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  • Title: American Academy in Rome
    Descriptive info: Member Institution:.. American Academy in Rome.. Address:.. Via Angelo Masina 5.. 00153 Roma.. Telephone:.. 06.. 58461.. Fax:.. 581.. 0788.. E-Mail, if available:.. Links to Website(s), if available:.. Home Campus Website.. I.. talian Program Website.. Description:.. The American Academy in Rome is the residence of the Rome Prize Fellows in Ancient Studies, Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation and Conservation, Landscape Architecture, Literature, Medieval Studies, Modern Italian Studies, Musical Composition, Renaissance and early Modern Studies and Visual Arts.. The Academy maintains no teaching staff and offers no courses.. The application deadline for the Rome Prize is November 1 in any given year..

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  • Title: American University of Rome
    Descriptive info: The American University of Rome.. (Associate Member).. Via Pietro Roselli, 4.. 00153 Roma (RM).. 5833.. 0919.. 0992.. Italian Program Website.. The American University of Rome (AUR) is an American-style private institution of higher education offering undergraduate liberal arts and professional programs to degree-seeking and study abroad students from around the world.. Since its founding in 1969, AUR has created programs of study that capitalize on engaged learning inside the classroom and active exploration of historical, cultural and archeological sites in Rome and beyond.. It awards Bachelor's Degrees in Archeology and Classics, Art History, Communication, Film and Digital Media, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Relations and Global Politics, Italian Studies, and Business Administration, an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Liberal Studies and an Associate of Applied Arts Degree in International Business..  ...   year, and has cooperative agreements with many prestigious universities across the US.. Individual students interested in studying abroad at AUR may apply directly to the university through AUR's web site or by contacting admissions@aur.. edu.. Central to AUR's mission is the preparation of students to live and work across cultures, whether they stay for a semester or for several years.. AUR is small, selective in admission and internationally recognized for the quality of its degree programs.. The American University of Rome is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and licensed by the State of Delaware Department of Education.. Toll free to Rome from the US: 877 592 1287.. Toll free in the US: 888 791 8327.. Toll free fax in the US: 866 287 2025..

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  • Title: Aquinas College
    Descriptive info: Aquinas College.. Villaggio Betania.. Via San Celso, 3.. 00062 Bracciano (RM).. Aquinas College's Rome Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to live and study in the heart of the Church.. Surrounded by the rich artistic, cultural, and spiritual heritage of Rome, students take a semester program of courses which include travel  ...   ancient town north west of Rome on Lake Bracciano, allowing for the beauty of the landscape to permeate the soul as well as ease of travel into the city of Rome.. Students are provided with a unique learning environment which nourishes their faith and worship and service to neighbor in the Christian ideal..

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  • Title: Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies - Italy Programs
    Descriptive info: Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies - Italy Programs.. c/o Rettorato Universita degli Studi Roma Tre.. via Ostiense 161, stanza 208.. 00154 Roma (RM).. 5733.. 2693.. 2894.. The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University sends students to five programs of study in Italy: Florence, Perugia, Rome, Lecce and to the Arcadia MCAS Center in Siracusa (see separate listing).. Each center offers a slightly different experience while all are dedicated to the overall mission of The College of Global Studies to provide experientially rich programs of study, all of which are approved by Arcadia University s undergraduate academic programs faculty committee, UAPC and all of which meet the Dean of the College s criteria for academic rigor and excellence.. All of Arcadia s global programs provide sound, well-thought-out co-curricular learning opportunities which seek to deepen the student s knowledge of Italy while expanding her sense of self, place and others.. All students are required to study Italian language and culture, while some choose to study Italian intensively or in Italian at any one of our following sites: Università per gli Stranieri in Perugia supported by The Umbra Institute or at the Università degli Studi Perugia, Roma Tre or Salento in Lecce.. Students who choose to study in Rome, study at the Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies at Roma Tre.. Students study language at the Centro Linguistico d Ateneo and Arcadia University and most  ...   language immersion at Università per gli Stranieri.. Internships and a rich co-curricular program round out the experience.. In Florence, students are hosted at the Accademia Italiana in Piazza Pitti and benefit from one of the longest-standing design schools in that city.. In and international environment, alongside degree-seeking students from Wales, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Far East, students participate in both a Liberal Arts curriculum and targeted courses in design from textiles and fashion to industrial and graphic arts.. Lecce is the perfect destination for total immersion language instruction, combining excellence in language training at the Centro Linguistico d Ateneo at the Università degli Studi Salento and a vast combination of cultural immersion.. Homestays are the preferred housing choice, while integrated student housing is also available.. Italian is the language of the program and summers are, of course, very popular.. The program runs for cohorts of 10-20 students in Fall and Spring and for three sessions (or any combination of the three) in summer.. Tina Marisa Rocchio is the Resident Director since 2005 and coordinates academic programming and experiential learning goals, student life and safety and security with local staff.. Write to Chris Callas (callasc@arcadia.. edu) for information regarding Rome, Lecce and Siracusa or the joint certificate program in Mediterranean Studies in conjunction with our centers in Athens, Istanbul, Granada and Barcelona.. Write to Francisco Aragon-Guiller for more information regarding our programs in Perugia and Florence..

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  • Title: Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies - Perugia
    Descriptive info: Arcadia University, The College of Global Studies - Perugia.. c/o The Umbra Institute.. Via dei Priori, 84.. 06123 Perugia.. 075.. 573.. 4595.. 7033.. The Arcadia program at the Umbra Institute in Perugia offers a wide selection of courses in social sciences, humanities, studio art and international business, coupled with an intensive Italian  ...   exclusively Italian language and culture at the Universita' per Stranieri di Perugia.. They then take an array of elective and language courses, most taught in English, at the Umbra Institute for the remaining three months of the semester.. Arcadia also offers a 5-week summer session at Umbra which starts in late May..

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  • Title: Associated Colleges of the Midwest
    Descriptive info: Associated Colleges of the Midwest.. c/o Scuola Linguaviva.. Via Fiume, 17.. 50123 Firenze.. 055.. 538.. 3524.. 283.. 667.. Italian language (taught by staff of Linguaviva--Scuola d'Italiano per stranieri); Italian Renaissance art history, other courses in humanities and social sciences..

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  • Title: Assumption College Rome Program
    Descriptive info: Assumption College Rome Program.. Via San Pio V, 55.. 00165 Roma (RM).. Not Yet Available.. The Rome program of Assumption College will be available for 20-23 students per academic term.. Admission will be open, with preference for admission to current Assumption students.. The program will  ...   courses will generally be drawn from the core curriculum of Assumption College, with emphasis on those courses that most readily lend themselves to taking advantage of the program s location in Rome.. A course in art history and Italian language will be required of all students..

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  • Title: Auburn University in Italy
    Descriptive info: Auburn University in Italy.. Joseph S.. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy.. Palazzo Chigi di Ariccia.. Via del Parco, 149.. 00040 Ariccia (RM).. 4208.. 5767.. 6802.. The Joseph S.. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program offers junior and senior college students a unique opportunity to earn a full semester of credit and fulfill requirements for the International Minor in Human Sciences.. Students will live and study on our campus in the beautiful Roman hilltown of Ariccia, Italy, located just 17 miles southeast of The Eternal City.. The program focuses on the study of individuals and families in the context of their near environment (housing/interiors, textiles/apparel, nutrition/food/hospitality) against a backdrop of the history and culture of Italy, the cradle  ...   effectively in a global community.. Special features of the Joseph S.. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program include:.. Multi-faceted learning experiences led by faculty and developed around an integrated cultural theme (including instruction in conversational Italian).. Small classes held in the Palazzo Chigi (a 17th century palace renovated by Bernini, the acclaimed Italian architect).. Supplemental lectures and field trips by Italian experts which address Italy's historical/cultural heritage and its place in the 21st century world community.. Interactions with the local townspeople of Ariccia and the surrounding hilltowns.. Planned overnight excursions and day trips to various points of interest throughout the country such as Tuscany and Northern Italy (Milan).. Immersion in the warmth and graciousness of Italian hospitality..

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  • Title: Beloit College
    Descriptive info: Beloit College.. c/o Linguaviva Scuola d'Italiano.. 50123 Firenze (FI).. Courses in Renaissance art history, other courses in the humanities and social sciences, and studio art, as well as Italian language courses taught by instructors at the Linguaviva Scuola d'Italiano per stranieri..

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  • Title: Benedictine College
    Descriptive info: Benedictine College.. Villa Morghen.. Via Feliceto, 8.. 50135 Settignano (FI).. 697.. 362.. The Benedictine College program in Florence is a faculty-led semester program.. Classes offered every semester include two levels of Italian language, a course on Europe in the Middle Ages and a class offered by a Benedictine College faculty member that travels with the students to Italy as program faculty leader.. The program is located in Settignano, a small town nestled in the hills surrounding the city of Florence..

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  • Title: Boston College
    Descriptive info: Boston College.. 140 Commonwealth Avenue.. Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.. +1 617.. 552.. 3827.. 0647.. Boston College offers semester programs in Parma, at The University of Parma and The Dante Alighieri Institute, in Venice at Venice International University, and in Milan at Bocconi University.. The program in Parma offers courses across many disciplines in Italian with a minimum of 4 semesters Italian language through the intermediate track or course; for students with no prior Italian instruction as  ...   no minimum Italian language requirement.. The program in Milan offers Italian, economics, management and business courses with no minimum Italian language requirement.. All students must hold a minimum GPA of 3.. 2 and are required to enroll in and Italian language course as part of their minimum of 15 credit course load.. All programs are offered as semester or year long.. Boston College offers faculty-led summer courses in Parma, Venice, Rome and in Florence as well..

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