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  • Title: Home - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. English.. Français.. About Us.. News.. What We're About.. AWG International Committee.. Participating Teams.. Mascot.. Athlete Ambassador Program.. Staff Bios.. Song Relay.. Alaska.. Yamalo-Nenets.. Sápmi Regions.. Greenland.. Nunavut.. Nunavik.. Northwest Territories.. Northern Alberta.. Yukon.. Sponsors.. Media Room.. Contact.. Play Your Part.. Tickets.. Merchandise.. Volunteer.. Sponsor.. Supplier.. Pins.. Sports.. Results.. Schedules.. Medals.. Culture.. Arts Underground Exhibits.. Arts Underground Performances.. Baked Cafe Performances.. Call for Yukon Artists.. Exquisite North.. CGC Performances.. Circumpolar Soundscape.. Coldspell How We Winter.. Cultural Galas.. Kwanlin Dun Cultural Showcase.. Schedule.. Raphael Freynet.. Sewing our Traditions.. Snow Carving.. Visual Identity.. Venues.. Featured Sponsor.. Go to the medal standings page for more details.. Visit our.. YouTube.. channel for daily  ...   Arctics.. The 2012 Arctic Winter Games came to a close on Saturday and Grande Prairie athletes helped Team Alberta to a fourth-place finish overall, with 140 medals; 40 gold, 37 silver and 27 bronze.. March 13, 2012.. Inuvik wrestler at home in Whitehorse.. WHITEHORSE For Inuvik wrestler Tristan Peter, the 2012 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse is a bit of a homecoming.. The IT Machine Behind the 2012 Arctic Winter Games.. Every visitor to this web site www.. awg2012.. org can learn an infinite amount about the 2012 Arctic Winter Games.. About.. Contact Us.. Terms of Use.. Privacy Policy.. GEMS.. Pro Login.. Phone Directory.. All materials Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012..

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  • Title: Accueil - Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique 2012 à Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: À propos des Jeux.. Nouvelles.. Qui sommes-nous?.. Comité international des Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique.. Régions participantes.. Voici Borèalis!.. Programme Ambassadeur des Athlètes.. Relais musical.. Commanditaires.. Pour nous joindre.. Faites-en Partie.. Bénévoles.. Commandites.. Fournissez les Jeux.. Programme culturel.. Circumpolair Soundscape.. ColdSpell: how we winter.. Creation Artistique The Exquisite North.. Expositions au Arts Underground.. Galas Culturals.. Identitè Visuelle.. Invitation aux Artistes du Yukon.. Les Exhibitions au Yukon Arts Centre.. Ouverture de Sewing Our Traditions.. Performances au Arts Underground.. Performances au Baked Cafe.. Performances au Canada Games Centre.. Presentation Culturelle Kwanlin Dun des Premieres Nations.. Schedule.. Sculpture sur Neige.. Commanditaire Vedette.. En mars 2012, Whitehorse présentera les Jeux d’hiver de l’Arctique, une célébration internationale des sports nordiques, de la culture et de l’amitié.. C’EST PARTI!.. L’excitation était à  ...   est le grand commanditaire.. Ce matin, chez Sport Yukon le directeur général des Jeux d'hiver de l'Arctique 2012 a annoncé le grand commanditaire au titre"legs": Northwestel.. November 5, 2010.. Annoncement du premier grand commanditaire.. Vendredi le 5 Novembre 2010, notre premier majeur commanditaire sera annoncé.. Restez à l'écoute pour le savoir! Les journalistes de Whitehorse sont invités à assister à une conférence de presse à 10:00 am chez Sport Yukon, situé au 4061, 4e Avenue.. November 3, 2010.. Dernières nouvelles.. Loading Flickr.. D’AUTRES PHOTOS SUR FLICKR.. Twitter.. Loading Twitter.. D'autres mises à jour sur Twitter.. Facebook.. Loading YouTube.. D'autres vidéos sur YouTube.. Faites-En Partie.. Sites.. Salle des médias.. Pour nous joindre.. Conditions d'utilisation.. Politique de confidentialité.. Tous droits réservés © Jeux d’hiver de l’Arctique 2012..

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  • Title: About - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Participating Regions.. From March 4th to March 10th 2012, Whitehorse will host the Arctic Winter Games.. The Arctic Winter Games is the world’s largest northern multi-sport and cultural event.. The Games include the participation of teams from Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta North, Nunavut, Greenland, Yamal, Nunavik Quebec and Sapmi.. Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Northern Alberta, Nunavut,.. Greenland, Yamal (Russia), Nunavut Quebec and Sapmi (indigenous peoples of.. Norway, Sweden and Finland) will participate.. The Arctic Winter Games are a celebration of athletic  ...   Arctic Sports and Dene Games.. A significant cultural component featuring visual arts, dance, ceremonies and galas with participants from across the circumpolar region is a pillar of the Games.. Whitehorse was chosen to host the 2012 Arctic Winter Games by the.. Arctic Winter Games International Committee.. The committee is tasked with selecting the host cities, setting the strategic direction for the games, and awards the.. Hodgson Trophy.. to the contingent whose athletes best exemplify the ideals of fair play and team spirit..

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  • Title: News - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Check this page for a full listing of the current and previous 2012 Arctic Winter Games news stories.. You will find stories about athletes, volunteers, as well as a bit of history and interesting tidbits.. First year Yukon biathlete captures bronze, silver and gold.. The sounds of rifles firing, cowbells ringing, and fans cheering carried from the biathlon range and echoed down Grey Mountain Road Thursday afternoon.. March 10, 2012.. Alaskan sets new world record in women’s high kick.. The women’s open, one foot high kick has a new world record holder, 18-year-old, Alice Strick of McGrath, Alaska.. Yukoners win with time to spare.. Yukoners Katie Peters and Fabian Brook glided through the  ...   of mostly team events, surged to a runaway total of 182 ulus as the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse, Yukon nears its conclusion.. Five new records set in Arctic Sports.. Athletes from Yukon, N.. W.. T.. , Nunavut and Alaska raise the bar.. If the Northern lights could sing!.. Man has been captivated by the Northern Lights for millennia and never more so than during the gala cultural festival held at the Yukon Arts Centre.. Yukon’s junior male volleyball team remains perfect.. Team Yukon junior male volleyball has played it’s way to an undefeated record at the Arctic Winter Games, going 9-0 with one game remaining in the preliminary round.. March 9, 2012..

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  • Title: What We're About - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Vision.. “The 2012 Arctic Winter Games is an international celebration of northern sport, culture and friendship”.. Mission.. “To stage an exceptional AWG that focuses on athlete experience, community involvement and highlights the uniqueness of the north.. ”.. Values.. Participant Centered.. Fairplay.. Diversity.. Trust.. Personal Growth.. Community Benefits.. Creativity..

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  • Title: AWG International Committee - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Arctic Winter Games International Committee.. The Arctic Winter Games International Committee oversees the high profile circumpolar sport competition by defining the strategic direction for the games, selecting host cities, awarding the Hodgson Trophy and providing overall governance.. History.. In 1967, Cal Miller, Financial advisor to the Yukon Team is in Quebec City for the first Canada Winter Games and watches the more experienced southern athletes outplay his athletes from the North.. At the same time, Stuart Hodgson, the commissioner of the Northwest Territories, is witnessing something similar with his team.. It was  ...   "circumpolar North" could compete on their own terms, on their own turf.. Commissioner James Smith (Yukon), Commissioner Stuart Hodgson (Northwest Territories) and Governor Walter Hickel (Alaska) began the Arctic Winter Games in 1969.. All three men were concerned about the lack of competition that our northern athletes and coaches had access to, and the lopsided scores they were frequently exposed to when they participated in national events in the south.. The first Arctic Winter Games was held in Yellowknife, NWT in 1970 with three contingents coming from Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska..

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  • Title: Participating Regions - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Team Alaska.. Alaska has been a permanent member of the Arctic Winter Games since 1970 and has participated in every Arctic Winter Games since then.. The 2006 Games were held in the Kenai Peninsula Borough.. Team Alaska Newsletters.. March 5.. March 6.. March 7.. March 8.. March 9.. March 10.. Team Alberta North.. Alberta North has participated in every Arctic Winter Games since 1986, and became a permanent member in 1988.. Team Alberta North increased the size of its contingent in 1994 when Slave Lake hosted the Games.. Team Alberta North encompasses the region of Alberta located north of the 55th parallel and was admitted to the Arctic Winter Games because of its close social, political and economic ties to Canada’s North.. Team Greenland.. Greenland has been participating in the Arctic Winter Games since 1990.. Greenland hosted the event in its capital, Nuuk, for the first time in 2002.. Greenland is the most northerly of the jurisdictions involved in the Arctic Winter Games.. Team.. Nunavut became a permanent member of the Arctic Winter Games in 2002.. Prior to that Nunavut participated in every Arctic Winter Games as part of Team NWT.. Nunavut hosted the event in its capital, Iqaluit, for the first time in 2002, sharing the host title with  ...   is often included in the Arctic Winter Games because of the close cultural ties between its Inuit residents and those of Nunavut and Greenland.. Newsletters.. March 4.. Team Yamal.. Russia sent cultural delegates to the Arctic Winter Games for the first time in 1990.. Since that time it has sent small contingents of athletes and cultural performers to every Games since 1992.. Yamal made its first appearance at the Arctic Winter Games in 2004.. Yamalo made its first appearance at the Arctic Winter Games in 2004.. With a team consisting of 37 members, team Yamalo competed in table tennis, traditional winter sports, Arctic sport events and cultural activities.. Yamalo-Nenets is an Autonomous District (similar to provinces or states) within the Russian Federation.. Team Sápmi.. Sápmi 2004 was the first journey into the Arctic Winter Games for the Sámi people.. They sent a small contingent to participate in cross-country skiing, biathlon, snowshoeing and cultural activities.. The Sami people are the indigenous peoples of northern Sápmi.. They spread out among four countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia in traditional lands.. Team Yukon.. Yukon has been a permanent member of the Arctic Winter Games since 1970 and has participated in every Arctic Winter Games.. Team Yukon Newsletters.. March 3.. March 2.. February 29..

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  • Title: Mascot - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: INTRODUCING BOREALIS!.. Official mascot of the 2012 Whitehorse Arctic Winter Games.. “My name is Borealis.. So what’s my story? Well, during those last few moments of the 2007 Canada Winter Games when the cauldron was extinguished, the children of the North lit lanterns from the embers and sent  ...   is in me that the friendship and excellence in sport live on.. ”.. ~ Borealis, official mascot of the.. 2012 Arctic Winter Games.. Do you want Borealis to make an appearance at your special event? Please fill out our.. Mascot Request Form.. and email it to.. awgmascot@awg2012.. org..

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  • Title: Athlete Ambassador Program - 2012 Arctic Winter Games
    Descriptive info: ATHLETE AMBASSADOR PROGRAM.. Zach Bell.. Olympian and former Arctic Winter Games participant Zach Bell will be the.. Athlete Ambassador for the 2012 Arctic Winter Games.. Growing up in the Yukon, Zach developed a larger-than-life love for his surroundings.. and spent his youth discovering outdoor sports under the beautiful.. northern lights.. Recruited by the University of Calgary as a wrestler, Zach turned.. to cycling in the off-season, but after being injured a few too many times on the.. mat, he decided to stick to the bike year-round.. It was a tough decision but it.. led him to the Olympics.. Looking ahead to London 2012, Zach is now leading.. a resurgence in Canadian track cycling and brings the confidence of a World.. Championship silver medal to his Olympic ambitions.. A strong believer in the power of sport to motivate youth, Zach welcomes the.. opportunity to get together with corporate and community audiences to share.. the everyday challenges and successes of competing for Canada.. Olympian and former Arctic Winter Games participant Zach Bell will be the Athlete Ambassador for the 2012 Arctic Winter Games.. Growing up in the Yukon, Zach developed a larger-than-life love for his surroundings and spent his  ...   Championship silver medal to his Olympic ambitions.. A strong believer in the power of sport to motivate youth, Zach welcomes the opportunity to get together with corporate and community audiences to share the everyday challenges and successes of competing for Canada.. "Olympians and Olympic Champions are not epic talents or superheroes.. Each and every Olympian I know was a normal kid with a community that believed in the potential of what might be hidden in their young people.. The communities these Olympians grow up in never fully know what sort of result they are fostering with their support.. They just know they are supporting something positive.. Here in the Yukon, one of those positive things is the opportunity for our young athletes to participate in the Arctic Winter Games, and in my experience, it was the single most important event for me growing up in this northern sporting community.. It will involve more kids than any other team assembled by Sport Yukon, it celebrates our northern culture, and it will surely play a major role in the lives of every potential northern Olympian growing up here right now.. ".. ~Zach Bell.. Commonwealth Games Medalist and 2008 Olympian..

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  • Title: Staff Bios
    Descriptive info: A Bit About the Fabulous AWG Staff!.. Chris Milner, General Manager.. Chris’s first run in with the Arctic Winter Games was in 1990 as an athlete.. Since then it has been all sports and recreation all the time.. Working with not for profits, governments and private organizations hosting events and promoting participation in sport and recreation is the only job for him.. He lives in Whitehorse with his wife Kelly and two beautiful daughters Ava and Molly.. Rachel Clarke, Volunteer Coordinator.. Rachel is our Coordinator for the Volunteer Services Division with AWG.. She is cheerful, energetic, exuberant and ready to help you with your all your volunteering needs.. In her non-spare time, she enjoys reading, running, and playing soccer.. Before taking this role on, she was once a semi-pro amateur athlete who competed at the 2004 AWGs.. She is also a part-time ninja who likes to cook and snack excessively.. Kelly Plamondon, Security Planner -.. RCMP.. Kelly is a 33 year old female.. LOL, seconded to the AWG as the security planner and is a regular member with the RCMP currently posted with the Whitehorse Detachment.. Originally from Saskatchewan, and now from wherever she is posted! Kelly has been posted in Wollaston Lake, Sk.. , Carcross, YT and Whitehorse, YT.. She enjoys snowboarding, running, snowshoeing and any outdoor activities in general.. Kelly is also incredibly hilarious and has her fellow coworkers in stitches on pretty much a daily basis.. Keri Rutherford, Operations Coordinator.. Keri travelled by horse and buggy all the way from Ontario in 2006 because she was drawn to the wild rivers of the north.. She spent four summers working at Nahanni River Adventures guiding canoe and rafting trips down some of the most spectacular rivers in Canada and spent the winters guiding dog sled trips, always looking for new adventures.. The quest for new adventures brought her to work at the Arctic Winter Games as the Operations Coordinator and there has been a continuous flow of excitement as the Games approach.. She will spend the winters kiting, skiing and enjoying all the Yukon has to offer, plus enjoying her very first blowdryer which she only just recently bought!.. Kelly Proudfoot, Marketing Sponsorship Manager.. Name: Kelly Proudfoot aka KP, KPizzler.. Job: Playing my part and keeping my head above water in the AWG ocean.. From: Whitby, Ontario but often feel Alberta Bound since I own a house there and I cheer for the Flames.. Stuff I like to do: Travelling, music, spending time with family, surrounding myself with good people and playing outdoors with friends in  ...   came for a week and decided to stay for a month and then a year and now it has been 6 years and she now calls the Yukon her home.. She is our amazing office administrator - often called upon for help, especially for everything that involves money.. Aside from her work, she loves every outdoor activity related to water and mountains and has recently become a snow kite lover.. Jennifer Skinner Glyka, Brand Manager.. Jennifer is our Brand Manager for the Games, also known (affectionately of course!) as the brand and grammar police.. She is responsible for ‘making things pretty’ and ensuring that the AWG brand standards and visual identity is maintained across many platforms.. Jennifer is proud to call herself a Yukoner (although she tries to follow a different dress code), who recently returned from Vancouver where she worked for a professional haircare company for three years.. From the beauty industry to the world of sports, Jennifer enjoys the broad experience she’s getting from her involvement with the Games, and the fabulous coworkers and friends she’s met along the way.. In her free time, Jennifer loves to cook (Mexican food!), experience other cultures (Spanish!) and travel (to Mexico!).. Jacob McInnis, Manager.. Born in the Prairies, raised in Ontario and seasoned on the East Coast, the North has always eluded Jake until the Arctic Winter Games came calling.. Since 2010 Jake has been a member of the 2012 AWG team as the manager for Athlete Services, Culture Ceremonies, IT and Volunteer Services.. Since graduating from the Sport Management program at Brock University, Jake has always worked with sport, including experience with the 2009 Canada Games, 2009 Canadian Ringette Championships and the 2008 World Sledge Hockey Challenge.. Jake relishes in the challenge, passion and energy that only working within the sport industry can bring.. Edith Belanger, Culture Ceremonies Coordinator.. On a beautiful day in May of 2000, Edith woke up with ants in her pants and a car loaded with her meager belongings and drove across the country from Quebec to Yukon.. Her goal was to live the great Yukon outdoor experience.. Not only did she find the perfect playground but also fantastic people to share the experience with.. For the last decade she made it her home.. She has experienced the backcountry and also the artistic and cultural scene in all weathers and seasons.. And by being part of the team of the Whitehorse 2012 Arctic Winter Games she wishes to help make the culture and ceremonies experience to all the participants and onlookers one they will remember..

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  • Title: Song Relay - Arctic Winter Games Whitehorse 2012
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Instead of a flame, torch or baton being passed from person to person, we relayed a song between the 9 participating regions of the Arctic Winter Games (AWGs).. Root Sellers, young, dynamic Yukon musicians, composed the theme song.. The base layer of the song was recorded and made the circumpolar journey.. The Theme Song Relay connects youth of the circumpolar North through song, sound and images.. It raises awareness of the AWGs and its international heritage while sharing the message  ...   to Yamalo-Nenets, the Sápmi region of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, Greenland, Nunavut, Nunavik, Northwest Territories, Northern Alberta and back to Yukon.. Each region had the theme song kit for a month.. One Song.. The Root Sellers used the recorded material from the 9 participating regions to work their magic.. They mixed it all together to create the ultimate music video theme song.. The result is an audio-visual montage of the circumpolar North with the voices of Arctic people congregating in song..

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