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  • Title: Alumni Enjoy a Multitude of Options After Graduation - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. Alumni Enjoy a Multitude of Options After Graduation.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. 01/02/2009.. Alumni Enjoy a Multitude of Options After Graduation.. When Toni Anhert was accepted into an economics PhD program at the London School of Economics last spring, he knew that his rigorous ten months spent at the Barcelona GSE had paid off.. The MSc in Economics was a splendid preparation for [the PhD program].. I benefitted tremendously from both the conceptual comprehension and the technical rigor of the program, which helped smooth the transition from the Master level to the PhD level.. Most students of the Barcelona GSE, like Toni, have achieved the post-graduation goals that they entered the program with.. When the 2007-2008 class graduated in June 2008, the majority of students had already found employment or gained entry into a doctoral program (.. career placement report.. ).. Each year, around half of the students in the.. MSc in Economics.. and.. MSc in Finance.. continue on in a doctoral program.. However, the majority of Barcelona GSE students choose to enter the job market.. Italian student Ambrogio Cesa Bianchi used his experience in the MSc in Economics to prepare himself to enter the labor market, and as a result fielded several excellent employment options upon graduation.. Through the Barcelona GSE, I was able to complete an internship in macroeconomic analysis at Banc Sabadell after graduation, as well as find my current job as Researcher at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, DC , he says.. He sums up his experience, saying, The excellent instruction I received from prominent professors, as well as the wonderful student environment, makes the Barcelona GSE an unbeatable place to study.. I recommend  ...   pursue further study at PhD level.. Canadian student Crosby MacDonald, a 2008 graduate of the.. MSc in the Economics of Science and Innovation.. (MESI), emphasizes the importance of the Barcelona GSE s global network in entering the job market.. While in the program, he was offered a position as Associate at the London office of LECG, a global economic and financial consultancy.. The GSE helped by placing me within an excellent network of economists, says Crosby, and by providing me with an opportunity to learn from some highly respected professors in a program that is gaining a solid reputation.. As students in the Class of 2008-2009, including students in the new.. MSc in Macroeconomics and Financial Markets.. MSc in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. , begin exploring job prospects, many are taking advantage of the GSE s resources.. In addition to offering the.. MCR Internship Program.. and organizing the.. Financial Institution Seminars.. , the school has partnerships with a number of top firms who recruit GSE students, including RBB Economics, The Brattle Group, the Office of Fair Trading (UK), Competition Commission (UK), LECG, Konkurrensverket (Swedish Competition Authority), OfCom (UK), Conseil de la Concurrence, CRA International, Banc Sabadell, and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI).. In addition, the Barcelona GSE will soon launch an Alumni Association in cooperation with current and former students.. The Association will create a global network for social and professional interaction among GSE students, graduates, and friends from around the world.. Please keep up to date on Barcelona GSE Alumni by.. subscribing to the newsletter.. Back.. MSc in Economics graduate Toni Anhert.. MSc in Economics graduate Ambrogio Cesa Bianchi.. MSc in Competition and Market Regulation graduate Fabiana Tito.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Graduates of GSE Publish in Top Economics Journal - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Graduates of GSE Publish in Top Economics Journal.. 12/12/2008.. Graduates of GSE Reference Doctoral Program Publish in Top Economic Journal.. The September 2008 edition of.. Games and Economic Behavior.. , a leading journal in economics and game theory, includes papers by five former students from the International Doctorate in Economic Analysis (IDEA) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Ioana Chioveanu, Antonio Nicolò, Raul Lopez-Perez, Joana Pais, and Agnes Pintér.. IDEA.. program, one of the top-ranked PhD program in Europe, was launched in 1991, since which time it has awarded over 125 doctorates.. Together with the Graduate Program in Economics, Finance and Management (.. GPEFM.. ) offered by the Department of Economics and Business of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, they compose the two.. reference doctoral programs.. of the Barcelona GSE.. These two programs help impel the substantial research activity of the academic community, and over 95% of the Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors are involved with them.. Each year, some students at the Barcelona GSE continue their studies in one of the programs.. In the class of 2007-2008, eight students continued on in one of the reference doctoral programs.. facilitates cross-fertilization between theories and applications of game theoretic reasoning.. It consistently attracts the excellent quality and most creative papers in interdisciplinary studies within the social, biological, and mathematical sciences.. Many readers recognize it as the leading journal in game theory.. The four papers (and five doctoral program alumni) that appeared in the September 2008 edition of.. are:.. Ioana Chioveanu.. Advertising Brand Loyalty and Pricing.. Ioana Chioveanu.. received her PhD in Economics from the IDEA program at the UAB in 2004.. Her thesis, supervised by.. Xavier Vives.. , was titled Strategic Pricing in Oligopoly Markets.. She is currently a research fellow  ...   his PhD in Economics in 2005 at the UAB.. From December 2005 to July 2006, he was a postdoc researcher at the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (IERE), Zürich, and since then has been professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.. His primary research interests are Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics, and Political Economy, and he has publications in.. Journal of Socio-Economics and Games.. Rationality and Behavior.. Joana Pais and Ágnes Pintér.. School Choice and Information: An Experimental Study on Matching Mechanisms.. Joana Pais.. is assistant professor in the School of Economics and Management at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.. She received her PhD in Economics from the IDEA program in 2005 after defending her dissertation Incentives in Random Matching Markets , advised by GSE Affiliated Professor.. Jordi Massó.. Pais holds a master in economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2001).. Her primary fields of research are Microeconomics, Game Theory, Matching Theory, Networks and she has published in Games and Economic Behavior and Economic Theory.. Ágnes Pintér.. is Visiting Professor at the Economics Department of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. She received her doctorate from the IDEA program of the UAB in 2006, successfully defending her dissertation: Three Essays on Experimental Economics advised by GSE Affilaited Professor.. Jordi Brandts.. Her research interests are Microeconomics, in particular Experimental Economics, Game Theory and Mechanism Design, Matching Theory, and IO.. 2008 Placements for GPEFM and IDEA Graduates.. 2007 Placements for GPEFM and IDEA Graduates.. , University College London Research Fellow.. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid assistant professor.. University of Padua assistant professor.. , assistant professor in the School of Economics and Management at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.. Ágnes Pintér,.. Assistant Professor at the Economics Department of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid..

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  • Title: Master program graduates apply economics training in the workplace - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Alumni09 Professional Careers.. 01/02/2010.. Barcelona GSE master program graduates apply economics training in the workplace.. Barcelona GSE students spend one intense year training in the latest theories and applications of economics and finance, and then they graduate.. When they do, they pursue a remarkable variety of careers, tempering their goals, backgrounds, and previous work experiences with the knowledge they have acquired during the master program.. Christopher Frieling 09.. Hometown:.. Berlin, Germany.. Currently:.. Brussels, Belgium.. You graduated from the Barcelona GSE Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation (MESI), and now you re at the European Commission.. I am a trainee in the DG Research of the European Commission.. More specifically I work in the Unit European Research Area Policy of the Directorate.. ERA - Knowledge Based Economy.. What are your main responsibilities there?.. I am mainly working on the preparation of an ex ante impact assessment for a future strategic framework and an Action Plan for the European Research Area.. I am part of a team of 3 people that prepares this assessment together with a consultancy.. What is a typical day like for you?.. Most of the time my tasks are rather long-term and I work quite independently.. As a trainee I also have the possibility to attend many meetings that I am interested in, most  ...   unit is dealing with research and innovation policy in a quite broad and abstract way and in the beginning it helped me that I had a broad overview of research and innovation.. The classes in European research organizations were especially useful.. Further, some of the MESI professors like.. Reinhilde Veugelers.. (KUL and guest professor in the MESI program) and those I mentioned earlier are also involved in expert groups that advise my directorate.. It sounds like a natural next step after graduation.. I would advice current Barcelona GSE students to apply for the EC trainee program.. It is good fun and valuable experience at the same time.. Stay in touch!.. We welcome updates from all GSE alumni.. Please.. tell us.. how you re keeping busy!.. Barcelona GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. More Alumni by Master Program.. Click to view all available profiles for each program.. James Marrone 09.. Research Assistant.. US Federal Reserve Bank.. Xavi Cabrera 09.. Department of Economy and Finance Intern.. Government of Catalonia.. Annemiek Wilpshaar 09.. Chief Economist s Team.. DG Competition.. European Commission.. Economics of Science and Innovation.. Cristina Conesa.. 09.. Project Manager.. Global Talent Media.. Giovanni Gili 09.. Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Dept Intern.. Banca d Italia.. International Trade, Finance, and Development.. Edoardo Campanella 09.. Economist.. World Trade Organization.. Information updated February 2010..

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  • Title: Ramon Marimon - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Ramon Marimon.. PhD, Northwestern University.. Chairman of the Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. webpage.. email.. Program(s):.. Biography:.. Ramon Marimon (PhD, Northwestern, 1984) is Chairman of the Barcelona GSE.. He is Director of the Max Weber Postdoctoral Programme and Professor of Economics at the European University Institute (Florence) on an extended leave from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he is full professor.. Previously he was assistant and associate professor at the University of Minnesota.. He was co-founder of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), as Dean and Chair of Economics and Business, and first Director of the Centre for Research in International Economics (CREI) and of the network CREA, which was the seed of the Barcelona GSE.. Former Secretary of State for Science and Technology of the Government of Spain (2000-2002) and president of the Spanish Economic Association (2004), Ramon Marimon is fellow of the European Economic Association and Chair of its Standing Committee on Research, research fellow of the  ...   Dynamic Contract Theory.. Monetary Theory.. Labor Theory.. Learning Theory.. Political Economy.. Selected publications:.. Competition, human capital and income inequality with limited commitment (with V.. Quadrini), Journal of Economic Theory, 2011, forthcoming.. Nominal Debt as a Burden to Monetary Policy (with J.. Diaz Giménez, G.. Giovannetti and P.. Teles), Review of Economic Dynamics, 11, 3, 493 514.. 2008.. Aggregate Consequences of Limited Contract Enforceability (with Thomas Cooley and Vincenzo Quadrini), Journal of Political Economy, 112, 4, 817 847.. 2004.. Indeterminacy of Equilibria in a Hyperinflationary World: Experimental Evidence, (with S.. Sunder) Econometrica, 61, 1073 1107.. 1993.. Communication Commitment and Growth (with A.. Marcet), Journal of Economic Theory, 58, 2, 219 249.. 1992.. Working papers:.. Money is an Experience Good: Competition and Trust in the Private Provision of Money.. (May 2011).. by Ramon Marimon, Juan Pablo Nicolini, and Pedro Teles.. Recursive Contracts.. (March 2011).. by Albert Marcet and Ramon Marimon.. Competition, Innovation and Growth with Limited Commitment.. (December 2005).. by Ramon Marimon, Vincenzo Quadrini..

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  • Title: Gonzalo León - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Gonzalo León.. PhD, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.. Gonzalo León is full professor in the telematics engineering department at the.. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.. He has served as chairman of several high level expert groups at the European.. Commission where, today, he is president of the Lisbon Strategy Group and vice.. president of the Space Advisory Group.. Since 2004, he has been vice president for.. research at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.. Since 1986 he has occupied several science and technology-related posts  ...   Spanish Delegate in CREST, as deputy director at the Office.. of Science and Technology attached to the presidency of the Government and.. responsible for the definition of the Spanish National R&D Plan 2000-2003.. In 2002.. he was appointed secretary general for science policy at the Ministry of Science.. and Technology as responsible for the National R&D Plan and International.. Relations; he was responsible for the definition of the R&D Plan 2004-2007.. Software engineering for telecommunications systems, technology transfer in the.. information.. society..

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  • Title: Reinhilde Veugelers - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Reinhilde Veugelers.. PhD, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.. Reinhilde Veugelers is currently an economic advisor at BEPA (Bureau of European Policy Analysis), European Commission, and a fellow at CEPR (Center for Economic Policy Research), London.. She has been a visiting scholar/professor at Northwestern University, MIT, New York University, UCL (Belgium), ECARES/ UL Brussels, Paris I, Universitat Pompeu Fabra & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Maastricht (Netherlands), and ULP-BETA (Strasbourg).. She is currently on leave as a full professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the Catholic University of Leuven.. Her research concentrates on the fields of industrial organization and international economics and strategy.. She has authored numerous publications on  ...   incentives for innovation activities, international technology transfers through MNEs, impact on local R&D of multinational competition, internal and external technology sourcing, alliances and their stability, technology transfers through networking between research centers, industry science links and their impact on innovative productivity and scientific productivity.. - "In Search of Complementarity in Innovation Strategy: Internal R&D, Cooperation in R&D and External Technology Acquisition", Management Science 52, 1, 68-82, 2006.. (with B.. Cassiman).. - "R&D Cooperation between Firms and Universities, some empirical evidence from Belgian Manufacturing", International Journal of Industrial Organisation 23, 5-6, 355-379, 2005.. - "R&D Cooperation and Spillovers: some empirical evidence from Belgium", American Economic Review 92, 4, 1169-1184, 2002..

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  • Title: Tuition Fees and Financial Aid  - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: ».. » Tuition Fees and Financial Aid.. Fees & Financial Aid.. The master program was a unique experience for me because of the people I have met here.. I find it rewarding to study with students from all around the world with different academic and professional backgrounds.. Barbara Wagner 07.. Tuition Fees and Financial Aid.. Fees cover registration, teaching, access and use of the UAB and UPF facilities and first entry into examination.. Please refer to the.. master program pages.. for details on tuition fees.. Financial Aid.. In an effort to attract outstanding students, the Barcelona GSE offers several  ...   are advised to apply as early as possible.. Financial aid at the Barcelona GSE can consist of:.. Full or partial tuition waivers.. Scholarships (.. see details.. Teaching Assistantships (TA).. A small number of teaching assistantships are available only to students in the Economics and Finance programs.. These positions are competitive and available to a limited number of top students.. TA s are responsible for 30 or 60 contact hours of teaching (to be distributed any way throughout the year) plus other duties.. Quick Links.. Application Form.. Admissions FAQ.. Fees & Financial Aid.. Scholarships.. Student Loans.. Download Student Guide.. [pdf]..

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  • Title: Student Loans - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Tuition Fees and Financial Aid.. » Student Loans.. AGAUR Loans.. The Barcelona GSE is pleased to announce that successful Spanish applicants to our Master programs are eligible for student loans provided by two of our private partners (Banc Sabadell, and la Caixa ) through the AGAUR agency of the Catalan government.. The GSE regrets that these loans are limited to Spanish students and is currently seeking financial partners to offer loans to international students.. These loans are awarded on a rolling basis although it is recommended that students apply for them by May 30.. There are two types of loans:.. Type A.. : a loan which covers program tuition.. Type B.. : a loan which covers program tuition and living expenses paid in monthly installments.. The maximum amount available to students is 30,000.. The loans come with the following financial conditions:.. (for the most up-to-date and accurate information about loan conditions, please visit the..  ...   no start-up or review fee.. e) Early loan repayment fee: 1%.. f) The loan is considered a tax write-off for fiscal residents of Catalonia.. To be eligible for the loans you must prove that you hold an undergraduate degree and that you have been admitted to one of our Master programs.. You may apply for the loans either to the Barcelona GSE or in person or by mail to the Agència de Gestió d Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (Via Laietana 28 2a planta, 08003 Barcelona).. In addition to the completed and signed application form, the following documentation must be submitted:.. a) photocopy of Spanish ID document or passport of applicant.. b) Barcelona GSE letter of acceptance.. c) certified photocopy of university diploma or document indicating that you are waiting to receive one.. d) official statement of income (only for type B loans).. e) a letter of credit from your home bank, or collateral..

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  • Title: Newsletter Signup - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Barcelona GSE Newsletter.. News & Media.. Updates from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. We send a newsletter once every trimester and occasional news about programs and research events.. Email Address.. First Name.. Last Name.. Institution (Compass Lexecon, European Commission, Stanford University, etc.. ).. Position (Professor, Consultant, Research Analyst, etc.. Specifically interested in the following areas.. (you may  ...   Subscribe to the Barcelona GSE electronic newsletter or view recent issues below:.. Subscribe to newsletter.. Media Coverage.. Recent.. press coverage.. of the School and its faculty.. Media Kit.. Resources for.. journalists.. and other media professionals.. Social Media.. facebook.. com/barcelonagse.. twitter.. more social media options.. RSS Feeds.. GSE News.. GSE Events.. GSE Photos.. GSE Videos.. GSE Slides.. GSE Working Papers..

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  • Title: Community News & Events - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Community News Events.. Barcelona GSE.. Alumni Friends.. Alumni News & Events.. First official Alumni Meeting in Barcelona.. The first official meeting for alumni in Barcelona took place on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Ciutadella Campus.. Nearly 100 alumni from all master programs and cohorts participated!.. See all videos, photos, and highlights from the Barcelona Alumni Meeting.. Barcelona GSE alumni meeting in Brussels.. Barcelona GSE alumni living and working in Brussels, Belgium met up for dinner on March 12, braving snow and ice to get together with their former classmates and colleagues.. Read about the meeting in Brussels.. Alumni meetings in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich lead up to first official meeting in Barcelona.. Some 35 Barcelona GSE graduates participated in three official meetings for alumni in Germany during February 2013.. The objective of the meetings is to build a solid network of alumni and reinforce the GSE community beyond Barcelona.. Read about the meetings in Germany.. Barcelona GSE alumni meeting in London reunites 30 master program graduates.. The Barcelona GSE organized the first alumni meeting in London in December 2012.. A group of 30 alumni attended the event.. Read about the alumni meeting.. GSE News Archive.. Want more news from the Barcelona GSE?.. Get  ...   Magazine.. The "Alumni Outlook" magazine was created to celebrate the first Alumni Meeting in Barcelona in May 2013.. It contains interviews with master program alumni, reflections from faculty, and placement statistics from all master cohorts through the Class of 2012.. New student blog!.. Economic analysis and reflections from members of the Barcelona GSE community.. » Visit the blog.. Alumni Directory.. Looking for bankers in Berlin or PhD candidates in New York? Want to meet up with alumni living in La Paz?.. Add your info to the directory.. Submit a simple.. web form.. to join the growning GSE alumni directory.. Request info from the directory.. Use.. this form.. to submit your request.. The GSE respects and values your privacy.. Read.. directory terms of use.. Job Offers.. Exclusive access to job postings for Barcelona GSE graduates and current students.. Login to view job offer listings.. Your login is your Intranet user and password.. Login help:.. placement@barcelonagse.. e.. u.. Photos and Social Media.. Email photos or album links to:.. community [at] barcelonagse [.. ] eu.. Join the.. Barcelona GSE Flickr group.. and upload your photos.. Or, tag your Flickr photos with.. gsealumni.. The.. GSE social media page.. lists more ways to connect and share content with the community..

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  • Title: Alumni Voices - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Alumni Voices.. Alumni Voices.. You know that the alumni perspective is essential to the decision process for prospective GSE students - you were in their shoes not too long ago.. A few moments of your time can have a direct impact on the GSE s enrollment, visibility, and reputation.. Here are some ways you can get involved:.. To participate in any of these initiatives (or to suggest others), please email.. eu.. Prospective Student Outreach.. Email a Prospective Student.. Respond to emailed questions from a prospective student.. Time commitment: 20 minutes.. Email an Admitted Student.. Contact students to congratulate them and welcome them to the  ...   1-2 hours.. Grad School Fair Volunteer.. Attend a grad school fair in your city with GSE staff.. Time commitment: 2-3 hours.. GSE Alumni Connections.. Campus or Web Chat.. Meet with current GSE students to discuss your job search or doctoral application experience.. GSE Alumni Ambassador.. Serve as the contact person for alumni living and working in your country.. Time commitment: varies.. Class Representative.. (elected in the fall term).. Coordinate social activities and liaise with GSE staff.. Time commitment: varies.. Network with GSE alumni and friends on LinkedIn.. Connect with the Barcelona GSE Alumni Network on LinkedIn.. Connect with GSE Alumni.. Facebook.. Flickr.. LinkedIn.. Slideshare.. Twitter.. YouTube..

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  • Archived pages: 538