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  • Title: Thijs van Rens - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Thijs van Rens.. Thijs van Rens.. PhD, Princeton University..

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  • Title: Barcelona GSE Welcome Day For Students - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. Barcelona GSE Year Kicks Off with Welcome Day For Students.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. 17/09/2008.. The 134 students forming the 2008-2009 class of the Barcelona GSE had their first official opportunity to meet each other and professors during a welcome celebration on September 15, 2008.. The event took place at Shoko, a beachside lounge and club, where students met one another and mingled with Affiliated Professors of the School.. For many, it was their first time meeting other students from their master programs.. This year s class is nearly 40% larger than the previous year s, due in part to the introduction of 2 new master programs, the.. Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. and the.. Master in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. Master in Economics.. and.. Master in Finance.. offered by the UPF for the past 14 years, are the School s largest programs, at 45 and 25 students, respectively.. Master in Competition and Market Regulation.. Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation.. , both of which are entering their second year of existence, drew 14 and 13 students, respectively.. The Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets and the Master in International Trade, Finance, and Development, the two programs that were introduced this fall, have 15 and 19 students, respectively.. Drawn from Afar.. Students of the GSE come from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and educationally.. While the most common undergraduate major is Economics, the School draws students who have studied Finance, Mathematics, a variety of Social Sciences, and, in the case of the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation, Engineering.. Additionally, 17% of the students hold a master degree  ...   of some of the top macroeconomists.. Outlets for Success.. Many students stressed that they would use the yearlong master program to strengthen their theoretical and practical knowledge, and decide during the course of the year whether to continue on to a PhD or enter the labor market.. Because the Barcelona GSE combines a research side with its dynamic master programs, students have the opportunity to target their learning toward either professional or academic future plans.. Gabi Patron, a student in the Master in Economics, said, I will either do a PhD next year or work- I have a year to decide on that.. Regardless, I think the year will be very helpful.. Having lived in Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, the US, and Barcelona, she feels comfortable in the international environment and career opportunities the school provides.. Francisco Moreno, a student in the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation, is one of the few Barcelona natives studying at the Barcelona GSE.. He is excited to participate in the program because of the dual professional and academic preparation and because in coming years Spain will have a lot of investments in science and innovation.. The master is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the future.. Read about the student profile from the 2007-2008 class.. Back.. Students from the six master programs of the Barcelona GSE meet.. Barcelona GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell gives a short welcome to students.. The celebration was well-provisioned with tapas and drinks.. Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation Director Salvador Barbera (left) talks with GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell (middle) and GSE and UPF Professor Jose Garcia Montalvo.. The GSE student body has 5 continents represented.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: GSE Affiliated Professor President of International Health Economics Association - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor to Head IHEA.. 08/09/2008.. GSE Affiliated Professor Incoming President of International Health Economics Association.. Guillem López-Casasnovas.. (Barcelona GSE and UPF) will be the future President of the.. IHEA.. (International Health Economics Association), a USA-based organization with a general Directorate at Temple University and a secretariat office in Toronto, Canada.. López will serve a two-year term beginning next July.. He will officially take over the position at the July 2009 World Conference of the IHEA in Beijing, replacing Uwe Reinhardt (Princeton University) as President.. The International Health Economics Association was formed to increase communication among health economists, foster a higher standard of debate in the application of economics to health and health care systems, and assist young researchers at the start of their careers.. The Association is responsible for awarding the annual Kenneth J.. Arrow Award for best paper in health economics, distribution of health economics related journals and information to members, maintenance  ...   the GSE Ciutadella office.. His research interests are public finance, fiscal policy, and health economics.. He received a BA in Economics and a BA in Law from the Universitat de Barcelona in 1978, and PhD from York University in 1984.. Since 1992, he has been Professor of Applied Economics at the UPF and vice rector of the Economics department.. From 1996-2005, he served as Director of the Research Centre of Health Economics (CRES).. He is a member of a number of prestigious associations and councils, including the Association of Economists of Catalonia, the Valuation Commission of the Government of Catalonia, the Assessment Council of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the Directory Council of the International Health Economics Association.. Since March 2005 he has been a Member of the Board Directors of the Spanish Central Bank.. López-Casasnovas is an Affilated Professor at the Barcelona GSE, where he teaches in the.. MSc in Economics.. and GPEFM.. Guillem López-Casasnovas..

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  • Title: EEA-ESEM Conference Kicks off at Bocconi University; GSE to Host 2009 Edition - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE to Host 2009 EEA ESEM.. 27/08/2008.. 2008 EEA-ESEM Conference Kicks off at Università Bocconi; Barcelona GSE to Host 2009 Edition.. 2008 meeting.. of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society (EEA-ESEM) is taking place from August 27-31 Università Bocconi in Milan, Italy.. The European Economic Association (.. EEA.. ) and the Econometric Society (.. ES.. ) are international scientific organizations dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary economic research, including theoretical, empirical, and policy-relevant contributions.. The annual meeting of these two prestigious organizations features the work and findings of the leading scholars in economics and related fields, and provides an excellent opportunity for the economics community to stay at the forefront of research.. The meeting, one of the largest of its kind both in Europe and internationally, typically draws thousands of attendees.. The Barcelona GSE will be the host of the 2009 EEA-ESEM.. Plans are well underway to undertake the conference, which will be held between the two campuses of the Barcelona GSE- the Ciutadella campus, site of the UPF and a 5-minute walk from the beach, and the Bellaterra campus, site of the UAB and a short train ride from the city center.. The EEA/ESEM 2009 meeting will provide the opportunity for leading scholars to share their latest research as well as network with colleagues.. Exciting social events and a wide range of optional programs will also be scheduled during the 5-day conference, allowing attendees to explore the cultural, culinary, and historical offerings of the city.. Together with the Program Chairs of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society, the Barcelona GSE Local Arrangements Committee will be in charge of planning all aspects of the conference.. The committee is led by Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors Albert Carreras (Chair; UPF), Carmen Beviá (co-Chair; UAB), and Jordi Brandts (co-Chair; IAE), with Barcelona GSE Director General Eduard Vallory as Secretary.. As in previous years, the EEA-ESEM featured the research of many  ...   paper presented, is below.. PERFORMANCE PRESSURE IN THE WORKPLACE: EVIDENCE FROM A.. RANDOMIZED EXPERIMENT.. Jose Apesteguia.. , Barcelona GSE and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Co-Author: Ignacio Palacios-Huerta, LSE.. PRIVATIZATION, ENTRY REGULATION AND THE DECLINE OF LABOR S SHARE OF GDP: A CROSS-COUNTRY ANALYSIS OF THE NETWORK INDUSTRIES.. Ghazala Azmat.. Co-Authors: Alan Manning, LSE and John Van Reenen, LSE.. PEACE AGREEMENTS WITHOUT COMMITMENT.. Carmen Beviá.. , Barcelona GSE and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.. Co-Author: Luis Corchan, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. INTER-GROUP CONFLICT AND INTRA-GROUP PUNISHMENT IN AN.. EXPERIMENTAL CONTEST GAME.. , Barcelona GSE and Institut d Anàlisi Econòmica (CSIC).. Co-Authors: Klaus Abbink, Benedikt Herrmann, University of Nottingham and.. Henrik Orzen, University of Nottingham.. FISCAL POLICY, COMPOSITION OF INTERGENERATIONAL TRANSFERS,.. AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION.. Jordi Caballé.. , Uiversitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. Co-Authors: Jaime Alonso-Carrera, Universidade de Vigo and Xavier Raurich.. WILLIAMSON MEETS HART: HAGGLING COSTS AND INCOMPLETE.. CONTRACTS.. Pablo Casas-Arce.. Co-Author: Thomas Kittsteiner, London School of Economics.. THE ALL-PAY AUCTION WITH HANDICAPS.. Co-Author: Asis Martinez-Jerez, Harvard Business School.. THE SORTING EFFECT OF PRICE COMPETITION.. Jan Eeckhout.. , University of Pennsylvania.. DOES DIRECT DEMOCRACY REDUCE THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT? NEW EVIDENCE FROM HISTORICAL DATA, 1890-2000.. Patricia Funk.. Co-Author: Christina Gathmann, Stanford University.. VOLUNTARY CENSORSHIP IN COMMERCIAL MEDIA.. Fabrizio Germano.. Co-Author: Martin Meier, Institut d Anàlisi Econòmica (CSIC).. AN AGENDA-SETTING MODEL OF ELECTORAL COMPETITION.. Humberto Llavador.. Co-Author: Josep M.. Colomer, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and CSIC.. COMPETITION, HUMAN CAPITAL AND INCOME INEQUALITY WITH.. LIMITED COMMITMENT.. , Barcelona GSE, European University Insitute UPF-CREi.. Co-Author: Vincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California.. THE LAW OF CONSERVATION OF PERSISTENCE.. , Barcelona GSE and Institut d Anàlisi Econòmica (CSIC).. MINIMAX REGRET AND STRATEGIC UNCERTAINTY.. Co-Author: Ludovic Renou, Leicester.. DO AGGLOMERATION ECONOMIES REDUCE THE SENSITIVITY OF FIRM LOCATION TO TAX DIFFERENTIALS?.. Kurt Schmidheiny.. Co-Authors: Marius Brülhart, HEC - Université de Lausanne and Mario Jametti,.. York University - Department of Economics.. The poster for the upcoming edition of EEA-ESEM, which will be hosted by the Barcelona GSE..

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  • Title: GSE Grads Encounter Success in Job Markets and PhD Programs - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: GSE Grads Succeed in Job Markets and PhD Programs.. 08/08/2008.. GSE Grads Encounter Success in Job Markets and PhD Programs.. As of June 2008, over half of students graduating had accepted offers from companies or places in postgraduate programs, most often in PhD programs.. Students in the Barcelona GSE.. , the school s largest master programs, opted to either enter the work force or begin post-graduate study in almost equal numbers.. Forty-eight percent of graduates applied to a PhD program, in many cases the doctoral programs at the UPF and UAB the reference doctoral programs of the GSE or at other top institutions such as LSE, the University of Chicago, NYU, or the Bonn Graduate School of Economics.. Conversely, 30% of Economics and Finance graduates found jobs in a diverse range of industries, most often economic consulting and banking.. Graduates received offers from top companies, a sampling of which includes LECG, NERA Consulting, Central Bank of Norway, Central Reserve Bank of Peru, and the British Government.. As of June 2008, 22% of the graduates were still involved in selection processes.. Diana Miftakhova, a student in this year s Msc in Finance, explains that she received offers to follow both academic and professional paths, and is currently deciding which path to follow: continue further with studies or carry on my business career.. The Master in Finance, she says, offers many benefits: small class sizes, rigorous coursework, and a renowned faculty.. In addition, the program holds the Financial Institution Seminar, which brings top companies like Deutsche Bank AG, Omega Capital, and Paribas Center for Hedge Funds Research to present to, and recruit, the Finance Master students.. Master in Economics student Stefan Gissler, who was one of the top students in the program, chose to continue his studies at the UPF doctoral program in Economics (GPEFM), where he will be able to continue his research in his area of interest.. He  ...   (Office of Fair Trading - UK), FEDEA, SFR Vodafone, EDF, LECG, The Brattle Group, Clifford-Chance, RBB Economics, and Telecom Italia.. The GSE has taken a keen interest in our priorities and always sought the best position to match our profiles, says Hector Otero Otero, an MCR student who will be interning at the Competition Commission in the UK this summer.. Graduates of the.. (MESI) also experienced resounding success in the job market.. The master enjoys an interdisciplinary approach to the study of economics, thanks to its links with departments of innovation and business, public institutions, technological parks, and research centers.. These same links also provided the path to employment for many of the master students, 70% of whom had jobs at the time of graduation.. Jobs ranged in type from the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology, the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, and the Fundació Clínic.. The remaining students are pursuing higher educations programs, most often PhDs.. Crosby McDonald, a MESI student from Vancouver, received an offer from LECG in their London office.. The interdisciplinary training he received helped him in the job market, he says.. I studied Business as an undergraduate, and my fellow students studied a variety of other things.. The fact that the master program brings together people with different backgrounds, not necessarily in economics, means that you get a great scope of issues related to the economics of science and innovation.. Graduates of the Masters programs, though they will be spread around the world, will be in touch as GSE alumni.. MCR students enjoy a last laugh at the GSE graduation ceremony.. While the majority students chose to apply their degree to their chosen profession after graduation, many also chose to continue their studies in doctoral programs.. GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell and GSE Affiliated Professor Antoni Bosch celebrate with students at their graduation ceremony.. Graduates of the program feel very positive about their futures..

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  • Title: Researchers - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Video Bettingon Hitler.. The True Value of Political Connections: In 1933, the German Stock Market Cheered Firms with Early Connections to the Nazi Party.. According to new research by GSE Affiliated Professor.. Hans-Joachim Voth.. , firms supporting the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) outperformed the stock market by 5-10% after the Nazi party seized power in 1933.. The findings are revealed in his paper.. Betting on Hitler: The Value of Political Connections in Nazi Germany.. (with Thomas Ferguson), published in February in the.. Quarterly Journal of Economics.. Since the end of WWII there has been much speculation about the extent to which German businesses backed the Nazi movement financially and politically.. I grew up in Germany.. The history textbooks in high school always emphasize that the communist story of the Nazis acting as agents of the capitalists is not supported by the documents, says Professor Voth.. I always worried about that - we know that many companies made bonfires as the Allied armies approached in 1945.. How do we know that firms didn t give support?.. Over lunch with University of Massachusetts Professor Thomas Ferguson in Cambridge, MA in 2002, the two researchers came up with the idea to look at what the stock market saw in 1933.. While previous research has primarily focused on the connections between executives and the Nazi party, if links with the Nazis were valuable they should lead to higher stock prices, says Professor Voth.. So, we decided to dig and see what we can come up with.. Together, the researchers analyzed the value that stock market investors attached to affiliations with the Nazi party.. To do this, they looked at the stock prices of firms, both with and without party connections, in the months preceding and following the Nazi party gaining power at the end of 1932.. In total, they examined 789 firms listed on the German stock exchange in 1932, 91 of which were identified as supporting the Nazi party  ...   part of the rise in total market value.. Additionally, their research sheds light on the extent of connections.. By analysing board members instead of just executives, Ferguson and Voth find much more extensive links.. Weighted by stock market capitalization in 1932, more than half of listed firms on the Berlin stock exchange had substantive links with the Nazi movement.. The larger a firm was, the more likely that it supported the Nazi party.. Though the study quantitatively reveals the value of having close, early connections to the Nazi party, the authors are cautious about the importance of business support for the NSDAP s rise to power.. Getting better economic advice made the NSDAP a more serious party in the eyes of the conservative elites.. The firms financed a good deal of that, notes Professor Voth.. However, I m not sure it made a difference in the end, in terms of coming to power.. Appointing Hitler was a decision made by German President Paul von Hindenburg; the support by industrialists in the fall might have helped somewhat, but I doubt we will ever know what was on his mind when he made the fateful decision.. Hans-Joachim Voth (D.. Phil, Oxford, 1996), is Director the Barcelona GSE.. Msc in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. He is an economic historian with interests in financial markets, long-run economic growth, as well as political risk and macroeconomic instability.. He is an ICREA Research Professor at the UPF, a Researcher at CREI, a Research Fellow in the International Macro Program at the CEPR (London), and a member of the editorial board of the.. Journal of Economic History.. In 2009, he will become an editor of the.. European Review of Economic History.. Video.. Professor Joachim Voth discusses his research on the value of political connections in Nazi Germany.. Download video.. Photos.. Hans-Joachim Voth, Director of the Master in International Trade, Finance, and Development, at the Ciutadella campus.. Related Links.. Professor Voth's webpage.. Barcelona GSE Research Videos..

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  • Title: Learning Extends Past Graduation in MESI Program - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: MESI Program Extends Learning.. 31/07/2008.. Learning Extends Past Graduation in MESI Program, Thanks to Career and Educational Enrichment Opportunities.. This summer, recent graduates of the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation had the opportunity to attend the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and the Zvi Griliches Summer School in the Economics of Innovation.. The two July events, both geared towards the economics of science and innovation, allowed students to both complement their learning in the master program as well as make professional contacts in the field.. Zvi Griliches Summer School.. Zvi Griliches Summer School in the Economics of Innovation.. , in its second year, took place from July 14-16.. It was hosted by the Barcelona GSE and sponsored by COTEC, a foundation for the promotion of technological innovation and awareness whose board includes the directors of many of Spain s best-known companies, and FECYT.. The GSE offered tuition fee waivers to all MESI students to attend the summer school in an effort to advance their learning and career development.. Acacia Reiche, a 2008 graduate of the MESI program currently interning at the Catalan Foundation Research and Innovation (FCRI), described the event as very informative.. In particular, she noted that the format of the discussion was quite enriching: after each participant presented their work, another colleague would follow with specific constructive critiques.. It was insightful to see how you can always improve what you are writing and how the external view from your results can be interpreted  ...   promote dialogue and reflection on new perspectives in science and technology, and their applications in society.. Through an agreement with FCRI, the Barcelona GSE was able to offer free admission to interested students from the Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation.. Students were able to choose from 112 conferences and interdisciplinary debates featuring 430 international experts.. The events were very informative, and complemented the current body of knowledge in my field.. Listening to the lectures provided a great update of the most recent literature in the economics of innovation, in an international context , reflected MESI graduate Acacia.. I was impressed with the quality of the papers presented and the high level of the debates that followed.. Overall, MESI students who took advantage of the summer events found them both enriching and useful in professional development.. Graduates of the program in 2008 needed little help in making their way in their chosen field, as nearly all of them found internships or jobs before or in the summer after graduation.. The remaining graduates (25%) of the program have chosen to pursue a PhD or start their own companies.. For more information, visit our.. Internships and Career Placement.. section.. MESI graduates were given the opportunity to attend two relevant international events in Barcelona this summer.. MESI students were able to interact with top experts in the economics of innovation during the Zvi Griliches Summer School.. The poster for the EuroScience Open Forum, which attracted over 20.. 000 visitors..

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  • Title: GSE Main Office Inaugurated - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: GSE Main Office Inaugurated.. 25/07/2008.. Inauguration of Acclaimed Wellington 1 Building, Site of the GSE Main Office.. July 23rd marked the inauguration ceremony of the building housing the central office Barcelona GSE, designed by renowned architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg.. The new building, which the Barcelona GSE has inhabited since it opened in February 2008, is situated on the.. Ciutadella campus.. of the School, site of 4 of the 6 masters programs.. The building is also home to one of the GSE s founding academic institutions, the Centre for Research in International Economics (.. CREI.. ).. The inauguration, in the subterranean lobby of the building, was opened with short speeches by Josep-Joan Moreso, Rector of the UPF; Blanca Palmada, Commissioner of Universities and Research; and Juan Navarro Baldeweg, architect of the building.. Many members of the GSE community, including GSE Chairman.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. , attended the ceremony and following cocktail and tapas reception.. Rector Moreso hailed the new building as an indication of the thriving academic and research community associated with the UPF.. The GSE serves as a prime example of this, creating a great platform for economics research and teaching.. He also used the occasion to announce plans to rename the building after a to-be-determined influential female academic from the social sciences.. The building, temporarily dubbed Wellington 1, makes an impression for several reasons: besides its highly acclaimed architecture, it overlooks the Barcelona Zoo, treating the building s inhabitants to sounds of lions roars  ...   Centre for Economy and Health (CRES), both affiliated with the Pompeu Fabra University.. Juan Navarro Baldeweg, the building s architect, is one of the most respected contemporary Spanish architects.. Also a highly acclaimed artist, his paintings have been exhibited at top galleries all over the world.. Originally from Santander, Spain, he holds a doctorate in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he also holds a post as Professor of Architecture Projects.. Navarro has been Professor at Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Polytechnic University of Madrid and University of Navarra.. He has won numerous awards in architecture, including the National Prize of Fine Arts in 1990 and the highly coveted Heinrich-Tressenow Gold Medal for architecture in 1998.. On three occasions 1991, 1992, and 1998 he was selected as a finalist for the Mies van der Rohe prize.. In 2000 he was named an academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando, and in 2001 was named Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.. The Wellington 1 building is his first project in Barcelona.. A view of the new building from Carrer Wellington.. UPF Rector Josep-Joan Moreso (left), Architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg (middle) and Commissioner of Universities and Research Blanca Palmada (right).. The three speakers were the first to toast to the new building.. A cava and tapas reception followed the ceremony.. The reception was attended by all of the workers of the buildings as well as key members of the academic community..

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  • Title: UPF Seminar Features Harvard Professors Donald Rubin and Guido Imbens - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Special UPF Seminar Features Harvard Professors Rubin and Imbens.. 18/07/2008.. Special UPF Seminar Features Harvard Professors Donald Rubin and Guido Imbens.. On Monday, July 7, Harvard professors Don Rubin and Guido Imbens held a joint seminar in the auditorium of the Ciutadella Campus.. The topic discussed was Can an economist and a statistician agree on statistical methods?.. The seminar took place in the form of an open conversation between the two experts, moderated by GSE Affiliated Professor and UPF Professor.. José García-Montalvo.. The interchange was followed by an open question session and discussion with the audience.. The event offered a unique opportunity for GSE summer school students, particularly those in the Microeconometrics program, to take part in the vibrant economics community in Barcelona.. The two distinguished professors are widely considered among the most productive and influential econometricians in recent history, with some of their papers ranking among the most cited economics and statistics research of the 1990s.. Professor García-Montalvo, organizer of the seminar, extolled the influential contributions of the two researchers, saying if Nobel  ...   known for the Rubin Causal Model, a set of methods designed for causal inference with observational data, and for his methods for dealing with missing data.. He published his major papers on the Rubin Causal Model in 1974-1980, and is currently writing a book on the subject with Professor Imbens.. Guido Imbens.. is Professor of Economics at Harvard University.. A native of the Netherlands, he received his PhD from Brown in 1991, and held positions at UC Berkeley and UCLA before joining the Harvard faculty in 2006.. Professor Imbens contributions to the field of econometrics have had an enormous influence on assessing the effects of interventions from both field and experimental data.. He is widely known for his pioneering work on the local average treatment effect (LATE), which allows researchers to better compare outcomes for individuals receiving experimental intervention versus those receiving no added treatment.. Harvard Professor Don Rubin weighs in on the topic.. Harvard Professor Guido Imbens shares his point of view.. UPF Professor and GSE Affiliated Professor José García-Montalvo serves as moderator..

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  • Title: Second Edition of Barcelona GSE Summer Schools Launch - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE Summer School.. 03/07/2008.. Second Edition of Barcelona GSE Summer Schools Launch.. The 2008 edition of the Barcelona GSE Summer Schools began on June 30th in the new Wellington building of the GSE.. The 2-week summer schools offer a diverse range of courses designed for researchers, professionals and graduate students in different fields.. In addition to the Barcelona Banking Summer School (BBSS) and the Barcelona Clusters Summer School (BCSS), this year the GSE is offering a new summer school in Microeconometrics (BMiSS).. Competition for the summer schools was tougher than the previous year, with more than 300 applicants.. The final list of attendees numbered well over 200: 54 in Banking, 62 in Clusters, and 124 in Microeconometrics.. A glance at the registration list also reveals the international character of the student body.. This year, students came from 39 different countries.. Countries represented in high numbers include Mexico, the US, Brazil, and many countries of Europe.. The international student body is taught by renowned academics and leading practitioners who come from around the world to teach.. A Preceding Reputation.. The Barcelona GSE Summer Schools, though only in their second year of existence, have already attracted some students based on reputation alone.. Microeconometrics summer school student Sauro Mocetti, an analyst at the Bank of Italy Research Department in Bologna, explains upon arrival that he chose the summer school in Microeconometrics because based on the very good reputation of the other summer schools, I expect that this new summer school will be just as good.. An 04 graduate of the UPF MSc in Economics, now offered in cooperation with the GSE, Mocetti attended a course taught by summer school and UPF Professor Jaume Garcia four years ago.. Based on the quality of teaching in that course and the excellent reputations of the other professors, I am expecting the other courses to  ...   student body is very international.. A Researcher in the Statistics Office of the Bank Unicredite, she looks forward to learning cutting edge tools that will help her in her work.. Opportunities for Dynamic Interactions.. One of the key goals of the summer schools is to foster learning through small class sizes, which allows students to interact with the top professors as well as get to know each other.. Beverly Morgan, a student from Jamaica in the Clusters Summer School, said that she was looking forward to working in small groups to maximize learning.. Listening to other people working allows you to make the most of your experience, since you get to compare strategies and learn what is most useful for others.. The summer schools will also offer the opportunity for students to get to know one another and network while exploring Barcelona.. Among the social activities to be offered is a cocktail hour, bike tour, and dinner with fellow students.. All courses are taught at the Ciutadella campus of the Barcelona GSE, site of the Pompeu Fabra University.. The campus is located in downtown Barcelona, within walking distance of both the beach and the city s financial, cultural and governmental centers.. Occurring during the same time period is the Barcelona Macroeconomics Summer School organized by CREI, one of the founding institutions of the Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE Summer School photo gallery from 2007.. Upon registering, students received all course materials, Barcelona GSE shoulder bag and USB pen drive.. Students in the Microeconometrics summer school await the start of class.. Clusters summer school Director Emiliano Duch places an emphasis on working in small groups.. Banking summer school professors Jean Charles Rochet, Xavier Freixas, and Moshe Kim during the coffee break.. Summer school students had the opportunity to meet one another during the coffee break on the first day of classes..

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  • Title: Joan Maria Nin is Keynote Speaker at Barcelona GSE Commencement - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE Commencement Features Nin.. 27/06/2008.. Joan Maria Nin is Keynote Speaker at Barcelona GSE Commencement.. The President and CEO of La Caixa savings bank, Joan Maria Nin, delivered the keynote address on June 26th at the Barcelona GSE 2008 Graduation Ceremony, which took place in the auditorium of CaixaForum Cultural and Social Centre.. Being invited to speak at the first graduation ceremony held by the Barcelona GSE was a great honor , said Mr.. Nin, since although the GSE is a young institution, it is already recognized as a school that focuses first and foremost on academic excellence.. He continued, saying I am sure that the school will quickly become one of the most recognized graduate schools in the world thanks to its world-class faculty and outstanding international student body.. Mr.. Nin, a graduate of Law and Business from Universidad de Deusto and the London School of Economics, spoke about the complex and globalized world that the graduates would enter, saying that it is obvious that such a world offers many opportunities for those who know how to play the new game - but it also adds risks and complexity.. Offering advice useful in facing the challenges ahead, Mr.. Nin stressed the need for leaders to be courageous, be ready to take decisions rapidly and assume risks, especially in times of high levels of uncertainty.. Quoting Benjamin Franklin, Mr.. Nin quipped, the worst decision is indecision.. However, apart from courage for rapid decision and risk taking, Mr.. Nin stressed the idea that any good professional needs to be passionate, care about people and stick to his or her set of values or, in other words, be coherent in both business decisions and personal relationships.. Last but not least, Mr.. Nin pointed out the role that good timing plays in success.. Bad timing can lead to disaster, he said, and it is just as bad to take a decision too early as it is to take it too  ...   your future has just opened, and you have the key.. Rector Ferrer continued, calling the GSE one of Barcelona public universities platforms of excellence and the first step towards establishing Barcelona as the reference of economics in Southern Europe.. After Mr.. Nin, Rector Moreso, and Rector Ferrer had a chance to address the attendees, the graduates of the four Barcelona GSE Masters programs, as well as graduates of the UPF Masters in Management, were invited to the stage in small groups to receive their Certificates of Completion.. The GSE student representative, Stewe Bekk (Msc in the Economics of Science and Innovation), then came to the stage to deliver the student address.. He joked that all the knowledge we have gathered through our hard work through the past year has lead us to this day, to this moment, where we once and for all have proven our ability to shake hands in a swift yet orderly manner without looking clumsy.. Bekk ended by encouraging his fellow students to take everything we ve learned, all the memories we ve made, all the friendships we ve formed, and go out and conquer the world!.. The ceremony was concluded by Andreu Mas-Colell, Chairman of the GSE, who called the first cohort of the Barcelona GSE a talented group of youngsters who were brave enough to bet on [the GSE] and wished the graduates bona sort.. After the ceremony, all graduates and attendees were invited to the terrace of the CaixaForum, where they enjoyed views of the city during a reception of cocktails and tapas.. Students wait in the reception of the CaixaForum before the ceremony.. Joan Maria Nin delivers the keynote address.. Students walk to the stage to receive their Certificate of Completion.. From left: UAB Rector Lluis Ferrer, GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell, La Caixa President and CEO Joan Maria Nin, and UPF Rector Josep Joan Moreso.. Barcelona GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell.. Students wait for the ceremony to end and cocktail to begin..

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