Oct 29.. AFSCME President McEntee: “This Is Real Health Care Reform”.. McEntee regarding the introduction of the Affordable Health Care for America Act.. Oct 26.. AFSCME President McEntee: Senator Reid’s Bill Is a “Significant Improvement”.. Major Improvements Needed Before Health Care Reform Goes to the Senate.. McEntee issued this statement following the Senate Finance Committee’s vote on health care reform legislation.. Sep 16.. AFSCME President McEntee: “Finance Committee Health Care Bill is Deeply Flawed”.. AFSCME Hails New Leadership at the AFL-CIO.. McEntee praising the new leadership team elected today at the AFL-CIO 2009 Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.. Sep 10.. AFSCME: “We’re With President Obama”.. McEntee on President Barack Obama’s speech urging Congress to pass meaningful health care reform.. Sep 01.. Senator Grassley’s Destructive Attacks on Health Care Reform.. Aug 31.. AFSCME’s “Highway to Health Care Reform” Tour Rolls into DC.. Aug 26.. McEntee on the Death of Senator Edward M.. Kennedy.. Aug 17.. HCAN and AFSCME Launch Ads  ...   Health Care Reform Bill.. “We are ramping up our grassroots activities.. McEntee on the Urgent Need for Health Care Reform with a Public Option.. Senate HELP Bill Builds on the Strength of our American Health Care System.. Jun 23.. McEntee on Health Care Reform.. Catholic Bishops, Catholic Health Care, and Unions.. Jun 16.. AFSCME Members and Family Members Awarded Union Plus Scholarships.. Union Plus Provides $200,000 to Help Students from Union Families Achieve Their Dreams.. AFSCME Urges Senate to Confirm Sotomayor.. McEntee on National Corrections Officers Week.. Say on Pay Shareholder Proposals Garner Record Support During Tumultuous Shareholder Season.. Say on Pay shareholder proposals have gained new momentum in the wake of recent financial scandals, excessive compensation and shareholder anger at high profile corporations such as AIG, Bank of America and Citigroup.. Union Survey on Influenza Pandemic Finds Lack of Adequate Health and Safety Measures For Health Care Workers.. AFSCME President McEntee praises Obama request for $1.. 5 billion in additional funding.. Apr 23.. AFSCME, Americans United for Change Launch New Television Ad Spotlighting the Republican ‘Party of NO’ and the Middle-Class Priorities They Turned Their Back On.. Ad Part of AFSCME’s “Make America Happen” Campaign – A Major Initiative Urging Congress to Get the Economy Moving Through Reinvestment in Public Services, Health Care Reform.. Apr 16.. Chris Policano Joins AFSCME as Public Affairs Director.. AFSCME Demands Accountability at Citigroup.. Union urges Vote No on board members.. Apr 09.. No Time for Politics.. AFSCME Calls on Gov.. Sanford to Apply for Law Enforcement Funds.. AllianceBernstein, Ameriprise, Barclays and Columbia Top List of Mutual Funds Supporting Excessive CEO Pay.. New Report Examines Mutual Fund Proxy Voting Patterns on CEO Salaries.. A Great Choice.. McEntee on the Nomination of Governor Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of Health and Human Services.. “He Understands What Is Needed”.. McEntee on President Obama's first speech to a joint session of Congress.. Secretary of Labor Solis: “A Ray of Hope”.. McEntee on the Confirmation by the Senate of Secretary of Labor Hilda L.. Solis.. “A Major, Historic Victory”.. McEntee on the Senate Passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.. “The Senate Took an Important Step”.. McEntee on Today’s Senate Vote Supporting President Obama’s Plan to Revitalize Our Economy.. “The House Has Acted Boldly”.. McEntee on the House Vote on President Obama’s Plan to Revitalize Our Economy.. AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Announces 2009 Shareholder Proposals.. In the Wake of Financial Crisis, Executive Pay, Board Reform, Corporate Accountability Top Pension Plan Agenda.. Jan 16.. “Create Jobs and Help States”.. McEntee on yesterday’s release of an economic recovery package in the U.. AFSCME Video Highlights Historic Challenges, Opportunities Presented by Economic Crisis.. FDR’s Response to Great Depression Offers Lessons for Today.. Jan 09.. “Jump-Start the Economy Right Now”.. McEntee on Today's Announcement that the Jobless Rate Has Jumped to 7.. 2 Percent.. 2003 Press Releases..

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  • Title: AFSCME | 2008 Press Releases
    Descriptive info: “A Terrific Choice”.. McEntee on the Selection of Congresswoman Hilda L.. Solis to be U.. Secretary of Labor.. The American People Say “Yes We Can”.. McEntee on the 2008 Election.. Oct 27.. 40,000 AFSCME Members Mobilizing for Final Get Out the Vote Effort.. President McEntee: “This is the most aggressive political effort in our union’s history.. AFSCME 2008: A Look at Our Political Program.. Sep 26.. Senate Republican Leaders Turn Their Backs on Working Americans.. McEntee on the Economic Recovery Act of 2008.. Jul 30.. Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Will Address AFSCME Convention Thursday, July 31.. “March for Justice” to Support Patient Care and Service Workers.. AFSCME Convention Delegates to March on UCSF Medical Center Wednesday at 3:00 P.. M.. McEntee Says: “Governor’s Proposals Put Vital Services at Risk”.. McEntee on Governor Schwarzenegger’s recent budget proposals.. AFSCME Convention to Mobilize 40,000 Activists for November Election.. Nation’s largest public service union unveils plans for political campaigns, growth and advocacy.. AFSCME Goes Green: Plans Environmentally-Conscious, Weeklong Convention in San Francisco.. The nation’s largest public service union to dramatically reduce paper use, forego bottled water, and serve local, organically grown food during Convention beginning July 28.. McEntee Says: “Health Care for America NOW!”.. McEntee at the National Press Club.. Eleven  ...   from AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee on the anniversary of the 1968 AFSCME Sanitation Strike in Memphis and the assassination of Dr.. Mar 24.. McEntee on Iraq: “Time to End the Madness”.. McEntee on the 4,000th American Fatality in Iraq.. Jan 29.. McEntee Calls on Democrats to Seat Florida Delegates.. AFSCME president calls for delegates elected in today's Florida primary to be seated at the Democratic National Convention.. McEntee on Stimulus Proposal: “State and Local Governments Need Fiscal Relief”.. Without assistance, state and local governments will be forced to make budget cuts that will deepen and lengthen the economic downturn.. Jan 25.. McEntee on Union Membership Statistics: “Good News For All Americans”.. Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicates union membership increased by 311,000 to 15.. 7 million in 2007.. McEntee “Extremely Disappointed” by Stimulus Deal.. Institutional Investors Continue to Press Companies for an Advisory Vote on Executive Pay.. Shareholder resolutions filed with over 90 companies by over 70 institutional and individual investors.. AFL-CIO MLK Holiday Press Conference.. Remarks Delivered by AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee to a Memphis, Tenn.. Press Conference.. Jan 15.. Union Movement to Donate Computer Lab, School Supplies, and $15,000 to Memphis-Area Children.. Union Leaders, Children to Participate in Dedication Ceremony.. 2002 Press Releases..

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  • Title: AFSCME | WORKS: Fall 2013
    Descriptive info: WORKS: Fall 2013.. WORKS: Fall 2013.. Union, Yes!.. Vermont Home Care Providers Choose AFSCME in Historic Vote.. Table of Contents.. The Green Mountain State and the Green Machine.. Union Power Begins at the Ground Level.. It’s Time for AFSCME Women to Lean In.. FYI: News You Need, In Brief.. Organizing for Power.. We are AFSCME.. Chicago Parking Meters: An Outsourcing Fiasco.. Look for the Union Label.. Help Is Available to Health Victims of Sept.. 11 Attacks.. State Legislative Update.. Resources.. Washington, DC: AFSCME Members Hit by Shutdown Help Tourists in Nation’s Capital.. Jersey City, NJ: School Security Outsourcing? Hold It Right There.. Los Angeles, CA: UC Workers Sit Down to Stand Up for Workers’ Rights.. Connecticut: Court  ...   a More Inclusive Labor Movement.. Tallahassee, FL: AFSCME Members Prevail in Pension Fight.. Oklahoma City, OK: ALEC’s Attack on Workers Not OK in Oklahoma.. National: In Landmark Move, Minimum Wage, Overtime Protections Extended to Home Care Workers.. Madison, WI: Gov.. Scott Walker’s Crackdown on Protest Singing Hits a Bad Note.. St.. Louis County, MN: Members Ratify Contract, Averting Strike.. Olympia, WA: Evergreen College Employees Win Contract Victory After Long Fight.. Iowa: Home Care Providers, Consumers Score Major Victory.. Wisconsin: Firefighters Battle Massive Wildfire.. New York, NY: Two Lifeguards Honored for Rescue.. Denver, CO: AFSCME Women Gather in Denver to Strategize, Get Active and Get Inspired.. We’re Still Marching for Economic Equality.. Download this publication as a PDF..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Main Street’s New Moment
    Descriptive info: Main Street’s New Moment.. Main Street’s New Moment.. Main Street s New Moment.. Published November 7, 2012.. Download the report.. What Election 2012 Means for America s Working Families.. We view Election 2012 as the latest skirmish in a long-term struggle between Main Street and Wall Street.. On Election Day, voters were asked to decide if  ...   a few.. Voters opted to tip the scale a bit more in favor of the working middle class.. Public service workers stand ready to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid during the next several months.. As they have made clear in Wisconsin, we will be there one day longer, one day stronger.. Download the report now..

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  • Title: AFSCME | The Main Street Moment
    Descriptive info: The Main Street Moment.. The Main Street Moment.. June 12, 2012.. Paperback.. ISBN: 9781568587219.. ISBN-10: 156858721X.. Published by Nation Books.. Buy this book.. Fighting Back to Save the American Dream.. by Gerald W.. In the wake of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the Supreme Court s landmark Citizens United decision, politicians are targeting working Americans as never before.. As American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) President Lee Saunders and former President Gerald W.. McEntee show, efforts to crush what s let of the working middle class and the American Dream are supported by those willing to stop at nothing to enshrine profits for the few at the expense of the many.. But these forces vastly understimate the power of Americans union and non-union alike united  ...   are fighting back against the crony capitalists trying to undo a century of hard-won victories for workers.. These Americans know that the best bulwark against economic calamity is organized labor.. Unions brought you the weekend and the 40-hour work week; unions created the middle class.. And now unions must save America from those who would sacrifice democracy for the sake of profit.. is the definitive narrative for progressives and working people who know that America can only be transformed if we all stand united.. Profits from the sale of the book, published by Nation Books, will go to the.. AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund.. , which provides emergency relief and immediate assistance to members who are the victims of natural disasters and other tragedies.. Purchase the book.. online at Powell's Books.. or in bookstores..

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  • Title: AFSCME | WORKS: Spring 2013
    Descriptive info: WORKS: Spring 2013.. WORKS: Spring 2013.. ORGANIZE!.. We're strengthening our union, one member at a time.. The Urgency of Now.. It Is Our Mission to Restore Balance.. Organizing Effort in Vermont Inspires Us All.. F.. Y.. I.. : News You Need, In Brief.. Our Contracts, Our Victories.. Building a Union, Face to Face.. Looking Beyond Labels, Giving to PEOPLE.. Immigration Reform: We All Benefit.. Family Ties.. Horror Stories Haunt Private Corrections Facilities.. We’re Fighting Paycheck Deception, Right-to-Work-for-Less and Privatization.. Humboldt County, California –  ...   York City, New York – One-Man March for Child Care Gains Support.. Springfield, Illinois – AFSCME Blocks Efforts to Weaken Pension System.. Columbia, Maryland – Council 3 Holds Founding Convention.. Richmond, Indiana – Member Helps Police Nab Robbery Suspect.. Lima, Ohio – Kasich Protestors Demand More Money for Schools, Services, Oppose Right-to-Work.. Boston, Massachusetts – IVP Sworn In.. Memphis, Tennessee – A Striking Celebration.. Public Heroes at Boston Marathon.. AFSCME WORKS, Summer 2013.. 2013 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL–CIO..

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