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  • Title: Altadena Mountain Rescue Team
    Descriptive info: .. Saturday, 13 September 2014.. Home.. About.. Join.. Support.. Blog.. Gallery.. Events.. Links.. The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is staffed by volunteer reserve Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies.. The goal of the organization is to save lives through mountain rescue and safety education.. Headquartered at the Altadena Sheriffs Station, near the San Gabriel Mountains, the team is operational 24 hours each day, 365 days every year.. AMRT is one of eight teams in Los Angeles County which, together, are staffed by 120 trained members.. AMRT.. Blog Latest Post..  ...   19-21, 2014.. 0.. Comments ().. Hits (411).. on 28 June 2014.. AMRT responds to call for lost hikers on the Mt.. Wilson Toll Road - June 16, 2014.. Hits (387).. on 21 June 2014.. Download the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.. Search Rescue Hiking Plan.. Contact Us.. 780 E.. Altadena Drive.. Altadena, CA 91001.. (626) 798-6393 - AMRT Headquarters.. (626) 798-1131 - Sheriff's station.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Joomla Templates.. by ThemeKat.. Powered by.. Warp Theme Framework..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: ABOUT THE ALTADENA MOUNTAIN RESCUE TEAM.. Established in 1951, it is the oldest organization of its kind in Los Angeles County.. The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through mountain rescue and safety education.. It has been a member unit of the Sheriff's Department Reserve Forces Bureau since 1956.. Headquartered at the Altadena Sheriff's Station, the team is staffed by reserve deputies and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.. It is one of eight teams in the Los Angeles County which, together, are staffed by 120 trained members.. On average, the Altadena Mountain rescue Team assists approximately 100 lost or injured hikers and conducts almost 40 searches and rescues every year.. In addition to those rescues within  ...   duty on a rotating basis, which averages once every month.. These patrols ensure a quick response to emergencies during a time when they are most likely to occur, and serve as a means of fire prevention and mountain safety.. Mountain rescue team members come from all walks of life.. The professional occupations of volunteer members have included: teachers, paramedics, construction contractors, lawyers, registered nurses, chiropractors, mechanical and electronic engineers, physician assistants, police officers, firemen, and corporate managers.. As a nonprofit corporation, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is governed by a five-member Board of Directors.. Each member is elected during an annual election and serves a one-year term.. The positions comprising the board are: President (Captain), Vice President (Lieutenant), Secretary Ops (Sergeant), Quartermaster (Sergeant), and Public Relations Chairman (Sergeant)..

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  • Title: Join
    Descriptive info: JOIN THE ALTADENA MOUNTAIN RESCUE TEAM.. Click here to download an application (.. PDF.. ).. REQUIREMENTS.. In order to qualify for consideration, applicants must:.. • Be a United States Citizen.. • At the time of appointment, be at least 20 years of age.. • Be a high school graduate or equivalent.. • Possess a valid California Class "C" Driver's License or higher.. • Be gainfully employed or a full time student.. • Be available to attend the Sheriff's Department Reserve Academy.. • Each applicant must be in good physical condition, free from disease or defects that would interfere with the satisfactoryperformance of the duties of this position.. • Undergo and pass a thorough background investigation which includes: fingerprint search, polygraph examination, psychological examination.. Disqualifying factors include (but are not limited to):.. • Any felony conviction.. • Job related misdemeanor convictions.. • Certain serious traffic convictions or patterns of traffic violations.. Once accepted, trainees will train to become proficient in skills such as high-angle rescue, navigation, wilderness search, tracking.. Trainees are also expected to attend an emergency medical technician course to become certified as an EMTs.. TRAINING.. Interested in becoming a mountaineer with the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team? Currently, our Team has a full complement of members.. However, we continue to recruit both rescue members and support  ...   gear and start mountain rescue training, i.. , climbing, rappelling and helitac.. Since the Team is a Sheriff's reserve unit, all members must complete the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy training program, which fulfills the standard training requirements as mandated by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).. Upon graduation from the Academy, each member is certified as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.. Applicants that are disqualified from becoming a reserve deputy, unfortunately will not be able to remain a member of the Team.. We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Altadena Station.. If you plan to attend a Team meeting, you should call in advance to let us know that you'll be coming.. Deputy Gabriel is our reserve coordinator at the station and he can give you general information regarding our Team.. He can be reached M-Th at (626) 798-1131.. We are a great group of individuals from all different walks of life.. If you live closer to another Sheriff's Station with a rescue team, it might be worth your while to check them out too.. Just call and ask to speak with the Reserve Coordinator at that station and they can help you out.. Fill out the application and bring it to your first team meeting..

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  • Title: Support
    Descriptive info: SUPPORT AMRT TODAY.. The Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies on public support.. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we engage in training exercises on a weekly basis.. We are committed to our mission of serving the public through rescue operations, public outreach, and education.. Your tax deductible donation will directly contribute to our training, equipment and maintenance programs, and will help us serve our community to the fullest.. Please contribute today using Paypal, or email us at.. to make other arrangements.. Thank you for your support!..

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  • Title: Recent blog posts - AMRT
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to blog.. Subscribe via RSS.. Altadena Mountain Rescue Team Blog.. This is where you can find all the blog posts throughout the site.. Categories.. Displays a list of categories from this blog.. Tags.. Displays a list of tags that have been used in the blog.. Bloggers.. Search for your favorite blogger from this site.. Team Blogs.. Find your favorite team blogs here.. Search.. Login.. Login form.. Username.. Register.. Password.. Forgot Password?.. Remember me.. Recent blog posts.. Posted.. by.. Tim.. on.. Saturday, 28 June 2014.. in.. Uncategorized.. June 19 – At approximately 12:30pm the page went out for a 23 year old male hiker complaining of dehydration in the vicinity of Echo Mountain.. AMRT mobilized, and shortly after learned that LASD Air Rescue 5 was in route.. Members of the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team met the helicopter at Farnsworth part, where the victim refused medical treatment and signed out against medical advice.. June 19 – As the operation for the dehydrated hiker was wrapping up, another call came in for 4 lost hikers near Panorama Point.. They had entered what appeared to be a trail which quickly deteriorated as they worked their way down the slope.. Unable to continue down or make the climb back up, they made the decision to call for help.. During their ordeal, one of the victims lost his footing and slid 40-50 feet down the slope, suffering lacerations to his hands.. Air Rescue 5 was able to extract the victims from their location and transport them to Farnsworth Park.. AMRT met the helicopter and transferred injured victim to a waiting ambulance.. June 20 – At 12:32pm a call was received regarding an 18 year old female suffering from a dog bite in Eaton Canyon.. Before the team could make it into the field we were informed that she had walked out of the canyon on her own.. June 21 – The page went out at 12:58pm for an 18 year old male who had fallen approximately 20ft in the area of Coyote Canyon.. Los Angeles County Fire were first on scene and attended to the victim prior to the arrival of AMRT.. June 21 – Just after 2pm a call was received for 3 lost hikers who were attempting to get to Dawn Mine.. AMRT and Air Rescue 5 responded and began the search.. Air 5 spotted them in Saucer Branch and began a hoist.. Members of AMRT met the helicopter at Farnsworth and transported them back to their vehicle on Chaney Trial.. June 21 – A call came in just before 9pm to assist Montrose Search Rescue with a search for lost mountain bikers.. As teams began to mobilize we had to divert to a call for 4 lost hikers in Eaton Canyon.. An informant received a call from one of the victims who stated they were lost above the bridge near the waterfall in Eaton Canyon.. AMRT arrived in Eaton Canyon and were able to quickly locate them.. They began their hike in the early evening just before sunset and didn't bring flashlights.. Without a light source in the canyon after sunset they were unable to find their way out.. AMRT walked them down canyon to the team vehicles and transported them to their vehicle near the nature center.. As we were finishing the call, we heard that the mountain bikers were located at Switzers.. Comments.. Hits: 411.. Saturday, 21 June 2014.. A call came in at approximately 7pm for two female hikers stranded ½ mile up from the Mt.. Wilson Toll Road sign in the Eaton Canyon area.. It was reported that they had started from Chantry Flats on the Winter Creek trail in Sierra Madre.. Initial attempts to contact the victims proved to be unsuccessful.. AMRT deployed, heading up the Mt.. Wilson Toll Road in search of the victims.. Eventually contact was made with the victims, and it was determined they were near the fork of the Mt.. Wilson and Winter Creek trails, placing them in the area of Sierra Madre Search Rescue.. SMSAR was immediately contact, while AMRT proceeded as an assist to Sierra Madre.. The victims were soon located by AMRT and transported down the Mt.. Wilson Toll Road.. Members of Sierra Madre Search Rescue met the team at the Pinecrest Gate, at which time the victims were handed over to them for transport back to their vehicle at Chantry Flats.. Hits: 387.. AMRT responds to call for heat exhaustion, the victims in this case were man's best friend - June 8, 2014.. Monday, 09 June 2014.. A call came in just after 4pm for two dogs suffering from heat exhaustion on the lower Sam Merrill Trail, approximately 1 mile from the trail head.. AMRT responded, and once on scene immediately began tending to the victims.. The dogs were given water and cooled with ice packs.. Once it was determined the dogs were out of danger, they were released back to their owners to make their way down the mountain.. As a reminder to all dog owners as we enter into the hot summer months, bring water not only for yourself but for your four legged companion, and plenty of it.. Heat stroke begins with heavy panting and difficulty breathing, and can also be accompanied with wobbly or uncoordinated gait or movement along with other, more severe symptoms.. Animals should have access to shade and fresh water while outdoors.. If the temperature is very warm, outdoor access should be limited to short periods of time.. Your dog is wearing a fur coat, and temperatures that are bearable to you can become deadly for your dog.. If you plan to hit the outdoors with your pet, do so in the early morning or evening hours when temperatures are cooler and the sun is not directly overhead.. And always bring plenty of water.. Hits: 705.. Stranded Hiker and Lost Mountain Bikers - Memorial Day 2014 recap.. Friday, 30 May 2014.. After a long quiet weekend for AMRT, a page went out just after 4pm for a male hiker stuck on a cliff near the first waterfall in Eaton Canyon.. AMRT responded, sending a crew up canyon to evaluate the situation.. After arriving at the location reported by the informant, it was discovered the victim had made his way down to canyon bottom uninjured.. Later that evening AMRT received a call regarding three missing mountain bikers.. The group of bikers had started their day at approximately 1pm from Mt.. Wilson, in the Angeles National Forest and were expected home around 5pm.. Initially, one of the bikers had contacted the informant letting her know they were running late and would not make the 5pm return time.. Hours later, with no update from and no contact with the bikers, the informant drove to the Altadena Sheriff's Station to report them missing.. AMRT, along with Montrose Search and Rescue, were notified and began to mobilize.. A Los Angeles County Fire Helicopter was called in to assist with the search from the air, utilizing onboard night vision capabilities.. After approximately 25 minutes, the victims were located by the helicopter in Bear Canyon.. A helicopter lowered a paramedic down to the victims and after confirming they were uninjured, began a hoist rescue.. Members of AMRT, along with LASD deputies, met the helicopter and transported the victims back to their vehicle.. The victims had been on a trail that became less defined, and with darkness upon them, they believed they were lost and made the decision to make camp and start a fire to keep warm.. Hits: 916.. AMRT responds to call for lost hikers in Eaton Canyon - May 29, 2014.. While training on the Mt.. Wilson Toll Road Bridge, a call came out for two female  ...   hikers to a family member provided vague details as to their location, stating only that they were in the canyon, near powerlines and could hear a waterfall.. Team members located their vehicles at the Nature Center, verifying that they began their day in the Eaton Canyon area.. The search began up canyon and continued throughout the night.. As of this posting, the search continues.. Information will be updated as it becomes available.. Hits: 642.. AMRT rescues hikers stranded on a hillside in Millard Canyon - February 1, 2014.. The call came in around 6pm Saturday February 1st for 5 hikers lost off trail up Millard Canyon, near Dawn Mine.. The group had decided to try a cross-country route out of the canyon, instead of following the trail, and found themselves in a precarious position on the side of the canyon.. Unable to proceed up the steep slope, and with loose terrain behind them preventing a safe retreat, the group made the wise decision to call for help.. AMRT team members responded to the scene, and once on site determined the victims were in a safe and stable location.. Their position on the canyon slope could be reached via hand-line, negating the need for a complex system.. Two team members were soon with the victims and began the process of escorting the up to the service road above.. Hits: 1008.. Overnight operation for Altadena Mountain Rescue Team end with 4 mountain bikers being found and in good condition - 12/23/2013.. Tuesday, 24 December 2013.. After an exhaustive overnight search that continued into the morning, the four missing mountain bikers were located deep in the Arroyo at the mouth of Bear Canyon.. Having began their day at Mt.. Wilson with a planned destination of the Arroyo behind JPL, the group made a wrong turn and ended up deep in Bear Canyon.. When darkness set in, the group determined the best plan of action was to set up camp and stay the night as the rugged train of Bear Canyon would prove to be difficult to navigate in the dark.. With no way to communicate with their friends and family, and armed with nothing more than their mountain biking gear, the group was able to start a small fire and huddled together for warmth until morning.. Today's operation is a perfect example of why you should always be prepared for any possibility when venturing into the forest.. Luckily this group had the ability to start a camp fire, which more than likely prevented the onset of hypothermia as temperatures dropped into the mid-40's.. It always makes good sense to pack items you may need, such as a light jacked and a flashlight, in the event you find yourself in a similar situation.. And don't always count on cell service in the mountains, especially if you end up deep in a canyon.. Hits: 765.. AMRT continues its search for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Angeles National Forest.. Monday, 23 December 2013.. After an extensive overnight search, the Altadean Mountain Rescue Team continues its search this morning for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Angeles National Forest.. As previously stated, when details become available this blog will be updated.. Hits: 760.. AMRT responding to call for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Arroyo.. Sunday, 22 December 2013.. AMRT is responding to a call for 4 missing mountain bikers in the Arroyo, located behind JPL in the San Gabriel Mountains.. As more information becomes available the blog will be updated.. Hits: 430.. Don't forget the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team this holiday season, make a tax deductible donation online.. Thursday, 14 November 2013.. Established in 1951, the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is the oldest organization of its kind in Southern California and a founding member of the Mountain Rescue Association.. as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we do not charge for ANY searches or rescues no matter how extensive, difficult, or dangerous they may be.. Consequently, over 50% of the funding for necessary equipment, vehicles, and training comes from private donations.. With this active operating tempo the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is understandably hard on equipment and vehicles.. Your tax-deductible donation today will ensure that the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team can continue in needed rescue services to the citizens of Los Angeles County.. Hits: 649.. Support the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team today, make a tax deductible donation online.. Hits: 616.. AMRT responds to morning call for missing 10 year old boy - 10-27-2013.. Sunday, 27 October 2013.. The call went out just after 9am on Sunday October 27 for a missing 10 year old boy, not in the mountians but in the city.. Members from AMRT mobilized and began to search the streets in the area the child was last seen.. Two members of AMRT were able to locate the missing child approximately 1 hour after their search began.. Hits: 929.. Rescue operation ends with a bizarre twist - Tuesday October 8, 2013.. Thursday, 10 October 2013.. The call came in just before 4pm on Tuesday October 8th for a hiker stuck between the 1st and 2nd waterfalls in Eaton Canyon.. AMRT responded to the canyon and discovered an individual along the west wall, clinging to a ridgeline approximately 150 feet above canyon bottom.. Rescuers climbed above the victim to assess the situation and determine a location to set-up a rescue system.. Once in position, it was determined the best plan of action would be to request a helicopter pick-off.. A county helicopter was directed to the rescuers location and the victim was successfully rescued.. It was soon discovered there was a second individual who had continued to climb up the canyon.. He was found by two members of AMRT along another ridgeline and safely transported to canyon bottom.. After each of the victims was safely at the command post, it was discovered they each had outstanding warrants and were subsequently taken into custody.. Hits: 1600.. Ever consider mountain rescue? Altadena Mountain Rescue Team needs you! Membership Drive Saturday October 26, 2013.. Friday, 04 October 2013.. Interested in becoming a member of the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team?.. Join us at a membership drive to be held Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the Eaton Canyon Nature Center, 1750 N.. Altadena Dr.. in Pasadena from 10 a.. m.. to 2 p.. Learn more about the organization, meet members of the team, see rescue demonstrations, and learn how you can help.. Hits: 1048.. 25 year-old male rescued from cliff near first waterfall in Eaton Canyon – 9-11-2013.. Sunday, 15 September 2013.. AMRT responded to a call for a hiker stuck on a cliff near the first waterfall in Eaton Canyon.. Once on scene, rescuers found a 25 year-old male more than 200 feet above canyon bottom.. A crew was dispatched to a location above the victim, where a system was set up and a rescuer was lowered down to his position.. Once safely secured in the rescue harness, the rescuer and victim were lowered to the canyon bottom.. In all, the operation took 5 hours and utilized 14 rescuers from both Altadena and Sierra Madre mountain rescue teams.. The hiker, a resident of Los Angeles, was uninjured and transported to his vehicle.. Hits: 1328.. AMRT Featured on CBS This Morning in "Search & Rescue teams: How they save lives".. Friday, 06 September 2013.. Earlier this year, CBS News' Carter Evans, along with a camera crew, spent the day with AMRT on a high-line training exercise in Eaton Canyon.. Click the image below to watch the segment that aired Friday September 6th on CBS This Morning.. Click here to view the video on CBS News.. Hits: 774.. Page :.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. Next.. Powered by EasyBlog for Joomla!..

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    Descriptive info: Training.. Community Outreach.. Archival Images.. Rescue Operations.. Restricted Categories..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: At this time the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team is not scheduled to appear at any events.. Please check back for updates..

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  • Title: The first weekend of summer proves to be a busy one for AMRT - Weekend recap - June 19-21, 2014 - AMRT
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  • Title: AMRT responds to call for lost hikers on the Mt. Wilson Toll Road - June 16, 2014 - AMRT
    Descriptive info: Hits: 388.. AMRT responds to call for heat exhaustion, the vic.. The first weekend of summer proves to be a busy on.. Hits (388)..

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  • Title: Recent blog posts - AMRT
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