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  • Title: AFSCME | Health Care Issue 2010
    Descriptive info: News / Publications.. Print.. Font Size:.. Health Care Issue 2010.. Health Care Issue 2010.. Table of Contents.. Face to Face: President McEntee on Reform.. You Won!.. The Achievement of a Lifetime.. Why Health Care Needed a Makeover.. Making America Happen.. When Will Reform Happen.. Download this publication as a PDF.. News /.. Publications.. FEATURED.. AFSCME WORKS, Fall 2013.. Main Street’s New Moment: What Election 2012 Means for America’s Working Families.. “Main Street Moment” by Gerald W.. McEntee and Lee Saunders.. Categories.. Press Room..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Resources
    Descriptive info: Issues / Legislation.. Resources.. Resources.. Fact Sheet: Medical Loss Ratio Rebates.. Insurers must provide a rebate on the portion of premium dollars that exceed certain limits.. Fact Sheet: Women and the Affordable Care Act.. Thanks to the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, women are on equal ground in health care.. Fact Sheet: Medicaid Expansion.. Fact Sheet: Health Insurance Marketplaces.. Fact Sheet: Health Insurance Subsidies.. Fact Sheet: House Budget Threatens Medicare.. House FY  ...   AFSCME Members and Health Reform: What Does It Mean for You?.. For Retirees, Much to Like in Health Care Law.. Retirees and Health Reform: Frequently Asked Questions.. Fact Sheet: Coverage of Preventative Services.. Fact Sheet: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.. Fact Sheet: Early Retiree Reinsurance Program.. Fact Sheet: Extension of Dependent Coverage to Age 26.. Fact Sheet: Grandfathered Status.. Fact Sheet: Preexisting Condition Exclusions, Lifetime and Annual Limits, Recissions and Patient Protections..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Latest News
    Descriptive info: Latest News.. Latest News.. Nov 22.. AFSCME supports new U.. S.. Department of Labor rule.. Charles Loveless,.. AFSCME writes to the House Sub-Committee on Workforce Protections in support of a new DOL rule.. Nov 05.. Why Is Affordable Health Care Such a Bitter Pill for Some to Swallow?.. Lee Saunders,.. Huffington Post.. At every turn, right-wing members of the U.. House are trying to destroy a law that that will improve the lives of working families.. Our union will do everything in our power to make sure that the law succeeds.. Jun 14.. House Busts the Budget; Year-End Funding Storm Brewing.. AFSCME FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE REPORT.. The House Appropriations Committee passed a defense funding bill shifting even deeper cuts to non-defense programs like labor, health, education, housing, nutrition, and law enforcement.. Apr 09.. Big Pharma Pockets $711 Billion in Profits by Price-Gouging Taxpayers and Seniors.. Health Care for America Now.. The pharmaceutical industry derived much of that profit from price-gouging the Medicare.. Mar 14.. The Ryan Budget Includes Devastating Health Care Cost Increases for Seniors—Again.. Center for American Progress.. The misguided budget proposes replacing traditional Medicare benefits for seniors with a voucher ….. Oct 16.. The Truth About Medicare.. Nancy Pelosi Special to CNN.. The Affordable Care Act does not cut a single benefit or add a single penny to the cost of insurance for any Medicare beneficiary.. Sep 14.. Fewer Uninsured People.. New York Times.. Repealing health care reform or shrinking Medicaid, as many Republicans want to do, would be disastrous moves.. Aug 23.. Health Law Gives Medicare Fraud Fighters New Weapons..  ...   that reject the law's Medicaid expansion risk leaving behind many of their low-income residents.. Health Insurance Prices For Women Set To Drop.. Shots – Health Blog,.. Under the health care overhaul, insurers can’t charge women higher premiums than men.. Jul 12.. Health care repeal effort: Worth the time? (Video).. CBS.. The Republican repeal effort has taken up at least 80 hours on the House floor, costing taxpayers around $50 million.. Jul 10.. The Affordable Care Act has made the U.. health-care system stronger.. Washington Post.. The Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act was a turning point in the health-care debate….. Jul 06.. When It’s the Nurse Who Needs Looking After.. New York Times Blog.. Recent research reveals that when nurses suffer, so do their patients….. Jun 28.. Medicare helps Beneficiaries Save $3.. 7 billion on Rx.. Thanks to health care reform 5.. 2 million people on Medicare saved $3.. 5 billion on their prescription drugs.. Apr 11.. Broccoli and Bad Faith.. Paul Krugman,.. Jun 15.. LEAKED: Secret Report on Jindal's Privatization Plan.. Eric Lach,.. Talking Points Memo.. Louisiana effort to privatize health insurance would increase premiums according to confidential report.. May 13.. Medicare Trust Fund Boosted By Health Care Reform: Report.. Ryan Grim,.. The Medicare trust fund will last eight years longer than it would have without the passage of last year's health care law, the program’s trustees announced Friday.. Apr 12.. Countering the Siege.. McEntee,.. AFSCME President McEntee on how attacks on public service workers have energized union members and our allies in a growing battle over workers’ rights..

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  • Title: AFSCME | From the Blog
    Descriptive info: From the Blog.. Jan 03.. Nov 27.. AFSCME Helps Save Chicago Breast Cancer Screenings.. A plan to outsource the service would have eliminated a program that benefits thousands of women every year.. Nov 26.. AFSCME Seeks Cure for Interpreter Deficiency in California.. UDW Homecare Providers/AFSCME is working to pass legislation to create a workforce of medical interpreter.. Nov 18.. Thanks to Affordable Care Act, California Home Care Providers Find Help When They Need It.. Affordable health care is a good thing.. Ask one of the thousands of homecare providers in California.. Senators: Strengthen Social Security, Expand Benefits.. Senators Brown, Harkin co-sponsor the Strengthen Social Security Act of 2013.. Nov 06.. Providers Gather for First AFSCME National Home Care Conference.. Event follows historic organizing win for 7,500 providers voting ‘AFSCME’.. AFSCME will do everything in our power to make sure that the Affordable Care Act succeeds.. Nov 01.. Downsizing at Ohio Developmental Center Goes Too Far.. Layoffs could have harmful consequences for center residents.. Oct 17.. Shutdown deal reached in Congress.. Senate-crafted agreement ends Republican-led federal government shutdown.. Oct 15.. California Domestic Workers win seven-year battle for workplace rights.. New law is the first step to take care of California caretakers.. Oct 09.. Illinois AFSCME Members Signing Up the State’s 1.. 8 Million Uninsured.. AFSCME members in Illinois sign up state’s uninsured as eligibility expands under the Affordable Care Act.. University of Minnesota AFSCME Members Rally for Health Care with Help from Activist and Folk Singer Billy Bragg.. University of Minnesota AFSCME members rally for health care with help from activist and singer Billy Bragg.. Oct 01.. Supporters Celebrate Kick-off of Affordable Care Act.. Despite the government shutdown, families can begin shopping for health care plans starting today.. It’s Time for Extremists in Congress to Stop Holding our Country Hostage.. 800,000 federal government employees are out of work, including AFSCME members.. Aug 29.. Language Barriers Continue to Affect Safety of California Patients.. Advocates push for a bill allowing federal funding of a certified medical-interpreter program.. Aug 08.. President Saunders on MSNBC: We March to Change Our Country for the Better.. On PoliticsNation, Pres.. Lee Saunders discussed the fight for civil rights and opportunity in America.. May 28.. TV: Nurses Are the Heart of Health Care.. Hundreds of AFSCME nurses gathered to fight for improved conditions for nurses and patients.. May 22.. Elected Officials Come Out In Support of UC Workers on Strike.. AFSCME Local 3299 members are on their second day demanding improved patient care at UC hospitals.. May 16.. California Interpreters Push State for More Trained Interpreters.. Over the next five years, 3 million Californians will require language assistance in health care.. May 09.. AFSCME Nurses Leave DC Ready to Organize.. The 14th National Nurses Congress brought together nursing professionals from across the country.. UC Hospital Workers to Strike for Their Patients and Families.. Misguided priorities are undermining patient care in California’s fourth largest healthcare delivery system.. May 06.. Your Story Can Make a Difference.. The work you do every day makes a difference.. So do your stories.. Share your story at www.. afscme.. org/story.. Mar 07.. Shutdown of New Jersey Centers Likely to Upset Lives of Most Vulnerable.. AFSCME is leading an active coalition to keep the Woodbridge and North Jersey developmental centers open.. Feb 08.. Cuts in Mental-Health Funding Pose Risks for States.. Spotlight on intersection between mental-health disease and gun violence highlights need for more support.. Jan 31.. Governors Who Reject Medicaid Expansion Will Harm Workers, Families.. Several governors say they will refuse to set up health care purchasing “exchanges.. Jan 15.. Register Now for Dynamic Legislative Conference.. Want to raise your voice for workers? Come to Washington, DC, and do just that.. Dec 19.. AFSCME Retiree, 92, Doesn’t Let Age Slow Activism.. Rosyln Sims, a former school librarian in Youngstown City, Ohio, has activism in her blood.. Protect Medicare, Protect Nurses.. Cuts to Medicare would mean job losses for nurses.. AFSCME is working to stop them.. Oct 24.. America’s Workers Fed Up With Romney’s Say Anything Strategy.. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool AFSCME members any time.. Oct 18.. Romney’s Policies Put American Women in a Bind.. When it comes time to vote, women won’t forget Romney’s refusal to acknowledge our rights.. Vice Presidential Debate Highlights Fight for Fairness.. On MSNBC, Pres.. Lee Saunders says Joe Biden made the case for the middle class.. Oct 14.. Meet the New Mitt.. Same As the Old Mitt.. With his campaign on the skids, Romney tries on a number of personas – none of them authentic.. Oct 05.. Romney Shakes the Etch-A-Sketch Again.. The candidate who doesn’t care about the poor or the 47% also disregards the truth.. Meet Richard Hayes: He Collects Mitt Romney’s Trash.. Videos spotlight public service workers, underscore Romney’s arrogant dismissal of nearly half of all Americans.. Aug 30.. Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech Light on Reality.. Wisconsin retirees: Paul Ryan would “tear seniors’ safety net to shreds.. Warren to Christie: Not So Fast.. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren calls out Gov.. Chris Christie on his RNC keynote speech.. Report Gives House’s Extreme Anti-Worker Agenda a Failing Grade.. Right-wing Republicans get an “F” when it comes to creating jobs and protecting workers’ rights.. Jul 19.. Romney Protest Shines Light on Why He’s No Good for America.. Union members, allies, protest Romney’s policies at GOP Presidential candidate’s fundraiser in Toledo, Ohio.. Jul 18.. AFSCME Member Discusses Retirement Security at White House.. New York retiree Stuart Leibowitz spoke of the need to preserve Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.. Boehner Bunch Still Trying to Repeal Obamacare.. Despite the Supreme Court ruling upholding health reform, Republican leaders refuse to let go.. Jul 05.. Mitt Romney’s “Fake-Facts”.. The Romney campaign is attempting to distort the real impact of the Affordable Care Act.. Jul 03.. AFSCME President Lee Saunders on MSNBC.. AFSCME President Lee Saunders appeared on MSNBC's PoliticsNation last night to discuss the recent U.. Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare, the 2012 elections and the ongoing attacks against working families across the country.. President Obama Reacts to High Court Health Care Affirmation.. Remarks from the White House following the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act.. U.. Supreme Court: Obamacare is Constitutional.. High court upholds President Obama’s health care reform law, which AFSCME helped champion.. May 07.. Honor Nurses by Supporting Nurse-Patient Staffing Bill.. National Nurses Week is a time to honor nurses by helping them.. Apr 13.. Romney’s Clearer Path Thrusts Ryan Budget in the Spotlight.. Republican budget plan attacks working families, slashes benefits, and ends Medicaid coverage for millions.. Mar 30.. Five Myths about the Ryan Budget.. The top myths about Rep.. Paul Ryan's budget plan in 140 characters or less.. Mar 26.. Supreme Court Justices Urged to ‘Protect the Law!’.. Supporters of the Affordable Care Act speak out as three days of hearings begin.. Mar 23.. Stand Up for the Affordable Care Act.. Supporters are organizing picket lines on Monday in front of the Supreme Court.. Nov 21.. Toomey Super Committee Plan Would Raise Taxes on Working Families to Protect Wall Street.. Dangerous proposal would endanger health coverage for working Americans while reducing taxes on the wealthiest.. Aug 05.. House GOP’s Cantor Says Medicare & Medicaid Promises May Not Be Kept.. As programs turn 46, Rep.. Cantor threatens to hang millions of Americans out to dry.. Jul 22.. Shared Sacrifice? Not in the ‘Gang of Six’ Plan.. Ad tells it straight about the shortcomings of the “Gang of Six” deficit plan.. May 27.. Rep.. Ryan Wants to Push Retirees Back into the “Donut Hole”.. Budget proposal would repeal Affordable Care Act provisions providing relief from high prescription drug costs.. May 20.. Women at Greater Risk if Health Care Reform Isn't Implemented.. Changes required by the Affordable Care Act will ease health care cost burden on women.. May 03.. AFSCME Nurses in DC this Week to Fight for Medicaid, Medicare.. National Nurses Congress attendees will attend workshops, hear speakers and meet with members of Congress.. Apr 07.. Florida Legislature Pulls Plug on Privatization of Northeast Florida State Hospital.. One of the many dangerous proposals in Gov.. Rick Scott's budget is now off the table.. Jan 21.. A Big Hug for the Insurance Industry from House GOP.. Republicans abandoned any pretense of caring about health care reform Wednesday.. They gave the insurance industry one whopper of an embrace when they voted to throw out protections for America’s working families [.. ].. Jan 18.. Stop the Health Care Repeal.. In one of their very first official acts, the new Republican House leadership will hold a vote on Wednesday to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the landmark health reform law enacted last year.. Dec 13.. E-Mails Show Fox Driving Radical Right Agenda.. Reports that a Fox News editor directed his staff to use a politically charged phrase recommended by a Republican pollster to misrepresent the Democrats' health care reform plan is proof that Fox is driving a radical right-wing political agenda [.. Dec 03.. New Report: Affordable Care Act Could Save Families Over $3,000 Per Year.. A post on the White House blog highlights a new report from the Commonwealth Fund which demonstrates how the Affordable Care Act will help drive down premiums and save money for Americans across the country.. Nov 23.. Drop It or Stop It.. Republicans spent an astounding amount of time during the 2010 campaign rallying against the Affordable Care Act — a law that will end the worst insurance company abuses [.. Oct 12.. Stop the Lies.. Health insurance industry front groups and their allies are flooding the airwaves with political ads that lie about health reform and its supporters, so Health Care for America Now is using laughter to fight back.. Aug 17.. Americans Believe in Death Panels?.. USA Today reported late last week that according to three recent polls, Americans continue to have dramatic misunderstandings about the health care reform law passed earlier this year.. Jul 30.. Opposition to Health Care Reform Dwindles.. A new poll out Thursday from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that a consistent 50 percent of the public supports the health care reform law passed this year while opposition to the law is down to just 35 percent this month.. What Financial Reform Means.. Big business, big banks, Wall Street, and the CEOs of America’s top companies said that passing health care reform would amount to a “government takeover” of our nation’s health care system.. Medicare and the New Health Law.. Throughout this week, Medicare beneficiaries across the country should be receiving copies of a brochure “Medicare and the New Health Law – What it Means for You” in their mailboxes.. May 10.. Support Our Nurses With Our Hearts and Deeds.. We don’t often think about nurses until we need them.. But we should, because by then we probably need the care they provide, and it’s too late to wonder if they’re getting all the help they need.. Mar 31.. Rumors That Won’t Die.. Just because President Obama has signed health care reform into law doesn’t mean the falsehoods, distortions and misleading rumors about what’s contained in the legislation have stopped.. Mar 29.. Big Winner in Health Care: You.. News & World Report has assembled a list of groups who gained the most and had the biggest impact during the campaign for health insurance reform in a report titled “10 Winners in the Healthcare Debate.. A Remarkable Achievement.. AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee’s statement on the final passage of the health care reconciliation bill.. Mar 24.. Cows on the Track.. Michael Steele, the hapless chairman of the Republican National Committee, was asked a while back by Fox News how he would stop health care reform.. “I will be the cow on the track,” he answered.. Mar 21.. A Monumentally Important Victory for Our Country.. McEntee released the following statement regarding the historic vote for health care reform in the U.. House of Representatives.. Mar 18.. AFSCME’s GOP First Aid Kit.. AFSCME today began distributing hundreds of first aid kits for protection against the deadly virus of opposition to health care reform being spread by the GOP and their allies.. Mar 16.. Out of Control.. As Congress stands ready to cast a historic vote on health care reform, AFSCME and a coalition of pro-reform groups have launched a series of television ads as part of a final push for passage of the legislation.. This Is the Week.. This is the week we’ve been waiting for.. This is the week when Democrats in Congress can prove that it is still possible for our political institutions to  ...   AFL-CIO 2009 Convention in Pittsburgh, where he pledged to grow the middle class and strengthen the labor movement.. Sep 10.. Now Is the Season for Action.. Addressing a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, President Obama made the case for meaningful health care reform.. The speech “re-energized the forces for reform and has set a clear path for victory,” says AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee.. Sep 08.. Who Needs Death Panels When There's Recission.. The health insurance industry and its shills have stirred up a lot of panic about health insurance reform by conjuring up “death panels.. ” These claims are patently false and distract from the fact that private insurers are already doing [.. Sep 04.. Dangerous Distractions.. With Congress in recess for August, the opponents of health care reform deployed operatives to congressional town hall meetings to use thuggish behavior to disrupt constructive conversations and silence Americans calling for reform.. Aug 27.. The Death of a Friend.. In nearly 47 years spent serving the American people, Ted Kennedy never stepped away from a fight, never stopped being a champion of the middle class, never ceased being a friend to labor and working families.. Aug 25.. Many Generations, One Call for Change.. The Highway to Health Care RV pulled into Wilmington’s Rodney Square earlier today and was greeted by over 200 Delawareans who want real health care reform, capping two busy days that saw reformers from three generations come together.. Real Death Panels.. Death panels aren’t coming in health care legislation — they’re already here.. As reported by Salon.. com, Americans United for Change has launched a TV ad turning the tables on the debunked charge made up by opponents of health insurance reform.. Aug 20.. A Contrast to Mob Mentality.. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ran a report yesterday on our Highway to Health Care event in front of the state Capitol in Little Rock — and the importance of Sen.. Blanche Lincoln’s support of a public option.. Aug 19.. National Health Care Forum with President Obama.. As we continue on the Highway to Health Care Tour, the messages left on our map have been a constant reminder of why we need reform that keeps the insurance industry honest and lowers our costs.. Aug 18.. We’re Not Asking for the Moon.. During Saturday’s Highway to Health Care event in downtown Lincoln, NE, the crowd got a health care reform history lesson from Vince Powers.. It was 100 years ago that President Teddy Roosevelt — a Republican — said the country needed national health care.. GOP on Health Care: Profits Ahead of People.. A new ad campaign from AFSCME and Health Care for America Now (HCAN) targets Republican leadership in the House and Senate and seven additional Republican members of Congress who are blocking comprehensive health insurance reform.. Senior Scare Tactics.. Well, our Highway to Health Care Reform Tour has been on the road for a week, and judging from our Facebook page, it’s been a big success so far (don’t forget to suggest it to your friends).. Aug 14.. On the Road to Reform.. Well, it’s begun.. On Wednesday, AFSCME’s Highway to Health Care Reform tour officially launched in Bismarck, ND after making a couple pit stops in Montana.. Aug 12.. Countering the Lies about Health Care Reform.. The opponents of health care reform are spreading lies and chaos to try to kill the health care reform that millions of Americans need.. McEntee rebutted those lies on the Huffington Post and Firedoglake.. Aug 11.. AFSCME Hits the Road for Health Care Reform — Want to Come Along?.. Congress is on recess this month – but AFSCME is not.. Health care isn’t working for America’s middle class.. It’s too expensive and too uncertain – and it’s crippling our nation’s economy.. Aug 06.. Congratulations Justice Sotomayor!.. Following the U.. Senate’s 68 to 31 vote to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.. Supreme Court, AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee released the following statement.. Right-Wing Harassment Memo.. The progressive web site ThinkProgress.. org has posted additional information about the DC-driven right wing campaign to disrupt Congressional town hall meetings and destroy any constructive dialog on health care reform.. Shouting Down Reform.. Republicans have made it clear since the spring that they want to kill any chance at health care reform.. Now, as Congress recesses for August, the opponents of health care reform are sending operatives to congressional town hall meetings.. McEntee on The Stephanie Miller Show.. On Tuesday, AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee discussed the need for grassroots action in support of health care reform with Stephanie Miller, the host of radio’s The Stephanie Miller Show.. No Tax on Health Benefits.. McEntee, in a story on National Public Radio this morning, spoke out against taxing workers on their employer-provided health insurance.. Jul 29.. Health Care Reform: What’s In It for You?.. Earlier today, President Obama presented a list of 8 consumer protections included in health care reform legislation that will affect Americans directly.. What follows is the White House list of health insurance consumer protections.. Jul 28.. McEntee Talks Health Care with Bill Press.. McEntee appeared on the Bill Press Radio Show on Monday to talk about AFSCME’s aggressive campaign for health care reform.. New TV Ad: 'Nurses'.. Patients aren’t the only ones crying out for health care reform.. That’s the message in this new television ad, “Nurses,” as seen on Politico and Huffington Post.. Jul 21.. Breaking President Obama?.. On Friday, GOP Senator Jim DeMint told a special interest group against health care reform that if they’re “able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo.. It will break him.. Jul 15.. Let's Do This: Call Congress for Health Care Reform.. On Tuesday, the folks in Washington put forth their best effort on health care reform.. America’s Affordable Health Choices Act is a plan we can, and must, support.. Jul 13.. Hands Off Health Care Benefits for Working Families.. A letter to the editor from AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee was published in the New York Times on July 12th.. New Home Care Services Insurance Gains White House Support.. This week, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius expressed strong support for including the Community Living Assistance Services and Support: (CLASS) Act in health care reform legislation.. Public Health Plan Option Could Save State and Local Governments $921 Billion.. If health care reform includes a public health insurance option that pays Medicare payment rates to providers, state and local governments are predicted to save an estimated $921 billion in lower health care costs over 11 years.. Jul 08.. $1.. 4 Million Dollars Per Day.. Think Progress points to this story from the Washington Post about the massive amount of money being spent to block health care reform.. Jul 07.. Health Care ’09: We Can’t Wait!.. 2,000 AFSCME members and thousands of other union members and community activists gathered near the U.. Capitol on June 25, 2009 for National Health Care Reform Rally and Lobby Day.. Jun 25.. Join the National Day of Action for Health Care.. Right now, tens of thousands of everyday Americans are in Washington fighting for real health care reform that works for working families.. You can join them by sending a message to your representatives in Congress right now.. Jun 18.. That’s Why They’re Called Health Care Benefits.. Over the last decade, health care premiums have risen 10 times faster than income.. Keeping up with those expenses is already costing Americans an arm and a leg.. Why would you want to make them even less affordable?.. Jun 17.. Union Retirees: Big Role in Bringing Change.. This is the year for passing real health care reform and to begin rebuilding the nation’s middle class by passing laws that give workers a free choice to join a union.. And union retirees, will play a big role in bringing about change.. A Co-Op for the Public Option? Let's Talk Principles.. We’re going to see a lot of these kinds of “compromises” from now until we pass a health reform bill through Congress.. First, we had the “trigger” proposal, designed to effectively kill a public health insurance option.. Now, we have the “co-op” proposal.. Jun 09.. Real Health Care Reform – The Time is Now.. Last week, AFSCME President Gerald W.. McEntee and several other union presidents met with Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus (D-MT).. Jun 03.. Taxing Health Benefits Could Kill Health Care Reform.. In recent days, two generally progressive commentators have written in favor of taxing all or part of the value of employer provided health benefits as a way of paying for some of the costs of health care reform.. Privatization is a Dirty Word.. Privatization has become a dirty word.. And for good reason.. Imagine where we would be today if George W.. Bush had gotten his way and gambled away our Social Security on the stock market.. Stop Sen.. Wyden’s Health Tax.. The last thing families struggling in this tough economy need is to pay more for their health benefits.. But Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) wants to tax the health care benefits many Americans get from their jobs – as if they were income.. May 08.. Protecting Frontline Health Workers from Pandemic Flu.. During a Congressional hearing held Thursday by the House Education and Labor Committee, AFSCME member and registered nurse Miguel García testified about the need to enforce federal guidelines designed to protect health care workers.. White House Hosts Health Care Forum.. On March 5, AFSCME participated in President Obama's Forum on Health Care Reform.. The summit was part of the new administration's effort to gain momentum for the President's health care reform initiatives.. Feb 27.. Fiscal Responsibility and Health Care Go Hand in Hand.. Feb 26.. President Obama is Right: Health Care Reform Cannot Wait.. On Tuesday night, President Obama spoke to the nation about how we will rebuild our economy.. Like many Americans, I was heartened to hear him renew his commitment to pursue health care reform and to do it THIS YEAR.. Feb 05.. Public Health Insurance Option Wins Strong Support.. A new poll released by the Health Care for America Now coalition shows broad public support for including a public health insurance plan as part of comprehensive health care reform.. Jan 27.. The First Step in Remaking America.. Jan 16.. The Fierce Urgency of Now.. Make America Happen.. Again.. Dec 24.. Health Care Reform Needs a Public Option.. Our broken health care system hurts everyone.. Health insurance premiums are going up three times faster than pay, with many working families shouldering a growing share of those costs.. They are paying more and getting less.. Nov 19.. Health Care Reform - Yes We Can - NOW!.. The election of Barack Obama and a new Congress demonstrated that the American people are hungry for real change.. The vast majority want policies that are neither left nor right.. Instead they want change that moves the country forward.. Nonsense on Health Care from The Wall Street Journal.. Oct 06.. McCain’s Health Plan: Higher Costs, Fewer Benefits.. Questioning Sarah Palin.. Palin: “Good Union Jobs” Mean Better Health Care.. Sep 23.. Fundamentally Wrong.. Labor Day and the Election Season.. Insurance Company Rules.. An Enormous Victory.. Health Care for America Now!.. The Disadvantage of Privatizing Medicare.. Big Difference on Health Care.. Feb 01.. Bush Cuts Will Cost Lives.. Jan 24.. Bush Supporters in Congress Kill SCHIP… Again.. Jan 02.. Workers Are Not a “Special Interest”.. Bush Budget: A Lump of Coal.. Who’s Footing the Bill for Medicare Advantage Plans?.. Bush’s Veto Stands on Health Care for Kids.. Oct 11.. A Chance to Right a Wrong.. Bush & Gutter Politics.. Oct 03.. Bush to Kids: “The Doctor Is Not In”.. September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.. Sep 06.. AFSCME Veterans Speak Out.. The Numbers Don’t Lie.. What’s Wrong with America?.. Aug 02.. CHAMP-ioning Our Children.. Jul 31.. The Bush Administration Doesn’t Work.. A Well-Run Government Does.. Leave No Child Without Health Care.. An Inconvenient Truth for a SICKO Administration.. Jun 29.. Affordable Health Care: Good for Workers, Good for Business.. Jun 27.. Nearly 44 Million Uninsured and Counting.. Jun 07.. Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer.. May 11.. Council 94 Takes the Fight to TV.. Apr 27.. McEntee Tells Congress: Health Reform Needed.. Mar 08.. To Keep America Strong in the Future, Fund Children’s Healthcare Today.. Join Sen.. Obama and AFSCME in Support of Resurrection Workers.. Jan 25.. An Rx for the Health Care Crisis?.. Health Coverage Continuing to Erode.. Sep 27.. Health Care for Everyone.. When Will They Realize Health Care Needs a Real Solution?..

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  • Title: AFSCME | AFSCME Helps Save Chicago Breast Cancer Screenings
    Descriptive info: by Dave Miller | November 27, 2013.. The City of Chicago will continue to provide breast cancer screenings to uninsured women for at least another two years thanks to a concerted campaign by AFSCME and other allies.. Breast cancer screenings help achieve early detection and save lives.. In July, the city announced a plan to outsource its breast cancer screening program to non-profit clinics, thus eliminating a program that benefits thousands of women every year, particularly.. African-American women who are twice as likely as white women to die from breast cancer.. AFSCME and public health advocates.. quickly drew attention to the issue.. , raising concerns about the capacity of private clinics to accommodate the program particularly the large, expensive mammogram machines it requires.. Many Chicago Department of Public Health employees have worked in Chicago s communities for years and have a strong personal commitment to providing health care to the medically underserved, said Jo Patton, Council 31 s director of special projects.. They are deeply saddened and extremely frustrated with the current direction of the department under Commissioner Bechara Choucair.. Commissioner Choucair has led the Chicago Department of Public Health for four years and in that time has turned the department s focus away from providing services and toward data collection.. During his tenure, the city has closed Mental Health Clinics and outsourced Neighborhood Health Centers, leading to disruptions in services and higher costs for city  ...   2008.. Equity for Women.. Federal Budget & Taxes.. From the President.. From the Secretary-Treasurer.. General.. Good and Welfare.. Labor Movement.. Legislation.. Media.. Medicaid.. Medicare.. Organizing.. Other/Unknown.. Politics and Elections.. Public Safety.. Social Security.. Uncategorized.. Veterans.. Women.. Archives.. Select a Month.. January 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. May 2008.. April 2008.. March 2008.. February 2008.. January 2008.. December 2007.. November 2007.. October 2007.. September 2007.. August 2007.. July 2007.. June 2007.. May 2007.. April 2007.. March 2007.. February 2007.. January 2007.. December 2006.. November 2006.. October 2006.. September 2006.. August 2006.. July 2006.. June 2006.. May 2006.. April 2006.. March 2006.. February 2006.. January 2006.. AFSCME on Twitter..

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  • Title: AFSCME | AFSCME Seeks Cure for Interpreter Deficiency in California
    Descriptive info: by Clyde Weiss | November 26, 2013.. Imagine going to a hospital for treatment but your first language isn t English and you have trouble understanding the doctors.. That s the case of one in five residents of California, where there are not enough language interpreters to assist all patients who have trouble making themselves understood in English.. Today, members of.. UDW Homecare Providers/AFSCME Local 3930.. hope to change that.. Working through a group called.. Interpreting for California.. with the involvement of more than 40 organizations statewide they nearly fulfilled their ambitions this year.. The union spent a year documenting the stories of families that faced critical medical issues without an interpreter to help.. They persuaded the Legislature to pass a bill to:.. Require the state to apply for federal matching funds.. The money approximately $270 million would create approximately 7,000 interpreter jobs within a decade.. Make those interpreters eligible to join a union to improve services.. Gov.. Jerry  ...   are critical.. The work we do is a public service, said Korean-speaking interpreter Suk Hee Yoo.. We do this in order to help working people live healthier and longer lives.. Making it even more critical to have a trained interpreter workforce is the fact that an estimated 35 percent of Californians are expected to become newly eligible for Medi-Cal (the state s Medicaid program) under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.. Denying interpretation services to that community would be unconscionable.. Lack of interpretation in medical settings is a direct attack on immigrant and refugee communities, said Spanish-speaking interpreter Carmen Chavez.. Medical interpretation saves lives, said Doug Moore, executive director of UDW, and an.. AFSCME International vice president.. That s why the union is leading the way with interpreters and the community to make sure all Californians can communicate with their doctor and get the care they need.. Negotiations begin for 13,000 Missouri home care attendants bargaining first contract..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Senators: Strengthen Social Security, Expand Benefits
    Descriptive info: by Clyde Weiss | November 18, 2013.. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.. In an effort to strengthen Social Security, U.. Sherrod Brown of Ohio is taking a leadership role by co-sponsoring a bill that will extend the life of the Social Security Trust Fund while increasing benefits for average Americans.. Brown announced last week that he is co-sponsoring the Strengthen Social Security Act of 2013 (.. S.. 567.. ),.. introduced by Sen.. Tom Harkin of Iowa.. Seniors have spent a lifetime paying into Social Security, but as the cost of living continues to rise, the budgets of many are stretched to the breaking point, Brown said.. That is why Congress needs to do more to ensure that our seniors receive the benefits they ve earned so that  ...   spending patterns of seniors.. It gives more weight to health care spending and helps seniors keep up with the rising costs of medications and other essential health items.. Improves the long-term solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund by asking wealthier Americans to contribute the same share of their wages as those in the middle class.. That ensures that Social Security will be able to pay 100 percent of all benefits when it s time for our children and grandchildren to receive them.. Help Senators Brown and Harkin ensure that those who depend on Social Security for retirement security will be able to get it.. Tell Congress to expand Social Security not cut it.. Sign the petition here.. California EMS Workers Earn Contract for Better Conditions, Fair Pay..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Why Is Affordable Health Care Such a Bitter Pill for Some to Swallow?
    Descriptive info: by Lee Saunders | November 05, 2013.. The rollout was a disaster.. A website that was supposed to make health insurance reform a reality still wasn t ready for use a month after the official kick-off.. White House officials announced delays.. Even after it went online, the website was cumbersome to navigate and riddled with problems.. The year was 2005, and the Bush administration had a mess on its hands trying to roll out the President s signature reform initiative, Medicare Part D.. But as.. Daily Beast writer Michael Tomasky points out, Democrats who opposed Pres.. George W.. Bush s Part D.. legislation made sure that once it became law, they helped their constituents access the coverage it provided.. Tomasky reminds us that then-Sen.. Hillary Clinton went on record saying, I voted against it, but once it passed I certainly determined that I would try to do everything I could to make sure that New Yorkers understood it, could access it, and make the best of it.. It s a statement that seems remarkable today, if only because it is a cooperative, even-handed commitment to value people over politics.. After President Bush s Part D was signed into law, there was no scramble to the Supreme Court to try to block it, no government shutdown, no epic temper tantrum intended to derail the law.. Instead, opponents such as Hillary Clinton rolled up their shirt sleeves and worked to fix Part D s technical problems and get it fully implemented.. They didn t sit on the sidelines then and our union isn t doing so now.. Yet.. a piece this week on Politico imagines wrongly that unions are absent.. from the effort to get people enrolled through.. HealthCare.. gov.. That s news to the 1.. 6 million members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO).. It s certainly news to Jim Dixon, an AFSCME Local 2600 member in  ...   stand with President Obama as he works to bring this essential reform to 48 million uninsured Americans.. Every day, AFSCME members are on the frontlines in unemployment offices, emergency rooms, and every other public facility where the poor and middle class try to find a foothold in a country whose economic terrain is increasingly rocky for all but the wealthy.. Our union s members know that it is wrong to deny children with pre-existing conditions the care that will keep them alive.. We know that seniors need access to free cancer screenings and affordable prescriptions.. We know that insurance companies need to be held accountable.. As we fought for passage of the law for years, we support its full implementation now.. There s no doubt.. was weighed down by technical problems and that there are concerns about the ACA that need to be addressed.. But this doesn't mean we should abandon the crucial health care reform that is now, for the first time, the law of the land.. MSNBC s Chris Matthews recently scolded the opportunists cheerleading for the demise of health care for all by crowing about the website s problems: It s a new rule, Matthews said.. If something doesn t work, you get rid of it! If the post office is late today, let s get rid of the post office! If the plane is late an hour, get rid of airplanes! It s ridiculous!.. Consider this:.. In its first 24 hours, HealthCare.. logged 4.. 7 million unique visits.. That s a lot of Americans eager to access what was previously out of reach for them.. It also underscores how unrepresentative of American interests the right-wing members of the U.. House are.. At every turn, they re trying to destroy a law that that will improve the lives of working families.. On Election Day, Let’s Make Our Voices Heard!.. 2013 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL–CIO..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Downsizing at Ohio Developmental Center Goes Too Far
    Descriptive info: by David Patterson | November 01, 2013.. In a move raising questions about the welfare of Ohio s most vulnerable residents, the state s Department of Developmental Disabilities just handed pink slips to 80 employees of the Gallipolis Developmental Center (GDC).. GDC is one of the largest employers in Gallia County, and the recent layoffs come on the heels of two other downsizings at the center in 2009 and 2012.. More than 300 members of the.. Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA).. work at the facility, and the union fears job losses will lead to diminished services for the center s residents.. In Ohio, 10 state-operated developmental centers are home to more than 1,000 individuals with severe and profound developmental disabilities.. Since 2011, nearly 500 were moved from the centers.. GDC is the largest facility and was downsized by half since 2009.. In 2012, the state cut all police officer positions at the 10 centers as well, threatening the safety  ...   said Rick Jones, legal co-guardian to his brother who lives at GDC.. This center is his home and has been for decades.. The caregivers are his extended family.. Parents are scared, said Mitch Salyers, the local OCSEA chapter president at GDC.. They want their family member safe and happy, but they feel they are harassed to move them into inappropriate settings regardless of their ability to thrive.. Monty Blanton, an OCSEA staff representative and former employee at GDC, says that Ohioans need to be educated about what's happening in the rush to downsize state facilities.. "If Ohioans knew that we are moving individuals who can t walk, can t talk, can t feed themselves into homes where the staff don t know how to take care of them, they d be appalled, said Blanton.. It is a moral outrage.. Tough Florida AFSCME Local Beats Back Outsourcing Scheme.. Rhode Island AFSCME Members Demand Investigation into State Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s Pension Practices..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Shutdown deal reached in Congress
    Descriptive info: by Clyde Weiss | October 17, 2013.. The Thomas Jefferson Memorial closed during the government shutdown.. Credit: National Parks Conservation Association.. Wednesday night, the House and Senate approved a deal crafted in the Senate after the Republican House majority refused to end this misery.. President Obama signed it shortly after midnight.. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers were left without paychecks during the shutdown, forced to stay home while right-wing lawmakers held the country hostage.. Among those furloughed public service workers who will now receive back pay are.. Megan Burger.. , a Capitol Guide Service employee who is a member of AFSCME Local 658 (.. AFSCME Council 26.. ) and FAA inspector.. Dan Ronneberg.. , a member of Local 1653 (Council 26).. A provision of the agreement that AFSCME championed will assure that thousands of furloughed state and local government employees, who are compensated with federal funds, also will get back pay, as will federal workers.. This will ensure fairness to all public service workers furloughed during the government shutdown.. This shutdown,.. which has been so harmful to the nation s fragile economic recovery.. , did not have to happen.. For two weeks, Republican congressional leaders were derelict in their duty, AFSCME Pres.. Lee  ...   Republicans that they would get concessions designed to undermine or destroy the Affordable Care Act in return for ending the shutdown and stepping away from defaulting on the nation s debt.. This was unacceptable.. Hundreds of thousands have already applied to take advantage of.. the law, and millions more will in the near future.. Their effort failed, but Speaker Boehner vows that Republicans will continue to try to undermine the Affordable Care Act.. We will work to make sure that doesn t happen.. Americans who want affordable health care will not be allowed to become hostages in a right-wing, Wall Street-led attack on the middle class.. We will also work to ensure that this does not happen again.. Unfortunately, the agreement only funds the federal government through Jan.. 15 and suspends the nation s debt limit only through Feb.. 7, so another government shutdown crisis still looms.. There are solutions to this governing-by-crisis madness.. Polls show that most Americans.. support changes that would end the extreme partisanship that Congress has found itself locked into because of redistricting rules and voting restrictions.. AFSCME agrees that such changes are needed if we are to avoid future shutdowns.. New Census Figures Confirm Unions Strengthen Middle Class.. Detroit Matters..

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  • Title: AFSCME | Illinois AFSCME Members Signing Up the State’s 1.8 Million Uninsured
    Descriptive info: by David Patterson | October 09, 2013.. For the Illinois residents who went to bed without health insurance last Monday night, Tuesday morning marked a new day.. They woke able to purchase a health care plan or enroll in Medicaid under the newly implemented Affordable Care Act.. Jim Dixon, an AFSCME Local 2600 member in Springfield, Ill.. , and a caseworker for the state s Healthcare and Family Services Department, says those most in need can now see a doctor and get the care they need.. Thousands of people who didn t qualify for coverage before the law was implemented are signing up this week, he said.. Those who have an income equal or less than 138 percent of the state s poverty level are  ...   s website for coverage,.. getcoveredillinois.. He says the volume is high since the Affordable Care Act launched, and anticipates the number applicants will grow as they discover the change in coverage.. Not all states will expand Medicaid, which leaves 7 million Americans living in poverty without coverage.. In fact,.. the 26 states that rejected Medicaid expansion.. due largely to right-wing political ideology -- compose nearly 60 percent of the country s uninsured working poor.. For those able to purchase health insurance in Illinois under the Affordable Care Act, the state website had more than 115,000 unique visitors in the first day.. The federal site.. healthcare.. 7 million unique visits in its first 24 hours.. NYC Agrees to Hire More 911 Operators to Address Inadequate Staff Levels..

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