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  • Title: Aschiana Foundation - Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. REFUGE FOR AFGHANISTAN'S STREET CHILDREN.. Children in Need.. Aschiana in Afghanistan.. Aschiana's Program.. New Children's Center.. Aschiana's Medical Clinic.. Aschiana in Refugee Camps.. Aschiana in the News.. HOW YOU CAN HELP.. Sponsor a Classroom at the New Children's Center.. Sponsor a Child.. Fundraising Tool Kit.. ABOUT US.. Aschiana Foundation U.. S.. A.. President's Message.. Workplace Giving.. Fundraising Events.. TAX FORM 990.. Annual Report 2012-13.. Privacy Policy.. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.. Name.. City.. State.. Email Address.. Make a one-time contribution to Aschiana using our "Donate" button:.. Or provide ongoing support with a monthly subscription to Aschiana:.. Subscription options.. Level 1 : $20.. 00 USD - monthly.. Level 2 : $25.. Level 3 : $100.. Level 4 : $150.. Level 5 : $250.. Please donate now to our.. Winter Drive.. Contact Aschiana Foundation:.. Shop at Amazon and help Aschiana:.. LATEST NEWS.. “A Mylar blanket can literally be a lifesaver if used properly”.. These blankets, made of thin plastic material, are heat reflective, wind and waterproof and designed to reduce body heat loss.. For the second winter, the Aschiana Foundation has purchased Mylar blankets for distribution in and around Kabul with life saving results.. The inspiration for using the blankets came from Dr.. Craig Garfield of Northwestern University Medical Center, who was moved by news stories of children freezing to death in the internally displaced persons (IDP)camps.. When he contacted Aschiana Foundation last year, a process was quickly set in place to ship and distribute the blankets.. Because of the very positive reports from doctors and recipients, 7200 Mylar blankets were shipped this year.. Dr.. Mark Scoffield of American Overseas Relief (AMOR) went  ...   unsuccessful.. Four Mylar blankets, one bag of rice, beans, and cooking oil were given to each family.. Providing blankets to families with newborn infants or young children has the greatest impact on saving lives.. Approximately 3,600 blankets were distributed in the camps.. Additional blankets will be distributed from Aschiana’s clinic and other outreach clinics where approximately 1,200 women are seen each month.. The remaining blankets will be held for use in the fall of 2014.. Mylar blankets, developed by NASA for use in space, have had a dramatic life saving impact on people living in the some of the most basic living conditions on earth.. Mrs.. Bush praises Aschiana.. Go to.. OUR COMMITMENT.. Afghanistan children 2011.. After more than 25 years of war and conflict, there are an estimated 600,000 working street children in Afghanistan.. These children are girls and boys between the ages of five and sixteen years old.. They make a bare livelihood, working and scavenging on the streets.. Their work often provides the only means of support for their families.. They often have only a piece of bread a day and little chance to go to school.. Many have lost one or both parents during the many years of conflict in Afghanistan.. Aschiana provides them with hope and a better life.. This grassroots program offers them food, healthcare, literacy and vocational training.. The Aschiana Foundation in the United States provides financial assistance to Aschiana to help it provide educational and humanitarian programs that benefit working street children in Afghanistan.. LEARN MORE.. |.. Our Program.. In the News.. Sponsor a Classroom.. Aschiana Foundation 2008 | Website design by.. MikeRossArt.. com..

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  • Title: Children In Need - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: CHILDREN IN NEED.. Only 60% of school age boys and less than 30% of girls attend school in Afghanistan.. Throughout the country there is a dearth of educational facilities and few qualified teachers.. Children are caught in a quagmire of illiteracy and poverty driving them to desperation.. They are forced to find work,often on city streets.. There are approximately 600,000 working street children in Afghanistan today.. Some are orphans, some are refugees and some come from dysfunctional families.. All have had their lives disrupted by years of war.. The Ministry of Education is not in a position to provide a part-time program that meets the needs of these  ...   of their meager earnings, their freedom and even their lives.. Malnutrition and medical problems also plague them.. Even those who have a family do not have a sufficient amount to eat and do not have access to proper medical care.. The lack of infrastructure and programs to address the needs of these children make this population particularly susceptible to disease and also places them in danger of being co-opted by extremists.. The program that Aschiana offers of basic literacy and vocational training, especially for older children, is desperately needed.. Unless Afghanistan’s children are given a chance to develop and learn, the country continues to risk an unstable future..

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  • Title: Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: ASCHIANA IN AFGHANISTAN.. Aschiana (“nest” in Dari) was founded in 1995 by Engineer Yousef Mohamed to help street children in Kabul, Afghanistan.. He witnessed the desperation and poor conditions of children he encountered on the street and established Aschiana to provide a refuge where they could learn educational and vocational skills.. Operated uninterrupted for more than fifteen years, Aschiana has trained, nourished and mentored more than 50,000 children and young adults.. With assistance from the European Community’s Non-Governmental Organization, Terre des Hommes, and supporters from the United States, Aschiana began its activities in March 1995 in Shari-I-Naw area of Kabul city with the aim to address the needs of children begging and working on the streets.. By 1998 four centers had been established throughout Kabul and in 2002 a center opened to accelerate education of older girls.. In Kabul, Aschiana operates  ...   Afghanistan is engaged in:.. Operating educational programs for street children in Kabul at six centers, of which three are “outreach centers” operating out of big tents in areas with sizeable concentrations of displaced persons and refugees;.. Building an educational center with medical clinic for street children in Kabul.. Once completed the center will serve as Aschiana’s headquarters and as a teacher training center;.. Operating eight outreach centers outside of Kabul, including centers in:.. Mazari Sharif.. : One center for vocational training of 300 students and three basic education programs assisting 450 students in tented facilities; this program is focused on rehabilitating children of conflict;.. Parwan.. : Vocational and literacy training for 250 older girls;.. Herat.. : Two basic education programs for 150 refugee children provided in tented facilities;.. Gardiz.. : One center for 300 students offering basic educational and vocational training..

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  • Title: Aschiana's Program - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: ASCHIANA'S PROGRAM.. Retired General John Bradley and Mrs.. Bradley distribute school supplies at one of Aschiana's schools in a displaced persons camp.. 2011.. The children of Afghanistan have been robbed of their innocence and youth because of years of war.. Aschiana is a grassroots program that offers them and their families basic services not available at present through government programs.. Aschiana serves children who cannot attend school full time because they must work to support themselves and their families.. Many children have lost one or both parents and are the main income earner for the family.. On the streets they polish shoes and sell matches, cigarettes and chewing gum earning an average of $20 a month.. If a child attends school regularly, the family loses essential revenue.. To help families, Aschiana offers mothers of working children instructional programs in carpet weaving, tailoring, chicken raising, women’s bakeries and hairdressing, along with education surrounding issues related to health, child rights and human rights.. Through Aschiana’s “Sponsor-a-Child” program, assistance is provided  ...   school system.. Once they enter school, Aschiana helps by providing them with food, clothing, stationery and necessary hygiene supplies.. Each day more than 6,000 children, often 60% girls, come to Aschiana for at least part of the day.. Engineer Yousef and his team provide them with a nutritious meal, sometimes their only meal of the day.. Older children receive basic instruction in English and in reading, writing, and mathematics, and receive vocational training including tailoring, woodworking, hairdressing and bicycle repair.. Aschiana provides working street children with:.. A daily hot nutritious meal.. Basic education including reading, writing and arithmetic and instruction in English.. Vocational training in carpentry, computers, electrical repairs, welding, masonry, bicycle repair, hairdressing, tailoring, and sewing.. Painting, calligraphy and wood engraving classes.. Life skills including land mine awareness and child abuse prevention.. A recreation space to play, something especially beneficial to healthy development.. Opportunities to learn art and music.. Health and hygiene training.. Psychological support and skills to support one another on the streets where they are vulnerable..

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  • Title: New Children's Center - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: NEW CHILDREN'S CENTER.. Since 1995, Engineer Yousef and his team of social workers and teachers have operated out of temporary, makeshift quarters in small houses, vacant offices, tents and other spaces lent to them.. Aschiana will continue to operate programs in temporary quarters near the poor and needy but for the first time Aschiana has a permanent home, as well.. Built on land now owned by Aschiana Afghanistan, the Children’s Center provides Aschiana with a headquarters, classrooms, a kitchen and a health care clinic.. The new center, to which the Aschiana Foundation USA has devoted most of its recent fundraising efforts, was designed by the Aga Khan Foundation as a modest,  ...   and a garden.. Once furnished the center will accommodate 1,500 students a day, divided into two shifts.. The Aschiana Children’s Center provides:.. 24 classrooms.. a health care clinic.. indoor bathrooms.. library and music rooms.. a kitchen for preparing hot meals.. well-protected open space for recreational and outdoor activities.. administrative rooms.. The Aschiana Foundation in the U.. is soliciting donations to help purchase materials and supplies needed to furnish classrooms.. The foundation would like to help Aschiana obtain electricity and computers.. The center promises to play a critical role in allowing Aschiana to provide services to more children and provide adequate space to train teachers for Aschiana programs in outlying areas of Afghanistan..

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  • Title: Aschiana's Medical Clinic - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: ASCHIANA's MEDICAL CLINIC.. The Aschiana Medical Clinic opened on May 1, 2013 and has been well received in an area lacking medical services.. The clinic provides treatment of illness, immunizations, health promotion and preventative programs, family planning, pharmaceutical and laboratory services, and antenatal and postnatal care.. The clinic recently added ultrasound and electrocardiogram units.. Sticking with Aschiana's philosophy of self-reliance and focus on programs, the clinic is staffed by an Afghan nurse and physician who is trained to US standards.. The number of people seen each month continues to rise as children in Aschiana's programs and their families, as well as the local community, come for treatment.. The clinic operates in cooperation with American Medical Overseas Relief and Afghanistan  ...   to inability of staff to maintain and repair it.. Recognizing the need for medical repair services, Aschiana employs a certified biomedical equipment repair technician.. Enayatullah Fayaz is a graduate of Kabul Polytechnic University and completed specialized biomedical equipment repair training at MediSend in 2012 in the United States.. He operates a mobile laboratory to repair and calibrate equipment at hospitals and clinics around Kabul.. In addition to offering much-needed services, he has a profit-sharing arrangement with Aschiana that will help support the clinic.. This innovative approach combines Afghanistan's entrepreneurial spirit and will help sustain Aschiana's programs and enhance its financial independence.. For medical equipment repair in Kabul, contact Enayatullah Fayaz, Aschiana Biomedical Services Center, 0785190601,.. enayat.. fayaz@yahoo.. Aschiana Medical Clinic..

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  • Title: Aschiana in Refugee Camps - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: ASCHIANA IN REFUGEE CAMPS.. Once again Aschiana is demonstrating its commitment to help where the needs are most acute.. Its latest push is taking place in the outlying areas of Kabul where new waves of internally displaced refugees are congregating.. In such areas of abject desolation, where families huddle in makeshift tents, where water sources are scarce and living conditions are harsh, Aschiana operates out of tents, reaching out to the  ...   children with a space where they receive some basic education, including civics, social behavior, and religion.. They also strive to help with the integration of the children in their new environment by introducing them to neighboring governmental schools and facilitating their transition.. The needs in the outreach centers are enormous, but the unanimous demand is for jobs or job training.. Aschiana is hoping to start vocational training both for children and adults..

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  • Title: Aschiana In The News - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: ASCHIANA IN THE NEWS.. The media have reported on Aschiana’s work and the children reached in the following articles.. “Afghan women’s gains are at risk” by Laura Bush.. November 14, 2013.. “How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Start in Kabul”.. February 1, 2013.. “Afghan Camps Receive Winter Aid, but Officials Say It Isn’t Enough”.. December 30, 2012.. “Winter’s Deadly Bite Returns to Refugee Camps of Kabul”.. December 29, 2012.. “Long Neglected, Camps in Kabul Get a Deluge of Aid”.. February 12, 2012.. “In Grip of Cold, Afghan Family Buries 8th Child”.. February 8, 2012.. “Driven Away by a War, Now Stalked by Winter’s Cold”.. February 4, 2012.. “Afghan students learn  ...   “Are Children Safer in Kabul than in London or New York?”.. November 22, 2010.. “War, corruption swell number of Afghan street kids”.. September 6, 2010.. “Helping The Children of Afghanistan”.. USO magazine, Summer 2010.. “The harsh lives of Kabul's street children”.. May 24, 2010.. “Children at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan”.. December 1, 2008.. “Afghan Girl Begs for Bread, Prays for Help”.. November 14, 2008.. “Brits Commend Nonprofits Rebuilding Afghanistan”.. March 13, 2008.. “Opening Hearts, Wallets”.. June 1, 2007.. “Go Fly a Kite”.. May 30, 2006.. “A Bitter Lesson in Capitalism: For Kabul street urchins, an overcrowded school is their only hope.. Now that is disappearing too.. June 19, 2005..

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  • Title: Sponsor a Classroom - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: The Aschiana Foundation welcomes donations of any size.. No amount is too small.. Donations to the Aschiana Foundation are deductible from federal income tax pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.. Sponsor a Classroom at the New Children’s Center.. Help us support the completion and furnishing of the new Aschiana Children’s Center in Kabul.. The new center is scheduled for completion in 2009 but will only be functional once its classrooms are outfitted.. It is estimated that the cost of desks and supplies is $1,200 per classroom.. The Center will contain 24 classrooms to accommodate an estimated 750 students at a time  ...   and grow.. It will include space for classrooms, library, music room, gallery, bathrooms, a healthcare clinic, administrative offices, and a courtyard for recreational and outdoor activities.. It has been designed using Afghan architectural elements and local materials, where possible.. The outdoor space, contained behind walls around the perimeter, will provide space for play, sports and a garden.. Having access to these facilities in one place is rare for children in Afghanistan.. The center will provide a place for children who have experienced great hardship to receive an education, acquire new skills, explore their creative side, and most importantly – prepare for a better future..

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  • Title: Sponsor a Child - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: Sponsor a Child.. With a donation of only $25 per month ($300 per year including administrative costs), you can make it possible for a child to stop working on the streets and to attend school full time.. We welcome donations from individuals, organizations and companies.. Many children have lost one or both of  ...   Through Aschiana, it is possible to sponsor a child to receive basic educational tutoring so they are able to enter the state sponsored school system.. Once in the program, Aschiana helps the child attend school by providing them with food, clothing, stationery and necessary hygiene supplies.. Assistance is also provided to their families..

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  • Title: Fundraising Tool Kit - The Aschiana Foundation: Helping The Children Of Afghanistan
    Descriptive info: FUNDRAISING TOOL KIT.. You may find the information below helpful when discussing the Aschiana Foundation with other potential donors and sponsors.. Additionally, you can.. download this information in a printer friendly PDF format.. Thank You!.. Thank you for making a difference.. Thank you for helping the street children of Afghanistan -- your hard work truly makes a difference in their lives.. It is because of people like you that Aschiana continues to provide a safe haven.. By sharing information about the plight of working street children in Afghanistan with your community, you are helping to ensure that these children continue to receive a warm meal, schooling and health care.. You are providing an opportunity to bring hope and accomplishment to Afghan children in need.. No matter your experience, you have unique gifts and talents that can bring help to these children.. In this packet, we have included information about the Aschiana Foundation, fundraising tips and ideas, and advice on presentations.. Thank you again for the important work you are doing.. Aschiana in Five Minutes or Less.. If you only have five minutes to share with someone about Aschiana, helping them understand these few points (in your own words) will give them a good idea of what makes Aschiana special.. Aschiana  ...   poor to attend school.. Aschiana started in 1995 in a single warm room in Kabul, and has operated uninterrupted for 15 years.. Under the steady guidance of its head, Engineer Yousef, and resourcefulness of its teachers and social workers, thousands of children have been trained, nourished and mentored.. For the first time Aschiana will have a permanent home when it opens a children’s center in Kabul.. The center will have a medical clinic, library, classrooms, cafeteria, garden and playground.. Funds are needed to furnish the center.. A small grass-roots organization trusted for being financially responsible, Aschiana is in a unique position to effectively address the health and educational needs of children often forgotten by others.. Aschiana is an Afghan organization staffed entirely by Afghans that relies on generosity of donors in the U.. and other countries.. , a nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors, is audited annually.. With extremely low (less than 3%) administrative costs, the foundation is able to send the funds it raises directly to Aschiana in Kabul.. We invite you to learn more about Aschiana by visiting our website at:.. www.. aschiana-foundation.. org.. Recent news articles concerning the plight of children in Afghanistan can be found under the.. Aschiana in the News link at our website..

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