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  • Title: Pratt Institute - Pratt in Venice
    Descriptive info: Member Institution:.. Pratt Institute - Pratt in Venice.. Address:.. c/o Universit� Internazionale dell'Arte.. Villa Herriott.. Calle Michelangelo, 54/p.. 30133 Venezia.. Telephone:.. +1.. 718.. 636.. 3598 (US).. Fax:.. E-Mail, if available:.. Links to Website(s), if available:.. Home Campus Website.. Italian Program Website.. Description:.. Pratt in Venice is a six-week, fully accredited summer program offered by Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, New York, in Venice, Italy.. Courses are offered in Art History  ...   Art (Painting in Venice and Printmaking/Drawing in Venice).. Students enroll for 6, 7, or 8 credits.. The program is open to upperclassmen and graduate students.. The main site is the Universita' Internazionale dell'Arte.. Printmaking is taught at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica.. The faculty work together to integrate the experience of studio, technical and historical art.. Pratt in Venice has been reviewed, with high praise, by the Middle States Association..

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  • Title: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Descriptive info: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.. Palazzo Taverna.. Via di Monte Giordano, 36.. 00186 Roma (RM).. 06.. 683.. 3298.. 6861145.. All students are required to take the following courses taught by the Program's faculty:.. 1.. Architectural design;.. 2.. Architectural theory;.. 3.. Art & Architectural history of Rome (Aspects of Urban Design, Architecture and Art in Renaissance and Baroque Rome);.. 4.. Italian.. No degree or certificate conferred but course credit up to 17 hours can be transferred toward a university degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute..

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  • Title: Rhode Island School of Design
    Descriptive info: Rhode Island School of Design.. Piazza Cenci, 56.. 00186 Roma.. 6880.. 2490.. 687.. 5848.. Individual programs of study and studio work, supervised by the Chief Critic and using artists, designers, and architects in Rome as invited consultants, advisers, and critics.. Required courses: history of art and architecture, Italian language..

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  • Title: Richmond, the American International University in London - Florence Program
    Descriptive info: Richmond, the American International University in London - Florence Program.. (Associate Member).. Via Maggio, 11.. 50125 Firenze.. 055.. 213.. 851.. 215.. 956.. Richmond, the American International University in London, is an independent non-profit international university of liberal arts and professional studies.. Incorporated in the District of Columbia, it is licensed to award degrees, accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and in the UK  ...   emphasizes studio and fine arts and the Italian language and culture.. It also offers courses in history, sociology, political science, business and history of opera.. Volunteer work projects are also offered as part of the cultural program aimed at integrating students into the local community.. Starting Spring 2010 a new Internship Program has been developed in response to the need of International Education to better equip students facing the challenge of global demands..

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  • Title: Richmond, the American University in London - Rome Program
    Descriptive info: Richmond, the American University in London - Rome Program.. (Associate Member).. Piazza Sant'Andrea della Valle, 6.. 5296.. 6813.. 1671.. Richmond, The American International University in London is an independent, not-for-profit, international, liberal arts and professional studies university established in 1972.. The University is incorporated as a not-for-profit educational institution in the State of Delaware in the USA and is a recognized 501(c)(3) public educational charity under US law.. Richmond is accredited in the US by the Commission on Higher Education  ...   Open University and holds related degree validation from the Quality Assurance Agency (UK).. The Rome Study Center offers courses in Italian language, history, art history, political science and economics.. Internships and volunteer work projects are also offered as part of the cultural program to integrate students in the Italian community.. Students participating in the Rome program may also enroll for a semester or a year in at Richmond in London or on the Florence program to complement their study abroad experience..

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  • Title: Roger Williams University
    Descriptive info: Roger Williams University.. c/o International Studies Institute.. Palazzo Rucellai.. Via della Vigna Nuova, 18.. 50123 Firenze (FI).. 264.. 5910.. 6721.. The Roger Williams University in Florence is located in the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai and the program it offers includes courses in Art History, Studio Art, History, Political Science, Psychology, Business Administration and Italian  ...   Students are housed in apartments in the center of Florence.. Courses make full use of the city and its resources, and are enriched by site visits and field trips.. Weekly cultural activities and optional trips complete the curriculum.. Students attend for the fall or spring semester.. There is also a summer session with reduced offerings..

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  • Title: Saint Mary's College Rome Program
    Descriptive info: Saint Mary's College Rome Program.. Via di Torre Argentina, 18.. 4752.. 686.. 4852.. The Saint Mary's College Rome Program, founded in 1969, is a two-semester sophomore year abroad program for students enrolled at Saint Mary's College, as well as for students from other fully accredited institutions.. Under special circumstances, highly qualified freshmen are admitted for a full year of study.. Occasionally, upper classmen also participate in the Program.. Located in the  ...   curriculum including Italian art history, classical archaeology, history of music, mythology, English and American literature relating to Rome and Italy, Western civilization, theology, philosophy, introductory business, contemporary Italian political problems, contemporary Italian literature in translation, and all levels of Italian language and literature.. Housing and most meals are provided.. Extensive travel throughout Italy organized by the Program is interdisciplinary with the coursework.. All credit is transferable.. No diploma or certificate is issued..

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  • Title: Sarah Lawrence College Florence Program
    Descriptive info: Sarah Lawrence College Florence Program.. Borgo Santa Croce, 10.. 50122 Firenze.. 240.. 904.. 248.. 0044.. All students are placed in Italian homes and study the language at a level appropriate to them.. While fluency in Italian is not required for the year-long program, a spring program is offered to students who have a minimum of one year of college Italian.. Classes are small and combined with private tutorials with Italian professors.. Each  ...   offerings in studio arts, art history, history, Italian literature, cinema and other disciplines.. Students who have language proficiency may elect to take a course in the humanities or social sciences at the University of Florence.. The Program begins with a five-day orientation in Pescia, a small Medieval town west of Florence.. Once there, students begin intensive language studies and prepare to tap the immense resources of a Sarah Lawrence year in Florence..

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  • Title: Siena College
    Descriptive info: Siena College.. Siena Italian Studies Program.. Strada Massetana, 38.. 53100 Siena.. 0577.. 22.. 69.. 77.. Siena Italian Studies is an intensive language immersion program designed for students at all levels of language proficiency, including beginners.. Classes are typically in the liberal arts, with particular strengths in socio-linguistics, anthropology, art (studio and  ...   instruction in all courses is Italian.. Classes are small, led by energetic faculty.. Housing is with an Italian family.. The semester includes a full orientation session, excursions and activities, and full-time on-site Director and staff.. A distinctive feature of the program is the community-based volunteer or service-learning project that each student undertakes..

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  • Title: Smith College
    Descriptive info: Smith College.. Piazza della Signoria, 4/A.. 238.. 1674.. 1397.. A year-long Junior Year Program, conducted entirely in Italian, with courses in Italian language and literature, art history and studio art, music, history, philosophy, political science and other subjects in the humanities and social sciences.. Some courses are offered at the Smith Center; others are to be chosen among the courses at the University of Florence, where the students are all enrolled..

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  • Title: Southwestern University
    Descriptive info: Southwestern University.. c/o Vesuvian International Institute for Archaeology and the Humanities.. Via Salario, 12.. 80053 Castellammare di Stabia (NA).. 081.. 871.. 7114.. 5260.. Two Courses on Roman art and Roman literature, offered at the archaeological site of the ancient Roman villas of Stabiae and the Vesuvian Institute of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation on the Bay of Naples, 4 km.. from Pompeii.. (PROVISIONAL UPON FINAL APPROVAL).. May 18-June 8, 2014.. 71-444 Hellenistic and Roman Republican Art (Prof.. Thomas Howe, coordinator general of the Stabiae Foundation and excavation), covers the formation of Roman art in the context of the international Hellenistic period (c.. 400 B.. C>.. A..  ...   period (second century B.. C.. through c.. 100) Students read ancient texts in the locations they describe.. (H, IP, WA, QEP cluster: Med.. These are Southwestern University 4-credit courses.. The program will consist of two courses, which will run concurrently.. (Students may take only one.. ) The subject matter also covers approximately the same period.. The courses make extensive use of the great museums and archaeological sites in the area, as well as special access gained through the connections of the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation, a major archaeological and research institute in the Pompeii area.. Contacts: Prof.. Thomas Howe howet@southwestern.. edu,.. Contact: Prof.. Hal Haskell haskell@southwestern.. edu..

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