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    Archived pages: 62 . Archive date: 2014-08.

  • Title: Arasan Chess
    Descriptive info: .. Arasan chess.. by Jon Dart.. Home.. Downloads.. FAQ.. Games.. Tournaments.. Game Downloads.. Tests.. Test Results.. Arasan Test Suite.. Tech Blog.. Links.. Contact.. What's New.. May 2014.. Arasan 17.. 2 released.. 1 released.. Mar.. 2014.. 0 released.. Updated test suite.. Jan.. 2013 server games available.. Arasan is a chess program for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.. The latest version is Arasan  ...   interface (for Windows only) and a console-based chess engine for use with.. Winboard.. or xboard.. Arasan also works with.. Arena.. , another free chess interface, and with UCI-compatible programs like Fritz and Chessbase.. Arasan includes an opening "book" with over 400,000 moves.. Since version 14.. 0, the Arasan chess engine has been licensed under the.. MIT License.. Copyright 1994-2014 by Jon Dart..

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  • Title: Arasan Downloads
    Descriptive info: /.. Arasan Downloads.. Click on one of the links below to download the latest version of Arasan.. Note: if you have difficulty downloading the Mac binaries (.. dmg file), try right-click to save.. Current engine source code is available on.. GitHub.. now (but official releases will continue to be hosted here).. Version 17.. 2.. Windows installer.. Linux/Mac source (tarball).. Source code for Windows.. Windows engine + book only (includes 64-bit versions).. Linux chess engine binaries + book..  ...   Nalimov tablebase support.. Gaviota tablebase support.. Selected older versions are still available:.. 1.. Windows engine + book.. Linux tarball.. Windows source.. 0.. Version 16.. 3.. Version 15.. 6.. 5.. 4.. Version 14.. 2b.. Version 13.. Version 12.. Version 11.. 7.. Version 10.. Version 9.. 5.. Version 8.. Version 7.. Version 6.. Version 5.. Version 2.. 2 (for Windows 3.. 1).. Executable.. Version 1.. 0 (Windows 3.. 1, March 1994).. Source.. Copyright 2008-2012 by Jon Dart.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Arasan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Descriptive info: What does "Arasan" mean?.. Arasan means "king" in Tamil, a language spoken in South India and Sri Lanka.. It is related to the Sanskrit word "raja.. " The Arasan website header has "Arasan" written in Tamil script.. How strong a chess player is Arasan?.. It's hard to say, because Arasan has not competed in tournaments with humans, which is the only way to get a truly accurate rating.. Also, its strength will vary quite a bit depending on the speed and memory size of the machine on which it is run.. And it isn't always consisent: I have seen it beat International Masters and then lose to much lower-rated players.. However, my belief is that players who are at or below Master level will find it challenging to play.. I think Arasan made an illegal move.. I moved my pawn two squares forward and Arasan captured it with the pawn next to it.. This is called an "en passant" capture (French for "in passing").. It is a legal chess move.. See this.. Wikipedia article.. for a detailed explanation of the en passant rule.. How can I configure Arasan for best performance?.. You should set the "threads" option to the number of physical cores on your computer, and you should set the hash table size reasonably large but probably not more than 1/2 of the RAM on your computer.. (Arasan also runs somewhat better on a 64-bit  ...   arasan.. exe, the Arasan window is not active, but the bottom tool bar shows Arasan is running.. Clicking on it does not show the application.. I have occasionally had reports of this problem.. You can try this:.. Run the program "regedt32" (from the Start Menu, click Run and then type in this name).. Regedt32 shows a list of folders on the left-hand side.. Click on the + button next to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" to expand it.. Click on the + button next to "Software".. Select the "Arasan" folder.. Type the delete key.. It will warn you about deleting but just say Yes - it is safe.. Restart Arasan.. This removes any settings in the Registry and will cause Arasan to start with default values, including board size and location.. I want to distribute Arasan on a CDROM or in a magazine or though download.. The Arasan chess GUI and chess engine binaries on this site are freely redistributable, provided that:.. They are distributed in unmodified form.. No more than a nominal fee is charged for copying or media.. If you think your distribution arrangement isn't covered under this, or need some more formal authorization, please contact me.. I want to use Arasan in a commercial product or Web offering, possibly in a modified version.. Arasan chess engine source code is available under the MIT license (see.. license.. ), which permits reuse in this way.. Copyright 1994-2012 by Jon Dart..

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  • Title: Rating and Tournament Info
    Descriptive info: / Games.. Rating and Tournament Info.. Arasan has been playing on a couple of Internet chess servers -.. FICS.. (since December 1996), and.. ICC.. Its rating fluctuates, but on FICS lately it's around 2400-2500 (blitz) and on ICC 2700-2800 (click.. here.. to see Arasan's latest rating on ICC).. Note: these are server ratings and don't necessarily correspond to any other rating scheme (FIDE, USCF, etc.. ).. Arasan appears in several independent rating lists, including.. SSDF.. ,.. CEGT.. and.. CCRL.. Arasan has participated in the following on-line tournaments:.. Tournament.. Date.. Result.. CCT2.. Nov.. 2000.. 3.. 5/7.. CCT3.. May 2001.. 3/8.. CCT4.. 2002.. 5.. 5/11.. CCT5.. 2003.. 4.. 5/9.. CCT6.. Jan/Feb 2004.. 5/9.. CCT7.. Feb.. 2005.. CCT-Blitz 2005.. Oct..  ...   June 2008.. 14/36.. 3rd ACCA Pan-Am Computer Chess Chmp.. 2008.. 3/6.. 4th ACCA Pan-Am Computer Chess Chmp.. 2009.. 3/12.. 4th World Computer Rapid Chess Chmp.. July 2010.. 10/19.. 5th ACCA Pan-Am Computer Chess Chmp.. Nov 2010.. CCT-13.. Jan 2011.. CCT-13 blitz.. 6th ACCA Pam-Am Computer Chess Chmp.. 2011.. 5/6 (3rd place).. CCT 14.. 2012.. 9/18.. CCT 14 Blitz.. 11/14.. 6th Annual WCRCC.. July 2012.. 6/11.. 7th ACCA Pan-Am Computer Chess Chmp.. 5/6 (first place).. CCT 15.. 2013.. CCT 15 Blitz.. 5/7 (3rd place).. 7th Annual WCRCC.. July 2013.. 1/11 (1st place).. CCT-16.. 5/6 (4th place).. 1st CSVN Internet Tournament.. 5/7 (3rd place).. 46th CSVN Programmer's Tournament.. 5/7 (2nd place).. World Computer Rapid Chess Championship 2014.. Jul 2014.. 5/10..

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  • Title: Arasan Game Downloads
    Descriptive info: Arasan Games.. You can download collections of Arasan games:.. games from 1999-2004.. games from 2005.. games from 2006.. games from 2007.. games from 2008.. games from 2009.. games from 2010.. games from 2011.. games from 2012.. games from 2013.. Misc.. Computer Games.. Over 90,000 computer chess games from playchess.. com, 2008-2013 (mostly longer time controls (not blitz), filtered to remove time forfeits and disconnects):.. playchess.. zip.. Big file (62MB zipped) containing 190,000+ computer chess games from Arasan and many other programs, 1995-2014, mostly longer time controls:.. ccomp.. (last updated 22-Mar-2014)..

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  • Title: Chess Tests
    Descriptive info: / Tests.. Arasan Test Results.. Following are some test results from the latest version of Arasan.. These tests were run on an i5-2500k processor (4 cores), under Windows 7 x64, with a 4GB hashtable size.. 5-man tablebases were available.. All the test positions are available for download.. (last test update 25-Mar-2014).. Time Limit.. 2 results.. Win At Chess (new).. 10 sec.. 298/300.. arasan17.. 60 sec.. 115/250.. ecmgcp.. 164.. iq4.. 169.. Pet.. 42/48.. EET.. 81/100.. BT2630.. 900 sec.. 30/30.. (rating: 2630).. Lapuce II.. 600 sec.. 30/35.. (rating: 2800)..

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  • Title: Arasan Test Suite
    Descriptive info: epd contains a set of 250 chess problems, drawn from a variety of human and computer games.. They range in difficulty, but most are non-trivial and some are quite hard.. This is the latest version of the test suite.. Some positions in this file are "avoid move" positions where there is a bad but superficially tempting move.. The testsuite was last  ...   can download them in a single file via this link:.. Download Arasan Testsuite (version 17).. Some older versions are also available:.. Arasan Testsuite (version 16).. Arasan Testsuite (version 15).. Arasan Testsuite (version 14).. Arasan Testsuite (version 13).. Arasan Testsuite (version 12).. Arasan Testsuite (version 11).. Arasan Testsuite (version 10).. Go to position number:.. Your browser doesn't support iFrames (required for EPD display)..

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  • Title: Arasan Tech Blog
    Descriptive info: Arasan chess.. Annotated Games.. July 2014.. Dec.. Sept.. May 2013.. June 2012.. May 2012.. Aug 2011.. May 2011.. Oct 2010.. Jul 2010.. Jun 2010.. Feb 2010.. Jan 2010.. Nov 2009.. Oct 2009.. Jun 2009.. Mar 2009.. Dec 2008.. Nov 2008.. Oct 2008.. Sept 2008.. Aug 2008.. Your browser doesn't support iFrames (required for game display).. Copyright 2008-2014 by Jon Dart..

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  • Title: Chess Links
    Descriptive info: Chess Links.. There are lots of freeware chess programs available on the Net.. Many of these do not have their own user interface but instead work with separate interface programs such as.. or.. xboard.. For a big list of available programs, see Leo Dijksman's excellent.. WBEC web site.. or the.. Computer Chess Wiki.. Following are some links to free chess engines I'm especially familiar with, and recommend.. All of these play a decent game of chess, good enough to be challenging for most amateurs.. Stockfish and Critter are probably the strongest of these (MinkoChess and Protector are also very good).. Free chess engines.. The Baron.. Bugchess2.. Crafty.. Critter..  ...   earlier free versions still available:.. Rybka:.. free.. commercial.. Houdini:.. Some chess tools I use regularly include.. ChessBase.. pgn-extract.. epd2wb.. PolyGlot.. cutechess-cli.. CLOP.. BayesElo.. Good general chess sites I like include.. Chess Cafe.. TWIC.. (The Week in Chess), and.. chessgames.. com.. If you want more info about chess programming, you might look at the following sites:.. Wikipedia Computer Chess entry.. Chess Programming Wiki.. Paul Verhelt's Computer Chess Programming page.. Robert Hyatt's web site.. Programming Topics (Bruce Moreland).. Programmer Stuff (Ed Schröder).. Chess Programming Theory (Colin Frayn).. Computer Chess Forum.. International Computer Games Association (ICGA).. Also check out.. ERIC.. , a robot that plays chess using a modified version of Arasan!..

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  • Title: Contact Form
    Descriptive info: Contact Form.. If you are reporting a bug, please try to give a set of steps that can make it happen repeatedly, so that I can see the problem on my system.. If there was an error message from the operating system or program, please tell me what the message said.. Your Name:.. Your Email:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Arasan Chess Engine Licensing
    Descriptive info: License.. Arasan Chess Engine.. Copyright 1994-2012 Jon Dart.. LICENSE.. Arasan chess engine software, including the contents of the src, book, doc, prj, and tests directories of the software archive, is distributed under the following License:.. Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:.. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES  ...   OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.. Notes:.. The source code for Arasan includes optional support for both Gaviota and Nalimov tablebases.. Nalimov tablebase support requires use of the egtb.. cpp file, which is copyrighted by Eugene Nalimov, and the tbdecode.. h file, copyrighted by Andrew Katatch.. These files are no longer distributed with the Arasan source.. However, Arasan binaries provided by Jon Dart include the Nalimov tablebase support.. Gaviota tablebase probing code is available separately, under the same license used by the Arasan chess engine, from.. Miguel Ballicora.. or from arasanchess.. org.. The Arasan user interface, source of which is in the "gui" directory of the Windows source archive, relies on copyrighted chess fonts and is not included under this license.. The Arasan Windows GUI (binary and source) and Arasan chess engine binaries from Jon Dart may be freely distributed, provided that:.. 1.. 2..

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  • Archived pages: 62