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  • Title: Enriqueta Aragonès - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Enriqueta Aragonès.. Enriqueta Aragonès.. PhD, Northwestern University.. Research Professor, IAE.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. webpage.. email.. Program(s):.. ,.. IDEA.. Biography:.. Enriqueta Aragonès is a research scientist at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC) and a visiting professor in the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis program at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. Professor Aragonés has received numerous scholarships and awards over the years including a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Center for Basic Research in Social Sciences at Harvard University.. She has also received numerous research grants from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science  ...   Thomas Palfrey and Andrew Postlewaite), Journal of the European Economic Association, 5, 4, 2007, 846-884.. "Fact-Free Learning", (with Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite and David Schmeidler), American Economic Review, 95, 5, 2005, 1355-1368.. "The Effect of Candidate Quality on Electoral Equilibrium: An Experimental Study", (with Thomas Palfrey), American Political Science Review, 98, 1, 2004, 77-90.. Working papers:.. Imperfectly Informed Voters and Strategic Extremism.. (October 2013).. by Enriqueta Aragonès, Dimitrios Xefteris.. Rhetoric and Analogies.. (July 2013).. by Enriqueta Aragonès, Itzhak Gilboa, Andrew Postlewaite, David Schmeidler.. The Disadvantage of Winning an Election.. (March 2010).. by Enriqueta Aragonès and Santiago Sánchez-Pagés..

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  • Title: ERC Starting Grants for Professors Broner and Guner - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. erc-starting-grants2010.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. 16/11/2010.. ERC Starting Grants for Professors Fernando Broner and Nezih Guner.. Barcelona GSE affiliated professors.. Fernando Broner.. (CREI and Barcelona GSE) and.. Nezih Guner.. (ICREA-MOVE, UAB, and Barcelona GSE) have been chosen to receive the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants.. These highly competitive grants are awarded to support frontier research by early-career research leaders on the basis of excellence, as determined by a panel of scientific peers, and they have quickly become indicators of world-class research across all academic disciplines.. The GSE affiliated faculty now includes six ERC Starting Grant recipients, in addition to three ERC Advanced Grant recipients, which provide funding for cutting-edge research by the very best established research leaders in Europe.. Professors Broner and Guner will use their Starting Grants for the following research projects:.. International Capital Flows and Emerging Markets.. (CREI and Barcelona GSE).. Financial liberalization in emerging markets has not produced the benefits predicted by conventional, neoclassical growth models.. There is broad consensus that in real economies financial frictions must play a much larger  ...   in a fundamental way during the last couple of decades.. First, marriage is less important today, as divorce, cohabitation, and single-motherhood are much more common.. Second, female labor force participation has increased dramatically.. As a result of these changes, today s households are very far from traditional breadwinner husband and housekeeper wife paradigm.. These dramatic changes generated significant public interest and a large body of literature that tries to understand causes and consequences of these changes.. Guner s research will look to improve the general understanding of income risk, the role of social insurance policies, and labor market dynamics by building models that explicitly consider two-earner households.. Back.. 2010 ERC Starting Grant recipients Prof.. (CREI and GSE) and Prof.. (ICREA-MOVE, UAB, and GSE).. ERC Press Release.. European Research Council.. Earlier Barcelona GSE Affiliated ERC Starting Grant Recipients.. Jan Eeckhout.. (UPF and GSE).. Gino Gancia.. (CREI and GSE).. Nicola Gennaioli.. Marta Reynal-Querol.. (ICREA-UPF and GSE).. Barcelona GSE Affiliated ERC Advanced Grant Recipients.. Jaume Ventura.. Joachim Voth.. (ICREA-UPF and GSE).. About Barcelona GSE Research.. GSE Research Council.. Videos: Faculty Research.. Videos: Research Events.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Javier Gil-Bazo - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Javier Gil-Bazo.. Javier Gil-Bazo.. PhD, Universidad del País Vasco.. Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Director.. ;.. GPEFM.. Javier Gil-Bazo is Associate Professor of Finance at University Pompeu Fabra and the Program Director of the Master in Finance offered by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. He has previously held an Associate Professor position and an Assistant Professor position at University Carlos III.. Javier, who holds a doctorate in Economics from the University of the Basque Country, has also undertaken research at Tilburg University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.. His research has been published in academic journals such as Journal of Finance, Quantitative Finance, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Financial Econometrics, and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.. His research has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the European Conference of the Financial Management Association, the Honorable Mention of the Moskowitz Prize for outstanding research in socially responsible investing and the  ...   de Economía Aplicada.. He has also belonged to the programme committee of the Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association, the European Conference of the Financial Management Association and the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Finance Association.. The study of institutional investment: competition in the mutual fund industry; strategic behavior of management companies; regulatory issues.. The pricing of fixed income assets and derivatives: estimation and testing of flexible conditional asset pricing models.. The study of market microstructure problems using simulation-based artificial markets.. The Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds: The Role of Fees and Management Companies, with Pablo Ruiz-Verdú and Andre A.. P.. Santos, Journal of Business Ethics, 94 (2), 243-263, 2010.. The Relation between Price and Performance in the Mutual Fund Industry, with Pablo Ruiz-Verdú, Journal of Finance, 64 (5), 2153-2183, 2009.. When Cheaper is Better: Fee Determination in the Market for Equity Mutual Funds, with Pablo Ruiz-Verdú, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 67 (3-4), 871-885, 2008..

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  • Title: Filippo Ippolito - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Filippo Ippolito.. Filippo Ippolito.. PhD, Saïd Business School (Oxford University).. Assistant Professor, UPF.. Filippo Ippolito is an Assistant Professor at UPF.. He has been Editorial Assistant at Oxford Analytica, Ltd.. and Internal Auditor at Banca Monte dei Paschi (Siena).. Corporate Finance.. Lines of Credit as Monitored Liquidity Insurance (with V.. Acharya, H.. Almeida and A.. Perez).. Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Economics.. Debt Specialization (with P.. Colla and K.. Li).. Forthcoming in  ...   M.. Garcia).. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22, 201 217, 2013.. Leverage and the Pricing of Debt in LBOs (with P.. Colla and H.. Wagner).. Journal of Corporate Finance, 18, 124 137, 2012.. Is Bank Debt Special for the Transmission of Monetary Policy? Evidence from the Stock Market.. (September 2013).. by Filippo Ippolito, Ali K.. Ozdagli, Ander Perez.. Credit Lines: The Other Side of Corporate Liquidity.. (March 2012).. by Filippo Ippolito, Ander Perez..

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  • Title: Manuel Moreno - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Manuel Moreno.. Manuel Moreno.. PhD, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. Manuel Moreno is an assistant professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Finance in continuous time, financial time series, term structure of interest rate, derivatives pricing, risk management, financial engineering.. - "A Two-Mean Reverting-Factor Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates".. Journal  ...   Robustness of Least-Squares Monte-Carlo (LSM) for Pricing American Derivatives" (with J.. F.. Navas), Review of Derivatives Research, 6, 2, 107-128, (2003).. - "Some Insights on the Behavior of the Mutual Fund Industry in Spain"(with G.. Rubio), In Diversification and Portfolio Management of Mutual Funds, edited by Greg Gregoriou, Palgrave-MacMillan, London, UK, (2006)..

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  • Title: Gonzalo Rubio - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Gonzalo Rubio.. Gonzalo Rubio.. PhD, University of California-Berkeley.. Professor, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera.. Gonzalo Rubio is Full Professor of Economics (on leave) at the University of the Basque Country.. He has conducted his teaching and research activities at the Universities of California at Berkeley, Carlos III in Madrid, Pompeu Fabra, and Basque Country.. He is currently Professor of Financial Economics in the Department of Business and Economics at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.. His research has been funded by public and private institutions, such as the Interministerial General Directorate of Science and Technology, the Basque Government, the Valencian Government within the PROMETEO project for excellence in research, the Ministry of Science and Education, and the BBVA Foundation.. Along his teaching and research career, Gonzalo Rubio has obtained several grants and awards, such as the Iddo Sarnat Award 1989, given by the European Finance  ...   Returns, and he has also been awarded the Angel Herrera prizes to the best research career in Social Sciences at the Foundation CEU San Pablo.. Professor Rubio holds a BA in Business Economics from the University of the Basque Country, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University, New York, and a Doctorate (Ph.. D.. ) in Management and Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley.. Asset pricing derivatives, financial econometrics, pricing anomalies, investment funds.. "Evaluating Alternative Methods for Testing Asset Pricing Models with Historical Data" (with M.. Lozano), Journal of Empirical Finance, Vol.. 18, 2011.. 136-146.. "The Cross-Section of Expected Returns with MIDAS Betas" (with M.. González and J.. Nave) Forthcoming in Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis ,2011.. "The Volatility of Consumption-Based Stochastic Discount Factors and Economic Cycles" (with B.. Nieto), Forthcoming in Journal of Banking and Finance, 2011..

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  • Title: Financial Institutions Seminar gives Barcelona GSE students an inside look at the job market in a changing financial landscape - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Financial Institutions Seminar Isla2010.. 11/01/2010.. Financial Institutions Seminar gives Barcelona GSE students an inside look at the job market in a changing financial landscape.. Last Friday, Barcelona GSE students attended the year s first.. Financial Institutions Seminar.. In this seminar series, top professionals from the finance industry come to the Barcelona GSE campus to share their knowledge and insights with students in a small group setting.. Barcelona GSE Master in Finance.. director Prof.. Xavier Freixas.. organizes the seminars, which are popular with students from all of the GSE s master programs and provide a practical counterpoint to the classroom experience.. Friday s seminar was presented by Dr.. Lorenzo Isla.. , who is responsible for the Structured Credit and Credit Derivatives business at BBVA.. Dr.. Isla presented a state-of-the-industry look at the new financial landscape.. Among the topics he covered was the growing industry-wide focus on risk management and regulation (both topics covered in the Master in Finance and other.. Barcelona GSE master programs.. ).. He advised students that while current policies aim to facilitate economic recovery, the industry will soon need to adapt to policies such as the new Basel Accord, which will target systemic risk and stronger market discipline.. Students were eager to know how these changes would shape the job market in finance and banking.. Isla discussed possible career options for quants pure or applied mathematicians who design and implement mathematical models for the pricing of derivatives, assessment of risk, or predicting market movements.. Isla stressed that employers value a strong educational background in.. , and related fields  ...   already scheduled for the winter term.. They are:.. 15/01/10.. Drago Indjic.. , Quantitative Investment Manager and Technologist Investment Manager at.. Blue White Alternative Investments.. and Project Manager at.. Hedge Fund Centre.. , London Business School.. Major projects in 2009 include continuing using the best industry software platform for cleaning hedge fund data bases at London Business School and participation in algorithmic trading arms race.. 12/02/10.. Antoni Sureda.. Credit Risk Modeler at.. la Caixa.. In the past he has held positions at Banc Sabadell and the European Investment Bank.. He earned his.. PhD in Finance at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. , where he taught several finance courses.. His main research interests are financial regulation, corporate control, risk management, asset pricing, and asset management.. answered questions during the Financial Institutions Seminar on Friday.. In addition to.. MSc in Finance.. students, students in the.. MSc in Competition and Market Regulation.. also seized the opportunity to join the discussion.. About Dr.. Lorenzo Isla.. Responsible for the Structured Credit and Credit Derivatives business at BBVA.. Ran CDO/structured credit research and strategy efforts at Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers International in London (2001-2007).. - Lecturer at Harvard University (1996 to 2001.. - PanAgora AM (Boston based hedge fund).. - PhD in Financial Economics (Harvard University).. Upcoming Financial Institutions Seminars.. 15 January:.. 12 February:.. Financial Institutions Seminars Page.. Archive of Past Speakers.. Related News.. Student Spotlight: The Path from the Classrooms of the Ciutadella Campus to the Trading Desks of the Goldman Sachs Quant Group.. Master Programs Offer Students Tools to Succeed in the New Financial Landscape..

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  • Title: Pere Ibern - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Pere Ibern.. Pere Ibern.. PhD, Universitat Ramon Llull.. Adjunct Professor, UPF.. Steering Committee Member.. Faculty Member.. Pere Ibern is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and he is also member of the Center for Research on Health and Economics, a University Research Center.. He is also Strategic Development Director at DKV Seguros.. Pere Ibern obtained his MBA at ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administración de Empresas, Barcelona) and  ...   Health Care Administration at Yale University.. Later, he was visiting researcher at Duke University Center for Demographic Studies, and has been consultant for the World Bank.. Health Economics.. Organizational Economics.. Predictability of drug expenditures: an application using morbidity data (with M.. García-Goñi).. Health Economics, 17, 1: 119-126, 2008.. Hybrid risk adjustment for pharmaceutical benefit (with M.. García-Goñi and J.. M.. Inoriza).. The European Journal of Health Economics, published online: 15 November, 2008..

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  • Title: Xavier Martínez-Giralt - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Xavier Martínez-Giralt.. Xavier Martínez-Giralt.. PhD, Université Catholique de Louvain.. Professor, UAB.. Xavier Martinez-Giralt is Professor of Economics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. He earned his PhD in Economics in 1988 from Université Catholique de Louvain (CORE).. His research interests span both industrial organization and health economics.. In particular, the strategic modeling of providers interaction, the Cost-sharing of Pharmaceutical R&D, hospital performance and the private-public mix, and the diffusion of technology in the health care sector.. Presently he is the Director of the Center for the Study of Organizations and Decisions in Economics (CODE), a research center in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona created in 1995  ...   Barros, P.. P.. , and X.. Martinez-Giralt, 2009, Contractual design and PPPs for hospitals: lessons for the Portuguese model, The European Journal of Health Economics, 10(4): 437-453.. Martinez-Giralt, 2008, On insurance and the cost-sharing of pharmaceutical R&D, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, 8(4): 301-312.. Martinez-Giralt, 2008, Selecting Health Care Providers:"Any Willing provider" vs.. Negotiation, European Journal of Political Economy, 24(2): 402-414.. Technological adoption in health care.. (November 2009).. by Pedro Pita Barros and Xavier Martinez-Giralt.. Bundling in Telecommunications.. (March 2008).. by Begoña Garcéa-Mariñoso, Xavier Martinez-Giralt, Pau Olivella.. On insurance and the cost-sharing of pharmaceutical R&D.. (September 2006).. by Pedro Pita Barros, Xavier Martinez-Giralt..

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  • Title: Marta Trapero - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Marta Trapero.. Marta Trapero.. PhD, Brunel University.. Principal Research Fellow, Center for Research in Health and Economics (UPF-CRES.. Marta Trapero is Principal Research Fellow of the UPF's Center for Research in Health and Economics (CRES).. Her main research interests include health economics and economic evaluation (modelling techniques, incorporation of external effects).. Graduated in Economics (2002) from Universitat de Barcelona, Master in Applied Economics (2002) from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Master in Health Policy, Planning and Financing (2006) from London School of Hygiene  ...   Research Group) from Brunel University (London).. She is the President of the Spanish Association of Health Economics (AES).. As a researcher, she has worked at AQR Research Group of Department of Economics from Universitat de Barcelona (1999-2001), at Department of Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2003), at Centre for International Health and Department of Evaluation, Support and Preventive Medicine of Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, International Health Center in Manhiça (Mozambique) and, since 2007, is a member of HERG at Brunel University (UK)..

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  • Title: Joan-Ramon Borrell - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Joan-Ramon Borrell.. Joan-Ramon Borrell.. PhD, Universitat de Barcelona.. Associate Professor, Universitat de Barcelona.. Joan-Ramon Borrell is Associate Professor of Economics at Universitat de Barcelona, where he is a member of the Research Group on Governments & Markets (GiM) and of the Institute for Applied Economics (IREA).. He is also Research Fellow of the Center for Research in Health Economics (CRES) at UPF and Research Fellow of the Public Private Sector Research Center at IESE Business School.. Pharmaceutical and Energy Markets.. Empirical Analysis of Competition and Regulation.. Competition and Geography.. Competiton Policy..

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