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  • Title: Beatriz González López-Valcárcel - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Beatriz González López-Valcárcel.. Beatriz González López-Valcárcel.. PhD, University of La Laguna.. Professor, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.. webpage.. email.. Program(s):.. Biography:.. Beatriz González López-Valcárcel is full professor of Quantitative Methods in Economics, University of Las Palmas de GC (Spain).. Her main research interest is Health Economics, particularly Economics of Smoking; Use  ...   done international consulting work in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and Mozambique.. She has published many articles, book chapters and books on econometrics and on health economics.. She has served as President of the Section of Public Health Economics of the European Association of Public Health (EUPHA) from April 2011.. Research interests:.. Health Economics..

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  • Title: Antonio Ciccone - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Antonio Ciccone.. Antonio Ciccone.. PhD, Stanford University.. Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. (on leave).. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. Steering committee.. ,.. International Trade, Finance, and Development.. ;.. Faculty member.. GPEFM.. Antonio Ciccone is ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. He earned a PhD in Economics at Stanford University in 1994 and an MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at the London School of Economics in 1990.. He is a research associate of CREI and Fellow of the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and CESifo.. Ciccone specializes in research and teaching in macroeconomics.. His research has been published in 4 of the 5 top journals in economics.. He has also been the recipient of the University Research Distinction by the Generalitat de Catalunya from 2003-2007.. Ciccone is currently co-editor of The Economic Journal and has been a member of the editorial boards  ...   Chair on Applied Economics at the Barcelona GSE.. Established in 2009 by Caixa Manresa and the Barcelona GSE, the program Chair is intended to promote world-class research and dissemination in Applied Economics and to attract international researchers.. Macroeconomics.. Economic growth and development.. Selected publications:.. "Rain and the Democratic Window of Opportunity" with Markus Brückner, Econometrica, 79(3), 923-947, May 2011.. Determinants of Economic Growth: Will Data Tell? with Marek Jarocinski, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, October 2010.. International Commodity Prices, Growth, and Civil War in Sub-Saharan Africa with Markus Brückner, The Economic Journal, May 2010.. Working papers:.. The Contribution of Schooling in Development Accounting: Results from a Nonparametric Upper Bound.. (November 2011).. by Francesco Caselli, Antonio Ciccone.. Schooling Supply and the Structure of Production: Evidence from US States 1950-1990.. by Antonio Ciccone, Giovanni Peri.. Estimating Cross-Industry Cross-Country Models Using Benchmark Industry Characteristics.. (September 2010).. by Antonio Ciccone and Elias Papaioannou..

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  • Title: Francesco Fasani - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Francesco Fasani.. Francesco Fasani.. PhD, University College London.. Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London.. Francesco Fasani is Lecturer at Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London.. Prior to this he was a researcher at IAE and a Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. Labor.. Migration.. Crime.. Microeconometrics..

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  • Title: Simon Evenett - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Simon Evenett.. Simon Evenett.. PhD, Yale University.. Director of the International Trade and Economics Program at CEPR.. Simon J.. Evenett is Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, University of St.. Gallen, Switzerland.. He is also Programme Director of the most established group of international trade economists in Europe, namely, the International Trade and Regional Economics Programme of the Centre of Economic Policy Research.. Professor Evenett is an expert in the commercial policy and strategies of the USA, EU, and the rising economic powers, such as China.. He also closely follows WTO trade negotiations and bilateral and regional trade negotiations.. Previously he has taught at Oxford University and for ten years held fellowships at the Brookings Institution, Washington DC.. He was  ...   Globalisation; The Warwick Commission on the Future of the Multilateral Trading System; and The Zedillo Committee on the Global Trade and Financial Architecture.. He is widely published and is a frequent public lecturer, including speaking to corporate executives about international business strategy.. International Trade, Economic Development, National and International Competition Law and Policy.. - "Politics triumphs economics? Political economy and the implementation of competition law and economic regulation in developing countries.. " Co-edited with Pradeep Mehta.. November 2008.. Academic Foundation, India.. - "The WTO and Government Procurement.. " Co-edited with Bernard Hoekman.. February 2006.. Edward Elgar Publishers.. - "Economic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation.. December 2005.. Palgrave Macmillan.. Includes an introduction titled Introduction and Overview: Economic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation..

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  • Title: Bradford DeLong - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Bradford DeLong.. Bradford DeLong.. PhD, Harvard University.. Brad DeLong is Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley.. A former faculty member at Harvard and Boston University, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy, United States Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC (1993-1995).. Economic History, Industrial Organization, Economic Development.. - "The U.. S.. Stock Market  ...   forthcoming in Journal of Economic Perspectives.. - "Why Does the Stock Market Fluctuate?" (with Robert B.. Barsky) Quarterly Journal of Economics 108: 2 (May), pp.. 291-312, 1993.. - "Noise Trader Risk in Financial Markets," (with Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H.. Summers, and Robert J.. Waldmann) Journal of Political Economy 98: 4 (August 1990), pp.. 703-738, 1990..

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  • Title: Simon Johnson - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Simon Johnson.. Simon Johnson.. PhD, Massachussets Institute of Technology.. Simon Johnson is currently Ronald A.. Kurtz Professor of Entrepreneurship at MIT-Sloan School of Management.. From 2007 to August 2008, he served as Economic Counsellor and Director of the Research Department of the IMF.. He is an expert in institutions and economic growth, with special interest in the value of political connections  ...   of Political Economy.. October 2005, 113: 117-132.. - The Rise of Europe: Atlantic Trade, Institutional Change, and Economic Growth.. (with D.. Acemoglu, J.. Robinson).. American Economic Review.. June 2005, 95: 546-579.. - Cronyism and Capital Controls: Evidence from Malaysia.. Journal of Financial Economics, February 2003, 67: 351-382.. - The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical Investigation.. December 2001, 91: 1369-1401..

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  • Title: Abhay Abhyankar - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Abhay Abhyankar.. Abhay Abhyankar.. PhD, University of Strathclyde.. Chair of Financial Markets, University of Edinburgh Business School.. Abhay Abhyankar is Professor of Finance and Baillie Gifford Chair of Financial.. Markets at the University of Edinburgh.. He has previously worked at the Universities.. of Durham, Warwick and Stirling in the UK.. He is also a non-executive member of the.. Board of Directors of Roche Scientific Company (India) Pvt.. Ltd.. , a 100% owned.. subsidiary of F.. Hoffman La Roche, Basle, Switzerland.. Corporate Finance.. Asset Pricing.. Applied Financial Econometrics..

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  • Title: Eduardo Levy-Yeyati - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Eduardo Levy-Yeyati.. Eduardo Levy-Yeyati.. PhD, University of Pennsylvania.. Professor, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella; Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution.. Levy-Yeyati is Professor of Economics at Universidad Di Tella in Buenos Aires, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution, and Director of Economics in CIPPEC, Argentina s top think tank.. Previously, he was Head of Emerging Market Strategy and Latin America Research at Barclays Capital, Senior Financial Sector Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank, and Chief Economist at the Central Bank of Argentina.. Macroeconomic volatility in emerging economies, the implications of financial dollarization, exchange rate  ...   of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol.. 6(2-3), pages 668-682, 04-05.. - "Global Factors and Emerging Market Spreads", (with Martín González Rozada), 2008, Economic Journal.. Royal Economic Society, vol.. 118(533), pages 1917-1936, November.. - "To Float or to Fix: Evidence on the Impact of Exchange Rate Regimes on Growth", 2003, (with Federico Sturzenegger), American Economic Review, Vol.. 93 (4), pp.. 1173-1193.. - "Bank Bailouts: Moral Hazard vs.. Value Effect", (with Tito Cordella), 2003, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 12, pp.. 300-330.. - "Financial Dollarization", 2002, (with Alain Ize), Journal of International Economics, 59, pp.. 323-347..

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  • Title: ERC Advanced Investigator Grant awarded to Prof. Jaume Ventura - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. Jaume Ventura receives ERC Advanced Grant.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. 20/01/2010.. ERC Advanced Investigator Grant awarded to.. Jaume Ventura.. , Senior Researcher at.. CREI.. and Barcelona GSE affiliated professor, has received an Advanced Investigator Grant of one million euros from the.. European Research Council (ERC).. for his project, Asset Bubbles and Economic Policy.. ERC Advanced Grants fund cutting-edge research by the.. very best established research leaders in Europe.. According to the Council s website, projects funded by these competitive and selective grants must be highly ambitious, pioneering, and creative in their approach.. The grants support research that takes risks, employing unconventional methodologies and investigations at the interface between established disciplines and presenting the possibility of a major breakthrough with far-reaching impact.. This year s call drew nearly 1,600 project proposals from across the spectrum of research fields.. A total of 236 will receive grants, with researchers coming from 18 different countries and 26 nationalities.. Only nine projects in the field of Economics were chosen to receive Advanced Grants.. Seven GSE professors in the Champion s League of European scientific research.. Ventura is the third member of the Barcelona GSE s teaching faculty to receive an Advanced Grant.. In 2008, grants were awarded to Prof.. (Director of CREI and Research Professor of the Barcelona GSE.. ) and Prof.. Joachim Voth.. (ICREA-UPF and affiliated professor of the Barcelona GSE, as well as Director of the Barcelona GSE.. Master in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. ).. The GSE also counts four.. ERC Starting Grant.. recipients among its affiliated professors.. The Starting Grants support early-career top research leaders who are about to establish or consolidate an independent research career in Europe.. GSE affiliated recipients are CREI Researchers.. Gino Gancia.. and.. Nicola Gennaioli.. , and UPF Professors.. Marta Reynal-Querol.. Jan Eeckhout.. All of the Starting and Advanced ERC Grant recipients of the Barcelona GSE also teach in some of the School s.. master programs.. Barcelona-based newspaper.. La Vanguardia.. observed in.. an article this week.. that CREI, one of the Barcelona GSE s founding  ...   by themselves but instead arise as a result of a pre-existing market failure, namely, financial imperfections.. The main objective of this project is to develop this view of asset bubbles, and produce an empirically-relevant macroeconomic framework that allows us to address pervading questions about the relationship between bubbles and financial markets, economic growth, and unemployment, Prof.. This could help us develop the tools that allow policy makers to sustain those bubbles that have positive effects and burst those that have negative effects.. About Prof.. Jaume Ventura is a senior researcher at CREI and a professor of economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. He received his PhD from Harvard in 1995.. Prior to joining CREI and UPF, he was a tenured associate professor at MIT.. He has also taught at the University of Chicago and INSEAD.. Ventura has worked full-time for the World Bank, and acted as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank.. His research specializes in macroeconomics and international economics.. Video: Roundtable Discussion.. Barcelona GSE Prof.. s project Asset Bubbles and Economic Policy is one of only nine to receive an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant in Economics this year.. He shared some of his thoughts on bubbles with students and members of the Barcelona GSE Research Network during Economics Trobada VII in Fall 2009.. Watch the video.. (05:59).. directs the CREI (Center for Research in International Economics), one of the four GSE academic bodies and the European institution with the highest concentration of ERC grant recipients.. Ventura teaches in two Barcelona GSE master programs (2009-10):.. Master in Economics.. Barcelona GSE Courses 2009-10.. Contemporary Macroeconomic Problems.. International Economics.. International Finance.. Topics in Macroeconomics II.. Forthcoming Publications.. Globalization and Risk Sharing.. (with F.. Broner) in.. Review of Economic Studies.. Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets.. Broner and A.. Martin) in.. Related News.. Press Release from the European Research Council.. [pdf].. Article in La Vanguardia.. Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors Receive Prestigious ERC Starting Grants.. Professors Voth and Galí Awarded Advanced Grants from the ERC.. Professor Marta Reynal-Querol and Jan Eeckhout Selected for ERC Starting Grant.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Professors Voth and Gali Awarded ERC Advanced Grants - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Professors Voth and Gali Awarded ERC Advanced Grants.. 17/10/2008.. Professors Voth and Galí Awarded Advanced Grants from the ERC.. Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors,.. , have been selected as recipients of Advanced Grants from the.. European Research Council.. ERC Advanced Investigator Grants (ERC Advanced Grant) are offered to recognize and promote the work of European researchers and establish the EU a global leader in research.. The ERC received a total of 2167 applications for Advanced Grants from applicants representing 50 nationalities and linked to host institutions in 36 different countries.. The Advanced Grants aim to encourage risk-taking and interdisciplinarity, and support pioneering frontier research projects.. They complement the ERC Starting Grants by targeting researchers who have already established themselves as independent research leaders in their own right.. ERC Advanced Grants allow exceptional established research leaders in any field of science, engineering and scholarship to pursue frontier research of their choice.. Joachim Voth (Barcelona GSE and CREI) is an ICREA Research Professor and Director of the Barcelona GSE.. He received an Advanced Grant for his research in asset return in times of political and economic turmoil.. Says Prof.. Voth, The importance of this research lies in the fact that most of our results about asset prices come from periods of tranquil social, economic, and political conditions.. When times are tough, the data often disappears.. This is troublesome because it is during times of turmoil that it matters most how investments perform, and how liquid they are - when you lose your job, or need to flee from an invading army, or lose your house and other income due to revolution or other turmoil.. His project will collect information on how various assets - houses, bonds, stocks, foreign exchange, precious  ...   objectives of this part of the project consists in the empirical assessment of the specification of the wage-setting bock found in standard versions of the NK model, with a special focus on their implied wage-unemployment dynamics.. In continuation, the second part of the project is motivated by the significant changes in the co-movements among some key macro variables that have accompanied the recent period of low macroeconomic volatility (the so-called Great Moderation).. One objective of the proposed research is to understand the role that structural change in the labor market may have played as a source of those changes.. In addition, the project will include an analysis of the consequences that such structural changes may have had on wage setting, their ability to account for the apparent increase in wage flexibility during the recent period, and the implications for the conduct and design of monetary policy.. Earlier this year, two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors were announced as recipients of the ERC Starting Grants:.. (GSE and UPF) and.. (GSE and UPF).. It should also be added that at the time of his untimely passing, in November of 2007,.. Antoni Calvó.. , Affiliated Professor of the Barcelona GSE from the UAB, had been positively evaluated at all the steps leading to a Starting Grant.. The total number of Advanced Grant and Starting Grant recipients in Economics highlights the outstanding research taking place in the Barcelona GSE community; no other institutions counted 4 grant recipients among their (affiliated) professors.. The institutions to receive the second-most number of grants are LSE (3) and UCL (3).. Back.. Joachim Voth, Director of the MSc in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. Jordi Galí, Director of CREI and professor in the Barcelona GSE MSc in Economics..

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  • Title: Francesc Obiols - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Francesc Obiols.. Francesc Obiols.. PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Associate Professor, UAB.. Director.. IDEA.. Francesc Obiols earned his PhD in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1996).. He has an Associate Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona since 2007.. Before that he held assistant professorships at the UAB and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).. He was the recipient of a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship from 2005-2007.. His work has been published in journals such as Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Economic Theory, and Journal of Money Credit and Banking..  ...   Economics, among others.. Aggregate fluctuations.. Computational methods.. "On borrowing limits and welfare" Review of Economic Dynamics (forthcoming).. "Incomplete markets, labor supply, and capital accumulation" (with A.. Marcet and P.. Weil) Journal of Monetary Economics 54, 2621-2635, 2007.. "Transitional dynamics and the distribution of assets" (with C.. Urrutia) Economic Theory, 25, 381-400, 2005.. Search and Matching in the Labor Market without Unemployment Insurance.. (November 2012).. by Francesc Obiols.. On borrowing limits and welfare.. (October 2009).. by Francesc Obiols-Homs.. Incomplete Markets, Labor Supply and Capital Accumulation.. (October 2003).. by Albert Marcet, Francesc Obiols-Homs, Philippe Weil..

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