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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. A Better Child.. Home.. |.. Site Map.. Search.. Shopping Cart.. Thank you for visiting.. A-Better-Child.. org.. We need your opinion of our website.. Send us an e-mail and let us know what you like or don t like about the site.. Also, let us know if there is a topic you think we should discuss on the website.. Our email address is.. info@a-better-child.. Parents:.. Do you know who your children talk to while online?.. Do you know where they go?.. Do you know who they are with?.. Do you know when they will get home?.. Kids:.. How do you know who you can trust online?.. If the answer to these questions is:.. I DON T KNOW.. ,.. You need to find out the truth about online.. PREDATORS.. and how they affect your children.. We are currently presenting seminars on child safety and online safety.. The seminar is titled;.. Child Safety: From Sexual Predators.. If you would like for us to present a seminar for your group, e-mail us:.. info@A-Better-Child.. Please tell everyone you know about.. !.. Bookmark us at.. del.. icio.. us.. Every Day.. * Give your child a hug say, I love you.. * Praise your child.. * Talk with your child.. * Read write with your child for at least 30 minutes.. * With your child, make a dictionary of new words add to it.. * Count with your child.. * Share news with your child.. * Listen to music with your child.. Be ashamed to die.. Until you have won.. Some victory for humanity.. Horace Mann.. If you put yourself above others,.. You will be put down.. But if you humble yourself,.. You will be honored.. Matt 23:12.. Email this page to a friend.. Are you looking for interesting books for your children?.. Click here.. to shop Amazon.. com on this site.. Click Here.. to learn more about our Child Safety books,.. Child Safety Made Simple.. AND.. Child  ...   This website is owned, designed and maintained by A-Better-Child.. Contact Us.. - Webmaster:.. webmaster@A-Better-Child.. General Information and Questions:.. Link Exchange:.. links@A-Better-Child.. Sales:.. sales@A-Better-Child.. Donations:.. donations@A-Better-Child.. Product Returns:.. returns@A-Better-Child.. Phone:.. 1(803) 392-1269.. Award Presented to A-Better-Child.. Welcome.. Child Safety Books.. About us.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Use.. Products.. Testimonials.. Amazon.. com Book Gallery.. Are You Setting A Good Example?.. Autism: The Facts and Symptoms.. Avoiding Divorce.. Being Bullied by a Teacher?.. "Bullies" - How To Stop Them!.. Building a Christian Family.. Building Family Strengths.. Child Abuse Statistics.. Child Safety: Kidnappers & Molesters.. Children and ADD/ADHD.. Children and Alcoholism.. Children and Depression.. Children and Drugs.. Children and Eating Disorders.. Children and Sex Abuse.. Children Dealing with Terminal Illness.. Children's Online Safety.. Children's Poetry Websites.. College Preparation/ACT/PSAT/SAT.. Cooking With Your Children.. Dangers of Myspace.. Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD).. Do Your Kids Enjoy Doing Chores?.. Family Communication.. Fathers' Role in Parenting.. Finding Quality Family Time.. Free Child ID & DNA Kit.. Fun Activities for Parents and Children.. Get the Facts About Online Safety.. Good Study Habits.. Grandparents Role in the Family.. Helping Children Deal with Death.. Helping Families Survive Divorce.. Home Schooling Information.. How do online predators work?.. How To Choose A Babysitter.. Insight for Single Parents.. Is Your Child "Sexting"?.. Keeping your Romance Alive.. Kids Fun Sites.. Learning Good Manners & Etiquette.. Mom, Dad, I'm Pregnant!.. Mothers are Special People.. My Sibling Abuse Story.. Overcoming Peer Pressure.. Parent's FREE Guide to Online Slang.. Parenting Survey.. Parenting Tips.. Playing Games with Your Children.. Preventing Child Suicide.. Reading With Your Children.. Saying "I Love You" and Meaning It!.. School Security and Safety.. Sex Offender Registries.. Sibling Abuse: A Survivors Story.. Sibling Rivalry or Abuse.. Talking To Your Kids About Sex.. Teaching Kids About Money.. Teen Online Safety Survey.. Teens and Safe Driving.. Teens Texting While Driving.. Tips for Step Parents and Step Children.. Volunteering as a Family.. All For One? Why Humans Cooperate.. Poetry/Personal Thoughts.. Links.. Shipping/Return Policies..

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  • Title: How do online predators work?
    Descriptive info: Send us an e-mail and let us know what you like or don't like about the site.. Using Internet communication tools such as chat rooms, e-mail, and instant messaging can put children at potential risk of encountering online predators.. The anonymity of the Internet means that trust and intimacy can develop quickly online.. Predators take advantage of this anonymity to build online relationships with inexperienced young people.. Parents can help protect their kids by becoming aware of the risks related to online communication and being involved in their kids' Internet activities.. Continue reading to get answers to your questions about how online predators work, who is at risk of being victimized by online predators, how you can help to reduce the risk of your child becoming a target, and more.. On This Page.. Which young people are at risk?.. How can parents minimize the risk of a child becoming a victim?.. How can your kids reduce the risk of being victimized?.. How can you tell if your child is being targeted?.. What can you do if your child is being targeted?.. Predators establish contact with kids through conversations in chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail, or discussion boards.. Many teens use peer support online forums to deal with their problems.. Predators often go to these online areas to look for vulnerable victims.. Online predators try to gradually seduce their targets through attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts, and often devote considerable time, money, and energy to this effort.. They're aware of the latest music and hobbies likely to interest kids.. They listen to and sympathize with kids' problems.. They also try to ease young people's inhibitions by gradually introducing sexual content into their conversations or by showing them sexually explicit material.. Some predators work faster than others, engaging in sexually explicit conversations immediately.. This more direct approach may include harassment or stalking.. Predators may also evaluate the kids they meet online for future face-to-face contact.. Young adolescents are the most vulnerable age group and are at high risk of being approached by online predators.. Young adolescents are exploring their sexuality, moving away from parental control, and looking for new relationships outside the family.. Under the guise of anonymity, they are more likely to take risks online without fully understanding the possible implications.. Young people who are most vulnerable to online predators tend to be:.. * new to online activity and unfamiliar with netiquette.. * aggressive computer users.. * the type to try new, edgy activities in life.. * actively seeking attention or affection.. * rebellious.. * isolated or lonely.. * curious.. * confused regarding sexual identity.. * easily tricked by adults.. * attracted by subcultures apart from their parents' world.. Kids feel they are aware of the dangers of predators, but in reality, they are quite naive about online relationships.. * Talk to your kids about sexual predators and potential online dangers.. * Young children should not use chat rooms-the dangers are too great.. As children get older, direct them towards well-monitored kids' chat rooms.. Encourage even your teens to use monitored chat rooms.. * If your children take part in chat rooms, make sure you know which ones they visit and with whom they talk.. Monitor the chat areas yourself to see what kind of conversations take place.. * Instruct your children to never leave the chat room's public area.. Many chat rooms offer private areas where users can have one-on-one chats with other users-chat monitors can't read these conversations.. These are often referred to as "whisper" areas.. * Keep the Internet-connected computer in a common area of the house, never in a child's bedroom.. It is much more difficult for a predator to establish a relationship with your child if the computer screen is easily visible.. Even when the computer is in a public area of your home, sit with your child when they are online.. * When your children are young, they should share the family e-mail address rather than have their own e-mail accounts.. As they get older, you can ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to set up a separate e-mail address, but your children's mail can still reside in your account.. * Tell your children to never respond to instant messaging or e-mails from strangers.. If your children use computers in places outside your supervision-public library, school, or friends' homes-find out what computer safeguards  ...   or to try to set up a real -world, face-to-face meeting.. If children hesitate at giving out their home phone number, online sex offenders will provide theirs.. Some even have toll-free 1-800 numbers, so potential victims can call them without their parents' knowledge.. Others will tell children to call collect-and then, with Caller ID or Call Display, the predators can easily determine the child's phone number.. Do not allow your child to meet a stranger they have met online, in person, without your supervision.. * Your child or teen receives mail, gifts, or packages from someone you don't know.. It's common for offenders to send letters, photographs, and gifts to potential victims.. Online sex offenders even send airline tickets to entice a child or teen to meet them in person.. * Your child or teen withdraws from family and friends, or quickly turns the computer monitor off or changes the screen if an adult enters the room.. Online predators work hard to drive wedges between kids and their families, often exaggerating minor problems at home.. Sexually victimized children tend to become withdrawn and depressed.. * Your child is using someone else's online account.. Even kids who don't have access to the Internet at home may meet an offender while online at a friend's house or at another public place, even the library.. Predators sometimes provide victims with a computer account so they can communicate.. * If your child receives sexually explicit photos from an online correspondent, or if she or he is solicited sexually in e-mail, instant messaging, or some other way online, contact your local police.. Save any documentation including e-mail addresses, Web site addresses, and chat logs to share with the police.. * Check your computer for pornographic files or any type of sexual communication-these are often warning signs.. * Monitor your child's access to all live electronic communications, such as chat rooms, instant messaging, and e-mail.. Online predators usually meet potential victims in chat rooms at first, and then continue communicating with them through e-mail or instant messaging.. Source: Some of the above information was adapted, with permission, from the U.. S.. Federal Bureau of Investigation publication A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.. Internet Filter Resources.. Bsafe Online.. http://www.. bsafehome.. com.. Computer Cop.. computercop.. ContentProtect.. contentwatch.. CyberPatrol.. cyberpatrol.. Cyber Sentinel.. securitysoft.. Cybersitter.. cybersitter.. Cyber Snoop.. pearlsw.. FilterPak.. surfguardian.. net.. Internet Guardian.. internet-guardian.. com.. Netmop.. netmop.. Net Nanny.. netnanny.. Parental Guidance.. parentalguidance.. org/.. Safe2Read.. safe2read.. Software 4 Parents.. software4parents.. Trustworthy Communication, LLC.. kidmail.. Are you a teen and need another teen to listen to you? Do you, as a teen, need answers from another teen to your questions about anything?.. Go to the following website:.. OnYourMind.. net: Peer support, chat, information and help.. So, what's on your mind? We're a non-profit web-based organization from teens, for teens that can provide support and referrals through an online chat,.. onyourmind.. net/.. Books on online predators and how to protect your child!.. Follow this link,.. Protect Your Child From Online Predators.. , for more information on this subject.. Children's Online Safety In The News.. msnbc.. com (Dateline).. Information on children's online safety, eg.. ; your children and the dangers of myspace.. Is your child giving out personal information without knowing it? Check out this site and be prepare to be shocked.. com (Dateline).. ABC News: Online Predators Prey on Kids.. ABC News Home Good Morning America.. Online Predators Prey on Kids.. Sheriff Grady Judd helped capture online child predators.. They allegedly caught Brian Doyle, a deputy press.. http://www.. abcnews.. go.. com/GMA/Legal Center/story?id=1820774 page=1.. Help To Halt Online Predators - CBS News.. Earlier this week, a Connecticut man was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder and sexual assault of a sixth grade girl.. Her guardian, now an I-Safe America spokesperson, visited The Early Show to discuss Internet safety.. http:// www.. cbsnews.. com/stories/.. /07/earlyshow/living/ parenting/main552841.. shtml.. Internet Safety, News and Media, WiredSafety News.. Breaking news from our organization and around the world.. here: Home Information News and Media WiredSafety News Archive The Anatomy of.. Predators can spot lonely children.. They can also spot kids who are new online and may.. wiredsafety.. org/news/ws/ archive/predatorchp.. html.. Guardian Monitor.. : Internet monitoring software.. Designed especially to meet parental concerns.. Make sure your kids are safe online -.. Get Guardian Monitor Today.. Download ZoneAlarm Pro Here.. Get Comprehensive Antivirus Protection with ZoneAlarm Antivirus..

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  • Title: Amazon.com Book Gallery
    Descriptive info: Because of this website I have published a book entitled:.. Every parent wants to keep their children safe whether they are at home, school, on the playground or on the Internet.. This book will give you insight on what child predators will do to take your children away from you.. It will also give parents the knowledge to keep these predators away from their children.. The book is based on the Child Safety  ...   E-Store at.. CreateSpace.. Have you ever wanted to give someone a very special gift without spending an arm and a leg?.. com Gift Cards.. are the perfect gift for every person and every occasion.. *Disclaimer: A-Better-Child.. org makes no claims or warranties to the products provided by Amazon.. We hold no responsibily as to the product availability, its uses, warranties, descriptions, and photos represented by Amazon.. All claims must be presented directly to Amazon..

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  • Title: Child Safety Books
    Descriptive info: I have published a book entitled.. ".. Child Safety: From Sexual Predators".. I have published a second book entitled.. Child Safety Made Simple".. This is an extensive book of child safety.. Parents, if you have been looking for a book of child safety that is simple to teach to your young children and your teenagers, then this is what you  ...   playground safety and much more.. Child Safety: From Sexual Predators Book (SKU: 102808).. List Price.. $.. 13.. 95.. Our Price.. 8.. 25.. Add to Cart.. More info.. Child Safety: From Sexual Predators Book, Downloadable Version (SKU: 081709).. 6.. 2.. 00.. Child Safety Made Simple Book, Downloadable Version (SKU: 020211).. 7.. 50.. 3.. *FREE* Child Safety Seminar CD (SKU: 070706).. 4.. 75..

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  • Title: *FREE* Child Safety Seminar CD
    Descriptive info: *FREE* Child Safety Seminar CD.. Click to enlarge image(s).. * $4.. 75 for shipping and handling is all you pay for this Child Safety Seminar CD, "Child Safety: From Sexual Predators.. " *.. This.. *FREE*.. Child Safety Seminar CD comes packed with everything you need to give a power point presentation.. The power point presentation can be tailored to fit any situation and any age or type of audience.. The CD covers two areas of child safety.. (A) Learn how to teach your children to be safe when you are not around.. Parents, you cannot be around your children 24 hours a day.. You need to teach them what to do to stay safe even if they are only going to the playground.. Child predators are always looking for ways to get your children alone.. This CD has the necessary training for your child to help them stay safe.. (B) When your children are online they are being bombarded by predators who know how to talk to children and teens.. They take their time gaining your child's trust.. Every day in the United States a child goes missing.. Most are abducted by someone they know, but some go missing because of someone they talked to on the Internet.. No information is safe online.. Child predators have a network they use to inform other predators of children who are easy prey.. This CD will give you and children information on how to stay safe online.. The CD can be presented with both areas of safety or each one separate.. You can do a presentation that may last one hour or up to several hours depending on what you want to accomplish at the time.. Included in the Child Safety Seminar CD:.. 1) Did you ever want to know what your child is saying when they use "SLANG" terms while online? These abbreviations are meant to keep parents in  ...   CD comes with an Internet Safety Contract.. This contract can be use to set guidelines for your child to follow when they are online.. These guidelines, when followed, will help your child safe while online.. 6) Last but not least the book, Child Safety: From Sexual Predators.. This book is based on the seminar and can be used by parents to refer back to whenever they feel the need.. This book alone sells on Amazon.. com for $5.. 00 plus shiping and handling.. EVERY ADULT AND EVERY CHILD NEEDS TO SEE THIS CHILD SAFETY SEMINAR.. I URGE YOU TO SEND FOR YOUR.. CHILD SAFETY SEMINAR CD SO THAT YOU CAN PRESENT THIS SEMINAR TO PARENTS, CHILDREN AND TEENS IN YOUR COMMUNITY.. IF YOU DON'T, WHO WILL?.. * NOTE:.. The Child Safety Seminar CD is free.. All we are charging is $4.. 75 to cover shipping and handling.. 070706.. U.. Orders Only.. NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.. We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Money Orders and *Checks.. We use PayPal as our credit card verifier.. For credit card and PayPal payments you will be prompted to the PayPal website.. When you have completed the payment process with PayPal, please return to this site where you left your order and complete the process here.. If you have questions or problems e-mail us at:.. *Note: Payments by check will take an additional 10 to 14 working days to process in order for check to clear our bank.. If paying by money order or check, complete the order form and print it out and mail it with your payment to:.. John Bush.. 117 Beverly Circle.. North Augusta, SC 29841.. Make money orders and checks payable to: John Bush.. Thank you for shopping and buying from A-Better-Child.. The safety of our children is everyone's duty.. Affordable Cell Phones Service.. Unfolding God's Word (SKU: 010809).. 17.. 11.. Unfolding God's Word Book, Downloadable Version (SKU: 082109).. 10..

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  • Title: Award Presented to A-Better-Child.org
    Descriptive info: In December 2012 A-Better-Child.. org was presented with an award.. The award is the 2012 Best of North Augusta Award in the Child Safety Information category.. We are very honored to be recognized for our efforts in teaching child safety.. In February 2013 we will  ...   can tell by our website we provide information on a wide variety of life's issues.. Thus far we have provided our services to over 300,000 families.. We need everyone's help in continuing to spread the word about A-Better-Child.. Please, tell everyone you know about our website..

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  • Title: Welcome
    Descriptive info: It is our goal to protect children from sexual predators.. whether online or on the playground.. Welcome to A-Better-Child.. If you care about.. CHILD SAFETY.. , you should read every page on this site.. Some of the pages are long and load slowly, so please be patient.. Definitions of.. "PREDATOR".. (The American Heritage Dictionary).. 1) predator (n.. ) An organism that lives by preying on other organisms.. 2) predator (n.. ) One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.. It doesn't matter whether you spell it PREDITOR, or PREDITER, or PREDATOR, or even PREDATER, evil still sounds and looks the same.. It could even be living next door to you! This site can help you keep your kids safe.. The first, and main, purpose of this website is to help.. "STOP CHILD SEXUAL PREDATORS".. The second purpose of this website is to help the youth of today prepare for the world of tomorrow and have fun at the same time.. The entire world must work together as one to stop child predators and the abuse of  ...   world and the children around you.. * A Special Note:.. Some who have viewed this website have expressed concern that in several places I make mention of "Christianity".. They feel that religion has no place here since this is a website dedicated to the safety of children, the unity of the family and gives free information to parents and their children that could make a better world for their children.. I will continue to inform and teach that Christianity has many of the answers to the questions people are asking.. The evil around us exists because we are too afraid to tell others about God, Jesus and that the Bible has many teachings to help families grow in peace and love with each other as well as with others.. As a Christian it is my obligation to do all I can to make the world a better place.. I have listed the book with Amazon.. com and on an E-Store at CreateSpace.. We invite you to visit our sister site listed below.. Save The Family -.. savethefamily.. wordpress.. com/..

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  • Title: About us
    Descriptive info: What We Stand For!.. To begin with, I would like to provide some information about this website and some precautions for both parents and children of all ages about the use of the internet.. I have created this website because I have found there are few places you can go on the web to find family oriented websites.. I will put on this website only websites I have visited and approved for families to visit and feel safe.. There are children and teens who would like to have a website of their own.. This site will have a listing of sites that can serve their needs.. The sites I list here are good for parents to help keep their children safe, to help their children learn, to help parents teach their children and to help parents and their children do fun activities together.. I do advise parents to supervise all of their children s web activity.. I have been in sales for 30 years and have worked with people all of my life.. It is a joy to be able to help people to make the best choice in their purchases.. My philosophy is to talk with someone to learn about the person.. Once you know the person, you can then find what they are there to buy.. When I find out all of this information I can then begin to make recommendations for them to consider.. This process will help the person make the best choice for them.. I have put this same process to work in my personal life.. It is not about what I want for others, it is what they want or need for themselves.. To put it briefly,.. Every one, In every way, Every day.. Others; First, Last, and Always.. I have been fortunate to have been married for just over 36 years.. My wife was a public school teacher for  ...   before they commited their horrible acts on the children.. This is why it is a must for parents to limit a child s activities on the web.. A child will not know the danger of some of these blog websites.. They don t know how much information they are giving to people on the internet.. Blogs are great tools for children and teens to talk and share with each other, but only if parents warn their children about the information they give out and how it can be wrongly used by some people.. Also on this site I will be putting some fun and exciting websites for children and teens to learn from.. There will also be some sites they can go to play games.. Hopefully parents will go there with their children to help them learn as well as play games with them online.. No child should ever be on the internet without parental supervision.. If my words scare both parents and their children, then I have succeeded in my mission.. It makes me sick that children are being exploited.. All they want to do is enjoy themselves on the internet.. I hope this website helps everyone who comes here.. However, if only one person is helped then I still have been successful.. If anyone has any ideas for this sites content, please e-mail me at the address listed below or use the suggestion form listed below.. I pray that all of you will tell others about this site.. If we don t save the children of the world from harm, then who will?.. Thank you,.. org -.. A-Better-Child.. E-mail Address:.. Phone: 1 (803) 392-1269.. We invite you to visit our sister sites listed below.. A Better Child - A Safer Child -.. http://A-Better-Child.. tripod.. http://savethefamily.. Also visit the site below to get more insight for parents.. sitesforparents.. com - Top parenting sites ranked by popularity..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: John Bush, Owner.. *Phone: 1 (803) 392-1269.. *NOTE: Our phone hours are: 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday.. At this time we are unable to continuously man this phone the entire hours listed.. You may leave a message and someone will return your call within the next 24 hours.. We appoligize for the inconvenience, your business and your satisfaction are very important to us.. E-MAIL ADDRESSES:.. For sales and product questions:.. For making donations:.. For testimonials, suggestions, general questions:.. To report problems with the website:..  ...   email:.. It may take up to 48 hours for us to respond to your request.. For your convience, we also have autoresponders listed through out our site.. You will receive an automated confirmation e-mail from us, telling you we have received your e-mail.. 1.. Security.. About SSL Certificates.. Email Address.. Comments.. Verifier.. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.. Please enter the code exactly as it is shown in the graphic.. Your Code.. Enter Code.. Update.. Submit..

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