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  • Title: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: .. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (GSE).. Webmail.. |.. Intranet.. Contact Barcelona GSE.. About Barcelona GSE.. The School.. Barcelona GSE Community.. Campuses.. Barcelona GSE Team.. About the Director.. Annual Reports.. The City of Barcelona.. Living in Barcelona.. Studying in Barcelona.. Board and Support.. Board of Trustees.. Academic Programs Committee.. Units Committee.. Sponsors.. Scientific Council.. Research.. Research Activities.. Barcelona GSE Lectures.. Barcelona JOCS.. Calvó-Armengol Prize.. Economics "Trobada".. Recognition Program.. Research Partnerships.. Summer Forum.. Winter Workshops.. Archive: Past Research Events.. Researchers.. Job Opportunities.. Publications.. Research Videos.. Working Papers.. Research Highlights.. Videos: Research Events.. Research Endowment.. Severo Ochoa Accreditation.. Faculty.. Research Professors.. Affiliated Professors.. Guest Professors.. Programs of Study.. Master Programs.. Competition and Market Regulation.. Data Science.. Economics.. Economics of Public Policy.. Finance.. Health Economics and Policy.. International Trade, Finance and Development.. Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. Continuing Education - Summer Schools.. Barcelona Banking Summer School.. Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School.. Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School.. Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School.. Continuing Education - Professional Courses.. Quantitative Methods for Competition Analysis.. Competition Economics: Abuse of Dominance.. Systemic Risk and Prudential Policy.. PhD Programs.. Information for:.. Prospective Students.. Current Students.. Alumni.. Academics / Researchers.. Recruiters / Companies.. Media.. Subscribe to the Barcelona GSE newsletter.. Master Degrees.. Summer Schools.. Professional  ...   GSE launches new Master in Data Science.. Courses will include topics such as Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Social and Economic Networks.. Eye on Alumni Interview: Carlos Martínez Sarnago.. Carlos Martinez Sarnago is an Economist in the Financial Markets Unit at La Caixa Savings Bank in Barcelona.. Upcoming Events.. See all upcoming events.. Alumni & Friends.. Carlos Martínez Sarnago '12.. La Caixa Savings Bank.. Barcelona.. Career Placement.. PhD Placement.. In memoriam.. Dale Mortensen.. Member of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council.. GSE Research.. Suzanne Scotchmer.. University of California at Berkeley.. The Scarcity of Ideas: Use It, Lose It, or Bank It.. Understanding the Gains from Wage Flexibility: The Exchange Rate Connection.. Jordi Galí, Tommaso Monacelli.. The Division Problem under Constraints.. Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme.. Inequality, Ethnicity and Civil Conflict.. John D.. Huber, Laura Mayoral.. Jordi Galí.. CREI, UPF and Barcelona GSE.. New Keynesian insights on wages, aggregate demand and unemployment.. The.. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. offers one-year.. master programs in Specialized Economic Analysis and in Economics and Finance,.. taught in English and awarded by UPF and UAB.. The Barcelona GSE also offers.. economics summer schools.. and promotes internationally-ranked.. economic research.. Masters.. :.. Copyright.. RSS.. Sitemap.. Legal..

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  • Title: Contact us - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. Contact Us.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Contact us.. Campus Address and Contact Information.. Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27.. 08005 Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain.. Tel.. +34 93 542-1222.. Fax.. +34 93 542-1223.. info@barcelonagse.. eu.. facebook.. com/barcelonagse.. twitter.. Campus Maps.. Below are two more detailed maps of the Barcelona GSE Ciutadella Campus, the site of our main offices.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Masters Degrees in Economic Analysis - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: ».. » Master Programs.. If you are looking for a combination of a rigorous training in economics, a stimulating environment with day-to-day interactions between faculty and students, and a wonderful city to explore, you are really left with only one choice: the Barcelona GSE.. Pol Antràs.. Harvard University.. MSc in Economics, UPF ( 99).. Share this page:.. Barcelona GSE Master Degrees.. The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers eight programs leading to three master degrees: the.. Master Degree in Economics and Finance.. awarded by UPF,.. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis.. awarded jointly by UPF and UAB; and the.. Master Degree in Data Science.. awarded jointly by UPF  ...   September 2014).. Select a program from one of the lists below to view master courses, faculty, student profiles, career outlook for alumni, and other program-specific information.. Economics of Public Policy.. International Trade, Finance, and Development.. Sponsors providing scholarships and financial support for Barcelona GSE master programs include: "La Caixa" Foundation, BBVA Foundation, Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera, Repsol Foundation, MSD (Merck), Abertis, Enagas, Telefonica, SEBAP, Carolina Foundation, Novartis, Ramón Areces Foundation, Agbar, and Unicredit.. Study at Barcelona GSE.. Class Profile.. Alumni Careers.. Faculty.. FAQ.. Master Programs Brochure.. [pdf].. Student Blog.. Economic analysis and reflections from members of the Barcelona GSE community.. » Visit the blog.. Contact GSE Admissions..

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  • Title: Economics Summer Schools  - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Continuing Education - Summer Schools.. Economics Summer Schools at Barcelona GSE.. The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics welcomes the summer with a diverse range of summer schools in economics and related fields.. These short summer programs are addressed to.. researchers.. ,.. professionals.. and.. graduate students.. who want to improve their competences in specific fields of knowledge.. Renowned academics.. leading practitioners.. teach our summer school courses, which draw participants from all over the world.. Download Summer School Flyer [pdf].. The 2013 summer course offering includes four professionally-oriented summer schools:.. Labor Economics Summer School.. Banking Summer School.. Microeconometrics Summer School.. Macroeconometrics Summer School.. The courses are designed with modularity so that participants can customize their own summer school program, tailored to their individual goals and interests.. Course Calendar.. Barcelona Banking Summer School.. Dates:.. July 1-12, 2013.. Director:.. Xavier Freixas.. (UPF and Barcelona GSE).. Courses:.. Banking Theory.. Empirical Banking - Applications.. Regulation of Banks and Risk Management: Pre- and Post-Crisis.. and.. Empirical Banking - Methodological Aspects.. Sergi Jiménez-Martin.. Panel Data Linear Analysis.. Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation.. Econometrics of Cross-section Data with Applications.. ,.. Dynamic and Non-linear Panel Data Models.. Economics and Global Health.. July 8-12, 2013.. Director:.. Maia Güell.. (University of Edinburgh).. Determination of Wages.. Family Economics.. Labor Market Outcomes.. Economics of Labor in Developing Countries.. Luca Gambetti.. (UAB and Barcelona GSE).. Bayesian Vector Autoregressions and Small Sample Corrections in VARs.. Exchange Rate Predictability.. Empirical Time Series Methods for Macroeconomic Analysis.. Modeling Non-stationary  ...   Barcelona GSE courses require an average of twice the lecture hours for readings, pre-readings and class preparation.. Interested students should check with their universities to see if these hours are transferable into ECTS credits.. Summer Programs at Barcelona GSE Academic Units.. UPF LeeX Experimental Economics Summer School in Macroeconomics.. June 13-18, 2013.. An intensive 4-day summer school devoted to instructing macroeconomists in experimental methods will be offered at Ciutadella Campus.. This summer school promotes experimental methods among macroeconomists and assists with and critiques participants proposals for macroeconomic experiments.. CREI Barcelona Macroeconomic Summer School.. July 1-5 and July 15-19, 2013.. Also offered at Ciutadella Campus, these courses will cover recent developments in different areas of macroeconomics, including growth, international finance and trade, and monetary and fiscal policies.. The courses are aimed at graduate students specializing in macroeconomics or related fields, as well as faculty members or researchers who wish to to brush up their knowledge of the field and expose themselves to the latest advances in academic research.. Share this:.. Courses Dates.. June 30-July 11, 2014.. Sign up to receive an email alert when 2014 content is announced:.. Subscribe to email alerts about Barcelona Economics Summer Schools.. summerschool@barcelonagse.. Barcelona GSE Summer School participants learn cutting-edge techniques from leading academics and practitioners, network with colleagues from around the world, and enjoy a cosmopolitan Mediterranean setting.. Testimonials.. Quick Links.. Summer School Policies [pdf].. Accommodations.. Barcelona GSE on Facebook.. Barcelona GSE LinkedIn Group.. Summer School 2012 photos..

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  • Title: Continuing Education - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Continuing Education - Professional Courses.. Professional courses.. The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers intensive, targeted programs for professionals.. The current course offer includes:.. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the most recent economic theories of monopolization, apply these concepts in practice, and review actual cases in the light of an effects-based approach.. course info.. The course covers recent empirical methods to measure market power and competition,  ...   presents state of the art research on systemic risk to illustrate its implications for micro and macro prudential regulation.. Previously offered professional courses at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. Global Health Leadership Forum (GHLF).. This innovative program for senior health executives uses a mixture of case studies, seminars, workshops and an independent project to explore cutting edge approaches that address health policy issues of global importance.. course archive..

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  • Title: PhD in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » PhD Programs.. PhD Programs in Economics.. Peter Koudijs (Economics 06 and GPEFM 11).. was one of only seven PhD graduates world-wide chosen to join the elite.. Review of Economic Studies.. Tour in 2011.. With offers from top departments in the US and Europe, he has chosen to join the Finance Department at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.. Read article.. The foundation of the Barcelona GSE is built on the successful partnership of the four founding academic units through joint activities and research in economics in past years.. The goal of the Barcelona GSE is to enhance this world-class academic community fostering graduate programs in economics while developing a distinctive and substantial research activity.. Graduate education at the Barcelona GSE rests upon two renowned international PhD programs in economics: the.. Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (GPEFM).. and the.. International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA).. Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management.. (GPEFM).. is organized by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) jointly with the Barcelona GSE.. Ths program has  ...   the Universität Bonn.. To apply to the GPEFM doctoral program, please visit the.. GPEFM website.. International Doctorate in Economic Analysis.. (IDEA).. is organized by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) jointly with the Barcelona GSE.. Since its launch in 1991, it has awarded 160 PhD degrees.. IDEA is part of the European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER), a network of doctoral programs with seven other leading European economics departments: University College London, Universität Mannheim, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Stockholms Universitet, CentER (Tilburg University), MPSE (Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse), and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. To apply to the IDEA doctoral program please visit the.. online application form.. La Caixa-Severo Ochoa International Doctoral Fellowships.. La Caixa Foundation is financing five doctoral fellowships for students and candidates of the Barcelona GSE s reference PhD programs at UPF and UAB.. The Foundation supports doctoral fellowships at those institutions which have received the Severo Ochoa Excellence Accreditation.. learn more.. Placements for GPEFM and IDEA doctoral graduates.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007..

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  • Title: Admissions - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Admissions.. Barcelona GSE.. To change the world, good intentions are not enough.. The Barcelona GSE equips students - the world s future policymakers - with the core theoretical and analytical tools necessary to transform thought into action.. Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. Director, CREI.. Information for master program applicants.. Which masters are available for 2014-15?.. What are the admission requirements?.. How can I apply  ...   Admissions Blog.. Facebook group.. Admissions FAQ.. Online Application for Barcelona GSE Master Programs 2014-15.. Go to the online application for Barcelona GSE master programs.. The application form login page will open in a new window.. Applications for 2013-14 master programs.. (courses begin in September 2013).. Contact Barcelona GSE Admissions to receive an email alert when the 2013-14 application becomes available.. Request Application 2013-14 Email Alert..

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  • Title: Master in Data Science - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Data Science.. Master in Data Science.. A letter to prospective students from.. Christian Fons-Rosen, Program Director.. and Prof.. Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, Scientific Director.. The Barcelona GSE Master in Data Science is one of the very few such programs available internationally, and its graduates will be among the first to get a formal training as data scientists.. Director Letter.. Master Program Overview.. Skills acquired in this master program.. Seize the opportunity of data-driven value creation within an organization.. Recognize appropriate statistical methodologies and optimization techniques for complex problems.. Work with database management systems and distributed processing in a cloud computing environment.. Gain experience analyzing Big Data from the Internet of Things (industrial sensor data), the Internet of People (social and location data) and business transaction data.. Communicate data analysis results effectively with data presentation and aesthetic charting skills.. Work in a data-driven, heterogenous and research-oriented environment.. Course offerings and syllabus.. Program faculty.. Who will benefit from this program?.. Graduates in Economics and Business with solid background and keen interest in quantitative methods.. Graduates in Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics with the ambition to work with real-world problems  ...   following industries:.. Telecommunications.. E-commerce.. Entertainment and Sports.. Transportation and Logistics.. Pharmaceutical.. Fast-moving consumer goods.. Finance and Insurance Industry.. Consulting Firms.. Research Institutes.. Public institutions, central banks and European agencies.. Program details and structure.. Language of instruction:.. English.. Structure:.. 9 months (3 trimesters), full time.. Tuition:.. 15,000.. Fees listed are for the 2014-15 academic year and are subject to change for future editions of the master program.. Campus:.. Ciutadella (UPF).. Degree awarded:.. Master Degree in Data Science (awarded jointly with UPF and UAB).. The Barcelona GSE Master in Data Science is in the verification process and before summer 2014 is expected to be officially recognized by the Catalan and Spanish Education authorithies within the framework of the Bologna Process (in Spanish, Master Universitario o Master Oficial ).. Full program description.. Join this master program.. Admission Criteria.. Application Deadlines.. Masters Brochure.. Academic Calendar.. Master Degree in Data Science awarded jointly by:.. Sponsors providing scholarships and financial support for master programs.. The Barcelona GSE is grateful to the following collaborating institutions for supporting its master programs with full or partial scholarship funding:.. Directors Letter.. Description.. Director.. Courses.. Student Profile.. Alumni Outlook..

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  • Title: Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Economics.. Master in Economics.. A letter to prospective students.. from Prof.. Marta Reynal-Querol, Program Director.. We offer a rigorous program for students who are curious, who aim at getting at the core of economic issues, and who have the will to work very hard.. Program Overview.. Solid command of quantitative economics.. Expertise in a wide range of specializations in different fields of economics.. Competence in both theoretical and empirical approaches, from foundation to applications and policy.. Facility with the tools necessary to successfully pursue a top PhD in economics.. Course offerings and syllabus.. Program faculty.. Who will benefit from this program?.. Graduates in economics, mathematics or engineering.. Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous master program in economics.. Junior economic analysts looking for a postgraduate degree with advanced tools in quantitative economics.. Will the program prepare me for PhD work?.. Yes, the Economics master  ...   study.. Admittance to the UPF PhD program will be decided at the end of the first term.. Students with a sufficiently strong background may be admitted directly to the UPF PhD program.. Students admitted to the UPF PhD Program will have to follow a sequence of advanced courses required for that program.. Authorities and Government Agencies.. International Organizations.. Research Institutions.. Banking Industry.. Economic Consulting Firms.. English.. 14,000.. Ciutadella (UPF).. Master Degree in Economics and Finance (awarded jointly with UPF).. All programs in the Barcelona GSE Master Degree in Economics and Finance have been recognized by the Catalan and Spanish Education authorithies within the framework of the Bologna Process (in Spanish, Master Universitario o Master Oficial ).. Facts, figures, and faces of Economics students.. Alumni Outlook.. Doctoral placements and professional career paths of program graduates.. Master Degree in Economics and Finance awarded jointly by:.. Director's Letter.. Description..

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  • Title: Master in Economics of Public Policy - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Economics of Public Policy.. Master in Economics of Public Policy.. Nezih Guner, Program Director.. The Economics of Public Policy Program aims to provide students with the tools of economic and quantitative analysis used in public policy design and evaluation.. A rigorous understanding of economic theory behind the design and evaluation of public policies.. Ability to apply state-of-the-art empirical tools to evaluate public policies.. An understanding of institutional frameworks in which public policies are designed and implemented.. Ability to write technical and non-technical reports on public policy.. Graduates from business administration, economics and other social sciences (demography, political sciences, sociology) with a quantitative background.. Professionals from governmental  ...   first edition of the master program in the Economics of Public Policy.. Alumni outlook data will be available in Fall 2013.. Public Institutions.. Non-government Organizations (NGOs).. Consulting Firms.. Tuition:.. Ciutadella (UPF) and Bellaterra (UAB).. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis (awarded jointly with UPF and UAB).. All programs in the Barcelona GSE Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis have been recognized by the Catalan and Spanish Education authorithies within the framework of the Bologna Process (in Spanish, Master Universitario o Master Oficial ).. Facts, figures, and faces of current students.. Professional career paths and doctoral placements of program graduates.. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded jointly by:..

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  • Title: Master in Finance - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Finance.. Master in Finance.. Javier Gil-Bazo, Program Director.. Xavier Freixas, Scientific Director.. The changing environment of the banking industry, with the implementation, among others, of Basel II and the MIFID European Directive, brings a range of new challenges for the financial industry.. Thorough understanding of the theory and practice of price formation in financial markets, with applications to equity valuation as well as to the determination of the term structure of interest rates and contingent claim pricing.. Ability to analyze the problems of managing banks and other financial institutions using Economic Theory.. Ability to price and hedge derivatives and complex financial instruments in a dynamic setting applying the  ...   strong interest in Quantitative Finance or Banking.. Graduates in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, or Engineering who want to pursue a career in Quantitative Finance or Banking.. Researchers and policy makers at Central Banks or Supervisory Authorities.. Aspiring PhD students looking for a rigorous Finance master program.. Minimum academic requirements for the Finance master:.. Solid academic background in mathematics and statistics.. Undergraduate degree with a substantial number of quantitative subjects, or GRE/GMAT to demonstrate quantitative ability.. Many students use the Finance program as preparation for entry into competitive PhD programs.. Banks.. Asset management firms.. Risk Management and Finance Departments of both financial and non-financial firms.. Financial consulting firms.. Central banks.. Seminars..

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