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  • Title: Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Follow:.. RSS.. Email.. Twitter.. Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi.. Home.. Contact Us/Membership.. Eyes on ISON.. Krittika.. Telescope Buying FAQs.. Telescope Shopping Directory, India.. Tutorials in Astronomy and Cosmology.. Apr 21.. 14.. Lyrid Meteor Showers Peak Apr 22nd.. by vidur.. Earth is passing through a debris field of meteors left behind by Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1).. These meteors manifest themselves to us as a Lyrids.. Expected activity at peak is 10-20 meteors per hour.. But since the weather is nice and warm outside AT NIGHT, its officially time to go out and enjoy these space rocks with friends and family.. Lyrids seem to radiate from the bright star Vega in Lyra ( hence the name Lyrids ).. For those who are not that interesting in meteors should know that what they lack in activity they make up in brightness.. Lyrid meteors are usually bright and chances of seeing fireballs are good.. Leave a comment.. Apr 18.. Earth Like Planet Discovered.. Using NASA s Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting in the habitable zone of another star.. The planet, named Kepler-186f orbits an M dwarf, or red dwarf, a class of stars that makes up 70 percent of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy.. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms the long held theory that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.. This means that with similar climate profiles like earth, life similar to earth may exist elsewhere in the universe.. The habitable zone is defined as the range of distances from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet.. While planets have previously been found in the habitable zone, the previous finds are all at least 40 percent larger in size than Earth and understanding their makeup is challenging.. Jan 17.. AAAD General Body Meet.. Greetings AAAD Members,.. I congratulate all of you as AAAD today celebrates its 2nd anniversary as a registered body.. This is to bring to notice all annual members (2013-2014) and all life members that in the governing body meeting held at the Nehru Planetarium on January 11, 2014 it was decided that AAAD will hold its Annual General Body Meeting on Sunday, February 16th 2014 at 12 noon.. We request all members to send the agendas they wish to be addressed at the  ...   travel to the future is allowed by special relativity, however there is much debate if we can actually go back in time.. The search as you may have expected didn t turn out much.. but made for a pretty good story.. To read more you can download their preprint paper.. here.. Nov 3.. 13.. Watch today s Hybrid Solar Eclipse Live Courtesy Slooh.. by Anindya Roy.. Sep 22.. Happy Equinox.. The Autumn equinox happens today Sept 22nd at 2044 UTC.. This moment marks the official end of summer in the Northern hemisphere and hopefully New Delhi too! Hopefully the weather gods will get the memo too.. The autumn equinox marks the time of equal length days and nights.. From now on nights will become longer than days in the northern hemisphere.. Hopefully that would mean that mortals can sleep a bit more.. Clear Skies.. Admin.. Jun 5.. Tonight s Sky- June 2013.. Apr 29.. Saturn at its best Opposition.. Greetings Fellow Astronuts.. Its a great time to go under the stars and look for Saturn.. Today on April 28th the planet makes its closest pass to earth in all of 2013.. Finding Saturn is easy.. Just look south for a bright magnitude 0 star due west of Spica in Virgo.. Happy Hunting!.. Mar 25.. XKCD: Starlight.. Mar 22.. Tonight s Sky, March 2013.. Older Entries.. COUNTDOWN WEBSITE.. Recent Posts.. Recent Comments.. Archives.. April 2014.. January 2014.. November 2013.. September 2013.. June 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. April 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. May 2008.. December 2007.. Categories.. fun.. tonight s sky.. Uncategorized.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. Comments.. WordPress.. About.. The Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi is a registered NGO under the Under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.. We are a mixed bag of astronomy enthusiasts dedicated to learning and popularizing astronomy in India.. Search.. Copyright 2014 Amateur Astronomer Association Delhi.. Titan Theme.. by.. The Theme Foundry..

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  • Title: Contact Us/Membership | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: Hey Everybody, We re located in the.. Nehru planetarium.. complex in Teen Murti Bhavan, New Delhi.. We usually meet Sundays here at noon, and you are free to joing us.. For a detailed meeting agenda visit our yahoo group.. Click to join aaadelhi.. If you  ...   membership form.. for you to download, fill out and bring to one of our meetings, along with the appropriate fees.. We re also present on Facebook.. No comments yet.. Click here to cancel reply.. Leave a Reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: Eyes on ISON | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: So what is comet ISON and why does it have a strange name.. ISON is an acronym for International Scientific Optical Network.. It is a consortium of several countries to detect and track objects in space like comets, asteroids etc.. This comet was named ISON because it was discovered using a 16 telescope stationed near Kislovodsk, Russia.. If you d like its formal name, you may refer to it as C/2012 S1.. The S1 suffix to the name is an indicator that it was discovered in September and 1 indicates that it was the first comet of the month.. Is ISON a threat to Earth?.. Nope.. The orbit of ISON has been determined.. It is a sungrazer.. That means that the come as close as 0.. 12 AU from the sun and about 0.. 4 AU from earth.. For the uninitiated 1 AU is the mean distance between the sun and earth.. What  ...   to the eyes.. How do I spot Comet ISON.. Comet ISON is currently to dim to be noticed by the naked eye.. Its about 12-13th magnitude, too dim to be noticed by small telescopes or binoculars, but easy to spot in larger telescopes and observatories.. However in the coming months its set to brighten up significantly.. For the enthusiast,.. click here.. for an ephemeris for the comet provided by.. Eyes on ISON India.. Campaign.. Here s a convenient sky map.. Updates.. To give you an idea about the progress of ISON s brightness increase, here is a plot of its magnitude (both predicted and observed) over the past year.. So far ground reports were somewhat disappointing, but this data from Lowell observatory suggests that the difference is not that far off.. Even if ISON does not appear as bright as a Mag 0 star, it might still brighten enough to be a visual treat..

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  • Title: Krittika | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: Krittika is a electronic magazine of our group by the group, for everyone to enjoy.. You can submit articles to the magazine too even if you are not a member.. Just send your manuscript to vidur_itm@yahoo.. com.. If you d like we may be able to arrange a peer review for your article.. The latest edition was published in Dec 2011.. Older issues are archived at.. HERE..

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  • Title: Telescope Buying FAQs | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: Q.. Help, I m a newbie, what telescope should I buy?.. A.. This would work a lot faster if you specify how deep your pocket runs.. It is best to keep aside atleast Rs 20,000/- for a decent scope that will last a while.. If you are buying one from abroad, say a US vendor, decent entry level scopes start from USD150 to USD 300.. Which scope is better? A reflector or a refractor?.. Well, there is no right answer.. There are however pros cons of both.. A reflector will cost you far less than a refractor for the same aperture.. The refractors usually come in high F-ratios like f/9 to f/15 which makes them great for planet viewing.. Reflectors on the other hand are good for DSOs where maximum light gathering ability is needed.. I found a cheap telescope in a mall yesterday.. Should I go for it?.. If its sold in a mall, its probably a toy Spend the money on something more useful.. This scope I saw had a 800x magnification, should I buy it?.. Never EVER buy a scope if its sales pitch is its magnification.. A telescopes absolute rating is its aperture.. i.. e tube diameter.. Bigger diameter tubes can grab more light and will resolve more details in deep sky objects.. However, most 6 + dobs are pretty fast i.. e  ...   that has a small F-ratio.. Most scopes around F/4 to F/6 are considered good for photography.. The reason for this is that small f ratios give a wide field of view of the object, which is good from the point of view that the required exposure times are smaller.. Secondly most DSOs like galaxies have pretty large angular spans.. For example the Andromeda galaxy M31 is 178 x 63 arc min across.. This is way bigger field than typical F/9 Newtonian designs.. Small F ratios are very popular in the amateur astronomer community.. However this does not apply for photographing planets.. To typically capture details on the planetary disc, a lot of magnification is required.. For example, Jupiter at opposition typically has an angular width of 29 arc seconds (compare this to galaxies) Also taking into account that Jupiter is almost a -2.. 5 mag at opposition, we do have some light to play with.. In this case F/9 F/11 optics are useful.. According to the author s experience, there is no 1 scope fits all.. You need to know what you d like to photograph before making a purchase decision.. This section is continuously being expanded.. If you are an experienced astronomer and would like to contribute to this page, please email vidur_itm@yahoo.. Your help in building this resource will be appreciated.. Since May 29th 2009..

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  • Title: Telescope Shopping Directory, India | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: This is a non comprehensive list of vendors who sell astronomy gear in India.. We do not affiliate ourselves with any of the vendors listed below.. To have your business listed free of charge email.. vidur_itm@yahoo.. Aperture Telescopes.. +91-124-2336947.. http://www.. aperturetelescopes.. com/.. Tejraj Co.. 4th Floor, 10/12, Dr.. Wilson Street,.. Off.. Vithalbhai Patel Road,.. Mumbai 400 004.. INDIA.. +91-022-23865649.. tejraj..

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  • Title: Tutorials in Astronomy and Cosmology | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: We re developing this page currently.. Stay tuned.. If you got an idea for a tutorial, please do email me at.. vidur underscore itm at yahoo dot com.. Upcoming Articles.. Orbital Mechanics, Retrograde Motion Vidur Parkash..

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  • Title: Lyrid Meteor Showers Peak Apr 22nd | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: Tags.. comet.. ,.. fireball.. lyra.. lyrids.. meteor.. thatcher.. vega.. by vidur on April 21st, 2014.. From..

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  • Title: Earth Like Planet Discovered | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: earth.. habitable.. kepler.. nasa.. planet.. by vidur on April 18th, 2014..

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  • Title: AAAD General Body Meet | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: finances.. gbm.. meeting.. membership.. noon.. office.. planee.. by vidur on January 17th, 2014..

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  • Title: Physicists Look for Evidence of time travellers on the internet | Amateur Astronomers Association Delhi
    Descriptive info: apod.. cosmology.. einstein.. physics.. relativity.. time.. by vidur on January 4th, 2014..

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    Archived pages: 320