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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Certified Instructors
    Descriptive info: Certified Instructor Application.. Avalanche Course Progression.. AAA Avalanche Course Guidelines.. Are You a Course Provider?.. The Certified Instructor program is for AAA professional members who demonstrate a commitment to teaching excellence and the advancement of research and education.. Certified Instructors are those who promote avalanche education at the highest level and are consistent with new topics and research.. These Instructors have been professional avalanche educators for at least 10 seasons.. They have been recommended by their peers and exhibit a strong commitment to quality avalanche education.. Look for these instructors when you are pursuing avalanche education.. They often teach in their home states, but can be found just as often teaching in other states and provinces.. Name.. State.. Year Certified.. William D.. Beck.. NV.. 2003.. Tyson Bradley.. UT.. Tom  ...   Craig Sterbenz.. 2006.. Matt Hill.. Kirk Bachman.. Doug Richmond.. Rick Wyatt.. Tom Kimbrough.. Tom Murphy.. Ron Matous.. Jake Hutchinson.. Mark Newcomb.. Liam Fitzgerald.. Michael Friedman.. 2007.. Nancy Pfeiffer.. Gary L.. Murphy.. Scott Toepfer.. Michael Jackson.. WA.. Brad Sawtell.. Toby Weed.. Blaine Smith.. David Lovejoy.. AZ.. Jim Woodmency.. Ron Johnson.. 2008.. Sarah Carpenter.. Larry Heywood.. Tim Keating.. Mark E.. Fisher.. Marc Beverly.. NM.. Tom Mattice.. 2009.. Ken Bokelund.. Andy Gleason.. Tom Leonard.. Mike Cooperstein.. Don Carpenter.. Doug Krause.. Tim Farrar.. Jamie Wolter.. Paul Baugher.. Santiago Rodriguez.. Michael Ruth.. Craig Patterson.. 2010.. John Stimberis.. Tom Thorn.. Blase Reardon.. Eric Geisler.. Aleph Johnston-Bloom.. 2011.. Kent Scheler.. Mark Falender.. Eeva Latosuo.. Spencer Storm.. 2012.. Ben Pritchett.. Billy Rankin.. Dudley Improta.. Gary Kuehn.. Doug Chabot.. 2013.. Chris Lundy.. Ted Steiner.. Scott Savage.. Lel Tone..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - The Avalanche Review
    Descriptive info: The Avalanche Review Archives.. TAR Subscription And Renewal.. The communication of thought and experience of snow science and avalanche technology is the mission of.. -- Sue A.. Ferguson, Ph.. D.. , Founding Publisher.. is a trade and scientific journal serving the membership of the American Avalanche Association (AAA), a non-profit organization.. Articles published in.. improve the knowledge and skills of its readers through topics addressing advances in forecasting, control techniques, education, and research.. Balanced content is provided with  ...   related general interest and timely news facing the profession.. Read This Year's Cover Stories Online.. Current Issue.. Click on Newsletter to download.. a printable PDF.. Full Issues.. Full issues prior to the 2013-14 season are posted.. in the archives.. April 2014.. February 2014.. December 2013.. October 2013.. SUBMISSION DEADLINES.. Vol.. 32 Issue #1.. 32 Issue #2.. 32 Issue #3.. 32 Issue #4.. 08/01/13.. 10/01/13.. 12/01/13.. 02/01/14.. Submission Guidelines.. Lynne Wolfe, TAR Editor.. PO Box 1135, Driggs, ID 83422..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - The Avalanche Review Archives
    Descriptive info: Search the TAR Archives.. Volume 31 No.. 4 April 2013.. 3 February 2013.. 2 December 2012.. 1 October 2012.. Volume 30 No.. 4 April 2012.. 3 February 2012.. 2 December 2011.. 1 October 2011.. Volume 29 No.. 4 April 2011.. 3 February 2011.. 2 December 2010.. 1 October 2010.. Volume 28 No.. 4 April 2010.. 3 February 2010.. 2 December 2009.. 1 October 2009.. Volume 27 No.. 4 April 2009..  ...   2008.. 3 February 2008.. 2 December 2007.. 1 October 2007.. Volume 25 No.. 4 April 2007.. 3 February 2007.. 2 December 2006.. 1 October 2006.. Volume 24 No.. 4 April 2006.. 3 February 2006.. 2 December 2005.. 1 October 2005.. Volume 23 No.. 3 February 2005.. 2 Dec 2004 Cover Story.. 1 Oct 2004 Season Roundup.. Volume 22 No.. 4 May 2004.. 3 May 2004.. Volume 1 No.. 1 October 1982..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States
    Descriptive info: Purchase SWAG Online.. Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States.. This document was produced through the cooperative efforts of the American Avalanche Association (A3) and the Forest Service National Avalanche Center.. Commonly known as SWAG, its creation involved a working group from a broad cross section of avalanche workers in the U.. S.. getting input from the general membership of A3 and cooperation from the.. Canadian Avalanche Association.. The first version was written in 2004, while the current version is 2010.. We expect to update this working document every five to ten years.. This electronic copy is not printable, and is meant to be a resource for folks to check out the guidelines, view the contents, and do electronic searches.. Bound hard copy of the document can be purchased through the.. American Avalanche Association.. at their virtual store.. The additional forms and charts at the bottom of this page are printable.. For an article on the creation of this document (published in the 2004 Proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop) click.. here.. Introduction.. - includes the Table of Contents.. Chapter 1.. - Manual Snow and Weather Observations.. Chapter 2.. - Snowpack Observations.. Chapter 3.. - Avalanche Observations.. Glossary.. Appendix A.. -References.. Appendix B..  ...   Conversion tables.. Sample datalogger programs.. Snow profile forms.. Ram Field Sheet.. Ram Calculation Sheet.. Please send contents, corrections and suggestions to:.. Jaime Musnicki.. American Avalanche Association, Executive Director.. P.. O.. Box 248.. Victor, ID 83455.. (307) 699-2049.. Supplementary Material.. IACS Snow Classification (including crystal photos and snow crystal fonts).. The 2009 revision of the international snow classsification system can be viewed on this website, and you can also download the revised font set in either TrueType, OpenType or Adobe Type 1 formats.. Avalanche.. A great resource for one-stop shop for avalanche information in the United States.. Links to Avalanche Centers and Advisories in the U.. and worldwide.. Best source of information for U.. avalanche accidents.. Locate an avalanche course provider near you.. Forest Service National Avalanche Center.. More information on snow and avalanche phenomena can be found on the Technology Transfer.. section of the NAC's website.. A great resource for avalanche information in Canada.. Snow Crystal Physics at the California Institute of Technology.. A great resource on snow crystal formation.. Snow Measuring Equipment and Snowpit Kits.. Snowmetrics.. Snowpit Technologies.. Lifelink.. Winter Engineering.. Backcountry Access.. Brooks-Range.. Field Notebooks.. Hacksaw Publishing.. AIARE Field Notebook.. Rite in the Rain.. Snow Profile Software.. Snowpilot.. Snowpro+.. Automated Weather Stations and Sensors.. Campbell Scientific.. Judd Communications..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Grants
    Descriptive info: Research Grants.. Professional Deveopment Grants.. In order to advance the goals outlined in its Mission Statement, the American Avalanche Association (AAA) provides a variety of grants and scholarships to qualified individuals and groups.. Graduate Student Research Grants.. Practitioner Research Grants.. Professional Development Grants.. Please click links to the left to learn more about available grants and how to apply..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Research
    Descriptive info: Graduate Research Grant Details.. Practitioner Grant Details.. Theo Meiners Grant Details.. Grant Application Form.. The Research Committee supports the mission of the American Avalanche Association by providing accurate information on snow and avalanches, facilitating technical transfer between research scientists and field practitioners, and promoting research into topics that increase our knowledge on snow and avalanche related phenomena.. Since 2000 the American Avalanche Association (AAA) awards research grants to graduate students conducting research on snow avalanches.. Successful applicants have chosen research topics that embody the philosophy of the International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW), an international meeting of snow scientists and avalanche practitioners, A merging of theory and practice.. The AAA has allocated $1500 per year to this program and plans to fund at most two proposals each year.. The American Avalanche Association (AAA) awards research grants to avalanche field practitioners conducting research on  ...   practice.. The AAA has allocated $1000 a year to this program, which will be used to fund at most two proposals annually.. THEO MEINERS AVALANCHE RESEARCH GRANTS.. In honor of Theo Meiners' tireless efforts to support avalanche research prior to his passing in the fall of 2012, new funding is available to support avalanche research projects.. The International Snow Science Workshop 2012 has teamed with John Byrne III, the owner of Alyeska Resort, to offer two separate grants of $2,500 each during the fall of 2013, and two additional grants of $2,500 during the fall of 2014.. One of the two grants, the research grant , can be applied to basic research projects in avalanche behavior or modeling.. The other practical grant will be awarded to a practitioner project with an emphasis on a subject that would be relevant to helicopter skiing..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - AVPRO Scholarships
    Descriptive info: AVPro Scholarship Description.. AVPro Scholarship Application.. AVPro Courses.. This scholarship, funded by ISSW 2006 in cooperation with American Avalanche Association, is a great opportunity for a working or aspiring snow and avalanche professional to advance his/her career.. The AAA is proud to offer 2 scholarships per course for up to $500 applied toward the tuition of the AVPro course.. The successful applicant is one who.. is a current professional or affiliate member of the AAA in good standing.. is pursuing or strives to pursue snow and avalanche work as a profession.. is seeking to better his/her skills  ...   Following participation in the AVPro course, a scholarship recipient agrees to become increasingly involved in the AAA by doing one or more of the following:.. Join a committee.. Assist/volunteer to help with a regional continuing education seminar.. Write an article for The Avalanche Review.. Assist in cataloguing articles published in The Avalanche Review.. Do a paper or poster for ISSW.. Offer housing for an AVPro attendee if the course is in your home town.. Deadline for application is October 31 of each year.. The application will be reviewed by a review team made up of AAA representatives..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Pro Development Program Grants
    Descriptive info: Pro Development Grant Guidelines.. The American Avalanche Association (AAA) currently awards grants to promote and support regional avalanche education evens.. The AAA Governing Board awards grants once a year to those events that best advance the AAA s goals and mission statement.. The grant totals depend upon the funding available.. Please note: awards may not equal the amount requested and the board may choose not to fund all requests.. These  ...   a regional audience.. May be open to the recreational public but must be open to avalanche professionals.. Disseminate recent snow and avalanche research results and other contemporary developments to wide audiences.. Have multiple sources of funding or proposed funding.. Increase the visibility of the AAA in the region and provide an opportunity for recruiting new members.. Examples of events that have received past grants.. Professional development seminars.. Regional avalanche workshops..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - For AAA Pros
    Descriptive info: Become a Professional Member.. AAA Membership Directory.. Course Provider Listings.. Grants Scholarships.. In keeping with its Mission Statement, the American Avalanche Association (AAA) strives to serve and support the professional avalanche community in the United States.. To this end, the AAA:.. Provides guidelines and direction for.. US Avalanche Education.. Certifies.. qualified avalanche instructors.. Maintains listings of qualified avalanche.. Course Providers.. on Avalanche.. Provides a central listing for.. avalanche employment opportunities.. Offers.. grants and scholarships.. for research and education.. Maintains the.. Westwide Avalanche Network..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Employment Listings
    Descriptive info: ltr = (key.. indexOf(coded.. charAt(i))-shift+key.. length) % key.. length link += (key.. charAt(ltr)) } } document.. write(".. "+link+".. ") //-->.. N/A.. Close Date:.. 2013-07-15.. Click here to review.. Expired Job Announcements.. Job solicitations are posted at no charge as a service to the avalanche worker's community by the WWAN and the AAAP..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - WWAN
    Descriptive info: WWAN LINKS.. Member Services.. Subscribe.. Avalanche Notes.. Pictures.. What is the Westwide Avalanche Network?.. The Westwide Avalanche Network is an Internet computer site expressly designed for the professional avalanche community.. To successfully forecast and control avalanche hazard, avalanche professionals must not only gather critical information about local snowpack and weather variables, but avalanche activity from nearby areas, opinions from other avalanche workers, updates of explosives issues, and, in general, keep abreast of the rapidly changing state of the art.. Background.. Art Judson first started the Westwide Avalanche Network over 25 years ago under the Forest Service and it has acted as a repository of mountain weather and avalanche data ever since.. In 1995, the Forest Service decided to end funding for the Westwide, and to turn it over to the private sector.. Because Westwide enjoyed widespread support among the professional avalanche community, a committee of avalanche professionals from throughout the country volunteered their time to bring the Westwide into the '90's and turn it into an Internet site.. The new Westwide Avalanche Network is a vastly expanded and more useful system than the original Westwide.. Affiliation.. The Westwide Avalanche Network is run by a committee under the American Association of Avalanche Professionals.. However, all financial transactions are handled through a separate Westwide Avalanche Network account set up under the Center for Snow Science at Alta (CSSA).. The CSSA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax  ...   is segmented into three groups of increasing security.. In the first group, the general public can access public avalanche advisories from both the U.. and around the world, lists of avalanche classes, some avalanche news groups, some automated mountain weather data, and other non-sensitive data.. The second level contains the Data Exchange (DataX) section (weather and avalanche data from ski resorts, highway control programs and helicopter skiing operations) and SNOTEL data.. Subscribers are able to discuss current issues in the Electronic Patrol Shack , a password protected news group server.. Many other features are also available.. Members must first be an approved professional member of the American Association of Avalanche Professionals or Canadian Avalanche Association and pay a modest additional fee for access.. The final, and most secure level, is designed as an Industry Information Exchange, reserved only for permitted explosives users in the avalanche industry and active members of avalanche forecasting and control operations.. This section will contain important updates for users of explosives, avalaunchers, military weapons, avalanche accidents and other important news which can keep users abreast of the current state of the art of avalanche forecasting and control.. It will also contain real-time weather, snow stability and avalanche occurrence information from around the country so all avalanche professionals can stay abreast of changing weather and avalanche conditions, not only in their own area but from other parts of the country..

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