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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Alejandra Villegas - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. alumni-avillegas-bank-bolivia.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Barcelona GSE.. Alumni Friends.. GSE alumni go on to apply their intense training in economics and finance around the world in a variety of fields.. Eye on Alumni interviews offer a glimpse of life (and work) after graduation.. Share this page:.. Eye on Alumni: Alejandra Villegas 12.. Alejandra Villegas (.. Master in Economics.. ) is Senior Analyst for Open Market Operations at the Central Bank of Bolivia.. She says that without the master, it would have taken her several more years to reach her current position.. What was your previous work experience?.. I worked for La Caixa for a few months while still in Barcelona.. Before that, I worked at the Central Bank of Bolivia and at Aru Foundation, a Bolivian Think Tank committed to create and to promote quality local research.. I started in my current position as Senior Analyst in March 2013.. What made you choose the GSE master and what was its added value and impact on your career?.. I was looking for a rigorous master program in Economics which prepares me to either continue with a PhD program or to work in a technically demanding job.. So I did some research and I found that the Barcelona GSE program had precisely what I was looking for.. Before the master I was in a junior position at the Central Bank, and it would take me several years to reach my actual position, if I had not completed the GSE master, so it had an important impact on my career.. What specifically from the master program are you using in your work?.. Before the master program I was already working at the Central Bank as a Junior Analyst, and I thought the work was really rigid in terms of the tools I could work with and the topics I could research about.. After I completed the master, I was surprised with the diversity of tools I could apply to improve my work  ...   money market, interbank lending market and all other information relevant to the Central Bank s open market operations (OMO) and prepare periodic briefings and presentations for the OMO committee.. I also monitor the Bank s bonds sold to individuals and prepare reports including the amounts sold, the characteristics of people who bought the securities and other related information.. Which has been your most challenging project so far?.. The formulation of the structure for issuing Certificates of Deposit (CD).. Before the CDs were issued, Bolivia s regular open market operations were based in Treasury Bonds and Treasury Bills.. Therefore, developing the structure for a new financial instrument from scratch was really challenging.. What are your recommendations for your fellow alumni who would also like to join a central bank or more specifically Bank of Bolivia?.. I would recommend to my fellow alumni interested in joining the Central Bank of Bolivia to apply for a position, there are many opportunities for young professionals with master degrees and some level of experience in economic analysis all year long.. Any plans to visit Barcelona in the near future?.. Definitely! I made great friends in Barcelona and I will really like to see them again.. Also, Barcelona is the most amazing city I lived in and some of the most memorable moments of my life happened there.. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends Home.. Eye on Alumni Interviews.. Alejandra Villegas 12.. Home town:.. Oruro, Bolivia.. Current city:.. La Paz, Bolivia.. Employer:.. Central Bank of Bolivia.. Job Title:.. Senior Analyst.. Where are other Barcelona GSE economics alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in banks?.. Master in Economics at Barcelona GSE.. Masters Brochure [pdf].. GSE Alumni Friends.. Alumni Career Paths.. Alumni Doctoral Study.. Career Outlook Report.. GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Suggest a classmate or share your own story!.. The next edition of Eye on Alumni could feature you or one of your classmates.. Tell us which Barcelona GSE graduate you think we should interview next.. placement@barcelonagse.. eu.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Lian Zhang - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-lzhang12-centennial-scientific.. Eye on Alumni: Lian Zhang 12.. Lian Zhang (.. Master in Health Economics and Policy.. ) is a Health Economic Specialist at Shanghai Centennial Scientific, where she has already had the opportunity to co-author a research paper with one of the most distinguished health economists in China.. What are your primary responsibilities and tasks as a Health Economic Specialist?.. My main responsibilities are to conduct original research and write articles for publications, and also to participate in the health economics evaluation projects sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies.. A typical day in a consultancy varies depending on the project.. For instance, if I were doing a systematic literature review for urgent publication, I probably need to spend weeks only searching, reading and summarizing literature.. If I were doing a health economic modelling project, daily works tend to be more interactive.. After getting the principle investigator or reviewer s feedback and approval, I will deliver or present periodical results to clients and seek their feedback through teleconferences or face-to-face meetings.. Your very first project was quite exciting for you, wasn t it?.. The first project I took has been most rewarding in terms of both personal and career development.. I was allocated to conduct the.. Burden of Illness Study in Atrial Fibrillation in China.. I did the most of the primary research and had the opportunity to co-author with one of the most distinguished health economists in China.. The abstract in which I was listed as first author was accepted by.. International Society of Phamarcoeconomic and Outcome Research (ISPOR) 18th Annual International Meeting.. and presented in the form of poster [at left].. I feel really proud and grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the international Health Economics community.. Which skills and tools from the master program do you use in your daily work?.. In this job I apply the knowledge learned in the master program every day.. For example,  ...   learn new things.. I feel very appreciated for the solid training from the Barcelona GSE, which served as a critical stepping stone for my career development and makes me confident when I am challenged by clients.. Thinking back to your job search, did you find that there was a big demand for health economists?.. I believe health economists have broad opportunities in NGOs, industries, regulation authorities and intergovernmental organizations.. Since I am more familiarized with industry, I will talk a bit more about that.. Industries have an increasing demand for health economists due to the fact that the third party payers of health technologies value more and more market access and health economic evidence in the process of decision making.. As a result, pharmaceutical companies and consultancies are obviously ideal fits for Health Economics students, and that is where tremendous opportunities lie.. With regards to geographical areas, in general, I think Europe has more opportunities for health economists than anywhere else, especially in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.. Do you have any tips for current masters students who are conducting their own job searches?.. Searching for jobs could be time consuming.. Setting job alerts might be the most efficient way to know all the job posts.. In addition, sharing information between classmates is also an important channel.. I encourage current Health Economics students who are searching for jobs to have positive and persistent attitudes, because it is likely that several failed interviews can finally lead to a real offer, especially for those with limited experience.. Finally when opportunity arises, believe whatever it comes to you, it is best for you.. Good luck to everyone!.. Lian Zhang 12.. Huai a, China.. Shanghai, China.. Shanghai Centennial Scientific Ltd.. Health Economic Specialist.. Poster: Burden of Illness in Atrial Fibrillation in China.. view poster [pdf].. Where are other Barcelona GSE health economics alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in consulting firms?..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Roberto Alimonti - Office of Fair Trading - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: ralimonti11-office-fair-trading.. Eye on Alumni: Roberto Alimonti 11.. Roberto Alimonti (Competition and Market Regulation) is an Economic Intern at the.. UK Office of Fair Trading.. in London.. He says the Barcelona GSE master degree s training in.. microeconomic theory.. and.. competition policy.. prepared him to make valuable contributions to his team s projects.. You joined the OFT right after completing your master degree in Barcelona.. Yes, I joined the.. Office of the Chief Economist and Competition Policy.. at the Office of Fair Trading right after graduation from the Barcelona GSE.. I worked there for two months before moving to the group where I am now, which is called.. Service, Infrastructure and Public Markets.. As an Economic Intern, my role is to support a team of economists and lawyers, collecting and providing evidence to corroborate and make their decisions coherent with economic theory and the current legislation.. How does your work contribute to the objective of the OFT?.. The goal of the Office of the Chief Economist and Competition Policy is to ensure that the.. economic, statistical and financial analysis.. performed by the OFT is of high quality, represents.. state-of-the-art thinking.. , and plays a key role in ensuring that its activities have an impact in.. making markets work well for consumers.. It provides competition policy  ...   I m working on, a series of.. internal seminars.. enrich the work experience and brush up most of the.. key topics covered during the Master in Barcelona.. Beside the extremely good reputation of the OFT, I am impressed by the vibrant and professional environment that surrounds me.. New ideas and opinions based on.. robust evidence.. are extremely welcomed, and the other colleagues always.. make me feel like a valuable asset.. of a prestigious consumer and competition authority.. How did the Barcelona GSE master prepare you for this work?.. The OFT look for graduate students with a strong qualitative and quantitative background in.. I believe the knowledge developed during the Master in Competition and Market Regulation was a.. competitive advantage.. during the recruitment process, and it allows me to fully and quickly understand the problems ahead and support the team I am working with.. Roberto Alimonti 11.. Rome, Italy.. London, England.. Office of Fair Trading.. Economic Intern.. Office of Fair Trading (OFT).. Where are other Barcelona GSE competition and market regulation alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in government agencies?.. GSE Alumni Career Paths.. Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Who should we feature in the next interview?.. Nominate a colleague or share your own story for the next edition of Eye on Alumni..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Sascha Bützer - European Central Bank - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: sbuetzer11-european-central-bank.. Eye on Alumni: Sascha Bützer 11.. Sascha Bützer (Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets) is a trainee in the European Central Bank, where he has experienced the Euro area s economic crisis first hand, both in conference rooms and on the street where Occupy movement protesters camp out near the hallmark Euro sign.. Tell us a bit about the projects you re working on.. As a trainee at the ECB s EU Neighbouring Regions Division in the Directorate General International and European Relations, I am currently involved in a project that tries to.. assess the effect of oil shocks.. on global exchange rate configurations.. Thanks to the fast-paced work environment my two co-authors and I produced a paper in just two months time which will be submitted to the.. ECB s Working Paper Series.. after suggestions from conference participants have been taken up.. In the upcoming months my tasks at ECB will include the.. estimation of equilibrium exchange rates.. , contributions to the ECB s annual.. The international role of the euro report.. and the implementation of a.. dynamic factor model.. to forecast economic developments in non-EU countries.. It sounds like there s never a dull moment at the European Central Bank!.. One thing  ...   people coming from all across Europe, creates quite an.. extraordinary and invigorating atmosphere.. to exchange views and conduct economic analysis in.. very much like Barcelona GSE.. in this respect.. Another exciting aspect of my stay here in Frankfurt is without doubt the development and handling of the Euro area s ongoing.. economic crisis.. which I get to witness first hand, be it in conference rooms or on the street where protesters from the Occupy movement have camped up right across the hallmark Euro sign.. When you re not dealing with protesters, how are you applying what you learned in the Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets master?.. I have to give credit to the macroeconomics master for the excellent preparation to tackle the manifold research opportunities in.. international macroeconomics.. ,.. finance.. policy design.. I am encountering at European Central Bank.. And to the Barcelona GSE s reputation of equipping students with the necessary tools to do so, which surely was an asset in getting here in the first place!.. Sascha Bützer 11.. Ahrensburg, Germany.. Frankfurt, Germany.. European Central Bank.. Trainee.. European Central Bank (ECB).. Where are other Barcelona GSE macroeconomics alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in banking or financial services?..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Miroslav Josic - Croatian National Bank - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: mjosic11-croatian-national-bank.. Eye on Alumni: Miroslav Josic 11.. Miroslav Josic (.. Master in Finance.. ) is an economic analyst at the Croatian National Bank in Zagreb.. He got the position after a three-month interview process in which 250 candidates were considered then discovered that he s not the first Barcelona GSE Finance graduate to do so.. How did the master degree fit into your career path, Miroslav?.. After completing my undergraduate degree in Economics, I worked for three years in the private sector and at an NGO.. After finishing the.. at Barcelona GSE, I got a position at the Croatian National Bank, which is the central bank of Croatia, as an economist and analyst.. I work within Department for Research and Statistics, Research Division.. I believe I can say, after receiving an offer out of 250 people, thank you Barcelona GSE!.. Despite the tough competition, you re not the only Barcelona GSE alum to be hired by Croatia s central bank.. That s right, in fact something interesting happened during our Christmas party I met a Barcelona GSE graduate that worked here for almost three years, prior to moving to the United States for her PhD.. It was even more interesting to find out that she, another Barcelona GSE graduate, had the same position before I did.. And although it s an economic analyst position, we both graduated from the Barcelona GSE Finance master.. That was a great opportunity to talk about Barcelona GSE and the experience we both had there.. And yes, there is another Barcelona GSE alum currently here as well.. So I can tell you, from first hand, Central Bank of Croatia does strongly  ...   prepare you for a first class employer in many important institutions, like central banks.. My main focus areas at the moment are foreign debt and balance of payment (BoP).. It means that we analyze how both of them move on a monthly basis, how their structure changes, what contributes to their movements and most importantly, to what extent and how will it influence the overall economy and other macroeconomic variables.. I ll also be working on forecasting those values in the near future.. Right now we are at the beginning of a research project trying to estimate and quantify the impact of Croatian accession to the European Union on its BoP it s quite an important topic, just at the moment of accepting the decision to join the EU by referendum.. It s great that you ve been able to take your training and apply it in such a meaningful way in your home country.. I can say that life after GSE is two-fold.. On one hand, I became aware that a more-than-perfect year in my life has ended, where I met some amazing people, did amazing things and shared unforgettable moments.. On the other hand, I know that my Barcelona GSE experience has equipped me with knowledge, values and responsibility, not to be better, to be the best!.. Miroslav Josic 11.. Rijeka, Croatia.. Zagreb, Croatia.. Croatian National Bank.. Economic Analyst.. Where are other Barcelona GSE finance alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in central banks?.. In addition to the.. , the Barcelona GSE offers a Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. master info.. Macroeconomics Brochure [pdf].. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Antonio Martner - Chilean Central Bank - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-amartner-chilean-central-bank.. Eye on Alumni: Antonio Martner 11.. Antonio Martner (.. Master in International Trade, Finance and Development.. ) is a portfolio manager at the Chilean Central Bank.. The most important skill he learned in the master, he says, is to be critical and rigorous in your work in order to solve problems.. After a year in Barcelona for the master, you re back at work in your home town of Santiago, Chile.. Yes, I started working one month after graduating from the Barcelona GSE master program.. I am a Portfolio Manager at the Chilean Central Bank here in Santiago.. What does a portfolio manager do?.. I am aligned with the Fiscal Agency within the International Markets Division, a department responsible for the management of Chilean sovereign wealth funds.. As a Portfolio Manager, my main responsibility is to follow the Ministry of Finance mandate to replicate specific benchmark returns.. On a typical day, I survey the markets for investment opportunities and significant changes.. I then prepare reports summarizing the portfolio s performance and general views of each market.. In addition to analysis work, I occasionally meet with investment bankers to discuss market investments.. They provide helpful insight into markets scenarios and share their forecasts on relevant variables we consider when investing.. What skills from the master program have been most important for your work?.. Right now I am strictly working with applied finance and have incorporated  ...   this fund globally, so my office was tasked with researching new markets for investment and providing the best possible options.. After the research was completed, we were able to implement the mandate and invest in a number of new options.. Can you talk a bit about your job search and the interview process? Any tips for GSE students?.. I found the position by browsing the Central Bank s website; all available positions are posted within the employment section.. After applying, I had three rounds of interviews: one with the Department Chief, one with Human Resources (HR), and one with the Division Manager and Department Chief.. My main recommendation for the interview process is remain calm, be yourself, and have fun.. Will we be seeing you in Barcelona any time in the near future?.. For sure! My classmates are in Barcelona right now celebrating our first Barcelona GSE reunion.. I couldn t make it this year because of my job, but plan to be at the next reunion in the coming year.. Barcelona is the most amazing city I have ever lived in and some of the best memories of my life were made there.. Antonio Martner 11.. Santiago, Chile.. Chilean Central Bank.. Portfolio Manager.. Where are other Barcelona GSE trade, finance and development alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in banking?.. Master in International Trade, Finance and Development at Barcelona GSE..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Santiago Moldes - Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-smoldes11-merrill-lynch.. Eye on Alumni: Santiago Moldes 11.. Santiago Moldes (.. ) is Senior Corporate Auditor at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) in Montevideo, Uruguay.. He is responsible for updating the company s quarterly risk model for all of Latin America.. Prior to the master degree at Barcelona GSE, you had several years of work experience at Pluspetrol, the Inter-American Development Bank, and Uruguay s Ministry of Economy and Finance.. Why did you decide to pursue graduate study at this point in your career?.. Because I strongly believe that it is fundamental to have a couple of years of work experience before attending a graduate program.. This allowed me to apply my learning to real cases and to assimilate the course in a better way.. Now that you ve returned to the professional world, can you tell us how the Master in International Trade, Finance and Development has prepared you for your new job and helped you advance your career?.. During my master s degree I gained the fundamental analytical tools to understand the complexity of the economic world which I am using today at my job.. Moreover, it provided me the right understanding of how macroeconomic interactions can affect the developing countries regulatory environment, and this helps me  ...   feel very comfortable with this duty.. What exactly is involved in the audit process?.. I assist the Audit Manager in the development of an audit approach and testing strategy for assigned audit projects to ensure all key business risks and controls are evaluated.. Our job is to identify key emerging business risks and to suggest practical and innovative solutions to these findings.. We assess risk, exposure and controls regarding changes to the current environment.. It s also my job to identify non-compliance with existing policies and procedures, including applicable local central bank regulations.. What recommendations do you have for Barcelona GSE students who are interested in becoming risk auditors?.. It is impossible to define the risk appetite of your company if you do not understand exactly the business itself.. Therefore, to attend to a Barcelona GSE master degree gave me the necessary tools and knowledge to understand key concepts about the financial business.. Definitely, I highly recommend interested students to pursue a master course at the Barcelona GSE.. Santiago Moldes 11.. Montevideo, Uruguay.. Merrill Lynch (Bank of America).. Senior Corporate Auditor.. Where are other international trade, finance and development alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in the banking industry?.. Learn more about the Barcelona GSE..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Tobias Neumann - Bank of England - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-tneumann11-bank-england.. Eye on Alumni: Tobias Neumann 11.. Tobias Neumann (.. ) is an analyst in the Bank of England s Financial Stability Directorate.. He says it s an extraordinary time to work at the Bank, especially in the uncharted territory of macroprudential regulation.. What are your main responsibilities as an analyst in the Prudential Policy Division?.. My division designs, advocates and helps to implement macro- and microprudential regulation that aims to reduce the probability and impact of financial crises.. These are extraordinary times to work at the Bank of England, particularly in macroprudential regulation.. It s all a new field and the Bank is at the forefront of research there.. On the macroprudential side, my main responsibility is to work on minimum margins and haircuts as a tool the future Financial Policy Committee of the Bank of England might wish to use.. On the microprudential side, I represent the Bank in one of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision s work streams.. The goal there is to develop a revised standardised approach that banks can use to calculate capital requirements in their trading book within the Basel III framework.. And how does a typical day look for you?.. A normal day is split between working on policy-relevant notes, which includes a great deal of careful thinking and drafting, and meetings.. Since much of the macroprudential research area is still in its infancy, I can t rely  ...   probably use most as it provided me with a thorough understanding of how banks operate, which is obviously important for coming up with good regulation.. In addition, I use what we learnt on Empirical Finance and Risk Management for my work on capital requirements.. In fact, because the world in finance is so complex and interlinked, it s difficult to come up with anything we covered that I m not using or at least need to have an understanding of.. And, since the work at the Bank of England is very thorough and requires a high level of technical proficiency, the demanding courses we took at the Barcelona GSE really paid off.. My most memorable moment was the first day at my desk, when I fully expected to manipulate Excel spreadsheets and proofread reports for the foreseeable future.. Instead, within an hour of my arrival my Senior Manager had already asked my advice on an issue relating to portfolio theory and commissioned a note on one of our proposed macroprudential tools.. I really didn t expect my opinion to be valued this soon, nor that I would be given responsibility so early on with such high profile work.. Any advice for future Barcelona GSE students?.. Make the most of your time at the Barcelona GSE.. This includes both the curriculum and the fabulous city of Barcelona!.. Tobias Neumann 11.. Eisenberg, Germany.. London, UK.. Bank of England.. Analyst..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Irene Sanchez - Centre for Health Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: isanchez11-health-economics-york.. Eye on Alumni: Irene Sanchez 11.. Irene Sanchez (Economics) is a research fellow at the Centre for Health Economics in York (United Kingdom).. She is a member of the team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment.. Among her projects are a study of health care funding allocation and an analysis of the well-being of informal caregivers.. Tell us a bit about the projects you re working on at the CHE.. I am currently working on three different projects all of them related with the field of health economics.. The objective of the first project is to tackle socio-economic health inequalities by evaluating whether a health policy measure introduced by the British government in 2000s was successful in attaining the expected outcomes.. This policy measure consisted of allocating additional health care funding to the five most deprived areas in England.. Our aim is to perform a difference in difference estimation choosing some of the indicators (such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma) for which the government allocate additional funding, in order to know whether the General Practitioners indeed used this funding by increasing the number of prescriptions on the indicators under study before and after the initiative.. In the second project I am involved we are analyzing the well-being of informal caregivers by using the information in the British Household Panel Survey.. In our study, the well-being information is related with the degree of happiness of the individual.. We want to analyze whether the probability of being more or less happy for informal caregivers changes when different economic, labor, and health status for the informal caregiver are considered.. The third study I am working on is a literature review of patient charges by looking at  ...   What was the recruiting process like?.. Part of the recruiting process included delivering a presentation about a research project of my own related to health economics.. I presented my ideas on a project aiming at studying empirically the probability of an individual to become a permanent informal caregiver once she/he has entered into this role.. The feeling of convincing the audience and later on receiving the offer was a remarkable success in my professional career.. As a Barcelona area native, how are you enjoying life in the northern UK?.. Life in the north of UK has some peculiarities that make it difficult to compare to our way of life in Barcelona.. For example, during winter the days are shorter, which makes people to go to work very early (around 8am) and come back home quite early too (around 4pm).. About the weather well I think everybody knows about it! Still, York is a beautiful small city with an amazing Viking legacy and loads of cultural activities and stories to explore and discover.. I have already visited Barcelona twice since I left to begin my job at the CHE last October.. It is always nice to come home and spend some time with my friends from the master that are now doing the GPEFM doctoral program at UPF.. And of course, I don t miss the chance to spend time with my family enjoying homemade food and sunny days!.. Irene Sanchez 11.. L Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).. York (UK).. Centre for Health Economics.. Research Fellow.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in research institutes?.. Did you know the Barcelona GSE currently offers a master program focused on Health Economics and Policy?.. Health Economics Brochure [pdf]..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Antoni Targa - European Central Bank - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: atarga11-european-central-bank.. Eye on Alumni: Antoni Targa 11.. Antoni Targa (Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets) is a trainee in the European Central Bank s Directorate General Economics, Economic Developments.. In his projects, he uses content from his Barcelona GSE master courses in Time Series, Empirical Finance, and Macroeconomic Modelling and Estimation.. Tell us a bit about your projects at the ECB.. Recent surges in oil prices pose challenging inflationary pressures in the Euro Area.. This situation urged the ECB to further incorporate developments from the literature and produce better short-term forecasts for oil prices.. I work on a project aimed to do that using advanced econometric techniques.. The theoretical background and computational skills gained at the Barcelona GSE have been key to succeed in this task.. Working with Prof.. Lutz Kilian, one of the world authorities in the field and a renowned specialist from the ECB, as well as knowing that the Executive Board will decide whether to update the current model with the outcome of my work, is a permanent call to its relevance and a daily stimulus.. If our results are confirmed, the project may be published in the ECB s Working Paper series.. I can only be thankful to the Barcelona GSE for empowering me  ...   is highly recognized by the economists of the bank.. In this sense I encourage current students to apply for existing graduate programs in the ECB!.. You decided to postpone your doctoral studies to take this position.. Any regrets?.. With changes in interest rates, international agreements with the Federal Reserve and other central banks, the turnover of Jean-Claude Trichet by Mario Draghi, the evolution of the debt crisis, all the hearsay regarding sustainability of the status quo and a context of increased social sensitivity to the relevance of macroeconomic policy the last months have been particularly intense inside the ECB.. I consider myself lucky to witness the current evolution of European fiscal and monetary policies, and in this sense I don t regret having postponed pursuing my PhD plans.. Ex-ante the decision was less clear but a contract extension gained recently has helped! I am grateful to the Barcelona GSE professors who helped me achieve this goal.. In addition, the management of the Division has proposed that I work on another project, on a topic ranging from fiscal, labor and productivity dynamics in the US and Japan, to exchange rates and the effect of forces observed in the commodities markets, main duties of the Division.. Antoni Targa 11..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Tessy Vasquez - Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-tvasquez11-ministry-economy-finance-peru.. Eye on Alumni: Tessy Vásquez 11.. Tessy Vásquez (.. ) is a senior economist at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Lima, Peru.. The recommendations she makes help policymakers decide on the best policies for local financial markets.. Give us an overview of your work as an economist at the Ministry.. I currently work as Senior Economist in the Financial Markets, Labor and Private Pension Funds Division at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.. My main responsibilities are related to financial policies evaluation on a both quantitative and qualitative basis.. My duties include performing analysis to monitor the current status of local and international financial markets, and doing research on specific topics to better understand financial instruments and the financial system.. The recommendations that I make help policy makers decide the best policy for local financial markets.. What sorts of policies do you look at?.. From the policy requests and suggestions that come to the Ministry, I look mostly at the ones related to financial inclusion, financial literacy and macro-prudential issues.. We also usually provide financial overview relevant to the policies at hand.. The evaluation of these policy requests demand teamwork, from which I am learning a lot due to the quality of the people I work with, who are splendid at both professional and personal  ...   new banking laws, which will improve financial access (especially to rural areas); to coordinating policies for financial education, based on a recent survey on the topic.. It s very fulfilling to have such a participative role in the policy making process because in this way, I contribute not only to my institution, but to my country.. What has proven most useful from the Master in Economics in your daily work?.. All the courses from the Economics master program have helped me in my professional development, but it is worth highlighting that the courses of Banking Theory, Econometrics, and Finance have particularly helped me to better understand the connection between macroeconomics, microeconomics and finance.. I strongly believe that the renowned academic excellence of the Barcelona GSE has provided me with the necessary tools to grow in my career.. Barcelona GSE and the Caixa Foundation through its Caixa scholarship gave me the great opportunity to attend this Masters program.. The quality of the faculty, the community at the Barcelona GSE, along with all my amazing friends, made those nine months of coursework an enriching and demanding experience; overall it was one of the best experiences of my life.. Thank you!.. Tessy Vásquez 11.. Iquitos, Peru.. Lima, Peru.. Ministry of Economy and Finance.. Senior Economist.. Ministry of Economy and Finance of Peru..

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