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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Useful Links
    Descriptive info: Membership Categories.. Online Membership Renewal.. TAR Subscription/Renewal.. Useful Links.. US Avalanche Sites.. Avalanche.. Map of US Avalanche Centers.. Forest Service National Avalanche Center.. Avalanche Accidents.. US Avalanche Accidents.. Accident Statistics (CAIC).. International Commission for Alpine Rescue (ICAR).. Avalanche Incident Reporting.. Online Short Form (preferred to hard  ...   or template).. Short Form Template.. Long Form Template.. Research Science.. FS National Avalanche Center Tech Pages.. Applied Snow and Avalanche Research, University of Calgary.. Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines (SWAG).. International Snow Science Workshop.. ISSW 2012 Anchorage.. Past ISSWs.. Explosives.. Pacific Northwest Chapter of the ISEE..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Downloadable Forms
    Descriptive info: Online Membership Payment And Renewal.. Downloadable Forms.. MEMBERSHIP.. New Membership Application.. EDUCATION.. Certified Instructor Application.. AAA Guidelines for US Avalanche Education.. AAA Snowmobile Specific Course Guidelines.. AAA Avalanche Education Progression.. Course Provider Listing Instructions.. Course Provider Listing And Agreement Form.. Course Providers Appeal Procedures.. GRANTS SCHOLARSHIPS.. Graduate Research Grant Details.. Graduate Research Grant Application.. Practitioner Grant Details.. Practitioner Grant Application.. Pro Development Grant Guidelines.. AVPro Scholarship Description.. AVPro Scholarship Application.. AVPRO.. Course Description.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Application.. Equipment List.. Scholarship Description.. Scholarship Applicaton.. Pre-Course Preparation.. Schedule.. AWARDS.. AAA Memorial List.. AAA Award Nomination.. SWAG ACCIDENT FORMS.. Short Form.. Long Form..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - About Us
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. AAA Membership Directory.. Contact the AAA..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Officers
    Descriptive info: Governing Board Officers Section Representatives.. The American Avalanche Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation sustained by membership dues, donations and sponsorship.. An Executive Director oversees the general operation and serves under the direction of a Governing Board.. The board is made up of elected officers and section representatives.. The section representatives are a direct link to American Avalanche Association members working in seven geographic regions.. Each section representative reviews professional membership applications from their region, among other duties.. An additional Governing Board member serves on behalf of member affiliates.. Executive Director.. AAA Officers.. Jaime Musnicki.. President.. Vice President..  ...   Area.. Publications.. Web-IT & Data.. Publications Committee.. Halsted Morris.. Kirk Bachman.. Aleph Johnston-Bloom.. Dave Hendrickson.. Stuart Thompson.. Jordy Hendrikx.. Rich Browne.. Blase Reardon.. Ned Bair.. Editor.. Editor Emeritus.. Section Representatives.. Lynne Wolfe.. Steve Conger.. Sue Ferguson.. Bruce Tremper.. Alaska.. Eastern Section.. European Section.. Intermountain North: MT, North ID.. Intermountain South: Western WY, South ID,.. Central ID, UT, AZ, Eastern NV.. Northwest: OR, WA.. Rockies: Southern WY, CO, NM.. Sierra: CA, Western NV.. Member Affiliate Representative.. Certified Avalanche Instructors.. Andy Dietrick.. Kyle Tyler.. Krister Kristensen.. Mark Staples.. Damian Jackson.. Patty Morrison.. Becs Hodgetts.. Gene Urie.. Jonathan Shefftz.. Brad Sawtell..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Mission Statement
    Descriptive info: To provide information about snow and avalanches.. To represent the professional interests of the United States avalanche community.. To contribute toward high standards of professional competence and ethics for persons engaged in avalanche related activities.. To exchange technical information and maintain communications among persons engaged in avalanche activities.. To provide direction for, promote, and support avalanche education in the United States.. To promote research and development in avalanche safety..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Support the AAA
    Descriptive info: Contact AAA Regarding Donations and Support.. Why Join?.. Members and non-members who wish to provide additional support to the AAA are encouraged to become Donors.. DONORS.. Category.. Donation Range.. Friend.. $5 - $49.. Sponsor.. $50 - $249.. Sustainer.. $250 - $499.. Patron.. $500+.. American Avalanche Association Business Supporter.. Business Supporters advertise annually in all four issues of The Avalanche Review and help promote AAA s mission of spreading avalanche awareness, information and education.. To become a Business Supporter.. Contact: Jaime Musnicki.. American Avalanche Association, Executive Director.. P.. O.. Box 248.. Victor, ID 83455.. (307) 699-2049..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Contact Form
    Descriptive info: AAA President.. AAA Executive Director.. For questions or comments regarding the American Avalanche Association or this website, please fill out this form and your message will be sent to the webmaster and AAA Executive Director.. Thanks!.. Your contact information is strictly confidential.. * Name.. * Email.. Message..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Membership Categories and Application Guidelines
    Descriptive info: Membership Categories and Application Guidelines.. New member application deadlines: For spring Board meeting review March 1st, For fall Board meeting review August 15th.. The AAA executive board has been concerned that the previous application process could appear confusing and even arbitrary because applicants from different parts of the avalanche industry might be held to different standards of documentation.. To remedy that, the Executive Board has defined the application process and the kind and level of avalanche experience that meet the requirements of each membership category.. Those expanded definitions are below.. The categories themselves have not changed and remain as stated in the AAA by-laws.. The requirements for the categories of Professional Member, Affiliates, and Subscriber to The Avalanche Review are as follows:.. Professional Membership.. Open to persons active in avalanche science and practice, and qualified through education and experience.. To apply pay $50 (online preferred see payment link), and electronically submit by e-mail a résumé that documents four or more winters of education and professional experience, significant research and/or teaching in the field.. For each item on the résumé, provide a tally of the days spent in avalanche-related activities; give a brief description of your responsibilities, and list contacts, including references for self-employment.. The AAA defines four years of experience as four full winter seasons of avalanche-related operations.. The rationale for that definition is that full-time employment over the bulk of a winter allows avalanche workers to observe and work in the wide range of conditions that develop through a variety of seasons.. The purpose of the résumé is to document that experience, and the AAA thus requires a clear, detailed résumé from all applicants.. See Résumé Guidelines, below, for details.. The AAA also recognizes that full-time, winter-long employment is uncommon in parts of the snow-safety industry, and that many avalanche workers have gained tremendous professional-level experience prior to paid or full-time avalanche employment.. The AAA welcomes Professional Members with such backgrounds; applicants should ensure their résumés provide a clear, detailed record of their education and experience observing and working in a range of conditions that develop over the course of at least four winters.. In some cases, more than four calendar years may be needed to accumulate the experience needed for Professional Membership; the AAA encourages these applicants to become Member Affiliates as they gain experience.. Resume Guidelines.. The purpose of the résumé is to provide clear, detailed documentation of your professional-level experience through at least four winters.. Shape it accordingly.. As a general guideline, you should show a tally of 20 days of active avalanche work per winter over four  ...   education directly connected with snow and avalanche studies.. You may include mentored but unpaid professional-level experience such as volunteer fieldwork for an avalanche center.. You may include recreational experience such as significant climbs, descents, traverses or expeditions if avalanches were a primary hazard and professional-level avalanche skills and decision-making were essential to your safety.. You may include a paragraph explaining why you believe your experience meets the requirements for professional membership.. Applying for Membership Online.. Applications.. must be submitted online.. and can be found at this link:.. http://www.. americanavalancheassociation.. org/pdf/AAA_New_Member_Application.. pdf.. You may provide your own snow/avalanche résumé, but it should include the information required in the online application.. Payment for membership can be made through our payment link to Paypal or by check mailed to the AAA office.. Application Process and Deadlines.. The application review begins when applications are received.. The AAA office forwards résumés to the appropriate region s section representative for review.. Once reviewed, they are sent to the membership chair, who presents them to the Board for approval at one of the two Board meetings scheduled each year.. To allow time for Section Reps to contact references listed on your application, applications must be sent in by August 15th for consideration at the fall AAA Board meeting and by March 1st for the spring Board meeting.. Member Affiliate.. Open to persons qualified through education and interest but with less experience and/ or education than required for Professional Membership.. Member Affiliates are typically entry-level professional patrollers or assistant guides, volunteer patrollers in avalanche-prone areas, law enforcement SAR specialists, and agency administrators.. To apply, pay $45 and electronically submit by e-mail a résumé providing evidence of strong interest in snow avalanches.. Your background should include more than one field-based avalanche course such as those listed above in the Professional Membership description.. Advanced academic education directly connected with snow and avalanche studies may substitute for some field experience.. Life Member.. Open to anyone with an interest in promoting the American Avalanche Association mission objectives.. Applicants should apply as Professional or Member Affiliates and meet the requirements for the relevant category.. To apply, send $1000.. 00 dues and electronically submit a résumé documenting the appropriate experience and/ or education for the chosen category.. Subscriber.. Open to anyone wishing to subscribe to.. ; sign up and pay online, or send your address and a check for $30.. 00 to the AAA office.. Subscribers are not considered members and no résumé is required.. Contact the AAA office at , for additional information or questions.. Thanks in advance for your interest in American Avalanche Association membership..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Memorial List
    Descriptive info: American Avalanche Association Memorial List.. American Avalanche Association, Awards Chairman.. In the fall of 2007, the board of directors of the American Avalanche Association approved the creation of a Memorial List, to honor and remember those individuals that where killed while engaged in avalanche and snow safety related work.. The criteria for being listed on the American Avalanche Association Memorial list are:.. The American victim must have been engaged in either a professional or in a volunteer capacity while on the clock, in snow-safety or avalanche rescue work, at the time that they were killed.. As of October 2013, there are fifty six individuals listed on the American Avalanche Association s Memorial list.. These individuals represent a complete cross section of snow and avalanche workers.. Occupations of the listed victims.. 24 Ski Patrollers.. 13 Highway Technicians.. 3 USFS Snow Rangers.. 4 Avalanche Forecasters.. 2 Avalauncher Gunners.. 2 Climbing Guides.. 3 Helicopter Ski Guides.. 1 Railroad Technicians.. 1 Search and Rescue Team Member.. 1 Snowcat Ski Guides.. 1 Ski area Trail Crew Member.. 1 Snowboard Guide.. Percentage breakdown of each occupation.. 43% Ski Patrollers.. 23% Highway Technicians.. 5% USFS Snow Rangers.. 7% Avalanche Forecasters.. 4% Avalauncher Gunners.. 4% Climbing Guides.. 5% Helicopter Ski Guides.. 2% Railroad Technicians.. 2% Search Rescue Team Members.. 2% Snowcat Ski Guides.. 2% Ski Area Trail Crew Members.. 2% Snowboard Guide.. Types of accidents in which the victims were involved.. 48 Avalanche Accident Victims.. 2 Explosives Related Accident Victims.. 6 Gunnery Related Accident Victims.. Two Avalauncher gunners and 2 highway technicians where killed at Helms Creek, CA in one.. accident.. Two USFS Snow Rangers where killed in two other separate gunnery accidents.. The following individuals are those that we should remember.. March 31, 1944.. Adam Fraiser.. CDOT Highway Technician.. Loveland Pass, CO.. Avalanche Accident.. May 26, 1953.. George Beaton.. Highway Technician.. Glacier National Park, MT.. William Whitsord.. April 8, 1957.. Wayne Whitlock.. CDOT Highway Technician.. Berthoud Pass CO.. March 9, 1958.. Tony Deane.. Ski Patroller.. Snow Basin, UT.. Avalanche Accident.. March 12, 1964.. Richard Pittman.. Snow King, WY.. March 29, 1964.. Lawrence H.. Allen.. USFS Snow Ranger.. March 16, 1966.. Ole Olefson.. USFS Snow Ranger.. Crystal Mountain,  ...   Johnston.. Copper Mountain Ski Area, CO.. March 31, 1984.. Chris Kessler.. Highlands Ski Area, CO.. Craig Soddy.. March 31, 1984.. Tom Snyder.. Highlands ski Area, CO.. December 2, 1985.. Paul Driscoll.. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY.. February 4, 1986.. Kim Momb.. Helicopter Ski Guide.. Selkirk Mountains, Canada.. February 17, 1986.. Tommy Raymer.. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, WY.. August 3, 1986.. Ian Kraabel.. Climbing Guide.. Baker, WA.. February 19, 1989.. Jefferson Wong.. Mount Hood Meadows, WA.. February 12, 1992.. Mark Yates.. Avalanche Forecaster.. La Sal Mountains, UT.. March 5, 1992.. Eddie Imel.. November 23, 1994.. Roger Evans.. December 17, 1994.. Steve Burchett.. Mission Ridge, WA.. June 14, 1995.. Bruce Hance.. NPS Highway Technician.. Tioga Pass, Yosemite National Park, CA.. February 2, 1996.. Jeff Brewer.. Solitude Ski Area, UT.. February 10, 1996.. Jim Otteson.. Paradise Peak, ID.. December 25, 1996.. Erika E.. Pankow.. Big Sky, MT.. February 1, 2000.. Kerry Brookman.. Alaska Railroad Heavy Equipment Operator.. January 22, 2004.. Jeffery Nissman.. Portage, AK.. March 8, 2008.. Mike O Leary.. Cordova, AK.. March 3, 2009.. Andrew Drew James Entin.. Squaw Valley, CA.. January 9, 2010.. Mark Big Wally Wolling.. November 22, 2010.. Scott Kay.. Wolf Creek Ski Area.. December 24, 2012.. Bill Foster.. Alpine Meadows Ski Area, CA.. December 30, 2012.. Patricia "Patsy" Hileman.. Snowmass Ski Area, CO.. March 3, 2013.. Christian Cabanilla.. Heliski Guide.. Haines, AK.. Cornice Collapse.. April 11, 2013.. Craig Patterson.. UDOT Forecaster.. Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.. April 20, 2013.. Rick Gaukel.. Snowboard Guide.. Loveland Pass, CO.. The American Avalanche Association would like to thank the following individuals for their help and assistance with this memorial list.. Doug Abromeit, Dale Atkins, Don Bachman, Mindy Barnett, Leif Eric Borgeson, John Brennan, Peter Carvelli, Bob Comey, Steve Conger, Roland Emetaz, James Magnum Frisque, Bill Glude, Ethan Greene, Rick Grubin, Susan Hale, Paul Horton, Rob Hunker, Karen Izbicki, Janet Kellam, Spencer Logan, Wade McKoy, Mark Mueller, Gary Murphy, Ray Mumford, Ian McCammon, Rod Newcomb, Joney Otteson, Patrick O Sullivan, Blasé Reardon, Doug Richmond, Jerry Roberts, Eric Rohr, Don Sharaf, Lowell Skoog, Randy Bunion Spence, Scott Toepfer, Tom Turiano, Carla Wheeler, Ken White, Knox Williams, Bill Williamson, Lynne Wolfe, Bob Woodall and Evan Woods..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Online Store
    Descriptive info: Store is now open! Clothing is now purchased through.. thebackcountry.. net.. When you click on a clothing image you will be automatically transferred to thebackcountry.. Obs Guidelines is purchased through AAA as always.. Observation Guidelines.. Snow, Weather, and Avalanches:.. Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States.. 2010 second edition printed version available now.. $20.. 00.. For bulk or international orders please email or phone 970.. 946.. 0822..

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  • Title: American Avalanche Association - Guidelines History
    Descriptive info: Guidelines History.. Purpose Need.. Prior education guidelines were created in 1999 with the intent for re-evaluation and updating as new avalanche information and education emerged.. Spring of 2006, the Education Committee began a process to update the guidelines with a path of progressions and outcomes/objectives for each level.. In 2007 the updated guidelines were finalized and approved.. Summary.. The updated guidelines serve to:.. Recognize and facilitate awareness programs, introductory programs, multiple user groups and identify ongoing education opportunities such as L1 refresher/prep for L2 programs and rescue clinics.. Accommodate a variety of programs and course providers.. University and intensive training programs may incorporate more time than the recommended guidelines.. However, we feel that independent field experience between progressive levels of educational programs is essential.. Through active experience, students are able to practice and integrate knowledge and skills learned.. Strongly recommend backcountry first aid and winter survival skills.. Although outside the scope of most avalanche programs, A3 feels it is important enough to make a recommendation for any backcountry traveler to obtain this training or experience.. Provide outcomes for L1 L2 programs and list L1, L2 content in a manner to support outcomes.. Note: Pre-existing L1 and L2 guidelines fit the updated guidelines.. Course providers who have offered programs meeting prior L1 and L2 guidelines do not need to make significant changes, but should review the new guidelines and make any needed adjustments.. Note the recommended format for L1 requires 24 hours or 3 days, the L2 content mandates a 32 hour or 4 day program.. We feel this time frame is essential to cover the course content and for the student to gain  ...   conceptual illustration.. The education committee developed two different graphic formats in recognition that we absorb and process information in different ways.. Course Content Quality.. The guidelines are provided only as a framework for avalanche instruction.. They are not comprehensive or exhaustive.. Instructors can, and must, fill in the blanks with their own experience and knowledge of general avalanche phenomena, as well as local expertise.. The guidelines will not make a novice an effective avalanche educator.. In addition, students may find the guidelines valuable as a template for evaluating courses.. Students can compare the guidelines with advertised course outlines to ensure they will receive a comprehensive course.. They can also use the guidelines to evaluate their courses after completion to confirm their course covered the necessary material.. Note:.. The National Avalanche School classroom phase 1 and field session phase 2 is comparable to attending an intensive Level 1 and a L1 Refresher/L2 Prep (ASAW) and is seen as meeting prerequisites for AV Pro.. A minimum of a full field season of applied practice and experience is required before attending a Level 2 program, so L2 graduates are expected to be more advanced in their education and experience than a NAS phase 1 2 graduate.. Thus, completing the NAS phase 1 phase 2 is not exactly the same as completing a Level 2.. Conclusion.. These guidelines are provided for the avalanche community as a tool.. This tool needs improvement, refinement and continual updating as new material and information becomes available.. We invite feedback from instructors and students at any time.. Please contact the Education Committee chairs, a committee member, or your AAA representative with comments..

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