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  • Title: Alaska Mountain Rescure Group - First In, Last Out
    Descriptive info: .. Alaska Mountain Rescure Group - First In, Last Out.. ABOUT.. |.. NEWS.. DONATE.. MEMBERSHIP.. TRAINING.. CALENDAR.. SPONSORS.. SAR LINKS.. LOGIN.. CONTACT US.. © Copyright Alaska Mountain Rescue Group |.. Site Design by 512 Interactive LLC..

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  • Title: About AMRG
    Descriptive info: HOME.. ABOUT US.. CONTACT.. About AMRG.. Alaska Mountain Rescue Group (AMRG) is a nonprofit volunteer search and rescue organization based in Anchorage, Alaska, dedicated to providing search and rescue services in Alaska.. Founded in 1960, our organization consists of dedicated, professional volunteers with extensive backcountry experience who train regularly to bring people who are lost, injured, stranded, or deceased back to their families.. AMRG is a fully-accredited mountain rescue unit within the.. Mountain Rescue Association.. (MRA) and our members train to standards set by both the MRA and the National Association for Search and Rescue (.. NASAR.. ).. Our focus is on assisting injured and lost persons in the Alaska backcountry, particluarly in areas where specialized high-angle and mountaineering skills are required.. AMRG conducts emergency  ...   season, day or night operating capability.. The ability to operate in the field for up to 72 hours without resupply.. Stand alone radio communications.. Mission management using the Incident Command System.. Our members come from all walks of life and include mountain climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers, ski patrollers, snowmachiners, and military personnel who have committed to serving the citizens of Alaska by using their skills to help others in their time of need.. Our members are expected to train regularly and be in a position to respond to missions whenever the call comes in.. If you are interested in volunteering with AMRG, please review our.. Membership.. page and complete a membership application.. © Copyright 2014 Alaska Mountain Rescue Group |.. Site Design by 512Interactive LLC..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. AMRG celebrated its 50th anniversary.. on Saturday, November 13, 2010, with a family-friendly potluck, video presentations, and other activities at Kincaid Park Chalet in Anchorage.. Current and previous members, guests of AMRG, and representatives from other Alaska volunteer SAR groups were in attendance to share tales from the past and compare the evolution of volunteer mountain rescue in Alaska over the past five decades.. If you missed the party but are a past member with a memorable mission, story, or photo please send it to.. amrg@amrg.. org..

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  • Title: Donate
    Descriptive info: Donate.. Thank you for your support!.. The Alaska Mountain Rescue Group is a nonprofit charitable volunteer organization and as such our operations are funded primarily by donations from the community.. Contributions made to AMRG are tax deductable under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.. You can help support AMRG by mailing a check or you can donate with a credit card via PayPal.. Donation checks can be written to AMRG and mailed to:.. Alaska Mountain Rescue Group.. PO Box  ...   eligible for the Permanent Dividend Fund also have the option to donate to the group through the.. Pick.. Click.. Give.. Program.. Federal employees can support AMRG through the.. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC.. State of Alaska employees can donate through the state employee.. Share Campaign.. If your organization or company would like to support AMRG, we have a sponsorship program and we would be interested in adding your organization to our.. Sponsors.. list.. Please let us know using our.. contact form..

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  • Title: Membership Info
    Descriptive info: Membership Info.. AMRG members bring a variety of skills to SAR operations.. It is not necessary that every member be a proficient mountaineer or climber.. We are looking for individuals who are experienced backcountry travelers with solid navigation and survival skills and some familiarity with Alaska s backcountry, and who are willing to train extensively in one or more SAR specialties.. Persons with previous experience in mountaineering, rock, and ice climbing, ski-patrolling, wilderness medical care, helicopter operations, snowmachining/ATV riding, search management, incident command, or swiftwater rescue are highly preferred, but we are in need of assistance of all types and have an auxiliary membership for those who want to help AMRG but  ...   snow and ice climbing.. Search and rescue incident command (search management).. Avalanche response.. Wilderness medicine.. Mapping/GIS/wilderness search planning.. Communications dispatch.. Communications maintenance.. SAR equipment maintenance.. Motorized equipment maintenance.. Information services (website maintenance).. Fundraising.. Membership Categories and Skills Checklists.. summary.. After reading what is expected, if you would like to be considered for membership, please fill out an.. AMRG Membership Application.. and e-mail a copy to.. , or send it to our mailing address below.. Alternatively, you can bring it to a regularly scheduled AMRG meeting (see Calendar page) and we d be happy to talk to you about your experience and how you can help.. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO AMRG EQUIPMENT CACHE..

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  • Title: Training
    Descriptive info: Training.. AMRG does not provide training in basic outdoor skills or how to be technical climbers/mountaineers.. What we do is take people who have a good foundation in backcountry skills and teach them how to apply and expand upon those skills to serve as a search and rescue team member.. Our expectations are fairly high and our training and requirements are extensive because safey is the number one rule of search and rescue operations.. Approximately 12 18 months of regular training participation is required by new members to become fully familiar with group standards, procedures, and personnel.. New members are involved in all practice sessions and in actual missions to the greatest extent possible while remaining consistent with group safety requirements.. AMRG generally trains three days per month, September through May.. The monthly training cycle generally consists of:.. First Thursday of the month, 7 9 p.. m.. : General business meeting followed by a classroom training session.. Second Thursday of the month, 6 8 p.. : Team training session, usually in the classroom, sometimes in the field.. Second Saturday of the month, full day: Field training session (sometimes these are two days, Sat.. and Sun.. ).. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE AMRG EQUIPMENT CACHE FOR THURSDAY EVENTS.. Additional  ...   week, as well as a couple of key field training events.. The AMRG Basic Training topics include:.. Basic group procedures and protocols (callouts, reporting, safety standards, etc.. Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS).. Incident Command Post set-up.. Helicopter safety and familiarization.. Organized avalanche rescue.. Ground search techniques and basic search management.. Group-specific radio operations.. Group-specific equipment inventory, maintenance, and deployment.. Wilderness first aid standards for subject assessment, stabilization, and transport.. River crossing and rescue techniques.. Basc litter operations (trail/low-angle travel, subject loading, etc.. Overview of AMRG rope rescue techniques and standards.. AMRG Handbook.. The Complete AMRG Handbook (in prep).. (X MB file download).. Chapter 1: Introduction to AMRG.. Chapter 2: Operations and Policies.. Chapter 3: Membership.. Chapter 4: Mission Management.. Chapter 5: EquipmentLists.. Chapter 6: Technical Rope Rescue.. (4-10-12 draft, revisions pending).. Appendix A: Air Operations.. Appendix B: Communications.. Appendix C: Equipment Cache.. Appendix D: AMRG BLS Medical Protocols.. Appendix E: Avalanche Rescue.. Appendix F: Search Management (in prep).. Appendix G: Aviation Accidents.. Appendix H: SAR Literature Reference.. Instructional Videos.. How to tie interlocking long-tail bowlines.. (large 26MB mp4 file).. How to operate tandem prusik auto belay (17MB.. wmv file).. Improvised litter patient seat harness--steep lower (wmv file).. Improvised litter patient seat harness--for high angl.. e (wmv file)..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: September 2014.. August 2014.. October 2014.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. 1999.. 2000.. 2001.. 2002.. 2003.. 2004.. 2005.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019.. 2020.. Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. AMRG BASIC TRAINING: RIVER SAFETY.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. ANSP SAR TECH II.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30..

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  • Title: Sponsors
    Descriptive info: AMRG is very grateful to the following organizations and companies who currently support our organization via grants and donations, or who provide services and equipment that assist us in performing our mission.. If your organization or company would like to support AMRG, please.. make a donation.. or use our.. to get in touch with us..

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  • Title: SAR LINKS
    Descriptive info: AMRG is a volunteer search and rescue team that works at the request of the Alaska State Troopers (AST).. The Alaska State Troopers have statewide authority for search and rescue in Alaska and AMRG can only be activated by them.. If you have a backcountry emergency here in southcentral Alaska (lost person, high angle rescue, etc.. ), you should contact an AST dispatch center at 907-352-5452.. (MATCOM) or.. dial 911 and notify the dispatcher you have a backcountry emergency.. AST will determine the best resources to respond to the emergency and will call out AMRG if necessary.. Other resources they may call include the  ...   a.. Wilderness Trip Plan.. and leave it with a spouse, family member, or friend.. Also consider reviewing AMRG s basic.. Outdoor Safety Briefing.. and primer on.. Winter Backcountry Safety, Survival, and Rescue.. SAR Resources in Alaska.. Alaska Search and Rescue Association (ASARA).. Alaska SAR Teams Resources.. Mountain Rescue Association (MRA).. National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR).. General SAR Links.. Alpine Near Miss Reporting System.. (.. The Alpine Near-Miss Survey focuses on collecting data about the facts surrounding and the factors that influence accidents and near-misses in mountain rescue.. The survey also collects similar information regarding alpine climbing, sport climbing, and other high-angle pursuits.. )..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: User Login.. Below please enter your username and password.. You username should be the email adddress that AMRG has on file.. If you do not know your username/password, please.. Click Here.. to access the reminder.. Username:.. Password:..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. If you need the services of AMRG, please contact your local Alaska State Trooper office (in Southcentral: 907-352-5452) Or dial 911 and let the dispatcher know you have a backcountry emergency.. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.. Thanks.. Email Address:.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Address1:.. Address2:.. City:.. State:.. Zip:.. Phone Number:.. Comments:..

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