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  • Title: Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
    Descriptive info: Member Institution:.. The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies.. Address:.. Villa I Tatti.. Via di Vincigliata, 26.. 50135 Firenze.. Telephone:.. 055.. 603.. 251.. Fax:.. 383.. E-Mail, if available:.. Links to Website(s), if available:.. Home Campus Website.. Italian Program Website.. Description:.. Advanced study of the Italian Renaissance in all aspects: the history of art, political, economic and social history, the history of philosophy and religion, the history of literature, music, science.. I Tatti offers fellowships for post doctoral scholars of any nationality and in the earlier stages of their careers..

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  • Title: Harvard University Summer School
    Descriptive info: Harvard University Summer School.. 51 Brattle Street.. Cambridge, MA 02138.. +1 617-495-0311.. One 8-week program at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy, provides a unique opportunity to study the mind/brain.. The courses include lectures, field trips, and hands-on laboratory sessions (e.. g.. , neuroimaging demonstrations).. Depending on the demand, the program may also include a noncredit Italian language class.. In addition to courses, students will have the opportunity to learn  ...   the research center.. One multidisciplinary 8-week program that brings together students from Harvard University and Ca' Foscari University of Venice.. The program offers courses in a range of fields, including art history, economics, English literature, Italian, and sociology.. In addition to classes, a carefully designed program of activities brings students into the local community and promotes their understanding of Venice as a city with a rich history and an environment unlike any other..

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  • Title: Hendrix College - Accademia dell'Arte
    Descriptive info: Hendrix College - Accademia dell'Arte.. Villa Godiola.. Localita' San Fabiano.. 52100 Arezzo.. 0575.. 294.. 155.. 296.. 259.. The Hendrix College/Accademia dell'Arte program in Arezzo, Italy offers study abroad opportunities in the performing arts virtually unique in Europe, dedicated to providing extraordinary experiences for students in Theatre, Music, Dance, Filmmaking, Art and Italian Language, who wish to extend their personal and professional horizons with an intensive period of training, studying and performing in Italy..

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  • Title: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    Descriptive info: Hobart and William Smith Colleges.. c/o Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.. Piazza dell'Orologio, 6.. 00186 Roma.. 06.. 6889.. 2513.. 6821.. 9084.. Hobart and William Smith Colleges, in collaboration with the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci and the Gustolab Institute, offer an interdisciplinary program in Rome each semester (beginning in Fall 2013) which utilizes the city as its classroom and studio.. The curriculum for each program shifts each semester to reflect the areas of interest/expertise of the faculty director(s), enabling a wide range of students to experience Italy from a Roman perspective.. In  ...   a course in Italian language.. Students will participate in regular program-related activities and excursions in and around Rome, as well as multi-day excursions to Florence and Naples/Pompeii that will complement in-class instruction and provide students insight into Italian culture and society in a variety of contexts.. Students reside in apartments located throughout Rome, enabling them to experience daily life as a resident of the city.. Please note that this program is available ONLY to qualified students who are presently enrolled at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York..

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  • Title: IES Abroad Milano (Institute for the International Education of Students)
    Descriptive info: IES Abroad Milano (Institute for the International Education of Students).. c/o Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.. Via Carducci, 26.. 20123 Milano (MI).. 02.. 8699.. 6983.. Two-tiered program in cooperation with Universita' Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) and most universities and institutions in Milan.. The English Intensive Italian Language and Area Studies Program offers intensive language study at beginner and intermediate levels as well as IES courses in literature, history, music, political science, cinema, art history, psychology, design, and theater, taught in English by Italian faculty  ...   as well as IES courses in art history, literature, politics, design, and history, taught in Italian by Italian faculty.. Full-year advanced language students also select from a wide range of courses at other universities and academies in Milan.. In addition, music students who pass an instrumental audition may study voice, composition and their instrument either privately or at one of Milan's music schools.. A 3.. 0 g.. p.. a.. and junior standing are required.. Beginner and Advanced Italian Language students welcome.. Home schools guarantee credit transfer..

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  • Title: IES Abroad Roma (Institute for the International Education of Students)
    Descriptive info: IES Abroad Roma (Institute for the International Education of Students).. Lungotevere Tor di Nona, 7.. 00186 Roma (RM).. 688.. 291.. 6880.. 8874..

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  • Title: IES Abroad Siena (Institute for the International Education of Students)
    Descriptive info: IES Abroad Siena (Institute for the International Education of Students).. Via Pannilunghi, 7.. 53100 Siena (SI).. 0577.. 287.. 644.. 45402.. The IES Abroad Siena program is designed for students interested in studying the Social Sciences and Humanities in a more intimate Italian setting.. No previous Italian language study is required.. With an integrated curriculum of English- and Italian-taught courses led by Italian faculty, IES Abroad Siena offers you the opportunity to increase your Italian language skills regardless of proficiency level.. If you have four or more semesters of Italian, you are eligible to enroll in courses alongside local students at the Universita' degli Studi di Siena.. The mandatory  ...   Director, the Student Services Coordinator, and two Resident Assistants: university students who collaborate in the office work and share the apartments with IES students.. The IES Abroad Siena Center is located in a Liberty-style villa in the San Prospero area of the city on a quiet tree-lined street overlooking the historic town center.. In addition to the small private garden surrounding the villa, several adjacent parks add to the peaceful setting.. Siena's large open market (each Wednesday) is also steps away.. The Center includes:.. Classrooms.. Student lounge and attached library.. Small private garden.. Faculty lounge and meeting area.. Balcony with lovely views.. Wireless Internet access, including the garden..

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  • Title: Indiana University's Bologna Consortial Studies Program
    Descriptive info: Indiana University's Bologna Consortial Studies Program.. Via Malcontenti, 3.. 40121 Bologna (BO).. 051.. 236.. 486.. 274.. 139.. Students enroll in regular courses of the various faculties of the University of Bologna.. A 5-week orientation program of intensive language study precedes the regular academic-year program at the University.. University of Bologna professors also offer several special seminars for BCSP students..

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  • Title: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome
    Descriptive info: Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome.. Via A.. Algardi, 19.. 00152 Roma.. 581.. 7036.. 580.. 9306.. The ICCS was established in 1965 to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to study Greek and Latin literature, ancient history, archaeology, and ancient art in Rome.. The core of the ICCS curriculum is the "Ancient City" course, which counts as two of the four courses of the total academic load.. The "Ancient City" is intended to supplement and complement a  ...   normally taught at the students' home colleges and universities.. This course allows the student to explore the ancient world, both physically and intellectually, in a comprehensive and integrated fashion.. In addition to the "Ancient City" course, students can choose two other courses from the following: Intermediate or Advanced Latin, Intermediate or Advanced Greek, Renaissance and Baroque Art History, and Elementary Italian.. All site visits and major field trips (Sicily and Campania) are integral parts of the curriculum..

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  • Title: Iowa State University College of Design Rome Program
    Descriptive info: Iowa State University College of Design Rome Program.. Piazza delle Cinque Scole, 23; int.. 3.. 8552.. 9970.. 1351.. Architecture, Art and Design, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning (fall, spring, and summer)..

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  • Title: James Madison University Florence Programs
    Descriptive info: James Madison University Florence Programs.. Palazzo Capponi.. Via de' Michelozzi, 2.. 50125 Firenze.. 265.. 7661.. 267.. 5490.. The JMU Program, located in a recently renovated Renaissance building in downtown Florence, offers two study options.. An undergraduate programme with liberal arts courses (running every semester from Fall to Summer), and a graduate programme, lasting one whole academic year.. The undergraduate programme: A small but intensive program, with around 30-40 students who live with Italian families, and attend the courses at Palazzo Capponi, in the midst of the lively "old-Florence" Santo Spirito neighbourhood.. The curriculum highlights the Humanism and Renaissance tradition  ...   history and European Integration courses.. The programme also offers courses in "Hospitality and Tourism Management" such as 'Wine Culture in Italy' and 'Food Culture in Italy'.. Website: http://www.. jmu.. edu/international/abroad/programs/semester-in-florence.. shtml.. The Graduate programme: The Master of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies is a unique and exciting one-year 33-credit intensive residential graduate programme resulting in an MA degree in Political Science from James Madison University.. All courses are taught in English.. The programme starts in September and ends in the following June.. The Master Programme is attended by around 20 students.. edu/eupolicystudies/..

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