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  • Title: AFAC :: HOMEPAGE
    Descriptive info: .. Who we are.. Message from the chairman.. Message from the director.. Board of Trustees.. AFAC's Circle of Friends.. Team.. Partners.. ACEF 2014.. Donate.. Current open calls.. General grants.. Special programs.. Jurors.. The AFAC-Info Animation 2014.. AFAC News.. Grantees News.. Arts and Culture News.. Opportunities.. Gallery.. Reports.. Grantees Stories.. Voices.. Mapping AFAC.. Guidelines.. Financials.. On Philanthropy.. Useful Links.. HOME.. ABOUT US.. DONORS.. SUPPORT US.. APPLY.. GRANTEES.. BULLETIN.. RESOURCES.. CALENDAR.. FAQs.. CONTACT.. ADPP.. STORIES.. VOICES.. Login.. English.. عربي.. " style="background:#ff9b0f; height:20px; margin:0px; padding:2px; float:right;" />.. Highlights.. Invest in Talent and the Future.. Postponing the AFAC Creative Documentary Masterclass in Riyadh.. AFAC hosts ACEF 2014 reception at Otium, hosted by Rami Melek El-Nimer.. AFAC announces the 2014 Grantees of the Arab Documentary Photography Program.. AFAC s 2014 call for Music and RTR is now open.. AFAC s Jurors: 128 Cultural Critics, Curators and Producers of the Arab Region.. AFAC s 2014 Cinema call for applications is now open.. Tales of the Moroccan Amazons.. Zara Samiry.. The fantasia or the tbourida  ...   in conditions far from luxurious.. These workers are.. 23.. The 25th Sunny Side of the Docs.. 23 Jun 2014.. La Rochelle - France.. 20.. Announcement of ADP s second round grantees.. 20 Jul 2014.. 30.. Announcement of 2014 General Grant 1st open Call grantees.. 30 Jul 2014.. 01.. Deadline for AFAC s Cinema open call.. 01 Aug 2014.. Deadline for AFAC s General Grants 2nd open call.. 01 Sep 2014.. 04.. Toronto International Film Festival.. 04 Sep 2014.. Toronto - Canada.. Full Calendar.. Dok Leipzig Co-Production Meeting.. Two AFAC films awarded at Ismailia Festival.. AFAC Film Week 2014 report is now online.. Job Vacancy at AFAC.. Pre- Fête de la Musique Party, live at Radio Beirut.. Body Tells a Story.. The Imaginary Aquarium to be exhibited in Casablanca.. Visa for Music open call.. The ABRAAJ Art Prize open call.. Mohammad is saved from the Water to be screened in Marrakech.. Site Map.. |.. Contact Us.. | Copyright 2014 AFAC | Designed by.. Omar Mismar.. | Developed by.. Fusion Second..

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  • Title: AFAC :: OVERVIEW
    Descriptive info: About us.. /.. AFAC's Circle of Friends.. Vision Objectives.. AFAC envisions a thriving Arab art and cultural scene, one that is confident in its expression, open to dialogue, accessible to all and sustained locally by committed patrons.. Two fundamental principles guide AFAC s mode of work: transparency in the grant giving process and independence through a diversity of funding sources.. Our objectives vis-à-vis creative communities are:.. - To increase and enhance contemporary art and culture production and research;.. - To support capacity-building and training in the cultural sector;.. - To perpetuate cultural exchange and collaboration across the region and globally;.. - To deliver a sustainable source of funding for outstanding and meaningful cultural work;.. - To identify and develop distribution channels for Arab cultural production in the region and beyond.. Our objectives vis-à-vis audiences are:.. - To cultivate appreciation and engagement with contemporary art and culture among the wider Arab publics;.. - To encourage patronage and philanthropy towards arts and culture activities with individuals, corporations and foundations;.. Our objectives vis-à-vis the public sector:.. - To advocate  ...   initiative that funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts while facilitating cultural exchange, research and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.. The measurable impact of AFAC s work ranges from Arab filmmakers screening their films at international film festivals; to translations of foreign contemporary literature into Arabic, distributed for free on the Internet; to archives that collect, document and preserve images of daily life during better times, in conflict-torn countries like Lebanon and Iraq; to workshops that teach children to weave stories through puppetry and animation; to sharing contemporary narratives from the region with the global public.. Our grantees work has been reviewed in the local and international press; they have been invited to participate in high-profile festivals, artist exchanges and residencies, and have, in turn, inspired hundreds of others to pursue artistic endeavors through workshops and trainings.. Despite these successes and a measure of international recognition, AFAC awardees have overwhelmingly continued to work within the region and focus their cultural production on a local context..

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    Descriptive info: Dr.. Ghassan Salame s speech at AFAC s 2011 end of year event.. Our keen guardianship of AFAC s independence and professionalism marks us now, 7 years on, as a successful example of cultural philanthropy for the Arab region.. AFAC is setting a strong example of transparent grant-making; every penny is accounted for and there are no cutting corners or under-the-table agreements when it comes to influencing grant distribution.. The process is streamlined and AFAC relies on independent juror committees for its grantee selections.. Moreover, the smooth process of grant-making has allowed AFAC to widen its means of support to include opportunities for professional training and industry-networking to benefit artists together with financial sustenance.. If creativity is to flourish, both funds and exposure are needed, and there is no lack of either for the Arab region.. Nevertheless, the independent and simultaneously regional scope of AFAC s work is both its greatest strength and its weakness since it  ...   events or tall buildings.. Furthermore, AFAC gives full respect and copyright ownership of the products created with its grants to the artists themselves; it is part of our emphasis on empowering creativity and supporting an independent cultural sector.. While AFAC is playing a unique and much-needed role in the Arab region as a professional grant-maker, the fact remains that the majority of AFAC s funding comes from Non-Arabs.. This is unacceptable and needs to change.. Over the past few years, the ratio of Arab funding has gradually increased, but it is now more urgent to ramp up these efforts.. As the region seeks to redefine its future and its values, we must remember and strategize to keep a primacy of place for the field of arts and culture.. Only in creative expression can there be hope for the region to renew itself as a resilient and tolerant society, with all its multi-faceted diversities.. Ghassan Salamé, January 2014..

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    Descriptive info: Meshy Online - Performance by Khouloud Nasser - 2008.. 2013 was a year of consolidation for AFAC; our calls for proposal are now the most preferred access point to funding by independent artists across the Arab region.. The steadiness of our grant making programs has allowed us to focus our attention on long-term strategies for developing local philanthropy in the cultural sector.. Pioneering the cause of arts and culture as a worthy investment is no simple task.. Over the past year, we found ourselves talking about arts and culture with directors of leading petrochemical companies, construction companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.. , inviting them to channel their CSR support towards our artists - a juxtaposition that would have been far-fetched  ...   and culture with 200 corporations in the region and are developing tools that aim to better connect donors with recipients.. What are the different motivations that inspire people to support the arts? From personal development to financial investment, education to international diplomacy, there are many compelling reasons, but it is important that discussions between fund-seekers and fund-providers remain transparent and properly framed from the onset.. Finally, in spite of the images of gloom and grim realities broadcast to the world from this region in 2013, our artists will continue unabated to inspire their communities and instill hope where it is needed most.. They continue to project with confidence and resourcefulness, their vision of a better world.. Oussama Rifahi, January 2014..

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    Descriptive info: Donors.. Ghassan Salamé.. Chairman.. Nabil Qaddumi.. Vice Chair Treasurer.. Suzanne Wettenschwiler.. Statutory Secretary.. Mohammed Berrada.. Member.. Ferial Ghazoul.. Sawsan Al-Fahoum Jafar.. Abbas Zuaiter.. Hani Kalouti.. Amr Ben Halim.. Abla Lahhoud.. Olfat Al-Mutlaq Juffali.. Oussama Rifahi.. Executive Director.. Ghassan Salamé is Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs/PSIA and professor of International Relations at Sciences-Po (Paris) and Columbia University (New York).. Born in1951 in Lebanon, he studied Law (Saint- Joseph University and Paris University); Literature (PhD, Paris University); and Political science (PhD, Paris University).. He taught international relations at the American and Saint-Joseph universities in Beirut and, later, at Paris University.. Salamé was Senior Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General (2003-2006) and Political Advisor to the UN Mission in Iraq (2003).. In 2000-2003, he was Lebanon s Minister of Culture, in charge  ...   of the Open Society Institute (New York), The Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria), the Center for International Conflict Resolution (New York), the Center for Humanitarian Action (Geneva) and a few other not-for-profit organizations.. He is the founding chairman of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (Beirut).. He is the author of (inter alia) Quand l Amérique refait le monde; Appels d empire : ingérences et résistances à l âge de la mondialisation; State and Society in the Arab Levant and editor (inter alia) of Democracy Without Democrats: Politics of Liberalization in the Arab and Muslim World; The Politics of Arab Integration and The Foundations of the Arab State.. His essays have been published in Foreign Policy, Revue Française de Science Politique, European Journal of International Affairs, The Middle East Journal and other scholarly journals..

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  • Title: AFAC :: Circle of Friends
    Descriptive info: From AFAC s end of year event - Dubai - December 2013.. AFAC s Circle of Friends are culture aficionados passionate about supporting the arts in the Arab world today.. They recognize artistic production as an expression of creativity and talent.. They believe that cultural work is a valuable source of inspiration and thought, that it  ...   time and their resources to help spread AFAC s vision within their communities.. They are ambassadors for AFAC and we would like to thank them for their support.. Abdulhakeem Hakeem.. Fayez Haifa Takieddine.. Hanan Sayed-Worell.. Mona Khashoggi.. Najat Rizk.. Olivia and Bassem Snaije.. Rami el-Nimer.. Rana Sadik.. Rasha Salti.. Rima Abushakra.. Rula Alami.. Saadallaha and Lubna Khalil..

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  • Title: AFAC :: TEAM
    Descriptive info: rifahi@arabculturefund.. org.. Cathy Khattar.. Project Coordinator.. cathy.. khattar@arabculturefund.. Nahed Mokdad.. Finance Officer.. nahed.. mokdad@arabculturefund.. Rachad Chamoun.. Content Manager.. rachad.. chamoun@arabculturefund.. Racha Salah.. Grants Manager.. racha.. salah@arabculturefund.. Rawan Al-Kayali.. Office Coordinator.. rawan.. kayali@arabculturefund.. Rima Mismar.. Film Programs Manager.. rima.. mismar@arabculturefund.. Zena Takieddine.. Communications Officer.. zena.. takieddine@arabculturefund..

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  • Title: AFAC :: PARTNERS
    Descriptive info: Arab Foundations Forum - AFF.. The Arab Foundations Forum is an association for foundations in the Arab region to foster dialogue, networking, learning and collaborating among themselves and with partners in order to strengthen the capacity of Arab philanthropy to fulfill its vision.. AFAC is currently a board member of the AFF.. Association Tunisienne d Action pour le Cinéma- ATAC.. Founded in 2009 to help promote film as a liberator of thought and imagination, ATAC aims to contribute to the reform and development of the film industry in Tunisia by promoting the dissemination of film culture, the reorganization of the business of film and the enhancement of Tunisian film production, financing and distribution.. BEIRUT DC.. Founded in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1999 by a group of cinema professionals and art advocates, the aim of Beirut DC was to provide help and support to Arab independent filmmakers, in facing up and overcoming the constraints facing independently-minded Arab cinema.. Canvas.. Celebrating 10 years of publishing, Canvas is the premier magazine for art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world.. With intelligent in-depth articles on everything from the visual arts to museums, galleries, photography and design, each issue also carries an exclusive feature.. Dubai International Film Festival.. The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) is the leading film festival in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.. Since its inception in 2004, the festival has served as an influential platform for Arab filmmakers and talent at an international level, by spearheading the cinema movement in the region.. The partnership between DIFF and AFAC in December 2012 brings synergy to their shared belief in Arab cinema and the need for comprehensive support.. Kremerata Baltica.. Founded in 1997 by the renowned violinist Gidon Kremer, the Grammy-award winning chamber orchestra Kremerata Baltica is considered one of the most prominent international ensembles in Europe.. Maestro Kremer intentionally selected young, enthusiastic musicians in order to stave off the feared orchestritis that afflicts career orchestra musicians.. Essential to Kremerata Baltica s artistic personality is its creative approach to programming, which often looks beyond the mainstream and has given rise to numerous world premieres.. Since its  ...   and implementing initiatives to show our ongoing commitment to the environment, education, supporting entrepreneurship, and humanitarian causes.. It s MBC Hope.. Prince Claus Fund - PCF.. The Prince Claus Fund supports artists, critical thinkers and cultural organizations in spaces where freedom of cultural expression is restricted by conflict, poverty, repression, marginalization or taboos.. Based on the principle that culture is a basic need, the mission of the Fund is to actively seek cultural collaborations and foster groundbreaking networks, based on equality and trust.. The Fund also boasts excellent local networks in regions where it is active.. The Fund with partners of excellence, in spaces where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited and cultural heritage is threatened.. These regions include Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and (non-EU) Eastern Europe.. RAWI SCREENWRITERS LAB.. Launched in 2005 by the Royal Film Commission (RFC) in Jordan, Rawi is a screenplay development lab founded in consultation with the Sundance Institute.. Independent Arab screenwriters and directors are offered the chance to develop their work in a creative environment under the guidance of internationally acclaimed screenwriters from all over the world where emphasis is placed on each participant s individual voice and story.. SEMAT.. An association founded in Cairo, Egypt, by a group of young filmmakers in October 2001, its objective is to provide a space for independent cinema and to support filmmakers to realize their films without being limited by the mainstream productions dominating the Egyptian market.. Semat also encourages the youth to make their own audio-visual creations and empowers new generations of filmmakers.. SUNDANCE INSTITUTE.. Since 1981, Sundance Institute has evolved to become an internationally-recognized nonprofit organization that actively advances the work of risk-taking storytellers worldwide.. Originally founded by Robert Redford in the mountains of Sundance, Utah, Sundance Institute has always provided a space for independent artists to explore their stories free from commercial and political pressures.. The Sundance Institute became partners with AFAC as part of the Arab Documentary Film Program launched in 2009 as a three-year program that would give Arab documentary filmmakers professional support of international caliber and wider visibility..

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    Descriptive info: Still from Nation Estate by Larissa Sansour.. Invest.. About ACEF.. Culture plays a crucial role in our societies.. Particularly now, as the Arab region is challenged to redefine itself in the face of clichés of intolerance, extremism and backwardness and in the midst of political turmoil and upheavals, investing in diversity, tolerance and creativity is at the heart of the matter.. Through a myriad of means, forms and open expression, the thinkers and cultural practitioners of the Arab region are stimulating important discussions and offering new perspectives.. Investing in this fund is investing in those voices of the future for the benefit of each one us, for our communities, and the whole world.. One thousand shares will be available to be acquired at $1,000 per share for a total of $1 million.. The Fund will be dedicated to support 50 cultural projects in the categories of literature, visual arts, performing arts, cinema, music, and research, documentary film and photography, training and regional events through AFAC s calls for proposals in 2014, following a rigorous and transparent juror selection process.. The Fund will only cover project work of the selected grantees with no overhead or administration fees, and the return on investment for shareholders is the social impact these projects will provide to their communities and societies.. A final report will be published on April 15th 2015 and will include the list of beneficiaries, grantees stories and an assessment of the overall performance of the Fund.. How to acquire shares?.. Shares can be purchased by wire transfer to AFAC s account, listed below.. Please indicate your name on the transfer instruction, the transfer amount, and the mention ACEF2014.. Please also send an email to.. investinculture@arabculturefund.. notifying us of your purchase, where you heard of the Fund and your mailing address.. - You will receive an email confirmation within 2 weeks of receiving the payment.. - Your name will be credited on the Fund  ...   Evangelista joins ACEF shareholders community.. 2014-05-05.. Sara Salem Mohammad Binladen invests in ACEF 2014.. 2014-05-03.. Maestro Gidon Kremer of Kremerata Baltica invests in ACEF 2014.. 2014-04-16.. Riyadh-based AFAC donors, Gail Malek Antabi, contribute to ACEF!.. 2014-04-15.. Beirut-based friend of AFAC Rima Abu Shakra to host an ACEF reception, April 17th.. Danya Alhamrani, Dania Nassief and Huda Kitmitto join ACEF shareholders community.. 2014-04-07.. ACEF fund exceeds 15% with the investments of Olfat Al-Mutlaq Juffali and Waleed Ghafari.. 2014-04-04.. Hanan Sayed, Steve Worell and Suheil Sabbagh join ACEF s shareholders community.. 2014-04-02.. Rana Sadik and Amin el Maghraby Join ACEF 2014 shareholders community.. 2014-03-20.. Amr ben Halim hosts an ACEF gathering with friends.. 2014-03-19.. Sawsan Asfari, Mariam Farag and Augusto Costa join ACEF 2014 shareholders community.. 2014-03-17.. Tafeeda and Ali Jarbawi join ACEF 2014 shareholders community.. 2014-03-14.. Omar Qattan invests in the Arab Creativity and Entrepreneurship Fund - ACEF.. 2014-03-10.. Zina Jardaneh, Marwan Al-Sayeh, Tayseer Barakat and Jawdat Shawwa join ACEF 2014 shareholders community.. 2014-03-07.. Rula Alami and Fouad Al-Khadra Join ACEF 2014 shareholders community.. 2014-03-04.. ACEF 2014 welcomes its first 4 shareholders: Najat Rizk, Sawsan Jafar, Rashad Khourshid and Walid Ramadan.. 2014-03-03.. AFAC launches the 2014 Arab Creativity and Entrepreneurship Fund - ACEF.. 2014-03-01.. Our Shareholders.. Abla Lahoud.. Chatila Fustok.. Nayla Saba Karkour.. Nada Saab.. Riad and Rafa Mourtada.. HRH Princess Adila bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.. Salah Fustok.. Maya Abdulmajeed and Tarek Sakka.. Mary Evangelista.. Sara Salem Mohammad Binladen.. Gidon Kremer.. Gail and Malek Antabi.. Danya Alhamrani.. Dania Nassief.. Huda Kitmitto.. Waleed Ghafari.. Hanan Sayed and Steve Worell.. Suheil Sabbagh.. Sherine Jafar.. Waleed Al Banawi.. Dina and Amine Jabali.. Yousef Asad.. Aman Trust.. Amin el Maghraby.. Rania and Omar Ashur.. Sawsan Asfari.. Mariam Farag and Augusto Costa.. Tafeeda and Ali Jarbawi.. Omar Qattan.. Zina Jardaneh.. Marwan Al-Sayeh.. Tayseer Barakat.. Jawdat Shawwa.. Fouad Al-Khadra.. Rashad Khourshid.. Walid Ramadan.. Sawsan Jafar.. 1 -5 shares.. 5 - 50 shares.. > 50 shares.. 26%.. 1,000,000 USD..

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    Descriptive info: From Eye of the Architect - a film by ADFP grantee Nadim Mishlawi.. Support us.. To support AFAC, please make your donations payable to:.. Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - Switzerland.. Bank Name:.. HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA.. 2, Quai du Général-Guisan.. Bank Address:.. P.. O.. Box 3580, Geneva, CH 1211, Switzerland.. BLICCHGG.. CH1008689050913420912.. Or.. Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - Lebanon.. Hamra Branch, Beirut, Lebanon.. Account Number:.. 0001-188597-002.. View the list of our Donors..

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