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  • Title: Barcelona GSE Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell Receives Honorary Doctorate from Universidad Nacional del Sur  - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. News40.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. 15/11/2007.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor Andreu Mas-Colell Receives Honorary Doctorate from Universidad Nacional del Sur.. On November 15, Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and Chairman of the School.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. was awarded a.. Doctor Honoris Causa.. from the Economics Department of the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina.. The doctorate was conferred during the annual meeting of the Argentinean Association of Political Economics (.. AAEP.. ), during which time Professor Mas-Colell gave the Rolf R.. Mantel Conference on Cooperation Through Strategic Negotiation.. The 3-day AAEP meeting featured the work of more than 135 researchers from universities and research institutions throughout Latin America, Europe, and the United States.. Professor Mas-Colell has previously received 3 other honorary doctorates: from the Universidad de Alicante in 1991, Toulouse in 2002, and HEC (Paris) in 2005.. In addition to his roles at the Barcelona  ...   of Catalonia- an experience that prepared him for his role as Chairman at the Barcelona GSE.. While in the government, Professor Mas-Colell directed several initiatives often credited with contributing to the emergence of Catalonia as a Southern European center for research and university study.. Academically, Professor Mas-Colell s research has centered on microeconomics and general equilibrium theory.. He has published prolifically, including over 100 research papers on subjects ranging from abstract general equilibrium theory and the structure of financial markets to pricing policy for public firms.. He is author of.. The Theory of General Economic Equilibrium: A Differentiable Approach.. (Cambridge University Press, 1985) and co-author with M.. Winston and J.. Green of the graduate textbook.. Microeconomic Theory.. (Oxford University Press, 1994).. Back.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and Chairman Andreu Mas-Colell.. Professor Mas-Colell receives the first of his 4 honorary doctorates at the Universidad de Alicante in 1994.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: News   - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News43.. 12/12/2007.. GSE Affiliated Professor Paula Bustos Reveals Trade Liberalization is Crucial Element in Skill and Technology Upgrades.. Paula Bustos.. , Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and CREI Researcher, has found that trade liberalization plays a key role in explaining the rising demand for skilled labor through its impact on adoption of new technologies.. These results are revealed in her paper,.. The Impact of Trade on Technology and Skill Upgrading: Evidence From Argentina.. , for which she was given the Young Economist Award of the European Economic Association in August 2007.. In her research, Professor Bustos investigates causes of the increase in the relative demand for skill.. Most previous research on this topic has focused on two alternative causes: trade or skill-biased technical change.. Several empirical studies in both developed and developing countries document increases in skill intensity within all sectors, favoring the technological change explanation over trade.. Instead, Professor Bustos presents and tests a model in which bilateral trade liberalization increases exporting revenues inducing more firms to enter the export market and to adopt skilled-biased new technologies.. Her analysis of the impact of Argentina s trade liberalization on the demand for skill in the industrial sector revealed that the increase in the relative demand of skilled labor does not come from labor reallocation across industries or firms, but from skill upgrading within firms.. Professor Bustos  ...   technology 43% more after liberalization.. Though these firms were not more skill intensive than non-exporters prior to liberalization, they upgraded skill 1.. 7 times faster in the 5 years after liberalization.. These differential effects on the firms that were most affected by liberalization suggest that it had a strong impact on technology upgrading.. Second, Professor Bustos shows that reductions in variable export costs induce technology upgrading by analyzing the bilateral trade liberalization that took place between Argentina and Brazil in the beginning of the 1990 s.. She finds that Argentinean firms in industries where Brazil s tariffs fell more were more likely to enter the export market and increased technology intensity faster.. Professor Bustos research sheds new light on the causes of increasing demands for skilled labor, which was previously thought to be best explained by technological change, with trade liberalization playing a smaller role.. Her research has demonstrated that this is not the case, and that in reality trade liberalization does cause an increase in the demand for skilled labor.. Says Professor Bustos, The policy implications of this are that when trade is liberalized you can expect increased demand for skilled labor.. Developing countries can expect trade liberalization to have a positive impact in growth, however, this may also result in increases in wage inequalities.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and CREI Researcher Paula Bustos..

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  • Title: News   - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News39.. 08/11/2007.. Remembering Toni: Gifted Researcher, Admired Teacher, and Irreplaceable Friend and Colleague.. On November 3rd, Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. Antoni Calvó-Armengol.. died unexpectedly at his home in Barcelona.. A very talented microeconomist with a dynamic character and influential research, he will be sorely missed by all in the Barcelona Economics community.. Professor Calvó-Armengol is well known for his research in social networks in economics.. An example of his approach to research is his work on the effects of social networks on employment and inequality, joint with Michael O.. Jackson of Stanford University.. The two researchers demonstrated, among other things, that the probability of obtaining a job decreases in the length of time that the worker has been unemployed.. His research earned him substantial recognition.. In 1999 he received the Young Economist Award from the European Economic Association.. In August of 2007, he was informed that he had passed to the second round of the selection process for the prestigious Young Researcher Grants of the European Research Council, the results of which were still pending at the date of his passing.. Born in 1970, Professor Calvó-Armengol completed his education in engineering at l Ecole Polytechnique and l Ecole de Ponts, both  ...   in London since 2004 and Associate Editor of the.. Journal of the European Economic Association.. since 2005.. Apart from his passion for research, Professor Calvó-Armengol earned a reputation as a caring and accessible teacher and advisor, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to the development and success of his students.. In 2002, he was elected by students as among the four best professors at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.. At the UAB, he taught courses at the undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels, and acted as Ph.. supervisor to numerous students.. Born in 1970 in Les Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra, Professor Calvó-Armengol was proud of his roots and enthusiastic to spread knowledge about the language, history, and culture of Andorra.. On his professional website, curious visitors can access a page devoted to facts and links about Andorra.. From 2001 to 2007, he was appointed non-resident Ambassador of the Principality of Andorra to the Republic of Portugal.. In 2006, he was appointed non-resident Ambassador of the Principality of Andorra to Switzerland and to the international organizations in Geneva.. The Barcelona GSE and all its members express their deep condolences to the family for this grievous loss.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor Toni Calvó in his office at the UAB..

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  • Title: Oil price shock recession? Not this time, says Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor Jordi Galí - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News38.. 02/11/2007.. Oil price shock recession? Not this time, says Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor Jordi Galí.. Though oil prices have recently set new inflation-adjusted records, the economic impact has not been nearly as damaging as during previous highs reached nearly three decades ago, says Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and CREI Researcher.. From a macroeconomic perspective, oil price shocks have a stagflationary effect on the economy of an oil importing country, causing growth rates to slow while price levels rise.. In some cases, such as in separate instances in 1973 and 1979, oil price shocks have caused recessions and increases in the inflation rate.. In October, the price of oil surpassed the inflation-adjusted highs hit in early 1980.. Depending on the adjustment, a $38 barrel of oil then would be worth $96 to $101 or more today.. However, while the escalating crude prices have resulted in higher costs for gasoline and other energy goods, the current oil price shock has disrupted the world economy less than in the past.. According to Professor Galí, the reason for the relatively diminished impact is that the recent increase has not been so sudden and, at least outside the U.. S.. , its impact has been mitigated by the depreciation of the dollar.. As a result, the economy is less vulnerable to oil price shocks than it has been in the past.. An analysis of the key elements that determine the effects of an oil price shock are revealed in Professor Galí s new paper,.. The Macroeconomic Effects of Oil Price Shocks: Why are the  ...   in comparison to preceding shocks.. Says Professor Galí, in comparison to the 1970 s, the share of oil in consumption and firms costs is smaller now.. Second, real wages are more flexible, largely due to the absence of generalized indexation clauses that were popular in the 1970s.. Finally, central banks are more credibly committed to keeping inflation low and stable.. As a result, inflation expectations have remained anchored at low levels, which has made it easier for central banks to keep inflation under control without the need of a recession , Professor Galí concludes.. These combined factors have created a modern economy better able to absorb the rise in the relative price of energy.. In addition to being an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona GSE and Professor at the.. UPF.. , Jordi Galí, is Director of the Centre for Research in International Economics (.. CREI.. ), one of the Barcelona GSE s supporting academic institutions.. He has been cited as the most productive Spanish researcher from 1990-2004, according to a study included in.. Publishing Performance of Spanish Academics: 1970-2004.. by D.. Rodriguez (Spanish Economic Review, 2006).. A Fellow of the Econometric Society and member of the Council of the European Economic Association, he also holds Research positions at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London, and at the US National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).. His research centers on the areas of international and macroeconomics, particularly topics such as business cycles, inflation, exchange rates and the conduct of monetary policy.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor and CREI Director Jordi Galí..

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  • Title: CREA “Trobada Barcelona Economics” Showcases Panorama of Research from New Professors in Economics Community - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News37.. 22/10/2007.. CREA Trobada Barcelona Economics Showcases Panorama of Research from New Professors in Economics Community.. The 5th Trobada Barcelona Economics was held on October 19, 2007 at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies.. The event featured a spectrum of current research from the Barcelona Economics community, ranging from the economics of happiness to the labor market impact of immigration.. In addition to offering a vista of the latest research taking place, many of the presenters were new tenure-track professors and researchers, who used the opportunity to become acquainted with the Barcelona Economics community and share their on-going research.. All six of the new tenure-track presenters have recently accepted positions as Affiliated Professors at the Barcelona GSE.. The conference was organized by the.. Reference Network in Analytic Economics.. (CREA), the sister research institution of the Barcelona GSE, and includes researchers from the three of the founding academic institutions of the school- the.. Unit of Economic Analysis of the UAB.. , the.. Department of Economics and Business of the UPF.. , and the.. Institute of Economic Analysis.. (IAE-CSIC).. With integration of these groups, CREA is cited as one of the leading research groups in Europe.. In the paper titled.. Ranking of Academic Journals and Institutions in Economics.. (P.. Kalaitzidakis, T.. P.. Mamuneas and T.. Stengos, May 2002), CREA is ranked #2 when their  ...   and research in economics, embraces the tradition of collaboration and cooperation.. Of the eight papers presented, seven were (co-) authored by new members of the Barcelona Economics community.. The list of presenters included:.. Jaume Ventura.. (joint with Fernando Broner and Alberto Marin) (Affiliations: CREI, UPF, and Barcelona GSE).. Enforcement Problems and Secondary Markets.. Nicola Gennaioli.. (CREI, UPF, and Barcelona GSE) Bankruptcy and Debt Finance.. Miguel Ángel Ballester.. (joint with G.. Haeringer) (UAB and Barcelona GSE).. A Characterization of the Single-Peaked Domain.. Daniela Iorio.. (UAB and Barcelona GSE).. Electoral Uncertainty and the Stability of Coalition Governments.. Albrecht Glitz.. (UPF and Barcelona GSE).. The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Germany.. Jesús Fernandez-Huertas.. (IAE-CSIC) New Evidence on Emigrant Selection and Other Immigration Topics.. Ada Ferrer.. (IAE-CSIC and Barcelona GSE) Happiness Economics and its Applications.. Karl Schlag.. (UPF and Barcelona GSE) The Randomization Trick for Learning in Economics and Statistics.. To view the complete program schedule for the conference, click.. here.. UAB professor Daniela Iorio fields questions from the audience.. Audience members watch a presentation.. UPF Professor Albrecht Glitz presents his research on the German labor market.. Attendees of the conference came from all parts of the Barcelona Economics community.. Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors, from the UAB and UPF, discuss economics during the break.. The conference was held at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies..

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  • Title: Inaugural Ceremony Unites Barcelona GSE Students, Professors, and Board of Trustees with Top Officials from Catalonia and Spain - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News35.. 17/10/2007.. Inaugural Ceremony Unites Barcelona GSE Students, Professors, and Board of Trustees with Top Officials from Catalonia and Spain.. The inaugural ceremony of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics took place on October 15, 2007, at the school s Ciutadella campus.. The ceremony was attended by the members of the Barcelona GSE community, including students, Affiliated Professors, board members, and a host of distinguished government officials and business leaders.. inaugural lecture.. was delivered by.. Joaquín Almunia.. , European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs and Honorary President of the Barcelona GSE, who emphasized the need for the Barcelona GSE to produce economists of the highest caliber with an international outlook in order to reinforce our efforts to understand and interpret the increasingly complex economic and financial processes of a globalizing and interdependent world.. Almunia also expressed his conviction that the Barcelona GSE will soon occupy a distinguished place among the international schools of economics.. Though it is a new school, the Barcelona GSE is ranked between 2nd and 3rd in economics research output in Europe when the research of its founding universities, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, is combined.. In her comments at the ceremony, Spanish Minister of Education and Science, Mercedes Cabrera, stressed the importance of Barcelona GSE as a point of relation between universities, research centers, and private initiatives , in addition to offering proven excellence in teaching.. The President of Catalonia,.. José Montilla.. , showed also the Government s support.. The cooperation between the school and its four supporting academic institutions, which share both faculty and resources and collaborate on projects, has earned the city of Barcelona its reputation as an emerging powerhouse in economics research and postgraduate education.. The  ...   the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Lluís Ferrer, Rector of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Josep Joan Moreso, Rector of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Other distinguished attendants at the inauguration ceremony include the Ministers of Economy and Finance and of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Catalan Government; the two former Presidents of Catalonia,.. Jordi Pujol.. and Pasqual Maragall; the Head of the Opposition and the Deputy Mayor of Barcelona; the President of Barcelona s Chamber of Commerce, Presidents and CEOs of several economic and business organizations and companies, the consul of the United States of America and even the President of Futbol Club Barcelona.. The event also brought together many supporters and friends of the Barcelona GSE, both from its four supporting academic institutions, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC), and Center for Research in International Economics (CREI), as well as from its supporting private institutions, Agbar Group, Banc Sabadell, Caixa Catalunya savings bank, la Caixa savings bank, and the FemCAT Foundation.. EU Commissioner Joaquín Almunia delivers the inaugural lecture.. From left to right: Carlos Martínez Alonso, President of CSIC; Lluís Ferrer, Rector of UAB; Josep Joan Moreso, Rector of the UPF; José Montilla Aguilera, President of Catalonia; Mercedes Cabrera, Spanish Minister of Education and Science; Joaquín Almunia, EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs; and Andreu Mas-Colell, Barcelona GSE Chairman.. Members of the audience applaud during the ceremony.. Mercedes Cabrera, Spanish Minister of Education and Science, speaks about significance of the creation of the Barcelona GSE.. Andreu Mas-Colell, Chairman and Founder of the Barcelona GSE, welcomes the audience.. The ceremony was followed by an aperitif reception at the Ciutadella Campus of the Barcelona GSE at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra..

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  • Title: Msc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Offers Professionally Oriented Preparation - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News34.. 11/10/2007.. New Msc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Offers.. Professionally Oriented.. Preparation for Top Students.. Beginning in fall 2008, the Barcelona GSE will offer a new Msc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, a breakthrough program designed to transform career-driven, intellectually curious students into expert users of cutting-edge tools in macro and financial economics analyses equipped with a deep understanding of the dynamic factors affecting aggregate economy.. The master program was founded by.. Albert Marcet.. , Research Professor at the Institut d Anàlisi Econòmica, who began the program in response to the increasing demand for graduates who are competent users of the latest tools in macroeconomic and finance quantitative research.. I am constantly being asked by contacts in government agencies and private financial firms if I know any good candidates for positions there says Marcet.. I finally thought, why not create a program that will equip bright and hard-working students with the valuable skills that are so in demand at these firms ?.. The Msc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets is designed for students with a strong intellectual drive and keen work ethic who seek an in-depth understanding of business cycles, fiscal policies, and other broad-based macroeconomic concepts, and their effects on the aggregate behavior of the economy.. The master program will provide students with a comprehensive yet clear introduction to important macroeconomic principles and relevant policies.. Students will also learn to use the cutting edge research tools that are rapidly becoming absolutely imperative for a successful career in government agencies or financial firms.. University of Minnesota Professor and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Adviser.. Timothy Kehoe.. , who is part of the program faculty and member of the School s Scientific Council, says Barcelona has become one of  ...   concepts ranging from government fiscal policy and supply and demand to complex DSGE models and VAR s, always focusing on clear and direct explanations of concepts and principles as well as the tools needed to conduct analyses.. Professor Marcet describes the program as straightforward enough that students do not necessarily need an extensive economics background to succeed in the courses, yet comprehensive enough to thoroughly prepare graduates for immediate employment in competitive positions in private financial institutions and government agencies.. According to program Deputy Director.. , the master program is ideal for students exploring the dynamic frontier of computation and economics.. This includes students with backgrounds in economics who want to delve into analytical aspects, as well as students with math, engineering, or scientific backgrounds who seek to better understand the models, theories, and policies of macroeconomics and finance.. The program also targets professionals working in related areas who seek to upgrade their toolkit and reinforce empirical knowledge.. In addition to being accessible to a wide variety of students, the Msc in Macroeconomics Policy and Financial Markets is an attractive degree to central banks, private investment banks and consulting firms, as well as international finance and development agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the OECD , says Professor Marcet.. These types of firms are actively seeking graduates who have a comprehensive understanding of aggregate economy and financial markets and who are capable of using cutting-edge tools to conduct empirical work of the highest caliber.. I fully expect that graduates of the program will possess all of these attributes.. For more information about the Msc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets please see the.. program webpage.. Program Director Albert Marcet with Deputy Director Juan Carlos Conesa at the UAB..

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  • Title: News   - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News32.. 28/09/2007.. New Msc in International Trade, Finance, and Development to Be Offered in 2008.. The Barcelona GSE is pleased to announce the creation of a new.. master program in International Trade, Finance, and Development.. It is designed to equip students with the core theorical and analytical tools necessary to solve the tough policy questions of today s globalized economies.. Starting in the fall of 2008, the new M.. Sc.. will complement the school s four preexisting Masters programs.. The program will be directed by.. Hans-Joachim Voth.. (D.. Phil.. Oxford).. He will be advised by a steering committee consisting of professors from CREI and UPF:.. Fernando Broner.. (PhD MIT),.. Antonio Ciccone.. (PhD Stanford),.. (PhD Harvard) and Hans-Joachim Voth, all of who are also Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors.. The Msc in International Trade, Finance, and Development focuses on key policy issues: What can be done to avoid financial crises? How can development and growth in the Third World be accelerated, and made to ensure that the poorest benefit the most? Is trade the right road to riches? Professor Voth says that the program was started to meet the enormous demand for young professionals equipped with both the theoretical tools and the analytical capabilities necessary to generate viable solutions to difficult policy questions in international finance, trade, and development.. What we want to do is to offer talented young professionals a results-oriented, policy-driven and demanding program that prepares them for leading positions in development banks, NGOs, investment banks, and international organizations.. When they graduate, students will have learned a wide set of analytical tools, be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of prominent policy proposals in development and trade, and be able to perform exacting data analysis.. Says Steering Committee member Antonio Ciccone, a key strength of the master will be the rigor with which it approaches topics.. The objective is to give students the opportunity to get a research-based view of subjects that are crucial to understanding the  ...   will contribute his comprehensive expertise in researching and advising on international finance matters.. He is an ICREA Research Professor of Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. A former Associate Director of the Center for History and Economics at King s College, Cambridge, he held visiting appointments at Stanford, MIT, NYU, and Princeton.. Professor Voth is a member of the Centre for Research in International Economics (CREI), a Research Fellow in the International Macro Program at the CEPR (London), and a former winner of the Leverhulme Award for Outstanding Economists under the age of 36.. Steering Committee member Antonio Ciccone received his PhD from Stanford University in 1994.. He has taught graduate courses in economic development at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, London Business School, Stanford University, and the University of California at Berkeley.. Since 2004 he is ICREA Research Professor at UPF.. Professor Ciccone is also a Research Associate of CREI, a Research Fellow of the CEPR and CESifo, and one of the editors of The Economic Journal.. Professor Jaume Ventura (PhD Harvard, 1996), another member of the Steering Committee, has been Senior Researcher at CREI since 2002.. Previously, he was associate professor of economics at MIT, and has been visiting professor at the University of Chicago and INSEAD.. Professor Ventura is consultant to The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, and Co-Director of the International Macroeconomics Program (CEPR).. Steering Committee member Fernando Broner (PhD MIT, 2000) has been researcher at CREI since 2005 and professor at UPF since 2000.. He has been a visiting scholar at the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, and the University of CEMA, and has been a Research Affiliate at CEPR since 2005.. He received a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology for the period of 2005-2010.. For more information about the International Trade, Finance, and Development, please see the program.. webpage.. Director Hans-Joachim.. Voth.. Steering Committee Member Antonio Ciccone.. Steering Committee.. Member Jaume.. Ventura.. Member Fernando.. Broner..

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  • Title: Antitrust Expert Jürgen Basedow to Give Opening Lecture for Msc in Competition and Market Regulation - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News31.. 21/09/2007.. Antitrust Expert Jürgen Basedow to Give Opening Lecture for Msc in Competition and Market Regulation.. On October 15, the Barcelona GSE Msc in Competition and Market Regulation opening lecture will be delivered by Jurgen Basedow, Chairman of the German Monopoly Commission and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and nternational Private Law.. The lecture will begin at 6:00 pm, immediately following the Barcelona GSE inauguration ceremony.. Dr.. Basedow has served on numerous governmental advisory committees, ranging from a Think Tank on Private Enforcement of DG Competition of the European Commission (2004-2006) to an Advisory Board on Insurance of the German Supervisory Authority for Financial Services (BAFIN).. From 1988-1991 he served as Vice Chairman of the German Deregulation Committee (Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs), and since 2000 has been a member of the.. German Monopoly Commission.. , acting as its Chairman since 2004.. He has also spent time in academia, as Professor of Private Law, Comparative Law, Private International Law, International Litigation, and International Economic Law at the University of Augsburg (1987-1995; Dean of Faculty 1993-1994), and as Professor of Private Law, Private International Law, and International Economic Law at the Free University of Berlin (1995-1997).. Since 1997, he has been Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and nternational Private Law, Hamburg.. In his current position as Chairman of the German Monopoly Commission, Dr.. Basedow cooperates closely with economists, advising  ...   Mas-Colell (PhD Minnesota), and Jose Garcia-Montalvo (PhD Harvard).. Basedow will be introduced at the ceremony by the Executive Director of the program, Professor Juan José Ganuza.. Professor Ganuza is an associate professor of economics and business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. He has been a consultant on procurement issues for the Spanish government and has collaborated on several books related with procurement and regulatory issues, among them,.. The Handbook of Procurement.. (Cambridge University Press, 2006).. His research has appeared in publications such as the.. RAND Journal of Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economics Management and Strategy.. as well as in general interest economics journals, law journals, and policy-oriented publications.. The Scientific Director of the Program, Massimo Motta, is Professor of Economics at the European University Institute and at the Università di Bologna (2007 - present).. Previously, he was professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1992-2006), where he was also the first Director of the Msc in Economics (1993-1998) now offered by the Barcelona GSE.. Professor Motta is a member of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy at the DG-Comp (European Commission), and of the Expert Academic Panel of Office of Communications (Ofcom), London.. His book,.. Competition Policy: Theory and Practice.. (Cambridge University Press, 2004), is the standard international reference on the economics of antitrust.. For more information about the Msc in Competition and Market Regulation, please click.. Jurgen Basedow..

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  • Title: Barcelona GSE Summer Schools Receive Excellent Evaluations From Participants - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News28.. 14/09/2007.. Barcelona GSE Summer School Receives Excellent Evaluations.. The first editions of the.. Barcelona GSE Summer Schools.. in Banking and Clusters, which took place from June 25-July 6 2007, have received outstanding evaluations from participants.. The two-week summer schools were designed for practitioners, researchers and graduate students seeking to further their understanding of both theory and practice in their area of expertise.. Courses were taught by a faculty composed of leading academics and practitioners, and both schools were organized to allow students to choose between an intensive training experience by participating in all offered courses or opt for a lighter course load of fewer classes.. Overall, both summer schools generated great interest and received a large number of applications.. The Barcelona GSE Banking Summer School, directed by.. Xavier Freixas.. (Barcelona GSE and UPF) and.. Moshe Kim.. (University of Haifa and UPF), attracted 68 applicants from 32 different nationalities.. Applicants varied in education level, but the majority (74%) held at least a master degree, with 26% holding PhDs.. Likewise, the Barcelona GSE Clusters Summer School, directed by.. Emiliano Duch.. (President, Cluster Competitiveness Group), received 71 applications from 24 different nationalities.. The outcome of the Summer School admissions process resulted in an inaugural class composed of 102 participants of 38 different nationalities.. When asked about their decision to attend the Barcelona GSE Summer School, participants cited diverse reasons.. Most attendees were practitioners who were motivated to learn the latest techniques and practices for their jobs and refresh their understanding of the theoretical concepts underlying their work.. Some applicants were enrolled in PhD programs and wanted to learn more about the practical aspects of their studies.. Maria Pierrestegui, Consultant for the Productive Modernization Program of the Rio Negro Province of the Inter-American Development Bank, reported that she decided to attend the Clusters Summer School  ...   new techniques is extremely enriching.. When asked to fill out evaluation forms at the conclusion of the summer schools, participants gave high ratings to both programs and reported a high level of satisfaction with their experiences.. Asked to rate the quality of instruction, the structure of the courses, and the quality of materials on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent), participants in the Clusters Summer School gave the instructors an average rating of 4.. 22, the course contents and methodology and average rating of 4.. 17, and the materials and average rating of 3.. 99.. Likewise, the Banking Summer School received an average rating of 4.. 2 for instructors, 4.. 23 for the course contents and methodology, and 4.. 2 for the quality of materials.. Regarding the course content, Banking Summer School student Alicia Garcia-Herrero reported about 90% of the course content is directly applicable to my job.. Speaking of the structure of one of the courses she enrolled in, she said there is enough material for a full year course, but the essential content is distilled and taught during a 1-week interval.. Overall, the most valuable endorsement of the Barcelona GSE Summer Schools comes from its earned reputation with satisfied alumni: every one of the summer school participants reported that they would recommend the Banking and Clusters Summer Schools to both friends and colleagues.. Harvard Business School Professor Christian Ketels teaches a course on cluster strategy.. Students and professors of the Cluster Summer School gather for a group photo at the reception.. From left to right: Barcelona GSE General Director Eduard Vallory, 22@ President Miquel Barceló, City Hall Director of Promotions Miquel Mateu, and Competitiveness Institute President Emilià Duch.. Barcelona GSE Board of Trustees Member member Joaquim Silvestre converses with Finance Summer School co-Director Moshe Kim..

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  • Title: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Announces Plans to Host 2009 EEA/ESEM Meeting - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: News27.. 05/09/2007.. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Announces Plans to Host 2009 EEA/ESEM Meeting.. The Barcelona GSE is pleased to announce that it will be the organizer of the European Economic Association and Econometric Society European annual meeting (EEA/ESEM) in 2009.. The announcement was made at the conclusion of 2007 EEA/ESEM joint meeting, which was held from August 27 31 in Budapest, Hungary.. The one-week conference will take place at the end of August 2009 in Barcelona.. Activities will be held between the two.. campuses.. of the Barcelona GSE- the Ciutadella campus at the UPF and the Bellaterra campus at the UAB.. The Ciutadella campus is located close to the beach in downtown Barcelona whereas Bellaterra is positioned in a self-contained campus a short train ride from the city center.. The EEA/ESEM 2009 meeting will provide the opportunity for leading scholars to share their latest research as well as network with colleagues.. Social events and cultural excursions throughout Barcelona will be offered, allowing attendees to explore one of the most exciting and cosmopolitan cities in Europe.. A wide range of optional programs will also be available.. Together with the Program Chairs of the European Economic Association and the Econometric Society, the Barcelona GSE Local Arrangements Committee will be  ...   and the ES is open to all interested persons and includes reduced registration fees at the EEA/ESEM meeting.. Members of the EEA also receive a subscription to the Journal of the European Economic Association, while ES-members receive a subscription to Econometrica.. The European Economic Association was founded in 1984 to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe.. It now consists of over 1800 members as well as 183 Fellows, five of whom are Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors:.. (CREI),.. Ines Macho-Stadler.. (UAB),.. Ramon Marimon.. (UPF-IUE),.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. (UPF), and.. (UPF).. Likewise, the Econometric Society was founded in 1930 to promote studies that aim to unify the theoretical-quantitative and empirical-quantitative approaches to economic problems.. Membership is open, and the society includes 550 Fellows, three of whom are Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors:.. Salvador Barberà.. (CREI), and.. All economists and professionals working in related fields, including those who are not currently members of the European Economic Association or the Econometric Society, are invited to submit theoretical and applied papers in all areas of economics for presentation at the Congress.. To view the website of the 2007 EEA/ESEM European Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, click.. To view the website of the 2008 EEA/ESEM European Meeting in Milan, Italy, click..

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