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  • Title: Home - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: .. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY.. ISSN:1985-1944.. Home.. Current volume.. Archive.. Subscription.. Submission.. Guidelines.. Publication ethics.. Download EndNote-Style.. Editorial Board.. Contact.. 7th ANeT Conference.. Upcomming: 10th ANeT Conference.. Current Volume:.. DOWNLOAD our IUSSI_2014 promotion poster! (1MB).. is a.. peer-reviewed.. , yearly journal dedicated to the study of Asian ants.. It publishes original refereed research papers on ants in or from Asia and covers all the different areas of modern ant research, including:.. - Taxonomy.. - Biogeography.. - Ecology.. - Ethology.. - Genetics.. - Conservation evaluation.. - Applied myrmecology.. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY is listed at ISI Web of Knowledge, CAB ABSTRACTS, SCOPUS and in OVID PS (Biological Abstracts) issued by Wolters Kluver.. ISI Impact factor 2013 is 0.. 625, rank 62 in Entomology.. 5 years IF = 0.. 613.. Free access to all content of volumes 1 to  ...   conservation in Asia.. We eagerly await contributions from students and beginners as well as established professionals.. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY publishs high quality original research, which follows.. ethical guidelines.. If you're interested in publishing in ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY, please read our.. for Authors and the.. AND.. dear authors, please note.. that we are absolutely non-profit and that all editors earn nothing for their contributions! We all have to work hard as doctors, lecturers, professors, researchers and teachers so.. please don't push us for a deadline.. Asian Myrmecology is intended to produce one issue a year, we currently have a.. handling time of eight months per manuscript!.. Your patience will be tested as we use our limited spare time to produce the next issue.. AM is dedicated to a.. slow publication.. strategy!.. Call for Contributions.. last modified 31/July/2014..

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  • Title: Volume 6 - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Asian Myrmecology.. New:.. Current Volume.. Contents of Volume 6.. TAXONOMY.. Rudolf J.. Kohout:.. A review of the subgenus.. Polyrhachis.. (.. ) Fr.. Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) with keys and description of a new species.. Abstract.. PDF.. Zhenghui Xu, Chris J.. Burwell and Akihiro Nakamura:.. Two new species of the proceratiine ant genus.. Discothyrea.. Roger from Yunnan, China with a key to the known Oriental species.. Himender Bharti and Shahid Ali Akbar:.. Tetraponera periyarensis.. , a new pseudomyrmecine ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from India.. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION.. Christian Peeters and Decha Wiwatwitaya:.. Philidris.. ants living inside.. Dischidia.. epiphytes from Thailand.. Badamdorj Bayartogtokh, Ulykpan Aibek, Seiki Yamane and Martin Pfeiffer:.. Diversity and biogeography of ants in Mongolia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).. R.. K.. S.. Dias and  ...   ants in western Japan (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).. BEHAVIOUR.. Yoshiaki Hashimoto and Seiki Yamane:.. Comparison of foraging habits between four sympatric army ant species of the genus.. Aenictus.. in Sarawak, Borneo.. Abstract.. Fuminori Ito and Seiki Yamane:.. Reproduction by ergatoid queens in the myrmicine ant.. Monomorium brocha.. (Bolton) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in West Java, Indonesia, with a description of the male.. Michael Staab:.. The first observation of honeydew foraging in army ants since 1933:.. Aenictus hodgsoni.. Forel, 1901 tending.. Eutrichosiphum heterotrichum.. (Raychaudhuri, 1956) in Southeast China.. APPLIED MYRMECOLOGY.. Joachim Offenberg:.. The use of artificial nests by weaver ants: A preliminary field observation.. BOOK REVIEWS.. Marc Van der Stappen:.. Myrmica.. ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Old World.. ANNOUNCEMENTS.. Referees, Volumes 4 to 6.. HTML.. last modified 20/June/2014..

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  • Title: Archive - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Archive.. Here you can find all previous issues of Asian Myrmecology:.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 1.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 2.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 3.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 4.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 5.. Asian Myrmecology Volume 6.. last modified 19/June/2014..

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  • Title: Subscription - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Subscribe to Asian Myrmecology.. As non-member of ANeT you can order your copy of Asian Myrmecology for the price of 10 US-Dollar (20 US-Dollar for Institutions) by sending an E-Mail with the subject “Order AM Volume 1” (or the respective issue you want to order) to the managing editor Petherine Jimbau.. Place your Order..

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  • Title: Contribution Call - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Asian Myrmecology is a new, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of Asian ants.. Its.. seventh issue.. is planned for.. summer 2015.. However, we plan to shift to ONLINE earlier.. Asian Myrmecology publishes referred original research papers on ants in or from Asia.. We seek reviews, advances in methodology, and original contributions of international interest, emphasizing the following areas:.. Asian Myrmecology is published by the International Network for  ...   are kindly asked to send their manuscripts by email to the.. corresponding editor.. Page charges are not required for contributors to ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY.. Colour plates may be included.. Please follow the.. guidelines for authors.. We strongly recommend reading our.. Editorial about writing papers.. in ASIAN MYREMCOLGY VOL.. 5.. Please note that we are following a.. philosophy! You need to bring time, minimum handling time per manuscript is 8 months..

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  • Title: Guidelines - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Asian Myrmecology.. Please read.. last volumes editorial:.. From ant-catcher to author: editors’ advice to young myrmecologists.. And.. please.. remember to.. cite Asian Myrmecology.. in your publications!.. Guidelines for Authors.. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY is a peer reviewed journal covering all aspects of research on ants in or from Asia and is published by the International Network for the Study of Asian Ants, “ANeT”.. The journal publishes original research papers, reviews, and short communications in important subfields of myrmecology, without any page charges.. Although the journal is partly intended to support beginners in the field of myrmecology high quality standards will be applied.. Please note our.. statement on publication ethics.. Manuscripts should be submitted in grammatically correct English as a Microsoft Word file together with a.. covering letter.. with the full address and email address where the corresponding author can be reached.. In the covering letter.. authors should state that.. :.. - the research is.. original.. and has.. not been published before.. -.. all authors have contributed.. to the manuscript and.. approve of its publication.. permission.. has been obtained for use of.. copyright.. ed material from other sources (if these materials have been used).. - that the.. manuscript.. has been submitted solely to Asian Myrmecology and.. is not published, in press, or submitted elsewhere.. - in case of.. animal experiments.. a statement is needed that the experiments were conducted according to the laws of the country where they have been performed.. Submit your article to the e-mail address.. of the Editors:.. editors[at]asian-myrmecology.. org.. Preparation of manuscripts.. The following are intended to save time; please contact the editors in the event of problems.. Please format the text, tables, legends and references double-spaced on A4 paper with 3 cm margins.. as a WORD, ODT or RTF file - not a pdf!.. All text should be flush left and all lines should be numbered consecutively throughout the text.. Number pages and avoid footnotes.. Articles should not exceed a length of 15 printed pages (including figures and tables), except by special permission.. Short communications may not exceed three printed pages, and require keywords but no abstract.. The main page should include a concise title, an abridged title for a running header (no more than 50 characters), keywords, full names and addresses of all authors, current addresses if different, e-mail addresses, and indication to whom queries and proofs should be sent.. Up to seven English keywords should be listed.. Articles should include a summary of about 150 to 200 words that places the work in scientific context and makes clear what was accomplished.. The authors may include a translation of the summary in the language of the country in which the work took place.. Authors who  ...   and dispersion where appropriate, e.. means and standard deviations (SD).. Reports of all statistical tests should include the name of the statistical test, the name of the test statistic and its value, the degrees of freedom and the probability value used to determine significance and the authors’ interpretation of their analysis.. Probabilities should be reported as exact values if not significant, otherwise rounded off to either P.. 38.. = 2.. 22, P.. Authors are encouraged to use the EndNote style provided on the WWW page.. Citations in the text should have the authors immediately followed by the date; for example: (Maschwitz & Maryati 2001).. If multiple papers by the same author in the same year are cited, they should be lettered in sequence (2000a, b).. In-text citations of publications by three or more authors should be in the form (Buckley et al.. 2000).. Successive in-text citations should be in chronological order.. The reference list should be arranged alphabetically and presented as follows:.. Reference to article in journal:.. Yamane S, Itino T and Abdal Rahman Nona, 1996.. Ground ant fauna in a Bornean dipterocarp forest.. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 44(1): 253-262.. Reference to book:.. Hölldobler B and Wilson EO, 1990.. The Ants.. Springer Verlag, Berlin, 732 pp.. Reference to chapter in book:.. Moffett MW, 1988.. Nesting, emigrations, and colony foundation in two group-hunting myrmicine ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae:.. Pheidologeton.. ).. In: Advances in Myrmecology (Trager JC, ed.. ), Brill, Leiden, 355-370.. Reference to unpublished thesis or report:.. Mezger D, 2010.. Litter and soil ants in tropical rain forests: How are their diversity, community and food web structured by environmental factors? A case study from four forest types of Sarawak, Malaysia.. PhD thesis.. University of Ulm, Ulm, 232 pp.. Reference to article on the Internet:.. Eguchi K, 2005.. Important characters for sorting and identifying Indo-Malayan.. Pheidole.. species.. Downloaded from www.. antbase.. net/poster-exhibition.. html on 9 May 2006.. Revised manuscripts should be returned to the editorial office within one month of the date on which revision was invited, and.. accompanied by a separate file containing a detailed response letter.. on how all the concerns of the Editors and referees have been addressed.. Rejection of papers is possible until this stage.. Editing of the language is a standard procedure after this, and authors will be consulted again for clarification as necessary.. SLOW PUBLICATION.. is our philosophy, please don't push editors with frequent requests.. Final proofs will be sent to the corresponding author by email as a PDF file.. Please check proofs carefully against the typescript for errors before.. returning the corrected proofs.. to the corresponding Editor.. within one week.. of receipt.. Download a short version of these guidelines:.. Guidelines PDF.. last modified 8/June/2014..

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  • Title: Publication ethics - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Publication ethics and.. publication malpractice statement.. The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected.. network of knowledge.. It is a direct reflection of the quality of the work of the authors and the institutions that support them.. Peer-reviewed articles support and embody the scientific method.. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, the publisher and the society of journals.. Over the  ...   issues that editors face include an author copying a substantial part of another's work without acknowledgment or passing another's work off as her or his own, fraudulent research and authorship disputes.. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY is a.. peer reviewed journal.. that is.. committed to the highest ethical publication standards.. , e.. as they have been defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (.. COPE.. The journal publishes.. only original.. research papers, reviews, and short communications in important subfields of myrmecology.. Manuscripts should be submitted together with a.. stating.. that.. copyrighted material.. from other sources (if these materials have been used)..

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  • Title: EndNote Style - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Endnote Style.. If you are interested in publishing in Asian Myrmecology and you are working with EndNote, please download the Asian Myrmecology EndNote Style and apply it to the citations in your manuscript.. EndNote Style Asian Myrmecology..

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  • Title: Editorial Board - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Editors:.. Adam L.. Cronin, United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University, 3-18-8 Ueda, Morioka 020-8550, Japan.. Himender Bharti, Department of Zoology, Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, 147002, India.. Carsten Brühl, Institute for Environmental Sciences, University Koblenz-Landau, Fortstraße 7, D-76829 Landau, Germany.. Tom M.. Fayle, Laboratory of Tropical Ecology, University of South Bohemia, Branisovka 31, 370 05 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.. Benoit Guénard, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0495, Japan.. Dirk Mezger, Field Museum of Natural History, Department of Zoology, 1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605, USA.. Joachim Offenberg, Denmark.. Omid Paknia, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Institute of Animal Ecology and Cell Biology, Bünteweg 17, 30559 Hannover,  ...   for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.. Masashi Yoshimura, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, 904-0495, Japan.. Managing Editor:.. Pethrine Jimbau, Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.. Fax: +60-88-320291.. Editorial Board:.. Barry Bolton, United Kingdom.. Tobias O.. Bickel, Australia.. John R.. Fellowes, United Kingdom.. Yoshiaki Hashimoto, Japan.. Takao Itioka, Japan.. David J.. Lohman, USA.. Jonathan D.. Majer, Australia.. Maryati Mohamed, Malaysia.. Joachim Moog, Germany.. Christian Peeters, France.. Neelkamal Rastogi, India.. Kazuki Tsuji, Japan.. Suparoek Watanasit, Thailand.. Seiki Yamane, Japan.. Zhenghui Xu, China.. Publisher:.. Penerbit UMS.. http://www.. ums.. edu.. my/penerbit.. last modified 26/August/2014..

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  • Title: Contact - Asian Myrmecology
    Descriptive info: Contact address:.. Dr.. Martin Pfeiffer.. Department of Ecology.. National University of Mongolia.. Baga toiruu 47.. Ulaanbaatar 210646.. Mongolia.. net/.. for subscription contact.. Petherine Jimbau (managing editor).. Curator.. Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation.. Universiti Malaysia Sabah.. Locked Bag No.. 2073.. 88999, Kota Kinabalu.. Sabah, Malaysia.. Phone: +6088320000 ext 2356.. Fax: +6088320291.. Mobile: +60135457284.. Email:.. ethrine260879.. [at].. hotmail.. com.. ;.. ethrine.. ums.. my..

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  • Title: ANet Conference 2009
    Descriptive info: 7th International Conference on Ants.. All participants of the 7th international meeting of ANeT can download different talks from the Congress or watch picture galleries from different participants.. If you are specially interested in certain pictures or if you want to print your own copy of them please let  ...   or give you a downloadlink to higher resolution versions.. Talks.. Simon Robson.. Problem solving in.. Oecophylla smaragdina.. PowerPoint Seminar.. Carsten Brühl.. Heart of Borneo.. IUCN Red list Ants.. IUCN Workshop.. Asian Myrmecology 2009.. www.. net - a myrmecological networking platform.. Picture galleries.. John Fellowes.. Dirk Mezger.. last modified 04/January/2010..

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