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  • Title: Welcome to the AAC Institute Website
    Descriptive info: .. A worldwide resource for:.. * People with severe communication disorders or who cannot speak, their families and friends.. * Professionals and Educators.. * Researchers, Developers and Manufacturers.. * Funding and other Parties.. Javascript DHTML Drop Down Menu Powered by dhtml-menu-builder.. com.. Clinical AAC.. Research.. Conference.. AAC Funding:.. Stand Up Against.. Preferred Provider.. Arrangements.. Activities.. Sponsors.. What’s New?.. ·.. AAC Camp.. AACtion Points.. ICAN Talk Clinics.. Join the AAC Institute Mailing List.. ·.. Americans with Disabilities Compliance Assessment Toolkit (ADA-CAT).. Pixons are here!.. Welcome to the AAC Institute!.. We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the most  ...   who rely on AAC are:.. 1) saying exactly what they want to say, and.. 2) saying it as fast as they can.. AAC services must honor these values of people who use AAC and their families.. Achieving the goal of AAC (optimal communication maximum potential) is best accomplished when the principles of evidence-based practice and performance measurement are used.. You can’t claim success unless you measure it!.. AAC Institute is supported by approximately 50 sponsors.. Click here for the current list of sponsors.. Accessibility: Individuals who need alternative formats are invited to contact the.. Webmaster.. with specific accessibility issues..

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  • Title: Clinical AAC Research Conference
    Descriptive info: Home.. About.. CAAC.. Schedule.. and Details.. Call for Papers.. Conference Presentations.. Registration.. Archives.. CEUs.. Special Student Research Seminar.. and.. Student Research Paper Award.. 2014 Clinical AAC Research Conference.. September 19-20, 2014.. Fontbonne University.. St.. Louis, MO.. (click to download.. pdf announcement).. Improving clinical service delivery for people who use AAC.. Welcome to the Clinical AAC Research Conference web site.. The CAAC Research Conference is an annual forum for clinicians and researchers engaged in the study and clinical management of persons who use AAC.. (.. Augmentative and Alternative Communication.. ).. The 2014 Conference Co-Chairpers  ...   CAAC Steering committee directs the conference.. Steering committee members include: Lyle L.. Lloyd, Chair, Ann R.. Beck, Katya Hill, and Filip Loncke with assistance from Dr.. D.. Jeffrey Higginbotham and Dr.. Richard Hurtig.. The CAAC Research Conference Funding.. The CAAC Research Conference is funded primarily by participant registration fees and contributions by sponsors.. A grant from AAC Institute provided startup funding.. Administrative support is also provided by.. AAC Institute.. For information on sponsorship, click here.. Questions or comments.. FUTURE CONFERENCE VENUES.. 2015: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.. 2016: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA..

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  • Title: Preferred Providers
    Descriptive info: AAC Funding.. Exclusive Preferred Provider Arrangements.. Preferred provider arrangements.. are agreements between insurance companies or other third party funding agents and manufacturers or suppliers of durable medical equipment (DME).. AAC devices are classified as DME.. The advantage of such arrangements to funding agents is that they can negotiate a lower price for providing AAC devices.. The incentive to participate in these arrangements for manufacturers and suppliers is that their products will be covered and they may be given an exclusive providership.. When this exclusive providership happens, AAC consumers can be hurt.. The way things work.. from the consumer and service provider perspective is this.. A comprehensive assessment is completed.. A recommendation is made for an AAC system (device, language application program, peripherals, etc.. ) that will result in the highest communication performance and best life experience.. The request is made for funding.. When preferred provider arrangements are in place, the funding agent may reply with a denial for the selected the AAC system OR replies with the intention of providing an AAC system other than the one selected in the AAC assessment.. The appropriate response.. from both the AAC team and the family is to advocate for the selected system.. This means that the funding agent must be  ...   selected for funding.. Point out features that are distinctive with the selected system.. Point out the performance (clinical data) that was achieved during the trial of the selected system and used to determine the intervention that would most likely result in optimized communication.. Point out the user and family preferences and satisfaction with the selected system.. Point out that the AAC system from this preferred provided was specifically rejected give the reasons.. The experience.. of AAC teams and families who have challenged exclusive or preferred provider arrangements has been positive.. The goal of AAC as expressed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is to optimize communication.. Anything less is not acceptable to individuals who rely on AAC and families.. Anything less should not be acceptable to AAC team members holding paramount the interests of individuals who cannot speak.. Contact AAC Institute.. support@aacinstitute.. org.. ) if you need help with this process.. If you have experience with this funding problem, please consider sharing your testimonial with us as we build evidence to stop this practice.. Do not.. allow funding agents to override comprehensive AAC assessments and in the process reduce the communication performance and life experie.. nce of individuals who use AAC.. AAC Institute Position Statement on Preferred Provider Practices..

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  • Title: AAC Institute Sponsors
    Descriptive info: AAC Institute sponsors are dedicated to individuals achieving the highest quality of life possible through AAC and assistive technology:.. Gold Level Sponsors.. www.. atia.. csun.. edu/cod.. closingthegap.. eparent.. Shanghai 21 - 23 July 2010.. icreateasia.. maxibd.. passitoncenter.. org/.. prentrom.. minspeak.. spectrumtrainingsystemsinc.. Silver Level Sponsors.. Arizona Department of Education.. Arizona Technology Access Program.. Awakening Technologies.. of the Pacific.. http://at-p.. eastersealstech.. Bronze Level Sponsors.. ablenetinc.. Adaptive Solutions.. http://www.. adaptive-sol.. ALS Association.. alsa.. Assistive  ...   ufl.. edu.. disabilitiesbooks.. eyeresponse.. greattalkingbox.. hopeandlight.. Koester Performance Research.. kpronline.. latkids.. laurusfoundation.. eyegaze.. Little Tennessee Valley.. Educational Cooperative.. madentec.. http://kansasautism.. nationalbraille.. org.. North Dakota Interagency.. Program for Assistive Technology.. ndipat.. saltillo.. Sharing Helps Others Utilize Technology.. shoutaac.. talktometechnologies.. Technology Resources for Education (T.. R.. E.. ) Center.. trecenter.. ucp.. Honorary Level Sponsors.. aacTechConnect.. ataccess.. cjt-yes.. cyranocommunicator.. lingraphica.. Topics in Language Disorders.. lww.. Tardive Dyskinesia Center.. Tardive Dyskinesia Treatment.. wadsworth.. Sponsor Benefits..

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  • Title: AAC Camp
    Descriptive info: 2014 AAC Summer Camp.. ICAN Talk AAC Summer Camp.. July 9 - 12, 2014.. Crowne Plaza Hotel, South Hills.. Pittsburgh, PA.. This summer camp is specifically for children who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods.. Our program is designed to provide participants and their families with exciting learning experiences to build their language and communication skills in a safe, welcoming environment staffed by experts in AAC.. Space is limited.. To obtain an application and further information, please send an  ...   to Parnts.. Camp Flyer.. AAC Camp is a service of AAC Institute.. Tax deductible donations make this possible.. ICAN Clinics are part of the AAC Institute, a not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to the most effective communication for people who rely on AAC.. AAC Institute offers many free and low cost resources to support achieving high performance communication.. Resources include methods, tools, evidence, directories, services, education, and more.. Click here to sign up for AAC Institute announcements.. AAC Institute Home Page..

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  • Title: AAC Institute AACtion Points
    Descriptive info: AACtion Points are typically one page and briefly address specific topics.. iPADS, AAC CHILDREN.. Recasts AAC.. Aided Language Stimulation.. Language Activity Monitoring.. Prompting Strategies..

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  • Title: Welcome to the AAC Institute Website
    Descriptive info: Back to.. AAC Institute.. Home Page.. Verify Your Membership info for the AAC Institute Update! Newsletter.. PLEASE take the time to fill out the form and submit your request to join our list.. We are required by law to use an Opt-In/Opt-Out process for our mailing list in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.. You will receive an email message confirming your request with instructions to complete the signup process.. Your browser does not support iframes..

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  • Title: Welcome to the AAC Institute Website
    Descriptive info: Back to AAC Institute Home Page.. Verify Your Membership info.. Click on your Country to Register for our Newsletter..

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  • Title: ADA-CAT
    Descriptive info: ADA-CAT.. Americans with Disabilities Act.. Compliance Assessment Toolkit.. The Americans With Disabilities Act - Compliance Assessment Kit (ADA-CAT) is a screening tool to allow individuals without advanced training to assess the architectural barriers of the built environment.. It is not intended to provide an absolute measure of the features, but rather to provide simple, pass-fail assessments of the requirements of the ADA and other accessibility standards.. The kit is composed of two parts.. The Audits, which define the characteristics of an accessible and usable environment, can be found on the web site below.. The Measurement Kit includes components for making the various assessments.. ADA-CAT was developed by the Assistive Technology Research Institute at Misericordia University with support from R2D2 Center at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.. It is now available for purchase.. (See below.. ).. The Audits.. The Americans with Disabilities Act stated that public facilities must be made accessible to individuals with disabilities.. It did not delineate what constituted accessibility.. That job was delegated to the Access Board (.. access-board.. gov.. ).. The Access Board, and their agents, have designed standards for minimal accessibility that now constitute the legal requirements for accessibility.. The Audits found on this site are based on the work of the Access Board, but with some important differences.. The ADA-ABA standards (.. gov/ADA-ABA/final.. cfm.. ) are prescriptive, and written with architects and other professional designers in mind.. ADA-CAT is intended to help users without extensive professional training in architectural design evaluate barriers to access in the environment.. In meeting this goal, the  ...   but are not specifically addressed.. These Audits provide guidance on accessibility for this specialized environment.. The Measurement Kit.. The ADA-CAT Measurement Kit is a set of tools that have been developed to allow individuals with only modest training in assessing accessibility to quickly determine whether or not features of the environment meet the standards of the ADA and the Audits.. The Measurement Kit is intended to be a screening tool, and not the final word on accessible design.. The Measurement Toolkit has a number of components, some of which are patent pending to the toolkit.. Availability.. A 60 day free trial of ADA-CAT Online Support is available.. Register at.. http://ada-cat.. misericordia.. A one year subscription to the site is $70.. The Measurement Kit is now available.. The price of the Measurement Kit is $649 (US) and includes a one year subscription to ADA-CAT Online support.. Shipping costs, including border crossing fees, are added to the invoice.. For quantity discounts (10 or more units), contact.. sales@aacinstitute.. For purchase using credit cards or PayPal, click the.. Buy Now.. button below.. Purchase orders can be faxed to 330-263-4829 (Attention: AAC Institute - Morgan).. or sent by post to:.. PO Box 882.. Wooster, OH 44691.. CEUs for Learning about ADA-CAT.. Free AAC Institute Self-Study Program courses are being developed to teach about the ADA-CAT components and their use.. Earn CEUs while you learn.. Product Sheet.. Click here to ask specific questions regarding ADA-CAT.. Click here to receive a message when ADA-CAT CEU courses are available.. ADA-CAT Evaluation Form.. doc file)..

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  • Title: Pixons
    Descriptive info: Pixons - Innovative Teachable Symbols.. The Pixon Project Kit is an early language development program built around the use of low-tech manual communication boards.. The program provides materials and strategies needed to support effective early AAC interventions using core vocabulary.. Product Overview.. The PixonTM Project Kit is an early language development program built around the use of low-tech manual communication boards.. The program provides materials and strategies needed to support effective early AAC intervention.. The curriculum provided in the Pixon Project Kit focuses on teaching a small set of high frequency, re-useable core vocabulary words.. The goal of the curriculum is to provide individuals with complex communication needs with the same words used by typically developing children.. The Pixon Project Kit is a fantastic communication and language curriculum.. But it also works as:.. --- a stand-alone low-tech communication system.. --- a teaching tool to build language concepts prior to making a transition to a high-tech speech generating device.. --- a complement and back-up system to a high-tech speech generating device.. Product Description.. The Pixon Project is a joint venture combining the efforts of Bruce Baker (Semantic Compaction Systems) and a group of speech-language therapists, educators, and occupational therapists from around the world, including the renowned Gail Van Tatenhove.. The Pixon Project team focused on the use of simple, manual communication boards and single meaning pictures that could be used to build a  ...   Communication Boards.. The Pixon Project Kit includes 10 pre-designed manual communication boards.. Two of the boards are pre-made and can be used out-of-the-box if the design matches the skills and abilities of the person you are supporting.. Boards were designed for individuals with a range of sensory and motor-accessing skills, including displays accessible via eye pointing.. One of the pre-made boards is in a portable, cloth, carrying case for use with ambulatory individuals.. All of the boards can be customized to match the needs of the individual.. Pixon Educational and Environmental Materials.. The Pixon Project team developed a sample set of educational and environmental materials designed to support language learning and communication interaction in the classroom and home.. Teachers and therapists can simply print out and implement the materials, as needed.. Samples of Pixon Communication Boards and Educational Materials.. 50-Location Board.. A Personal Communication Board.. --.. Activity-Based Display for Cooking.. Use this supplemental display to focus on core words while doing a cooking activity.. Vocabulary Building Chart for Family Words.. Use this chart to teach the relationship between the.. family members and the Pixon.. Pixons and charts.. are available for different ethnic groups.. Vocabulary Building Chart for Prepositions.. Post this chart in your classroom so all children can compare and contrast prepositional concepts.. Click here to download a.. pdf.. Pixon Project Kit PPK-1.. $149.. 95.. Pixon Project Kit Carrying Case PPKCC-1.. $25.. 00..

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  • Title: Clinical AAC Research Conference -- About CAAC
    Descriptive info: 2013 Clinical AAC Research Conference.. September 26-28, 2013.. Bloomington, Indiana.. Printable Save the Date Sheet.. pdf file.. INFORMATION ABOUT THE CAAC RESEARCH CONFERENCE.. The 2013 Clinical AAC (CAAC) Research Conference is the seventh annual forum created specifically for clinicians and researchers engaged in the study and clinical management of people who use augmentative and alternative communication.. The ultimate end goal of CAAC is to guide future AAC research in ways that will optimize the life experience of people who use AAC..  ...   to present their original research and engage in comprehensive discussions with colleagues.. To encourage a program conducive to the exchange of ideas, attendance will be limited to approximately 100 people.. Those wishing to attend should submit a summary of an original paper or poster.. PROGRAM.. The entire conference program will be available after acceptance notices have been sent to authors.. The 2013 Conference Chairperson is Dr.. Erna Alant- Indiana University and the Conference Program Chair is Elizabeth Hanson.. Return to CAAC..

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