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  • Title: Director Letter - Trade, Finance, Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. ».. » Director Letter.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Master in International Trade, Finance and Development.. Jaume Ventura.. Program Director.. Director Biography.. Teaching, professional activities, and the latest research from the International Trade, Finance, and Development master program director.. Letter from the Director.. Dear Prospective Student,.. The ITFD graduate program at the Barcelona GSE studies economic questions in international trade, finance, and development.. It is analytically rigorous and quantitative, and taught by faculty committed to excellence in research and teaching.. The program allows you to acquire a thorough working knowledge of the conceptual and empirical tools of modern economics applied to international trade, finance, and development.. The ITFD program enables you to charter your own path.. Our course offering allows you to gain a broad perspective or to specialize..  ...   institutions, government agencies, and NGOs.. See how the.. latest alumni.. are using their skills in their jobs or in PhD programs.. Make sure to also check out our web pages for.. master program courses.. and.. faculty.. to get a sense of our teaching style and substance.. If you are excited about economic questions in international trade, finance, and development, do not hesitate to get in touch.. We look forward to welcoming you next year.. Director, International Trade, Finance, and Development Program.. International Trade, Finance, and Development Program Overview.. Join this master program.. Admission Criteria.. Application Deadlines.. Masters Brochure.. [pdf].. Academic Calendar.. Social Media.. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded jointly by:.. Program Details and Structure.. All GSE Master Programs.. Share this page:.. Description.. Director.. Courses.. Policy Specialists.. Student Profile.. Alumni Outlook.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Courses - International Trade, Finance and Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Courses.. Watch video.. (02:01).. The ITFD program is unique because of the emphasis, not just on theory, but on how it can be used to explain current events, and to create practical policy applications in the real world.. Edward Corcoran 09.. Economist.. HM Treasury.. Courses 2013-14.. The International Trade, Finance and Development program is taught in three modules, proceeding from the more fundamental to the more applied.. In addition, we offer a review course in mathematics and statistics in September (.. Syllabus.. ).. This course is not mandatory but it is highly recommended for all students.. Fall Term: Core Knowledge.. In this term students take four twenty-hour courses and one forty-hour course that provide necessary background knowledge about international trade, finance, and development.. Course Title.. ECTS.. Professor(s).. Mandatory.. The Rise of the Global Economy.. Joachim Voth.. Economic Growth and Development.. Antonio Ciccone.. International Finance.. Jagdish Tripathy.. Econometrics.. 6.. Libertad González.. Tetyana Surovsteva.. Microeconometrics.. Francesco Fasani.. Winter Term: Applications.. In this term students take six twenty-hour courses that provide deeper and more specialized knowledge about international trade, finance, and development.. They also start an independent study project under the supervision of a faculty member.. International Trade.. Gino Gancia..  ...   as a sequence of policy lessons.. All students complete the independent study project and present their work to classmates and faculty members.. Policy Lessons.. Simon Evenett.. José García Montalvo.. Independent Study Project (Part B).. Sovereign Debt and International Financial Architecture.. Electives - select 15 ECTS.. Advanced Economic Growth and Development.. Xavier Sala-i-Martin.. Political Economy.. Maria Petrova.. Ruben Enikolopov.. Labor Economics.. Libertad González.. Banking Theory.. Xavier Freixas.. Systemic Risk and Financial Crises.. Topics in Finance I.. Ander Pérez Orive.. Andrea Caggese.. Survey Methods.. Manuel Arellano.. Olympia Bover.. Total ECTS credits.. 60.. * Advanced course, requires authorization of program director.. Each year leading policy specialists from international organizations, NGOs, or private corporations join the program faculty.. Read more about policy specialists.. Independent Policy Projects.. available for download [pdf]:.. Building African infrastructure with Chinese money.. Shall the European Central Bank raise its inflation target?.. Should the US Congress amend the Federal Reserve Act and make price stability the primary goal of monetary policy?.. Stopping a snowball to reduce unemployment: The case of parafiscal payroll taxes in Colombia.. Students present their projects before an audience of their peers as well as program professors.. ,.. , and.. (not pictured) was also in attendance..

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  • Title: Policy Specialists - Trade, Finance, Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Policy Specialists.. Policy specialists have acquired practical experience in leading positions in international organizations, NGOs, or private corporations.. In addition, all have a track record of leading publications in economics.. Policy Specialists - Spring 2013.. Professor at the University of St.. Gallen, Switzerland, and Director of the International Trade and Economics Program at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR, London).. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.. A specialist on development and trade issues with an emphasis on bilateral and regional agreements, he has previously worked for the World Bank and as an advisor to the French Ministry for Trade.. José García-Montalvo.. Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2010-2013.. Consultant for the OECD, the Interamerican Development Bank and the World Bank.. Author of eleven books including.. From the Housing Boom to the Financial Collapse.. Policy Specialists - previous years.. Bradford DeLong.. Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley.. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2009.. A former Deputy Secretary at the US Treasury Department during the Mexican crisis, he is a frequent commentator on economic policy.. His academic work has focused on the origins of unstable asset prices, the origins of market power in investment banking, and the evolution of  ...   Jerusalem.. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2011.. A specialist on trade and the economics of inflation, Ephraim Kleiman has also written extensively on the economics of the Arab-Israeli peace process.. He served as the senior economic advisor for theIsraeli economic delegation to the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in Paris, 1993-94.. Eduardo Levy-Yeyati.. Chief Economist for Latin America, Barclays Capital.. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2009-2012.. A former Financial Sector Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank, he is on leave from Universidad Di Tella in Buenos Aires.. He has also served as the Chief Economist at the Central Bank of Argentina.. Levy-Yeyati is mainly interested in macroeconomic volatility in emerging economies, the implications of financial dollarization, and the economics of exchange rate regimes.. Professor of Economics, Columbia University and visiting professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. ITFD Policy Specialist: 2009.. Sala-i-Martin is the founder of Umbele: A Future for Africa, a non-profit organization that promotes economic development in Africa, as well as of the nonprofit organization CEOs Without Borders.. He is also a senior economic advisor to the World Economic Forum.. Policy specialists join the Master faculty as guest professors in the third term.. Full list of this year s faculty..

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  • Title: Master in International Trade, Finance, and Development - Faculty - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Faculty.. In addition to the program s affiliated faculty, each year leading policy specialists from international organizations, NGOs, or private corporations join the program faculty as guest professors in the third term.. View list of policy specialists.. Faculty 2013-14.. Name.. Current Position.. Degree.. Broner, Fernando.. Senior Researcher, CREI.. PhD, Massachussets Institute of Technology.. Brownlees, Christian.. Beatriu de Pinós Researcher, UPF.. PhD, University of Florence.. Caggese, Andrea.. Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. PhD, London School of Economics.. Ciccone, Antonio.. ICREA Research Professor, UPF (on leave).. PhD, Stanford University.. Enikolopov, Ruben.. Assistant Professor, UPF.. PhD, Harvard University..  ...   London).. PhD, Yale University.. Fasani, Francesco.. Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London.. PhD, University College London.. Freixas, Xavier.. Professor, UPF.. PhD, Université de Toulouse.. Gancia, Gino.. PhD, Stockholm University.. García-Montalvo, José.. Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Glitz, Albrecht.. González, Libertad.. Associate Professor, UPF.. PhD, Northwestern University.. Litschig, Stephan.. PhD, Columbia University.. Pérez Orive, Ander.. Assistant Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Petrova, Maria.. ICREA Research Professor, UPF.. Peydró, José-Luis.. PhD, INSEAD.. Ponzetto, Giacomo.. Researcher, CREI.. Sala-i-Martín, Xavier.. Professor, Columbia University; Visiting Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Tarozzi, Alessandro.. PhD, Princeton University.. Ventura, Jaume.. Senior Researcher, CREI.. Voth, Joachim.. PhD, Oxford University..

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  • Title: Students - Trade, Finance, Development - Masters - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Student Profile.. Student Profile 2013-14.. Intake of students: 39.. Nationalities: 20.. Average age: 24 years.. Academic Background.. Economics/Finance.. 85%.. Management / Business.. 8%.. Mathematics/Engineering.. 5%.. Social Sciences/Law.. 2%.. Years of Work Experience Prior to Entering the Master Program.. Geographic Origin of Students by Region.. Europe (non-Spanish).. 64%.. Most represented countries.. (# students):.. Germany (6),United Kingdom (5), Spain (4), United States (4), Italy (3), France (2).. North America.. 16%.. Africa, Asia, Oceania.. 10%.. Spain.. Meet your classmates.. Arpita Khann 13.. Home Town:.. Chandigarh, India.. My background.. Master in Economics (Punjab University).. Why I chose Barcelona GSE.. I chose the Barcelona GSE for a multitude of reasons most important of which was its international reputation and the outstanding faculty.. I also chose the School because of the unique master programs  ...   opportunity to live in a city like Barcelona for a year was an incentive in itself.. My career plans.. Since my interest in the subject is immense, I would really like my career path to be intensively in the field of Economics.. After finishing my master degree, I would like to work in an international organization like The World Bank, IMF, or UNDP.. I firmly believe that this master program will help me acquire the required skills and knowledge one would need to work in such organizations.. Academic backgrounds of students include:.. Bachelor in Economics.. Bocconi University (Italy).. University of Oxford (UK).. Bachelor in Economics and Finance.. McGill University (Canada).. Professional backgrounds include:.. CFS Ireland.. Financial Analyst.. Senior Policy Advisor - Financial Stability.. Oxfam.. Trading Executive.. Class Profile (all programs)..

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  • Title: Alumni Placement - Trade, Finance, Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Alumni Outlook.. The background I gained in macroeconomics, banking and financial markets during the Barcelona GSE Master benefits me strongly in my daily work and provides a solid base for understanding the variety of new issues and concepts I ve been facing since my start.. Julian Ebner 12.. Trainee.. European Central Bank.. Alumni Outlook.. Class of 2013.. Alex Hansson.. Analyst.. Credit Suisse.. Global External Asset Management.. I am currently working in the Technology Solutions team within the External Asset Management department at Credit Suisse.. What that means is that I support my colleagues on technology related projects for our clients including: analyzing investment strategies against available technology solutions; coordinating the implementation of new platforms (e.. g.. trading or portfolio management systems); and monitoring and analyzing the use of those platforms.. The work is demanding and manifold, but has been made easier to carry out with the knowledge and skills that I was able to gain during the Barcelona GSE Master in International Trade, Finance and Development.. Specifically, Prof.. Peydró s courses [on financial institutions, systemic risk, and financial crises] have really helped me to understanding the current and soon to be implemented banking regulations and how they will impact not just banks but also asset managers.. Indeed, having platforms that can screen investments in terms of their suitability, given current regulations, is something which is heavily demanded by our asset managers and which we are working on to implement at the moment.. Class of 2012.. Gieltje Adriaans.. Project Associate.. Innovations for Poverty Action.. After having worked for eight months as a project associate in Peru, I transferred to Sierra Leone this June to work on the impact evaluation of a large public health intervention that aims to improve service delivery through community monitoring and non-financial awards.. The intervention is implemented in four rural districts and funded by the World Bank.. Data collection has just been completed and as a project associate I am responsible for data management, analysis and report delivery, thereby reporting to the principal investigators Johannes Haushofer (MIT), Bilal Siddiqi (Stanford University) and Oeindrila Dube (NYU).. The master program in International Trade, Finance and Development prepared me very well for this position, both in terms of the in-depth training I received in econometric methods and in understanding the interaction between research and development policy that is crucial in development research.. Constantin Albot.. ODI Fellow/Economist.. Overseas Development Institute.. As an ODI Fellow working for the Bank of South Sudan, my primary role is to provide capacity in departments where it is lacking so that processes within the bank and its performance as a public institution more broadly can benefit.. My first assignment was with the financial markets division, where I helped to reconcile the bank s foreign exchange accounts held with corresponding institutions.. No such reconciliation had taken place since the bank switched from manual records to an electronic payment system back in 2011.. Going forward, I m hoping to get involved with other divisions as well, such as statistics, general accounts and operations, in order to get a more complete exposure to the bank s workings.. The theoretical background gained through the ITFD program in topics such as growth, monetary policy and institutions, as well as the capacity to approach issues in a constructive way, have proved to be of great help throughout these challenges.. Samuel Chapman.. Research Analyst.. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.. As a Research Analyst at the Cleveland Fed, my responsibilities involve background research/lit review, data collection/cleaning, data analysis (use of statistical software), writing and editing.. as well as dissecting and analyzing new releases of economic indicators.. The daily work is quite diverse and each day is different from others.. I may have an economist come to me and say they have to give a presentation on the labor market in a few weeks.. I will then spend a week or so creating a presentation on leading labor market indicators and help them obtain the information and data they need.. Eye on Alumni feature.. Julian Ebner.. I spent my first six months as a trainee in the ECB s Financial Research Division before moving to the Directorate General Financial Stability.. As part of a working group dedicated to the establishment of the Single Supervisory Mechanism for banks in the euro area many of my tasks evolve around an extensive mapping of banking group structures.. I also frequently receive ad hoc requests for notes or reports on particular technical issues that emerge while the regulatory framework is being established.. Almost all of my tasks involve coordination with the different national supervisory authorities, which is a great chance to get exposure to senior experts and benefit from their experience.. I think the background I gained in macroeconomics, banking and financial markets during the Barcelona GSE Master benefits me strongly in my daily work and provides a solid base for understanding the variety of new issues and concepts I ve been facing since my start.. Cristina Rodríguez.. Research Assistant.. Bank of Spain.. I am a Research Assistant in the External Sector Unit in the Economic Analysis and Forecasting Department at the Bank of Spain.. My main responsibilities include data analysis, literature review and writing reports regarding the Balance  ...   Organization as a statistician right after graduating.. My main responsibility is the collection, analysis and dissemination of trade statistics, with a particular focus on trade in services.. The year spent at Barcelona GSE gave me the analytical tools to understand what are the forces behind the trade flows I measure every day in my working life.. Andrea Papadia.. PhD Student.. London School of Economics.. The Master at Barcelona GSE was fundamental for my development, principally in two ways.. First of all, it exposed me directly to the work of world-class researchers, which is now influencing my own research.. Secondly, the Master contributed decisively to my curiosity and appetite for research.. During my time in Barcelona, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in economic research.. I enjoyed the intellectual challenges I had to face so much that I wanted to keep working on them.. After the Master I had two main professional experiences.. Shortly after leaving Barcelona, I did a trainee-ship at the EU Delegation in Beijing, China.. There, I worked in the Development and Cooperation Section, helping to manage a number of projects in the fields of Trade, Law and Transportation.. In 2013, I joined the UK Government Economic Service working for the Ministry of Justice as Assistant Economist dealing mainly with the international aspects of the work of the Ministry.. My research at LSE is going to focus on topics in International Finance with an historical perspective.. I will carry out a combination of empirical and theoretical research to identify the lessons that history can provide us to understand both past and current Economic events.. Saffet Tinaztepe.. Citigroup.. (New York).. I have two primary responsibilities.. First, I am a corporate banking analyst on a coverage team that is responsible for banking technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) clients with whom Citigroup has had a historically stressed relationship.. My second responsibility is to calculate our expected return on loan deals that are proposed by other TMT corporate and investment bankers.. Eye on Alumni Feature.. Class of 2009.. Vera Bakman.. Russia and Kazakhstan Program Assistant.. Partners in Health.. (Boston).. While at Barcelona GSE, I focused my coursework on Economic Growth and Development with the hope of pursuing a career in an international non-governmental organization (INGO) working to bring meaningful change to people living in emerging and developing countries.. After completing the master program, I spent some time interning at local non-profit, non-governmental organizations in Nicaragua and Haiti and recently joined a renowned INGO working to provide a preferential option for the poor in healthcare.. In my current position at Partners In Health, I am responsible for delivering financial and programmatic support to our Russia and Kazakhstan-based teams.. Edoardo Campanella.. Economic Advisor.. Italian Senate.. (Rome).. Before coming to the Italian Senate, I worked in the Economic Research Department at the WTO headquarters in Geneva.. My task was to help prepare the draft of the World Trade Report 2010, the main publication of the research unit.. The topic for 2010 was very appealing: we studied the relationship between natural resources and global governance.. My role in the project was to manage data sets, review economic literature, and write content for the publication about specific issues and policy-relevant examples.. Edward Corcoran.. (London).. I work within the Financial Regulation and Markets section of HM Treasury, the UK s finance and economics ministry.. My work combines research, analysis and policy development on a range of areas related to the financial sector, including prudential banking regulation, macro-prudential tools and frameworks, and.. transparency and disclosure by financial institutions.. Juan Montecino.. Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).. I landed a job as a research assistant more or less right after getting to D.. C.. and having ITFD on my resume certainly helped.. I am working in the international side of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a small progressive think tank here in Washington, DC.. My duties consist mostly of researching IMF policy and Latin American economic developments, which is exactly what I wanted.. alumni top.. - Class of 2013.. Career paths for Barcelona GSE graduates in International Trade, Finance and Development.. Potential employers include:.. Authorities and Government Agencies.. International Organizations and NGOs.. Research Institutions.. Consulting Firms.. Financial Industry.. Professional placements include:.. Banc Sabadell.. Central Bank of Chile.. Colorado Governor s Office of Economic Development and International Trade.. Dutch National Bank (DNB).. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.. European Central Bank (ECB).. European Commission.. European Free Trade Association.. European Investment Bank.. Innovations for Poverty in Action (IPA).. Merrill Lynch (Bank of America).. Overseas Development Institute (ODI).. Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC).. RSF Social Finance.. UK Government Economic Service.. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).. United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America.. World Bank.. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).. World Trade Organization (WTO).. Postgraduate institutions include:.. Goethe University Frankfurt.. Humboldt University Berlin.. Queen Mary University of London.. Universitat de Barcelona.. University of Lausanne.. University of Mannheim.. Information for all master programs:.. Career Outlook Report.. Professional Placements.. PhD Program Placements.. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends.. Companies and Recruiters.. If you are a GSE alum and would like to send us your updated professional or academic career information, please do so via the.. GSE Alumni Directory submission form.. Class Photo Archive - Barcelona GSE..

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  • Title: Master Degree - Trade, Finance, Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Description.. If you are looking for a combination of a rigorous training in economics, a stimulating environment with day-to-day interactions between faculty and students, and a wonderful city to explore, you are really left with only one choice: the Barcelona GSE.. Pol Antràs.. MSc in Economics, UPF ( 99).. Description and Structure.. To download general program info for Chinese applicants, please.. click here.. Master program description.. International Trade, Finance, and Development is a demanding master program that combines rigorous analytical training with a focus on policy.. The course starts with a set of classes in growth, finance, trade, and statistics, and then proceeds to more applied topics.. Starting in the second term, students can chose one of two specialized tracks development, and international trade and finance.. Students choose from a wide array of courses, from evaluating development programs to the dynamics of foreign exchange markets.. In addition, students prepare a policy project that allows them to apply the skills acquired.. In the third term, outside experts share their experiences of applying economic analysis to real-life problems, whether it is in reshaping policy, devising trading strategies, or helping children in Africa.. master s faculty.. have worked on a wide range of policy issues related to topics covered in our program.. They have held academic positions at MIT, NYU, Maryland, Chicago, Stanford and Cambridge, and have worked at international organizations from the World Bank to the ECB and in private sector firms, either as staff members  ...   master degrees have been recognized by the Catalan and Spanish Education authorithies within the framework of the Bologna Process (in Spanish, Master Universitario o Master Oficial ).. Structure.. This is a full-time nine-month master program structured in three terms: Fall term (from September to December), Winter term (from January to March) and Spring term (from April to June).. For more information please download the.. academic calendar.. Students are strongly advised to take the Math and Statistics review course offered in September.. More information is available on the.. International Trade, Finance and Development courses page.. Credits.. The degree requires the successful completion of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits of graduate courses (6 credits are equivalent to a 40 hour course), some compulsory and some elective.. The students final program must be discussed with and approved by their Master Director.. Grades.. The academic performance of each student is reviewed regularly.. Attention is given to the maintenance of normal academic progress, through a combination of formal written examinations and coursework.. Core courses will award grades.. Some optional courses may be evaluated on a pass/fail or pass with honors/pass/fail basis.. Campus.. The Master in International Trade, Finance and Development takes place at the.. Ciutadella campus.. at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in central Barcelona.. The campus is within walking distance of both the beach and the city s financial, cultural and governmental centers.. Students can take advantage of a wide array of services and activities offered by the UPF..

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  • Title: Director - Trade, Finance and Development - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Director Biography.. A letter to prospective students.. from Prof.. Jaume Ventura, Program Director.. This master program allows you to acquire a thorough working knowledge of the conceptual and empirical tools of modern economics applied to international trade, finance, and development.. Director Letter.. Jaume Ventura Program Director.. is Senior Researcher at CREI and Professor at UPF.. Prior to joining CREI and UPF, he was a tenured associate professor at MIT.. He has also taught at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, London Business School, and INSEAD.. Professor Ventura has worked full-time for the World Bank, and acted as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank.. His research specializes in Macroeconomics and International Economics.. He is Fellow of the European Economic Association, Faculty Research Fellow of NBER, and Research Fellow of CEPR, where he has been Co-Director of the International Macroeconomics program (2007-11).. He has been editor of.. Economic Journal.. and associate editor of.. Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics.. , and.. Journal of the European Economics Association.. In 2010, he received an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for his project, Asset Bubbles and Economic Policy.. Webpage:.. www.. crei.. cat/people/jventura/.. Email:.. jventura@crei.. cat.. Fernando Broner Steering Committee Member.. is Senior Researcher at CREI and Adjunct Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. He received his PhD from MIT in 2000.. Prior to joining CREI and UPF, he was an assistant professor at the University of Maryland.. He has been a Visiting Professor at MIT.. He has been  ...   Business School, and the London School of Economics.. He is currently co-editor of.. The Economic Journal.. and has been a member of the editorial boards of several other international journals.. antoniociccone.. eu.. antonio.. ciccone@upf.. edu.. Joachim Voth Steering Committee Member.. Hans-Joachim Voth.. is ICREA Research Professor of Economics at UPF.. He received his PhD from Oxford in 1996.. Following a stint as a faculty member in Cambridge, UK, he worked as a Senior Associate at McKinsey.. He has held visiting positions at Stanford, MIT, NYU, and Princeton.. Voth has acted as an advisor to the German Stock Exchange.. His area of specialization is financial and economic history, with an emphasis on the history of speculative bubbles and stock markets, as well as economic growth over the long run.. econ.. upf.. es/~voth/.. Blog:.. International Trade News and Info.. jvoth@crei.. Steering Committee Members.. The ITFD program is directed by a Steering Committee, and the role of Program Director rotates on a yearly basis.. Antonio Ciccone.. Selected Research by Jaume Ventura.. Economic Growth with Bubbles (with A.. Martin).. American Economic Review.. , 102 (6), 2012, 3033-3058.. Bubbles and Capital Flows.. Journal of Economic Theory.. , 147 (2), 2012, 738-758.. Globalization and Risk Sharing (with F.. Broner).. The Review of Economic Studies.. , 78 (1), 2011, 49-82.. Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets (with F.. Broner and A.. , 100 (4), 2010, 1523-1555.. Related News.. Fernando Broner awarded ERC Starting Grant.. ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Prof.. Professors Voth and Galí awarded ERC Advanced Grants..

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  • Title: Director Letter - Macroeconomics - Masters - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. Francesc Obiols.. Albert Marcet.. Scientific Director.. Teaching, professional activities, and the latest research from the Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Program directors.. Letter from the Director.. Today s successful policymakers and investment managers understand that an ability to fully comprehend relevant market forces and identify and assess risk prior to making policy decisions is crucially important.. However, the inherent instability of the aggregate economy makes this one of the most challenging tasks in policy design.. As a result, the tools used in macro and financial economic analyses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the demand for experts who can competently use them is enormous.. The Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets (MPFM) Program is a professionally-oriented master program designed not only to equip students  ...   comprehensive understanding of macroeconomic theory and practice, and a complete proficiency with the cutting-edge tools used in macro and financial economics research.. The MPFM program will provide you with the training needed to connect with fast-track jobs in macroeconomics and financial policy.. You will emerge from the program prepared for immediate employment in government institutions, central banks, investment banks, financial and development agencies, and consulting firms.. If you have a keen interest in a career in policy design, an excellent work ethic, and the desire to further your professional training while enjoying one of Europe s hippest cities, then this could be the master program for you.. Director, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. Scientific Director, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Program Overview.. Director's Letter..

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  • Title: Courses - Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: (02:10).. We have to be ready when the good data comes out to study what exactly is causing the corporate scene around us now.. The course is going to prepare us to do that.. Timothy J.. Kehoe.. University of Minnesota.. Barcelona GSE Guest Professor.. The program is structured in three terms.. The first term endows students with the necessary general background in three basic areas: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Statistics.. These courses are meant to review the fundamental macro models that are commonly used in policy evaluation and quantitative work.. We also discuss in detail important concepts and tools of analysis in modern equilibrium theory.. Finally, students revise fundamental econometric technics useful in quantitative work.. During the first quarter there are also special sessions to improve computation skills.. The main goal of the courses during the first quarter is to prepare the way for the advanced and more specialized courses to come in the second and third terms.. During the second and third terms, course work focuses specifically on tools that are relevant for the study of macro policy and financial markets.. Specifically, in the second term students start looking at models of financial economics, applied finance, applied macroeconomics, growth, computational methods and time series analysis.. This second block of courses, therefore, puts simultaneously at work the theoretical developments with the necessary quantitative techniques to evaluate them.. During the third term, students concentrate on monetary and fiscal policy using DSGE models, on banking, and they will  ...   and with the presentation of important academic research.. In September, students are required to take the.. Mathematics and Statistics review courses, as well as an introductory course on computation.. Review Course in Mathematics.. Review Course in Statistics.. Fall Term.. Macroeconomics.. Sekyu Choi.. Foundations of Equilibrium Analysis.. Esther Hauk.. Johannes Gierlinguer.. Maite Cabeza.. Michael Creel.. Winter Term.. Financial Economics.. Jordi Caballé.. Empirical Macroeconomics.. Javier Fernàndez-Blanco.. Time Series and Forecasting.. Luca Gambetti.. Empirical Finance.. Sangeeta Pratap.. Computational Methods.. Michael Reiter.. Regulation in Financial Markets.. Eudald Canadell.. Spring Term.. Economic Growth.. Omar Licandro.. Advanced Time Series and Panel Data.. 5.. Marek Jarocinski.. Gabriel Pérez-Quirós.. Joan Llull.. Banking and Financial Fragility.. Todd Keister.. Fiscal Policy.. Ricardo Nunes.. Monetary Policy.. Jordi Gali.. Master Project.. Total ECTS credits.. Applied Projects.. Each student completes an applied project during the second and third terms of the master program.. Past topics included:.. The Forward Premium Puzzle and Learning Expectations, an Empirical Test.. Foreign Trade and Output Volatility: The Case of Brazil.. Credit Growth in Emerging Europe and Monetary Policy.. Does Inflation Targeting Matter? OECD and Latin America Experiences.. Convergence in the European Union: the Cases of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.. Forecasting U.. S.. A.. House Prices.. Fiscal Policy in a Small Open Economy: The case of Chile 1990-2008.. Exchange Rate and Inflation in Brazil: a VAR Estimation.. Foreign Currency Lending and Contagion in Sovereign Debt Markets A Case Study of Central Eastern Europe.. The Nature and Mechanism of China s Economic Growth..

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  • Title: Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets - Faculty - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Caballé, Jordi.. Chair of the Department of Economics and Economic History, UAB.. PhD, University of Pennsylvania.. Cabeza Gutés, Maite.. Professor, UAB.. PhD, University of California Davis.. Canadell, Eudald.. Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon.. MSc in Economics, University of Minnesota.. Choi, Sekyu.. Assistant Professor, UAB.. Conesa, Juan-Carlos.. Associate Professor, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. PhD, University of Minnesota.. Creel, Michael.. PhD, University of California-Davis.. Fernández-Blanco, Xavier.. Assistant professor at the University Carlos III.. PhD Minnesota.. Galí, Jordi.. Director, CREI.. Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. Gambetti, Luca.. Associate Professor, UAB.. PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Gierlinger, Johannes.. Assistant Professor, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. PhD, Toulouse School of Economics.. Hauk, Esther.. Research  ...   IAE.. PhD, Catholic University of Louvain.. Llull, Joan.. Assistant Professor, MOVE and UAB.. PhD, CEMFI.. Marcet, Albert.. ICREA Research Professor, IAE.. Mayoral, Laura.. Tenured Scientist, Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica.. PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. Nunes, Ricardo.. Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System.. Obiols, Francesc.. Pérez-Quirós, Gabriel.. Head of Macroeconomic Studies Unit - Research Division, Banco de España.. PhD, University of California San Diego.. Pratap, Sangeeta.. Associate Professor of Economics Hunter College and Graduate Center City University of New York.. PhD, New York University.. Reiter, Michael.. Research Economist, Institute of Advanced Studies (Vienna).. PhD, University of Munich.. Rubio-Ramirez, Juan.. Professor, Duke University.. Telmer, Chris.. Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University.. PhD, Queen's University..

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