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  • Title: Marek Jarocinski - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Marek Jarocinski.. Marek Jarocinski.. PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Researcher, European Central Bank.. webpage.. Program(s):.. Biography:.. Marek Jarocinski is a researcher for the European Central Bank.. Research interests:.. Bayesian econometrics, macroeconomics.. Selected publications:.. - "Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks in the East and the West of Europe", (version October 2008), forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Econometrics..

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  • Title: Christian Matthes - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Christian Matthes.. Christian Matthes.. PhD, New York University.. Research Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.. Christian Mattes is a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.. Prior to that he was an assistant professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. Macroeconomics.. Econometrics.. Monetary Economics.. Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy.. Learning and Imperfect Information.. Econometric Analysis of Dynamic Equilibrium Models..

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  • Title: Todd Keister - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Todd Keister.. Todd Keister.. PhD, Cornell University.. Professor, Rutgers University.. Todd Keister is a professor of economics at Rutgers University.. He was previously an Assistant Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a professor at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), and has held visiting positions at the University of Texas in Austin, the European University Institute, and NYU.. He is currently an associate editor of  ...   formulate and evaluate public policy to address financial fragility, banking crises and macroeconomic volatility.. He received his PhD from Cornell University in 1998.. Banking Panics and Policy Responses (with H.. Ennis), Journal of Monetary Economics Vol.. 57 (2010) 404-419.. Bank Runs and Institutions: The Perils of Intervention (with H.. Ennis), American Economic Review Vol.. 99 (2009) 1588-1607.. Expectations and Contagion in Self-fulfilling Currency Attacks, International Economic Review, Vol.. 50 (2009) 991-1012..

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  • Title: Ricardo Nunes - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE.. Ricardo Nunes.. Ricardo Nunes.. Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System.. Ricardo Nunes is a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.. in Washington, DC.. Theoretical and Applied Macro, Time-Inconsistency, Monetary and Fiscal Policy.. Secondary Field: Expectations and Learning Dynamics.. - Learning the Inflation Target , Macroeconomic Dynamics, vol.. 13 (2009), pp.. 167-.. 188..

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  • Title: Jorge Padilla - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Jorge Padilla.. Jorge Padilla.. PhD, Oxford University.. Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon Europe.. email.. Jorge Padilla is a Senior Managing Director and Head of Compass Lexecon Europe.. Previously CEO of LECG's European practice, he advises clients on a variety of competition policy and intellectual property issues, covering a wide range of industries, including retail electricity, media, telecommunications, entertainment and technology.. He has advised on various cases and given expert testimony before the Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian and UK competition  ...   at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR, London) and the Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI), and a member of the steering committee of the Association for Competition Economists (ACE).. Awards:.. Named Economist of the Year by Global Competition Review, 2012.. While at Oxford University, Dr.. Padilla won the George Webb Medlay Medal for Best Performance in Written Exams and the Prize for Best M.. Phil Thesis.. Padilla is co-author of The Law and Economics of Article 82 EC (Hart Publishing, 2006)..

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  • Title: Master in Economics graduate Prof. Pol Antràs (Harvard) delivers CREI Lectures in Macroeconomics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. news-pol-antras-macroeconomics-lectures.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Share this page:.. 04.. 07.. 2012.. Pol Antràs (Harvard): In global sourcing the aggregate gains seem to outweigh the losses.. Pol Antràs (Harvard University), now Barcelona GSE Board Member and alumnus of the Master in Economics, delivered a series of three lectures on.. Contracts and the Global Organization of Production.. at the Center for Research in International Economics (CREI), one of the School s academic units, from June 20-22, 2012.. The lecture series marks the third edition of the.. CREI Lectures in Macroeconomics.. , celebrated every two years with support from Princeton University Press.. The lectures are given by a young senior scholar who has recently made a major, focused contribution to macroeconomics or international economics.. Antràs has established himself as a Professor of Economics at Harvard and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), where he served as Director of the International Trade and Organization (ITO) Working Group.. Before earning his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he graduated from the UPF Master in Economics, now organized by the Barcelona GSE.. The three lectures delivered by Prof.. Antràs this year summarized and extended recent work exploring the role of contractual frictions in shaping the international organization of production, as well as the implications of these frictions for the workings of the world economy.. The lectures blended theory and empirics  ...   to Macroeconomics.. The way that the gains from economic integration are shared across countries are crucially shaped by the contractual interactions between producers in the world economy.. This relates to issues of bargaining power in particular contracts, but also to the broader impact of integration on labor markets when labor demand by foreign companies is affected by the facility with which they can contract with foreign workers.. Why do you see internationalization as a double-edged sword ?.. Because although it tends to partly protect the integrating party from the vagaries of international contracting, it often tends to dilute the incentives of workers and managers in the integrated party.. Is the net result of global sourcing positive or negative for the world economy?.. Available evidence suggests that the aggregate gains outweigh the losses, although it is also obvious that global sourcing creates winners and losers, so it is no surprise that some people have a negative view of it.. CREI Macro lectures are given by young senior scholars.. Can you offer any advice to masters students at the Barcelona GSE who aspire to follow the academic career path as you have?.. Aim high and work hard.. Pol Antràs.. (Harvard University) delivers lectures on Contracts and the Global Organization of Production.. Antràs cites examples of global sourcing, including iPads, disposible razors, and airplanes.. Slides are available on CREI s website.. Master degrees at Barcelona GSE.. Masters Brochure [pdf].. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Economics of Science and Innovation Program - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: MESI.. Master in Economics of Science and Innovation.. This is an archive page for a previously offered program.. Current applicants may be interested in related programs in.. or.. Program Archive.. The Economics of Science and Innovation Program ran from 2007-2012 and graduated five cohorts of students (a total of 68 students from 31 countries).. Master degree awarded to graduates.. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis.. awarded jointly by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).. Language of instruction:.. English.. Program structure:.. one year, full time.. Academic and professional background of program graduates.. Graduates in economics, business administration, engineering, life sciences.. Junior scientists with a professional orientation in science management.. Aspiring PhD students looking for a  ...   Commission.. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Belgium).. Hewlett-Packard.. OECD.. Procter Gamble.. TATA Consultancy Services (Ecuador).. Trifermed Consulting.. UAB Research Park.. Skill set acquired by master graduates.. Measure research results: expected output in a project and scientific impact.. Assess the economic viability of research projects through cost-benefit analysis.. Identify new business opportunities for R D.. Understand the patent system, advantages and disadvantages.. To hire Economics of Science and Innovation graduates, please contact the Barcelona GSE Alumni Placement Office at placement@barcelonagse.. eu.. View currently available master programs.. Master Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis awarded by:.. Hire Economics of Science and Innovation Graduates.. Alumni Career Placement Office.. Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27.. 08005 Barcelona, Catalonia-Spain.. Phone:.. +34 93 542 1222.. Fax:.. +34 93 542 1223.. placement@barcelonagse..

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  • Title: Juan-Carlos Conesa - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Juan-Carlos Conesa.. Juan-Carlos Conesa.. PhD, University of Minnesota.. Associate Professor, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. ;.. IDEA.. Juan Carlos Conesa graduated in Economics from the Universitat de Barcelona (1991) and earned a PhD in Economics at the Universitat de Barcelona (1998) and at the University of Minnesota (1999).. He has been an Associate Professor at the Universitat Autònoma  ...   award.. Public finance.. "Taxing Capital? Not a Bad Idea After All!" (with Sagiri Kitao and Dirk Krueger).. American Economic Review 99, 25-48, 2009.. "Optimal Fiscal Policy in the Design of Social Security Reforms" (with Carlos.. Garriga).. International Economic Review 49, 291-318, 2008.. "On the Optimal Progressivity of the Income Tax Code" (with Dirk Krueger).. Journal.. of Monetary Economics 53, 1425-1450, 2006..

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  • Title: Timothy Kehoe - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Timothy Kehoe.. Timothy Kehoe.. PhD, Yale University.. Timothy J.. Kehoe is a professor at the University of Minnesota and an advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.. Professor Kehoe is a fellow of the Econometric Society as well as a member of the editorial board of a number of economic journals including the International Journal of Economics, the Journal of Economic Integration, the Journal of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Mathematical Economics, among others.. Professor Kehoe is a Distinguished McKnight  ...   he has been awarded eight National Science Foundation Grants.. Business cycles and development, capital flows and real exchange rates, general equilibrium theory, trade theory.. - Bankruptcy and Collateral in Debt Constrained Markets, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming, with D.. K.. Levine.. - Modeling Great Depressions: The Depression in Finland in the 1990s, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, forthcoming, with J.. C.. Conesa and K.. J.. Ruhl.. - Great Depressions of the Twentieth Century, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 2007, edited with E.. Prescott..

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  • Title: Networking - Alumni & Friends - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: ».. » Networking.. Barcelona GSE.. Alumni Friends.. Networking.. The Barcelona GSE alumni network is an essential resource for maintaining lifelong connections with classmates from over 50 countries, with the School, and with the city of Barcelona where these connections were made.. Step 1: add yourself to the Barcelona GSE alumni directory.. Looking for bankers in Berlin or PhD candidates in New York? Want to meet up with alumni living in La Paz? The objective of the Barcelona GSE Alumni Directory is to connect current students and graduates with alumni and friends anywhere in the world.. In order to request information from the directory, you must first add yourself using a simple.. web form.. Information you add to the directory is only available to directory members.. You decide which information can be made available to users.. Read.. directory terms of use.. Add your info to the GSE alumni directory.. Request info from the GSE alumni directory.. Step 2: Barcelona GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Your rapid access point for the Alumni Network is the Barcelona GSE Alumni group on.. LinkedIn.. The group is only open to members of the GSE community, making it a safe, exclusive space on the web for the exchange of knowledge,  ...   approval is automatic for LinkedIn users who have a.. @barcelonagse.. email address associated with their LinkedIn account (.. create a LinkedIn account.. ).. Other membership requests will be reviewed by the Barcelona GSE team.. LinkedIn s Privacy Policy.. Network with GSE alumni and friends on LinkedIn.. Connect with the Barcelona GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Connect with GSE Alumni.. Facebook.. Flickr.. LinkedIn.. Slideshare.. Twitter.. YouTube.. Alumni Directory.. Looking for bankers in Berlin or PhD candidates in New York? Want to meet up with alumni living in La Paz?.. Add your info to the directory.. Submit a simple.. to join the growning GSE alumni directory.. Request info from the directory.. Use.. this form.. to submit your request.. The GSE respects and values your privacy.. Job Offers.. Exclusive access to job postings for Barcelona GSE graduates and current students.. Login to view job offer listings.. Your login is your Intranet user and password.. Login help:.. e.. u.. Photos and Social Media.. Email photos or album links to:.. community [at] barcelonagse [.. ] eu.. Join the.. Barcelona GSE Flickr group.. and upload your photos.. Or, tag your Flickr photos with.. gsealumni.. The.. GSE social media page.. lists more ways to connect and share content with the community..

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  • Title: Barcelona GSE graduates its second master class - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE graduates its second master class.. 08/07/2009.. Barcelona GSE graduates its second master class.. The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics celebrated the graduation of its second class of master students this past Friday, July 3, 2009.. The ceremony took place at 16.. 30h and was hosted by Caixa Catalunya at.. Casa Milà.. (La Pedrera).. A total of 127 students from 30 different countries received their diplomas.. Over 80% of the graduates came from countries outside of Spain: Germany, Italy, Turkey, the United States, Mexico and Brazil were among the countries with the largest representation.. Josep Mateu, president of.. FemCAT.. and general manager of RACC, delivered the graduation remarks.. Also participating in the ceremony were representatives of the rectors of the.. UPF.. and the.. UAB.. who, together with Barcelona GSE chairman.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. , presented diplomas to the graduates.. In his.. remarks.. , Mr.. Mateu highlighted the combination of the students individual talent, the training they have just received, and the drive to create and innovate as essential factors for staying at the top of any profession.. He noted that talent is the sum of ability and commitment.. He encouraged the graduates to strive to be good professionals and to compete not against but rather for the benefit of others.. The job of a graduate like you is not limited to your place of work, Mr.. Mateu told the students.. It has to go beyond in order to try to make the society you are living in better.. Ms.. Julia Krein Rocha (.. Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. ) was the selected student speaker at the ceremony.. In addition to acknowledging the achievements of her fellow graduates, Ms.. Krein Rocha stressed the importance of close friendships with classmates formed over the course of the master.. She remarked that the time spent outside of class - a ski trip to Andorra, birthday celebrations, and other social activities - resulted in a strong group bond that helped students get through the most difficult and stressful moments of the year.. Mas-Colell closed the ceremony by congratulating the new graduates and inviting them to stay connected with the Barcelona GSE in the future.. One way they might do so is by joining the Alumni Network of former GSE students.. The objective of the Alumni Network is to reinforce the student and alumni community of the School, and to facilitate the exchange of best practices, job opportunities, and professional advice.. Graduates might also choose to participate in the GSE groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other.. social media.. networks where the School maintains a presence.. Following the ceremony, graduates enjoyed a cocktail reception that included cava and other refreshments in the Sala Gaudí of Casa Milà (La Pedrera) with family and friends, who came to Barcelona from all over the world to celebrate.. Several GSE Affiliated Professors and program directors, as well as 30 GSE alumni, were also in attendance.. Graduates received a commemorative gradbook and a Moleskine notebook imprinted with the GSE logo as a small gift from the School.. The festivities  ...   India.. Robatto.. Roberto.. Romano.. Livio.. Saiovici.. Gady.. Brazil.. Schlupp.. Fabian Jan Rene.. Simmons.. David Thomas.. Simonovsky.. Yamila Yael.. Argentina.. Stahl.. Jörg Rolf.. Talamàs.. Eduard.. Vidal Berastain.. Xavier.. Bretón Muñoz.. Marcelo.. Bruckmann.. Jan.. Buchholzer.. Ralph Alexander.. Cabrera Martínez.. Javier.. Correia.. Sergio.. De la Vega Fernández.. Mauro.. Forero Laverde.. German.. Göksen.. Melike.. Gomez Vega.. Federico Manuel.. Güven.. Serhat.. Kazemieh.. Robin.. Körber.. Lena Mareen.. Krös.. Alexander.. Kumdereli.. Arman.. Liuyang.. Tingting.. China.. Mare.. Davide Salvatore.. Mateo Dilme.. Lluís.. Nieto Acostamadiedo.. Adriana Maria.. Rivero.. Giorgio.. von Rotberg.. Wolf Gottfried Freiherr.. Sandicchi.. Giacomo.. Teymen.. Ekin.. Wehmeijer.. Wouter Reinier.. Netherlands.. Berberich.. Michael Markus.. Carol.. Borja.. Cervetto.. Michele.. Dewulf.. Stéphane.. Belgium.. Farina.. Giorgia.. Fruhmann.. Laura.. Garcia Ayala.. Rodrigo Javier.. Bolivia.. Mordoh.. Arik.. Morris.. Jake.. Ireland.. Perca López.. Karla Antuaneth.. Ruiz GarcÌa.. Carlos Alberto.. Sánchez Salinas.. Manuel.. Villa.. Andrea.. Wilpshaar.. Annemiek.. International Trade, Finance, and Development.. Bakman.. Vera.. Campanella.. Edoardo.. Corcoran.. Edward.. Hajduciková.. Zuzana.. Slovakia.. Hamerlynck.. Jasper Gunnar Alexander.. Koczwarski.. Joel.. Martínez Rodriguez.. Abel.. Montecino.. Juan.. Pugliese.. Donatella.. Raudsepp-Hearne.. Rory.. Rimkute.. Lithuania.. Rodrigues.. Inês de Almeida Paiva Fernandes.. Sorelli.. Simone.. Taylan.. Kemal Alp.. Uñó González.. Sara.. Veil-Hèraud.. David Paul Gerhard.. France.. Walton.. Alex Michael.. Yousefi.. Simin.. Iran.. Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. Aparicio Terrasa.. Gabriel.. Arqué.. Gerard.. Bartolozzi.. Guglielmo.. Carvalho.. Marcela Elissa Cardoso Macedo.. de Carvalho Meza.. Joao Victor.. Demski.. Jakub.. Poland.. Fernández Caballero.. Fernández Herrero.. Gili.. Giovanni.. Grünwald Novoa.. María Carolina.. Chile.. Krein Rocha.. Julia.. Matuda.. Priscila Hiromi Jinno.. Vásáry.. Zoltán.. Hungary.. Vieiro Cobas.. Wang.. Xuedong.. Economics of Science and Innovation.. Araujo Serrano.. David Ignacio.. Ecuador.. Arrieta Alvarez.. Ixchell.. Bourgeois.. Ronan.. Boutkam.. Corné Teunis Johannes.. Conesa Martí.. Cristina.. Frieling.. Christopher.. Fuster Martí.. Enric.. Gil Morral.. Miquel.. Kos.. Maciej Rafal.. Lavery.. Patrick.. Lorenzo i Moldero.. Ivan.. Moreno Andres.. Francisco Javier.. Morón Cárdenas.. Kelly Marcela.. Santos Junior.. Antonio Henriques dos.. Schillebeeckx.. Maximiliaan Albert.. Back.. Graduates from the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation Class of 2009, at the Casa Milà (La Pedrera) before the graduation ceremony.. Graduates from the 2009 Master in Competition and Market Regulation.. A total of 127 students in 6 master programs received their diplomas from the Barcelona GSE this year.. Speakers deliver their remarks at the ceremony.. From left to right: Mr.. Miquel Perdiguer (Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya); Dr.. María Morràs (UPF); Prof.. Andreu Mas-Colell (UPF-GSE); Dr.. Jaume Farrés (UAB); and keynote speaker Mr.. Josep Mateu (FemCAT).. In his remarks, Mr.. Mateu encouraged students to compete not against others, but for their benefit.. Student speaker Ms.. Julia Krein Rocha recalled class ski trips and birthday celebrations as well as late nights in the library in her remarks at the ceremony.. Graduates receive their hard-earned diplomas and a hearty handshake from GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell.. Students received gradbooks and a gift from the School before proceding to a cocktail reception with friends, family, professors, and alumni from previous years.. GSE Affiliated Professor and Executive Director of the Master in Competition and Market Regulation.. Juan-José Ganuza.. (UPF) chats with Mr.. Michael Berberich 09 at the reception.. Related Information.. Alumni Career Paths.. Connect on Social Media.. Graduation Photos.. Keynote Remarks [pdf].. Student Speaker Remarks [pdf]..

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  • Archived pages: 538