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  • Title: Boston University Study Abroad Padua and Venice Programs
    Descriptive info: Member Institution:.. Boston University Study Abroad Padua and Venice Programs.. Address:.. Galleria S.. Lucia, 1.. 35139 Padova (PD).. Telephone:.. 049.. 650.. 303.. Fax:.. 654.. 555.. E-Mail, if available:.. Links to Website(s), if available:.. Home Campus Website.. http://www.. bu.. edu/abroad/find-programs/by-destination/venice-italy/" target="_blank">Italian Program Website.. Description:.. These programs are open to undergraduates with a B average in their major.. The Boston University Study Abroad Padua Programs (Fall, Spring and Summer) include:.. - Italian and European Studies Program (in English -- in addition to a variety of courses taught in English at the BU Padua Academic Center, students can directly enroll in courses taught at  ...   variety of courses taught in Italian at the BU Padua Academic Center, students can directly enroll in courses taught at the Università degli Studi di Padova in a number of areas.. - Management Internship Program (with direct enrollment in the Università degli Studi di Padova Department of Business and Economics) -- courses in Management, Economics, and Academic Internships.. The Boston University's Venice Studio Arts Program (Fall, Spring and Summer) offers coursework in Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Printmaking, but also Glassblowing, Art History and Italian.. Located near Campo Santa Margherita, the BU Venice Academic Center includes studio space, classrooms, and administrative offices..

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  • Title: Bowling Green State University/SACI
    Descriptive info: Bowling Green State University/SACI.. Palazzo dei Cartelloni.. Via Sant'Antonino, 11.. 50123 Firenze.. 055.. 289.. 948.. 264.. 7392 or 055.. 277.. 6408.. Italian Program Website.. Housed in two historic palaces in the center of Florence, SACI is a comprehensive studio arts program including painting, drawing, etching, multimedia, video, sculpture, ceramics, photography, illustration, animation, design, environmental design, fashion design, and acting.. Academic courses include: a full range of conservation courses, Italian language, creative writing, seven different art history courses, film history, history of Italian opera, history of photography, museology, Italian cinema history, Italian theater history, and art education..  ...   credits and grades (both undergraduate and graduate studies) issued through Bowling Green State University.. Accredited also by NASAD.. Artist Council includes Christo, Jim Dine, Audrey Flack, Ralph Gibson, Sting, Betty Woodman, etc.. SACI has its own gallery with student and public exhibitions on a regular basis.. SACI holds concerts each year of historic music in the city of Florence to help preserve the intangible inheritance of Florence.. SACI has an extensive volunteer program for Florence working with the.. Soprintendenza ai Beni culturali.. and the hospitals of Florence, and offers student internships in museums and design firms..

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  • Title: Brigham Young University
    Descriptive info: Brigham Young University.. Societa Dante Alighieri, Comitato di Siena.. Via Tommaso Pendola, 37.. 53100 Siena.. +1 801-422-8241.. Italian Internship Program, offered year-round.. Students participate in intensive Italian language courses at Dante Alighieri Society of Siena and take part in an internship with a local organization in Siena.. Students are not supervised by a BYU faculty and are mentored by Dante Alighieri Society of Siena faculty and staff and their local internship supervisors.. Italian Study Abroad, offered Spring Term  ...   Dante Alighieri Society of Siena, accompanied and taught by BYU faculty.. Students participate in an internship/experiential learning as part of their cultural and linguistic immersion.. Italian Language and Italian Studies, offered Fall Semester (September - December).. Students of various disciplines participate in Italian language and civilization courses at Dante Alighieri Society of Siena, accompanied and taught by BYU faculty from various disciplines.. General Education courses may include political science, art history, European studies, classics, the sciences, and other disciplines..

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  • Title: Brown University in Bologna
    Descriptive info: Brown University in Bologna.. Via Belmeloro, 7.. 40126 Bologna (BO).. 051.. 296.. 0906.. 648.. 6678.. Full-Year or Semester Program.. August through December, January through early June.. Applications (to the Brown University Office of International Programs) accepted from any accredited American college.. One year of Italian required to apply..  ...   history and culture course (worth one Brown credit) and then enroll for the equivalent of 3 x 12-cfu courses (worth 3 Brown credits) chosen from the across-the-board offerings of the University of Bologna.. One-year students take the in-house course and 6 x 12-cfu course at the Italian university..

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  • Title: Buffalo State College (State University of New York College at Buffalo)
    Descriptive info: Buffalo State College (State University of New York College at Buffalo).. SUNY Siena Program.. Via di Città, 25.. 53100 Siena (SI).. 0577.. 285.. 504.. 237.. 448.. Founded in 1961, the SUNY Siena Program of the Buffalo State College can rightly claim to have been the "first" study abroad program to choose Siena as the ideal place where students can live a memorable and unique experience both academic and personal.. The Academic Program revolves around a core of courses taught primarily in English, including Italian Language, Survey of Italian Literature, Dante s Divina Commedia, Contemporary Italian Civilization, History of  ...   Program office and classroom complex is in one of the most prestigious location of Siena, right in the heart of the city and overlooking its beautiful main square "Piazza del Campo".. Studio classes are normally taught at the Liceo Artistico "Duccio di Buoninsegna" and Wine Essential at the "Enoteca Italiana" a public institution unique of its kind in Italy.. Students live with carefully selected host families who allow the students to have a home far from home.. Students take guided tours to Rome, Florence, Venice, Padua, Cinque Terre and others Italian cities to study art, architecture and Italian Culture..

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  • Title: Cal Poly Rome Program in Architecture
    Descriptive info: Cal Poly Rome Program in Architecture.. c/o Academic Initiatives Abroad.. AIA Rome Center.. Piazza delle Cinque Scole, 23.. 00186 Roma (RM).. 345.. 013.. 3051.. 06.. 9970.. 1351.. Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo's Rome Program in Architecture is open to students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and City and Regional Planning.. This semester-long program emphasizes sustainable solutions to the real-world problems of Italy's urban environments, and its landscapes and cultivated lands, including territorial development.. In addition to an intensive Rome-based design studio and classroom lessons, the program offers extensive field study throughout Italy..  ...   introduce students to a wide variety of experts, design professionals, officials and local residents, while giving something back to host communities in need.. These workshops research design solutions that are supported by marketing strategies and grant proposals.. After this experience students return to Cal Poly better prepared for the independent research and studio demands of their thesis year.. From Italy they should take back with them a greater awareness of the potential for the sustainable integration of built and natural environments, of conservation and development, and of historical and contemporary design ideas..

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  • Title: California State University International Program in Florence
    Descriptive info: California State University International Program in Florence.. Via G.. Leopardi, 12.. 50121 Firenze.. 234.. 5700.. 247.. 7982.. Architecture, studio art, art history, Italian language, Italian literature, Italian history, classics/ancient history, political science and international relations.. Program is open only to upper division students regularly enrolled at a campus of the California State University System..

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  • Title: Catholic University of America Rome Campus
    Descriptive info: Catholic University of America Rome Campus.. Via Marcantonio Colonna, 21a.. 00192 Roma (RM).. 3938.. 4298.. 4209.. The Rome campus of CUA is located in central Rome, about a 15 minute walk from either St.. Peter's Basilica or historic Piazza Navona.. This one semester program, offered in the fall as well as the spring, is designed to immerse students in the city of Rome and allow them to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know Italian life and culture.. In  ...   art history, philosophy, etc.. The courses and class trips help students to understand Italy and Rome in both its historical and contemporary dimensions.. Throughout the semester there are optional activities that explore additional cultural dimensions and the various spiritual aspects of life in Rome.. During the semester in Italy, students will be challenged both personally and academically in the courses and in the program activities.. They will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of themselves, of Rome, and of western culture..

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  • Title: Christendom College
    Descriptive info: Christendom College.. Christendom College's Junior Semester in Rome builds upon the college's academic rigor with cultural, intellectual, and spiritual components which can only be afforded while living and studying in the heart of the church.. Accommodations are within walking distance of the Vatican and Rome's historic center.. In addition to taking full advantage of the artistic, cultural, ecclesiastical, and spiritual riches and resources of the Eternal City, the program includes trips to Siena, Florence, and Assisi as well as optional trips to Orvieto and Subiaco.. The program is one semester in length and only open to Christendom College students..

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  • Title: Clemson University
    Descriptive info: Clemson University.. c/o Clemson Advancement Foundation.. Charles Daniel Center.. Via Privata Piaggio, 14.. 16136 Genova.. 010.. 2725449.. 212684.. Home Campus Website.. Italian Program Website.. A year of architectural studies..

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  • Title: Columbia University Center for Study in Venice at Casa Muraro
    Descriptive info: Columbia University Center for Study in Venice at Casa Muraro.. Calle Barbaro.. Dorsoduro, 350.. 30123 Venezia.. 041.. 520.. 3523.. The Venetian house and library of the late Michelangelo Muraro, distinguished art historian of Venice and the Veneto, have been left to Columbia University.. The intention of Professor Muraro was to see established a center that would continue the tradition of hosting students and scholars who come to Venice to  ...   Casa is located just behind and overlooking the gardens of Ca' Dario, a celebrated early Renaissance palace on the Grand Canal.. The Muraro library contains a collection of 7,700 books, ca.. 110 of them rare, and an archive of articles on art, architecture, and history.. Columbia University currently offers a two-month, intensive program, offering courses in Italian language and literature, and in the History of Art and Architecture of Venice..

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