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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Vera Zipperer - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. alumni-vzipperer11-oecd.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Barcelona GSE.. Alumni Friends.. GSE alumni go on to apply their intense training in economics and finance around the world in a variety of fields.. Eye on Alumni interviews offer a glimpse of life (and work) after graduation.. Share this page:.. Eye on Alumni: Vera Zipperer 11.. Vera Zipperer (.. Master in Economics.. ) is a junior economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, France.. She got her foot in the door as an intern, after which she was hired for her current position.. When and how did you get the internship with OECD?.. A couple of weeks after graduating from the Barcelona GSE, I started an internship in the Economics Department of the OECD.. Even though this internship was not part of the Barcelona GSE s internship program with the OECD, the Barcelona GSE Placement Office helped me a great deal in getting and making this internship possible.. Thanks to a collection of student CVs presented to the OECD by the Barcelona GSE, my former boss became interested in my profile.. As she was looking for an intern, she contacted me and together with the GSE we were able to set up an internship agreement.. What was it about your CV that made you stand out as a candidate?.. I gained some research experience through an internship before the master program.. This experience was the crucial factor to catch my former boss s interest in my CV.. As the OECD provides policy recommendations on the basis of profound research, some experience in this field is very important to enter the organization, be it as intern, consultant, or official.. Starting as an intern at the OECD can offer great  ...   an expert-workshop attended by leading academics and politicians from this field.. The feedback which we got showed me that, on the one hand, it will still required a lot of work and enthusiasm in order to mainstream the concept of green growth into economic measures and analyses, as some people seem very skeptical.. On the other hand, the large interest which our project caught showed again the importance of it and that the political debate about green growth needs some backup with respective indicators in order to judge the performance of environmental policies.. How did the master program help to prepare you for this type of work?.. The Master program at the Barcelona GSE prepared me extremely well for this job.. Especially the Econometrics courses, both the theoretical part, and maybe even more, the practical part, like the problem sets, proved very useful in my work.. I am using state-of-the-art econometrics and respective statistical software for which I received trained during the master.. Furthermore, the knowledge from the Macroeconomics courses is indispensable when working in the Economics Department of the OECD, where everything turns around the world s economic prospects!.. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends Home.. Vera Zipperer 11.. Home town:.. Cologne, Germany.. Current city:.. Paris, France.. Employer:.. OECD.. Job Title:.. Junior Economist.. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).. Where are other Barcelona GSE economics alumni working and studying?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in international organizations?.. Master Program in Economics at the Barcelona GSE.. Masters Brochure [pdf].. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends.. GSE Alumni Career Paths.. Alumni Doctoral Study.. Career Outlook Report.. Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Who should we feature in the next interview?.. Nominate a colleague or share your own story for the next edition of Eye on Alumni.. placement@barcelonagse.. eu.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Marjan Aikimbaeva - Fundacion Paraguaya - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: maikimbaeva10-fundacionparaguaya.. Eye on Alumni: Marjan Aikimbaeva 10.. Marjan Aikimbaeva (Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets 10) is a Microfinance Consultant at Fundación Paraguaya in Asunción, Paraguay.. The job gives her an opportunity to contribute her knowledge of economics and finance to help people who are in need.. You were born in Kyrgyzstan and have lived in Turkey and, of course, Barcelona.. What are your impressions of life in Paraguay?.. Living in Paraguay is a challenge sometimes.. Life can be very chaotic.. It is definitely a beautiful country but it is full of surprises.. After Europe, Paraguay is really different.. However, people are very nice, food is great, work hours are long but life is happy.. Why did you decide to move to Paraguay after graduating from the Barcelona GSE?.. I moved to Paraguay to work specifically for Fundación Paraguaya.. I want to build up my career specifically in economic development, and Fundación Paraguaya is a perfect starting point for my career.. It is an award-winning institution focusing on elimination of poverty in the country and empowerment of women.. It definitely gives me an opportunity to contribute with my knowledge and experience as well as to be one on one with people who are in need.. What types of analysis are you doing for Fundación Paraguaya?.. Right  ...   report that evaluates not only the Foundation s performance but also Paraguay s country performance against that of other Latin America and Caribbean countries.. How do you measure and compare regional performance?.. The comparison report is based on an annual benchmark study by Mix Market that includes data from microfinance institutions around Latin America and the Caribbean region.. My job now is to collect data for not only the Foundation but also for Paraguay as well.. I need to make necessary calculations and compare them to benchmark values and write a comparison and performance report.. It is a challenge where I have to combine accounting, finance and economics all together.. You plan to collaborate with other GSE alumni in Paraguay in the future.. How many of you are in Paraguay and what are you planning?.. There are three of us here from the Class of 2010.. We are working on some research projects right now and planning to establish our own consulting services firm very soon.. Marjan Aikimbaeva 10.. Microfinance Consultant.. Fundación Paraguaya.. Asunción, Paraguay.. Fundación Paraguaya s mission is to promote the development of micro and small enterprises, as well as low-income individuals, through the creation, growth and strengthening of sustainable microfinance services.. Fundación Paraguaya Website.. GSE Alumni Friends.. Current GSE Class Profile.. community@barcelonagse..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Tendencias São Paulo - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: tendencias-saopaulo.. Eye on Alumni: Fabiana Tito 08 and Thiago Arashiro 10.. Both of these graduates of the Barcelona GSE master program in Competition and Market Regulation have returned to their native São Paulo to work as economists at.. Tendências Consultoria Integrada.. They agree that the the theoretical and practical training they received from GSE faculty provided a powerful toolbox for analyzing cases for clients across sectors.. What is the path that took you from Barcelona to São Paulo?.. Fabiana Tito (FT):.. I came back in early 2010 after completing internships at LECG (Madrid) and RBB Economics (London), and then working for a year at the UK Antitrust Authority (Competition Commission).. All that excellent experience, combined with the very good theoretical and practical concepts in antitrust and regulation taught during the.. GSE Competition and Market Regulation Program.. , gave me a strong background to reach a senior position in one of the top economic consultancies in my country.. Thiago Arashiro (TA):.. I was hired last year, right after graduating from the Barcelona GSE.. What are your main responsibilities at Tendências?.. FT:.. My main responsibilities are very broad and demanding.. I help clients to understand their main concern, giving direct support explaining the issues and representing them in the interface with Competition Authorities and Regulatory Bodies.. I also coordinate economic and econometric analysis in order to produce economic reports on mergers acquisitions and anticompetitive cases.. Taking into account that we deal with different sectors, our work is very dynamic.. Also, we are always learning new things to keep ourselves updated with the  ...   guest professor), Prof.. Frank Verboven.. (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and GSE guest professor) and many others.. The training on economic theory, specifically in the fields of microeconomics, industrial organization and econometrics foster the fundamentals of competition issues we need during our projects.. Also the practical teaching we have when discussing and arguing European cases helps a lot to transpose the issues to the real world.. As I have said, the master provided a very good setting of tools in practical antitrust and regulation applications, which definitely were very fruitful to my work on a daily basis.. Yes, even though the Brazilian competition and regulatory systems present some differences in their structure compared to the European one, it s possible to say that both competition policy and regulation subjects studied at Barcelona GSE are very useful.. In fact, the projects I like the most here at Tendências involve merger cases for which Prof.. Motta s classes became indispensible to move forward in the analysis.. In this sense the master program gave me important tools to analyze cases and face real world problems in my work.. Fabiana Tito 08.. , Senior Economist and.. Thiago Arashiro 10.. , Economist.. São Paulo, Brazil.. São Paulo, Brazil.. Company:.. Founded in 1996, Tendências is one of the largest economic consultancies in Brazil.. Its technical staff numbers approximately 50 graduates from the best economics schools in Brazil and abroad.. It is the only Latin American consultancy to appear among the GCR Global Competition Review top 20 for economics.. Tendências Website.. See more GSE alumni at work:.. -.. Consulting Firms..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Bruno Caprettini - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-bcaprettini10-upf.. Eye on Alumni: Bruno Caprettini 10.. Bruno Caprettini (.. ) is a PhD student at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. His research on tax reform in developing countries will take him to Brazil, where he will work with firm-level data to examine the effects of policy on firms investments.. Tell us about the research topic that you ve chosen for your PhD thesis.. I study how taxes affect the decision of firms to outsource part of their production.. Outsourcing has a huge impact on the aggregate economy, and when firms do too little of it, the economy underperforms.. This is because dedicated suppliers that only produce for their own firm have little incentive to develop more productive processes.. At the same time, independent input producers might find it difficult to sell their stuff when most of their potential clients already source their inputs in-house: for this reason independent suppliers might end up being too small and unproductive.. Of course, there are also good reasons why firms want to produce their own inputs, in particular when these are highly specialized and very important for their operations.. In other cases however, taxes and regulations get in the way, and firms decide to in-source not because they are good at it, but simply in order to avoid paying more in taxes or in fines.. This is especially true in developing countries, where taxes and laws are badly designed, and often distort firms decisions.. I study a specific reform in which bad taxes were replaced by good ones, and look at the reaction of firms to this policy change.. I focus on Brazil during the last 15 years, when the government passed a set of fiscal reforms that eliminated disincentives to out-source inputs.. Looking at aggregate patterns in the data, I found a sharp and persistent increase in the level of outsourcing among Brazilian firms.. In order to look at the effect of this reform on firms investments and productivity I am now organizing a trip to Brazil, where I will be working on firm-level data at the Brazilian Statistical Office.. I am very excited about this project because I believe that if I can show that the Brazilian reform increased the productivity of firms, I can also make a good case against the type of taxes that were in place in Brazil, and that are still widespread in most of poor countries.. What led you to choose this thesis topic?.. At the beginning of my third year, while I was struggling to find a topic for my thesis, a professor told me that I shouldn t look for my thesis: the thesis will find  ...   decision also from the academic point of view, as the UPF econ department is an extremely lively place to do research.. Every week there are zillions of seminars presented by faculty professors, fellow students or outside presenters coming from some of the best universities in the world.. UPF, GSE, CREI and UAB organize regularly conferences and special lectures, which are always a great opportunity to catch up with the latest development in research, and listen to the opinions of some of the leading economists in the world.. Finally, we have reading groups and many informal occasions that make talking to both faculty professors and outside visitors very easy and natural.. All these factors, plus the fact that UPF stands right in the middle of one of the best cities in the world, make Pompeu a great place to do research.. What courses from the Barcelona GSE master program have been most valuable to you?.. The two core courses on micro-econometrics proved invaluable for acquiring most of the tools that a modern empirical economist needs: I still find useful to go back to the notes and textbooks I used for those first exams.. On the other hand, Barcelona GSE topic courses offer a unique opportunity to get acquainted with both the major issues in a field as well as with the most recent developments in research.. They re always taught by professors that work precisely in that area, and who can present their own contribution to the literature.. Of these courses, Topics in Macroeconomics and Topics in International Economics introduced me to firm-level studies and stirred my interest for the problems of firm boundaries, productivity and firm dynamics.. Any tips to share with GSE grads who will begin their PhDs next year?.. A professor here at UPF starts every meeting with his advisee by asking the following two questions: are you happy? are you working hard? By and large, there s not much more to know about a PhD: find a field that excites you, look for an advisor that is an expert in that field and with whom you have a good feeling, learn from her/his advice, work very hard and take a Sunday off every other week!.. Eye on Alumni Interviews.. Bruno Caprettini 10.. Rome, Italy.. Institution:.. Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. PhD Program:.. GPEFM.. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).. Where do Barcelona GSE alumni go for their PhDs?.. Alumni Career Paths.. GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Suggest a classmate or share your own story!.. The next edition of Eye on Alumni could feature you or one of your classmates.. Tell us which Barcelona GSE graduate you think we should interview next..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Daniel Kupka - OECD - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: dkupka10-oecd.. Eye on Alumni: Daniel Kupka 10.. Daniel Kupka (Economics of Science and Innovation 10) is an economist and policy analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development s Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (Science and Technology Policy Division).. You started at the OECD in a trainee program for Barcelona GSE graduates.. When were you promoted to your current position?.. I moved to Paris and started working in August 2010, directly after completing the master program, and began my current position in January 2011.. What is a typical day like?.. As a policy analyst, my main task is to provide support to the Working Party on Innovation and Technology and the Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (CSTP), in particular in issues that are of interest to OECD member countries.. Recently, these include the role of demand-side innovation policies, commercialization of knowledge and the transition to a green growth path.. My working day usually starts with updating my supervisor about the latest project progress and we then agree on the next steps need to be taken.. Depending on the project phase, I work either independently or in a team of 2-3 people.. A project lasts normally 9 months and undergoes multiple reviews until it will be submitted to member countries.. Basically, it involves getting in contact with stakeholders in industry, ministries and academia, drafting reports, attending thematic workshops and presenting the results in meetings.. In addition, we also deal with cross-directorate and intra-directorate activities.. For example, we drafted a section on the review of the US Procurement System (represents roughly 9% of  ...   has been useful for you at the OECD?.. The multidisciplinary nature of the.. Economics of Science and Innovation Program.. is a strong plus, since it allows you to define your area of interest.. In my case, I focused on topics with an innovation and technology policy dimension.. Therefore, the insights acquired from leading experts in.. courses.. such as Economics of Innovation , International R D Cooperation , Biotechnology and others definitely find their way into recent OECD contributions.. All in all, it sounds like this have really come together for you in Paris.. Life in Paris is a double edged sword as everywhere else.. On weekends there are loads of things to do and to explore.. A privilege is the ride with the Parisian metro every morning.. Don t miss it!.. The OECD is an exceptional place to work.. Of course, exceptional workplaces sometimes require exceptionally long working hours.. But in return, the international working environment and the reward structure are very appealing, and the work-life balance policy is not just a catchy and empty phrase.. Maybe a weekend in Barcelona could fit in somewhere.. I try to visit Barcelona as often as possible.. This year s Champion s League football final could be a good time for a next visit.. Daniel Kupka 10.. Raciborz, Poland.. Paris, France.. Job Title:.. Economist/Policy Analyst.. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.. Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI).. leads the OECD s work on knowledge-based sources of economic and social growth and, more specifically, on the translation of science, technology and knowledge into innovation.. OECD - DSTI Website..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Rebecca Springford - UK Government - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: rspringford10-ukgovernment.. Eye on Alumni: Rebecca Springford 10.. After completing the GSE master program, Rebecca Springford (Economics 10) has returned to work at the UK Government Service, where she is currently an assistant economist in the Department for Work and Pensions.. The training she obtained during the master program has given her new confidence in producing economic analysis and briefings on policy proposals for ministers and senior officials.. You had a few years of work experience with the UK Government Service before coming to the GSE.. Yes, I started in 2006 after completing my first degree in Economics.. Could you describe a typical day at work?.. The day may start with a team meeting where we report progress made on current projects and agree on the day s objectives and roles.. We will then go to work on our respective projects.. A project will usually involve the development of econometric and statistical models, interpretation of the results and identification of potential policy implications.. I may also meet key stakeholders from other teams, departments or interest groups as part of research and policy development.. I ll also have to deal with ad hoc analysis and research requests from senior managment and ministers.. In addition I make a point of any new and relevent academic papers/research and send a short summary  ...   departmental research on pensions and annuities.. Which skills developed in the master program do you use in your daily work?.. Of particular use from the master coursework have been the skills developed in analyzing and critiquing econometric papers and methodology, particularly in the classes on poverty, inequality and economic growth.. I have also found the theoretical foundations of economic growth, public economics and behavioral economics particularly useful.. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of joining the GSE master program?.. Studying at the GSE gives you a sense that you really know what s going on in economics and gives you great confidence to be a professional or academic economist.. Embrace the challenge, push yourself, and enjoy the sun! I d love to visit Barcelona again for the great music festivals which the city is famous for.. Unfortunately I missed them this year getting acquainted with the library!.. Rebecca Springford 10.. London (England).. Department for Work and Pensions, UK Government Service.. Assistant Economist.. UK Government Service.. Department for Work and Pensions.. The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty.. It is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK and serves over 20 million customers.. UK Works and Pensions Website..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Saffet Tinaztepe - Citigroup - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: stinaztepe10-citigroup.. Eye on Alumni: Saffet Tinaztepe 10.. Saffet Tinaztepe (International Trade, Finance and Development 10) is a corporate banking analyst at Citigroup in New York.. The work culture is intense, with decisions made today that could be tomorrow s financial news headlines.. What are your main responsibilities at Citigroup?.. I have two primary responsibilities.. First, I am a corporate banking analyst on a coverage team that is responsible for banking technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) clients.. My second responsibility is to calculate our expected return on loan deals that are proposed by other TMT corporate and investment bankers.. Tell us about a day in the life of a corporate banking analyst.. A typical day for me actually starts the night before.. I m coordinating our relationship with a major music company s Asia/Pacific business, so my Blackberry will start buzzing with emails from regional Citi bankers as I m getting ready for bed.. First thing in the morning, around 9am, I ll reply and follow up on those emails.. Today we have a call with the company s global treasurer, and the fact that we ve been helping them on funds transfer issues in Latin America will mean that it ll be easier to deepen our ties in Asia.. After that I ll start looking at the latest financial statements and earnings reports of other clients to identify other opportunities for our team.. Just before noon I ll get an email from another deal team asking for a returns analysis on a new loan that they want to extend to one of their clients.. Since starting, I ve learned that lending by itself is not a profitable business for a bank like Citigroup.. But in order to gain access to profitable business (Like M A, bonds issuances, IPOs, capital markets transactions), a bank must be exposed to the company s loan portfolio.. Prior to the crisis, banks would hand out hundreds of millions of dollars in the hopes that this business would come later and make the relationship profitable.. Now the loan must be justifiable in its own right and we have to be able to show a probability adjusted pipeline of future business with a client.. I ve seen loan pricing models form both before and after the  ...   I was reading the morning news on the TMT sector and saw that the largest American Spanish-language broadcaster was seeking to refinance their expiring credit facility.. The article said that two of our competitor institutions would be on the deal and that the company would be taking proposals for another week.. I brought it to my manager s attention; we looked at the company s financials and ran some returns.. It was an exciting morning for me and even though we decided not to make an offer, it highlighted how close my work is to what s on the front page of the financial news.. The very definition of real world applications for your ITFD coursework.. My day to day work involves Prof.. Joachim Voth s.. Crises and Crashes course and Prof.. Angel León s.. Investments course.. In Crises we talked a bit about the purpose of the financial sector within the economy.. As I understood it, at its core, the financial sector has two jobs.. First it has to provide liquidity to the market and second it has to be able to discern which companies will make the best use of the capital they are offered.. This is exactly my job.. One of the primary types of loans we extend is called a Revolver.. Typically a revolver is an infrequently drawn source of funding that a bank will set aside for a company to help it meet its obligations in the event of an unexpected period of illiquidity.. It s up to us to determine which companies should get that support.. The Investments course has been useful to me because of the risk and expected loss metrics we learned about.. Overall, I d say that attending the GSE and living in Barcelona was one of the best decisions of my life.. The theory I learned from our professors is providing me with an excellent context and background for the work I do.. My favorite classes were Soverign Debt and Money and Exchange Rates with Prof.. Fernando Broner.. Eventually I hope for my work to involve that material as well.. Saffet Tinaztepe 10.. San Mateo, California.. New York (United States).. Citigroup.. Analyst.. Citigroup is an international financial conglomerate with operations in consumer, corporate, and investment banking and insurance.. Citigroup Website..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: John Tsoukalis - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-jtsoukalis10-uab.. Eye on Alumni: John Tsoukalis 10.. John Tsoukalis (.. ) is a PhD student at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. His research focuses on the media industry, and he is currently developing a model of the demand for Internet news.. I have been looking at the news media, specifically the market for online news.. I study the types of websites people visit to read about the news, and why they chose to visit those particular websites.. Currently I am trying to model the demand for Internet news in order to garner insights into the types of firms which enter the news market, the biases which will be present in the market, and more importantly the quality of news and information produced.. The ultimate objective is to better understand how changes in society are reflected in the online news media market.. Is there any special reason why you chose this topic?.. The idea of doing research in this field was initially proposed to me by my advisor, but truthfully this topic is something that interested me long before I became a graduate student.. The media industry has changed more than anyone could have imagined in my lifetime.. That change continues today, and promises to continue for years to come.. Moreover, the impact it has on our lives is enormous.. The way people get information influences our political systems but also the daily interactions we have with each other in our societies.. That interests me, and I think it warrants studying.. Why UAB (IDEA)?.. I chose IDEA because I liked the way the masters program was structured.. It is unassuming, in the sense that it teaches the foundations one needs to do research instead of  ...   city and the people I knew here, so I wanted to stay at least for a few more years.. Give us a snapshot of your PhD life.. Well, to me, the answer to this question is radically different depending on what stage you are in.. Life in the masters program is quite demanding, but it has a purpose.. So far, life in the research phase is not much different than the life I led while working in the private sector.. Since completing the masters I ve approached it like I would a job spending my days in the office working, trying to accomplish what I need to, and then enjoying my free time.. And, of course, having Barcelona at our fingertips clearly helps with the last point.. The course I think back on the most now is definitely our Game Theory class with Prof.. Fabrizio Germano.. I left that class not only with a good understanding and appreciation of game theory, but with a clearer sense that I wanted to pursue a PhD and to do research.. As I said before, the first years of a PhD is demanding, intellectually but also emotionally.. Confronted with this, many students find it overwhelming.. To avoid this, my advice is to have clear in your mind what you want.. Do not enter a PhD simply because it seems like a natural progression after a masters degree.. As a GSE graduate there are a lot of opportunities available to you.. Understand what they are and choose well.. Finishing a PhD is extremely difficult, but finishing one if you don t really want it is impossible.. John Tsoukalis 10.. Howell, NJ (USA).. UAB.. IDEA.. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Zita Vasas - Compass Lexecon - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: alumni-zvasas-compass-lexecon.. Eye on Alumni: Zita Vasas 10.. Zita Vasas (.. Master in Competition and Market Regulation.. ) is an economist in Compass Lexecon s European competition policy group in London.. Her past projects include a merger that was named Matter of the Year by.. Global Competition Review.. Tell us about your work as an economist for Compass Lexecon.. I started working at the firm in September 2010, after graduating from the Barcelona GSE master program.. My main responsibility is to carry out various economic analyses under the supervision and guidance of the senior team in their different projects.. It is important that our reports read well so that non-economists such as clients and lawyers can also easily understand what has been done.. A typical day involves team meetings about the current status of each work stream, analysis in Excel or Stata, and drafting up the results of the analysis.. I am also regularly in touch with our client and the law firm managing the case via emails and conference calls.. The London staff includes people from Armenia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and the UK.. It is exciting to be part of such an international team.. Deadlines can occasionally be challenging but the approach to work is always collaborative, and people  ...   Year by the.. in 2012.. The merger was investigated by the European and the U.. S.. competition authorities in parallel and Compass Lexecon assisted the merging parties in both jurisdictions.. As the main junior member of the European case team, I had the chance to do work related to horizontal, vertical and coordinated effects almost all types of theory of harm that may arise in a merger investigation.. Zita s professional profile on Compass Lexecon s website:.. Zita Vasas is an Economist in Compass Lexecon s European competition policy group and is based in the London office.. Zita has been involved in antitrust and merger control cases before the European Commission, the UK Office of Fair Trading and other national competition and regulatory authorities.. Zita has worked on cases in industries including IT, chemicals, telecommunications and retail.. Zita previously worked at the Hungarian Competition Authority.. Zita holds masters degrees in Competition and Market Regulation from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and in Economics from the Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary.. full profile.. Zita Vasas 10.. Budapest, Hungary.. London, UK.. Compass Lexecon.. Economist, Competition Team.. Where are other Barcelona GSE competition alumni working?.. Which Barcelona GSE alumni are working in consulting firms?.. Master in Competition and Market Regulation at Barcelona GSE..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: Lluís Mateo - ThyssenKrupp - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: lmateo09-thyssenkrupp.. Eye on Alumni: Lluís Mateo 09.. Lluís Mateo (Finance 09).. is working in the Project Department at ThyssenKrupp Elevator in Dubai (UAE).. There he combines his knowledge of organizational processes and corporate finance with his previous training as an engineer to execute complex, large-scale projects.. From Barcelona to Dubai - any stops along the way?.. I joined ThyssenKrupp last January (2010), but stayed three months in Madrid for theoretical training, called TK Seed campus, with other graduates recruited from all over the world.. By March I was told that I d be sent to Dubai.. What are your main responsibilities as a project engineer?.. My main responsibilities are to guarantee and control a smooth execution of the assigned projects.. Meaning, coordinate with factories, client and other departments of the company, to ensure a correct and on-time installation of our systems.. But also to control and monitor all the costs and variations of the projects in order to remain within the allocated budget.. Although I haven t been with the department for very long, it s amazing being out there, in the real world, being part of the implementation of projects.. I feel the impact of my work whether through my contributions in presentations,  ...   direct.. However, most of the concepts reviewed in the course of Corporate Finance, mainly the ones related to budget allocation, are needed to execute a good economic control of the project.. On the other side, I m really grateful for the holistic view that the master program gave me.. Personally, as an engineer I now find myself with a much higher understanding of organizational processes at all levels, and much better prepared for future management duties.. What is it like living and working in Dubai?.. My life is in Dubai is basically working hard during weekdays (no time left to do anything else), and hang out with my friends during weekends.. Since Dubai is a city full of young, well prepared and diverse people from all over the globe, it is really great to have access to so many interesting characters.. Also, Dubai is a really fun city in terms of nightlife.. I would advise other GSE students, especially those who are from Barcelona, to try professional experiences abroad.. Lluís Mateo 09.. Dubai (UAE).. Thyssenkrupp Elevator.. Project Engineer.. ThyssenKrupp.. ThyssenKrupp is an integrated materials and technology group with 177,000 employees in 80 countries developing ideas and innovations to offer solutions for sustainable progress.. ThyssenKrupp Website..

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  • Title: Eye on Alumni: James Marrone - Federal Reserve - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: jmarrone09-federalreserve.. Eye on Alumni: James Marrone 09.. James Marrone (Economics 09) is a Research Assistant in Risk Analysis at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, DC (United States).. He describes the Fed as a very egalitarian place to work, where Chairman Ben Bernanke eats lunch in the cafeteria and projects involve collaboration with several different teams.. When did you start working at the Fed?.. I started in August 2009, after graduating from the GSE s MSc in Economics.. My job is to support a group of PhD economists in all of their tasks.. In general, this mostly consists of academic research, policy memos for the Federal Reserve governors, and peer review of other economists work for conferences or journals.. What do they have you working on?.. Most of my research revolves around finance and credit risk.. Right now I have projects regarding the variance risk premium, granularity of loan portfolios and contagion in financial markets.. In particular, we are developing a paper now about measuring systemic risk (how much risk institutions pose to the economy as a whole).. It has developed from a policy memo to an academic paper and has begun to incorporate many different people at many levels of the Federal Reserve system and beyond.. It looks at a few different aspects of the economy and there are other teams of people looking at the same question from a different viewpoint.. It is interesting to be working on such a relevant question and  ...   they are in town.. I m sure they could have their lunch sent to their office if they wanted.. But the bank just doesn t work that way.. Any culture shock transitioning from Barcelona to Washington?.. There aren t many ways in which Washington, DC is like Barcelona.. But one of the main ways is the work schedule.. People here don t work the stereotypically long American hours.. They put in their time, but at 5 PM sharp they are out enjoying themselves.. Happy hours are a mainstay of the social life, and if the weather is hot enough I can almost imagine that I am back in Barcelona, perhaps in Eixample, which is most similar to DC.. If the weather is nice we will also go outside for lunch, sit on the National Mall, and watch the tourists by the Lincoln Memorial.. Barcelona is another good place for watching tourists.. I would love to visit Barcelona soon.. Working at the Fed I do get more vacation time than the average American (almost as much as a European!).. If nothing else, I will try to take an extended European trip before I enter a PhD program - I have a lot of friends I ve been meaning to visit.. James Marrone 09.. Research Assistant in Risk Analysis.. United States Federal Reserve Board of Governors.. | Washington, DC.. United States Federal Reserve.. The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States.. Federal Reserve Board Website..

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