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  • Title: John Cabot University
    Descriptive info: Member Institution:.. John Cabot University.. Address:.. (Associate Member).. Via della Lungara, 233.. 00165 Roma.. Telephone:.. 06.. 681.. 9121.. Fax:.. 683.. 2088.. E-Mail, if available:.. Links to Website(s), if available:.. Italian Program Website.. Description:.. Founded in 1972, John Cabot University is an independent, accredited four-year liberal arts institution offering an American undergraduate education in Rome.. The University confers the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Art History, Business Administration, Classical Studies, Communications, Economics and Finance, English Literature, History, Humanistic Studies, International Affairs, International  ...   of Arts degree.. In addition to its degree-seeking students, John Cabot University is home to visiting students coming from the U.. S.. and other countries for a semester or a year of study abroad.. JCU has cooperative agreements with major U.. and non-U.. universities.. Individual students may apply through JCU's U.. Office at.. usoffice@johncabot.. edu.. John Cabot University is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104; Tel.. (267) 284-5000..

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  • Title: Johns Hopkins University
    Descriptive info: The Johns Hopkins University.. SAIS Europe.. Paul H.. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.. Via Belmeloro, 11.. 40126 Bologna.. 051.. 291.. 7811.. 228.. 505.. Home Campus Website.. Graduate program in international relations offering courses in: international economics, international and comparative politics, history, international law, European studies,  ...   of International Public Policy (MIPP) one-year program for mid-career professionals.. Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) two- year program for non-Americans in Bologna.. Master of Arts in International Relations (MA) two-year program for Americans and non-Americans; the second year is spent in Washington, D.. C..

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  • Title: Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning and Design
    Descriptive info: Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning and Design.. Italian Studies Program.. c/o Centro Studi "Citta di Orvieto".. Piazza del Popolo, 18.. 05018 Orvieto (TR).. +1 785.. 532.. 5047; 0763.. 506525.. 6722; 0763.. 5065254.. The Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning and Design Italian Studies Program has been providing a quality study abroad experience to students for over 20 years.. The program offers the opportunity for fourth year students in the college who are working toward their masters degrees in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Product Design and Landscape Architecture to study at Centro Studi Citta di Orvieto  ...   and contemporary examples of art and design.. Students participating in the Italian Studies Program-Orvieto will take 14 credits of coursework offered through Kansas State University including an advance, interdisciplinary design studio, Italian Art History and Culture, Italian, and one of two seminars offered by the studio faculty.. Classes are taught by both Kansas State University faculty and Italian faculty.. A series of focused one-day study tours to nearby towns and cities as well as two, multi-day study tours to the north and south of Italy provide a substantial understanding of the interrelationship between art, culture, design and planning..

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  • Title: Kennesaw State University in Tuscany
    Descriptive info: Kennesaw State University in Tuscany.. c/o Cooperativa Il Sasso.. Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2.. 53045 Montepulciano (SI).. 0578.. 738.. 331.. 757.. 547.. Kennesaw State University in Tuscany offers a range of programs for undergraduate, graduate, and executive training students in beautiful, historic, Montepulciano.. Undergraduate and graduate  ...   Kennesaw State or at a KSU in Tuscany partner institution in the University System of Georgia.. Beginning in the summer of 2015 classes, concerts, and exhibitions will be held in a state-of-the-art facility in the newly renovated medieval fortress at the top of this magnificent Tuscan hill-town..

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  • Title: Kent State University, Florence Program
    Descriptive info: Kent State University, Florence Program.. Palazzo dei Cerchi.. Vicolo dei Cerchi, 1.. 50122 Firenze (FI).. 055.. 265.. 8365.. 8124.. Kent State University is proud to offer students and faculty the opportunity to live and study at its newly-renovated historic.. Palazzo dei Cerchi.. and.. Palazzo Bartolini Baldelli.. Programs designed to serve the needs of students at various levels and across disciplines provide a sound academic experience in a state-of-the-art environment while enabling students to partake in the daily life of this historic center of culture, art, and civilization.. Kent State offers a number of programs of interest to students.. The Florence Semester.. The comprehensive Semester in Florence offers a number of general education or liberal education courses designed to satisfy a variety of undergraduate requirements, interests and needs of students at most universities.. The following courses, all allowing for an emphasis on European or Italian issues, are regularly available in Florence, with a different selection offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters: Architecture and Media, The Roman Achievement, Italian Cinema, Italian Art from Giotto to Bernini (1300-1600), Europe in the Renaissance, European Issues, Italian History & Culture, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Intercultural Communication, The Genius of Florence, Comparative Media Systems, Practicum in European Media, Italian Language (classes are offered in order to cover any Italian level students need to take during their semester in Italy [Elementary 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2, Conversation and Composition]; furthermore, a course of Basic Conversational Italian is offered to those Architecture or Fashion students who do not need to fulfill a language requirement [http://www.. kent.. edu/educationabroad/florence/courses.. cfm]).. Classes meet Monday - Thursday, allowing for weekend travel and involvement in other cultural offerings.. A number of educational field trips are included as part of the experience.. Participants live in fully furnished apartments located within the ancient city walls and within walking distance from.. Students are responsible for their own meals, with each apartment featuring a well-equipped kitchen and being close to many fresh markets, local stores, and restaurants.. The Fall semester goes from mid-August to mid-December while the Spring semester goes from mid-January to mid-May; the Florence Summer Institute takes place in June.. Florence Summer Institute.. As from 2014, Kent State University Florence Program will offer the Florence Summer Institute which will be open to participants from any other university.. Students will choose 2 courses from those offered (Elementary Italian I and II, the Genius of Florence, Intercultural Communication, The Roman Achievement, Italian Cinema, The Golden Age of Italian Art, Modern Italian History and culture, History of Italian Mafia) and they will earn 6 or 7 credits, depending on their choices.. All courses will be taught in English (in palaces in the heart of Florence), and will meet Monday through Thursday, allowing students to have long weekends for travel.. Academic credit will be awarded by Kent State University and will easily be transferable, thus allowing also non-KSU students to keep progressing toward their degrees.. Students will live with other Kent State Florence students in fully furnished apartments (wireless internet included) within a short walk from their school facility.. The student�s program fee will cover extracurricular activities including a day trip to Siena, a cooking class, rafting on the Arno, an opera performance, a medieval rugby match, and more.. Students will be able to use their weekends to explore and travel.. Architecture and Fashion Design Programs in Florence.. It was the Architecture program that initially brought Kent State University to Florence..  ...   is meant to outline differences and similarities between Italian/European media and American ones in terms of culture, technologies and styles.. Apart from the variety of courses offered, Comparative Media Systems, Practicum in European Media, Intercultural Communication, Italian Cinema and The Genius of Florence, specifically designed for communication students, the program is enriched by fieldtrips (at least 3) to the main Italian cities.. The fieldtrip experience allows the students to relate what was discussed in class to first-hand experiences on the field by speaking with professionals and experts of the media sector, and by visiting museums and exhibitions.. The overall result is a unique learning experience through which students will develop a sensitivity towards the Italian media and the Italian culture.. Education.. The Education Program was introduced in the Florence Program curriculum in 2009 when a network was created to connect KSU-Florence Program to some Italian schools, so that students participating in the program could have a field experience in one of the Italian schools, actively cooperating with teachers.. The field experience is strictly connected to the Italian History and Culture class, which offers a framework for the learning service.. Education students can attend not only Educational and General Psychology classes, introduced to reinforce their core curriculum in Florence, but also any other class of the Florence Program curriculum.. A visit to the Reggio Emilia "Reggiochildren" center, a visit to the Montessori Museum in Rome and specific lectures focused on the Italian educational system intensify the quality of the program experience in Florence.. Humanities.. Kent State University Florence Program offers a strong and aligned humanities curriculum of art history, history, and cinema, along with a newly focused concentration in social research.. Studying abroad in Florence means an encounter for students with the city of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio; the study of art history in the birthplace of the Renaissance and other cornerstones of Italian Studies curricula, such as Italian history and cinema courses.. This cohort offers to all students the KSU-Florence Lecture Series that make the Florence campus a dynamic center for scholarly activity and global policy discussions.. Special Workshops and Short Courses.. A number of special workshops and courses are also offered throughout the year, but especially in the summer, by various KSU departments.. Recent offerings have included: Art, History, and Italian Culture, Museum Origins, Sketch Book-Analysis, Art Education, Cultural Landscapes as History, and Higher Education in European Context.. As these offerings are always changing, please refer to our Website (http://www.. edu/educationabroad/summer/index.. cfm) for continual updates.. Your Classroom.. The.. is a prestigious building in the historic center of Florence, just north of the Piazza della Signoria and within walking distance of the.. Palazzo Vecchio.. Medieval Florentine sources refer to it as early as the thirteenth century as belonging to the Cerchi merchant family, used by a number of Renaissance painters.. Fully restored in 2004, the Cerchi is now equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, yet maintains its outstanding medieval features and decorations.. In 2012, Kent State University Florence Program added the new building of.. to its facilities.. Located on the corner between Via dei Benci and piazza Santa Croce, this building was commissioned in the fourteenth century by the Peruzzi family.. has all the features of a mercantile residence, with lowered arches on the ground floor street front corresponding to the entrances to the shops facing Piazza Santa Croce, and a cladding of.. pietra forte.. limestone blocks up to the first floor at the end of via dei Benci..

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  • Title: Kenyon College
    Descriptive info: Kenyon College.. Gambier, OH 43022.. +1 740-427-5345.. +1 740-427-5673..

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  • Title: Laguna College of Art and Design
    Descriptive info: Laguna College of Art and Design.. c/o The Florence Academy of Art.. Via delle Casine, 21R.. 245.. 444.. 234.. 3701..

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  • Title: Lebanon Valley College
    Descriptive info: Lebanon Valley College.. c/o The Umbra Institute.. Via dei Priori, 84.. 06124 Perugia (PG).. 075.. 573.. 4595.. 7033.. Pending..

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  • Title: Loyola University Chicago, The John Felice Rome Center
    Descriptive info: Loyola University Chicago, The John Felice Rome Center.. Via Massimi, 114/A.. 00136 Roma.. 355.. 881.. 88304.. The John Felice Rome Center (JFRC), founded by John Felice in 1962, is Loyola University Chicago s campus in Italy.. Its undergraduate program offers a diversified, fully accredited academic curriculum, with classes in anthropology, archeology, art history, classical studies, communication, English, fine arts, Greek, history, international film and media studies, international studies, Italian language and literature, Latin, medieval studies, music, peace studies, philosophy, political science, Rome studies, sociology and theology.. Full-year students may participate in the international internship class during the spring semester.. Extensive opportunities to participate in organized educational travel, local cultural events and social encounters complement the regular course of studies.. During the summer months, the JFRC hosts its own undergraduate program, as well as visiting programs in arts and sciences, business, law, education, and social work from the  ...   train station; Cipro-Musei Vaticani is the closest metro stop.. The JFRC s multi-level, residential complex, set in the midst of five verdant acres, includes a dining hall, coffee bar, recreation room, workout room, laundry facilities, infirmary, chapel, bookstore, computer laboratories, multimedia-outfitted classrooms, and the largest English language library in Italy.. Wireless internet access is provided in select public areas of the building, and there is an outdoor basketball court on the grounds.. Enrollment in JFRC programs is open to matriculated students of Loyola University Chicago and qualified students from other accredited colleges and universities in the United States, who may spend a single semester, a full academic year, and/or a summer session at the JFRC.. Applications are processed by the Rome Center Office in the Office for International Programs at Loyola University Chicago.. Please visit its website (http://www.. luc.. edu/romecenter/) for further information about programs and application procedures..

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  • Title: Loyola University Maryland
    Descriptive info: Loyola University Maryland.. c/o The Catholic University of America.. Via Marcantonio Colonna, 21a.. 00192 Roma (RM).. 3938.. 4298.. 4209.. Loyola University Maryland offers to its students the opportunity of studying in Rome in either the fall or spring semester, in cooperation with The Catholic University of America.. The program is designed to immerse students in the city of Rome and allow them to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know Italian life and culture.. Students live with Italian host families.. They take two intensive Italian language courses from  ...   on disciplines that enrich their Rome experience: history, theology, art history, philosophy, ethics, etc.. The courses and class trips help students to understand Italy and Rome in both its historical and contemporary dimensions.. Throughout the semester there are optional activities that explore additional cultural dimensions and the various spiritual aspects of life in Rome.. During the semester in Italy, students will be challenged both personally and academically in the courses and in the program activities.. They will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of themselves, of Rome, and of western culture..

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  • Title: Marist College-LDM Program in Italy
    Descriptive info: Marist College-LDM Program in Italy.. c/o Scuola Lorenzo de'Medici.. Via Faenza, 43.. 50123 Firenze.. 289.. 200.. 398.. 0952.. The Scuola Lorenzo de Medici (LDM) has partnered with Marist College - a 4-year accredited liberal arts program located in New York, USA - to offer bachelor's degrees in Italy.. The LDM-Marist program has been developed to offer students alternatives to studying in the United States in  ...   LDM sites in Florence, Tuscania, and Rome.. Marist College also welcomes applications from students wishing to study abroad at LDM for an academic semester or year.. Over 400 courses are offered in liberal arts disciplines at LDM and students can enroll for the fall or spring semester in free elective or Italian-language intensive programs.. For more information, visit the LDM website at www.. lorenzodemedici.. it..

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