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    Archived pages: 188 . Archive date: 2014-07.

    Descriptive info: .. Established in 1979, it brings together under one roof all the different branches of the law profession judges, law teachers, law practitioners and government lawyers.. The ALA is a dynamic organization, moving forward in collaborative efforts to understand and harmonise laws in the region.. It continues to play a complementary role in promoting a common ASEAN focus on key issues and policies.. Video:.. Bridging  ...   Treaty Status Database on the ratification status of ASEAN Treaties.. CIL Database of ASEAN and International Law Documents.. ALA Members Directory Launch Presentation.. Copyright 2004-2010 ASEAN Law Association.. Terms and Conditions.. This website was developed and is maintained with the kind support of the.. Singapore Academy of Law.. 35th ALA Governing Council Meeting, Meeting of ASEAN Chief Justices and CIL Plenary Conference.. Singapore.. 23-26 August 2013..

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    Descriptive info: Objectives.. |.. Organisational Structure.. Finance.. Brief History.. Membership.. The ASEAN Law Association is a non-government organization which brings together under one roof all the different branches of the law profession judges, law teachers, law practitioners and government lawyers.. It was formed in 1979 at an inaugural meeting at Jakarta.. The 9th ASEAN Law Association General Assembly in Bangkok in 2006.. Objectives.. The objectives of the Association are:.. a) To promote close relations, cooperation and mutual understanding amongst lawyers in the ASEAN countries;.. b) To provide the organisational framework for regional cooperation;.. i) in the study of and research in the laws of the ASEAN countries with a  ...   law faculties, legal research centres and other like institutions in the ASEAN countries;.. iii) in promoting, exchanging and disseminating information of the laws, legal systems and legal development of the ASEAN countries;.. iv) for the purpose of carrying into effect the objectives hereinbefore set out, in the publication of journals, newsletters, bulletins and in the organising of conferences, meetings, symposia, seminars and other discussions;.. c) To provide organisational facilities for ASEAN cooperation in conflict avoidance, in the arbitration or resolution of legal disputes in transnational contracts within the ASEAN region; and.. d) To cooperate with international, regional, national and other organisations in the furtherance of the aforementioned objectives..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Official Documents
    Descriptive info: Constitution.. (incorporating amendments as at 1st June 2004).. By-Laws.. (incorporating amendments as at 1st June 2004).. ALA Anthem.. (composed 12 Oct 2005)..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Office Holders
    Descriptive info: President.. Vice-Presidents.. Secretary-General.. Past Presidents.. Past Vice-Presidents.. Past Secretaries-General.. National Committees.. The President is elected at the General Assembly and holds office upon his election until the election of his successor at the next General Assembly.. The President acts as Chairman at all sessions of the Assembly and the Council.. As the chief executive, he exercises general supervision over all ALA activities and ensures that the resolutions of the Assembly or the Council are implemented.. He also performs such other duties and functions as the Council and the Assembly may determine or delegate.. Chief Justice Dr.. M.. Hatta Ali, SH.. , MH.. The Honourable Chief Justice Dr.. Hatta Ali was elected President of the ASEAN Law Association (ALA) on 18 February 2012 at the 11th General Assembly held in Bali, Indonesia.. Dr.. Hatta  ...   the Office of Ministry of Justice in 1978.. In 1982, he served as a candidate for Judge in the District Court of North Jakarta.. He was subsequently appointed a Judge in the District Court of Sabang in 1984 and later promoted as the Head of several District Courts in Indonesia: the District Court of Bitung (1996-1998), the District Court of Manado (2000-2001) and the District Court of Tangerang (2001-2003).. In 2003, he was promoted to Appeal Judge at the High Court of Appeal in Denpasar, Bali.. He subsequently served as Secretary to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (2004-2005), and as the Director General of Judicial Affairs (2005-2007).. He was elected a Justice of the Supreme Court in 2007 and then promoted to Deputy Chief Justice in charge of Supervision in 2009..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Standing Committees
    Descriptive info: The ALA has established seven Standing Committees to make recommendations to the Governing Council on matters relevant to legal cooperation among ASEAN countries in their respective fields.. Each Standing Committee is chaired by a different member country.. Standing Committee.. Chairing country.. Judicial Cooperation.. Thailand.. Judicial Cooperation Programme.. International Law.. Brunei Darussalam.. Legal Profession.. Philippines.. Business Law.. Malaysia.. WTO Study Group.. Singapore (Co-ordinator).. Legal Education.. Indonesia.. Legal Information.. Alternative Dispute Resolution.. Vietnam.. ADR Laws and Institutions..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: General Assemblies
    Descriptive info: A General Assembly is generally held once every three (3) years.. Unless circumstances otherwise require, the venue of each General Assembly is rotated among the member countries in alphabetical order.. 1st General Assembly.. Manila.. 24-29 Nov 1980.. 2nd General Assembly.. Kuala Lumpur.. 25-29 Oct 1982.. 3rd General Assembly.. Singapore.. 12-15 Nov 1984.. 4th General Assembly.. Bangkok.. 15-19 Nov 1986.. 5th General Assembly.. Bali.. 5-10 Dec 1989.. (ALA 10th Anniversary) Towards Harmonisation of  ...   7th General Assembly.. 6-10 Dec 1995.. 8th General Assembly.. 29 Nov - 2 Dec 2003.. ASEAN Laws in the 21st Century.. ALA 25th Anniversary.. Special Commemorative Session.. 24-27 Nov 2005.. 9th General Assembly.. 22-26 Nov 2006.. "Challenge of Globalization to Legal Services".. 10th General Assembly.. Hanoi.. 14-18 October 2009.. ASEAN Charter Taking ASEAN to New Heights.. 11th General Assembly.. 14-19 Feb 2012.. Embracing the New Role of ALA after the ASEAN Charter..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Governing Council Meetings
    Descriptive info: 7 - 8 May 1981.. 5 - 8 Feb 1982.. Chiang Mai.. 29 - 31 July 1983.. Medan.. 9 - 11 Dec 1983.. Tagaytay City.. 12 Nov 1984.. 28 Nov - 1 Dec 1985.. Cebu City.. 20 - 21 Jun 1986.. Penang.. 25 - 26 Jun 1987.. Bandar Seri Begawan.. 23 - 25 Jun 1988.. 26 - 28 May 1989.. 5 9 Dec 1989.. 23 - 24 Jun 1990.. Pattaya.. 28 Feb - 1 Mar  ...   26 Nov 1994.. Cebu City.. 23 - 25 Jun 1995.. 14 - 16 Jun 1996.. Jakarta.. 26 - 28 Sep 1997.. 3 - 5 May 2002.. 10 - 12 Dec 2002.. 1 Dec 2003.. 25 - 27 Jun 2004.. Chiang Rai.. 26 Nov 2005.. 3 June 2006.. 25 Nov 2006.. 21 July 2007.. 2 August 2008.. 9 - 12 April 2009.. Bandar Seri Begawan.. 16 Oct 2009.. 18-21 Feb 2010.. 3-6 Mar 2011.. 18 Feb 2012..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Speeches & Publications
    Descriptive info: Speeches.. Speeches / Publications by Country.. ALA Newsletters.. Speeches.. Keynote speech by the President of Indonesia, H.. E.. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the 11th General Assembly.. Addresses at the 10th General Assembly.. Addresses at the 9th General Assembly.. Address by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong at the Welcome Dinner of the ALA Inaugural Judicial Cooperation Programme and ALA Golf Tournament Singapore 2006.. Testimonial by ALA President Chao Hick Tin for Hon.. Artemio V.. Panganiban, Chief Justice of the Philippines.. Addresses at the ALA 25th Anniversary Special Commemorative Session.. Addresses at the 8th General Assembly..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Legal Systems In ASEAN
    Descriptive info: In 1982, at the initiative of then ALA President, the late Lord President of Malaysia, Tun Mohammed Suffian, the germinal seeds of ALA's publication,.. ASEAN Legal Systems.. were sown.. The objective was to put together a concise yet comprehensive and authoritative reference to the legal systems of nations in the ASEAN region, which would allow readers to gain a deeper insight into how the rule of law has brought each nation closer to the attainment of democratic ideals and aspirations.. In 1987, during the Presidency of Chief Justice Sansern Kraichitti,.. Legal Systems in the ASEAN Region.. was published, covering only 2 ASEAN legal systems.. It was to take no less than 13 years of committed collaborative labours before the authoritative volume, ASEAN Legal Systems was finally published, with the help  ...   write-up on the legal systems of Lao PDR and Vietnam, which were only formally inducted as members of the ALA in 2003.. The Governing Council therefore decided in 2004 to commence work on a new publication, entitled.. Legal Systems in ASEAN.. , which would be an up to date, comprehensive and authoritative compilation of the legal systems of all eight member nations of ALA.. The following is the fruit of committed collaborative labours inspired by shared ideals that the rule of law remains sovereign in every society in ASEAN.. Legal System in Brunei Darussalam.. Legal System in Cambodia.. Legal System in Indonesia.. Legal System in Lao PDR.. Legal System in Malaysia.. Legal System in Myanmar.. Legal System in Philippines.. Legal System in Singapore.. Legal System in Thailand.. Legal System in Vietnam..

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    Descriptive info: The majority of ASEAN countries are members of the World Trade Organization (WTO).. WTO decisions, arising both through its negotiations as well as its Dispute Settlement Body, have important legal, economic and political implications for ASEAN members.. Already, ASEAN members have been actively involved in several disputes at the WTO, either directly or as third parties to proceedings.. As a result of the tremendous interest shown at the.. in Singapore on the issue of WTO decisions and their impact for ASEAN countries, a WTO Study Group was established in  ...   and views, and research on the interaction of WTO and ASEAN.. The Study Group comprises ASEAN lawyers and academics who are interested in promoting discourse, training and writing in this area.. By drawing on its diverse membership comprising public and private sector legal practitioners and academics, the ALA is in a position to make a significant contribution to the learning in this area.. Coordinator and Members of WTO Study Group.. Publications on WTO-ASEAN Trade Issues and ASEAN Integration:.. Regional Trade Agreements.. WTO Legal Issues.. ASEAN and WTO.. ASEAN Integration..

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  • Title: ASEAN LAW ASSOCIATION: Golf Chapter
    Descriptive info: The ASEAN Law Association Golf Chapter was originally organised at the initiative of Atty Avelino V.. Cruz, Chairman of ALA Philippines at the Governing Council Meeting in Singapore held on 11 December 2002.. The group was formed to promote fellowship and to foster interaction and mutual cooperation among lawyers and judges in ASEAN countries.. The inaugural tournament was held at the Sta.. Elena Golf and Country Club in Laguna, Philippines on 7 March, 2003.. Golfers from Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines, led by senior justices and lawyers participated in the tournament.. At the reception held at the Manila Golf Country Club, the By-laws of the Chapter were adopted and its initial officers elected, namely: Justice Dato' James Foong Cheng Yuen of Malaysia as Chairman and Atty Salvador C.. Medialdea of the Philippines as Secretary General.. On  ...   was elected as succeeding Chairman.. It was also agreed that, for convenience, the Secretary General of the ALA Golf Chapter would be from the same country as the Chairman.. Accordingly, Mr Low Siew Joon of Singapore was elected Secretary General.. On 4 March 2011, at the reception following the 8th ALA Championship Golf Tournament at Burapha Golf Club in Pattaya, Thailand, it was announced that Mr Charles Lim and Mr Low Siew Joon would be retiring as Chairman and Secretary General respectively.. Justice Datuk Bentara Luar Dato Hashim bin Dato Haji Yusoff of Malaysia was elected as Chairman and Mr K Puspalingam of Malaysia was elected as Secretary General.. Leadership.. Meet the Chairman, Secretary General and Founding Members of the ALA Golf Club.. Past Tournaments.. Where have we played?.. Upcoming Tournaments.. Where we are playing next..

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  • Archived pages: 188