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  • Title: Empirical Banking - Applications - Banking Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. ».. » Empirical Banking - Applications.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Barcelona Banking Summer School.. Empirical Banking - Applications.. Instructor: José-Luis Peydró.. The objective of this course is to present empirical applications of relevant questions for both banking theory and policy.. An important objective is to read and understand scientific papers in empirical banking.. Selected Topics.. Credit cycles.. Risk-taking channel.. Moral hazard vs.. behavioral based risk-taking.. Banking and macroeconomics.. Banking crises.. Interbank contagion, bank runs and systemic risk.. Banking globalization.. Bank capital and liquidity.. About the instructor.. José-Luis Peydró.. is Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona GSE.. His research on Banking and Systemic Risk has been published in the top journals in Economics and in Finance.. Professor Peydró has presented his research  ...   by Oxford University Press.. José-Luis is currently an Advisor in the Financial Stability Department of Bank of Spain.. He holds a PhD in Finance from INSEAD and a Master in Economics from CEMFI.. He was awarded first prize by the Government of Spain for the student with highest GPA in finishing a BA in Economics in Spain in 1998.. Share this:.. Course Dates.. Subscribe to email alerts.. The 2013 edition has closed.. Sign up to receive an email alert when 2014 courses are announced:.. Contact Us.. summerschool@barcelonagse.. eu.. Banking Home Page.. Banking Theory.. Empirical Banking -.. Methodological Aspects.. Regulation of Banks and Risk Management: Pre- and Post-Crisis.. Summer Schools Home Page.. Summer School Policies [pdf].. Accommodations.. Testimonials.. Barcelona GSE LinkedIn Group.. Download Summer School Flyer [pdf].. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Bank Regulation, Risk Management - Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Regulation of Banks and Risk Management: Pre- and Post-Crisis.. Regulation of Banks and Risk Management:.. Pre- and Post-Crisis.. Instructor: Robert DeYoung.. The banking system is an essential but unpredictably fragile foundation for our market economies.. To prevent this foundation from collapsing, we regulate banks more extensively than any other market sector.. But our regulatory efforts have too often been unsuccessful.. In this course, we examine the good and bad performance record of bank regulation and analyze the challenges facing bank regulation in the post-crisis world.. The class has three parts.. We begin with a brief history of banking and bank regulation.. The focus is on the genesis of the main facets of bank regulation: bank examination, deposit insurance, capital and liquidity requirements, competition policy, and the bank safety net.. Next, we look at the modern (but pre-crisis) era, a period of adjustment and experimentation.. Bank regulations were repeatedly tightened and loosened in response to banking crises but also to address issues of social fairness and regulation became international in scope.. The final and largest part of the class concerns bank regulation during and after the  ...   Dr.. Robert (Bob) DeYoung.. is the Capitol Federal Distinguished Professor in Financial Markets and Institutions at the University of Kansas School of Business.. He is also co-editor of the.. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.. ; a research program coordinator at the FDIC s Center for Financial Research; and an adjunct member of the economics faculty at the University of Limoges.. Prior to joining the finance faculty at Kansas, Bob was an associate director of research at the FDIC (2005-2007); an economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (1998-2005); a senior financial economist at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in the United States Treasury Department (1992-1998); and a Joyce Foundation Teaching Fellow at Beloit College (1988-1992).. He is currently president of the Southern Finance Association, and he is past editor of the.. Journal of Financial Services Research.. Bob has written extensively on the performance of financial institutions, markets, and public policy in leading academic journals, in regulatory publications, and in the financial press.. He holds a bachelors degree from Rutgers University-Camden and a doctoral degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison..

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  • Title: Empirical Banking, Methodological Aspects - Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Empirical Banking - Methodological Aspects.. Empirical Banking - Methodological Aspects.. Instructor: Steven Ongena.. The objective of this course is to read and understand scientific papers in empirical banking.. To accomplish this objective, emphasis is placed on illustrating basic research methodologies used in empirical banking and learning the application of these methodologies to selected topics.. The research methods that are specifically discussed in the class are cross-sectional research methods and the inter-temporal event study methodology.. The topics that are covered include (but are not limited to) applications of Discrete Choice, Multinomial Logit, Duration, Simultaneous Equations and Event Study Methodology, and as an area of particular interest the Geography of Banking.. It is evident that any  ...   General methodologies.. Cross-sectional research methods.. Discrete Choice, Multinomial Logit, Duration, Simultaneous Equations.. Event Study Methodology.. Geography of Banking.. Steven Ongena.. is currently a Professor of Empirical Banking at CentER - Tilburg University in the Netherlands and a CEPR Research Fellow in Financial Economics.. He is a member of TILEC, a NAKE and CFS fellow, a steering committee member of the ECB-CFS Research Network, and an associate editor of MAB.. His research interests include firm-bank relationships, bank mergers and acquisitions, and financial systems.. He has published in.. Journal of Finance.. ,.. Journal of Financial Economics.. Journal of Financial Intermediation, Financial Management.. Oxford Review of Economic Policy.. Journal of Banking and Finance, Finance Research Letters,.. and other journals..

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  • Title: Sergi Jiménez-Martín - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Sergi Jiménez-Martín.. Sergi Jiménez-Martín.. PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Associate Professor, UPF.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. webpage.. email.. Program(s):.. GPEFM.. Biography:.. Sergi Jiménez is an associate professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. He is the.. Director of the Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School (BMiSS, Barcelona.. GSE), and of the Chair LaCaixa-FEDEA Economía de la Salud y Hábitos de Vida at.. FEDEA.. Professor Jiménez is also the Scientific Coordinator of the evaluation of.. Social Sciences calls at AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya), and Member of the.. Scientific Board of Cuadernos Económicos de ICE.. Research interests:.. Microeconometrics.. Labor Economics.. Social Security.. Retirement.. Health Economics.. Selected publications:.. Disability, Capacity for Work, and the Business Cycle: An International.. Perspective , with Hugo  ...   minimum pensions on retirement.. behavior'', with A.. Sánchez-Martín, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 22(5),923-950,.. 2007.. Using the Health and Retirement Study to Analyze Housing Decisions, Housing.. Values, and Housing Prices , (with H.. Benítez-Silva, S.. Eren and F.. Heiland),.. Cityscape, forthcoming.. July 2010.. Working papers:.. Do Spanish Informal Caregivers Come to the Rescue of Dependent People with Formal Care Unmet Needs?.. (April 2013).. by Sergi Jiménez-Martín, Cristina Vilaplana Prieto.. Retirement Incentives, Individual Heterogeneity and Labour Transitions of Employed and Unemployed Workers.. (October 2010).. by J.. Ignacio García-Pérez, Sergi Jiménez-Martín and Alfonso R.. Sánchez-Martín.. Killing by Lung Cancer or by Diabetes? The Trade-off Between Smoking and Obesity.. (May 2010).. by Sergi Jiménez-Martín, Federico A.. Todeschini and José María Labeaga..

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  • Title: Panel Data Linear Analysis - Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Panel Data Linear Analysis.. Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School.. Panel Data Linear Analysis.. Instructor: Badi Baltagi.. This course considers methodological and substantive issues concerning the analysis of panel data.. It starts by reviewing basic panel data models emphasizing the benefits and limitations of panel data over time series or cross-section data.. Basic estimation and testing methods for random and fixed effects models are reviewed and illustrated using empirical applications using Stata and EViews.. Next, problems of endogeneity in panel models are studied and panel instrumental variable estimation methods as well as Hausman type tests are reviewed and applied using an empirical application.. The course also covers an introduction to dynamic panel data models.. Finally, for large macro panels with a large number of countries observed over a long  ...   Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, 4th Edition.. Badi Baltagi.. ISBN: 978-0-470-51886-1.. 2008.. 366 pages.. Optional Text for Practical Sessions.. A Companion to Econometric Analysis of Panel Data.. ISBN: 978-0-470-74403-1.. 2009.. is currently Distinguished Professor of Economics at Syracuse University and Part-time Chair in Economics at the University of Leicester.. He holds a PhD.. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.. He is Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University and is a Research Fellow at several other institutions.. He is Associate Editor of the.. Journal of Econometrics.. and is on the Editorial Board of.. Empirical Economics.. and.. Econometric Reviews.. Microeconometrics Home Page.. Dynamic and Non-Linear Panel Data Models.. Econometrics of Cross-section Data with Applications.. Economics and Global Health.. Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation..

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  • Title: Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation - Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation.. Instructors: Stephan Litschig and Gabrielle Fack.. The main challenge for policy evaluation is to establish a causal link between interventions and outcomes.. The objective of this course is to introduce the main approaches used in the evaluation of public policies: randomized evaluations, natural experiments, the regression discontinuity design, selection on observables and difference-in-differences.. The course presents strengths and weaknesses of each approach in terms of internal and external validity.. During the morning sessions, each approach will be presented and illustrated with specific policies in the areas of labor, health, and education.. In the afternoon sessions, students themselves (with help from the instructors) replicate the results of a widely-cited published study for each evaluation approach.. Course Outline.. Randomized Evaluations (Experiments).. Theory session:.. Duflo, E.. R.. Glennerster and M.. Kremer, 2007, Using Randomization in Development Economics Research: A Toolkit,.. CEPR Discussion Paper No.. 6059.. Katz L.. F.. , J.. Kling and J.. B.. Liebman, 2007, Experimental Analysis of Neighborhood Effects,.. Econometrica.. , 75(1): 83-119.. Miguel E.. and M.. Kremer (2004), Worms: Identifying Impacts on Education and Health in the Presence of Treatment Externalities,.. , 72(1): 159-217.. Practical session:.. Krueger, A.. , 1999, Experimental Estimates of Education Production Functions,.. Quarterly Journal of Economics.. , 14(2): 497-562.. Natural  ...   February, 2009.. Jens Ludwig and Douglas L.. Miller (2007), Does Head Start Improve Children s Life Chances? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design,.. The Quarterly Journal of Economics.. , 122(1): 159-208.. Angrist, J.. and V.. Lavy, 1999, Using Maimonides Rule to Estimate the Effect of Class Size on Scholastic Achievement,.. , 114(2): 533-775.. Selection on Observables (regression control and matching).. J.. Angrist and J.. -S.. Pischke, 2009,.. Mostly Harmless Econometrics, An Empiricist s Companion.. , Princeton University Press.. Dehejia, R.. and S.. Wahba (2002), Propensity Score Matching Methods for Non-experimental Causal Studies,.. Review of Economics and Statistics.. 84(1), 151-161.. 5.. Difference-in-Differences.. Esther Duflo (2001), Schooling and Labor Market Consequences of School Construction in Indonesia: Evidence from an Unusual Policy Experiment,.. , 91(4): 795-913.. Mini-course schedule.. Day.. Topic.. Instructor.. Mon.. Randomized Evaluations.. Stephan Litschig.. Tue.. Natural Experiments and Weak Instruments.. Stephan Litschig.. Wed.. Thu.. Selection on Observables.. Gabrielle Fack.. Fri.. About the instructors.. (PhD, Columbia University) is Assistant Professor at University Pompeu Fabra and a Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. His research interests include development, public economics, political economy, and program evaluation.. (PhD, EHESS and Paris School of Economics) is Assistant Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. Her research interests include public and applied microeconomics and housing economics..

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  • Title: Econometrics of Cross-section Data - Microeconometrics Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Econometrics of Cross-section Data with Applications.. Instructor: Jaume García.. The use of survey data is becoming a common practice among economists and social scientists both at academic and professional level.. The main characteristic of this data is that it contains qualitative information, making the use of the regression model not suitable when we deal with models where the dependent variable is either a choice (having or not a private health insurance) or a status (being or not unemployed), or where the dependent variable only takes non negative values and a significant percentage of the observations are zeroes (expenditure on some particular goods like tobacco).. In this course we deal with estimation of these models, paying special attention to the interpretation of the estimates and the limitations of the different models in the literature.. The course is organized in three blocks: the first one (two sessions) devoted to discrete choice models, including count data models ; the second one (two sessions) to limited-dependent variable models, including sample selection issues typical when dealing with cross-section data: and the third one  ...   This will be done using real data for different fields: demand analysis, health economics, labour economics, among others.. Empirical papers will also be described and discussed in the lectures.. Discrete Choice Models (I).. Binary choice models.. Multinomial Logit model.. Discrete Choice Models (II).. Nested models.. Ordered models.. Count data models.. Limited-Dependent Variable models (I).. Tobit model.. Limitations.. Duration models.. Continuous time models.. Discrete time models.. References.. Cameron, A.. Colin; Trivedi, Pravin K.. Methods and applications.. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005.. Microeconometrics using Stata.. , Revised Edition, Stata Press, 2010.. Jones, A.. M.. Applied Econometrics for Health Economists: A Practical Guide.. , Radcliffe Publishing, 2007.. , N.. Rice, T.. Bago d Uva and S.. Balia.. Applied Health Economics.. , London: Routledge, 2007.. Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.. Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data.. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2002.. Jaume García.. is Professor of Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Affiliated Professor of the Barcelona GSE.. He received his PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science (1985).. He was President of the Spanish National Statistics Institute from 2008 until 2011..

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  • Title: Dynamic Panel Data Models - Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Dynamic and Non-Linear Panel Data Models.. Dynamic and Non-linear Panel Data Models.. Instructor: Sergi Jiménez-Martín.. This course provides up-to-date coverage of dynamic panel data models, discrete choice panel data models as well as censored panel data models and the estimation of dynamic panel data models subject to selection.. Apart from a review of relevant theory, the focus of the course is on the practical application of these models to various data contexts: large T small N; small T large N, unbalanced panels, rotating panels and pseudo panels constructed from cohort data.. Practical sessions provide the audience with a guide about how to proceed  ...   estimated.. We solve most of the examples with STATA, although, when necessary, we ll use other statistical packages such as GAUSS.. Dynamic linear Panel data models.. Discrete choice panel data models.. Sample selection in panel data models.. Censored panel data models.. is Associate Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona GSE.. He received his PhD from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 1994.. He is currently Chair of the FEDEA-La Caixa Economía de la Salud y Hábitos de Vida.. He has also been a member of the Scientific Committee of the IIPF Conference (Maastricht) and the XXXII Simposio de Análisis Económico (SAE)..

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  • Title: Economics and Global Health - Microeconometrics Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Economics and Global Health.. Instructor: Alessandro Tarozzi.. Health is a key form of human capital.. Despite the massive gains in most human health indices during the past several decades, huge disparities remain, both within and across countries.. Economic development and health are closely intertwined, but the causal link that goes from one to the other (and/or vice versa) is very hard to identify empirically.. The primary aim of this course is to provide an introduction to some of the  ...   at Global Health from a micro perspective.. From economic development to nutrition.. From nutrition to economic development.. The long-run consequences of early-life health insults.. Disease and economic development.. course reading list.. [pdf] includes bibliography for each of the course topics.. Alessandro Tarozzi.. is Associate Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. He is a member of Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) and the International Growth Center (IGC) India Research Network.. He is Associate Editor of.. Journal of Development Economics..

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  • Title: Maia Güell - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Maia Güell.. Maia Güell.. PhD, London School of Economics.. Professor of Economics, University of Edinburgh.. Maia Güell is a Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh.. Maia is also a Research Affiliate in the Labour Economics Programme of CEPR, the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), and the Centre for Economic Performance (LSE).. She is an elected executive committee member of the European Association of Labour Economists.. Maia received a PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics and was a post-doctoral student at Princeton University.. Her research interests are  ...   labor market outcomes; motivation schemes for workers; gender differences in the labor market; and the measurement of intergenerational mobility using surnames.. Labor economics.. Human resources.. Applied econometrics.. Law and economics.. "Dismissal conflicts and Unemployment" (with José E.. Galdón-Sánchez), European Economic Review, 2003, vol 47/2, pp.. 127-139.. "Gender Gaps in Unemployment Rates in OECD Countries" (with Ghazala Azmat and Alan Manning), Journal of Labor Economics, 2006, vol.. 24 (1), pp.. 1-37.. "Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment using Uncompleted Spells from (Repeated) Cross-Section Data" (with Luojia Hu), Journal of Econometrics, 2006, 133 (1), 307-341..

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  • Title: Determination of Wages - Labor Economics Summer School - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Determination of Wages.. Barcelona Labor Economics Summer School.. Determination of Wages.. Instructor: Derek Neal.. This course will explore the models that economists use to understand how the careers of workers evolve over their life-cycles.. Modern panel data provides detailed information about how earnings, hours-worked, and job assignments evolve as workers age.. Further, economists use many different models to try to understand these patterns.. This course will explore these various models while constantly revisiting empirical work on life-cycle patterns and engaging students in discussions about the relative merits of various models as vehicles for understanding data.. DAY 1: Human Capital.. Ben Porath (1967).. Becker and Tomes (1980).. Neal and Rosen (2000).. DAY 2: Learning Signaling.. Gibbons, Katz, LeMeiux, and Parent (2005).. Gibbons and Waldman (1998).. Altonji and Pierret (2001).. Clark and Martorell (2012).. DAY 3: Matching and Assignment.. Jovanovic (1979).. Miller (1984).. Neal (1999).. Gittins (1979).. DAY 4: Matching and Human Capital..  ...   current research focuses on the design of incentive systems for educators.. His work explores the design flaws in current performance pay and accountability systems and also highlights the advantages of providing incentives through contests between schools.. Earlier in his career, his research focused on the causes and consequences of measured skill gaps between blacks and whites in the United States.. He has also written a number of papers on the specificity of worker skills and the implications of the idea that workers possess many skills that are neither completely general or entirely specific to one firm but rather specific to a career.. He is a past President of the Midwest Economics Association, a Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists, former Editor-in-Chief of the.. Journal of Labor Economics.. and an current editor of the.. Journal of Political Economy.. Labor Economics Home Page.. Economics of Labor in Developing Countries.. Family Economics.. Labor Market Outcomes..

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